From contributor Chris Porter.


As a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force who was a Police Cadet and a Detective Constable, stationed at Hunts Bay Police Station I  do not support, any outsider to lead the Jamaican Constabulary Force, period!
I know that Mr. Anderson has a dirty little secret: Deep down he knows and feels like a complete fraud because he has no law enforcement experiences or accomplishments. His elevation is the result of serendipitous luck, political affiliation, and nepotism why he is given a job that he is NOT qualified to do or fit to even sit in the chair.

There are several members in the Jamaican Constabulary Force who are more educated than the current Prime Minister, Members of the Parliament, and Mr. Anthony Anderson.
How on God’s earth he is given a job that he has no business, or experience doing at any stage of his life? The man, despite evidence that indicates he is skilled and quite successful in the Jamaican Defense Force, is fraudulent. He was never a police officer, but a paper tiger in the army and a coffee boy for the Prime Minister.

Only in Jamaica, a soldier can be the Commissioner of Police. This is madness he doesn’t have the requisite skillset to be a police officer because he has no certification as a “Law Enforcement Officer!”
As a Jamaican, and a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, I am appealing, beseeching and asking every member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, not to support or encourage this man: Major Anthony Anderson.

The resistance must start as of March 19, 2018, work smarter, not harder! If he succeeds on your dime, you guys can kiss that chair goodbye! Look what happened the other day when the same Prime Minister and his cronies tried to put the Chief Justice on probation? The judges knew that they were coming after the head judge’s chair and they called a meeting and locked down the courts in Jamaica.They sent a message to the political establishment: If your friends want to be the Chief Justice of Jamaica, let he/she go to law school, work in the deplorable conditions, and wait your turn due to your qualification by experiences (QBE).

That’s how the judge’s got the attention of the Jamaican Labor Party government, and they backed off…Do you think for a minute that the Judge’s didn’t hear the rumors that the Chair was going to be given to one of their political hacks! Police officers, it is time for you to unite against the system which is controlled by elected criminals who have no love for the police and they have lots of friends who are making crazy money in the criminal’s underworld! If he, Mr. Anderson wanted to be a police officer he should have gone through Basic training at the Jamaican Police Academy: go to classrooms, learn about the laws, the powers of arrest, graduate, and gained experience of being a police officer in Jamaica.

I spent twenty-three months at the Jamaican Police Academy because I wanted to be a police officer. He is an appointee and, his place is not in our midst because he does not know the struggles of a police officer’s life. Mr. Anderson cannot empathize with us (Members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force). And his appointment by the political class, elitists, and criminals in government is a signal to every member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force that you are NOT good enough to lead an organization that you have given your all, most of your life to.

So, they are making sure that this chair is a reserve for their uptown friends and not the poor man’s children. And this is the way they are telling you to stay in your place, poor country people children. Its incumbent on every member to unite against this man and the system, because it is stack against all of you. It is a pity that no one would file an injunction preventing him from taking the chair as the top cop.

The man has no qualifications to be the Commissioner of Police, and should not be given the job, But in Jamaica nepotism, cronyism, and maladroit people are given jobs that they have no business doing at all! If the pipes in your house are leaking and causing flooding, do you hire a plumber or a baker? The baker bakes bread, and the plumber is trained to install and repair the pipe system for water to flow freely.

Finally, I am beseeching, appealing and begging every member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force: Gazetted officers, to the rank and file, resist, do not support, or welcome this outsider (Mr. Anderson) into our midst, he is NOT a police officer; he is an impostor. To date has the political class ever installed one of our former Commissioner of Police to be the head of the Jamaican Defense Force?

No! Work smart, not hard! Let him (Major Anderson) fail miserably like the other two before. He is NOT a police officer, but a wannabe police officer who has no business being the Commissioner of Police of our prestigious organization!

Mister Porter is a former Detective constable in the JCF, he is also a US military veteran with active duty experience. Mister Porter continues to rally around and avail himself to law enforcement best practices in our country.

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