At a time when we sometimes wonder whether there is hope for humanity amidst the hate and anger, we found a moment of respite and relaxation, a few moments of escape into a world of travel, storytelling good food and drink.
Even though most of us can only dream of traveling to places unknown Anthony Bourdain took us there on the wings of his illustrious ability at storytelling. As a native of my beloved Jamaica, I could not be more proud than the time Anthony Bourdain visited and dived headfirst into our rich culture of food music, and our fun loving people.

I shed a tear, though I never met the man I felt like he was family, that is how great he was.
One Twitter user wrote Quote. The thing about #Bourdain was he didn’t look down on foreign places he visited&theirquaintness/ backwardness. He dived in, hungry to experience. His wasn’t the Orientalist gaze. He saw humanity(& food)everywhere and connected with it. RIP.

Anthony Bourdain has traveled everywhere on the globe.

Anthony Bourdain traveled the world and he met many people the end result was that he emerged a much more enlightened individual who saw the world for what it was, diverse, different, interesting un-monolithic and incredibly beautiful.
He was smart enough to appreciate the beauty in the difference. He left us far too soon. All in all, he left us with the distinct ability to find common ground and understanding of the differences in all of us because he understood fully that those differences weren’t negatives, they are the characteristics which make our world interesting.