Like a snowball cascading down a mountainside, increasing in mass with each revolution it tumbles on until it triggers a humongous avalanche devastating and consuming everything in its wake. So has the assault on the JCF continued over several decades until it is now on life support.
But that’s what the political class wanted all along.The tragic irony now, however, is that they are shitting themselves because they are coming to the realization that the shit is about to hit their doorsteps and they are panicking, so naturally, they berate the police some more.

Anthony Harriot

How ironic that the ruling class most of whom have passed through the leftist University of the West Indies (UWI), or more appropriately, the intellectual ghetto, according to the late Wilmott Perkins, have destroyed the Police force only to have one of their own head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority, some Professor Anthony Harriot describe the Department as “Toxic“.
I’ll tell you what’s toxic. It is that shithole of a leftist University which indoctrinates idiots like this into thinking they are [the] authority on National Security and crime.

The Police department certainly could have done a better job of comporting itself over the decades, there is no doubt about that. We all know that the salary is no good the management is shitty and the lack of real and realistic goal setting and attainment in its operational procedures have been woefully lacking.
As such despite the tireless work of most of the young men and women who selflessly join the department, the police department has been unable to seriously impact crime in a meaningful way as a company would be able to show a profit as a result of a targeted growth agenda.

This is a result of the failed leadership of the department by those who have been elevated for the wrong reasons forcing out others more motivated and better suited to serve. This is certainly not unique to the JCF it cuts across all strata of the public sector.
The Jamaican public sector is inherently corrupt and flawed.
The almost 600 members who leave the department each year, not through retirement is testament to the fact that they are unhappy with their leadership.

Notwithstanding the foregone, the two political parties which have ruined (ruled)the Island since it’s so-called independence from Britain have done a brilliant job of dividing the country into two warring factions.
Additionally, they have set up the Police to stand between both factions in an unenviable and unwinnable task of refereeing which could only end in disaster on the field of play.
For anyone to talk about Toxicity within the JCF without first detailing who did the poisoning or to lie about how the poison was ingested is vastly dishonest, and at the very minimum is intellectual dishonesty.

To hear that kind of language from someone who heads a body which has Police Civilian Oversight responsibility is shockingly illuminating at the level of unmitigated bias the police face form these Machiavellian frauds.
In making the arguments that the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) should be separated from the JCF Harriot said quote:

(“The occupational culture of the JCF is one where you take the car and you go off and drink rum and do no investigation. You are not called to account, and when the murder rate goes through the roof, you squeal that you don’t have enough of this or that.
It is critical that it is removed. The JCF is toxic. And there is no point in spending a lot of money, giving people high-level training for them to become part of the JCF’s occupational culture.”)

A shocking and ignorant broad-brush stroke of tarring which makes no distinction for any of the challenges the department faces logistically, operationally. technically, monetarily, politically, legislatively, or otherwise.
Yet he went on to say the following.

(“That is the root of the problem, and that is why this investigative police (unit), the core of which is in MOCA, must be taken off the JCF – split from the JCF immediately. There has really been an effort to have MOCA operate separately, and it must be encouraged.”
With 1,616 persons killed across the island last year and more than 100 already killed in 2018, the Government must move quickly.”)

Well, there you have it.
Despite the failings of the two political parties, the problems facing the country according to someone who occupies a position which is supposed to be patently objective and fair the problems are all rooted in the police.

This is the most ignorant, deceitful, piece of garbage I have ever read. Imagine though that this moron heads the Police Civilian Oversight.
What chance does the Island’s police officers have when these are the insects which have a say over them?
Is there any wonder that many of our police officers have simply dropped their hands?

With Transparency International assessing that the Government structure is 84 % corrupt the immoral, elitists have decided to lay it all at the feet of the Constabulary.
So I will simply ask this of you, Professor. What have you done for Jamaica comparable to the sacrifices of the last joined constable who risk life and limb every day, so that imbeciles like you can spout off at the mouth the garbage and bile you spew?

The fact that Harriot would carry out a hatchet job on the over ten thousand men and women of the JCF without first at least acknowledge the failings of the political systems or the Judicial system demonstrates that he is a cheap hack carrying out the bidding of the political class to further blame the police for the dangerous murder statistics.
The comments in and of themselves are designed to further erode whatever goodwill the citizenry may have toward the police making the police further irrelevant and endangers the lives of officers in the process.
Citizens who see the police as lacking in authority, credibility, support are inclined to resist and attack those officers. No wonder attacks on our police officers have gone up as the Andrew Holness Government and their cohorts step up their attack on our police in an effort to deliver a coup de grace to it as an agency..
A disgusting, classless, cowardly yet transparent act?

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One thought on “Anthony Harriot Comments About JCF A Cowardly Hatchet Job By A Deceitful Hack…

  1. I”Internationally known Criminologist” – Criminology is an area of Sociology that focuses on the study of crimes and their causes, effects, and social impact. A criminologist’s job responsibilities involve analyzing data to determine why the crime was committed and to find ways to predict, deter, and prevent further criminal behaviour.

    So if this man is what the paper says he is and i have stated clearly & concisely what he does then he being head of the Police Civillian Oversight Authority then it is fair to say then that hasn’t done his civic duty.

    The so called “Toxic culture” doesn’t exist only in the Jamaica Constabulary Force but much of our citizenry as well as the the bedrock,pillars and corner stone of corruption……… Politicians.

    I will never argue that there isn’t corrupt police officers,the do exist and they must be identified, allegations proven and then they are either sent to prison or dismissed.

    A society can never be seen as taking crime and corruption seriously when people point fingers at one organization and turn a blind eye to other things….corruption comes in many forms but again they refuse to accept that fact.

    The people of this country should also demand that the Minister of National Security also be sent packing. We won’t hold our breaths though because cronyism and nepotism will be the order of the day. This Professor won’t talk about that because it is easier for him to blame others and not his friends.

    Sir there are nearly (3) million people living on this rock with give or take about twelve thousand 12,000 police officers,do you really believe that they can be every where at the same time! So even if one idler decides to go against force policy and stop for a drink how is he to blame for a murder committed 80 miles away.

    It seems to me that your anti police stance /rhetoric is seeping through your pores and your think it is civility,it is your failure to realize that you are also a part of the problem conveniently forgetting facts.

    I hate criminals,I hate corrupt politicians,I hate corrupt cops. I also hate those that posses the know how to help to make this better but choose to find a media house to highlight issues that was always common place and in my view pointing fingers

    We have a problem sir and we need to rid the country of this scourge,the police aren’t the one killing all these people. Encourage your family and friends to tell what they know. Encourage your friends to speak with their constituents to give information on who the criminals are.

    The police need the resources to fight this monster. Police officers fight each day to uphold the image and policies of the JCF. Most are honest people who sacrifice their time,family and themselves to fight crime and to prevent it…they need all the help they can get.

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