Peter Bunting National Security Minister tabled the long-awaited Anti-Gang Legislation in Parliament on behalf of the Portia Simpson Miller regime. This piece of legislation came after the opposition JLP blasted the Miller Administration for not tabling the legislation despite the anti-gang legislation was ready to be tabled at the time when the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) lost power in December, 2011.


We will withhold judgement until we see whats in the legislation. At issue is whether the Jamaican Government finally table a piece of legislation which stands constitutional muster on the one hand, while dealing a death-blow to organized crime in the small Island nation.


There are far-reaching implications for Jamaica, the issue of crime and violence is an existential struggle for the small Independent nation. The details of this legislation will indicate to Jamaicans , at home abroad and indeed the rest of the world, whether the administration of Portia Simpson Miller, has finally gotten the seriousness of the situation the country is in.

I have my own ideas on that,I’ll be restrained I will await the details. This legislation will signal to the world, whether Simpson Miller can divorce herself, her regime, and our Country, from the destructive tentacles of garrison politics and the corrosive impact it has had on the lives of all Jamaicans.

Saying you care, hugging babies, crying with the poor is not enough, here is an opportunity for Miller through this legislation to say to interested parties that she has matured, and is willing and indeed capable, of moving our country into the 21st century, by taking a serious stance against gangs , crime, and criminals and those who would operate outside the law with impunity.

This blogger will not hold his breath, I do not believe she is capable, I stand to be corrected.