This medium will henceforth be taking a more proactive approach in speaking out against the present crime situation in our country Jamaica.
As a part of that approach, we will be taking a series of actions which include but is not confined to naming and shaming certain individuals and entities on the Island which pretend to support the greater good but which are contributing to the present climate of crime and lawlessness.


Terrence Williams


Police oversight is not an idea any well-thinking citizen should logically be opposed to, as such oversight of the JCF is warranted, particularly with the level of corruption which has come to light as investigated by police involving their colleagues, Not by INDECOM.
The Corrections Department, as well as the JDF which has been pressed into backup policing duties, also comes under scrutiny and has been subjected to oversight from INDECOM.

However, INDECOM’s Commissioner Terrence Williams has cultivated a culture of antagonism and animosity against the Jamaica Constabulary Force which was totally unnecessary.
One of the first things taught a police officer is that an offender commits an offense against the state and not against the officer.
Therefore each investigation should be approached without malice and all exculpatory evidence and leads should be followed.

Acting as chief Investigator of INDECOM Terrence Williams has violated every tenet of those principles, poisoning the well of goodwill INDECOM needed to have in order to be relevant and respected as fair and balanced.
Had Terrence Williams approached his job professionally it would have been a win for both the JCF and INDECOM and he would have a greater success ratio to point to.
Because Terrence Williams aligned himself with the most caustic anti police elements in the country and because Terrence Williams has proven that he is not an impartial investigator of facts but a partial ideological anti-police shill he has squandered a real opportunity to do good because of ego.

On that basis, Terrence Williams belongs in the hall of shame.
He is an egomaniacal narcissistic who is unfit and unsuited for the position he holds.