The abhorent shouting match in the Parliament on Tuesday which resulted in a premature end to the sitting is significant and must be seen as fundamentally tethered to the present state of lawlessness occurring across the country. Students attending the sitting in the gallery reportedly walked out in disgust at the ignorant display by the two men.
In the rather crude display, it became clear that being educated does not always equate with smarts or class.

Dayton Campbell PNP
Christopher JLP











The shouting match between the PNP’s Dayton Campbell a Medical doctor and the JLP’s Christopher Tufton the Minister of Health who holds a Doctorate in Business Administration was centered on allegations that Tufton ordered the closure of the troubled Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay.

Campbell argued rather pathetically that the minister made the order while Tufton insisted that he had no such authority and could not have made the order. In fact, Tufton pulled out a cell phone from which he read a message indicating that the Chief Medical Officer was the one who had the authority of such a closing was to be contemplated.

Minister of Health Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton MP. He speaks in parliament on the crisis at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, St. James. April 24, 2018.

Posted by Hallan J Rawlins on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What I found particularly disturbing is that if the Minister had information which backs up his claim as he said why didn’t Dayton Campbell simply ask him to forward the exculpatory message for his edification?
Shouldn’t the document then become part of the record of events of the day in the Parliament for posterity, I mean if we aren’t running a banana republic that is?

The leader of the Opposition Peter Phillips with what appears to be an obscene gesture in the Parliament.

What is it about the PNP whether in power or out of power which makes them so power hungry, reckless, ignorant and degenerative?
Between Peter Phillips giving members of the Government what appears to be the finger, talk about leadership,  Dayton Campbell’s arrogant and continued interruption in the House and probably among the most shocking of all in recent days, the comments of  Member of Parliament for St Catherine East Denise Daley  who declared that people ‘in green’ are either sentenced or chased out of her constituency.

Denise Daley

When did the member of parliament become the owner of the constituency is the first question which comes to mind. However, the more pressing issue with this uber ignoramus’ statement is the fact that it was just a few years ago when Jamaicans made the turn collectively to eschew violence as a political strategy.
Shockingly, the PNP through the collective actions and inactions of its membership over the years, have intimated that they still see political violence as a means of acquiring and holding political power.

It was only in 2015 that another ignorant imbecile MP, Dwayne Vaz told supporters to quote: “load up di gundem,” during a rally in St. James. Not to be outdone, Portia Simpson Miller the Former PM and member of parliament in 2016 told PNP dissenters in St Ann quote:   I will come back here for another meeting and I know who I will bring.”
A clear threat of violence to party supporters who weren’t falling in line behind a then-candidate.

It has become increasingly clear that the PNP, through its own actions, has made a conscious decision that it has no intention of moving away from the old style politics of the past which has had historical disastrous consequences for our country.

Daryl Vaz

The culmination of the day’s events in which Campbell and Daryl Vaz ended up in a shouting match only added to the darkness and lack of leadership the type of which neither PNP nor JLP supporters should take comfort.
Sure, in other nations parliaments there are shouting matches and in some cases even fisticuffs, re those the types of behaviors we should be looking at emulating, or should we be seeking a calmer more respectful type of deliberative body in which decorum and respect is the norm?

If members of the two political parties do not have the common decency and decorum to conduct themselves appropriately in the people’s house, where there are other citizens, children amongst them, watching how their business is being conducted, what hope does this country have for a better future?
As someone who talks ad nauseam about the state of crime and corruption in our country, I am disheartened at the level of rot which still exists within the body politic.