The period beginning 1989 to 2011  saw the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) winning One  National Election to the People’s National Party’s five.

Winning percentage.

♦1989 PNP wins 45 seats to the JLP’s 15 —  75%— —-25% .

♦1993 PNP wins 52 seats to the JLP’s   8—- -86.7% — 13.3%.

♦1997 PNP wins 50 seats to the JLP’s 10—–  83.3%— 16.7 %.

♦2002 PNP wins 34 seats to the JLP’s 26—– 51.6% —46.9%.

♦2007 JLP wins 32 seats to the PNP’s 28—- 49.98%—- 49.35% .

♦2011 PNP wins 42 seats to the JLP’s 21—–53.28%– 46.61%.

A company doing this badly would have folded a long time ago. It may also be fair to say if the JLP do not know how to win Elections , maybe they won’t know how to Govern. After they lost the last national elections in 2011, I wrote this about the JLP.

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This was a challenge to Andrew Holness. It was a chance for him to solidify himself as the true leader of the Party with strong grass roots support. I have no evidence whether Holness ever saw that piece of advice. Whether he saw it or not, that should have been Holness‘ strategy anyway. Andrew Holness was hurriedly annointed to take over the reigns of the Party after the implosion  and subsequent resignation of Orett Bruce Golding. At the time it appeared that Holness the 39 year-old Minister with Education portfolio, represented a new direction and the best foot forward for the Labor Party. Had Holness stepped into the vacuum created by Golding’s exit  with a plan it is fair to assume those with ideas of leadership would have fallen in  line like the PNP fell in line behind Portia. Whatever the short-comings of Jamaica’s Prime Minister ,no one can reasonably accuse her of not connecting with people at the grass roots.

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Recent talk, and what now seem to be an inevitable challenge to Holness by Audley  Shaw for the leadership of the Party may well have been averted, had Holness  pressed some flesh himself. Many now argue that this challenge is good for the Party . They argue it is good to sort out these differences now, so the party may solidify and be ready for the next National poll  constitutionally due by December 29th 2016, I disagree. As the Party which offers the best way forward for the country , what better way to solidify your leadership credentials that to be affirmed by the people themselves?


Part of being a political leader is being able to analyze and see potential problems before they materialize. That includes being able to shore up your own base of support with your colleagues. It includes being able to sway others to your side. Maybe the forces arrayed against Holness smelled blood in the water. Just maybe they realize that Holness was anointed by Golding who does not have that much sway in the Party anymore. Maybe, just maybe, Holness is vulnerable and wounded. Time will tell if his bluster is enough. I sincerely hope they do not destroy the party in the process.



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  1. The grass roots are the ones messing up this country with their pork barrel politics. They want to sleep all day wake up collect tax payers money, buy clothes, hairstyle and party all night long while other people work. politics is about policies, other wise we are doom its not just about winning an election at all cost. who have children like the so called grass roots pushing themselves deeper and deeper into poverty while waiting for the martyr to bail them out

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