Rupert Mudoch was assaulted today as he and his son James Murdoch sat in a room  being  grilled by British Lawmakers,  .The much vaunted Metropolitan Police who are  responsible for protecting the Members of Parliament,  witnesses and observers , all of whom amounted to a grand total of fifty , are now left to explain how a man carrying a bag containing a plate full of shaving foam could have entered the hearing room undetected,and unchecked by those charged with protecting the occupants of the hearing room.

Rupert Murdoch and his son James, were  appearing in front of British Parliamentarians to answer questions about the burgeoning phone hacking scandal involving one of their publications News of the world.

The Metropolitan Police has seen their number one and two people at the helm step down ,as a result  of this scandal,and  are  now further embarrassed  by this incident, which clearly is  one of gross incompetence.

Jamaica has invested handsomely in bringing British Police to Jamaica to help to reshape our Police Department, the quality of returns on that Investment has surely not been visited by anyone in Authority in Jamaica, the man on the streets however may have something to say about how that money was spent and they surely have their opinions on how Mark Shields impacted the JCF, beyond show boating,morale eroding,disrespecting, grandstanding, and cocktail circuiting trotting.

The point of this Blog is to point out that Incompetence is not confined to any particular group, the Colonialist mentality pervasive in Jamaica, is seriously tested here, with these incidents and allegations of corruption and incompetence on the part of British Police The common wisdom seem to suggest that if it is done by someone other than us, it is done correctly , there is evidence that would tend to support this mentality, however I am aware that given the tools no one is better than us when we put our mind to it.

I hope we will look at these incidents and realize that the answers to the problems we face lies with us , and no one else, we will have to fix them, and no amount of British or American accent will, it is up to us.

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