Discussions of criminal acts on social media reveal a shocking truth. There are far more people supportive of murderous criminals than you may have imagined.
To be truthful, it depends on the country in which the crimes are committed.
As you may know, we Jamaicans have a real predictable response to this, “Well, crime is everywhere”. Or better yet, “krime de ebery weh“.
It’s hard to argue with that point of view. Fortunately, we aren’t talking about whether criminals are everywhere. We can all agree that wherever there are humans there will always be some moron willing to steal, kill, or otherwise act outside the bounds of decency.
What we are really talking about when we continue to harp on the issue of crime, is the actual levels of criminality and not whether it exists at all.

So two things come to mind when we read the comments on social media, when the question of a violent criminal is the subject under discussion.
(1) That there is a silent majority of Jamaicans, who even under the cover of anonymity, are too scared to speak out against crime and criminals.
(2) That the country has changed so drastically over the last three decades that the vast majority of the people are murderous criminals or related to them somehow.
Now I know that -that characterization may be a bit much but a peek at the comments on these issues is enough to drive dread into any regular person’s heart. I know it does mine.

We have a bi-polar nation which sometimes says all of the right things on crime then does all of the wrong things.
The two political parties which rule the country agree on one thing and one thing only. Crime serves their interest.
On the singular important question of how crime is to be handled, there is absolutely no daylight between the two parties.
They both agree that the zones of political exclusions they created to ensure state power is good for them.
Across Africa, the generation of freedom fighters who survived the wars against European colonization saw themselves as owners of their respective countries.
European colonization was replaced with tin-pan dictatorships which further enslaved and disenfranchized their people.
The generation which took over from the British colonizers in 62 in our country adopted the same posture and Garrison politics was born.
It is the very same system of disenfranchisement in which those living in the zones of political exclusions, trade fealty and a lifetime of enslavement for a few cheap favors doled out by their political masters.
Those living outside the zones of exclusions are no less victimized, because it comes down to which of the two competing political gangs have the most seats locked away, pretty much decided before a single vote is cast.

Sometimes politicians hide and do things which benefits themselves and sometimes they do those things in the open.
Donald Trump says what he does is done in the open so he is not obstructing justice.
It seems Jamaica’s politicians are reading from the same script as they tact in the same direction.
(1) They make laws which empower criminals and makes it harder for victims and law enforcement.
(2) They create agencies which lobby and ensures criminal rights, nothing for victims of crimes, not even a mention.
(3) They pay lip service to law enforcement but empowers gangsters and murderers.
(4) We sometimes tell ourselves that our political leaders are stupid because of the steps they take. But are they really stupid or are they really astute?

They are not dumb, they know that high numbers of violent crimes impoverishes the people. They know that a nation that is inundated with violent crime is never going to attract enough investments to make that country prosperous.
They know that when a country is inundated with crime, and when that country cannot generate enough revenue to pay for goods and services, that nation is forced to borrow.
They understand that a borrower is a slave to the lender. They know that when other nations fund a large slice of INDECOM’s budget and funds some of the so-called human rights lobby they have their own agendas for doing so.
Yet none of that knowledge is enough to make up for their ability to latch onto and hold state power as a result of the uneducated and dependent population and the crime which keeps investments away.

A lot of people saw this coming, police officers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and everyone in between. Those who could seek alternative residency arrangements did so.
Many would like to return to their country to now build their country.
Unfortunately, the metastasizing effect of the degenerative policies both political parties have pursued over the last five or so decades made it impossible to return and be guaranteed any degree of safety.
Though the primary role of government is to protect the people, neither political party has really stood with the silent majority of Jamaicans by enacting a strict and irrefutable slate of laws which sends a clear message to criminals and empowers law enforcement.
They are so decided on maintaining the garrisons which form their illicit bases of power that they are unwilling to stand with law enforcement against the criminal underworld.
As a consequence, the really hard-working police officers left the police department in droves. Many were demonized as killer cops and forced out through a series of draconian measures.
In their place now sits imposters and showboats who saw the police department’s promotions ladder as the perfect example of how to curry favor and acquire power without really doing the hard work.

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The astronomical high attrition rate of young officers from the police department and the Government’s subversive methodologies employed to keep officers from leaving when they chose to, is a clear indication that officers no longer find the JCF a place of honor and integrity. They no longer believe that they can make a difference in an agency which is set up to fail.
Neither of the two main political parties is invested in a Jamaica free from high numbers of violent crimes.
As a consequence, criminals have no compunction about fighting and killing police officers.
Whichever party forms the government usually stays mum in the face of assaults on police officers and police facilities.
If cop killers are caught and placed before the courts they are immediately given bail, and if convicted there are no real penalties for their crimes.
If the officers manage to overcome the attacks and take out their attackers the state spares no resource in going after them with a view to putting them in jail.
If ever there was a request for a blueprint on how to make a country a paradise for criminals, Jamaica is a case study.
College courses may be taught on how to take a beautiful country and stupidly destroy it while deluding yourself that you are making progress.
Some of the most distressing aspects of this are that the arguments used by the Island’s decision makers. They borrow narratives from places like the United States which demonizes the concept of “para-military policing.”
Try firing off a gun, it doesn’t have to be aimed at anyone, in any State of the United States, you will have a pretty good education in para-military policing.
Otherwise called “Militarized policing.” Yet the Americans are like we are deporting everyone with whom we ever disagreed.
We love our militarized police. Even though you are getting the deportees back your police should all be Patsies.