Jamaica’s criminal rights fraternity are fighting to have some of the countries most barbaric prisoners removed from the competent supervision of the country’s military. These men are housed at a facility called the Horizon Remand Center in Kingston. We are reliably informed some of them are on a hunger strike in an attempt to draw attention to their claims of being abused. My heart felt suggestion is to let these murderers have their wish let them starve to death. As I have talked about in two previous blogs, at the heart of this now reported hunger strike, are serial convicted murderers who are finally made to conform with discipline. They have devised a plan to assault members of the military guarding them, throwing faeces on them and when they are subdued they have high-priced defense lawyers filing legal briefs in the country’s highest court claiming abuse.

No one is suggesting that any prisoner incarcerated by the state should be routinely or summarily abused, far from it, These men are absolutely not the average run of the mill inmates these are largely convicted murderers, who have figured out how to manipulate the system in order to continue to run their criminal enterprises from inside the prison system  This is a well thought out strategy that is being enhanced by the government which has assigned every agency they can get their hands on to commence investigations. Exactly what these murdering slime balls wanted in the first place.

Leading the charge in condemning the soldiers and demanding their removal, for doing what they were supposed to do, control  violent murderers is this woman Carolyn Gomes a pediatrician who has founded a far left lobby group called Jamaicans for justice(JFJ). She has used every tool at her disposal including aligning herself with International Human Rights Organizations which actually do real Human rights work for the advancement and uplifting of humanity.

Gomes however has used her immense influence in Jamaica , to impact legislation heavily in favor of criminals.  Gomes we are told has a personal vendetta against police officers, of course in Jamaica being against the police is a certain pathway to fame, and success. The Government has bestowed the Order of Jamaica on her , a high national Honor. She has also received the 2008 human rights prize for her statements alleging Extra-judicial killings by police. This is not to say there haven’t been and still aren’t cases of eyebrow raising accounts of police shooting. The fact is Gomes has no independent information that will indict accounts of events given by police investigators or any other agency that are part of the country’s justice system, to include the office of the Director of Public Prosecutor. Gomes a soft-spoken woman ,easily likeable is a deceptive charlatan whom has wormed her way into the hearts and sympathy of those with whom she crosses paths.America’s quarterly                     

Every year thousands of Jamaica’s 2.8 million people are directly or indirectly impacted by crime and acts of terror, perpetuated by heartless, heavily armed men whom have decidedly adopted a posture of living by their own rules. They murder , rape, and commit all types of egregious acts against some of their own kind, but largely against innocent Jamaicans. The country’s justice system is a revolving door which allows criminals arrested on multiple murder charges back onto the streets time and again only to see them kill over and over again, only to be arrested and granted bail again and again. The police are underpaid, understaffed, corrupt in some instances, under appreciated, and un supported by adequate legislation which would make their work easier and the country safer.

The courts are over-burdened with case loads to the point  cop killers are  told by Judges to go home, after the court is unable  to empanel a jury 11 years after they were arrested . These are men who ambushed a police officer slaughtered him and stole his pistol. They are walking the streets of Jamaica free men, That is what the lives of police officers are worth in Jamaica.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the system is grossly overburdened. As we speak there are tens of thousands of serious cases that are before the courts that  may never see a resolution. In essence those offenders, some of them murderers, will never pay for their crimes.

In addition only about 32% of murders are actually cleared up by the JCF and an even more depressing 7% conviction rate in the courts. Due largely to shoddy investigative work by police, inept prosecution, reluctant witnesses, and in many cases simple things like no copier in the court’s office to reproduce documents. This in a country which spends 10’s of millions of dollars upgrading government houses for Ministers of Government.

I have placed here for your information and analysis the facts as they are made available, due to the invaluable work of the people at the Jamaica Observer .These are the people members of Jamaica’s military are being persecuted for subduing.



Below are the details of their convictions and charges:

Kevin ‘Richie Poo’ Tyndale, was also collared in a rural St James village, tried and sentenced to a total of 90 years on gun-related, wounding and robbery charges. But because the sentences on the three counts are to run concurrently, Tyndale will serve only 30 years.

Police also said Tyndale is a suspect in several other major crimes, including robbery and August 2003 murder of Jervis Lobban in Mud Town, St Andrew, another stomping ground for the Gideon Warriors gang. He was convicted for the 2003 shooting and robbery of an August Town, St Andrew, businessman who was shot six times and his jewellery and licensed firearm taken. According to the police and the evidence led in the closed court proceedings, as the businessman lay wounded, Tyndale stood over him and shot him at point-blank range in the head. The businessman survived and was able to identify Tyndale as one of his attackers. The man still has a bullet lodged in his head. Tyndale denied the allegations and told the court that he was at home at the time of the shooting. Police claimed he was the gang’s second in command until Andem’s capture. According to police claims at the time, Tyndale wet his pants, sniffle.



Joel Andem was for years the nation’s most feared  fugitive, topping the most wanted list for months. The leader of the notorious Gideon Warriors Gang is currently serving a 20-year sentence for shooting with intent. Andem, who police suspect was involved in  at least 23 murders, was also sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment at hard labour on a charge of illegal possession of a firearm. In addition, he was slapped with another 20-year prison sentence in relation to other gun-related charges. Andem’s gang, which operated primarily from the hilly Kintyre area of St Andrew, was blamed for a reign of terror in the Papine/August Town districts of the parish and for extortion rackets at markets and transportation centres. Gang members have also been accused of robberies, rapes and killings, including the August 2000 kidnapping and murder of service station operator Sylvia Edwards, whose body was found in a shallow grave. The Gideon Warriors gang came to national prominence in early 2002 when the police, during a raid at their camp at Rawly Hill Gully — seven kilometres from Kintyre — found video recordings of Andem and his men, armed with high-powered rifles and other weapons, hosting a Christmas treat for children in the community and frolicking with each other.

AndemLivity Coke

The recording also showed gang members issuing threats against the police.

In the wake of the discovery of that recording as well as a notebook containing names which the police feared were intended victims, several gang members were killed in confrontations with the police and Andem was eventually captured at a house in the hills of St Ann in May 2004. This is the second time that Andem has accused prison officials of beating him. In 2008, an investigation was launched after Andem complained to Justice Gloria Smith at the Gun Court that a dozen soldiers had beaten him that day. The beating, he said then, happened after he refused to go with them to an upper cell, which made him sick. According to Andem, he had been suffering severe headaches and stomach pains since the alleged incident in which he alleged he was dragged up a flight of stairs to the cell. Andem’s second in command, ed and begged not to be killed at the time of his capture. At the time of his arrest cops said Tyndale was a suspect in 19 other major crimes, including murder, shootings and robberies. Police believe he shot and killed 56 year-old Ena Grant and injured another woman as they worshipped at a church in Land Lease, St Andrew. Scared eyewitnesses on the scene said the assassin went to the altar as the pastor preached and was warmly greeted by the man of cloth before he took out his gun and aimed it at Grant. The armed man pulled the trigger twice but his gun misfired and Grant valiantly tried to use her Bible to hit the weapon from her attacker’s hand. She almost disarmed him, a church member said.

Christopher \'Dog Paw\' LintonLynton

“The gun stick and the people start bawl out ‘The blood of Jesus is upon you’. She used her bible and lick him and the gun drop,” the eyewitness told the Observer at the time. But the gunman, determined that Grant must die, simply went outside, fixed the weapon and walked back into the house of worship where he pumped three shots into her body. Grant was shot just over her right eye and armpit. When the Observer arrived, her lifeless body was still on the church floor. Her glasses, minus the right lens, were perched on her face and her Bible was trapped beneath her body. The murders of 20 year-old Kimona Simpson, her 24 year-old common-law husband Richard Miller, and her nine year-old son Tevin Parchment were also suspected to be the work of Tyndale and his cronies.


Michael McLean has been accused of the killing of six members of a St Thomas family — three of them children no older than nine years old. The murdered family members were identified as three-year-old Lloyd McCool, Jhaid McCool, 6, Jessie Ogilvie, 9, Sean Chin, 8, Farika Martin-McCool, 27 and Terry-Ann Mohammed, also called ‘Teenie’, 42. They all lived at 49 Duhaney Pen Road in the parish. Police reported that fishermen on the Blue Mahoe Beach in Prospect stumbled upon the bodies of two children — Lloyd and Jessie — lying together with their throats cut. The bodies of Martin-McCool and her son Sean were found about a half-mile away, on the other side of the beach called ‘Cutters Point’. Their throats were also cut and Martin-McCool had several stab wounds in her back. Cops suspected that Martin-McCool was running away from her attacker as she was found lying on her face about 22 yards from her son’s body. Terry-Ann Mohammed’s body was found 12 miles away on the side of a footpath in Needham Pen. It was burnt beyond recognition. Police said the body was identified by a pair of slippers she was wearing. Police said five days after the murders, McLean led them to the body of Jhaid McCool at Rosemont district, St Mary. The child’s body was found covered by a piece of board. Both Linton and Coke are facing charges of shooting at the police and suspected involvement in other serious crimes.Read more:–Profile-of-the-hunger-strikers#ixzz1nodeNQYv