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I haven’t given evidence in a criminal trial in many years, but what I saw over the last several days in that Florida court room does not bode well for the prosecution. I cannot say what it is  but there seem to be something really off between the prosecution and it’s witnesses.

It almost seem that there is bad blood between the prosecutor and the police witnesses, In all my time around law enforcement and the years watching law enforcement closely, I have never seen police witnesses for the prosecution actually give character evidence for the accused.

I mean, turn out the lights, everyone go home, first we have a trial in the murder of a 17-year-old African-American boy, the justice system could not find a single black man , or any man for this trial. In fact what we hear is that there are 5 white women, I am yet unsure what the ethnicity of the 6th juror is.

Then the most insulting thing that could potentially happen to Tracey Martin and Sabrina Fulton, the cops who ought to give the best evidence for the prosecution’s case turn up and give character evidence for the defendant.

Why did the lead investigator suddenly get put back to regular uniform patrol , and why did he show up giving character evidence for  the accused ? This was the same lead Investigator Chris Serino who believed George Zimmerman should face manslaughter charges, why has he changed his story , why has he been reassigned to patrol?

There is something seriously wrong with the way this trial is being handled, I suspect all hell is going to break loose if people do not feel that justice is being served , we will continue to watch.