Are Your Local Cops Becoming Far More Abusive?

this is not the image of a dying man, it is the image of a dead man . eyes wide open.

this is not the image of a dying man, it is the image of a dead man . eyes wide open.

This  may be more for former Law Enforcement Officers than others. Does it seem like Cops of today are abusing their authority much more than when you served? It’s okay to speak freely without fear of being branded anti cop. After all those of us who put on uniforms and braved  the bullets have earned the right to speak without fearing being silenced with the anti-cop tar-brush.

♦How about telling a suspect “you are under arrest turn around and place your hands behind your back please”?

♦ What is the need to wrestle every suspect to the ground with multiple cops piling on to effect a simple arrest?

♦Is it necessary for police to escalate every minor infraction to agitate citizens

cop delivers kick to cuffed woman's face, how can this be justified

cop delivers kick to cuffed woman’s face, how can this be justified

so they may have an excuse to use force?

More and more we see police officers betraying the sacred trust of the very citizens who pay their salaries, by abusing and even killing the very people they are sworn to protect. Every time there is an incident where a cop is shot, or  even shot at, Mayors and police Brass and Unions fall over themselves to talk about the dangers police face. We get that, that’s what every cop signed up for .

how can this ever be explained

how can this ever be explained

What happen to the citizens police abuse? Are police out there serving themselves , or do they serve the public? When did citizens become servants of cops they pay to protect them ? In case after case we see cops abusing citizens. Police brass and their Unions in particular, respond with absolute disdain and contempt for the public. It’s as if they are Monarchs ruling by decree.

Of course the job has dangers, that’s why cops are trained to deal with those dangers when they arise. That’s why cops are given the tools with which to protect themselves . Including the power of life and death over citizens

citizens should be afraid , very afraid

citizens should be afraid , very afraid.

That power of life and death can be an intoxicating drug which seem now to be influencing many a police officer’s behavior. Police Officers simply cannot continue to abuse members of the public then fabricate stories further putting the aggrieved citizen in further jeopardy . If an officer is not capable of functioning in his or her capacity then he or she should find alternative employment.

I served in Kingston Jamaica, one of the world’s most violent cities. I have been shot in the line of duty.I have been shot at multiple times.

home of the free land of the brave

home of the free land of the brave

Yet it never influenced me to be disrespectful or abusive to citizens.  Yes it is sometimes necessary to use force to effect an arrest, just not as often as these cops use it.

Video evidence is bringing into sharp focus the level of violence and disrespect police show and visit on citizens. What is even more frightening is the lengths they go to in fabricating evidence. This ought to scare every man woman and child in this Nation.

All too often we read or hear of cases where Prosecutors are forced to drop charges against an accused because evidence surfaced showing cops fabricated charges. The question is why are they not charged? Why are cops subject to different rules?

this happens daily

this happens daily


Fabricating evidence to gain a conviction is one of the most reprehensible thing a police officer can do. It is an egregious breach of the sacred trust between police and citizen. An important creed of any law enforcement Agency must be that it is better that a guilty party go free than for the innocent to  be convicted.

No stone should be left unturned in the quest to bring the guilty to justice, in spite of that, the rights of the innocent must trump that desire. For we are mere slaves to the law if our God-given right to life and liberty can be snatched away on the whim and at the discretion of a single cop with an agenda.



women are not exempt from abuse, particularly women of color

women are not exempt from abuse, particularly women of color

According to Jerome Herbert Skolnick, in dealing largely with disorderly elements of the society, some people working in law enforcement may gradually develop an attitude or sense of authority over society, particularly under traditional reaction-based policing models; in some cases the police believe that they are above the law.

Twelve states, have adopted “eavesdropping” laws that prohibit people from videotaping police actions without the officers’ consent. And in California, police officials have openly stated that they will arrest people taking photographs without “apparent esthetic value” if those people seem suspicious. Several courts have ruled these policies unconstitutional.

What cop is going to grant consent to members of the public to photograph him/her abusing someone? Lets agree that State Legislators who give such sweeping powers to

despite the evidence many turn away in pretense

despite the evidence many turn away in pretense

police are not all idiots. We must assume then, that there are issues far deeper and sinister why they feel obliged to pass these laws. 

In most cases Police actions are totally sanitized. Even credentialed Journalists are barred from scenes of operation. In some cases some lackeys who write what they want are allowed on site. Demonstrations in America now have to be approved by ….. you guessed it the Police. They make the decision where demonstrators are allowed to congregate, usually so far away from the target of the demonstration it renders the protest null and void.

In some cases Journalists are kept miles away from operation sites under the guise it’s for their protection. Generally those operations end with suspects killed after sustained firefight. In a few cases their bodies burnt beyond recognition. Every citizen who feels this is in their interest must ask him/herself ,whether they or their loved ones are immune from a similar fate?th (4)

Whose interest are police serving? Do cops still serve the interest of citizens they swore to protect? Or are officers now tools of the corporate and political Oligarchs?Driving down any New York State Highway on a summer day  you will most likely see a State Police Car either lurking in a median or with lights flashing have someone pulled over  every two miles or so. Generally they pull motorists over in places which  puts the motoring public at serious risks. What did New York State do? The state passed additional law requiring motorists to move into the next lane away from the cop. This places the burden of avoiding the cop on members of the travelling public. 

If there are guidelines requiring them to pull over motorists in places which are safe, it isn’t obvious from what I have seen. In the event of an accident on a rainy day you are probably going to wait for upward of an hour before a cop shows up. Where are all the cops on rainy days when the public is likely to need assistance. The fact is that they are not there to serve the interest of the public . They serve as tax collectors for the ever money-hungry state.



This does not mean all police officers are bad, in addition to friends, I also have family members who are police officers. Most are caught up in a Tsunami they have little or no control over. Many officers who dare to speak out against abuse are sidelined or harassed out of their respective departments.

Most of us who have worn a Police officer’s uniform will honestly attest to having had to speak to a colleague about his/her behavior. Some of us may have been spoken to ourselves. This brutish bravado being displayed by police officers is not an American phenomenon alone.

What bothers me, is America’s insistence on fidelity to Human Rights for smaller Countries. Most of these Nations have exponentially less resources for support and training than their more powerful neighbor. While right here in America, Police act with impunity daily, as they are emboldened to beat and kill citizens, largely without consequence.

Where is the outrage from Amnesty International. Where is the outrage from The Inter American Commission on Human Rights, or the United Nation’s commission on Human Rights. Does the responsibility for Human Rights  fall only to small impoverished countries while large Western powers and Israel are shielded and exempt from scrutiny?

I think not !


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