Fifty-three (53) year old Delreta Smith of a Clarendon Address beat her two-year-old baby to death because the child defecated on herself.
Never mind that for all practical purposes that is exactly what most two-year-old babies do.

Nevertheless, the mother of 12 – two of whom were born after the gruesome death of two-year-old Sherene Smith in 2006 – was in the May Pen Hospital awaiting surgery when the judge Courtney Daye handed down the sentence which may only be summed up as insane and an invitation for mothers who may be distraught and or stressed to simply beat their children to death.

In one of the most egregious instances of judicial misconduct, the moronic asswipe of a judge sentenced Smith to three years in prison then spat on the baby’s grave by suspending the sentence for two years.
Threee years suspended for two years for the brutal and callous murder of a two year old infant! Simply put, if she stays out of trouble for two years, she will not spend a single day in prison for slaughtering her infant child.

Asswipe judge Courtney Daye who gave murderous mom suspended sentence

In seeking to justify what he clearly knows is an indefensible act, he robed asswipe tried to explain away his actions. Daye said he took into account the fact that Smith pleaded guilty on the first relevant date and is entitled to a 50 percent reduction in her sentence. “There is a public outcry against violence towards children and other vulnerable persons, but this is not the worst case of manslaughter. It is not a case of neglect or constant abuse,” he said. He noted, too, that the case had been before the courts for 12 years (11 years in the parish court) and that she has no previous convictions. “If her trial had proceeded in a reasonable time and she was given a custodial sentence, she would have served it and be out already,” Daye reasoned.

This is part and parcel of the policy push of Justice Minister Delroy Chuck. A policy which has zero to do with justice and everything to do with appearances that the system is functioning properly.
If you are not outraged as I am you are definitely a part of the problem.
This monster of a judge fell hook line and sinker to defense lawyer Sean Kingston’s wiles when he stated to the court  “She is fighting a particular illness and may not have long with us”.
What the fuck does any of that have to do with the killing of this helpless, innocent child?
If she was that sick how could she have beaten her kid to death and worse why is she still alive twelve[12] years after murdering the poor baby?

This is what obtains as a justice system in Jamaica the criminal paradise of the world, a place where you go to commit murder and walk away Scott free.

If you do not find this reprehensible you may be among those who support ripping away children from their parents because they dare to seek asylum. The totality of the Judge’s reasoning in his own summation is encapsulated in these sentences.

(1)” It is not a case of neglect or constant abuse”.  As long as a murderous parent does not systematically abuse a child(as per this judge) it is really not a big deal if you beat and kill your child in a one-off situation.
(2) The case had been before the courts for 12 years. What does it matter how long the case has been before the courts? In many cases, the delays are a direct result of collusion between these very judges and defense attorneys with a view to having the case tossed out eventually.
(3)If her trial had proceeded in a reasonable time and she was given a custodial sentence, she would have served it and be out already, Really? So because of the length of time, the case languished in the system the offender is entitled to a mere slap on the wrist? Is it any wonder this judge did not simply toss the case? More importantly, what he is saying is that if the case was decided from the time it was brought she would have served prison time and would have been released already. This statement is telling because it reveals exactly how these communists think. three years  for murdering a child!

This story has been updated since it was first posted.

3 thoughts on “Ass-wipe Judge Courtney Daye Gives Murderous Mom Suspended Sentence For Beating Baby To Death.

  1. You don’t have to go to Jamaica to commit murder and get away with it. Open your eyes look what’s going on in these first world countries. Families are being awarded a penny for lost of a bread winner by the act of the Sate. Just wanted to correct that statement brother.

    1. The article is about murders in Jamaica sir, one point does not negate the other.
      We are never going to solve problems when we engage in “what abouts” .
      We are never going to solve problems by being defensive about wrong.
      And for the record if you take your time to look on this very site I have addressed that very case you referenced.

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