My great friend, a former effective Jamaican police officer inboxed me this morning, in my inbox was a video of an interview given by former Senior Superintendent of police Renetto Adams to local television station CVM.
My friend told me he wanted me to watch the video and say something about what mister Adams had to say.
I told him I would watch the interview as soon as I had a chance and get back to him.

Former SSP Renetto Adams

I must say that I do not know mister Adams and must hasten to say that mister Adams came to prominence after I did my brief ten-year stint and exited the JCF.
In the interest of clarity and full disclosure, I must reveal that I have on occasions criticized some of the things mister Adams have said and in particular, I have been particularly harsh in my critique of some of the methodologies assigned to mister Adams’ way of policing.
I continue to stand behind those criticisms today.

Even as I have criticized former SSP Adams on occasions, I was always mindful that much of mister Adams’  amplified tenure as a police officer came in the 90’s after I had already left the department and the nation had become much more lawless and the population much more tolerant of criminals.

Despite the foregone and to the extent that the video was available, mister Adams struck some important themes. Themes which I have been screaming about for years.


Everyone knows what Mark Shields got out of his tenure in Jamaica, what have Jamaica gotten from Shields?

The JCF has a morale problem, this is not new, every constable joining the force is taught to strive to be the best and to shoot for the highest office.
That office is the Chief Constable’s chair(commissioner of police).
The pay has always been lousy, so the specter of promotion takes on greater significance to members looking to feed their families.
The promise to members that if they have good conduct, pass their exams when scheduled, are up to speed in their first aid and work hard they will be promoted also makes it doubly difficult when officers check the boxes and are not promoted.
That affects morale, it makes it doubly worse when outsiders are brought in and promoted over long-serving members, not to mention expatriates who bring absolutely nothing to the table but are paid enormous sums of money.

Bringing in people from England as well as appointing people from the military to head the force have done immeasurable harm to morale within the force as politics has, which I will get to.
There is no way that a former commissioner of Police would be hired to head the Army which really does not require much because of its size and scope.
Why then would a former military head be qualified to head the JCF, not once but twice?

Worse yet what has Mark Shields, Les Green and others contributed to the JCF for the huge salaries they received, which I must hasten to say was exponentially more than Jamaicans who held the same rank?
When a comparative analysis is done the harm their hiring did far outweigh any conceivable benefits which may have accrued.
That includes the incredible urge black Jamaicans have to be validated by white Europeans.


I have long maintained that part of the reason our country is inundated with crime is that as a nation Jamaica has tethered itself to foreign treaties, charters, and conventions which have had devastating consequences for our country.
Of course, Jamaica does not want to be a rogue nation but it is important that for our own survival we adopt measures only if they will not have debilitating consequences for us.

We must ask ourselves why are international donors willing to give undisclosed sums of money to entities like INDECOM, and the phalanx of groups now operating on the Island funded by foreign dark money under the guise of human rights.
Could it be that they know that a country over-run with crime will inexorably be an impoverished country which will perpetually be forced to come begging and borrowing?

Why would they not give that money to law enforcement and the justice department to improve our justice system so that the dispensation of justice would be more timely, efficient and just?
Could it be that a Jamaica of 2.8 million people having those hallmarks of justice would rapidly become a country attaining solvency and self-sufficiency thereby not reduced to begging for aid and groveling for loans?

The United States, Britain, and Canada are all economic powerhouses, neither of those countries accepts outside influence in how they make or enforce their laws.
Most donors to groups on the Island which give tacit support to criminals are from the three named countries.
Jamaica should neither accept nor allow either of those countries to shape its policies.



The age-old problem of political interference is one literally every cop who ever stepped out on the beat can attest to.
Adams spoke to this cancer, detailing how he was transferred because he dared to ignore a gazetted officer’s illegal request to drop a case he had which was already before the courts.

Those who have followed my rantings over the years already understand my disdain for the senior corps of the JCF with the exception of a few of its members past and present.
I always believed that corruption starts at the top and filters downstream.
The corruption detected in some junior members of the force are only visible because they are more in contact with the general public.

The real corruption and collusion are at the top. Senior members of the Police force are always responsible for the operational pros and cons of what happens inside the force.
It is the corruption which trickles down from them which infected the body of the force.
Nevertheless, they were never shy to throw the rank and file of the department under the bus, creating in the process ,the impression that the young men and women are the problem.
Corrupt, colluding, cowardly, and incompetent are the descriptive words I always believed best described the majority of the forces most senior officers.

The general public does not see the envelopes delivered to their offices for work done by their semi-starving subordinates who never received a cent.
No one sees the envelopes they receive for the cases they pressure the young energetic officers to drop at the peril of their jobs and careers.

Yes, pretty much all of the officers understand this all too well. This writer is no exception.
I was unceremoniously and without warning transferred back to the Mobile Reserve from St Andrew North by a certain member of parliament colluded with his lapdog, a now-retired deputy Commissioner to have me transferred out of the Division.
My sin, not allowing any Dons or area leaders to develop within my sphere of influence.
The Parliamentarian, now a dinosaur, is a minister of Government.

They thought they had pulled off a coup until the people realized what had occurred and all hell broke loose.
All traffic heading to Manor Park came to a standstill.
The people wanted their police officer that they could trust back, so coming from Herman Ricketts was back you go.
Police officers can be tough as nails take no shit and still be revered, loved and admired.
When you are that type of officer your enemies are politicians, corrupt senior officers, street thugs and their supporters.


Renetto Adams spoke eloquently on why he was not seriously considered to be Commissioner of police at the time he applied.
He alluded to the level of control outside players have on who gets appointed the commissioner of police on the Island.
There are powerful forces pulling the strings outside the country and this has nothing to do with real and justifiably needed human rights guarantees for every Jamaican.

All in all the points raised by former SSP Adams were spot on.
In two articles written for local newspapers recently,  former Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith Gardiner made similar observations and presented workable solutions to restoring order to the Island.
That advice fell on deaf ears as much of what I have personally been saying have fallen on deaf ears.
Nevertheless, I will personally continue to document these events and make suggestions because it is important that we do so for the good of the children and even those unborn.

As I was writing this a friend inboxed me from Jamaica, she loves Jamaica and has literally made Jamaica her home, quote:

Tell me one reason why Jamaica has this killing culture…killing mentality….???no Carribean island has this violence….and all of them are the 3.World…..that means poor….maybe the government has to send all Jamaican’s back to they roots……to clean the island….and develop with Refugees from Syria…Afghanistan…Africa…maybe it would be better if China takes it over one day……I love this island….don’t get me wrong….but I am looking for an alternative island….Trinidad…St Martin…Barbados…Guadeloupe...

Me:  Our country has a culture which encourages violence, gives comfort and succor to murderers and a population which is highly tolerant of criminals.

Her: I know….this is very bad for the Tourism Industry...😢😠

Me:  Jamaica has always been a country which supports criminals. The country is simply reaping the rewards of those actions.

Her : This is awful….there is no Future for a better life….I think people have crime gene…😠There is only a future for crime…..

Me: Things can be turned around but they require strong leadership, unfortunately, there is no leadership of that kind in Jamaica. So yes the future is quite bleak.
Be safe, please…
Her: Yep I try my best….but it is difficult for a  **************** have always bad mind of people….there is no relaxing part…no Joy…😕
Its easy and rather convenient to pretend that everything nice, come to Jamaica everything nice, or there is crime everywhere.
Oh, we may even do what we do best, curse, demagogue and disparage anyone who dares to bust that Utopian bubble.
We may continue our pretense nevertheless in blissful ignorance, as we ride along on our beautiful white Unicorn, emperors all, fully dressed in our beautiful imaginary new clothes.
I have long reconciled in my mind that there are active murderers traversing social media and they are no fools.  They are pretty impressive in making the arguments for why Jamaica should remain exactly what it is.
A criminal’s paradise.