Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is now in panic mode, but wait there is much more to come in this cavalcade of murder which is enveloping Jamaica.
It will get a lot worse before the arc is bent toward a solution.The winds of division, discord, and disrespect the People’s National Party (PNP)and the Jamaica Labor Party(JLP) created has resulted in the whirlwind of anarchy today.

The incessant barrage of anti-police invective on television and nonsensical talk radio was bound to have a reverberating negative effect on the police the strategists calculated.
What they never planned for was the little fact that the rain falls on the just and on the unjust. They never calculated that a rising tide raises all boats.
Politicians will be killed as well, just wait a little longer. In fact, they started with a parish councilor in Clarendon recently. Naturally, there is not much cause for alarm just yet among the ruling class, the [big fish] Members of Parliaments all have security details, or so they think.

I wonder if their police security detail will spare them from the AK47’s and other automatic weaponry in the hands of the gangs?
I wonder how long the details will remain vigilant when their bellies are empty and their children are being killed because the political class has created an environment in which terrorists are emboldened to attack them wherever, killing them and their families?

The tragic irony in all of this is that the political leadership of the Island believes that it is best to tie the hands of the protectors while demanding greater effectiveness and accountability from them.
It is an Orwellian logic which smacks either of hypocrisy, stupidity or both.

The political leadership starves law enforcement of Remunerations. Effective and practical training. Equipment(tools of the trade). Legislative and Psychological support.

At the same time, the Government and indeed the Opposition party have supported actions which are antithetical to the reduction of crime and terror on the Island.
These actions have effectively condemned the Island to be the failed criminal state it is becoming

Neither the Governing JLP nor the Opposition PNP has done much of anything outside paying the occasional lip service to the crisis occurring in the country.
Conversely, they demonize the Police, strengthen the forces arrayed against the police and have shockingly instituted policies in which agencies of the very government has as their primary functions campaigns of militancy against the police, agents of the same Government.

Brazilian soldiers parade in a ceremony marking the end of their United Nations peacekeeping tour in Haiti, Aug. 31, 2017


Nowhere else in the world am I able to see any instances of this lunatic practice where agencies of the same government of any nation create and practice hostility against that country’s security forces.
The previous Administration of the PNP was totally clueless on the one hand as it relates to crime and was on the other hand totally complicit in not lifting a finger to do what was needed to fix some of the structural problems which were fuelling crime.

The JLP Administration came into office with an attitude that its focus was going to be on the economy.
Somewhere in the mix of the JLP’s leadership mixup was an unhealthy dose of arrogance, naivete, and ignorance.
Real growth, much less any degree of prosperity, can only come from a stable and free society in which the potential of the people can be unleashed to it’s fullest extent.

Being free to live free from crime and its injurious circumstances is an integral part of that equation.
Governments cannot create prosperity. Governments can be engines of growth through their ability to provide security and infrastructure upon which wealth is created.

The Andrew Holness Administration has a responsibility to stop this carnage now!
The opposition party needs also to recognize it’s constitutional duty as part of the Government.
As a result, it is up to the PNP and JLP to come together in the interest of saving Jamaica.
The idea of using crime as leverage for political mileage must stop if the damage both parties created is to be arrested.

The Power that Holness want to hold onto and Peter Phillips want to taste may very well become a poison pill as there will be no Jamaica to govern.
What our leaders are doing will necessitate foreign troops on our soil. When that happens we will see what all of the grandstanders in the society will do.

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