Bakari’s Miscalculation May Not Cost Him, JLP’s Will Be Costly


People are asked to speak at events for any number of reasons. Usually, because they may have something important to say or that they may represent the organization in a good light, based on who they are and what they are likely to say.
From Presidents to recovering drug addicts, speakers of all kinds grace stages to deliver their message. Some are paid handsomely, others not so much and even others nothing at all.
Shoot, even I have been asked a time or two to speak to a couple of people, though I never knew if anyone bothered listening to anything I said.

Sellers on the set of CNN with fellow analyst Ana Navaro

And so I will never question the motivation of the People’s National Party ‘s decision to have  Mr. Bakari Sellers as keynote speaker on opening night at their 80th annual party conference.
No one should doubt the bona fides of the 33-year-old Mister Sellers. He is an accomplished attorney, former state legislator, a CNN analyst and sits on the boards of several companies and organizations.


Naturally, a young up-and-comer like mister Sellers is an incredible draw for Organizations looking to deliver a message from someone young influential and even good looking who can potentially attract young people to their cause.
It behooves those who would summarily dismiss Mr. Sellers as a know-nothing foreigner, to rethink that strategy, particularly when one considers the resonance the words of foreigners generally have with our ordinary folks.
A well-delivered speech from someone like Bakari Sellers, a young educated, accomplished and personable foreigner is hard to countenance with a lazy dismissal.


Members of the JLP and followers of the party can ill-afford to make the mistake of simply dismissing, as an absurdity, someone like Mister Sellers can have on local politics.
I read today, Fabian Lewis’ brilliant article in the local Observer in which he did a point by point rebuttal on why Bakari Sellers would do better sticking to American politics.
In his article, Fabian Lewis did a  masterful articulation of the reasons he feels that Mister Sellers was either misled or bamboozled by the PNP (my words).

Peter Phillips leader of the opposition PNP

1. Furniture scandal 2. Shell waiver scandal 3. Sandals Whitehouse scandal 4. Operations PRIDE scandal 5. Motor vehicle scandal 6. Finsac 7. Foreign exchange scandal 8. Trafigura scandal 9. Cuban light bulb scandal 10. National Housing Development Corporation scandal 11. Rollins land deal scandal 12. Sand mining 1 scandal 13. Sand mining 2 scandals 14. Montego Bay street people scandal 15. Zinc scandal 16. Telecoms scandal 17. Net-Serv scandal 18. Outameni scandal 19. Bad gas scandal 20. EWI Scandal.


There is really no need to yell at Bakari Sellers, except to say that if the young mister Sellers intends to have credibility going forward, he must pay keener attention to the causes to which he lends his voice. Not only will he be embarrassed by failing to do so, but his speeches will undoubtedly come back to haunt his career.
Mister Sellers whom I’m sure is right back here in the United States, having collected his speaking fees, did not do due diligence in ensuring that the history of the political party to which he was lending his voice was not antithetical to his own worldview.


As a Democrat who supported President Barack Obama, the only President in our lifetime who has had two terms in office without a scandal, I do understand how Sellers would have ” corruption”  at the top his concerns in delivering a speech in a developing Jamaica.
The only problem is that Sellers delivered that speech in front of the wrong audience. Clearly, Mister Sellers had not done the preparation necessary. Had he scratched the surface, it is less likely he would have gone to a PNP rally to speak out against corruption against the still relatively new JLP Administration.


The PNP has been a cesspool of corruption since it’s inception.  It is stunning that the Dinasours who have illicitly fattened themselves at the expense of the poor Jamaican people, still sit in waiting, to once again hold state power. That they would have the temerity to talk about corruption is absolutely Trumpian.

Andrew Holness PM

Let me be clear, however, Prime Minister Holness is doing a terrific job as Prime Minister, nevertheless, the incremental gains he’s managed will be swept away in a Tsunami of disaffection if he does not ensure that the Government he heads exercises full fidelity to the inaugural address he gave upon being sworn in as PM on the second occasion.



There can be no mistake about what the Jamaican people expect when it comes to the judicious execution of policies and the effective and transparent process which ought to exist as it pertains to state funds.
The Prime Minister as head of the Government and leader of his party has a responsibility and indeed a duty to act with utmost alacrity and dispatch to head off any negative press which would emerge as it pertains to corruption in his government.
As a consequence, where there is any sliver of evidence that there may be untoward behavior by any of his subordinates they must immediately be removed until an exhaustive investigation is done to ascertain the facts.
No member of Parliament or Minister has a right to be in any position of power. Public service is an honor, no one is entitled to it.


In the same way that mister Sellers did not fully acquaint himself with the facts before addressing the PNP’s 80 annual conferences, so too have many Jamaicans, [many within the JLP],  hitched their wagons to the American Republican Party. They do so without the benefit of a full appreciation of the ways in which the two major Political parties have crossed ideological paths after the 1964 civil rights act was signed by President Lyndon Johnson.[]


The signing of the civil rights act was followed by a mass exodus of white male Americans from the Democratic party, the party of Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to the Republican party.
 It was Nixon who devised and pursued what came to be called the Southern strategy. This was, in the admirably concise wording of Wikipedia, an appeal “to racism against African-Americans.” Nixon was hardly the first Republican to notice that Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights legislation had alienated whites both in the South and elsewhere — Johnson himself had forecast that Southern whites would desert the Democratic Party[]


The evolution and juxtaposition of the two major parties and how the Democrats, the party of the Dixiecrats and the Klan, came to be the party of black Americans as a result of the civil rights and voting rights acts is a good case study.
Sufficing to say that whatever affinity blacks both in the United States and across the Globe may have had with the GOP, it must now be reexamined against the backdrop of what that party has become.
A far right-wing party which peddles Racism, Xenophobia, Misogyny, Religous intolerance, and hatred.


The romantic ideas some shared about the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves must be tempered with the slave-owning Lincoln stating ” If I could save the union without freeing a single damn slave I would do it“.
The romantic idealism about Ronald Reagan’s having Seaga as his first head of state visitor to the White House and later signing an amnesty bill which gave legal status to undocumented immigrants must be carefully scrutinized against Reagan’s advancement of Nixon’s southern strategy.
Sometimes the romantic notions and idealism we have about a person or a country is just that, romantic idealism. Before we hitch our wagons to some horses we better make damns sure we know where they will drag us.

Now Is The Time To Hold Real Hearings On The Kavanaugh Nomination



Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley have repeatedly signaled that they are more interested in seating President Trump’s nominee on the Supreme Court than in performing their sworn duty to provide advice and consent as part of a system of checks and balances. But, as the confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault and profound questions about whether this nominee has been properly vetted, McConnell and Grassley can no longer be allowed to reject the basic standards for Senate consideration of Supreme Court picks.

It is now abundantly clear that, in their rush to confirm an exceptionally controversial nominee, McConnell and Grassley disregarded their oaths of office and the mandates of the Constitution. They shamed themselves and the chamber they have occupied for most of their adult lives—McConnell since 1985, Grassley since 1981.

With just days to go before Thursday’s scheduled vote by the Judiciary Committee on the Kavanaugh nomination, McConnell and Grassley have been tripped up in their rush to position Trump’s man on the bench in time for the October term of the high court—and, of far more consequence in McConnell’s fiercely partisan calculus, before November elections that might upset dominance of the Senate by corporate-aligned Republicans.

California college professor Christine Blasey Ford has alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than three decades ago, when they were high-school students. She has told her story in a letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein and a compelling interview with The Washington Post. She has provided details of a polygraph test and therapist notes that corroborate her account.

Key Republican senators, including Maine’s Susan Collins, who is considered an essential swing vote on court picks, and Arizona’s Jeff Flake, a member of the Judiciary Committee, say further action on the Kavanaugh nomination should be delayed until Ford is given a hearing. “If they push forward without any attempt with hearing what she’s had to say, I’m not comfortable voting yes,” Flake said Sunday. “We need to hear from her. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.” Even White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says, “This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored.”

“Let me make very clear: I’ve spoken with the president, I’ve spoken with [South Carolina Senator Lindsey] Graham and others,” says Conway. “This woman will be heard. She’s going to… I think the Senate Judiciary Committee will decide how and through which forum.”

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have asked that Thursday’s planned vote on the nomination be put off until “serious questions about Judge Kavanaugh’s record, truthfulness and character” can be “thoroughly evaluated and answered.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) explains that this is about much more than a simple time-out. “I admire the courage Ms. Ford has shown in coming forward with her story. This requires a pause, at a minimum, in the unseemly, special-interest-funded rush to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Court,” says Whitehouse, a veteran prosecutor and former state attorney general. “Kavanaugh’s blanket denial cannot be reconciled with her specific recollections, and the FBI needs time to take proper witness statements. Lying to an FBI agent in a formal interview is a crime, and an impeachable offense.”

If the Republicans insist on advancing the nomination without a proper review by the FBI, the Judiciary Committee has to temper the excesses of partisanship that have so far been on display in the approach of McConnell and Grassley to this process.

Ford must be afforded an opportunity to testify to the full committee in a formal session that is organized with an eye toward providing her with a fair and responsible hearing. Kavanaugh should also be called to testify. Witnesses who can provide additional information and insight should be heard.

Fatima Goss Graves, the president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, outlines some basic standards for how the Judiciary Committee, and the Senate, can proceed: “Christine Blasey Ford never asked to come forward and share her story about the sexual violence she says she experienced at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh. She was dragged into the spotlight against her will. But now that Ford’s story is public, the Senate is obligated to take these allegations seriously and give them the careful consideration they deserve—while protecting the private citizen who many will now target for personal destruction because she has named her experience. The Senate has an opportunity to get it right this time and not repeat the wrongs that were done to Anita Hill in 1991. Anita Hill’s testimony and the witnessing of all who have come after her—especially over the past year—have made it indisputable: sexual harassment and sexual violence are behaviors that must never be excused or explained away. If the charges are true, Kavanaugh’s behavior makes clear that he is not fit for a seat on the Supreme Court, or any court.”

This must be seen as the point at which the Judiciary Committee begins the serious consideration of the Kavanaugh nomination that McConnell and Grassley thwarted with their hyper-politicized attempt to hasten the process. Revelations regarding Kavanaugh that have emerged since the initial Judiciary Committee sessions with the nominee must be reviewed. Christine Blasey Ford is prepared to testify, and senators have a duty to consider that testimony. Emerging evidence that Kavanaugh has repeatedly lied to the committee must also be considered—in order to provide context for his response to Ford’s account and, more broadly, to give senators perspective when considering a nomination that demands the oversight McConnell and Grassley have tried to avoid. (Story originated here)


Disgusting Lies And Character Assassination Of Botham Shem Jean Starting To Make Sense…


So now the truth is coming out, that lying little murderer Amber Guyger cannot hide behind the lies any longer despite the Dallas police’ attempt to cover up her crime in conjunction with the fake FOX collaborators in the media.

Now information has leaked out that(a) at least two neighbors have confirmed that they heard Amber Guyger banging on the door of Botham Shem Jean, demanding that he open the door and then the gunshots. That was part of the initial testimony.
(b) That contrary to her initial lie that she went to the wrong apartment.
(c) His door was slightly ajar which has been debunked by demonstrations from neighbors doors.
(d) That his door was fully ajar(debunked).
(e) That his apartment was in darkness.
(f)She fired twice at a silhouette. (she had no legal right to fire at someone without being in fear of her life, threatened with a weapon.
(g) That it was only after she called 911 that she realized she was in the wrong apartment.


Even To A Casuual Observer This Story Is B******t

Now new information has surfaced that she had made several reports to the management of the complex that Mister Jean was playing his music too loud. You will recall that mister Jean’s apartment supposedly sits right above hers.
Now you will recall that the police co-conspirators in the media started off the initial reporting that she had just finished working a full shift?

Look at this meme Officer Amber Guyger recently posted online. Then consider that she reported Botham Jean for noise complaints several times. Then consider she went to his apartment to confront him about it. Neighbors say she banged on his door and yelled for him to open up.

We have not personally seen those reports in black and white but she allegedly posted this meme.
This does not yet add up to intent but now we begin to see why Dallas police have begun the character assassination of Botham Shem Jean.

“The only connection we have been able to make is that she was his immediate downstairs neighbor,” family attorney S. Lee Merritt told CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday.

“And there were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been Botham. In fact, there were noise complaints that very day about upstairs activity in Botham’s apartment. Botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor.”(

As the investigative agency seem to be determined to find a way to make Amber Guyger walk away from this manslaughter, I believe the case for premeditated murder is beginning to take shape.
This new evidence is moving mighty close to prove that Amber Guyger went to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment in uniform to intimidate him and eventually killed him.
This is starting to look not like a manslaughter case but a case of cold-blooded murder.

Ignore The Little Things ….modus Operandi Of Jamaican Police


There is an old Jamaican adage which says *nothing illegal thrives unless Politicians and Police are involved in it*.
I don’t think that any rational person would argue with the bottom line truthfulness of that statement.
Whether it is the erection of shanty communities, the mass expansion of robot taxis, lotto-scamming or whatever, politicians and police have, through commission or omission, either actively participated or allowed these things to happen.
Over the years I have written extensively that the Police could have done a far better job if its leadership understood the consequences turning a blind eye and or not staying focused on a task has for the breakdown of the rule of law.
I  have used every literary tool I have, to explain that a man selling weed on the corner can be an asset if cultivated properly, but the beginning of a serious problem if left alone.


That man must be used as a law enforcement tool to ensure that whatever more serious crimes are committed in that area he feeds information to trusted law-enforcement about them. No other should be allowed to sell weed there.
Left alone, not used as an asset, soon more arrive, then it’s more dangerous drugs, guns, robberies, shootings and before you know it that neighborhood is a slum from violence, drug dealing, and drug abuse.
Property value hits the dirt and families are captives in their own homes and in the larger community.
Had the police moved, or fully controlled that first guy selling stickweed all of the foregone would have been averted. Isn’t that what has happened across the entire country though?


Thousands of cops and an arguably compelling need for thousands more, yet the crime situation continue to deteriorate, but for the situations in which emergency proclamations has been instituted resulting in large amounts of police and soldiers to be concentrated in small geographical areas.
Thus far, for the month of September, there has been an uptick in murders to 4 persons killed per day from just over three per day.  Some argue that we cannot lay these murders at the feet of the police, they say politicians cannot be blamed for what people do.


If we do not blame the people who make the laws and those who enforce them, who are we to blame?
If the Police leadership used whatever assets it has to micro-target violence producers and remove them from the equation in what direction do you think the murder numbers would trend?
If the politicians created tough laws which send the right message, that crime will not be tolerated and stayed out of the way of law enforcement, would we have more crime or less?


None of these pointers mean anything, however, because the Jamaican police continue to act outside its role by making judgment calls on what laws it enforces or whether it even bothers to enforce them at all.
It is not up to police to make policy, their job is to execute whatever policy has been put in place by the civilian leadership. The police have no right to supplant enforcing the laws with their own biases. Contrary to what some will argue about *discretion*, the police have no discretion to allow the laws to be broken, because they feel they are doing some greater good by allowing said breaches of the law.


Deputy Superintendent Errol Adams

The police say, for now, they will not be pursuing motorcyclists who have been using their bikes as taxis to capitalize on the nightmarish traffic congestion in sections of the Corporate Area.

The traffic jams have been caused by the closure of Portia Simpson Miller Square, formerly Three Miles, due to an ongoing road improvement project. The closure is expected to last for eight months. Head of the Public Safety Division of the newly established Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, Deputy Superintendent Errol Adams, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that the police’s focus, at this time, is ensuring that commuters get to their destinations in a timely manner.

He was responding to yesterday’s front-page story, which reported that some bikers have been offering a shuttle service from Molynes Road to Half-Way-Tree in St Andrew, at a cost of $150. The cost of the ride could be more, depending on the destination of the commuter. “We are ignoring them for now,” Deputy Superintendent Adams told the Observer at the intersection of Hagley Park and Waltham Park roads yesterday. The DSP, who was seen observing the traffic flow, insisted that the greater issue is to alleviate the frustration and anxiety being experienced by commuters.

“I have heard the stories and I can say it is illegal, but we know the Jamaican environment. Where there are challenges people will find creative means to capitalize on it and, too, to get to where they want to go, and I think that is what is happening. I have heard the reports and I think that I might have seen a few of them, but the greater focus now is to get the motoring traffic and the motoring public to work,” Adams explained.

The policeman alluded to the fact that the mission is being accomplished, despite commuters’ complaints.

“We all know what happened Monday, but from Monday leading into this morning, we have seen gradual improvements. Let me establish though, that traffic congestion, I mean peak-hour traffic congestion, is a feature of any public space. What we aim to do is manage it, and to have traffic flow as freely as possible. We have been able to achieve that consistently since Monday, and this morning was no different.”


DCP Clifford Blake’s Talk To Cops Exposes Why Crime Has Taken Over Jamaica…

Despite what seems to be a reasoned and rational statement coming from this officer, *the problem is that it is not up to the police to make those decisions*. This officer clearly has confessed to having allowed lawbreaking.*
This from a squad of officers which was just recently formed and equipped to tackle traffic. These are the officers lectured by Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake on the virtues of turning a blind eye.
I  wrote about Blake’s lecture, I cautioned that what he was essentially creating was another set of window dressings from which the country will not reap any rewards.
Many pushed back on my comments then arguing discretion, over enforcing the laws was sometimes better, I argued then and now that it was exactly the exercise of discretion by the police which has led to this lawlessness in our country.


Now that the police which was supposed to fix the traffic problems have now opened this Pandora-box, creating another growth path to lawlessness, how do they propose to stop it after the roadworks are completed? Guaranteed they do not have an answer for that question.
Is the police high command that naive` that they believe these motorcyclists are simply going to disappear once they tasted the spoils of uninsured, unlicenced shuttling of passengers?

Not one of those bike taxis is going back after they were allowed to break the laws. Not the first street vendor displaying wares on the sidewalk, the first to display wares on the street, not the first shanty builder, not the first drug dealer, the first prostitute on the corner, neither will the police be able to stop these illegal bike taxis they just turned a blind eye to.
If the Jamaican police are not a part of the solution then they are a part of the problem. We were told that if we put in place University graduates at the top tier of the force we would see a transformation, a better force. If this is the type of leadership they are capable of the country is in for a whole lot more pain.

I’ll, now await the * man affi eat a food argument*

The Second Murder Of Botham Shem Jean Is In Full Force: Character Assassination


There is a diabolical unholy alliance in America between the forces which purport to be law-enforcement and local media houses.
It is diabolical because for as long as America has decided that black people were less than human and therefore unworthy of respect and dignity, there has been a systematic attempt to diminish the value of black life.


Twenty-six-year-old Botham Shem Jean killed by Dallas police in his own home

There is no reason to believe that  26-year-old Botham Shem Jean,  a college graduate who was gainfully employed, does not have a criminal record(as if that diminishes the value of life), leads worship service at his church would have been insulated from vicious slaughter by American Police.

Understandably, once they killed him they had to demonize him and that is where the media campaign comes in.
Dallas Police which is supposed to be investigating the murder of Jean has been engaged in obtaining warrants to search the home of mister Jean.
Yes, you guessed right, after they were in his home and needed to cobble together an alibi for their murderous colleague Amber Guygher.


We are learning that a judge has attached his/her signature to those warrants and we have the results of what the Dallas Police have reportedly found and on queue is being reported by FOX.

– Following the shooting death of Botham Jean by the hands of Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, multiple search warrants were executed at Jean’s apartment as part of the investigation.

One of the warrants became a public record Thursday afternoon when it was returned to the judge who signed it. It was shortly after Jean’s funeral had ended. It listed several items found in Jean’s apartment, including a small amount of marijuana.

There have been several warrants signed by judges and executed in this case aside from the arrest warrant for Guyger and the search warrant signed September 7 that were returned to the court on Thursday. The others are still sealed and not accessible.

The search warrant executed in Jean’s apartment at South Side Flats specifically sought fired cartridge casings, fired projectiles, firearms, ballistic vests, keys, evidence of blood, video surveillance systems, and contraband such as narcotics and other items used in criminal offenses.

The inventory return yielded:
2 fired cartridge casings
1 laptop computer
1 black backpack with police equipment and paperwork
1 insulated lunch box
1 black ballistic vest with “police” markings
10.4 grams of marijuana in ziplock bags
1 metal marijuana grinder
2 RFID keys
2 used packages of medical aid

The document does not say where any of the items were located in the apartment or who the items belong to.

The Jean family’s legal team was unaware of the document when it was first released. Regardless of whose marijuana it was, the attorneys say it doesn’t matter.

“I think it’s unfortunate that law enforcement begin to immediately criminalize the victim — in this case, someone who was clearly was the victim that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that he was shot in his home,” said Lee Merritt, attorney for Jean’s family. “I would love to see more information coming out about the warrants executed on the home of the shooter who lived just below him. I haven’t seen any of those. And particularly for it to be on this day the day that we remember and celebrate him… to see the common assassination attempt on the victim that we often see in law enforcement involved shootings.”

“It doesn’t change the story,” said Daryl Washington, attorney for the Jean family. “She claimed that she went into a place she thought was her apartment. She didn’t claim she had gone somewhere because she thought there was some sort of criminal activity.”

“I know because of how he lived his life it won’t stain his reputation because he lived his life so virtuously,” Merritt added. “But it’s unfortunate law enforcement has taken this turn.”

Attorney Pete Schulte, who is not connected to the case, says the defense will likely bring it up in trial if the marijuana turns out to be his.

“I’m not saying Mr. Jean is a bad guy because he had some marijuana in his apartment,” Schulte said. “But it could help add some explanation to this crazy case. It just adds another layer of complexity.”

Schulte says it’s common practice for detectives investigating a case to cast a wide net when seeking a search warrant.

The request for the warrant does list a wide range of items — from blood evidence and keys, to video surveillance systems and “any contraband, such as narcotics, and other items that may have been used in criminal offenses.”

Other attorneys not associated with the case say that specific language may have been used for items that were in plain sight.

“They do a broad spectrum of what they’re looking for when they get these search warrants,” Schulte said. “Now toxicology is important, both with Officer Guyger and Mr. Jean, because it could explain how this case happened. How things went south so quickly.”

By law, a warrant must be executed within 72 hours of when it was issued. As far as the timing of the return to the court, nearly a week later?

“There’s nothing nefarious about it. I think it just got done,” Schulte said. “They’ve got to get it to the court, and it got to the court today.”

Jean’s legal team disagrees.

“This is nothing but a disgusting attempt to assassinate the character of a wonderful young man,” said Ben Crump, attorney for the Jean family.

There have been several warrants signed by judges and executed in the case so we could learn of additional items retrieved. It’s unclear if those requests included any warrants to search Officer Guyger’s apartment as well.

Guyger did consent to a blood draw the night of the shooting. Toxicology reports for both her and Jean are still pending.



The grieving family of Botham Jean, flanked on the right by its lawyer, Benjamin Crump, in Dallas on September 10, 2018ASSOCIATED PRESS

As the family of Botham Shem Jean grieves and honor his life with a funeral service, a diabolical plan is set in motion by Dallas authorities to deliver a coup de grace to the murdered man.
The plan, as was to be expected from past instances where police murder people of color, is designed to commit the second murder of Botham Shem Jean through character assassination.


The accused friendly police report above was written by the investigating officer US Marshall David L Armstrong which seems more like a defendant supporting statement, than an affidavit intended to bring to justice a guilty defendant.


How One Of America’s Trumpiest Democrats Got A Surprising Challenger


In local politics, right here in our neighborhood many in the Democratic machinery, act as Republicans and vote with Republicans on some of the most controversial issues including the proposed construction of a multi-million dollar jail complex right here on Hamilton street in the city of Poughkeepsie.
Local Democratic Council representatives say the bond was approved to build the jail without the requisite environmental studies and the effect the complex will have on the local environment.

Here in the city of Poughkeepsie, it is only a three- minute drive across the mid-Hudson bridge and you are in Ulster County, a county which is lauded as one of the most liberal counties in the entire Country.
Yet the sordid stories of and the unending tales of racial profiling, and the illegal searching of people of color vehicles by the Ulster County’s Sheriff’s office, The State Police and the Town of Lloyd’s police are far too many to be ignored.

In this Article, our friends at the Nation talks about the Democratic Sherriff of Ulster county and how the race is shaping up in this one of the most liberal counties in the age of Trump.


Some say Ulster County’s longtime sheriff sees himself as “above the law”—but primary voters have a chance to show him otherwise.

Van Blarcum’s

In the Hudson Valley, a distinctly Trump-like Democrat is facing an unexpected primary challenge in a key local race—one that’s mostly flown under the national radar.

At a candidates’ forum in Woodstock last week, Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum, who is seeking his fourth term in office, raised eyebrows when he told the crowd, “It’s out there that I’m a racist, and that the sheriff’s office is racist. Am I getting sued by four black officers? Yes. But let me tell you this: They’re suing me for not getting promoted. Two out of the four never even took a promotional exam. The third one took the exam and failed. The fourth person took the exam, and passed, but unfortunately, he was arrested for stealing from the sheriff’s office. So that makes me a racist and I don’t understand it.”

He added: “As far as the other lawsuits against me, we’ve won every one of them.” (A female corrections officer who sued the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office in federal court for on-the-job harassment was awarded a large settlement in 2014.)

Norman James, who retired from the sheriff’s office in April after 30 years working at the Ulster County jail, is one of the plaintiffs in the case Van Blarcum mentioned in Woodstock (there are five in total, and two are no longer with the department). He said he and the others are suing the sheriff’s office in federal court for systemic discrimination against the department’s small number of black corrections officers.

“The white officers get a lot better treatment than the black officers do,” said James. “If you’re a black officer and you commit some sort of infraction, you’re dealt with much more harshly by the administration than if you’re white. If you’re white, you may get a 30-day suspension, but it’s easily forgiven and forgotten and you’re still able to advance. You also get easier job assignments.”

“There’s an old-boy network,” he said, “and it’s all white.” Van Blarcum didn’t respond to an interview request.

ames told me about a white officer who threw a glass at a woman in a bar, causing a facial injury that required 150 stitches. He faced a 30-day suspension and then went on with his career. The black cop who was “arrested for stealing from the sheriff’s office” was a veteran with a clean record who ran out of gas one night and filled up his personal vehicle with the department’s gas. He offered to pay restitution. According to James, that incident occurred 15 years ago, and that officer has been repeatedly passed over for promotions ever since. “Twenty-two years on the job, and he’s still working on the housing units like a rookie,” he said.

“I have no interest in promotions,” said Tyrone Brodhead, a 19-year veteran of the department and another plaintiff in the suit. “My issue is that I’m constantly being accused of bringing in contraband and subjected to internal affairs investigations. I’m subjected to locker searches, vehicle searches, and personal searches. They’ve never substantiated any of these charges, but I’ve been labeled a drug dealer.”

“I’ve been on the countywide swat team, but I’ve been held back from operations whenever they involve narcotics,” Brodhead observed. “I’ve never been involved in drugs, I don’t use drugs, and there’s no reason for this other than the color of my skin. It’s a hostile work environment.”

The attorneys representing the officers didn’t respond to an interview request by press time.

In 2014, Van Blarcum ran unopposed for his third term in office. He was reelected easily, taking 90 percent of the vote. According to the Times Herald Record, Van Blarcum’s vote total in the county that year exceeded that of both the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates combined.

But in May, as several other local incumbents sailed to easy victories at the Ulster County Democratic nominating convention, Van Blarcum faced an uprising among local Democratic officials and activists. He reportedly left the venue before his bid for the nomination was rejected by a lopsided, 85 percent to 15 percent margin.

What shifted in the intervening years? Andrew Zink, president of the Ulster County Young Democrats, said, “The election of Donald Trump changed the equation.” (Local Democrats were furious when Van Blarcum and several of his deputies appeared in a photo-op with the president in the Oval Office.) “Trump’s election woke people up,” said Zink. “Trump made us look at these local issues and evaluate our local elected officials and ask ourselves, ‘is this what we want?’ And when the Democratic voters of Ulster County looked at that question in that race, they said, ‘no, we don’t want our own Donald Trump.’”

Since his last, easy reelection in 2014, Van Blarcum has made a series of headlines, some going national, that alienated restive Democrats. Local activists said Van Blarcum’s tendency to use his office to amplify hard-right messages became intolerable after the 2016 election.

In the days following a 2015 mass shooting that left 14 people dead in San Bernardino, California, Van Blarcum urged county residents with gun permits to carry firearms at all times. The appeal was posted on his office’s official Facebook page. The following year, he trashedlocal “sanctuary city” ordinances, and said that his deputies, who, according to Van Blarcum, have long cooperated with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, wouldn’t change the way they did business. Shortly before his last election, he’d angered gun safety advocates by urging his deputies to “use discretion” when considering charges against people who violated the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act, a gun-control package that New York state passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

“The sheriff’s made it very clear that he’s above the law,” said Dan Torres, a New Paltz City Councilor and a fierce critic of Van Blarcum. “He’s done that by campaigning with county resources, thumbing his nose at communities that want to protect their immigrants, making wild statements about guns, and then getting the country sued multiple times because of his actions. He’s a wingnut with a real disregard for the US Constitution.”

Van Blarcum’s Democratic challenger, Juan Figueroa, said that it was the sheriff’s decision to weigh in—again, on the Ulster County Sheriff’s official Facebook page—on NFL players taking a knee to protest racially discriminatory policing that first drew his interest in the race. The post, which echoed tweets about the issue from Donald Trump, claimed that the players had “show[ed] an utter lack of patriotism and total disrespect for our veterans—living and dead—and everything that they put their lives on the line for!” It called for Ulster County residents to “boycott all football telecasts [and] refrain from attending or viewing any NFL games.… let the NFL play to empty stadiums.”

Figueroa, a New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, said the post was part of a “pattern of that sort of behavior” that “just shows [that Van Blarcum] has been in office a little too long and doesn’t realize what his job is supposed to be. When you use your office for something like that, you’re abusing your office. The sheriff is elected by the people, and he’s supposed to represent all of the people.”

Figueroa was also incensed by Van Blarcum’s practice of conducting “suspicionless warrant checks” on people entering the local social-services office, a practice that was only discontinued after then–New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent county officials a letter clarifying that the policy was discriminatory and “in violation of civil rights law.” Story originated here(

Since this story was published: Van Blarcum was defeatedly in an overwhelming repudiation by the voters who chose Figueroa by a landslide 80% to 20% drubbing.

Poor Training, Indecisive Actions, Lack Of Esprit De Corps….prescription For Disaster



A picture speaks a thousand words.
Yet another example of poor training.Indecisive actions. no esprit de corps.
It is incredibly difficult to argue that there is modernization going on in the force when we are greeted with these images which demonstrate inexorably, that these officers clearly lack cohesion, lack direction(despite the presence of a senior sub-officer) and lack any attention to what they intend to accomplish.

Posted by Damion Bennett on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Officers Suspended Without Pay, Accused Of ‘White Power’ Hand Gestures In Photo



These cops showing what are clear white power signs received a slap on the wrist,.
They are still cops.
The mayor suspended four Jasper officers who played the “circle game” during a picture for their local newspaper.

Jasper, AL – Four Jasper police officers have been suspended without pay after they made a circular “okay” hand gesture in a photograph that appeared in a local newspaper.

Jasper Mayor David O’Mary said that some people claimed the gesture was a racist symbol for “white power,” WBMA reported.

The photo was intended as a way to recognize the Jasper drug terrorism task force officers’ hard work in connection with a recent gun and narcotics bust in the area, said Mayor O’Mary, who had arranged to have the image taken.

After the photo was published in the Daily Mountain Eagle, some people complained that the four Jasper officers were making a racist hand gesture. (


Thuggie Thuggie East Kingston Gangster Gets Killed Community Lies …. (video)



It is disingenuous to any democratic society and dangerous, that media houses can concoct fake narratives they see as in their interest, lampooning and maligning law enforcement which generally doesn’t respond with their version of the facts

Unconfirmed reports indicate that this is the saint [sic] who was killed in a confrontation with Police which has precipitated the mass uprising in the lawful community of Swallowfield[sic].

Below is the choir-boy portrayed in the sickening Observer story.
You are the judge.


The burning of tires and other debris, the firing of automatic weapons and the throwing of molotov cocktail bombs at the Police and police facility has all come as a result of this choirboy[sic] getting his.

We have zero qualms about putting their videos (in their own words) online for the world to see and hear them. So when the lying dirty politicians and the criminal rights eat a food fraternity try to canonize these saints[sic] we will be right there to show the world that there is no difference between these idyllic members of society[sic] and those who support and enable them.

Police vehicles damaged.

According to the police, at approximately 8:15 pm on Monday 17-year-old Casey Lake was fatally shot during a confrontation with cops on Providence Lane.
The police reported that a home-made firearm and one round of ammunition were recovered from Lake.
True to form, the Jamaica Observer went about reporting the incident the way they and other media have always done, by padding the reporting with quotes from so-called witnesses who are always conveniently present during these encounters.

Here is the resultant carnage

It is that biased -brain dead imbecilic anti-police reporting which has given rise to and nurtured the rampant criminality on the Island.
The link above is their reporting as fact, the hearsay which is designed to make saints out of criminals.  I once again call on the Jamaican Government to scrap INDECOM and move with alacrity to dispense all funds earmarked for INDECOM to the police in the fight against lawlessness in this country.

A Worse Dilemma Awaits…


But for the period of Hugh Lawson Shearer’s leadership, Jamaica has been involved in a kind of law enforcement strategy which is equivalent to standing on the left leg only, left hand holding right leg from behind and right hand across the chest holding the left ear.
For those of you who ever made a major booboo in the good old days in a Jamaican classroom, you will recall just how tedious to near impossible that form of punishment can be. Unless of course, bad classroom behavior made you an expert.

Those who make policy on the Island have seldom been anything but self-aggrandizing pretenders, with overinflated impressions of themselves. As a consequence, they have pretentiously and gratuitously opted for policies which have not been fitting for our situation given our special proclivity for refusing to obey laws.

In many regards, the laws and policies they put in place are so blatantly ridiculous that they have the opposite effect of what the original intent was. These kinds of miscues have forced skeptics like me to question the motives of the policymakers, some of whom are known criminals.

Both political parties are guilty of pussyfooting with the rule of law, yet the infidels who run them make grand protestations about their love of country even as their legislative actions argue otherwise.
Protestations about human rights in an environment of murder and mayhem by criminals running roughshod over the population are incredibly fraudulent and misguided.
Shockingly, the polarized population, balkanized into two competing camps, is incapable of separating fact from fiction so the perpetuation of lies and deception is the norm and those who speak truth becomes the enemy.


The balancing act of which I speak is exemplified in the diabolical deception which both political parties have perpetrated on the country. This they have done through a series of sleight of hand which creates the illusion of doing the right thing through their mealy-mouthed support for the rule of law.
Yet a closer look reveals a direct attempt to maintain the status quo, a-la the retention and expansion of garrisons as a means to gaining and holding state power.


The maintenance of INDECOM and the Office of Public Defender at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars each year are two examples of that sleight of hand.
In the 70’s poorly armed militants attacked police stations and rescued criminals(the police were even more poorly armed) they suffered no consequence. In the 80’s, better armed, they attacked police stations and killed officers, there were no laws put in place as a deterrent.
In the 90’s incredibly well armed, they simply razed police stations with automatic gunfire then burned them to the ground.  (No laws were put in place as a deterrent).
In the 2000’s incredibly well armed, well supported, well-financed, well organized, they challenged the authority of the state to uphold the laws. We have the images of destruction.

Complicit, both the JLP and PNP colluded and conspired to blame the members of the security forces for doing exactly what they were sworn to do. Risking life and limb and in some cases making the ultimate sacrifice, members of the security forces did what society asked them to do.
Rather than honor their sacrifices, both the PNP and JLP through a series of actions, not the least of which was a poppy-show Kangaroo hearing headed by an elitist foreigner was instituted to tar and feather the security forces.
Rather than ensure that never again could ordinary punks pick up weapons in any fashion to challenge the authority of the state, apologies and restitution was the response.


The security forces were repaid with ridicule and lies, they were maligned and worse of all had their integrity and function called into question by a Bajan Colonialists who has his head so far up the Queen’s ass he still does not know slavery was abolished.
So as Swallowfield burns and molotov cocktail bombs are lobbed at the Stadium police station, and as urban terrorists lay down barrages of heavy automatic fire at the police, it is business as usual to those in Jamaica house.
Like the fire department which is never able to save a burning building, only capable of cooling down operations, so too are our security forces condemned to remove barricades and stay out of the way of the automatic fire.  After which the thugs go back to their homes as if nothing happened, with no fear they will be held to account.

The draconian measures instituted by the silly police high command as a means to holding officers in the department is having the exact opposite effect, as I warned when they embarked on that folly.
We are reliably informed that this year will be a banner year for attrition from the force. We will await the final numbers before making too much hay of that but I stand by my statements.
This situation is only going to get worse because as long as our country has more safeguards for criminal murderers than it does for the rule of law, the results are bound to skew the way Jamaica has been going.
Stay tuned.

Dallas Police Chief Speaks To The Press.

Amber Guyger, the Dallas Police officer who shot Botham Shem Jean in his own apartment, now claims Jean failed to follow her commands when she illegally entered his apartment prompting her to fire twice hitting him once in the torso killing him.


Guyger first claimed that she entered the apartment using her key, she now claims that the door to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment was ajar and so she entered believing it was her apartment.
She said the apartment was in darkness and she was only able to see the figure of Jean when she unholstered her weapon and ordered him to show his hands before firing twice.

However, a neighbor of Jean’s has challenged Amber Guyger’s story that mister Jean’s apartment door was slightly ajar.
She reportedly told police she heard Amber Guyger yelling for Botham Shem John to open the door upon which she opened fire killing him in the process.

Even To A Casuual Observer This Story Is B******t

Amber Guyger a 30-year-old white female Dallas Police officer, a five year veteran of the department who shot and wounded a Hispanic man in May of 2017, shot and killed a man in his own home on Thursday, September 6th.
Media reports indicate she was in full duty dress at the time but was off duty.

Botham Shem Jean 26 year old was murdered by white cop Amber Guyer in his own home Thursday night September 6th.

Dead is 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean, a St Lucian native and a 2016  graduate of a private Christian school Harding University, in Arkansas. He stayed in the United States to do an internship with a Dallas location of PricewaterhouseCoopers, NBC. News reported.


The story surrounding the shooting has been confusing at best. Some media houses have reported that Guyer had returned home to the apartment complex [after a full shift]where both her and Botham Shem Jean are tenants and mistook his apartment for hers, opened his door and upon seeing him she opened fire killing him, believing he was an intruder.


I am unsure what the inference of her working a[full shift] is supposed to convey? Is it that once a police officer has completed a full shift he or she is fully allowed to illegally enter someone else’s home and murder them?
Also, the media has co-opted the narrative that she entered his apartment, which we have learned is on another floor and entered his apartment believing it to be hers, this could only(a) come from her or (b) could only be speculative at best.


The absurdity of presumption(a) is too preposterous to be taken seriously. if she had a key or fob for her apartment how could she have entered another person’s apartment with her key/fob?
If the narrative being pushed is to be believed, and if she tried opening his door and he went to the door to see who was trying to enter his apartment wouldn’t she have seen that she made a mistake once she saw the interior of the apartment?


If she could not (a)differentiate what floor she was on, and if she could not (b) differentiate that the apartment she was trying to breach was not her own what was her state of mind?
Was the mention of her having done a full shift and being in full duty dress designed to place her in a policing role?


If she was not inebriated or under the influence of other mind-altering substances how could she have made such an egregious sequence of mistakes resulting in the loss of this precious life?
Why was she not arrested promptly as any other person who goes to someone’s home and murdered them would be?


Members of Jean’s family questioned Guyger’s explanation for the shooting and claimed that the fact she had remained free days after the shooting showed she was receiving favorable treatment. “If it was a white man, would it have been different?” Jean’s mother Allison asked Friday. “Would she have reacted differently?”

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall

Of course, she has been receiving favorable treatment. The shocking fact in all of this is that the Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall who is a black woman has argued that in the interest of transparency her department has turned over the investigations to the Texas Rangers.
Hall said police drew a blood sample from the officer to test for drugs and alcohol. She didn’t say why the officer entered the wrong apartment [as the story does]nor what happened once she and Jean came face-to-face.


Ya, the Texas Rangers are going to be judicious in doing an end-to-end investigation involving a white female cop who kills a black man.
As chief Hall speaks out of the side of her face I believe the decision to move the investigations out of the Dallas Area was made for her and not by her.


On Sunday, September 9th Amber Guyger was formally charged with manslaughter as a result of the killing of Botham Shem Jean and bonded out of jail immediately in the sum of $300,000
Somebody has to be crazy not to realize that they walked into the wrong apartment,” Jean’s mother told NBC News. “He’s a bachelor. Things are different inside.”
She did not realize that the apartment was not hers because the story is totally made up in my estimation. none of it makes sense.
The decedent mother has already talked about forgiveness.
Black mother, how can you talk about forgiveness when there has been no confession of guilt, no contrition, no request for forgiveness, the pre-requisites for forgiveness?

Maybe no one knows exactly what happened except for two people and one of them is lying on a slab in a mortuary.
If there is a shred of truth to the story that the police officer went to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment by accident and ended up killing him, that truth is probably known only to her.
Why then was she not treated like any other person by her colleagues? And if there is one iota of credibility to the idea that she thought he was an intruder why was her first option deadly force?


There is much more to this story than the Dallas Police chief and Department is letting on. This is a case in which the decedent is a college graduate with impeccable character, he was in his house so they cannot smear him as a criminal worthy of execution, deserving of what he got.
So it seems that the fix is in to make her an object of pity. That may not be all, it appears they do not want her to face trial in Dallas where she may receive a jury which includes black folks.
It is reprehensible that the family of this young man will have to bury him under these circumstances, particularly when we all know that had he been white he would absolutely be alive today.



The Other Side Of School Safety: Students Are Getting Tasered And Beaten By Police


In the wake of the deadly Parkland shooting, more armed police officers are being stationed in schools. But what happens when they’re the ones perpetrating violence?
By Rebecca Klein

Jalijah Jones, 16, poses for a portrait at his home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on July 22, 2018. In December 2017, Jones was Tas

Jalijah Jones, 16, poses for a portrait at his home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on July 22, 2018. In December 2017, Jones was Tasered at school by a police officer while already being restrained by four school security guards following an altercation with another student. At the time, Jones was 15 years old and weighed about 120 pounds. The other student walked away.


Jalijah Jones, then a freshman at Kalamazoo Central High School in Michigan, remembers the punch of thousands of volts hitting his slight frame. At 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds, he was small for his age.

He remembers four school security guards officers pushing him up against a hallway wall before a school police officer arrived and Tasered him. He remembers a feeling of intense cold as if his high school hallway had just turned into a walk-in freezer. He remembers falling to the ground, his muscles betraying his mind’s desire to stand.

Then he remembers nothing.

Jones, who loves to run track and play football, had never been in a physical fight at school before. It was just a teenage drama. He owed another kid a small amount of money. Angry words were thrown back and forth, then a push and a shove and some swinging. But no one had been hurt until a school police officer Tasered the teen.

Jones, who says he blacked out after falling to the ground from the shock of the stun, remembers being cuffed a few seconds later, and the school cops dragging him through the hallways and out of school. His body shook furiously as he was loaded into a police car, before being escorted to the hospital in an ambulance. He was charged with resisting arrest ― a charge that he is still fighting many months after the December 2017 incident.

No One Tracks Police Brutality In Schools

The police officer who stunned Jones is one of over 80,000 currently stationed in public schools around the country, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Department of Education, covering the 2015-16 school year. In 1997, only 10 percent of public schools had police officers, but in 2016, 42 percent did.

The number has risen sharply in the past few years and will continue to grow. Amid the recent spate of deadly school shootings, there has been an increase in federal money funding school police officer positions. This is true at the state level as well: New legislation in places like Florida has devoted millions of dollars to install more armed police officers in hallways. More armed guards lined the hallways as kids returned to school this year.

There is understandable logic to having more police in schools. After all, they have been credited with stopping several school shootings in recent months. But civil rights activists say there’s another negative side to this police presence, once which puts students like Jones – young and impulsive, acting on frivolous teenage passions – in danger of police brutality and criminal charges.

Over the past few years, there have been several high profile instances of police brutality in schools. Still, there are no official data sources tracking how often students are subject to intense physical punishments at the hands of law enforcement. So HuffPost is dedicated to creating its own count.

In August 2016, HuffPost compiled a minimum count of how often Tasers or stun guns were used by school police officers on children by tracking local news stories via Google Alerts and Nexis searches. We have created a new list that builds on and expands the 2016 number. For the past several months, HuffPost has been tracking how often students in schools are Tasered or shot with a stun gun, pepper sprayed or intensely physically punished. We found:

  • Since September 2011, students have been Tasered or shot with a stun gun by school-based police officers at least 120 times;
  • Since January 2016, students have been pepper sprayed by school-based police officers at least 32 times;
  • Since January 2016, students have been body slammed, tackled or choked by school-based police officers at least 15 times.

These numbers represent a minimum. Not every incident is reported in the local news. And there is no agency that systemically tracks these numbers.

The students who were Tasered or shot with a stun gun, pepper sprayed or body slammed in these instances received these punishments for a variety of reasons. Some were caught fighting with other students or were being physically aggressive with teachers. Some had weapons of their own. But in some cases, the reasons for punishment were more mundane. One student 16-year-old student in Kansas was Tasered after displaying “defiance” toward officers. Another student in Texas, a 7-year-old with special needs, was Tasered after an allegedly difficult to control outburst in class. A Taser and pepper spray was used in Florida to break up a fight between an 11-year-old and 13-year-old girl, which ended in the two girls getting arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The police officers who get stationed in schools often have no training to work specifically with children, meaning they might apply to young children the same tactics they use on the street. This could put children in harm’s way, and also funnel them into the criminal justice system at a young age for school misbehaviors. The roles these police officers play ― and the level of power they possess ― vary on a school district by district basis, based on individual agreements between local police department and school leaders.

In the case of Kalamazoo Central High School, where Jones goes to school, there is no policy governing when it is appropriate for a school police officer to use Tasers on students, according to Kalamazoo Public Schools spokesman Alex Lee. Officers are not supposed to get involved with matters of discipline, only with matters of the law.  Officers might decide to use a Taser “when other forms of control haven’t worked,” but there’s no specific rule, said Township of Kalamazoo Police Chief Bryan Ergang.

The Consequences Of ‘School Safety’

Over 30 percent of police officers in schools carry stun guns or chemical spray, per government data, but there is no agency formally tracking how often, and on whom, these weapons are used. The lack of transparency troubles experts who have studied school discipline.

Jones talks about the cuts he received from handcuffs that have since healed as he and his mother, Tillana Jones, 38, tell th

Jones talks about the cuts he received from handcuffs that have since healed as he and his mother, Tillana Jones, 38, tell the story of his incident while sitting on the front porch of their home in Kalamazoo.

Dr. Douglas Zipes, a cardiologist and distinguished professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine has written about the potential dangers of Tasering victims in the chest. His research has focused on how these devices can cause cardiac arrest by revving up the heart rate to an unsustainable level. Zipes worries about the impact these devices could have on young children.

“It would be my opinion that tasing an 11- or 12-year-old in the chest is more dangerous for potentially causing cardiac arrest than tasing a 17- or 18-year-old who has a more developed chest to protect the heart,” Zipes said.

Instructions for the weapon warn that use on a “low body-mass index person or on a small child could increase the risk of death or serious injury.” It also warns of the potential for cardiac arrest in children.

Indeed, Taser use can be fatal. A 2017 Reuters investigation found 150 autopsies that referenced Tasers as a cause or contributing factor to death.

But representatives for Axon, the company that manufactures Tasers, emphasize that their weapon is effective and safe when used properly.

“It’s critical for law enforcement to have clear policies and procedures, continual training, good reporting and supervisory oversight for patrol and especially for school resource officers,” said Axon spokesman Steve Tuttle over email. “TASER CEWs [Conducted Electrical Weapon] are the most used and most studied less lethal tool on an officer’s belt.”

It’s Not Just Physical Pain

Beyond physical danger, civil rights advocates also point to the emotional trauma these incidents can cause ― and say they can strain tensions between communities of color and police officers. They point out that black children like Jones are particularly vulnerable to police officers. Studies show that police officers overestimate the ages of kids of color and are less likely to see them as innocent children. Data also shows that students of color are disproportionately punished more harshly than their white counterparts.

Even with the threat of school shootings ― which, despite the headlines, are still extremely rare and actually not more common now than in the 1990s according to new research ― police officers may actually be making many students feel less safe in schools, say civil rights advocates.

“The research and lived experiences of communities of color show there’s little to no evidence police make schools safer, but there’s an increasing number of incidents in which students, particularly students of color, are targeted by law enforcement and are referred to law enforcement or arrested for minor infractions,” said Monique Dixon, deputy policy director for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Indeed, previous research analyzed by HuffPost shows students in schools with police officers are more likely to get a criminal record, even for non-violent misbehaviors like vandalism.

Dixon and her organization believe that police shouldn’t get stationed in schools at all. Instead, resources should be redirected toward counseling, social services and restorative justice practices, she said.

But defenders of the practice say that they’ve become a necessary force to prevent armed intruders and other sources of school crime, although evidence doesn’t necessarily back this up. A recent poll also shows that a vast majority of parents favor the idea of having armed police officers in schools.

Research has not addressed whether or not school police decrease the likelihood of school shootings, and conclusions are mixed on whether they generally reduce school violence, according to a 2013 report from the Congressional Research Service.

Proponents of school police also say that these officers can play an important role in building trust between the community and law enforcement. But advocates like Dixon have seen the opposite.

It is critical that these deputies are trained to work with children, said Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers. But this training can be expensive and is not required in many places.

When measuring the success of individual officers, Canady’s organization looks at factors like his or her ability to educate students on law-related subjects and stay out of matters of school discipline.

“SROs have to be carefully selected and especially trained to work in a school environment,” Canady said. “It’s not for everyone.”

Crime And Un-punishment

The officer who Tasered Jones still serves as a school resource officer, according to Lee, the district spokesman. While the district has publicly criticized the officer’s use of the Taser and brought its concerns to the police department, the officer’s supervisors disagree, saying that he acted appropriately in this case. Indeed, the officer had previously received specific training to work with children in schools, according to police chief Ergang

Jones and his mother pose for a portrait at their home in Kalamazoo.

Jones and his mother pose for a portrait at their home in Kalamazoo.

The department’s former police chief told a local news outlet at the time that Jones had been ignoring the security officer’s verbal commands and had tried to fight back when the police officer and other adults tried to restrain him. The situation had become dangerous for the student and for surrounding students and faculty, the police chief said. The current police chief, Ergang, echoed this version of events to HuffPost.

But Jones’ mother, Tillana Jones, still doesn’t understand why so much force was needed on such a small boy. She saw video footage of the even and agrees that her son should have stopped resisting security guards and calmed down. But she also thinks the guards should have been given a chance to handle the situation before the police used violent force on her son. It was especially upsetting to see her son’s limp body being dragged through the hallway by the metal of the handcuffs.

“I don’t understand why this is the practice of a school to tase children like they’re animals ― cows pretty much,” she said. “Next they will be shooting them.”

A Teen’s Struggle

None of this adult back-and-forth means much to Jones, who is just trying to restore a sense of normalcy after his last school year was turned upside down. He spent about 12 hours in the hospital following the incident, and was suspended from school for two days. He is still working to fight charges of resisting arrest as a result of that December fight.

But the emotional impact of that day remains. Jones said he keeps to himself more, that he “need[s] time away from everybody.” He is also now in counseling, working to deal with some of his feelings of anger and confusion.

“I never thought I would be the person to get tased,” Jones said. “I don’t give my teachers a hard time, I work hard in my opinion.”

His mom, who is 38 and works as a resident advocate at a nursing home, is also still working through some of her feelings from the incident. She feels like she didn’t adequately prepare her black son for the consequences of dealing with police. He’s not a criminal, has always done well in school and it was a conversation she didn’t think was necessary, she said. It racks her with guilt.

Jones tosses a football while hanging out with his friends in front of his home.

Jones tosses a football while hanging out with his friends in front of his home.

“I feel guilty to the fact of not being able to protect him from it … putting him in that position, sending him to a school where they Tase,” said Tillana Jones. “I beat myself up about it a billion times to figure out ways, and I’m sure my son has too.”

She’s also seen a difference in her son’s attitude.

In the months following the fight, the teenager suddenly has an “I don’t care attitude.”

“He lost a little bit of himself,” Tillana Jones said of her son, a school track star who wants to work in athletics or entertainment when he grows up.

Neither she nor her son ever imagined he would be Tasered at school ― a place they saw as a safe haven from the high-crime neighborhood where they live.

But that doesn’t mean she thinks schools should stop employing police officers. She thinks they’re a necessary part of preventing school shootings. She just believes there should be checks in place to make sure their power is limited.

“I just need them to know they’re dealing with children. They’re not in a correctional facility,” she said.

Burning Nike Shoes? Burn Your Ford Cars Too, Make Sure You Are In Them Though, Just Do It


What kind of human being enjoys his life yet is determined that others should be as miserable and downtrodden as possible and is cool with that?
What am I talking about? Glad you asked.
I have thought a lot about race relations across the globe and primarily in the United States, I have always thought how better the world would be without this artificial problem created out of ignorance and perpetuated by human beings on others.


Which brings me to to the issue of NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and some of his colleagues kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before games.
I don’t want to delve too deeply into the whole question of whether they have every right as Americans to do as they please as is their God-given and Constitutional right to protest.


I won’t spend time talking about the whole issue of bringing the military into football games and pretending that somehow NFL games are the holy grail of patriotism where the military should be worshiped.
Last time I looked, every last man and woman who goes overseas to fight in the military does so of their own volition and for their own reasons.


There are no constitutional built-ins which prevent any American from protesting during the playing of the national anthem. In fact, every American is guaranteed the right to protest, Those rights are enshrined in the first amendment to the constitution, so why are some people pretending that they are guardians of patriotism?
What gives white people the right to determine what and where others they oppress may protest. When they say “they are disrespecting our flag and anthem”, who made them masters, who gave them ownership rights not endued onto others?
Does the country belong to the protesting athletes as much as it belongs to them, many of whom came and saw black people here?


Since the players have the right under the constitution to protest as they please, I will not spend my time writing about ignorant moronic people’s retarded views.
And so Nike’s decision to use Colin Kaepernick as the face of its latest advertising campaign has met with backlash from the usual ignorant backwater mongrels.
You know them, the same ones who believe the world was created for and with them in mind as rulers over everyone else.
Some took to burning their Nike shoes, cutting the Nike logo out of socks and sportswear as a sign of protest against Nike.
Yea these are the descendants of book burners, these idiots would do well with picking one up and learning to read.


I’m sure Nike expected this nonsense response, after all, they are used to these bottom feeding idiots.
But now Ford motor company has thrown their support behind the kneeling athletes. Oh shit, let me see how many ford cars are going to be burned.
I recall the story told of a very rich man who went to a church and he was giving a talk to the congregation about how great God was.
He told how he got his first dollar as a little boy. He explained that he was prepared to invest it, but then some missionaries turned up at his doorsteps.
Torn between investing his dollar and sowing into God’s work, he chose to do the latter.


As he told the story of how God blessed his life from then on, a little old lady sitting in the front pew chimed in ” do it again“,  “do it again“.
Unsure of what the old lady was referring to, the speaker asked, “do what“?
She stood up and said, “you said you did it before and he blessed you, give everything you have and he will bless you again, so do it again”.
That was the end of that talk… it’s easy to give a dollar and brag about it but not so easy to give millions in faithful obedience.


You idealistic bigshots burned your Nike garments and shoes, now show your patriotism and burn your prized Ford trucks and cars.
You bastions of patriotism, you defenders of the sacred ideals, you who believe that the rights of minorities should be subjected to your whims and dictates, those of you who think you have the right to decide the rights of others, burn your Ford cars now.


Since you believe that people protesting race soldiers killing innocent unarmed people is unpatriotic, go ahead and burn your Ford F-150’s now.
Either burn them or shut the fuck up you, inbred morons!
Better yet, make sure you are in them before you set them ablaze. The world will be a better place if you just do it.

Black Cops Tell National Police Organization: Nah, Bruh. We Support Kaepernick



One day after a national organization representing police groups across America called for its members to boycott Nike for its support of Colin Kaepernick, a group of black police officers responded by telling the apparel company that they will keep copping the new Nikes.

On Tuesday, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), a collection of police unions and groups from across the United States, released a newsletter telling its members across the country to boycott Nike, according to Fox Carolina. The collection of uniformed snowflakes then sent a letter to Nike’s President and CEO whining about the company’s decision to use Kaepernick as the face of its campaign celebrating 30 years of “Just Do It.”

While the letter was white with a substance that was either dried salt from white tears or powdered doughnut residue, The Root has managed to obtain a copy:

Dear Chairman Parker,

On behalf of the more than 241,000 law enforcement officers represented by our Association across the country, I write to you to condemn in the strongest possible terms your selection of Colin Kaepernick for Nike’s “Just Do It” ad campaign. Mr. Kaepernick is known, not as a successful athlete, but as a shallow dilettante seeking to gain notoriety by disrespecting the flag for which so many Americans have fought and died.

The inclusion of Mr. Kaepernick in Nike’s “Just Do It” ad campaign also perpetuates the falsehood that police are racist and aiming to use force against African Americans and persons of color. In reality, officers across the nation risk their lives not only protecting the athletes featured in Nike’s various campaigns, but also serve aspiring athletes across the country who use the Nike brand, through the thousands of Police Athletic Leagues, Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brother/Big Sister programs where our officers donate their time and energy. They deserve to have the respect and full support of corporate citizens like Nike.

Adding to the insult is the image of Mr. Kaepernick from the campaign featuring the quote “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” The fact that Mr. Kaepernick is no longer a starting NFL player does not equate to him being someone who has “sacrificed everything”. To truly understand what it means to “believe in something” and “sacrifice everything”, you should look to Arlington National Cemetery, or to the National LawEnforcement Officers’ Memorial in Washington, D.C., or to the trauma unit of a military hospital. The brave men and women of every race and color buried there, memorialized there, healing there, believed in this nation and our flag and exemplify the true meaning of“sacrifice”.


Michael McHale

After the letter was made public, the National Black Police Association made clear that they should not be included in the 241,000 police officers on whose “behalf” the NAPO claimed to speak, the Intercept reports.

Basically, the letter, which can be read here, says: “Nah bruh. That’s just the white dudes.”

“It is with great dismay that we were made aware of a letter that you received from the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) regarding the use of Colin Kaepernick in your ‘Just Do It’ advertising campaign,” the letter begins. “The National Black Police Asociation (NBPA) is not in agreement on this matter and we strongly condemn the call for police officers and their families to boycott Nike and its products.”

The letter stated:

Your inclusion of Mr. Kaepernick in your ads seems appropriate to us. We live in a country where the 1st Amendment is a right of the people. Mr. Kaepernick chose to exercise his right where his passion was—on the football field. NAPO believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s choice to openly protest issues surrounding police brutality, racism and social injustice in this country makes him anti-police. On the contrary, the NBPA believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s stance is in direct alignment with what law enforcement stands for — the protection of a people, their human rights, their dignity, their safety, and their rights as American citizens.

OK, I must admit that I did a small, slightly Diddy-ish Holy Ghost shout after reading that paragraph.

The organization noted, “For NAPO to presuppose that Mr. Kaepernick has not made sacrifices because he did not die on a battlefield, shows you just how out of touch NAPO is with the African American community,” adding that: “If they had asked the NBPA, we would have told them they were out of line.”

“We will likely be buying and wearing a lot of Nikes in the near future,” the letter concludes.

Although this letter gave me great joy, I must admit that I don’t understand it.

If the black police officers aren’t offended by Kaepernick’s protest and seem to understand that protesting police brutality doesn’t mean he is protesting all police, then why are the white cops so mad? If some veterans can understand that the protest has nothing to do with the troops, the flag or the anthem, then why are some white people burning their socks?

Ooooh … I get it now. It’s just the racist ones!

They’re protesting because they hate black people.

And some people might counter that argument with the fact that the NAPO is not racist. They might say those police officers boycotting Nike and white people burning their Air Force 45s have nothing to do with racism. They might even ask how I could misconstrue the reason for their boycott and accuse them of disrespect and hate when they have publicly stated the reason for their protest.

“Exactly,” said Colin Kaepernick.


Democratic Party Seemingly Oblivious To It’s Supporters Needs


There is a  strange dichotomy happening in the Democratic Party about the course the party should take in it’s response to Donald Trump’s presidency and the shocking intransigence of Republicans in the face of the assault on the nation’s  Institutions and norms.

On the one hand, there is the tried and failed strategy which says: do not say or do anything which will garner any backlash, regardless of what Republicans do we should maintain the greatest degree of decorum and normalcy.
That strategy has not worked, yet the establishment wing of the party is hell-bent on continuing on that path from which the majority of it’s younger voters have long veered.

Schumer and Pelosi

The strategy which I have personally labeled the Republican-lite strategy has been disastrous for the party on several fronts.
The party has absorbed monumental losses in Governor’s races over the life of this approach, even in deep blue states like New York, New Jersy, Connecticut, Massachutes and others. (It is important to consider that there are hardly ever any statewide officeholders in Red states)
Additionally, Senate and House seats, as well as offices all the way to dog-catcher have been swallowed up in Republican Tsunami-like avalanche of wins……..and gerrymandering.

Equally as consequential is the alacrity with which the Democratic party has chosen to jettison it’s most articulate leaders at the slightest opportunity. Just ask Former Senator Al Franken how that feels.
The Republican party has in the highest office the most despicable person probably ever to hold that office and yet the Democratic party seemingly is mindlessly focused on being nice.

Noted Presidential Historian and Author, Jon Meecham noted that the aberration which is the Trump Presidency is a backlash to the Obama presidency. Yet Meecham argues that twenty years from today Americans will live in Barack Obama’s America rather than in Donald Trump’s America.
Meecham believes that what is happening is the last gasp of the Strom Thurmond, Richard Nixon, Pat Buchanan vision of America.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I hope Meecham is right, yet I hardly believe that…..that can ever become a reality if the Democratic Party continue to fail so miserably even at the most basic of its responsibilities.
It is an open secret that millions of Bernie Sanders supporters did not turn up to vote for Secretary Hillary Clinton. As consequential as that has been and will continue to be for America it is important to understand the circumstances which allowed for a 74-year-old previously unknown Socialist Vermont US Senator to split the Democratic vote.

As I tried to articulate on previous occasions, rather than see the answers in the problem the Democratic party continues to double down on the very same Republican-lite approaches.
Party elites brushed aside the earthshattering win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th District over Joseph Crowley the establishment longtime candidate, labeling it as a sign of not here the party is going but a sign of where the Bronx is going.

Andrew Gillum will represent the Democratic party gubernatorial candidate come November.

The several other wins in which the  Democrat who prevailed in their respective primaries did not fit the traditional clean-cut white guy mold has done little to awaken the Democratic party to the reality that maybe…… just maybe, grassroots Democratic voters want clear lines of demarcation between the two political parties.

The rise of Stacy Abrams in Georgia, Ben Jealous in Maryland and Andrew Gillium in Florida and finally yesterday, the win by African-American City Council member Ayanna Pressley In Boston Massachutes, are also clear signs that Democratic voters are not content with the status quo.

Pressly’s defeat of ten term Democratic US representative Michael Capuano all but guaranteed herself a seat in the US House of Representatives, there is no Republican vying for that seat.
This is momentous on several levels not the least of which is that Ayanna Pressley will become the very first African-American woman to represent her state in the US Congress.

Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams announces her run for governor at Chehaw Park in Albany, Ga. on Saturday, June 3, 2017. (Photo by Melissa Golden for The Washington Post via Getty Images)


I hope for the sake of the United States and indeed the World that there will be a blue wave come November 6th. There are literally tens of millions of people feeling the same way, waiting for that day to exhale.
But what if when the votes are counted Republicans still control the House and Senate, still control the Governor’s mansions they did and even picked up a few?
And oh, please don’t forget that Donald Trump will still be President.
Then what?

BOSTON, MA – September 2, 2018: Ayanna Pressley speaks to the crowd at her Congress election night headquarters at the IBEW Local 103 on September 4, 2018, in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Nicolaus Czarnecki/Boston Herald)

Does anyone believe that a Democratic Party led by Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is going to save the Republic?  Charles Schumer’s only interest is that Donald Trump is sticking it to the Palestinians and being the water boy of Benjamin Netanyahu.
Look, it comes as no surprise to me that Schumer the leader in the Senate, is merely a patsy, a shadow of former Democratic leaders like Harry Reid or even Tom Daschle.

Schumer is no more ideologically bound to the principles of Democratic orthodoxy that Joeseph Leiberman was. Leiberman the Democratic Senator from Conneciticut was the Vice Presidential running mate of Former Clinton Vice President Al Gore who was seeking his first term as president in 2,000.
No sooner had Gore lost the electionLeibermen began to hedge his bets and sided with the George Bush White House.
By the time Barack Obama emerged as the Presidential candidate for the Democratic party against the now deceased Senator John McCain of Arizona in 2008,  Joe Leiberman had all but left the Democratic Party and had changed his party affiliation to Independent. A total betrayal to the Democratic voters of the state of Connecticut who had elected him more than once.

Senator John McCain and Joe Lieberman

It came as no surprise that Leiberman who had been a lifelong Democrat prior, would not support the first African-American to have a real shot at the presidency, a mere eight years after he himself was on a Democratic ticket for vice president of the United States.
The fact of the matter is that for the likes of Leiberman and Schumer total fealty to the state of Israel in a presidential candidate and ultimately a President of the United States trumps everything else, including giving the leadership required to Democratic voters they positioned themselves to lead.


In an age when Republicans have turned into Right-wing fascists, Democrats continue to act Republican-lite, Progressives are crying out for leadership. There is presently no leader in the Democratic party with clout except Barack Obama. He will not be running for any elected office ever again.
If establishment Democrats continue to make the same mistakes of tippy-toeing around what’s happening, unable to harness the power of the resistance, Donald Trump and his far-right party led by the renegades in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate will continue to pack the courts and change the face of America into the white ethnostate they so desperately dream of.

PNP’s Green Bike Brouhaha, Nonsensical And Hypocritical



Image result for jamaican police new green bikes

Life in Jamaica should never be as complicated and un-necessarily antagonistic as it is in her large and powerful neighbor to the north. Politics and the insatiable desire to occupy the halls of power has turned our beloved little Island Paradise into a raging inferno of fuss and chaos which is totally uncalled for.

This Suzuki police car has been around since the PNP had power, note, the green which wasn’t a problem then.

Take for instance the recent brouhaha about the lime green bikes and accouterments recently brought in for the police. The Opposition People’s National Party has sought to make political hay out of the color claiming that the choice of color for the bikes is tantamount to politicizing the police department.

Image result for jamaica constabulary force cars

This car is sporting red streaks and lettering which could be construed to be political if we are intent on nit-picking, taking into account that the standard colors have been traditionally blue.
A closer look will also reveal another truth, the officer in the car is also wearing a lime or neon-green vest, there was no outcry about this either. This was under PNP leadership.

Image result for new jamaican police bikes sparks controversy
Australian Metropolitan Police

I have no idea what was in the mind of the Governing authority when the decision was made to chose that color which just coincidentally is the color associated with the ruling JLP, albeit a different shade.
My question to the Opposition PNP, however, is, whether they would have been offended if the color was orange or red, the party’s colors of choice?

Related image
Tasmanian Police
Have we become so politically polarized that rather than work on the real pressing issues we would rather quibble over nothing?
Are we so polarized that we would actually stoop so low to make the decision to color the bikes green based on politics?
Image result for british police motorcyclists

Police in London

Here’s the thing, the idea that politicizing the force should not be tolerated, (by either political party) is a valid argument to make. I am just not sure when was it that the PNP had this epiphany?

I don’t want to belabor the point, but the Opposition PNP has been in power for a very long time, the JLP is now the Governing party.
Being in opposition does not mean opposing everything, least of all, making silly arguments which only serve to embarrass the party.
(Hi Fitz Jackson)

BKS Leather Police motorbike leathers

There are many ways in which the opposition party can be the watchdog the nation deserves until the nation is ready again to entrust it with state power. At the moment that time is not yet here.  Acting like a desperate psychotic brat on every issue is not a good look and it does precious little to endear the party to the electorate which is getting more and more sophisticated.

A good idea may be to retool and gather fresh perspectives to see how best the party can serve the nation in the 21st century.
One way of doing that could be shedding the party colors, and encourage the other party to do the same, a move which would have rendered this whole issue moot.
We all remember the politicizing of everything over the past 20 years, literally everything painted Orange. Come on PNP do better.

Image result for PNP partisans left the green out of the Jamaican flag at mayors
Remember this shameful episode in April of 2012

We could also continue to point to the desecration of our flag by the hyper-partisans who lacked decency and honor in the image above. The nation does not need a reminder of just how crass the PNP can be. So in the interest of our little nation let us stop with the tribal politics and this incessant rapacious attempt all aimed at making a power grab.

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