Minister Olivia Babsy Grange

We solve problems when all parties are willing to take introspective looks and see where they can be better.
We will never solve pressing issues if parties go to their individual corners convinced about their own self-righteousness.
Nowadays we can scarcely have substantive conversations about an issue if there is popular opinion supporting that particular issue.
Popular support for an issue now make that issue right,right is a numbers game, and in Jamaica’s case, that posture becomes amplified a thousand-fold to the insane.

The comments by Minister Babsy Grange that [women should not provoke their men], speaking to the serious issue of Domestic violence, has drawn righteous indignation from the hyped up pseudo-intellectuals, who always seem to have their [drawers] in a bunch about everything. 
The Jamaican tradition is steeped in the [ad hominem] if the other guy does not agree with your point of view then naturally him [a ediat].
Because of course, they and they alone have a monopoly on what’s right.

Could minister Grange have been less inartful?
Of course, she could have been!
But that is hardly the point, the idea that everyone in the family needs to do their part is a net positive, not a negative.
Challenging bullying abusive men not to beat the women in their lives does not negate the fact that women must also be challenged to lower the temperature as well.

Why is everything a zero-sum game, with only winners and losers?
Some of the greatest and most indelible opinions are dissenting opinions which challenges conventional wisdom.
I do not assume to speak for Minister Grange, nevertheless, speaking from my past professional perspective, and I say this without equivocation or fear of contradiction, that in many cases where there is domestic violence in a relationship women are the instigators.
They become the victims because more often than not they come out the worse for it.

Even if we set aside the scenarios in which women start what they cannot finish, we would still be forced to deal with the unmitigated truth of women who are inherently violent.
How many people have women, stabbed with ice-picks and knives, shot, disfigured with acid, and bludgeoned with whatever weapon they can get their hands on?
The fact that we are outraged about weak, pathetic men who assault women should not blind our eyes to the abusive and dangerous women in our midst.
Violence committed by women are less reported to authorities because men are generally ashamed to talk about domestic violence for fear of societal ridicule.
Even in court their cases are not taken seriously and in many cases becomes the subject of ridicule and laughter by female judges.

I had a conversation with a woman who was in the United States on a temporary work visa. She bragged to me just how dangerous she is.
She detailed how she used a rock to hit a man in his head almost killing him.
She talked about how she lied to him that she would help him with his hospital bills until he was well enough to leave the hospital.
She laughed that once she was convinced he would not go to the police she told him she was sorry he hadn’t died.
His transgression?
Constantly trying to seduce her!
Let us talk about violence in all its forms, including child abuse and verbal abuse. Let us stop pretending that only our point of view matters and that those with opposing views are stupid.
Let us hear the other sides of the conversation and save everyone the self-righteous indignation.