Robert Muller

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the challenge to simply put food on the table and get by, we are missing something rather consequential and precedent-setting.
The President of the United States, and his campaign has been under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Muller to determine whether he, or his campaign, conspired with a foreign power, [Russia], to defraud the United States in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Donald Trump

As a result, a Special Counsel was appointed, in the person of Robert Muller, former Marine, former FBI Director, Lawyer, Former Federal Prosecutor.
Muller’s mandate as Special Counsel, was different than a Special Prosecutor, a-la Kenneth Starr
Muller was tasked to look at whether Trump or his campaign conspired with Russia to steal the elections and thereby defraud the United States.
The challenge for the American public which has an interest in justice, fairness, the rule of law, and the concept that no one should be above the law, is the way the system is set up.
It is a system which means for all intents and purposes, a president can put himself above the laws and there is precious little anyone can do about it.

William Barr

According to what the present Attorney General William Barr revealed so far, Special Counsel Robert Muller did not exactly establish a link that could stand the test of a criminal trial that Trump or his campaign had criminally conspired with Russia to defraud the United States.
That was the very first misrepresentation made by William Baer. counterintelligence investigations are not necessarily criminal investigations. Their results are for the intelligence community and Congress.
The Attorney General took the view that the President had not committed obstruction of justice, despite Trumps many acts of interference with the investigations in plain sight, notwithstanding that decision was not William Barr’s to make, but the decision of the Congress.
(1) Firing James Comey, the FBI Director when he refused to pledge loyalty and fealty to him.
(2) Lambasting then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the investigations.
(3) Eventually firing Jeff Sessions.
(4) Placing an unqualified political hack Matthew Whitaker in place to head the Justice Department after firing Sessions. (After Whittaker had openly declared on Television that he knew how to end the Muller Investigations.
(5) After much outcry at the Whittaker appointment, nominating William Barr, a man who wrote an exhaustive memo in support of expansive Executive power, and his disdain for holding a president accountable for obstructing justice.
(6) Demonizing, embarrassing and ultimately firing top-tiered Justice and FBI officials who were instrumental in starting a counter-intelligence investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 Elections.
These are only a few of the steps Donald Trump took that are public, it begs the question of what kinds of actions he took in private over the two years that the Special Counsel Investigations were in effect.

The Justice Department and its employees are part of the Executive Branch of Government. Subsequently, an investigation undertaken by the Justice Department is technically under the control of the chief executive,(the president). Even though the president is the subject of the investigation, he has the power under the laws to suppress the findings of said Investigation.
The so-called safeguards which had allowed this charade to exist for as long as it did, were that previous presidents were less openly hostile to the rule of law.
So even though they may have openly broken the laws, a-la, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, in recent times, they still maintained an exponentially less disdainful attitude towards the laws of the nation.
The moral of all this, is that those laws were designed specifically so that a corrupt President would not ever see the inside of a jail cell, unless he went into one to see conditions for himself as President Barack Obam did.
With all of Richard Nixon’s crimes, he resigned before he was tossed from office, but not before cutting a deal with Gerald Ford, the only man to have been vice president and president without being elected by the voters.
[Ford] pardoned Nixon immediately h ascended to the presidency, thereby ensuring that Richard Millhouse Nixon, the criminal, never saw the inside of a jail cell.
The guise Ford used to justify his actions was that the Nation needed to heal. The irony of that position was that Richard Nixon knowingly and criminally created the Constitutional crisis.

Nancy Pelosi

For the people on the left who were of the opinion and belief that a finding by Robert Muller would result in Donald Trump being led out of the white house in handcuffs, it is a bitter pill to swallow that the context of Muller’s findings will never see the light of day, much less the truth of the crimes which were committed in the process of creating and maintaining [a president Donald Trump].
There has been too much energy and arrogance invested in the creation of the sense of mystique and exceptionalism of America and the American Presidency, to allow a report on Donald Trump to destroy it.
Did anyone ever really believe that there would be a report, (regardless of the Investigator) which would say a foreign power picked and installed an American President?