This is day 10 of the Confederate/Republican shut down of the Federal Government. This shut down is having disastrous consequences for the Country both in economic terms and on the lives of Americans employed by the Feds, there are also residual consequences yet to be reported on. CNN reports more than 9 million mothers and their babies are at risk as WIC grinds to a halt. Los Angeles Times details how a shut down affects the country and the lives of ordinary Americans .,0,5564531.story. The risk to the country and people are stark and dramatic. Families unable to bury military family members killed in combat. Babies and mothers unable to source basic nutritional sustenance. Parks and Monuments shuttered. Families put at risk of foreclosure , unable to pay their mortgage commitments.The list goes on and on. Despite the pain they are causing to the country the band of extortionist operating in the House have decided to hold fast to their demands. Which started about de-funding and repealing the Affordable Care Act , to “we will not be disrespected , we have to get something out of this, we don’t even know what that is”. That has since evolved into whining about budget issues. They simply refuse to budge from their nonsensical extortionist demands.

None of the pain mattered to Confederate/Republicans, why would they care it’s just the little people who are hurting. But an even bigger problem is looming. The Federal debt limit needs to be raised, this is not more Federal spending , it simply allows the Government to pay the bills already authorized by the Congress. But most importantly a default by the Government would mean that the faith investors  both local and foreign have in America as a place to invest would potentially be a thing of the past. That would impact everyone , but it would cause serious harm to the big fat cats many of whom are funding the present chaos in the country, oblivious and ill-informed of the unintended consequences of their actions.


 Charles a David Koch. Billionaire funders of the Tea-Party hoax.

ΤHEN OCT .9th. Koch Industries to senators: We haven’t lobbied to ‘defund ObamaCare


Koch Industries dismissed accusations it has endorsed the Republican tactic of linking language to de fund Obama Care to government spending bills.  “Koch has not taken a position on the legislative tactic of tying the continuing resolution to de-funding Obama Care nor have we lobbied on legislative provisions de funding Obama Care,” Philip Ellender, Koch’s government and public affairs president, wrote in a letter to Senate lawmakers Wednesday. Koch Industries is a conglomerate of companies including Dixie Cups, Lycra and Brawny paper towels — all owned by the billionaire Koch brothers.  Charles and David Koch, a recent New York Times report says, have been funneling money into the GOP’s effort to destroy President Obama’s healthcare law. They have been major backers of the Tea Party movement, which has led the push to de fund Obama Care in Congress.

OCTOBER 10th. Republicans to give President assurance of a clean Continuation Resolution Bill to fund the Government, albeit for another 6 Weeks….. Wow.

If you ever wondered whether you mattered? That question is now answered. Charles and David Koch Billionaire funders of the Tea-Party and other right-wing groups now realize the consequences of their actions will hit them where it hurts , in their pocket-books. They distance themselves, the puppets in House runs to the president tail between their legs. The Speaker of the house says they will offer to extend the debt ceiling if the President will agree to cuts, that would potentially leave the Government still shuttered. Joy-Anne Reid of the characterized it this way . “So they have decided not to release the hostage, only not to shoot the hostage, at least until Thanksgiving”. The big money puppeteers pulled back when they realized they are about to feel financial pain, the little ideological Puppets in the Congress runs to strike a deal.


So they go to the White House to meet the president still holding hostage the American people. The President said “No”