Black Churches Are Becoming More Gay-friendly

For years, there has been an unspoken but deeply prevalent don’t ask, don’t tell policy in the black church. But today, Duke University released data that show those days may be coming to an end.Their research has found:  “Acceptance of homosexual black-churchmembers in black protestant churches has surged of late. The percentage of churches accepting of gay and lesbian members has risen from 44 percent in 2006 to 62 percent in 2012. Further, 22 percent of black churches reported being accepting of gays in volunteer leadership roles, up from 6.5 percent six years prior.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a spike in gay acceptance in the church. Just last year, Pope Francis made international news when he called on the Catholic Church to love gays and lesbians, who “must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity.”

Many applauded Francis for being so inclusive, but black congregations have historically been a lot more resistant to such progressive ideals — especially where homosexuality is concerned. Which begs the question: why have African-American churchgoers suddenly become so gay friendly? Filmmaker Yoruba Richen speculates:

“What’s happening within the black church — and in the black community as a whole — is reflective of what’s happening in the country as a whole in terms of an opening to talking about sexuality and to supporting same-sex marriage.

Barack Obama came out for same-sex marriage, which I think affected a lot of people’s willingness to be open to the idea. The NAACP came out after Barack Obama. Many black churches and leaders of black churches started to come out and support marriage equality, many of whom have a national presence.”

Richen may be on to something, because Duke’s data came from the National Congregations Study, which in 2012 interviewed the leaders of 1,331 American churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other houses of worship. 2012 is also the year President Obama “came out” in support of same sex marriage.

Is that a coincidence? Perhaps not.

Either way, these findings confirm what many LGBT Christians have started noticing around the country; generations of anti-gay prejudices within the black church are being dismantled. Read more ,

One thought on “Black Churches Are Becoming More Gay-friendly

  1. Wow! This is one of the main reason why I don’t go to church anymore. I have been so observant about these devil dens claiming to be churches. If you break the laws of the country they will punish you.

    So, all of a sudden man think they’re so powerful that God is going to negotiate with them! To make things worse, most of these church leaders have no moral compass to lead people.

    It has been rumored that that Pope Benedict was retired because he’s anti-gay and the current American president use his powers to let the Vatican force him into retirement.

    Honestly, of all the regrets I have in my life was to vote for Barack Obama. It’s the worst mistake I’d ever made!

    Presently, it’s the same homosexual agendas that’s the root of the problem with the West and Russia. As soon as Putin signed the laws letting his people know that the rectum is not a sex organ. That’s when the good, good CIA used the people of Ukraine to stage six months of sit in demonstration. Which country could come into America and stir up problem in America? We’re all gullible, so, they keep regurgitating the lies and the people loses their sanity, thinking, independence and they’re all zombies.

    For those of us, who believe and know that there’s a God, cannot be bought or sold. I know that I will be ostracise, marginalized, vilify and possibly killed by them.

    If you are not compliant prepare for Economic Terrorism because that’s the best way for people to sell their souls. To those who believe there’s no God. I laughed at them.

    Presently, our people are always willing to sell their souls for the advancement of the devil and evil Europe agendas. .

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