Another Black Man Killed Unnecessarily

Police in Boston after the bombing

Police in Boston after the bombing

In these pages we repeatedly write about the militarization of police departments all across America. We did not hear anything from the main stream media about this growing trend, until this massive buildup of military type power(not police) in Ferguson Missouri. CNN, MSNBC and others are just now awakening to the shocking implications of this.

This massive militarization of America’s streets is nothing new. After the Boston Marathon Bombing ,the world saw in shocking detail what the Right wing in America was warning about all along.

The Right wing is silent about the takeover of America’s streets by, what for all accounts is military, not police. Apart from the bobble-heads on FOX ,despite it’s predictions coming to fruition the Right is deafeningly silent.

No surprise there, as long as the jack-booted throngs with the sophisticated military hardware are running around killing and keeping the Blacks on the Reservation, the racist imbeciles on the right are satisfied.

this was Boston

this was Boston

However ,this is not just about the imbeciles on the Right , it is also about the imbeciles on the left. What did they think would happen when they gave all of that surplus military hardware to small town police departments, many of which are staffed  with semi-literate Klans-men and women

The problems which exist between  people of African ancestry  and the criminal justice system in America are deep and sophisticated. Cops, Prosecutors, Juries, Judges, in many localities in America , it’s their world , everyone else lives in it. Justice is what they say it is.

The Ferguson police demonstrated that it did not care what anyone thought about the way it handled affairs there, after one of it’s Agents created the situation which presently exist.

Just yesterday another African-American male was killed only a few miles from where Michael Brown was slaughtered and left in the broiling heat face down in his own blood for over five hours. Police in St Louis killed the 23 year-old who is reportedly of unsound mind., just days on the heels of the questionable killing of Michael Brown. they said was acting erratically.

Police account:


cops in Ferguson have weapons in the faces of peaceful protestors

cops in Ferguson have weapons in the faces of peaceful protestors

Cops arrived, the suspect turned towards the officers and started to walk towards them clutching his waistband. He then pulled out a knife … and told the officers, ‘Shoot me now. Kill me now,'” Reported Police Chief Sam Dotson. Responding officers told the man, repeatedly, to stop and drop his knife, Dotson said. He continued to approach, coming within about four feet of one of the officers, Dotson said, adding that both officers then fired their weapons, striking the suspect.

The media quickly gobbled up the PR stunt of Dotson and moved on. One reporter asked whether the cops who pulled the trigger were mindful of the situation only a few miles away in Suburban Ferguson.?

Dotson retorted,quote ,If you’re the family of a police officer and somebody approaches you within three feet with a knife, I think you have the right to defend yourself and protect yourself. So I think it certainly is reasonable that an officer has an expectation to go home at the end of the night,” .

The reporter did not bother to follow up. Clearly it is reasonable that cops go home after their shift, in fact I have had many heated conversations with people who do not care whether cops go home as long as they do not step out of line. Dotson’s comments however was an insult to peoples intelligence. This story was  swept under the rug because the life of the deceased is not valued.

this is what happens to blacks in America who dare stand up for their rights

this is what happens to blacks in America who dare stand up for their rights

No one bothered to ask whether the trigger-happy cops could simply have tazed the guy and take him to a Hospital. It would occur to me that if someone is acting in an  erratic manner , walking up and down , saying shoot me, shoot me, clearly something is wrong mentally. What about your tazer? What about your pepper spray? What about your baton? What about your training? Or are you trained to pretend to observe the rules then kill?

What goes through the minds of these cops when they decidely pull the trigger and end someone’s only life? Is there something going on with police which the public is blissfully unaware of?

Are they training these cops to be mindless robotic killers? I believe they are.


This killing like so many others will fade away into the next news cycle , in fact it did not even make the loop. The fact is cops should use lethal force as absolutely the last resort in defense of their own lives or that of another. Cops are given tazers, pepper spray, batons , training, and they are given guns. Society cannot continue to allow cops to grab for a gun kill someone and get away with it .

These two cops would not have shot a white male period.

putting a black face out front does nothing to dull these images. Ron Johnson is just  being used , he is just another cop in the end

putting a black face out front does nothing to dull these images. Ron Johnson is just being used , he is just another cop in the end

Eric Holder the Nation’s chief law enforcement officer is scheduled to be in Ferguson Missouri today. At Martha’s Vineyard a vacationing Barack Obama will receive reports from Holder first-hand, about the realities on the ground . It bears mentioning that both President Obama and Attorney General Holder are black males. Nothing that Obama or Holder does will change the disrespectful behavior of police toward the black community .

2 thoughts on “Another Black Man Killed Unnecessarily

  1. Wow! This is America, where your “hues” determine what is justice and injustice. Once you are white its alright; once you’re brown you can stick around; and once you’re black, step back or you’ll be attacked.

    It’s a shame that America labeled itself as the guardians of International human rights. When people in other countries such as “Egypt, Iran and other countries allows their citizens to demonstrate in a peaceful manner without “the security forces” treating their citizens with disdain as seen on the TV.

    America is fast becoming a communist state and a lot of people are not seeing and call it what it is. Imagine, if the security forces in another country was treating it’s citizens in this manner. The condemnation by the American government, Congress and other influential individuals. Where are these paragons of virtues and the leader of so called [im] immorality?

    I have never seen or read the police in this country, ever killed a white unharmed teen? The blacks life has little or no value to these people. They killed with impunity and expect not to be held accountable for their actions. In life, hatred only breeds hatred.

    The days are behind us, when people can do others wrong and they forgot about it. It is not going to happen anymore!

    America, should be ashamed of themselves. This is white America, so why would I expect them to be shameful. Their hatred for blacks are genetic, they breed hatred like how a spider makes Web. It is natural for them. Conscience and humanity are not a part of their souls, in which they got none. Most of us don’t know who we are dealing with! If you want to know, do a little research about the African – American people plight in this country.

    • If you live here, if you have kids who live here, you are bound to be alarmed by what’s happening. There is a kind of ownership which creeps into the narrative of the white power-structure,. It is also visible in the comments on social media by some of the gutter rats. I completely agree with you, wait it will get to their door soon.
      They use propaganda in the airwaves to quantify blacks as worthless criminals , with never a mention of the realities surrounding their Reservation strategy employed to keep blacks in subservience.

      True some blacks fall into it blind while the uncle toms sit on TV in their suits and pretend that things are okay, while mouthing the narrative they are fed.

      No one of color is safe from these marauding jack-booted thugs now going about as cops. They are an embarrassment to the few good cops who still go out intending to serve the public.

      For the most part cops are now rude, disrespectful murderous gangsters.

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