Harriet Tubman was quoted as having said “I saved a thousand slaves and could have saved thousands more, if only they knew they were slaves’.

We know that not every Black person act or think the same way, we are all different human beings but lordy.

Young so called Black Conservatives being used by the Trump regime and Donald Trump Jr. as props after Donald Trump told Blacks their neighborhoods  and schools are shitty .
But more than all Trump’s party is actively engaged in suppressing the black vote across the country.

This shocking manipulation of black people for political purposes should actually not be shocking at all, ignorance is bliss.

Donald Trump Addresses Gathering of  so-called  Young Black Conservatives at White House

It does not take a lot to con black people and although I do not believe that Blacks are supposed to act as a monolith , it is shocking that these people are with Trump whooping it up based on the things he has said and done to people of color.