Black Republicanism:

There is a legitimate debate that has raged quietly for sometime ,but now seem to be all out in the open, it has to do with whether or not it is an oxymoron to be a black Republican. Before we attempt to answer that question we have to look at the percentage of black people who vote for the Democratic party, why they do so, and examine whether that means we think monolithically or not. Pundits argue that maybe as many as 99% of black Americans vote for the Democratic Party. The question then arise as to why such a large percentage of any one group of people would gravitate to one political party, particularly when they have precious little to show for it? In examining the foregone one has to ask whether blacks are forced to support the Democratic party because they have nowhere else to go, or  is there a definitive strategic advantage for them in supporting the Democrats.

The Democratic Party was  once the party viewed as the party opposed to integration, however through Civil Rights legislation started under President Kennedy and the instrumentality of his brother Bobby Kennedy, which became law under  President Lyndon Johnson has seen blacks move in droves to throw their support to it. Conversely Whites, and in particular white men ran in droves to the Republicans,obviously looking for a place from which to stage their last stand against equal rights , justice, and a fair playing field for all. Fifty years later the republican party still has white male as it’s core base of supporters. The  Democratic party has morphed into a party of coalitions, blacks, gays, lesbians, some latino groups, liberals, jews, and a splinter of special interest groups. Republicans have demonstrated that they are quite happy to be the party of the white male . Former President Bush to his credit tried to make the republican party a place where blacks would be welcome, however fanatics on the right have literally made blacks persona non grata (not welcome) in that party, at the last republican national convention the number of black delegates could be counted on one hand with maybe a finger to spare. The sole black member of congress in that party that predates the lunatic tea party was ex football player J C Watts from Oklahoma, and he has since bowed out.


Allen West    Allan Keys Thomas Sowell

Michael SteeleClarence Thomaslarry ElderInnisRuben Diaz

JC WattsArmstrong WilliamsTD JakesCondi RiceSheryl UnderwoodLynn Swann

 Arrayed above is a pretty impressive representative sample of what the face of black republicanism looks like in America,I willfully left out  Colin Powell whom I think is the most impressive of the lot by far, my decision may have been colored by the fact that he is of Jamaican parentage, or it may be because he came to his senses and endorsed candidate Obama for President, or both.  Ok the truth is I like Colin Powell , he accomplished much, served under republicans, but wasn’t beholden to them to the point he lost his soul.  He showed  character in endorsing  Barack Obama for president, that I thought showed balls, and a sense of being one’s own person.   Some argue that Powell was burned by republicans when they had him address the United Nations  detailing at length alleged stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be phony as most well thinking people knew all along.  I saw it differently Powell was the only republican in the Bush Administration that had any credibility, he was the only member of that cabinet that the world would actually listen to given how the world saw the Bush Administration. Who then was better than the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to tell the world of the seriousness of the threats Saddam Hussein posed allegedly to the world? Dick Chaney saw a double coup in that move, discredit Powell,and  bring him down to  size  after he had used him to sell the  illegitimate war, Powell knew he got played. 

One of the central themes that comes from most of those who call themselves black conservatives is that somehow there is no racism, or that racism hasn’t prevented them from making it so blacks suffering and looking for a way forward have themselves to blame. It seem that in order for a black man to make it they have to denounce who they are and somehow pretend they are someone else, there are some who are on University campuses, as they have been from as far back as when Malcolm and Dr. King were fighting for equality and Justice for blacks in this country,they can be found as talking heads on cable television, some claiming to be republican strategists, and professors. Everyone has a right to support the party of their choice, blacks who have made it has a right to wear their conservatism on their sleeve, what they do not have a right to do is to go around the country as  Caine is doing disparaging the president, and making claims that somehow the president is not black enough. Herman Caine like all other blacks who have made it has benefited from the sacrifices of those who went before , those who toiled and were  bitten by Bull O’Connor’s dogs, battered by his water-hoses beaten senseless by his goons, and lynched.  Caine and others like him stands on the graves  of those who suffered and died to make it possible for them  to stand at all, or even raise their heads to look in the face of the white man, or walk on the same side of the street he is on, or dare look at his woman, while at the same time they disrespect their sacrifice , pretending that they would be where they are today without those sacrifices. Interestingly enough those who sacrificed the least are now benefiting the most, Those who occupied positions in academia, and other positions in second class American society were quite content to have things remain the way they were, in fact they were trotted out during the struggle to extol the virtues of how great America was , and the wonderful lives blacks were living, Those who dared to challenge the status quo were deemed to be trouble makers and communists by the white power structure , usually through their black lap dogs.

Where was Herman Caine in the annals of the civil rights struggle, who ever heard of this lackey, he has sat out the struggle, yes Caine has every right to brag about his ascendency , of course it was the steadfastness of his parents why both he and his brother could attend college and make something of themselves, what he does not have a right to do is to suggest that somehow  he has the formula for blackness. There have always seem to be a residual hatred on the part of many black Americans when it comes to the achievements of other blacks who do not share their experience,painful as this trait is,  it offers those who wishes us ill a perfect opportunity to attack us by using certain members of the black community as proxy. Michael Steele became chairman of the republican national committee because Obama was elected president, once he won back the house they booted him, Caine is trotting around attacking the president does anyone really think this  man will be elected president on the republican ticket? No ! but they get to say all the nasty things they want by having someone in black skin say it. Look how well it has turned out for the black community having Clarence Thomas on the supreme court.     

It is the same self hate that prevents the bulk of us from owning and succeeding in our own businesses, instead we spend more money  on consumer goods than any other ethnic group in this country. Everyone now markets to us , we buy anything, they curse us , they tell us they never created their merchandize for us , yet we continue to buy and consume their products at a rate that makes them astronomically wealthy , while we have nothing to show for all that money that pass through our hands annually.      Why? Because we refuse to show love to our own kind. It seem it would kill us to support black businesses that are not hair salons and barbershops, the only reason we support those two areas of black entrepunearship is primarily because we cannot get that kind of service elsewhere. 

The problem with being a black republican is that the republican party has not done anything to suggest that it welcomes blacks into its ranks, conversely they are absolutely hostile to blacks and make no apologies for it, consider a party that is home to the likes of Rush Limbaugh,  Sean Hannity, the tea party,  Glen Beck, and the Fox mis-information crowd, consider the party that is home to ex-clan grand wizard David Duke. It makes perfect sense that blacks who have taken  advantage of  opportunities  available to them,and  have gotten educated to  hold themselves and others to higher standards than some of what obtains but not solely confined to  the black community. As we have said in these posts President Obama cannot change the jobless numbers in black-America if young black men continue to hang out on street corners with their pants sagging way below their back-sides, smoking weed, when they ought to be in school. The same is true of young black women who at an astronomical rate, continue to have children out-of-wedlock without any  fathers for their offsprings,  immediately placing their children at a disadvantage.         

There is a prevailing sense within our community at least to my mind, that once we accomplish something we move dangerously far away from who we are in order to be noticed , and we stay there until we fall out of favor with those we try to impress, then we come crawling back to the black community looking for redemption. Wearing a suit ad occupying an elevated position in academia, and forgetting where one come from while pretending that all is well with the world , and that all black people who have not made it as you have are lazy and deserving of their lot in life is haughty, simplistic ,and disgustingly pharisee . It is no different from some of those who are entertainers, sports stars rappers, and actors who make tons of money go out and purchase the shiniest most expensive cars , clothes , and homes  and in no time ends up  broke and right back where they started, the urge to be seen is the same.  In the seventies eighties and nineties an educated black woman could be spotted a mile away , her hair was unprocessed , usually in a twist of sorts, or had a frizz look, her skirt was long and her attitude haughty, it said I went to college. Today the hairstyles have changed somewhat , but the anger remains, the men for their part walk around with white wives and align themselves to the republican party, even though they are not wanted really, but are used auspiciously and conveniently when needed.     

The list of black conservatives is impressive and runs the gamut of professions, from Judges to business people , from athletes to academics, from the clergy to the media there is no shortage of blacks who identify as conservatives, the truth is blacks have always embraced conservative principles, God ,Country, family, no other ethnic groups is more religious, or practises their religion with more fervor, so it is not unusual that well to do blacks that are prominently exposed would espouse their conservative principles, what I do not understand is why are they republicans?      Some blacks argue that republicans ended slavery, well technically yes,but when the wrapper is peeled back it seem there was more to abolishing slavery than just moral convictions. After all the north needed soldiers,and Lincoln needed to have a greater moral cause for the war other than just keeping the union together, it was imperative that Europe did not enter the war to protect the territory of Louisiana.

As does all Americans have a right to support the party of their choice , so does members of the black community, it is presumptuous of Herman Caine to tell black America they are brain-washed in voting for democrats  in the  numbers they do, I could use a lot of adjectives to describe Caine , but I will refrain from doing so as he has a right to make an ass of himself, what he does not have a right to do is to speak for me or any member of my family, my friends or even my race. Caine is a novelty , he will discover this real soon, the numbers attributed to him in these early stages are simply a protest against the slate of republican candidates whom are at best wishy-washy. Even though the tea party has elected two black members to the house of representatives ,one from in Florida and South Carolina each ,this does not mean that Herman Caine will be the republican nominee for president of these United States, if Caine believes this he is even more stupid than I thought.