Not too long ago I wrote about the fact that the Democratic party and the moderates who run it, still cling to the misguided idea that they can continue to be Republican-lite and still hold together the varied mosaic coalition which now defines the party.
For a long time, the Democratic party straddled the fence on social issues, by avoiding the liberal label, managing to win national office, but losing badly to Republicans at the state and local levels.
Not standing up for social justice as the party should, even as the Republican party has made clear that it stands opposed to any kind of social justice and consolidates itself into a white people’s political party.
The rise of Donald Trump to take over what was left of the party transformed by Newt Gingrich, and the silent acquiescence of the whipped into shape remainder of the elected Republicans, made it clear that the Republican party is now a white power party.

The truth is that many Democratic strategists and talking heads have missed the signs just as badly as the politicians have.
The old coalition of so-called blue-collar workers, code for (uneducated whites), which formed the core of the old Democratic party, has been shattered by the power of targeted strategies bankrolled by billionaires like Charles and David Koch.
In States like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan assaults against Unions by bought and paid for Republican politicians like Scott Walker, who was recently defeated in Wisconsin, and Rick Snyder in Michigan, all but rendered the unions powerless as states under Republican leadership adopt right to work laws which eviscerated the unions.

As the political landscape continues to shift, many of those so-called blue-collar workers have moved on to the Republican party which has sold them a bill of goods based on the color of their skin.
For the most part identity politics have taken over for those voters, even though their interest is more aligned with the policies of the Democratic party.
White identity politics present a stronger pull than the pocketbook needs these voters had which were better addressed by Democratic policies.

If I said it once, I must have said it a thousand times, the Republican party has clearly defined lines of demarcation. The Democratic party bleeds voters to Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and every other fly-by-night who comes along because progressives who once supported the Democratic party no longer wants a tepid party which is still searching for its own identity.
Yet the party still struggles with its messaging, even after Ralph Nader gave us George Bush and Bernie Sanders gave us Donald Trump, the Democratic party and its boneheaded strategists still cling to the idea that the party needs to stick with centrist wishy-washy policy positions.
Television talking heads who are unable to read the tea leaves yap about the need for the party to maintain a centrist position, despite the clear and decisive upset win in New York by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the rise of Stacy Abrams in Georgia, Andrew Gillum’s and Beto Orourke’s near win in Florida and Texas respectively, but most of all the repudiation of Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

The Democratic party today has as its most loyal base African-Americans, who continue to vote in overwhelming numbers in support of Democratic candidates wherever they are. Including in the ruby red state of Alabama.
Yet the party has failed to address the needs of its most loyal base. Something no one could ever accuse Republicans of doing.
Despite the societal and social ills which confront the African-American community, police violence and abuse, poverty, housing, and lending discrimination and the long list of maladies associated with being black in America, the party has remained silent as “Black lives matter” has been cast in the media as a pseudo-terrorist organization.
Still, the party fail to understand why the likes of former Starbucks CEO, billionaire, Howard Schultz would see an opening which gives him the idea he could be the next billionaire President(assuming that Trump is).
Democrats are complaining that Schultz would inexorably siphon off votes from them ostensibly handing a second term to Donald Trump.
How about positioning the party in a clear direction, so that the likes of Schultz see no opening to run for president and more importantly support your base.
How about not having to beg people not to run?

In a recent article, the New York Times contended that the Democratic candidates have all expressed sorrow for positions they took in the past as the diverse coalition which makes up the party is far less forgiving of candidates who do not understand their complex needs.
Despite the clear lurch to the right the Republican party has taken, the Democratic party still meanders along as the party which isn’t the Republican party. Devoid of character, devoid of a clear identity.
Recent reports indicate that because of the clear progressive stance many new house members and state representatives have taken, former vice president Joe Biden is still weighing whether he can mount a viable candidacy for the nomination of his party.
Real Democratic voters do not want a wishy-washy Republican-lite party. They need a political party which represents their interest.