Yesterday the entire Western world was in a frenzied Tizzy, it was mothers day. Sure mothers deserve all of the accolades they can get, after all, us men have no idea what it feels like to have another human being growing inside us for the better part of nine months and sometimes beyond.
Of course, Father’s day is not too far off, it is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June in America.
Fathers need not anticipate much, in general, there is fathers day designation just for the sake of parity.
To the people who had loving caring moms and mommy figures, it is a wonderful feeling to just lay and put your head in her lap and just feel the troubles of the world dissolve away for a while.
Me, I did not have a mother in my life but I sure had a mother figure in the form of my great aunt who was better than a lot of real moms, including mine of course.
And so as we reflect on the day that the western world has set aside to recognize mothers, I cannot help but make a few observations.

Oprah Winfrey’s school for girls, is supposed to address gender inequality but it is a school only for girls.

Why is there a need to have a war between the genders? I mean it may be neanderthal of me to suggest that God created the sexes with roles which are clearly defined right? No one is denying that if the mother dies or is otherwise out of the picture the father cannot fill both roles to the best of his abilities? Nevertheless, he can be the best father he can be, and he can fill the role of a mother as well, but he cannot be a mother. So too is it true when fathers are absent from the equation, mothers are pressed into double duty. And regardless of the heroic work mothers do, they cannot be fathers, so could we please put that theory to rest.
The constant feminist battering of the drums of separation between the sexes does nothing to engender loving relationships in our homes and communities. When we create those divisions we are by default tearing down our societies.

The idea that love is best encapsulated in a feminine wrapper, manifested in the wiping of snooty drool and changing diapers over the masculine go-getter who risks life and limb to provide for his family is the most absurd and simplistic interpretation of love.

Inherent in that contradiction, is man’s refusal to stand up and defend the male gender choosing instead to go along to get along.
And so we find that even those who profess to care about gender inequality are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to their actions on gender issues.
Everywhere you turn these days in the black community there is no shortage of bitter-butch self-proclaimed life coaches offering to give advice on how to live without men(for a fee of course).

This subject is far deeper than the obvious war of the sexes
The scriptures say; for we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. The power of darkness, (Satan) has convinced humans that Gods ways are silly, remember God placed the man over the household to lead in love and with discipline.
So the western world elevates and places women in charge and places a counter-culture upon us which is designed to further the cause of homosexuality /Lesbianism while degrading the family structure designed by God.
At the forefront of this toxic gender war, there seem to be black women acting as vanguards. ‘We don’t need no man, we can do for ourselves“.
The sad reality is that black women are forced to do for themselves as a result of (a)powerful forces bigger than themselves,(b) their own poor decision making.
The systemic breaking up of the black family from slavery, through chattel like treatment of our people, a-la selling members of one family to far off estates, rapes, and sodomy, etc.
Also the re-enslavement of black males in the period called reconstruction, the systemic re-enslavement of black males by way of laws and ordinances which strategically targets them, the prison industrial complex today and laws which make it impossible for black men to get their lives together after the system has criminalized them.
These are only a few of the issues which have made it difficult for black men to be in their children’s lives in America.
In all of that, black women have to own their own personal failings when it comes to their choices of mates.
The birds require certain standards from the males of their species before mating, what say you?

That black women would be blind to this, or even subscribe to this theory is remarkable, considering that every study shows that where there are no fathers in the home children do poorly and are at greater risk of failing in life and ending up in prison.
That is checkmate for the white power structure.
White women may be having children out of wedlock to some degree, as other ethnic groups are, but their choices are hardly the result of any deep anti-male resentment. They want children, they may just not be ready to commit to marriage, but you best believe that their children have fathers in their lives.
If you can remove the black male, render him inconsequential to his woman, the battle to degrade the race is all but over.

This Article could very well be the prologue to a book. I feel strongly enough about this subject that I could literally produce a book on this subject.
Nevertheless, I will be mindful that my readers may not be interested in an elongated essay on this topic in this particular forum, so self-control is in order.