The Republican Party allowed itself to be sold out to the far reaches of kook-land. Now it has no idea how to find itself back to mainstream America, question is does it want to find itself back? The latest grouse they have is that no Republican was invited to the 50th commemoration of the march on Washington.  The kooks at Fox as usual will not allow truth to get in the way of their narrative of lies.

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Sean Hannity:

The problem with that , as with everything else which comes from their mouths ?.. It’s a lie. The two Presidents Bush were invited, Jeb Bush was invited. The impotent Speaker of the House John Boehner was invited ,Eric Cantor was invited, so was every member of the Congress, yes the black-skinned Republican Senator from South Carolina Tim Scott was invited. Everyone to a man, turned organizers down . They turned their backs on black Americans, they turned their backs on the dream of Doctor King and they turned their backs on what the movement has meant for the positive growth of America and the World. The race-baiters on FOX mis-information did not even bother to check before they started their assault. The bloviating idiot Bill O’Reilly couldn’t contain himself, he was telling every FOX listener that no Black Republican was invited. The only time hate-mongers of the Right have use for blacks is when they need us to make their factually deficient points.

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Bill Oreilly:

There is an almost paradoxical tragedy in the way information gets disseminated  as a result of social media. Good information gets spread rapidly and so does falsehoods. Many people who ought to know better ,who claim to have the Black community’s interest at heart, also buys into this hog-wash. It would be great just to take a few minutes and check before you post something so patently false. When you spread false information you do not help the black community, you do the bidding of the enemies of the black community.

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Rush Limbaugh:

Many who  claim that Doctor King was a Republican may have been right on that score. What they failed to tell you, or are themselves ignorant to, is the fact that the Republican Party’s Policies of  today , are the Policies of the Democratic Party and the Dixie-crats 50 years ago. After President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, the vast majority of whites sympathetic to the Southern cause, hijacked the Republican Party.

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John Boehner:

I would like to disabuse those who argue that King was a Republican, of the notion that King could possibly be sympathetic to a party which is clearly hostile to people of color. A party which wholesale turned it’s back on him and his work 50 years after he was taken out by enemies of his own people. The African-American has to do some pulling up of it’s boots-straps what it does not need are lectures from White Supremacists on the right. Self-serving black-skinned Republicans have a right to be house Negros, it’s the reason Harriet Tubman carried a pistol. What we in the real black community do not need is for Sean Hannity or Bill O’reilly to tell us who our leaders should be, or what actions we need to take to fix our problems. We refuse to have our enemies devising strategy for our community.

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Mitch Mcconnell

Lets get something straight, the Republican Party of today is not the Party of Lincoln. This Republican Party is the the Party of Confederate secessionist,Jefferson Davis. Those on the left who continue to talk about Republicans not reaching out to blacks are making a mockery of themselves. The Right has done nothing but disrespect , demean, and demagogue Blacks every opportunity they get. Word to the Left , get over it. The new Confederate Republican Party does not want blacks in their party. African-Americans must grant them their wish, every  interest group must grant them their wish.

Blacks .Hispanics. Latinos. Women. Gays. Lesbian. Transgenders. Arabs. Muslims. Asians. Native Americans. Unionized workers. Let’s see how well that Racist white men who cannot compete on a level playing-field thing work for them.