Republicans have long used foreign policy to bash Democrats over the head, type-casting them as timid appeasers who are afraid to use military power to defend America’s interests, and by extension unfit to govern America.

As such, Republicans have arguably used military muscle to demonstrate toughness even when some of their most rabid war-hawks have never served a day in any branch of the military.

The failed attempt at rescuing American hostages held in Iran during the Carter Presidency only exacerbated that misconception. Even though that mishap was not the fault of President Carter, he was blamed for that failure, which literally propelled the Country into 8 years of  Reagan rule.

Had the attempt in Pakistan to get Osama Bin Laden gone the way of that debacle in the Iranian desert, the icing would have been on the cake, not just for the Obama Presidency, but for the chances of Democrats for years to come.

With that said it is fascinating to see a presidential campaign being waged with republicans unable to mention foreign policy with democrats running for the exits. As a matter of fact republicans have thus far made sure not to open up the pandora-box called foreign policy this election cycle,with the exception of Mitt Romney lying in certain parts of the country that president Obama goes around the world apologising for America. Of course Romney only does this in certain red states where he knows this kind of lunacy plays to the hatred some nut-cases have for the president. That lie has been fact checked and there is no evidence president Obama has ever apologised for America.

While we are on the subject , If America has done wrong to someone or a country isn’t an apology in order? Since when apologies are bad things? What does it say about those who see genuine apology as a negative?

The Obama campaign has been hitting Mitt Romney on his assertion that he is qualified to be president because of his time in business, as Paul Begala stated Mitt Romney is a one trick pony who has staked his entire presidential run on the prospect of the economy tanking.

Of course the president’s re-election campaign will  not  to sit idly by and let Romney lie that his tenure as head of Bain Capital gave him a right to the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Irrespective of Anne Romney’s assertion that quote (“it’s our time now , it’s Mitt’s time now”) inferring that the presidency was a monarchy to be passed on to the most entitled.

As Newt Gingrich and others had shown ,Bain Capital may have made  Mitt Romney a very wealth man, kudos to him, but it also presents problems for him as far as the claims he made about being a job creator, and his continued attacks on China and outsourcing. Romney it turns out is a pioneer in the art of outsourcing American jobs as head of Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign have kept up a sustained attack on Romney’s record at Bain, particularly in swing states, over the objections of weak knee  Democrats like Corey Booker Newark Mayor, Ed Rendell former Governor of Pennsylvania, and former congressman Harold Ford.

Team Obama not caring about the criticisms from those pontificating democrats have kept up the drum-beat on Bain and it has paid off big time, by itself the inconsistencies about the time Romney left Bain may not be a smoking gun, but when viewed within the prism of his refusal to release more than one year’s tax returns, and what many refer to as his colossal lack of transparency, the Obama campaign is confident they are onto something which disqualifies Mitt Romney from being a viable alternative to their candidate, Barack Obama.

Romney and his campaign has consistently chosen to obfuscate, using the tired old line that the Obama attack and assertions are a distraction , arguing that Obama cannot run on his record, and as a result he is running on distractions.

Whenever they use this line of talking points Democrats do not push back against it, whether it be journalists or surrogates of Obama they let those talking points go unchallenged.

I though killing Bin Laden , restoring over 3 million jobs to the middle class, passing the affordable care act, repealing don’t ask don’t tell, signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act into law, ending the Iraq War, escalating and then drawing down on the Afghanistan war would be a pretty impressive resume on which to run, but I digress, lily liveried Democrats do not think that record warrants a sound defense and a push back against Republican lies.

Romney pushes the narrative that any attempt to vet him for the highest office in the country is a distraction, by that reasoning he wants to be held to a lesser standard than that which Senate Republicans have for President Obama’s nominees to the federal bench. Romney wants to be allowed into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as a stealth candidate, a Manchurian candidate of sorts.

So he goes around the country frothing at the mouth as he lies about Obama’s record in a rabid deranged lather, yet he offers nothing to the faithful intellectually challenged, who gather to hear his litany of lies .

He has so far released only one year’s tax returns, a strategy that has befuddled even  staunch Conservatives like william Kristol of the Weekly Standard and George Will  Conservative Icon. Ironically Romney’s father George Romney set the standard for transparency when he released a reported 12 years of tax returns in his failed run for the presidency, the elderly Romney argued that one year’s returns could not possibly be a true representative sample, in essence it could be a fluke.

Obviously Willard Mitt Romney does not subscribe to that part of his father’s doctrine, even though he is always quick to be on his late father’s band-waggon on other issues when it suits him. The truth behind this tax headache for Romney can be found in Romney’s own statements, during the primaries when a debate questioner asked him why not just release his tax returns, Romney stated bluntly, he wants to beat President Obama and he would not release his tax returns to give the Obama campaign weapons to bludgeon him with. He has made that point time and again. In short what that means is that there is damaging and damning material in those tax returns which precludes Romney from releasing them , as such, despite pressure from even those in his own party he is unable to release them for fear of the effects it will have on his chances to take the White House.

Romney and his people knows what’s in those returns and they are determined to ride out this tide, they hope that this will die down soon enough and they will get away with it. Between Swiss bank accounts, investments in Bermuda , and the Cayman Islands the Obama campaign should have a feeding frenzy at this for the next four months.

Right-wink nut cases will lash out with ghastly putrid and rancid racist bile, they will lie they will name-call, and they will spew venomous hatred at Obama, it will not change the facts , what I worry about are the so-called Democrats who side with republicans ,which the President can well do without.

When the President’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter stated that either Romney lied to the FEC on the forms he signed that he was in charge at Bain Capital after 1999, (which is a felony), or he lied to the American people when he said he left the firm in 1999 which  would be (a serious question of character), she was exactly correct. Of corse Ed Rendell was the first to criticize Cutter. With friends like Rendell Obama needs no enemies. Rendell is a Clinton loyalist who may still be harbouring grudges that his candidate Hillary Clinton lost the primaries to Barack Obama. It is no surprise that people like Rendell are not a part of Obama’s inner circle.

Republicans do not mince words and they all repeat the same story-line, no matter how much of a lie it is. They are despicable liars, yet the Bookers, Rendell, and Harold Fords are the first appeasers to criticize fellow democrats for doing what they are too scared to do, speak in a clear unequivocal and concise language, as Stephanie Cutter did, which needed no walk-back or apology. What Stephanie said is what all democrats should line up to learn from miss Cutter how to deliver a message without ambiguity.

Barack Obama has taken the foreign policy big stick from republicans, they are seething mad that they cannot beat this president on foreign policy, so they are running on one thing and one thing only, their bet on a bad economy.

It’s no wonder that class-less ideologues like Dick Cheney went to Washington to help Republicans fight against Military cuts that republicans and democrats came to agreement on. As he did as vice president Cheney used lies and distortions to take this country into an illegal and unjust war against the Iraqi people.

First they argued that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11 , when that lie was debunked by the intelligence community the lying Chaney all but demanded that they distort their own intelligence to suit their narrative and drum-beat for war. In a truly democratic country Dick Cheney would be serving a life sentence for war crimes.

Of course Cheney would not allow the fact that there were no connections between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nothing was going to stop the drumbeat for war to satisfy Cheney and the other neo-cons in the Bush Administration hell-bent on hegemony and filling the pockets of companies like Halliburton, Black Water and others associated with , you guessed it Dick Cheney.

Of course Cheney is in Washington DC to rally republicans to oppose cuts to the bloated wasteful bureaucracy called the Pentagon, yet Romney and his republican friends are willing to gut programs which help the most desperate and vulnerable Americans. PS. Republicans and democrats agreed to those cuts.

Paul Ryan’s budget which Romney calls fabulous would gut 3.3 Trillion dollars from programs which aids the poor, like food stamps, meals on wheels and other critical programs that many people depend on for life itself. Republicans do not believe that the poor should live, they have no use for people who are not rich 1 %ers.

One would think that after Cheney jumped the line and received a heart from someone who made a conscious decision to be an organ donor, or their family members had the courage to donate that deceased heart, Cheney would have been a different human being, maybe have some class, less vile and despicable, this is not the case he is still the same hateful disgusting vile creature he has always been.

Of course Mitt (entitled to the presidency) Romney just wants to be president, no one should ask about his tax returns, no one should delve into his tenure as the head of Bain Capital, even though his entire argument why he wants to be president is that he is mister fix-it based on his tenure at the aforementioned Bain Capital.

The venomous hatred we have grown accustomed to coming from the idiot right has spread far and away from the regular morons, and intellectualy constipated regulars like the over-weight ignoramus blow-hard Rush the druggie Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, the three stooges that make up the so-called FOX and Friends and the others too many to mention.

The blackness of Barack Obama, and his audacity to want to occupy the White House has unleashed an avalanche of hatred that many have never seen in their life time, yet they bury their heads in their hands and pretend that what we see happening are things other than what it they are, vile putrid, rancid, racial politics at it’s worst.

Not to be outdone Mitt Romney has found himself a place on the band-waggon making the president of the United States somehow not an American.

Imagine John Sununu, Romney surrogate, and Bush 41 chief of staff saying he wishes this president would learn how to be an American.The nerve of this guy who was born in Cuba.

Sununu was born in Havana, Cuba, the son of Victoria (née Dada) and John Saleh Sununu, an international film distributor.[1] He is of Palestinian and Greek descent [2]. His father grew up in Jerusalem, Palestine and his mother was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, as part of the mass exodus of Palestinians abroad to seek a better life.{wikipedia}This  is the rabid attack Dog that Romney has unleashed against president Obama, an interloper like myself, who was born outside this country , but have the nerve to attack the sitting president, having the nerve temerity and gall to label the president of the United States of America as an outsider!!


Mitt Romney , Michele wild eye Bachman, Palin and all of the despotic ignoramuses on the lunatic fringe seem not to have gotten the memo that the civil war is over and they lost.

One more thing to all you racist vile creatures who feel tha Barack Obama does not belong here, I have news for you, when Christopher Columbus discovered America where people were already living their lives, African-Americans were already here, so chew on that Chaney, Bachman, Limbaugh, Beck ,Hannity, and all you racist pontificaters. The reason you have so much talk is because of the passivity of the black race.

I will follow-up on this subject.