We have had some really nincompoop Ministers of National Security over the years, but Horace Chang seems to be in the hunt to be a Jackass extraordinaire.
Yes, I know it may seem like I’m just beating up on the guy, but the man is a literal walking contradiction.
It is like every time he opens his mouth the only thing he manages to do is to stuff his foot in it.
I mean the guy is a Doctor, so he cannot be that dense, but he is demonstrating what I have always believed that smarts in one field do not mean a lack of ignorance in everything else.
Lord knows I have met a bunch of educated dunces in my lifetime.

Chang started off by saying that the police force, his party inherited was nothing more than “a glorified security guard company.” Kudos to those poor low esteem stiffs putting their lives on the line to protect this piece of shit.
There are many people who actually hate the shit out of the PNP, I am one of those people, but with people like this guy making stupid statements about a group of people numbering over 8’000, it is no wonder that for decades people have said that the JLP is an elitist party of and for the rich.
Sure the previous Administration was a bunch of thieves and criminal supporting punks who gave government contracts to know criminals.
That is where the focus ought to be. Instead of speaking to those truths Chang opened his mouth and out flowed a torrent of shit.
As if the initial foul-up was not cringe-worthy enough, last week in the heat of a well-publicized assault on a police sergeant in Spalding Manchester, Chang spoke out of turn again demonstrating his utter ignorance on policing matters.
Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is a medical doctor, but that is exactly why he shouldn’t be speaking on the intricacies of policing without consulting with actual police officers.
Much the same way a police officer should not be speaking about internal medicine.
Speaking to a Lion’s Club of Kingston luncheon at the Jamaica Pegasus, Chang told his elitist friends. “Had he had any of the equipment of modern policing, he could have been easily trained that in the face of a hostile crowd of vendors and taxi drivers who can be quite aggressive to the police, to use one of the non-lethal weapons to intercept and control the crowd.” 
In reference to the police sergeant who was forced to use lethal force to repel a determined attack on his person.

Here again, Chang dove in head first giving a bunch of up-towners, (sipping champagne in the middle of the day), information on policing techniques.
The only problem is that Chang did not know what the hell he was talking about, but this seems to be a pattern with this Minister.
The police officer in question responded in a split second scenario, in which his very life was threatened.

(#1) Neither a taser, baton, or pepper spray would have come close to neutralizing the threat of that attack on that officer. Even if the officer was so equipped with those tools, the officer certainly would not have had enough time to pull and deploy either of those weapons and for all intents and purposes he would have been overpowered and potentially harmed or worse, had he not gone to his nuclear option in response to that threat.

(#2) Chang also told the gathering that quote,” guns would be for a killer crowd. Those (the absent tools) are basic equipment and we have not equipped our police force effectively.” 
The idea that a crowd which egged on a bus driver to physically attack a uniformed police officer, threaten the lives of the officers after the driver was shot, to the point they had to seek refuge in a supermarket, and damage a police service vehicle was not a “killer crowd” is nauseatingly stupid.
That was the crowd which the two officers should have used their baton or taser on, according to Horace Chang the expert[sic] (A taser is only partially useful against a single offender).
A Baton is not a useful weapon against an angry ginned-up crowd.

But this kind of talk is nothing new, it is part and parcel of the methodologies which are used to talk down the seriousness of attacks on police officers.
The leftist judges mete out admonishments for attacks on police officers, while police officers are persecuted and imprisoned for using force against criminals in the lawful execution of their duties.
This is a sick upside down concept of justice which has turned a once pristine place to live and raise a family into a veritable killing field.
The idea is to render the attacks less serious with a view toward making officers lethal response less credible.
This has been occurring for decades and as you have seen in the second video, there is never any shortage of lying supposed witnesses to incidents of police use of force but no one sees anything when criminals gun down citizens in broad daylight.

This seems to be the strategy of the Holness Administration. The idea it seems, is to handle violent individuals and groups of people with kid gloves, even when they attack police officers in uniform.
That explains their silence when there is incontrovertible evidence that these hooligans are attacking police officers and the force the officers are using are proportional to the attacks on them.
The lives of the police officers are disposable in this scenario as lethal force is never justified, no matter the level of threat to officers.
As I have said on countless other occasions, if the PNP and JLP were interested in solving this crime problem INDECOM would be disbanded or better it would not have been created in the first place.
The idea that hundreds of millions are wasted on INDECOM each year, and the humiliating fact that a white British overlord is brought in to help in the process of crime maintenance, a-la his administration at INDECOM is astounding.

Imagine what those hundreds of millions of dollars could do to improve crime-fighting capabilities on the Island?
Britain, is sending back plane-loads of Jamaican people to the Island. There is reporting that there are also substantial one-time payments to the government by the Brits for taking back each person returned to the country.
Some of these people are criminals, some have committed only minor infractions, others have never even been to Jamaica as adults.
Additionally, the Canadians and the Americans are deporting huge numbers of people in what can only be described as modern-day ethnic cleansings.
With the convergence of all of these criminals from these developed countries and the waste of money on INDECOM instead of putting that money to improving the Police department does anyone think that crime is about to decrease in Jamaica anytime soon?

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Members of the wind rush generation went to build England.
The scapegoating of immigrants now resulting in their offsprings being kicked out.

The truth is that the country has a two-party political infrastructure which is heavily invested in the status quo. That is, they do not care to remove the building blocks of crime as long as the tourists are willing to keep coming.
They starve the police of resources and remuneration and set them up to fail, then put INDECOM in place to ensure that crime stays high. I’ve been doing some research, but I cannot find any country which is not a failed backwater hell-hole which brings in people from other countries to investigate their police officers.
Worse yet, from a hostile former colonizer which is strategically cleansing the offsprings of the generation who helped to rebuild that country. A country Hitler decimated it with his bombs.
Why is Hamish Campbell in our country encouraging liars to concoct false stories on which INDECOM is indicting and criminalizing our police officers?
I am demanding that Hamish Campbell and any other Brit in our country working against our police be returned on one of the flights taking Jamaicans home.