Dealing effectively with terrorists and other criminal offenders demand that those whose tasks it is to keep them in check are constantly thinking and developing new strategies.

There is no comfort zone for law enforcement, criminals only have to be right once while those who uphold the laws are required to get it right a hundred percent of the time.
Vigilance and dogged attention to detail are just a few of the qualities cops and investigators must learn if they are to have a chance at having any success against criminals who are incredibly savvy and forward leaning.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo

The Jamaica Constabulary Force needs resources, motivation, and remunerations, but most of all it needs support legislatively, citizens support and government support to effectively carry out its tasks..

With that said, despite the supposed large infusion of more educated people to the top, the agency has not demonstrated that it understands how to get around some very basic impediments.

As such, even when the department releases information on criminals, the information serves only to absolve the department of criticisms that it isn’t doing anything about crime, rather than garner help in removing dangerous killers from the streets.

If the police releases names and aliases of murderers and other criminals it helps a little. Some people may know who these offenders are. However, the larger community will have no idea who these people are.
Those who know who they are, are usually the people to whom they are closest, those people are the least likely to give information to the police about them.

Egbert Parkins (file photo)

Which brings us to the recently released list of the most wanted issued by the Westmoreland police under the leadership of my batchmate SSP Egbert Parkin.
In addressing the Media, which the police seem to have become experts at of late, Parkins released the names of the Parish’s 10 most wanted.

According to Parkins, the men are all from the Parish of Westmoreland.
They are…
– Dushane Allen (Nigel)
– Glenroy Roach (Eye)
– Burton Shearer (Bap)
– O’Brian Ellis (Joe Grine)
– Kenroy Clarke (Max)
– Jermaine Gordon (Dangles/Ding Dong)
– Orlando Jarrett (Andre)
– Steve Vassell (Buss Mi Strength)
– Dwayne Clarke (Buju)
– Ashwayne Campbell (Cappy).

Roach is wanted for a quadruple murder while Allen is wanted for two other killings committed in the parish.

Senior Superintendent Parkins also released the names of others he says are persons of interest who may assist the police in their investigations.
They are .
Lundy Whyte (SK)
– Wellesly Cunninham (Junior of Zeeks)
– Garnett Burch
– Odane Taylor (Reno Man)
– A man known only as Mobay Man
– Rohan Black (Thickman)
– Tallone Thompson (Poison)
– Frank Nelson (Duguy)
– Ronald Hall (Dwayne or Fago).

Of these ten persons of interest, who are also from the parish, six are being sought for questioning in relation to murders, two for shootings and two for rape. 

Absent from the release were photographs,  addresses, known hangouts, known associates, etc.
So, for the people in Westmoreland who want to rid their parish of criminals, short of walking up to men on the streets list of names in hand and requesting their names, then matching the responses with whats on the list, there is precious little recourse for them.

Minister of national security Robert Montague

How then does the police get around problems like this considering that there is precious little to no help coming from Government as it relates to a national Identification data base?
The first order of business is good intelligence, detectives and uniformed cops alike have a responsibility to gather intelligence.
Intelligence gathering should not be left up to just detectives as some uniformed cops seem to believe. That mindset belongs in the dustbin, it is outdated.
Good intelligence gathering is rather simple, each cop on the beat develop and nurture contacts. Each and every person a cop comes in contact with knows something that is going on.
It is up to that officer, whether on foot or mobile patrol to cultivate contacts. Once relationships are developed the benefits derived are invaluable as long as officers are professional, honest and devoid of corruption.

Long before I ever donned civilian clothes and pretended to be a detective, I was getting crucial information which was producing actionable results.
That included information which yielded an M16 assault rifle hidden in the ceiling of a house in Greenwich Farm, even though I was stationed at the Mobile Reserve.

In the age of smart phones and cheap cameras, officers must do a better job of getting the names of criminals they come across and photographing them as well. This has to be the focus of all cops but it must be taught them by the khaki clad people if they can drag themselves from behind their desks or ignore the request for interviews long enough to do so.

That, of course, is all predicated on whether the senior officers themselves even understand how to capture peoples’ profiles in public spaces.
Or when they are scooped up on raids. The police have got to be more crime focused, again it is up to the senior staff of the Gazzetted Ranks to establish accountability standards.
They must lead, especially in the CIB offices. There must be better targeting of criminals through intelligence driven data.
The police must know who heads each and every gang. They must know the pecking order. Who is in the line of succession. Who each and every member is. Whom they are related to.
If the police are ever to achieve some success against gangsters they must begin by showing some common sense and leadership.

Gangs of Jamaica

This political administration says it wants to do something about crime. If that is to be believed the Government needs to begin with a national identification database.
We can pay lip service to crime or we can get down to the serious business of doing something about this scourge.
The government must get serious and the police must get a clue.

Trial lawyers sit down and shut your mouths you are some of the worst supporters of criminality in the country.Just shut up.