In these Blogs we speak truth to power, while being fair, without compromising truth for expediency.Today we bring to your attention a matter of grave concern again, yes in Jamaica. This matter involves the junior Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing ,Richard Azan.

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Information coming to light revealed that  Azan, in his position as Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon and as Junior Minister in the ministry aforementioned, abused his authority, contrary to what he is legally empowered, to give permission for a private contractor to build shops on lands inside the refurbished Spaldings Market, without the approval of the local authority that owned the property.

 Inside the Spaldings market.adapted:

The PNP Administration, of which Azan is a member, has since circled the wagons around him even as more information comes to light and various groups have demanded that Azan resign. The Administration claims that the issues are not directly related to the duties of Mr Richard Azan, in his capacity as minister of state in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, but more so relates to him being Member of Parliament for the constituency.

If you are outraged by this cynically insulting attempt at rationalization you are not alone. This however is not an isolated incident. Like the Cuban light-bulb issue, Trafigura, the extra-large cabinet, and a litany of corruption on the part of this administration which has caused un-imaginable harm and rot to our country, they are again demonstrating that they are above the laws. I find it ridiculous that anyone could be calling for the resignation of Azan. At best this is a firing offence, at worst this is a felony punishable with serious prison time.

The (http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20130416/lead/lead2.html) reports that the Portia Simpson Miller led Government is satisfied with the fact that all monies collected from rental of the shops have been turned over to the Parish Council. This goes beyond laughable. Even if some or all monies collected have now in fact been turned over to the Parish Council, does it mean that the crime was not committed?The average man on the street does not get to tell a tribunal, that he returned the totality of whatever graft or theft he committed to the rightful owner and as such he should be immune from prosecution. Jamaica has had corrupt Administration since Independence, make no mistake about it. This one however is the most bold-faced corrupt and morally reprehensible. This puts to rest the feminist arguments about the fidelity and honesty of female leaders, that is if you ever saw Portia Simpson Miller as a leader in the first place

The PNP administration in Jamaica which is above the Country’s laws:

In the United States, Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich is doing serious time in the Federal Prison system for attempting to sell the Senate Seat formerly held by President Barack Obama, there are Congress-men and a long list of public Officials from all levels of the food-chain, in prison who took it onto themselves to place themselves above the laws. In Jamaica the only people subject to the laws are the poorest of the poor(the dutty fut bway pon di cana)and Police officers. Even when the evidence of wrong-doing is glaring, as in this case, members of this administration are allowed to simply give back what they have stolen and walk away without consequence. Jamaica is effectively a kleptocracy, these morally bankrupt politicians should be ashamed to show their faces outside the country. If history is precedent they will continue unashamed as if nothing happened. In essence nothing has happened outside the norm, thievery and graft is the norm for them.

We call on Portia Simpson ,Miller to fire Richard Azan and let the Police do their sworn duty to the public by charging him with the appropriate crime/s prescribed by law. Failing which the entire Government should resign in disgrace as it has lost all moral legitimacy to govern. Mrs Miller, the country does not belong to you or the People’s National party,contrary to PNP opinion. Neither does it belong to Holness and the Jamaica Labor Party. Jamaica belongs to the Jamaican people, to whom you are subject and answerable. I am aware you would like to be Queen, but you aren’t. Do the honorable thing and acquiesce to the wishes of the people or step aside in the name of decency.


The following is a statement given by Richard Azan regarding this matterThe matter of the construction of temporary shops at the newly expanded Spalding Market has become the subject of public scrutiny and comment .I accept and welcome such scrutiny and debate as fundamental tenets of the system of democratic governance in which I am a Parliamentary representative of the people of North West Clarendon.  The matter is being investigated by the Contractor General. I am fully respectful of that process and am cooperating fully with the investigation. I will therefore make no further public comment at this time except to say I had no intention to act in a corrupt manner and at no time did I derive any personal benefit.  I remain committed to the sacrifice of public service to Jamaica and the people of North West Clarendon. – Richard Azan:

To that we say . yah

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  1. Interesting observation . If this had occurred in any other developed democracy, this idiot would have been fired . THis smells of stinking corruption . Using” euphemistic terms as Poor judgement ” is a joke ….. Only in Jamaica man, only in Jamaica man.
    Errol Mc.

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