What kind of human being enjoys his life yet is determined that others should be as miserable and downtrodden as possible and is cool with that?
What am I talking about? Glad you asked.
I have thought a lot about race relations across the globe and primarily in the United States, I have always thought how better the world would be without this artificial problem created out of ignorance and perpetuated by human beings on others.


Which brings me to to the issue of NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and some of his colleagues kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before games.
I don’t want to delve too deeply into the whole question of whether they have every right as Americans to do as they please as is their God-given and Constitutional right to protest.


I won’t spend time talking about the whole issue of bringing the military into football games and pretending that somehow NFL games are the holy grail of patriotism where the military should be worshiped.
Last time I looked, every last man and woman who goes overseas to fight in the military does so of their own volition and for their own reasons.


There are no constitutional built-ins which prevent any American from protesting during the playing of the national anthem. In fact, every American is guaranteed the right to protest, Those rights are enshrined in the first amendment to the constitution, so why are some people pretending that they are guardians of patriotism?
What gives white people the right to determine what and where others they oppress may protest. When they say “they are disrespecting our flag and anthem”, who made them masters, who gave them ownership rights not endued onto others?
Does the country belong to the protesting athletes as much as it belongs to them, many of whom came and saw black people here?


Since the players have the right under the constitution to protest as they please, I will not spend my time writing about ignorant moronic people’s retarded views.
And so Nike’s decision to use Colin Kaepernick as the face of its latest advertising campaign has met with backlash from the usual ignorant backwater mongrels.
You know them, the same ones who believe the world was created for and with them in mind as rulers over everyone else.
Some took to burning their Nike shoes, cutting the Nike logo out of socks and sportswear as a sign of protest against Nike.
Yea these are the descendants of book burners, these idiots would do well with picking one up and learning to read.


I’m sure Nike expected this nonsense response, after all, they are used to these bottom feeding idiots.
But now Ford motor company has thrown their support behind the kneeling athletes. Oh shit, let me see how many ford cars are going to be burned.
I recall the story told of a very rich man who went to a church and he was giving a talk to the congregation about how great God was.
He told how he got his first dollar as a little boy. He explained that he was prepared to invest it, but then some missionaries turned up at his doorsteps.
Torn between investing his dollar and sowing into God’s work, he chose to do the latter.


As he told the story of how God blessed his life from then on, a little old lady sitting in the front pew chimed in ” do it again“,  “do it again“.
Unsure of what the old lady was referring to, the speaker asked, “do what“?
She stood up and said, “you said you did it before and he blessed you, give everything you have and he will bless you again, so do it again”.
That was the end of that talk… it’s easy to give a dollar and brag about it but not so easy to give millions in faithful obedience.


You idealistic bigshots burned your Nike garments and shoes, now show your patriotism and burn your prized Ford trucks and cars.
You bastions of patriotism, you defenders of the sacred ideals, you who believe that the rights of minorities should be subjected to your whims and dictates, those of you who think you have the right to decide the rights of others, burn your Ford cars now.


Since you believe that people protesting race soldiers killing innocent unarmed people is unpatriotic, go ahead and burn your Ford F-150’s now.
Either burn them or shut the fuck up you, inbred morons!
Better yet, make sure you are in them before you set them ablaze. The world will be a better place if you just do it.