As the Election campaign heats up we have been given a taste of what’s in store for us for the next 6 months. We can look forward to a steady diet of lies racist innuendos and a constant [othering] sic of Barack Obama.

We may also expect the same old  predictablity of wishy-washy Democrats. They will hide wherever they feel will afford them some cover and they will leave all the heavy lifting to the President. Yet those cowards on the ballot come November will not hesitate to ride his coat-tails in the event he is succesful.

Republicans have argued that this election will be about the economy. After all why not?  Mitch McConnell Republican Minority leader in the senate synopsised the entirety of republican strategy for the duration of Obama’s presidency. “Our only goal is to ensure that Barack Obama is one term president” This statement came while the president was just inaugurated and grappling with trying to save the country from a total financial collapse.  They have spent the last 3 1/2 years doing everything in their power, and trust me they have powerful friends , to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama, pick up the pieces later and govern for another decade. That is the strategy of republicans. Real patriots those republicans.

It is clear that the elections will not be about the economy as the talking heads on cable have been parroting, it will be about lies.

On issue after issue, republicans have distorted president Obama’s record and have virtually gotten away with it. Cable hosts like Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley and Howard Kurtz of CNN have allowed them to literally spout their talking points as truth, without stopping them and pointing to what they know are lies. Fox misinformation does not pretend, so we know what to expect from them , but CNN has paraded as a genuine News Organization , which they really aren’t .

One of the knocks against Democrats is that they are wishy-washy, they have for decades allowed republicans to frame the debate painting them as what the republicans want them to be at any given time. Big spenders, tax and spend liberals, socialists, weak on national defense, lovers of big government, and a whole hosts of other labels which are better suited to republicans , but which they successfully project onto  democrats.

What do democrats do ? Nothing, they do nothing, they parse and speak from the corners of their mouths even, though they are the party of balanced budgets, looking out for the poor and the middle-class, the party which keeps the peace, and the party which have striven for the rights and dignity of all Americans.

Republicans are generally racists and liars, some racists, some liars, some racist liars, they may be all  those things , but they are disciplined.

President Obama is out campaigning and sticking it to Mitt Romney the candidate of the 1%, many argue that the president should leave some of the heavy lifting to surrogates. If recent occurrence are any barometer, then the president is doing what he needs to do, do what he wants done, himself.



With friends like Ed Rendell and Corey Booker Newark’s Mayor it is clear to see why the president cannot trust his message to democrats. Many democrats are looking out for their own brand, or are either sold out to the very special interest the president is lashing out against.

Barack Obama has a terrific story to tell, he has pulled the country back from the precipice of financial ruination, under his watch we have had continuous growth and over 5 million jobs created, Osama Bin Laden is dead and General motors is alive. the latter coined by Joe Biden so I cannot take credit for it. A health care Bill has been passed and even though republicans have stated their intention to repeal it, we are yet to hear what their plans are for the country’s over 25 million people who have no health care and the tens of million more who have insufficient.

What’s interesting is that republicans have offered up not  one suggestion as to what they would do with the people whom are already covered under the affordable care act(Obama care). So we must conclude that all the young people now covered untill age 26 on their parents insurance will be thrown off, these people are not heavy users of health insurance because of their age, but what will happen to the seniors, and the millions who were told they had pre-existing conditions before the affordable care act became law?


This election is close because Republicans are ,masters of lies and deception. It is an absolute art-form which enables one to convince others to take actions against their own self-interest. Marvelous indeed, republicans have tapped into hate, fear and anxiety of the ill-informed masses of whites in this country. They have painted the president as an Other, Socialist, European Socialist, Fascist, Kenyan, Illegal Alien, Traitor,Arab, and a plethora of other derogatory names with a view to discredit him and to nullify his presidency.

This is at the heart of Mitch McConnell’s statement about making Obama a one term president.

This is at the heart of what they mean when they talk about taking back their country, take back their country from who ? what makes them feel this land is anymore theirs than it is Obama’s or blacks or anyone else?

  Trump                       Palin

It is what’s at the heart of the birther nonsense, promulgated by this orange haired egomaniacal moron, it is what at the heart of this clueless race baiting idiot Sarah Palin. One would have thought that after president Obama squished Trump at the White house correspondent’s dinner he would have disappeared like the Carnival Barker he is. But his over-sized ego will not allow him to dry up and blow away.

These are the faces of the modern-day republican party, the party which has without a doubt staked its claim as the party of the 1%. They havent even tried to cover this up, yet millions and millions of people will follow a bought-and-paid for corporate shill over the cliff, like rats to the wailing flute of the pied piper, voting the interest of the 1 %.

Joan Walsh Editor of put it succinctly, when she stated it was one of the most embarrassing days of her life when the president of the United States had to show his birth certificate to an orange haired  bully. I agree with Joan Walsh, I disagreed with President Obama, I would not have released my birth certificate, he had no obligation to do so and as president of the United States I would be all too willing to have that issue dominate the discourse all the way to the next elections.


 Joan Walsh.

Republicans have nothing to run on , in any other country this president would be a shoo-in for  a second term. Some argue that race does not play a part in their criticisms of Obama. After all they argue he was elected president even though he is a member of the minority. To those I say with due respect, have you seen the most recent census reports as it relates to the latter?

There is a chasm between white men and president Obama as far as the polling data in concerned. This leads me to conclude what I already knew and what we became aware of many years ago.  The most feared man in America is an educated black man. Barack Obama has unearthed their deepest fears, they have never been forced to compete on an even playing field. They made the rules, they officiated the games, they picked up the ball and went home when they saw fit.

This all came crashing down when Barack Hussein Obama became the  44th president of the United States of America.

Every lie they ever told for over three hundred years were laid bare. Staring back at them was the by-product of everything they had tried to kill, suppress, and emasculate.

Like a phoenix the Black race has shown its indomitable spirt and its will never  die, but that it posses the will to rise from the ashes of what some thought was its demise.

Like a phoenix we will continue to rise.