Practitioners of Islam do not see their Religious Book the Koran, or their Prophet Mohammed the same way Christians see the Bible and Jesus Christ, as such it is difficult for Christians to comprehend the burgeoning wave of anger and violence that  allegations of disrespect directed at the Islamic prophet Mohammed has generated once again.

It is a very difficult  subject for all of us, Christians and Muslims alike , on the one hand, we desire that all humans would be  respectful  of the religious choices of others, yet on the other it cannot be that  those who feel disrespected, use violence and murder as a remedy to any such perception of disrespect, real or perceived.

Some Muslims do not respect the Bible, some Muslims  destroy Bibles, some Christians disrespect the Koran, some Christians destroy the Koran. Some Muslims deface and destroy edifices with which they disagree.

Is it legitimate then  for non-Muslims to react they way some Muslims react under similar circumstances when the shoe is on the other foot ?


The truth is there are  idiotic people who profess to be Christians, Muslims and all other Religions, they are  within the ranks of Agnostics and Atheists too.

The question we must ask is simply this “As religious people, is it the right thing to do when we kill others all because our sensibilities are offended”?

As occupants of this ever shrinking Planet we must avail ourselves to the reality that we all have to live here, as such it must be of paramount importance that all of us, irrespective of our differences , find the ties which bind us rather than strain the differences which divide us.

It cannot be that ever time some idiot with an Axe to grind have something  stupid to say, irrespective of how offensive it is, that the response is the killing of others and the destruction of property.

If Islamic Countries cannot or will not guarantee the safety of American Nationals living and, or working in their countries, why should they expect that their professionals and others doing the same in America and other Western Nations be protested?

There are more than enough bone-headed Racists living in Western Nations including the US to make trouble for all of us, but equally, the Neanderthal mobs who kill, maim and destroy in the name of Allah, certainly do not occupy a superior moral perch.

Irrespective of previous teachings Muslims Must develop a greater tolerance to views opposed to theirs, the penalty for dissension cannot be death.

The reaction to the stupid ,uninformed opinions of a few agent provocateurs, can never be justified with the shedding of the blood of the innocent.

I am not a student of Mohammed, I am however  inclined to believe he would be opposed to this course of action.