Old Jamaica proverb “you lie with dogs you rise with fleas”.

Sometime ago I wrote an article in which I cautioned Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington not to cozy up to the Reactionary Forces arrayed against the Jamaican people at Fagan Avenue. I argued then that they would encourage him to dismantle the police force then dump him. Ellington has embarked on  a path of radical change for the Force geared he argues, at the modernization and transformation of the Agency. Many of the changes he enacted came at the chagrin of members of his department and to former members like myself. For example, the weekly Force Orders is a private communique between the Commissioner and his officers. The general public has no expectation of access to such communication.


Commissioner Owen Ellington

Companies and Agencies whether public of private have internal memos which are for the information of employees only . That argument is more true for the JCF which is an Agency charged with Crime prevention and National Security in a broader spectrum. I thought it beyond the pale when Mister Ellington decided to make it public. The Police Force Orders details communication between the Commissioner and his officers as well as movement of personnel. I believed and argued it was a fundamental breach of security do so. Today as more and more officer are killed in Jamaica, my contention takes on more resonance. I believe Commissioner Ellington went  overboard in attempting transparency to assuage and respond to the Criminal Rights Fraternity, Headquartered at Fagan Avenue, and in particular to curry favor with Carolyn Gomes. What Ellington did not know was that as soon as he had given Gomes and her acolytes what they wanted they would call for his head.

download (1)                                                                         Criminal Rights Advocate Carolyn Gomes

It did not take long for my words to come to pass. JFJ Opens Fire On Ellington.http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20131123/lead/lead2.html.  Executive director of Jamaicans for Justice, Dr Carolyn Gomes, has targeted Ellington, bluntly calling for his head.She charged that Ellington has failed to keep the murder rate under control and improve the police clear-up rate for murder.”He has presided over the highest cumulative rate of police fatal shootings ever seen in Jamaica …. It is time for him to go,” said Gomes.”We have seen three months in which more than one person a day was killed by the police, culminating in the killing of 36 persons by the police in the month of October,” she added.

I have consistently warned that Gomes is not doing what she does because she cares about anyone but Carolyn Gomes. She has received large sums of cash from foreign countries like Germany and others. No one bothers to ask what is it that these countries want in return? Jamaicans are either too stupid or has their heads too far up their own asses. Too preoccupied with their own sense of self-importance, to recognize that countries do not have friends , they have interests. What is their interests in Jamaica ?

So here’s a thought , dismantle the security forces you dismantle the rule of law. Dismantle the rule of law anarchy prevails,anarchy equals no growth, no investments, no production, perpetual borrowing. Look at what they did to Haiti the first black nation in the western hemisphere. They made  sure Haiti would not be a country blacks could look at with pride, they never forgave the Haitians for winning their independence with bullets and guns. Jamaicans on the other hand has allowed their elitist attitudes to cloud their vision to what’s really going on . It is a clever sleigh of hand that has them completely mesmerized. I am here to look out for your Human Rights. So Gomes sows the seeds of anarchy and gangster-ism, effectively had the police shackled, offers sanctuary to the criminals and when murders gets out of hand she blames the police and calls for the head of the Commissioner. That is a brilliant plot which she did not hatch alone, I have been warning about her actions for two years in these blogs. Anyone doubting this needs to pay attention this is coming from higher up than Carolyn Gomes. Look for crime to climb much higher in the months to come, it’s all part of the plan.

It is incredible what harm one person can cause in a country like Jamaica. A country which is impressed with a light skinned mulatto with DR behind her name!!!





  1. I am not a man who fancies the commish as you have already known from his stint with macmillan to dismantle operations base and transfer senior crime fighters to never never. That November had 30 days and murder was 39 and guess what it never looks back after that. The criminal element knows where police personnel are transferred to and therefore is able to track them and terminate them then get big lawyers to represent them in court. Even she the Carolyn Gomes is been played. No black countries with potential for growth will be spared

  2. Mister Ellington, there is a good old Jamaican saying “if you lie with dog, you will get fleas, if you sleep with dog, you will get fleas!”

    As a former member of the JCF and I am not a supporter of the current CP, Mr. Ellington. I must admit, he is “anti-police” as the “Mountebank” Dr. Carolyn Gomes. She is not there trying to make Jamaica a safer place, her job is to create “havoc, mayhem, fear and comfort” for criminals.

    It is time for the well thinking Jamaicans to rise and go to “Fagan Avenue” and let this woman know that “It is time for her to leave Jamaica and go to Europe.”

    Mr. Ellington you have done everything in your power to “dismantle, decimate and destroyed” the little left of the police force for this “Mountebank” and her organization.
    Now, the “mountebank” is calling for your head?
    This goes right back to the core of the problem for her “you’re a little poor man’s child with too much power. She used you, now she wants nothing more to do with you.”

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