Carolyn Gomes Lies:

Damion Mitchell, News Editor
The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre

The Supreme Court has given the Police Service Commission (PSC), until September 28 to file affidavits in response to an application by human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ).
The JFJ seeks to bar any promotion of police superintendent Delroy Hewitt, the commander for the South St. Andrew Police Division.
The JFJ has contended that in 2009, it received some 13 complaints involving 28 allegations of criminal conduct by superintendent Hewitt, and that it has written to the PSC asking for an investigation into the allegations.
The PSC had reportedly asked the police commissioner to review the complaints.
 However, the PSC has not made the findings of the commissioner’s investigation available.
According to the JFJ, sometime in March this year, it heard by way of the media that Hewitt was to act as a senior superintendent of police. The JFJ said it then wrote to the PSC and the police commissioner seeking verification on the matter but got no response.
As a result, the JFJ took the issue to the Supreme Court in June seeking an order to quash any decision by the PSC to recommend the promotion of Superintendent Hewitt.
The JFJ is also seeks an order to compel the PSC to conduct a thorough and impartial probe into the 28 allegations of misconduct against the senior


                                                                                                                                 Carolyn   Gomes
This new development is one more instance of Gomes lies,  as I commented,  in webpost titled (HUMAN RIGHTS IN JAMAICA)  posted Sept:3rd.2011
Carolyn Gomes has once again shown that she is willing to use Jamaica’s broken justice system to wage war on individual police officers. In the post of September 3rd I detailed how she took flawed and in some instances false data to the Inter American Commission of Human Rights in Washington DC. In the post I also detailed factually, from her own testimony at the commission and at a later interview on TVJ, that she was unable to prove the innuendos she presented as facts, information that has been debunked by the Government and by Gomes own statements.
Not only has Gomes and her Organization supplied flawed information to her handlers in Washington, but she dragged the name of Superintendent Delroy Hewitt to the commission stating unsubstantiated, that Hewitt have been accused of several cases of extra-judicial killings. Neither Gomes nor anyone in her organization presented one shred of evidence to the commission that would implicate , much less  convict Superintendent Hewitt in a court of law, yet no one except us on these blogs,  has sought to call out Gomes on her lies and slander.
The Police Commissioner for his part, is alleged by Gomes to have told her that Hewitt is  one of his best officers, yet Ellington lacked the backbone or the balls to stand up and issue a statement in defense of superintendent Hewitt.
In the first instance if Gomes have information that is admissible in a court of law which may implicate Delroy Hewitt I call on her and her handlers to supply that information to the duly constituted authority in Jamaica that is charged with the prosecution of offenders, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. Knowing the modus operandi of Gomes however I am sure she will argue that the DPP cannot be trusted to prosecute anyone , least of all police officers.
The DPP was not spared the wrath of Gomes’ slander either .
Last night I watched as big wigs from Amnesty International stood on the grounds of the Georgia correctional facility and watched American Justice play out, whether one agrees with the actions of the state of Georgia is immaterial, the fact is that they had zero influence in the way law enforcement or the justice system work in that state or any state. They stood like everyone else , where they were told to stand , under threat of expulsion if they moved from that spot, they watched and waited for word as  inside Troy Anthony Davis  was  being executed  for the crime of murder of a police officer 22 years ago.
In America Amnesty International had zero influence, zero ! in preventing a convicted murderer from getting the death penalty even stayed, much less vacated.
In Jamaica Amnesty International through its surrogate Carolyn Gomes has successfully used the shit of a justice system to sandbag the carrear of a hero  police officer without one shred of evidence of wrong doing by that officer.
I have long argued that the justice system  in Jamaica was broken and downright irrelevant , this new move by the supreme court has sunk to the level of putrid garbage.
Serious democracies do not allow anything to stand in the way of the administration of the rule of law, the law is the law.
Carolyn Gomes if you have evidence of wrong doing on the part of Superintendent Delroy Hewitt,  give that evidence to the DPP, otherwise we will continue to tell the world that you are a liar and a fraud.
We are read worldwide,  and we will continue to present the truth , you may be important to some, we on the other hand  are not fooled by you.
We are watching,…………….. we see a lot .
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