Britain Dumps Deportees On Jamaica Hamish/Campbell Persecutes Police With Fake Affidavits

We have had some really nincompoop Ministers of National Security over the years, but Horace Chang seems to be in the hunt to be a Jackass extraordinaire.
Yes, I know it may seem like I’m just beating up on the guy, but the man is a literal walking contradiction.
It is like every time he opens his mouth the only thing he manages to do is to stuff his foot in it.
I mean the guy is a Doctor, so he cannot be that dense, but he is demonstrating what I have always believed that smarts in one field do not mean a lack of ignorance in everything else.
Lord knows I have met a bunch of educated dunces in my lifetime.

Chang started off by saying that the police force, his party inherited was nothing more than “a glorified security guard company.” Kudos to those poor low esteem stiffs putting their lives on the line to protect this piece of shit.
There are many people who actually hate the shit out of the PNP, I am one of those people, but with people like this guy making stupid statements about a group of people numbering over 8’000, it is no wonder that for decades people have said that the JLP is an elitist party of and for the rich.
Sure the previous Administration was a bunch of thieves and criminal supporting punks who gave government contracts to know criminals.
That is where the focus ought to be. Instead of speaking to those truths Chang opened his mouth and out flowed a torrent of shit.
As if the initial foul-up was not cringe-worthy enough, last week in the heat of a well-publicized assault on a police sergeant in Spalding Manchester, Chang spoke out of turn again demonstrating his utter ignorance on policing matters.
Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is a medical doctor, but that is exactly why he shouldn’t be speaking on the intricacies of policing without consulting with actual police officers.
Much the same way a police officer should not be speaking about internal medicine.
Speaking to a Lion’s Club of Kingston luncheon at the Jamaica Pegasus, Chang told his elitist friends. “Had he had any of the equipment of modern policing, he could have been easily trained that in the face of a hostile crowd of vendors and taxi drivers who can be quite aggressive to the police, to use one of the non-lethal weapons to intercept and control the crowd.” 
In reference to the police sergeant who was forced to use lethal force to repel a determined attack on his person.

Here again, Chang dove in head first giving a bunch of up-towners, (sipping champagne in the middle of the day), information on policing techniques.
The only problem is that Chang did not know what the hell he was talking about, but this seems to be a pattern with this Minister.
The police officer in question responded in a split second scenario, in which his very life was threatened.

(#1) Neither a taser, baton, or pepper spray would have come close to neutralizing the threat of that attack on that officer. Even if the officer was so equipped with those tools, the officer certainly would not have had enough time to pull and deploy either of those weapons and for all intents and purposes he would have been overpowered and potentially harmed or worse, had he not gone to his nuclear option in response to that threat.

(#2) Chang also told the gathering that quote,” guns would be for a killer crowd. Those (the absent tools) are basic equipment and we have not equipped our police force effectively.” 
The idea that a crowd which egged on a bus driver to physically attack a uniformed police officer, threaten the lives of the officers after the driver was shot, to the point they had to seek refuge in a supermarket, and damage a police service vehicle was not a “killer crowd” is nauseatingly stupid.
That was the crowd which the two officers should have used their baton or taser on, according to Horace Chang the expert[sic] (A taser is only partially useful against a single offender).
A Baton is not a useful weapon against an angry ginned-up crowd.

But this kind of talk is nothing new, it is part and parcel of the methodologies which are used to talk down the seriousness of attacks on police officers.
The leftist judges mete out admonishments for attacks on police officers, while police officers are persecuted and imprisoned for using force against criminals in the lawful execution of their duties.
This is a sick upside down concept of justice which has turned a once pristine place to live and raise a family into a veritable killing field.
The idea is to render the attacks less serious with a view toward making officers lethal response less credible.
This has been occurring for decades and as you have seen in the second video, there is never any shortage of lying supposed witnesses to incidents of police use of force but no one sees anything when criminals gun down citizens in broad daylight.

This seems to be the strategy of the Holness Administration. The idea it seems, is to handle violent individuals and groups of people with kid gloves, even when they attack police officers in uniform.
That explains their silence when there is incontrovertible evidence that these hooligans are attacking police officers and the force the officers are using are proportional to the attacks on them.
The lives of the police officers are disposable in this scenario as lethal force is never justified, no matter the level of threat to officers.
As I have said on countless other occasions, if the PNP and JLP were interested in solving this crime problem INDECOM would be disbanded or better it would not have been created in the first place.
The idea that hundreds of millions are wasted on INDECOM each year, and the humiliating fact that a white British overlord is brought in to help in the process of crime maintenance, a-la his administration at INDECOM is astounding.

Imagine what those hundreds of millions of dollars could do to improve crime-fighting capabilities on the Island?
Britain, is sending back plane-loads of Jamaican people to the Island. There is reporting that there are also substantial one-time payments to the government by the Brits for taking back each person returned to the country.
Some of these people are criminals, some have committed only minor infractions, others have never even been to Jamaica as adults.
Additionally, the Canadians and the Americans are deporting huge numbers of people in what can only be described as modern-day ethnic cleansings.
With the convergence of all of these criminals from these developed countries and the waste of money on INDECOM instead of putting that money to improving the Police department does anyone think that crime is about to decrease in Jamaica anytime soon?

Related image
Members of the wind rush generation went to build England.
The scapegoating of immigrants now resulting in their offsprings being kicked out.

The truth is that the country has a two-party political infrastructure which is heavily invested in the status quo. That is, they do not care to remove the building blocks of crime as long as the tourists are willing to keep coming.
They starve the police of resources and remuneration and set them up to fail, then put INDECOM in place to ensure that crime stays high. I’ve been doing some research, but I cannot find any country which is not a failed backwater hell-hole which brings in people from other countries to investigate their police officers.
Worse yet, from a hostile former colonizer which is strategically cleansing the offsprings of the generation who helped to rebuild that country. A country Hitler decimated it with his bombs.
Why is Hamish Campbell in our country encouraging liars to concoct false stories on which INDECOM is indicting and criminalizing our police officers?
I am demanding that Hamish Campbell and any other Brit in our country working against our police be returned on one of the flights taking Jamaicans home.

How The People Got Conned Into Being Dead/right…

Horace Chang

It is a tragedy that Jamaica’s leaders stick their noses into places where they ought not to, yet are totally clueless about how to fix the existential crises the Island faces at home.
The Prime Minister travelled all the way to apartheid Israel to hobnob with the racist, megalomaniac Benjamin Netanyahu last year. And of course the pathetic opposition (PNP) is dead set on it’s support for the Venezuelan wannabe strongman Nicolas Maduro.

While Jamaica sticks it’s nose into international affairs which it has no business doing, the unchecked killings continue unabated across the country as a result of policies enacted by both the governing (JLP) and the opposition(PNP).
Front and center of the debate is how to control the spate of killings across the Island, the vast majority of which never gets solved.

The thugs who take life when they feel like it, has long demonstrated that they are no longer afraid or concerned about the police.
Additionally, the supposed awe that they once harbored at the sight of the military in the streets has long faded.
On that score, the old adage ” familirity breeds contempt” is appropriate. Soldiers have been doing some policing duties for years. The shock and awe at the sight of the military on the streets are replaced with shrugs and yawns.

The nation’s laws are made by imperfect people, many of whom are heavily invested in the personal outcomes, country be damned.
Trial lawyers with no allegiance to the country double as legislators. They pass laws which further hamstrung the police and empower those who would be their future clients.
But it’s not just as simple as trial lawyers being legislators, it is as serious as actual legislators being active criminals.
The pathetic excuse for a national security minister (Horace Chang) stands before a crowd in St James and tells the police not to infringe on the rights of any of the people in the parish (
surrounded by his police detail).
Not that he needed the police detail, the real security are the goons in the garrisons whom their policies protect.
He had not one syllable of [charge] to the people to obey the laws, to be respectful of the police and to help the police in their fight against crime.

Of course, this should come as no surprise, Horace Chang is in charge of one of the toughest garrisons in the parish of St James if not the entire Island.
The people who head the national security apparatus are also in charge of the [favelas] in which the criminals have safe-haven with dangerous high powered weapons.
No, this is not about party politics, the Opposition leader also oversees a garrison in which the number of votes cast always exceed the number of electors living in the constituency.

It has never been that the police were incapable of dealing with the killings. What has transpired over the years is that the two political parties have embarked on a process which undermines the rule of law in the country while they pilfer from the scarce resources which ought to go toward running the country.
They relish in taking away choice from the population, which is largely illiterate and totally beholden to the political dogma they are fed.
In order to pull that scam on the masses they needed a scapegoat and so the police found itself caught between the two gangs which run the country and those which enforces the code on the streets.

Because we cannot afford to violate their human and civil rights.
By the 22nd of Janauary last year 100 homicides were reported to the police.
That number meant that just under 5 Jamaicans were killed each day.
This year has started off on a gallop as well but never mind people are dying everywhere right?
I wonder how those people feel about their human rights, or better yet, I wonder how they feel about losing the most precious gift ever given, the gift of life?
I guess we will never know.

Assessing Jamaica At The End Of 2018/ A Look At The Avoidable Failures:

June 2013, in a stunning and incomprehensible decision the US Supreme Court in a 5-4 ideological decision struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act in the case of Shelby vs Holder.
Holder being, Eric Holder the then sitting Attorney General of the United States.
The Ruling freed up nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval.
Our country has changed,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority. “While any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to current conditions..”
In layman’s language, [the law worked too well so it’s time for us to roll it back]. Never mind that there is an incessant assault against the voting rights of racial minorities today in different forms in different states.

December 2018 the People’s National Party announced it no longer supports the states of emergency in the Parish of Saint James because whatever the police are doing now they can proceed along the same path without the emergency powers which gives them the authority to lock up violent criminals for extended periods of time without charge.
Now here is the sobering reality. The state of emergency was declared in St James as a direct result of a violence level which was unprecedented.
The extent of the killings was such that it scared the rich hoteliers who were skittish about their bottom line.
Now, as I have said in a previous article there are only two or three reasons why violent crime would take a precipitous 72% drop in the parish of St James and those reasons are (a) the violence producers have taken flight (b) they are locked up by the police or (c) a combination of both (a&b).

We can have a debate about the constitutionality of locking up killers we have no evidence to charge criminally and I am prepared to debate the legitimacy of doing so.
Desperate time calls for desperate measures. If a state is to survive by taking drastic measures what better time to do so than send a message through how it treats its most violent criminals?
We may talk until we are blue in the face as the Nation’s Opposition party has done about not breaking the law to enforce the law. We may even pull out graphs and diagrams using graphs to make our point as to why we believe there is no need for a continuance of the measures.
Or we can talk to the people who are on the ground, the people who live in the communities and are terrified that if the powers are removed which gives the security forces the authority to hold violent criminals, their communities will in short order be awash in their blood and that of their loved ones.

What I find disgusting and indeed mind-numbingly ignorant is the argument being used by the PNP, that a drop in homicide in 2018 ought not be celebrated because on the Government’s watch last year 1616 homicides were reported to the police.
The contention being, since the JLP presided over the 1616 number in 2017, it should receive no credit for the fact that hundreds fewer have been murdered this year.
So if there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about the political nature of the PNP’s decision to pull its support, the latter contention ought to put those doubts to rest.

In the final analysis, the reduction in murders this year whatever the final count turns out to be should give no one comfort that the state had to flood the streets with the bodies of security personnel to realize fewer homicide numbers in specific geographical areas.
The takeaway from this is that sure, the criminals are running away from the security forces when they flood the streets in force, but as soon as they determine the movements of the security personnel they are right back at work killing and doing whatever else they do.

So clearly the solution is not in flooding the streets with bodies, even though that has an effect tantamount to that of cotton candy.
The problem is that a nation cannot survive on cotton candy but the country’s leaders are too heavily invested in the idea of fillers and fast food stopgap methods to take the time to prepare the right kind of diet which will give the nation sustenance for generations to come.
The problem here is that the nations uneducated are crying out for leadership and the educated which are supposed to give that leadership are self-centered moronic idiots who have their heads too far up their own asses to do anything about crime.
It behooves them to take a listen to Damion Crawford, but the self-important bourgeoisie are reluctant to pull their heads from their asses and listen to anyone but the sound of their own voices.
And so we get an echo chamber of nonsense from the very same dogs chasing their silly tails.

Jamaicans Unwittingly Give Thieving , Incompetent Politicians A Pass With (whataboutism)

You ever feel exasperated and just ready to throw up your hands in defeat at some of the things which happen in Jamaica?
I mean insofar as the responses from the authorities are concerned?
Okay, so it is not just me ranting and raving.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.
How on God’s green earth can people be pilfering oil from Petrojam without someone in authority knowing and is held accountable?
How is the public bus company for years able to lose money through pilfering and no one is ever held responsible?
How are politicians able to steal taxpayers money feather their nest and no one is held accountable?
Seriously, how can a gang of common punks terrorize a neighborhood without the authorities unleashing the security forces to exterminate them?
How come when they eventually pass a law to remedy a problem the problem-creators are already well ahead of the new law?
Why would a piece of legislation intended to fix a problem be stopped to get input from the perpetrators the law is initially intended to address?  

(Jamaica’s cockpit flyover country)

The sad reality is that Jamaica, like anywhere else in the world have interest groups with deep pockets and licky-licky politicians willing to do their bidding.
In many cases, the politicians are deeply conflicted as they are operating in dual roles as legislators and criminals.
And so regardless of what laws are passed, they end up being window dressing. They never quite seem to address the pressing issues they were intended to address.
The fact is that there are powerful interests which are quite comfortable with the status quo.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, the consequences are dire. What’s more shocking is that people have placed themselves in blocks from which they expend their energies defending the wrongs their party bosses do.
The strange irony is that though they defend these crocks in their party of choice they receive none of the benefits of the ill-gotten spoils.

Parts of the cockpit country

Jamaica is a mere 4’411 square miles and a population equal to that of Chicago Illinois.
Chicago is one of America’s most populous cities. Jamaica, on the other hand, has most of its population crammed into the Kingston and Saint Andrew area, Saint Catherine and in and around Montego Bay and the other metropolitian centers.
Jamaica’s mountainous terrain renders large swaths of the tiny country largely uninhabited or at best sparsely populated. (See the Island’s cockpit country)

It is a wonder these weapons do not explode when the punks attempt to fire them.

So let us do a little deductive reasoning.
But for the little band of criminals who would run into the Wareika Hills in the ’80s and early ’90s before we eliminated them, the average punk murdering people are lazy little bitches who do not want to get their hands dirty.
They are so lazy they don’t even bother to clean the expensive high powered weapons they have.
Many of you have seen the images of the weapons filled with rust recovered from these pitiful little punks.
Those doing the killings are not living in the mountains of Wareika Hills, they aren’t even willing to stay in the bushes like the Joel Andem gang once did.
So that means one thing, they are living among you.
How then can it be so difficult to find these bloodthirsty creatures and eradicate them from the equation?
Oh wait, I forgot about a fundamental fact, the security forces must never ever trample on the human rights of these demons.

Killed a security guard in broad daylight in Portmore, still not in custody.

As Jamaicans, we expend much energy on (whataboutism). “Whataboutism” is a phrase I coined to respond to the constant nonsensical attitude of many of our people.
“People get killed everyweh“.
“A nuh ungle jumeka people a ded“.
These statements are week attempts at demonstrating patriotism.
I never quite understood how deflecting from the gruesome murders and the shedding of innocent blood equates with patriotism.
The silly notion that people who talk about the killings are not patriotic is beyond inane. Any talk about killings in America when the killings in Jamaica is broached makes it appear that the average person in America is cool with the mass killings in their country.
So by that metric if the rest of the world walks off a cliff it is perfectly fine for Jamaica to walk off the cliff as well.
How absolutely asinine.

The fundamental essence of my argument is that Government can and must do a better job of dealing with these issues in this tiny country which is no more than the size and population of an American city.
Politicians cannot dip their grubby little sticky fingers into public funds and get away with agreeing to pay it back on the rare occasion that they are caught.
No one is above the laws, I do not give a rat’s ass whether you have a Dr. Ph.D.  PM. or MP before your stupid name, if you break the laws you must be treated the same way as everyone else.
Agreeing to pay back what was misappropriated is not enough if you take what is not yours or misappropriate resources under your control it is a crime.
If you participate in enjoying the proceeds of an improper use of public resources at best you are incompetent and should be shown the door.

“Whataboutism,” is the sorry simplistic capitulation to thievery and murder.
The other party did it, so its okay if our people do it.
How ridiculous is it to take that position, to surrender to graft and corruption because someone else did it.
It is the very same concept of accepting the over 1600 gruesome murders each year because of course “people gets killed everywhere.”[sic]

Help The Police Find This Murdering Scumbag

The mindless thug who summarily murdered a security officer 
Lincoln Graham is still out on the streets going about his business as if killing someone is no big deal.
Unfortunately, Jamaicans are so desensitized to these horrific murders that they split hairs about murders being committed in other countries rather than agree that one murder of our fellow countrymen is one too many.

This is the lowlife piece of garbage who murdered Lincoln Graham, hopefully the police will find him and bring justice to him for the family of that security officer who went out to earn a living the right way for himself and his family and had his life taken from him by a piece of useless garbage.

How The Tranquil Drug Of Gradualism Has Lulled African-Americans To Sleep

In the struggle to make America a better place for all of its citizens, there will have to be a reckoning among Black people along certain distinct lines.
(1) They cannot count on anyone else’s efforts in this existential fight.
(2) White women are equally as complicit in white supremacy as their male counterparts.
(3) Expecting a change of heart from the descendants of those who enslaved, murdered, raped and sodomized their fore-parents is fool’s gold.
The expectation that white women will fight for civil and gender rights because they too were victims of oppression ignores the fact that they have long done the math and have decided the benefits of white privilege far outweighs any benefits they would derive from gender equality. 
In fact, in 2018 white women have solidified themselves as the number one anti-black antagonists in the age of Trump.

The Rosewood Massacre, 1923
The burning of Rosewood

In 1923 Fanny Taylor’s lies caused the massacre of hundreds, if not thousands of black residents of Rosewood Florida.
 The massacre was instigated by the rumor that a white woman, Fanny Taylor, had been sexually assaulted by a black man in her home in a nearby community. 

In 1955 Emmet Till a 14-year old black child from Chicago was visiting relatives in Mississippi when he was murdered for allegedly [flirting] with a [white woman].
His killers, —the white woman’s husband and her brother—made Emmett carry a 75-pound cotton-gin fan to the bank of the Tallahatchie River and ordered him to take off his clothes. The two men then beat him nearly to death, gouged out his eye, shot him in the head and then threw his body, tied to the cotton-gin fan with barbed wire, into the river.

Emmet Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley’s, though ravaged by the trauma and grief of the inhuman savagery which went into the slaughter of her son decided to hold an open casket funeral on September 3, 1955.
She urged the world to look at her son’s beaten, swollen body. The body, was so disfigured that he was only identifiable by the initials on a ring on his finger, was viewed by thousands of people and photographed and published in newspapers and magazines.
Emmett Till’s old casket may be viewed at the Civil Rights exhibition at the African American History Museum, in Washington DC.

Emmett Till

In July of 1995 South Carolina native, Susan Smith decided to kill her two children. She drove her car into a lake and drowned the two children then told police they were kidnapped by a black man.
September 2018, after only three months on the job, Sherry Hall a recently hired Jackson Georgia cop shoots herself and told her bosses she was shot by …… you guessed it, a black man.
With blood in their eyes, they embarked on a two-week chase for the imaginary black man until her story fell apart and she was arrested.

The undeniable truth in the innumerable instances in which white women have used black men as foils to (a) cover up lies or (b) elicit rage from their male contemporaries, has demonstrated the devious calculation in the way they have opted to cash in on whiteness in America. 

This is America’s shame, it must be confronted and exorcised

Once there is a fundamental understanding that the three concepts outlined in paragraph one above are institutionalized impediments to change, the arduous task of self-determination, self-autonomy, and self-governance begins in a country within a country.
The idea of a gradual change has long been rubbished, even though many, even within the Black community will argue that there has been marked change in their lifetime.
The idea that a Black man was twice elected and Blacks occupying high places of power remain indelible markers of the progress of which they speak.

Dr King

The undeniable truth, however, is that despite those gains the systematic stain of racism is still deeply etched in the body politic, that if Blacks continue to accept what Dr. King once called “the tranquil drug of gradualism“, black Americans will be no further along three hundred years from today.
There is a sense of moral degeneration which permeates certain quarters which hold power in America.
This makes it almost impossible to dislodge the corrosive and cancerous consequences of racism which is literally destroying the country from within. 

Steve King  (R) Iowa

A sitting Congressman [Steve King] of Iowa who openly supports white supremacist causes across the Globe was re-elected in his district.
An appointed Mississippi US Senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Miss so enthused  with a supporter, remarked to a group of supporters,” 
“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row”
On the 27th Of November 2018, Cindy Hyde-Smith the Republican will square off in Mississippi against Democrat  Mike Espy who just happen to be black.

IMAGE: Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith
Cindy Hyde Smith

If you are reading this  and you do not know or understand the loaded back-story to Hyde-Smith’s statement, this article will be insufficient to educate you on lynchings, and the part the state of Mississippi played in that sordid part of America’s inglorious racial history.
But Hyde-Smith was not done, she publicly opined about how great it would be to prevent young people at liberal colleges from voting.
It’s needles to wonder or guess what the students of those liberal colleges look like.

It is as systemic as Florida’s new Governor-Elect at the start of his campaign telling voters not to “monkey up” the Gubernatorial race by voting for Andrew Gillum his Democratic opponent who just happened to be Black.
The people of the state of Florida did not find any of these incidents disqualifying. 
Come November 27th, Cindy Hyde-Smith will almost certainly beat Mike Espy for the Senate seat in Mississippi.
Like Ron Desantis, like Steve King, Cindy Hyde-Smith will take her place in the Government of the United States.
They will vote on issues which affect the daily lives of tens of millions of people who do not look like them and for whom they have scant, if any regard.

Chris Collins

But if you thought that these are the only ones you are deeply mistaken, In Western New York 27th Congressional District, Republican Chris Collins was re-elected despite being under Federal indictment for felony charges around insider trading.
In California’s 50th District, Republican Duncan Hunter was re-elected despite facing a federal indictment for allegedly misusing campaign funds.
You may argue that in the case of Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins nothing about their story is racial.
If you do that, you are missing the greater point about the deeper rot which permeates the politics.  So much so that even these egregious acts which are antithetical to good governance are ignored.
What chance then does deep-rooted white racism have of being uprooted by these miscreants?


Imagine breaking into a man’s house, raping his wife, stealing everything he owns, beating and humiliating him, selling his children that you haven’t killed, then forcing him to work for free.
Are you able to make that mental journey?
If so, then picture this, after he has done everything you have demanded of him, you are angry at him for fighting for his freedom.
Even if you were to give him everything you own it would not begin to compensate for the hundreds of years of dehumanizing and degrading rape, sodomy, murder, and the untold cruelty and barbarism you have subjected him to.
Now you are mad that he dares stand up to demand his right to human dignity.
You are mad because he dares to revisit his past in order to understand his present and to chart a course for his future.
How dare you?

If I said it once I’ll say it a thousand times.
The fight for Black autonomy and black respect will not be won by using other people’s soldiers.
Iowa’s Congressman  Steve King said, “You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies. You’ve got to keep your birth rate up, and that you need to teach your children your values.”
King was making the case for white supremacy and white Anglo Saxon dominance.
I’m a champion for Western civilization,” said Steve King, 
If you go down the road a few generations, or maybe centuries, with the inter-marriage, I’d like to see an America that is just so homogenous that we look a lot the same.” 

If African-Americans are going to survive against these imbeciles they better wise up to the fact that they will have to fight like hell on every front, in a fight which will require a full arsenal of wit and cunning.
This is an existential fight against annihilation and they have no compunction against removing us from the equation as if we never existed.

PM/Holness Slowly Grasping The Nexus Between Security And Prosperity

Andrew Holness Gleaner (PM)

Over the last 30-years, in particular, Jamaica has lost countless amounts of money to corrupt officials in both political parties.
The Peoples National Party (PNP) has been in power for longer periods at a time including a 141/2 year unbroken tenure leaving the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) literally in political oblivion.

(1) The furniture scandal in December 1990.
(2) The light-bulb scandal in November 2008.
(3) The chandeliers scandal.
(4) Operation PRIDE scandal.
(5) Trafigura affair.
(6) The ‘Fat Cat’ scandal.
(7) Iran sugar deal.
(8)Outameni scandal.
(10) JPS
(11) Sandals Whitehouse.
(12) Netserv.
(13) Zinc (1989)

The list of theft under this party is by far too much to mention. This list only scratches the surface of the scandals in which the PNP has been involved costing the poor Jamaican taxpayers untold billions if not trillions of dollars.
The list of scandals under the PNP in my estimation ought to disqualify the party from contesting elections, if not from a dissolution of the party, then a total voter blackout.
Notwithstanding, we all know that uninformed loyalist voters literally makes that impossible.>The JLP for its part has certainly had its own [sticky fingers] problem.(1) The Coke extradition/Manatt.
(2) The infamous Mabey and Johnson bridge-building bribery case.
(3) In August 2009, 50-million spent to upgrade the minister of transport and works home.
(4) Ministry of Tourism spent $8.4 million to retrofit the minister’s offices between May 2008.

The point of all this is to highlight the tremendous amounts of resources which has been pilfered, squandered, and misappropriated by the very people the Jamaican people entrusted to be stewards of those resources.
It is against that backdrop that I wish to speak briefly on news reports that Jamaica acquired a long-range surveillance aircraft, and two helicopters to patrol the Islands territorial waters.
Prime Minister, Andrew Holness told a gathering of dignitaries and officials involved with the developments that, “Jamaica has made an investment in both security and our economy. Greater security means a stronger economy”, Holness said. Imagine if all of the pilfered billions were invested in Education. Healthcare. Security. Infrastructure. Where would the Island be today in it’s slow plod to first world status?

The Prime Minister, however, has finally had a come to Jesus moment when he argued: “Greater security means a stronger economy”.
This writer has gone to great lengths to point out the fact that this Prime Minister seemingly has a particular disdain for police officers and a wider lack of understanding that the prosperity he has been promising the Jamaican people is a Unicorn, given the country’s unchecked lawlessness. Most importantly, however, Holness went on to say quote; “The government is committed to ensuring that criminals don’t take over Jamaica”.
My great Aunt always advised me to let people talk, soon enough she opined, they will reveal the truth about what’s going on in their heads. [tek time search yu wi find ants gut].
As a young investigator that concept served me well in my interactions with both criminal defendants and witnesses giving affidavits. I have consistently warned of the impending danger

Jamaica faces from a burgeoning confluences of militia groups which are becoming more and more emboldened because of Government’s inaction.
In the numerous articles I have written, I have sought to lay out the imminent creeping danger this inaction poses to the country’s solvency and security.
The link provided above is the latest article I wrote on this imminent danger.

[Warning/address These Militias Now Or Face The Consequences Tomorrow].

The path to ensuring that criminals do not take over the country requires much, much more than the purchase of an airplane and a couple of helicopters. Nevertheless, it does go some distance toward interdicting some of the illegal guns and ammunition entering the country, if applied correctly.
Unfortunately, despite the Prime Minister’s seeming new awareness, that criminals do have the intent if not the resources yet, to take over the country, he still hasn’t fully grasped the need for structural changes to how our nation is policed.
Those changes will have to be legislative. They must include a sea change in the way those in power understand the importance of the rule of law and how that understanding is communicated to the people.

Can you imagine how much better Jamaica would be if the country spent the requisite resources going after murderous criminals as it spends going after errant cops who may have stepped over the line?

No one should be comfortable with a cop who betrays his oath. But as I have written several times before, it is simplistic and rather hypocritical to pretend that shit flows upstream.
It begins with that cup of coffee, that offer of a drink on a really blistering 96-degree day and it culminates in sweeter and more substantial gifts and the resultant expectation of something in return.

Young officers know as soon as they leave the Academy what senior colleague is on the take and they damn sure know which Superintendent is getting an envelope to look the other way.
Duties are designed around those envelopes, young officers are transferred as a result, and people behave in a manner toward the junior officers on the street based on their relationships with senior officers

It is ridiculous to expect to pay off the superintendent then lambaste the constable who accepts a cold soda while on patrol.
I am not making the case for corruption, I am merely stating an inconvenient truth.


The sad reality is that the less influential the person who errs against the law the more likely he will be seriously punished.
It is safe to assume that Mohamed Ben  Mohammad bin Salman  is not ever going to face a court of law and be held responsible for the death of  Jamal  Jamal Khashoggi

In the same vein as the barely literate constable Collis [Chucky] Brown makes a spectacle of himself and the once noble organization he has brought ill repute to no one above him m will even be forced to defend Brown’s accusations in a court of law.

Rest assured that as Brown was spilling his guts to Hamish Campbell they never sought once to read his [Miranda rights]!
It is safe to conclude that if Hamish Campbell told the barely literate Brown that he “had a right to remain silent, that he had the right to an attorney, and that anything he said would be used against him in a court of law”, as dumb as Brown is we would not be talking about this today.

If Chucky Brown was driving around shooting and killing gunmen that would not cause me to lose any sleep let me be clear.
Nevertheless, we cannot become them in order to combat them.
The truth is that all of the forces which ought to line up against criminality on the Island are arrayed against the rule of law.

The truth of the matter is that the political class the judicial class the business class and everyone in between, the Island is awash in corruption and as a result, there is no real effort to squash this cancerous bug called violent crime once and for all.
Whether the pathetic Brown is telling the truth or not is immaterial at this point. What he told Hamish Campbell at INDECOM is exactly what Campbell, Terrence Williams and those who hate the police wanted to hear. So no one would have warned him of the grave danger he was placing himself in by spilling his guts without a lawyer or a guarantee of immunity.

Whatever Chuck Brown expected, be it that he was going to receive immunity without a guarantee, makes the case that the hapless Brown was way over his head the moment he met with INDECOM and was even further over his head when he allowed himself to be conned into giving a statement, essentially making a deal with the devil.

If Chucky Brown was driving around shooting other criminals he will get his just desert, no question the courts will throw the book at him, he will never see the light of day again.
And why not? Throwing Brown in prison and throwing away the keys will be a tremendous distraction from the fact that INDECOM is not only a failure and a drag on the Jamaican taxpayers, but it will also mask the fact that the much-revered courts get to continue enjoying the presumption that it is above board.

Between the lax laws, political interference and the courts at all levels running interference on behalf of criminals it is no wonder that some cops would think just shooting the motherfuckers would be an appropriate remedy.
But police officers cannot allow themselves to indulge in the same cesspool the criminals are mired in. When we do we become them and that helps no one.

The JCF has one of the highest attrition rates of any police department I know of. There is a reason for that, the sense of not accomplishing anything, and a recognition of the barriers to law enforcement becomes clear once you are in.
Hence the mad scramble for the door. Chucky Brown may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he was clearly not blunt enough that he didn’t know what he was doing and so he has to face the music.
He could have walked away!

A Little Less Dogma All Around Doesn’t Hurt

Macabre scenes from that fateful train crash.

One of the problems facing our country is the inability of people to think outside the box, or even allow themselves to entertain other ideas outside the opinions they initially formed on any range of subject matters.
We form opinions, and nothing else will change what we made ourselves believe, facts become mere points to be countered.

Scenes from the crash

In a September 24th, 2018 Jamaica Observer Article titled: Railway Corp supports development of Kendal crash site, Chairperson for the Kendal Crash Committee at the Municipal Corporation, Angella Edwards, said that the vision is that visitors to the proposed memorial/recreational park will be able to park their vehicles and take a rail car to the area. 
Find the link below.

Graphic, yet indelible imagery from that fateful event.

Not a bad idea for an actual area where visitors to a shrine could honor the dead who fatefully lost their lives in that horrible crash. But why are Jamaicans so preoccupied with parks?
So I flippantly wrote the following in  response to the [park suggestion]

Memorial/recreational park !!!
In other words, build a park for sound-systems to blare and semi-nude bodies to gyrate.
Why not?
Nothing trumps the need to be entertained, not even a solemn event as the Kendal crash.

Like bait on a line, it did not take long for one particular fish to take me on indirectly.

JamaicanDawta Mike Beckles 

Castleton Gardens & Emancipation Park are recreational parks and I don’t see what you describe there. Why would you think that the Kendal site would be different?Ahitschoo ah kuntri it deh?

No dearest, the idea of a recreational park is okay, but in a tragic event like the Kendal train crash in which over two hundred people lost their lives in that single event don’t you think that a monument is more fitting?

These dramatic images say much more than words ever could.

Then came the real smart ones…

Nikanta JamaicanDawta • 
Nikanta speaking to me through someone else.

I was at a loss when I read the comment too was too dumbstruck to respond. Because my thought is that this thing should have been conceptualize decades ago. At the time when this occurred it was the worst train disaster of that time with over 200 persons losing their lives dozens of families affected to date. I often heard my grandmother lament about that incident my neighbour had lost his mother and yet outside of that growing up I hardly ever heard anything formally about the Kendal Crash we reverie nothing in this country that’s why our relics and most of our historic buildings/monuments look like crap.

Now after correcting some of the misspellings I responded.


Instead of a “RECREATIONAL PARK”, how about a fitting monument which appropriately honors the dead, and takes into account the grief of the people at the time this unfortunate event occurred?
I too heard about it, the gory details and all, I would suggest that we have a fitting monument to remember the event by, not a recreational park.

JamaicanDawta Mike Beckles • 

I agree with you on this one, Mike. But yuh no know how di ting go: appeal to which paat yuh get votes.


So far so good right?

Nikanta Mike Beckles 

So the monument cannot be placed in the Park giving it a more tranquil setting while you stand there reflecting.? We so small minded when it comes to things of substance but we have no qualms about politicians spending our tax dollars on their own frivolous pursuits.
Actually, that is not an unreasonable position to take but I am thinking the cost would probably be astronomical so let’s focus on an edifice which honors those who lost their lives.
So how about something like the Lincoln Memorial, how about something like the Holocaust museum, the civil war memorial, the African-American Museum.
I don’t know something substantive, like a presidential library, just not a park.


Okay, it seems that your brain, what’s left of it, is a stuck in a permanent a state of [park], hence your obsession and preoccupation with parks.
Can you think outside what the stupid politicians propose for a change despite the blinkers?

Nikanta Mike Beckles 

FYI You sir seem to have less of a clue as to what a brain actually does and I am presuming it has do with your lack of oxygen intake after all there isn’t much decent green spaces left in this country to assist you with that (which is what I am more in agreement with so if you want to call it a MEMORIAL PARK…what the hell ever). I for one don’t give a hoot about what politicians recommend and clearly, you don’t give a hoot about anything really except to open that space in your face.

Again I had to correct the misspellings but anyway.

Now he/she went there, (smile). 
Okay, I don’t mind discussing issues but when you are losing and you decide to engage in ad hominem attacks, I take off the gloves.


The nuclear response.

I’ll tell you a little story after which it will be radio silence, my time is far too valuable.
In parts of Africa, they would catch monkeys by cutting a little hole in a pumpkin, enough to accommodate the monkey’s paw.
They would then use a special stick to loosen the gut of the pumpkin and leave it where the monkeys would find it.
The monkey would force,  it’s paw into the squash and scoop all the entrails it’s little paw could hold and it would not let go.
The only problem is that with a paw full of pumpkin entrails, the monkey was unable to get its paw out of the tiny hole, but the monkey would not let go of the prize and so it went, the trapper would catch the monkey, paw still trapped in the pumpkin.
If only it let go of what it initially grabbed…….

You are that (monkey)

Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke Guilty Of Murder In Laquan McDonald Shooting

A jury also found the officer guilty of 16 counts of aggravated battery in the teen’s killing.

By Andy Campbell

A Cook County jury delivered a verdict in the murder trial of Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke, charged in the 2014 on-duty sho

A Cook County jury delivered a verdict in the murder trial of Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke, charged in the 2014 on-duty shooting death of Laquan McDonald.

Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago police officer charged with murder in the 2014 shooting death of teenager Laquan McDonald while on duty, was found guilty on Friday.

A Cook County jury found Van Dyke guilty of second-degree murder, as well as 16 counts of aggravated battery. He was acquitted of official misconduct, and a charge of first-degree murder was vacated for the second-degree murder conviction. 

Judge Vincent Gaughan revoked bail and ordered Van Dyke taken into custody to await sentencing later this month.

The jury deliberated for less than eight hours over two days in the case, in which Van Dyke faced the possibility of life in prison for shooting 17-year-old McDonald 16 times on a Chicago street in October 2014.

Chicago police were on high alert as the city prepared for a verdict in the rare trial of an officer accused of murder for an on-duty killing. Hundreds of police were seen packing street corners and city parks. Jurors, who deliberated for five hours on Thursday and about 2 1/2 more on Friday, were sequestered by Judge Vincent Gaughan and kept at an unidentified hotel overnight.

Van Dyke testified in his own defense that he feared for his life and that McDonald was behaving erratically (an autopsy revealed PCP in his system). His defense team cited a state law that allows officers to use deadly force if it’s necessary to stop a fleeing suspect who has committed a felony while using a deadly weapon, according to Vice News. McDonald was carrying a knife at the time, but police dashboard camera footage refuted Van Dyke’s claim that the teen was aggressively swinging the blade at him.

Three other officers await trial on charges of trying to cover up the killing and obscure the investigation.

Assistant prosecutor Jody Gleason argued that Van Dyke had no right to fire even one shot, let alone 16, including several that struck the teen in the back, and while he was already on the ground. Subscribe to the Politics email.How will Trump’s administration impact you?

“It’s Jason Van Dyke firing bullets, ripping into the flesh of Laquan McDonald 16 times. That’s not justified, that’s not necessary — that’s first-degree murder,” prosecutor Joseph McMahon told jurors, according to NPR. He urged jurors to convict on first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

Van Dyke’s lawyer, Dan Herbert, compared the scene that night to a monster movie, telling jurors that McDonald had attacked a truck driver and slashed a police vehicle’s tires just before he was shot.

“When a monster turns and looks at the victim, that’s when the music starts to play,” the defense lawyer said.

Two alternative jurors who were dismissed from the trial on Thursday said they would have leaned toward finding the officer guilty of murder, according to the Chicago Tribune.

One of them, a white woman, noted that other officers on scene that night didn’t use deadly force. 

“Where was [McDonald] actually causing an issue that Jason Van Dyke thought that he needed to use deadly force? I just didn’t understand that,” the alternative juror told the newspaper.

Killings:/killing Of Women And Children Not An Abstract Phenom

Graphic images Emancipation park

My dearly departed grandfather and great aunt always said: “what cost nothing gives good measure“.
It is a parable which sounds complicated but has a very simple meaning.
If you did not pay for something, or if you do not place any value on something you most likely will be careless and reckless with its handling and care.

The malignant cancer of violence and murder in our country and in particular the murder of our women may very well have their Genesis in that parable.
My son uses my wife’s car to deliver piazza when he is home from college, no problem. As soon as he got his own car and his mom borrowed it, he went to great pains to lecture her about not getting a scratch on it.
When we pay for something ourselves or place real value on the things we have access to, or own, we tend to be far more judicious with their care.

Most actions we take lead to consequences down the road. The cheapening of life through our everyday discourse, the music we listen to the movies we watch, violent video games and in Jamaica’s case the wanton degradation some women subject themselves to are only a few of the characteristics which form the perfect conditions for the whirlwind of murder the nation is experiencing today.
At this point, I can hear in my head the fallacious arguments quote: “people get killed everywhere not just in Jamaica. 
I can just imagine the Google searches to find mass killings in other parts of the world, ready to copy and paste in the rebuttal to the legitimate angst we feel at the unnecessary and wanton shedding of blood.
Defending killings is now a noble way to spend time for many.

For those concerned, not just about the run-away murders and the resultant consequences of the trauma on the nation’s children, I ask, no I beseech you, take a stand against this lunacy.
For far too long this perverse and macabre way of life have dominated our popular culture while we go on living as if nothing is wrong, or that nothing can be done about it.

If the politicians seem unable or unwilling then the people must stand up for the country we were blessed with and demand that this madness stop.
But before we do that, we need to make some changes in our own lives.
We must eschew violence and the glorification of it.
We must stop speaking it to our children. We must stop listening to the murder music and We must anchor our beliefs to something more lasting, more enduring than material things.

Women must stop cheating on their spouses and significant others, out of greed for material possessions or sexual lust.
Men must stop believing that the women in their lives are a disposable commodity which can be replaced with another.
Many of you claim to love your children yet you kill their mothers and leave the very same children, your children, traumatized for life. 
Others kill Both the women who bore their children and the children of their loins.  You are sub-human, you are beneath the animals, you are monsters.

There is no escaping the stark realities of the(“materialistic bun culture,”) women who want more than the men in their lives can afford, who cheat to get material things they cannot afford.
Women who insist that the men in their lives have to steal to-be with them.
This is something I have written about for years. 
Oh for the times whilst I was an officer looking real spiffy in my uniform, and the women who openly flirted with me. ” Bway yu neet an cleeen an hansum eeh, but yu a police , my man haffi teef , police nu mek nu money”.
All this while decked out in Jewellery from ear to toes.
Where do-you think the jewelry came from?

I am not laying this solely at the feet of women as  I am almost certain some will argue.  Far from it,  all I am saying is that much of what men do begins with what women demand, what women teach, and what women allow.
Why have sex with a man who has made no commitment to you? Why have a child with a man who has another woman or worse, several other women?
Why have children with a man who cannot stay out of jail? Why complain when you gave up your power several children ago when you had the power to say “NO”? 
Many female birds will not mate with the male of their kind unless he first builds a suitable nest and decorates it inside and out, upon which she inspects it and decides whether it is good enough.
If she doesn’t like what she sees, she Flies away and its all for naught.

On the other hand, when women make demands that men cannot meet they tend to push the envelope to get what their women want. Children in the relationships observe the power dynamics playing out live what they learn.
The men who strive for material trappings through whatever means,  largely tend to do so to attract women as one of their primary motivations.
This places us in the same category as the male peacock which shows off its awesome plumage to attract the female.

We have a twisted value system which glorifies and lust for material extravagance rather than places the appropriate value on life. The insatiable and rapacious desire to have the best of everything have cheapened life and turned humans into monsters.
A woman visiting the United States walked into my business-place with her elderly father, the father wanted to purchase a cell phone for her to use while she is visiting. He also needed a phone she could use when she returned to Jamaica.
She was embarrassingly ungrateful, berating her father for not having wi-fi at home in front of other customers and myself.
The gentleman explained he did not need wi-fi as he was gone all day, on his return home at nights [he explains], he watches a little television and that was that.

That did not appease her but she went on to demand that her elderly father purchase the newest i-phone.  He balked at spending that much money which he seemingly did not have, or wanted to spend.[he had a flip phone]
She insisted she wanted unlimited data, so I asked her if she had unlimited data back home , she responded in the negative.
She cannot afford unlimited data in Jamaica but she berated and embarrassed her elderly father because she wanted the most expensive phone with unlimited data, which neither her nor her elderly dad could afford.

The Christian values we were raised on have long become a topic of scorn and derision, it is fairy tales, nonsense, we are now too intellectually forward-leaning to believe in a God we cannot see.[sic]
How dare anyone place any restrictions on our lascivious and materialist pursuits?
How dare anyone expect that we respect elders, our teachers, the laws, how dare anyone tell us Jamaicans what we can and cannot do?
When we sow the wind we reap the whirlwind, it is that simple.

How American Policing Has Been Transformed Into Race Soldiering



If you have ever donned the uniform of a police officer, a real officer who enlisted for the right reasons because you wanted to protect and serve, you understand full well, that what American police are doing to people in minority communities is not policing.

If the standard principles are to serve and protect, to save lives and protect property, then there is no way that any reasonable person can pretend that what we see happening on video after video is representative of what we expect from police officers.


When the same laws which are supposed to protect citizens and police alike are stretched to the limits and distorted to justify unjust police use of deadly force, while at the same time the reverse of those same principles is used to condemn certain segments of the society, the system is broken.

Any grainy black and white video may be used to condemn a black man of any crime in any court.  Nevertheless, a crystal clear high definition color video of police officers committing capital murder, even after stating clearly that -that was their intent, we are told that we cannot believe what we have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears.

Many years ago a friend with whom I went to the Jamaica Police Academy asked me, how come I could be so critical of police officers? I asked him to take a look at what is happening to American policing and tell me whether that was what he did as a police officer in Jamaica?
His cheek dropped to his chest, that was the end of that conversation.

Those who tell you there are only a few bad apples, you must call *BS * to them, where are the good officers, sworn to uphold the law without fear or favor who are stepping forward to say “here is what happened”?
During my time of service, I received some pushback and unfavorable comments from a few co-workers who accused me of preferring civilians over them.
My response then was,  if doing the right thing, not allowing the brutal assault of innocent people, is [preferng civillians][sic] then count me in.


How is it sustainable when the public who pays police officers salaries are terrified of police killing them whenever they come across police officers? In many instances, cops dress and behave like soldiers on a battlefield but are less careful, less accountable than soldiers constrained by the rules of modern-day warfare and the Geneva Convention.

Prosecutors, Judges, and Juries stretch the boundaries of the law in order to protect errant cops, this, in turn, results in a metastasizing effect, breeding more abuse of citizens rights in the process.

The whole concept of police as peace officers has been cast aside in America, replaced with a militaristic macho-man mentality which is characterized by the itchy trigger finger. With the female cops doing their level best to demonstrate that they have the same level of balls or more as their male counterparts. This generally ends in the death of unarmed men of color, their only crime, the color of their skin.
Rather minor infractions which ought to be ignored, or at worse, result in a mild warning, are sought out heavily utilized vehicles used as the reason for interactions. These interactions usually culminate in the use of lethal force on people of color after the police themselves massively escalate events.


Terrence Crutcher was gunned down, by wannabe tough guy cop Betty Shelby who murdered him. Mister Crutcher was gunned down and struck with tasers despite having his hands in the air, not having any weapon on him, nor in his vehicle. (Even if mister Crutcher had a weapon on him, or in his vehicle, he could not have been lawfully or legally executed because he had his hands in the air.)
Despite this Betty Shelby was charged and exonerated because a black man had no rights a white woman, much less a cop had to respect, not even the right to life.

Shelby and husband (also a cop) leave the court after her acquittal.

Betty Shelby was acquitted by a corrupt Tulsa Oklahoma jury on May 17th, 2017. Despite having his hands up, having no weapon and walking away from police, Betty Shelby gunned Terrence Crutcher down in cold blood.
She told the court. “I did everything I could to stop this,” she added. “Crutcher’s death is his fault.”
Betty Shelby is a free woman, free to live her life.
Terrence Crutcher is still dead?


So too are all of the other countless black men and women who had their lives taken by unaccountable cops who know that the system will not hold them accountable.

Alton Sterling subdued by two Baton Rogue cops just before they decided to kill him.



Philando Castile killed by a cop who pulled him over for an alleged broken tail-light.


So too has countless others……….


All The Kings Horses And All The Kings Men


What’s really shocking is the cultlike loyalty which permeates the followers of Donald Trump.  Just imagine this, the personal lawyer of the president of the United States pleaded guilty to committing eight (8) felonies and named (the very same president as an unindicted co-conspirator).
Truth isn’t truth, crimes are no longer crimes and now well …. even if I did it cannot be a crime because I am not subject to the laws.

The president’s campaign chairman was convicted on eight (8) felonies on the very same day that his lawyer pleaded guilty. We are now learning that he would have been convicted on all 18 counts as charged, but for one female Trump supporting juror who would not let the evidence get in the way of partisan orthodoxy.
Image result for duncan hunter indicted

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter,

On the very same day Duncan Hunter Republican Congressman from California, the second member of the Congress to endorse Trump was indicted on charges that he and his wife, Margaret, routinely — and illegally — used campaign funds to pay personal bills …

Chris Collins….


All of that happened in one day …… it does not include the fact that the first member of the Congress to endorse Donald Trump, Chris Collins of western New York was indicted on Insider Trading Charges.
But the foregone does not even begin to tell the full story so here goes.

Image result for image of those indicted or plead guilty around donald trump

  1. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigations and awaiting sentencing.
  2. Rick Gates, Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, and Manafort protégé, on one count of conspiracy against the United States and one count of making false statements to FBI agents.
  3. George Papadopoulos, a low-level Trump foreign policy adviser, for making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Russians during the campaign.
  4. Alex van der Zwaan, who worked with Gates and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort while he practiced law at a large international firm, admitted to lying and failing to turn over emails to Mueller’s team in February, sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $30,000 fine did his time and is reported to be already out of the country.

Amidst all of this and without even one scintilla of accountability about the torrent of criminal indictments and guilty pleas Donald Trump did what he has done every single time he feels the walls closing in on him.
No, I am not talking about just appealing to the wretched white racists’ crowd which blindly support him, he tweeted an old right-wing trope about white South African farmers been killed and their lands taken from them.

I have asked Secretary of State to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large-scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.”

There are so many things to be said about the expropriation of land, not the least of which is that it was not a problem when the murderous Booer Voortrekkers stole the land, But the very rare instance of righting a wrong as is being considered a-la fair market price as a remedial action, is a vicious alt right trope.

This is where Donald Trump wants to direct his attention at the exact time that he was named in a federal felony plea deal as an unindicted co-conspirator.
Whether we like or believe Amorosa Manigualt-Newman is not really important. She spent well over a decade with and around Donald Trump, as a consequence, when she said he wants to start a race war her comments cannot simply be brushed aside.

South Africa has a lot of crime, yet whites in South Africa are less likely to become victims of crime largely on the basis of their wealthier status in the society.
If Donald Trump needed to dip his beak into world affairs the least he could have done is read a few pages of a book instead of watching Orwellian talking points of  FOX misinformation otherwise knowns as state TV.

One of the enduring virtues of black people is that we generally are quick to forgive and forget, a virtue not found in other races to the extent it exists in us.
What he should have tweeted about this (shithole country)[sic] is the Magnanimity of the black people of South Africa(those who managed to survive), who did not kill and abuse the white minority who for decades upon decades made their lives a living hell.
Instead of trying to gin up racial animosity across the world Donald Trump should seriously worry about how to stay out of prison when Muller is finished with his investigation.

Crossing The Rubicon Of Totalitarianism


In a compelling Article on the website []titled [the rise of American authotarianism] Journalist, Amanda Taub wrote, Vanderbilt University,  professor  Marc Hetherington and University of North Carolina’s Jonathan Weiler, had essentially predicted Trump’s rise back in 2009, when they discovered something that would turn out to be far more significant than they then realized.

Hetherington and Weiler published a book about the effects of authoritarianism on American politics. Through a series of experiments and careful data analysis, they had come to a surprising conclusion: Much of the polarization dividing American politics was fueled not just by gerrymandering or money in politics or the other oft-cited variables, but by an unnoticed but surprisingly large electoral group — authoritarians.

Their book concluded that the GOP, by positioning itself as the party of traditional values and law and order, had unknowingly attracted what would turn out to be a vast and previously bipartisan population of Americans with authoritarian tendencies.

This trend had been accelerated in recent years by demographic and economic changes such as immigration, which “activated” authoritarian tendencies, leading many Americans to seek out a strongman leader who would preserve a status quo they feel is under threat and impose order on a world they perceive as increasingly alien.

The rise of Trump reflects what I have always believed to be a response to a deeper more severe and dangerous underlying problem in the American body-politic. As a consequence, Donald Trump is merely a symptom of that more severe condition which may actually be more cancerous than the sniffles of a passing cold.
[[ explains,  How do people come to adopt, in such large numbers and so rapidly, extreme political views that seem to coincide with fear of minorities and with the desire for a strongman leader? To answer that question, these theorists study what they call authoritarianism: not the dictators themselves, but rather the psychological profile of people who, under the right conditions, will desire certain kinds of extreme policies and will seek strongman leaders to implement them.

file photos show the 2016 Republican presidential candidates who had at the time officially declared their intention to run for the presidency.

Could Donald Trump have seen this as researchers including a Ph.D. student and a Professor named in the Vox article saw it as far back as 2009? During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, Donald Trump embarked on a systematic evisceration of his political opponents.
He used to his advantage, a simple yet highly effective strategy of utilizing names which pejoratively belittled his primary opponents, effectively making them seem smaller and weaker, vanquishing them in the process.
Labels like low energy Jeb, little Marco, Crazy Bernie,, Lying Ted,[irony be damned]Sleeping Ben, are just a few of the pejoratives he used on his primary opponents and he did not stop there. Whi;e competing for the nomination he had already carved out “crooked Hillary for the general elections. Later Lying James Comey, Pochantas,Liddle Bob Corker, sleepy eyes Chuck Todd Al Frankenstein, Lamb the sham, Crazy Joe Biden and a slew of other insulting and demeaning names were to follow.

Donald Trump for all of his shortcomings may very well be stupid as a Fox. After all how else would he have the gall to refuse to show his tax returns when previous presidential candidates dating back several decades had willingly complied with such request?
What did he see which prompted him in 2016 to predict he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he would not lose a single vote?  Or maybe wore consequentially why did he say he loves the uneducated, responding to polls which showed in 2016 that the bulk of his support was with white non-college educated older voters.


One of the narratives which came out of the 2016 elections was that there was a large chunk of voters who have not bothered to vote in previous elections. Some Democrats who would rather wish facts away simply brushed this possibility aside, I didn’t. Driving down to South Carolina using route 81 from upstate New York through the countryside of Pennsylvania, West Virginia I was stunned at the number of Trump billboards and yard-signs for the entirety of the Journey.
I pointed out to my wife that there was something going on that was not reflected in the various polls.

I expected the yard-signs in West Virginia, southern Virginia, Ohio, but upstate New York and Pennsylvania not so much. Say what you want about the unscientific nature of a yard sign poll but the erection and tolerance of yard signs in a neighborhood tell a story of its own.

On election day the lines I saw in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida Nevada and other states snaking for blocks around polling sites seemed eerily like something yet unseen.
Again I turned to my best friend, my wife and opined to her “these lines of people seem older, more determined, less diverse”, in short, not Hillary Clinton voters.
My yard sign poll was vindicated on election night. Yes, Pennsylvania went to Donald Trump.

Whether or not the Russian interference had any measurable impact on the elections of 2016  is a question which we may never get the answer to. Whether we believe that the Russians were able to change votes or not, or whether we believe that there is a large groundswell of baked in support for Trump which will silently come out and vote for him yet again in the 2018 elections is yet to be seen.
Or whether both scenarios are definite possibilities the prospect does not look good for those opposed to the rise of Trump. In the meantime, Trump speaks about his presidency in monarchistic terms, he coyly floats the idea of remaining president for life hoping to see how it will be received by the public.
Some say “ah he is just joking” I think not, he loves authoritarian figures, Kim Jung Un, he loves the way Kim’s people sit up and pay attention to him, he wants that for himself.
He jokes about being president for life as he praises China’s Xi Jinping.
He praises Turkeys, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, admires the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, glows in the dome of the orb of the brutal and callous Saudi Human rights abusers and loves Netanyahu a man who has his soldiers kill innocent unarmed civilians and aid workers in the occupied territories.

In essence, all of the actions he takes and the people he admires falls in line with his aspirations to fill the role for which he yearned and for which his support structure are prepared to see.
The sad state of affairs is that whether we acknowledge it or not the United States has already passed the Rubicon for what America had long chastised other countries.
The question for all is whether as humans who populate this planet we are prepared to accept that the United States under Donald Trump is very well on its way toward totalitarianism and becoming a fascist police state.

Adversity Sometimes The Fuel Of Personal And Collective Growth



The images of racist assaults, both physical and verbal taking over every nook and cranny of America are evident every day. Unfortunately more and more, those who are supposed to protect the people are indeed the worst transgressors against the very people they are sworn to protect and serve.

Economic Power The Fix To Racism In America

Yet my response to some of the instances where these incidents occur is not alarmist as some other folks might be. I certainly would not encourage anyone to approach me with any form of racism.
Nevertheless. in every tragedy there are opportunities. As I said in a recent article negative things forces us to adjust and adapt to changes and events for our own survival.
Those of all species which refuses to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of our planet eventually become extinct.

The disrespect of black folk continues. And it continues to be captured on video. A black woman in Oregon was allegedly called out of her name and assaulted by a food truck owner, all because she tried to pay for her food with change. According to Willamette Week, Carlotta Washington says she was called a “nigger” by Islam Elmasry after she tried to pay for her lunch with quarters (not pennies, mind you).

In a short video provided to the outlet by a bystander, Elmasry can be seen telling Washington to “get the fuck out from here” and calling her a “stupid bitch,” after throwing a Gatorade bottle at her for confronting him.

In a portion not captured on video, Washington says Elmasry sprayed her with sriracha chili sauce, which was confirmed to the news outlet by witness Rachel Good, who said she found Washington’s shirt, face, and shoulders covered with the Thai hot sauce. “It was in my eyes and all on my skin. It was burning terribly,” Washington says. After Washington asked that police be called, Elmasry was booked into Multnomah County jail on charges of misdemeanor harassment and assault. Bail is set at $4,000.


Adverse situations are supposed to force us to make changes in our lives. We are supposed to learn new ways of doing things, “when one door is closed many more is opened“[Robert Nesta Marley]
Those doors, however,  generally gets opened when we go knocking because you can bet your bottom dollar that the doors will not come looking for you.
The process of adaptation of which I speak requires a paradigm shift in the way we see ourselves deserving of respect and dignity.

Once we have arrived at the point where we recognize that we are the masters of our own destiny, we begin to recognize that if we are to survive we must take on the responsibilities which guarantee not just our wellbeing but our very survival.
We will not have full autonomy over all aspects of our lives, particularly in a country in which we are a minority but we darn sure can begin the educational process of self-preservation through self-empowerment, That self-empowerment begins with education for our children, saving our money, starting and supporting black businesses, and ensuring that we teach our youngsters the value and importance of good monetary stewardship.


The harsh treatment meted out to black people at Starbucks coffee shops, waffle-houses, food trucks and other places in which blacks struggle to be treated respectfully should be a motivating factor for all of us to get our house in order. What is stopping African Americans from having their own coffee shops and waffle houses?
In the video above the man in the food truck clearly came to this country and has learned not to respect blacks. From the sound of his accent, he clearly is not too long off the boat but he already has a business going. And what do you know blacks are there bleeding their money.

Look, it is your money spend it where you want to, but understand that when you do that what you are doing is handing over your power. Is it laziness, lack of ambition, or is it ignorance, Could it be all of the above? What would happen if Blacks retained some of the 1.2 trillion dollars we spent last year. Better yet where would we be if we spent a small portion of that money on new startups, or even sending our children to college.

Look around you Black America, in your closets, in your garage, around your necks, on your fingers, on your feet, on your backs and generally around that apartment you are renting did you really need that new pair of expensive over-priced sneakers?
Did you need all of that junk you spent your paychecks on, or do you think that maybe, just maybe you could have saved a few hundred of those dollars you squandered?


The few dollars blacks spend at black barbershops and at black hairdressing salons is mere peanuts compared to the over one trillion spent last year. The sad truth is that those monies are generally spent as part of the preparation so that black people may go out to clubs, restaurants, hotels, and other places which are generally not black-owned.
I love all people, nevertheless, we have to look after ourselves first, empower ourselves instead of begging others to accept us and treat us well.
Seventy-eight (78) years after they kicked Marcus Garvey out of this country for teaching this message the need is just as great, and the task just as urgent.
The question is whether or not this message will seep through to Black Americans and in a collective way they will begin to digest it?. Only time will tell.




Anti Police Delroy Chuck Talks Down To Judge Who Isn’t Backing Down



Jamaica’s Justice Minister Delroy Chuck refuses to pay Lawyers to defend Police officers charged with murder over four years ago. The accused officers are still in jail even though they too are entitled to the presumption of innocence under the law.
Despite commitments from the Government that officers charged with serious crimes during the execution of their duties would be assisted with the legal fees for their defense.

Delroy Chuck minister of Justice


Listen to commentary above.

According to local reporting, Justice Glen Brown delivered the warning after the murder trial of police Corporal Kevin Adams, who has been in custody for four years, was again stalled in the Home Circuit Court because of the stalemate over the legal fees.

Chuck sought to make it clear that the Government only offered to make a “contribution” to the cops’ legal defense.

For the judge to say that the case will be stopped because the Government has not paid is quite out of order and injudicious. A judge is speaking out of turn and out of order for making such comments,” Chuck said.

Justice Brown shot back after instructing that the three cases – involving six policemen be placed in his courtroom on Monday. “So they have the whole weekend to do what they have to do“. “Justice Brown said.
Now there we have it.
A member of an independent co-equal branch of government doing his job as Chuck said it should be done, the only difference is that the defendants are police officers and Delroy Chuck cannot have police officers benefitting from the very policy he has put in place.