Drug Dealers Or Not, Their Alleged Treatment Defied Human Decency…


The saga in which five Jamaican Nationals were arrested by United States Coast Guard for well over a month in 2017 and did not allow them to contact their family members who thought they were dead should concern all Jamaicans.
The incident was remarkable enough to prompt the American Civil Liberties Union to file a lawsuit on behalf of four of the men in the state of Florida.
In the video above, the men recounted their ordeal and stuck to the narrative that they were innocent fishermen whose engine died and their boat drifted offshore.
The men spoke at length about the treatment they received at the hands of US Coast guard authorities and the subsequent guilty plea they took in order to be allowed to return to Jamaica to see their families after doing time in an American prison.

US Coast Guard vessel USCG Confidence 

At the same time, the US Authorities have insisted that the men were marijuana smugglers. They claimed they recovered a specific amount of marijuana,( 613 pounds) to be exact. They also claimed that they found seven 20-gallon fuel drums and two 55-gallon fuel drums. According to the reporting in the (local Observer), the Affidavit filed in the Southern District Court of Florida, did not elaborate whether the drums contained fuel or not.
As such, it is difficult to reconcile the significance of the mentioning of the fuel drums in the Affidavit(outside of simple accounting of course). Most significant to the American prosecutor’s case I thought, was the fact that they said they found no fishing gear to back up the claim of the Jamaicans that they were indeed fishermen.
Having watched the video twice I thought to myself that the men could actually be both fishermen and drug smugglers, as there is no mutual exclusivity between the two.

Image result for jamaican fishermen claim us coast guard abused them

I also thought about fishing gear from the start. If they had fishing gear on board and indicated to the American Coast guard, that they were actually fishermen, it still would not mean that they are not drug dealers if they had drugs on board their vessel, or had been seen tossing the cargo overboard.
Having fishing gear on board would mean nothing in that situation, if drugs were found.
On the other hand, the men said that the US Coast guard destroyed their boat, which indicated to me that there was something untoward going on.
I know that American authorities have gone over and above what is required when they deal with people of color. I know American Police have been known to frame people for crimes they have not committed.
Nevertheless, I found it strange that the US Coast Guard would destroy a boat and incarcerate innocent fishermen who have merely drifted off course.
The US Coast guard has been a force for good in helping stranded fishermen and others stranded at sea, regardless of their nationality, so if they are lying about this, to my mind it would be an anomaly.

Image result for jamaican fishermen claim us coast guard abused them


Since we do not know what occurred out there on the high seas, we are left to speculate and opine based on what the two sides alleged.
At the same time, we are fully aware that Jamaica is awash in guns and ammunition, much of which the local police tells us comes in through the drugs for guns trade.
We make no determination whether these men were drug dealers or not. What we do know is that the [US Coast Guard] has been instrumental in apprehending untold shipments of drugs before they enter the United States, and in the process, have also destroyed numerous small shipping vessels used to transport the drugs.
We do not know who to believe in the scenario as is alleged by the two competing interests. Sufficing to say it would be helpful if the Americans had video documented the event, so that their claims could have had more validity as far as their affidavit reveals.


Which brings us to the question of how the men were allegedly treated. We have heard the men tell their stories of how inhumanely they were treated by American authorities after they were taken into custody.
Again, this writer has no information outside that which has been reported to bolster the claim of the defendants in this matter, or to substantiate the allegations of the charging authorities, neither will the many who will have varying opinions on this case.
However, from my perspective, the fact that the ACLU has filed a suit in court on behalf of the men, indicates to me, that there is some evidence that they were treated inhumanely or outside of what they were entitled to as detainees of the US Government.
Under all circumstances,( including wars), according to the Geneva Convention prisoners are to be treated with respect dignity and care.
These men weren’t prisoners of war even, at best they were suspects in a criminal case. Under what authority did the US Coast Guard keep them chained on deck their boat under the elements for a month if true?
How is that even defensible? Even if they were murderers, that treatment is outside the norms of decency and normal civilized conduct. The Americans would be screaming blue murder if their [white] nationals were treated that way by another country.In fact they would be prepared to go to war over it.
Would they have liked it if their drug dealers were arrested by Jamaican authorities and treated that way?
If true, the Commanding officer and everyone involved who treated those men with such barbarity and such indifference should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
However, the families of these men should not hold their breath for accountability from America.
At the helm of the Federal Bureaucracy sits a despotic tyrant who rips babies from their parents puts them in cages, and in many cases some have died. He does not respect the laws of his own country, neither does he respect large sections of the American population which are non white.
It follows, therefore, that the treatment allegedly meted out to these black Jamaicans, (regardless of whether they committed a crime or not), was dastardly and inherently barbaric, but not out of the norms of what is expected under a tyrant like the one which is in charge today.

This incident must be held up to the world so that it may see what is happening to people as a result of a despotic regime which has zero respect for established national or international norms.
The harm being done to people far extends outside the shores of America and it must be held up so the world may see for itself, what tyranny cloaked under a facade of Democracy looks like.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Police Seize Weapons, Gangsters Pissed……

These Weapons were allegedly recovered today in the West Kingston Area, as police intercepted two motor cars with gunmen on-board.
Early reports indicate that the gangsters are pissed at this loss.

Thank you for the brave police officers who continue to put themselves between the low-life thugs who are determined to create mayhem on innocent Jamaicans.
Unfortunately, for ordinary Jamaicans, these police officers are the only thing which stands between them and the killers, as the Government has determined that the full force and power of the entire state apparatus are better used chastizing and disrespecting the hard working and poorly paid police.

In a voice note circulating on social media one alleged gangster can be heard bemoaning the loss of the weapons.
At the same time, the killings continue unabated across the Island.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 72446401-3d54-4372-9022-a3b15b280daf.jpg
IN May Pen Clarendon Short Ann murdered

Black Woman Yells “I’m Pregnant” Before Cop Shoots Her 5 Times

In what can only be seen as the most shocking and reckless disregard for human life, a Texas race-soldier otherwise called a (cop), murdered a supposedly pregnant African-American woman.
I have seen a lot of video recordings of unnecessary and uncalled for police use of deadly force in America, including the killing of Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, on and on and on…..
None has been more graphic than this incident in which this female was murdered by a cowardly punk of a cop.
Here is the story as reported by (BlackPressUSA).

Pamela Turner, 44, was shot dead by a Baytown, Texas, police officer Monday night, May 13, 2019. Turner is described as having a history of mental illness and may have been pregnant at the time of her death.

Pamela Turner, 44, was shot dead by a Baytown, Texas, police officer Monday night, May 13, 2019. Turner is described as having a history of mental illness and may have been pregnant at the time of her death.

By Mo Barnes, RollingOut.com

Once again, a shocking police shooting caught on video is causing outrage. Pamela Turner, 44, was shot dead by a Baytown, Texas, police officer Monday night, May 13, 2019. Turner is described as having a history of mental illness and may have been pregnant at the time of her death. Turner was walking around The Brixton Apartments around 10:40 p.m., according to local media outlet KPRC 2 News. That is when an unidentified Baytown officer recognized her from prior encounters. According to a Baytown Police department spokesperson, Turner had outstanding warrants for her arrest. The warrants were for two charges of criminal mischief and another for assault resulting in bodily injury. The officer attempted to detain her, and a struggle ensued. According to a neighbor of Turner’s, she had complained about being harassed by this officer in the past.

“During the course of the attempted arrest, the female began struggling with the officer, which forced the officer to deploy his Taser,” Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris said in a statement to the media. “That deployment was not effective, and the female was able to get the officer’s Taser away from him. (She) actually tased the officer, which forced the officer to draw his duty weapon and fire multiple rounds at the suspect.”The encounter was captured by an unknown bystander and later uploaded to social media. In the video, Turner is seen protesting and resisting the officer. The officer does, in fact, uses his Taser, and she is heard to yell “I’m pregnant” as she continues to struggle. A few moments later, the officer draws his service weapon and fires five shots at a prone Turner. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Residents told KPRC 2 that Turner was a resident of the apartment complex and frequently walked late at night to smoke cigarettes or walk her dogs. Turner’s sister, Antoinette, stated that she was a mother of two adult children and a grandmother to three.At this time, the officer who shot Turner has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting. The police are also trying to locate the personwho filmed the shooting and uploaded the content to social media. Police will not confirm if Turner was pregnant until an autopsy is completed.

Maurice “Mo” Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician. He has been writing for Rolling Out since 2014. Whether it means walking through a bloody police shooting to help a family find justice or showing the multifaceted talent of the Black Diaspora I write the news. This article originally appeared in RollingOut.com.

Garrisons Strategic Impediment To National Growth……

Security forces on duty in under -served communities

If you are a follower of events in Jamaica, you could easily walk away believing that the Police is the beginning and the reason for Jamaica’s crime dilemma.
What we have however is a society schooled on anarchy and an unhealthy disregard and disrespect for the rule of law and a political leadership exempt from the arms of the law.
Subsequently, there is now an across the board attitude that people should be able to do as they please without consequence.
The average life expectancy of Jamaicans is somewhere in the Mid-seventies. It follows, therefore, that for the most part, literally every Jamaican alive today grew up listening to (AM-band) Radio Jamaica, and JBC Radio, which was dominated with daytime talk shows.
As you may have guessed the favorite topic has been about bad roads, no water or electricity, politics, and police.
(citation)Worldlifeexpectancy.com reports that according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) data published in 2018 life expectancy in Jamaica is: Male 73.6, female 78.5 and total life expectancy is 76.0 which gives Jamaica a World Life Expectancy ranking of 59.

High crime inner city neighborhoods

This factual analysis is in no way an attempt at [copsplaining], the Jamaican police have certainly done more than enough to cause at least some of the disrespect they have gotten over the years. Even so, it is important to understand contextually, how the force arrived at where it is today.
I will not litigate that here today sufficing to say that where there is righteous governance agencies of government tend to follow suit in giving quality service to the people.
Where there is corrupt governance across party lines as it obtains in Jamaica, and there is systemic effort to scapegoat a certain branch of Government, as the police have been, then it is only natural that the results are what they are.
Jamaicans decry the high murder rate yet they shield murderers and protest when they are arrested or killed.
They talk about the savagery being played out on young girls, but they encourage the drug and alcohol crazed zombies who destroy these children.
They say they want the laws enforced but get in the way when the police try to enforce the very same laws.
They say they want corruption gone, but they go to great lengths to explain away and rationalize theft committed by their political party members. We can either have a country of laws in which everyone is protected, and subject to the laws, or we can pay lip service to the rule of law, while being cheer-leaders for the criminal underworld.

In these communities the security forces are in a no win situation because the politicians laid the groundwork for their failure

And so as Jamaicans bemoan the massive loss of life at the hands of mindless drug and alcohol crazed killers, I propose a new course.
(1) Write a new Constitution and throw out the old one. Let us pledge our commitment to Jamaica land we love, instead of to an old white woman who represents everything wrong which was egregiously done to us.
(2) Replace our old archaic system with a new Republican-Democratic system, with a titular President and a chief executive as our Prime Minister. (See Trinidad and Tobago).
(3) Upgrade the penal code to reflect the seriousness of the times.
(3-a) Bring back the death penalty, death by firing squad.
(3-b) If a person is caught with an illegal gun it is imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
(3-c) If a person is caught with a firearm which was used in a violent crime, a-la murder the penalty is death. Persons who are not in possession of illegal guns or are engaged in crimes involving firearms should have nothing to worry about, right?
(4) Increase exponentially, the penalty for Rapes and other sexual assaults.
(5) Increase exponentially the penalty for public officials who engage in official misconduct while in office. (That includes everyone from the Prime Minister on down to the lowest rung of the public payroll).

These necessary contacts decreases trust and increases animosity between citizens and police

If we are serious about cleaning up our country we cannot be queasy about the penalties we codify into law to deal with those who break our laws.
In societies in which crime is reduced to a bare minimum, every citizen has a chance to live their dreams and enjoy their lives as they see fit.
Crime is one of the greatest impediments to personal and collective growth. Jamaica, is no exception to that rule, and so, despite the supposed work ethic of our people, the country can only eke out a marginal best case growth rate of 1.30 %.
According to tradingeconomics.com, Jamaica has one of the slowest growing economies in the Caribbean. Services, with tourism employing 10 percent of the population, is the most important sector of the economy and accounts for around 60 percent of GDP. 

dismantling Garrisons and expanding sporting leagues would go a long way to disincentive criminal activities.

The nation’s leaders on both sides of the political divide talk a good game about increasing the gross domestic product.
What they refuse to acknowledge is that their love and support for lawlessness has made it impossible for the country to see any meaningful growth.
The continuation and perpetuation of the garrison culture which keeps the residents of these communities impoverished and thereby dependent and beholden to crime figures, are some of the greatest threats to the solvency and legitimacy of the Jamaican state.
At the same time, the Garrisonization of the Island is not something on the wane. politicians in both major political parties see the garrison culture as strategic to gaining and continued hold on state power.
Consequently, the chances of any meaningful change in the way of dismantling the garrisons, and freeing the citizens from the tentacles of the so-called area leaders o/c “Dons”, remains a distant dream for thinking Jamaicans.

Race, The Toxic Shame Of American Policing…

An innovative African-American woman Jackie Carter, supposedly aghast at the Minnesota police murder of Philando Castile in 2016 has created a transparent paper receptacle pouch called the (not reaching) pouch.
The idea that a civilian would have to create something that she hopes would prevent traffic stop deaths is horrifying.
Police of their own volition decide to stop members of the motoring public, therefore the police should not be in the business of endangering the lives of citizens when they make that decision to constrict people’s movement.
Only in situations in which a stopped motorist threatens the life of a cop, should lethal force become an issue. As a former police officer, I am horrified to see what is passing for the reasonable killing of our fellow human beings by the police who people believe is there to protect them.
Philando Castile a hard-working Minnesota man worked at a school district in his state and was legally registered to carry a gun.
On the day that trigger-happy cop Jeronimo Yanez pulled him over and asked to see his ID mister, Castille had his fiance Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old  daughter with him in the car.

Jeronimo Yanez

None of that was enough to save his life even though he clearly told the cop pointing a gun on him that he wasn’t reaching for the weapon but was trying to give him the documents he demanded.that he was getting the documents he demanded to see.
Yanez said he though Castile was reaching for a gun. He later said in court, “had no choice,” and that he “thought he was going to die.” But Castile pleaded before his death that he “wasn’t reaching.”

Philando Castile kiled by a cop who pulled him over for an alleged broken tail-light….

Yanez unloaded a barrage of bullets into Castille as he tried to get his identification.
In creating the pouch, the innovative Jackie Carter said “I’m more fearful [for my son] in a car here than [when he’s serving] in Afghanistan,” Carter told NBC BLK. Ms. Carter is the mother of a 30-year-old son.
Philando Castille was 32-years-old when he was gunned down by a frightened little boy who wore a police officer’s uniform but was no more deserving of that uniform that a five-year-old little boy.

Unfortunately, the pouch created by Ms. Carter will not change anything but if it saves one life it will all be worth it.
Philando Castile was with his family in his car, he told the cop he was a licensed carrier of a weapon.
At the time Jeronimo Yanez opened fire on him he was still strapped in his seatbelt and had made no move to unbuckle it.
Yanez’s partner and former schoolmate Joseph Kauser was on the other side of the car and did not even see the need to unholster his service weapon. Yet Jeronimo Yanez fired four bullets into Mister Castile’s seat-belt strapped body killing him on the spot.
Anyone trained in policing knows that the position of Yanez to Mister Castile meant that in order for Castile to have posed a threat to him he would have to pull a weapon and then turn to his left aim the weapon and hope to hit Yanez who was not in the line of sight.
Philando Castile would also have to do so with Yanez’s partner on the other side with a clear shot at him still strapped in the car.
What man opens fire on a cop while his wife and kid are in the car? Yet a St Paul jury acquitted Yanez who told the court he thought he was in danger of dying. The damage was done even before Yanez went to trial as local papers literally painted him a choirboy.
Despite Mister Castile’s demise, Jeronimo Yanez walked out of court a free man.
To add insult to injury the city of Saint Anthony, in a separation agreement gave Yanez $48,500 for agreeing to leave the department.
So after killing mister Castile he was acquitted and paid with the resident’s tax dollars for the murder.

Philando Castile lost his life because there is not enough value on Black lives. I would bet my last dollar that Jeronimo Yanez, a Hispanic cop would never fire his weapon in a car in which there was a white family.
In fact, Jeronimo Yanez would absolutely not fire his weapon into an automobile in which a Hispanic/Latino family were the occupants.
The shocking yet inescapable truth is that law enforcement in America does not value African-American people enough to speak to them respectfully, not escalate situations much less respect our lives.
And so even as I recognize the good heart and the thought process of Ms. Carter in creating this product, I doubt it will help much.
The gun has become a weapon of choice for police when they interact with Black citizens.
Police are not peace officers in the black community, they are enforcers, there to keep the community in its place.

JLP Can Ill-afford Not To Position The Nation Into The Future…

Newly elected member of parliament Ann-Marie Vaz

The elections are over and things will go back to normal, politically at least.
Ann-Marie Vaz, a political neophyte, was able to eke out a 300 plus vote win, becoming the first female member of parliament in East Portland’s history.
Vaz, has name recognition, her husband Daryl Vaz, is also a member of parliament in the parish.
Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to brush off her win as simply a result of her name.
Ann-Marie Vaz came to the political theatre as a housewife. Despite her lighter hue and societal connections, she was not spared the ugliness of Jamaica’s elitists system which sees those without a college degree as useless in any process.
Her opponent, the PNP’s Damion Crawford, an eminently educated young man, demonstrated that despite his formal education, he was not extremely bright when he referenced Ann-Marie Vaz’s lack of formal education and hyped his own educational [bona fides].
Now granted Crawford’s loss may not be blamed for his lapse into elitism for which he was forced to apologize, Vaz’s victory is a win for every smart housewife and house-husband who want to serve their country but never went to University.
The slew of by-election wins for the governing Jamaica Labor Party may have an even more ominous meaning for the PNP than Crawford’s elitism.

Damion Crawford

The Portland Eastern seat was made vacant by the heinous murder of longtime Member of Parliament Dr. Lynvale Bloomield of the PNP.
The People’s National Party has been in control of the East Portland Constituency for the last thirty years(30). That is the most significant takeaway when the PNP does its post mortem on this latest defeat.
Set aside that fact that the party has lost a string of by-elections after its massive general elections defeat at the hands of the JLP, this defeat of the party’s most popular standard bearer by an untested newcomer, has huge ramifications for the PNP.
For 22-years the People’s National Party held office from the late ’80s through the 90,s and mid 2’000’s.
In an unexplained leap of faith, the Jamaican people refused to put the JLP back in office after Seaga lost to Michael Manley in 88, until Bruce Golding eked out a win in 2007.
Between Michale Manley who was given an inexplicable fresh start in 1988 after his [mea-culpa], Percival Patterson and Portia Simpson Miller, the trio from hell made a mockery of Governance, and changed our country forever, and not for the better.

Peter Phillips

Many Jamaicans, including this writer, sadly began accepting that the party of Alexander Bustamante and Hugh Lawson Shearer had become a filler party, given a chance, only when the people are tired of the PNP.
Not to be outdone, the PNP arrogantly mistook the people’s chastisement of the JLP for it’s perceived arrogance at times, to mean that Jamaica was PNP Country.
As in most Democratic Nations, it is a tiny sliver of around 5-10% of the electorate, middle of the road voters, who determine elections.
Jamaica is hardly any different in that regard.
Despite this, the Andrew Holness led JLP was able to wipe out a double-digit seat deficit and win the legislature in a single seat majority in the 63-seat legislative body.
That one seat majority gave the JLP the ability to form the Government and gave Andrew Holness his own mandate to lead the country.
For those familiar with Jamaican politics and the impact garrison politics has on the electoral process, there is an understanding of the impressive nature of the JLP’s victory in the general.
The string of unlikely by-election wins by the party, have been in of themselves, individually and collectively, [coup-de-grace] over the PNP.

Andrew Holness PM

The failure of the PNP to tangibly demonstrate it’s fitness to lead and set a course, not just for the close of the twentieth century, but for ushering in the 21st century is more than enough reason for young voters to look elsewhere.
Elsewhere toward the younger Andrew Holness, as against the old tired and jaded Peter Phillips who has the personality of a brick wall when matched against the last leader of that party, Portia Simpson Miller.
In the same way that political partisans tend to place party over country, they tend to place self over party.
Peter Phillips the personality-deficient leader of the PNP is still smart enough to know that Damion Crawford is the most popular member of the leadership of the PNP.
He is also conversant that Crawford has aspirations on Jamaica house.
It is not out of the ordinary to conclude that Damion Crawford was sent to East Portland to blunt those aspirations.
Crawford is a bright young man, not a brilliant politician. He has made some strategic blunders, not the least of which was his latest by leaving the Senate in order to contest the seat in the lower chamber.
Surely this loss has done damage to Crawford’s credibility as a potential leader for his party, in the sense that he was rejected by voters in the upper Saint Andrew seat now held by Juilet Holness and now this latest debacle in east Portland.

There is a general feeling that the voters are largely fed up with the People’s National Party, and so it is the JLP’s turn.
The JLP has been known for some degree of arrogance and Elitism, classism, and contempt in some quarters for the man from the streets.
The JLP has always been the party which offered the best plan for a stable well-established society.
The PNP, on the other hand, has demonstrated a keen understanding of the plight of the common man.
Michael Manley’s raft of social-welfare programs has earned the party the endearment of ordinary people.
Unfortunately, handouts funded by big Government bankrupts nations.
Likewise, it is important that the ruling JLP learn the lessons the PNP failed to learn. By eschewing corruption and arrogance the JLP has the opportunity today to once and for all place Jamaica on a sure economic footing which will guarantee a better Jamaica for generations to come.
None of this is possible however as long as this administration continues to mirror the PNP in its failed social engineering strategies on crime.

Govt. Mum On Questionable Appointment Of Civilian Driver To Ass/Supt.

Two days ago we reported on the shocking news that a former staff sergeant of the Jamaica Defense Force(JDF), and driver to the then head of the army and present Commissioner of police Antony Anderson, has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
We fully expected that under the rationale which exists in the security services in Jamaica members of the Military are all knowing and thus capable of filling every void to be filled in every discipline.
We have seen former military people moved to head the Football Federation. Moved to head the Primary Law Enforcement Agency even though they have zero Law-enforcement experience. Moved to head other areas of civil society as well.
There is really nothing wrong with having a pool of reservists from which to draw talent when needed, particularly when they really do not have much to do.
After all, I don’t think Trinidad and Tobago are about to invade anytime soon.
I for one have written several articles encouraging compulsory military service as one way to try to bring some semblance of discipline to the nation’s youth.
Others have argued that doing so would only be giving organized training to a bunch of people who are predestined to be criminals.
I respectfully disagree.
The State of Israel, though not one of my favorite places has done that without any of the consequences people fear.

I have not heard a response from the Administration in Kingston and the Opposition PNP is no friend of the Police either, so I do not expect to hear them jump on this issue. Defending the Police is not among the things the PNP would want to use in it’s Opposition to the Government’s policies. Even though that memo hasn’t yet reached some members of the police force who still give allegiance to these two criminal gangs.
This story should not be a 3-day wonder after which the country simply move on and all is forgotten.
That is what they are hoping will happen. I have noticed that individual bloggers and podcasters have picked up this story and are bringing it to the streets as only they can.
The truth is we cannot trust the established Media to tell the truth to the people.
They are fully immersed in the morass of local political considerations to fully and professionally tell the people what’s really happening. In addition to that, the media made itself an enemy of the police so we do not expect any truth-telling from local media.
Recent reporting bears out, that the Jamaican people do not trust the Media and clearly with good reason and about time.

There are many versions of events which led to this monumental appointment, not the least of which is that this person, Joel Hamilton, has skills not available in the 10’000 strong[JCF].
To those mouthpieces who want to make the argument that this person brings skills that the force should be glad to have him, I say why not make Mister Hamilton a consultant, if that is so?
If it is borne out that he has useful skills, make him a consultant, why give him Rank which stifles people who have served and are waiting their turn?
The Rank of Assistant Superintendent was removed from the JCF over recent times along with the Rank of Acting Corporal.
Nevertheless, Mister Hamilton was appointed to the Rank and had it backdated to ensure that he receives back pay at that rank.
That is corruption!
As a friend pointed out to me, the rank of Assistant Superintendent was created as a “Supernumerary.”Meaning they can use that Rank to elevate someone whom they believe can be of service to the JCF.
I disagree with the idea of a Supernumerary position on the face of it, because the very meaning of the term denotes [ Exceeding the required or desired number or amount; superfluous:]
On that basis alone there should not be a Rank for that reason.
As I pointed out in a previous Article police departments hire consultants all the time without giving them rank. There is absolutely no justification for giving this or any civilian who has not undergone police training a police Rank, much less a senior gazetted Rank.
The JCF is an agency which is set up in the shape of a pyramid. Young constables aspire to making it to the top spot through [education], good conduct, hard work, and whatever other criteria the agency sees fit to put in place.
When they bring people in and place them over the hard-working people who have paid their dues, it destroys morale, reduces unit cohesion, and breeds resentment, among a whole list of other negatives some seen, some unseen.

,The JCF belongs to the Jamaican people, they must decide whether they want to see the continuous slide of this agency despite the huge sums of their tax dollars they put into this agency each year for their protection.
As such, the people themselves will have to take a more active role in determining whether they want the JCF ruined and replaced with anarchy.
The rural folks who offer up their sons and now increasingly their daughters as well, have a stake in maintaining their police force.
The two political parties have taken steps which are antithetical to the wellbeing of the JCF while blaming the Department for its own actions.
The high attrition rate from the JCF is a very good indicator that the young people who join are dissatisfied and those already in are not doing much, out of disenchantment with the way they are treated.
In response, the Government and its lackeys in the so-called high command, instituted measures which literally makes ita crime punishable with a prison term, for members to leave without giving a six-month advanced notice to them.

No one takes the JCF seriously anymore, some would have you believe that the reason behind that is that the police are irredeemably corrupt.
Not true, Police Departments in the CARICOM region and even in the United States are happy to absorb former members of the JCF into police departments.
When that happens our members outshine their compatriots.
Additionally, Jamaican cops serve with distinction across the Globe as part Of United Nations missions.
The actions of Government dictates the way the population reacts to the rule of law and law enforcement officers.
The attacks on members of the JCF are a direct result of this Administration’s disrespect for the police.
Members of the PNP need take no comfort in my statements, the PNP is no better.
Instead of shoring up the rule of law and giving support to the police the JLP for its part installed INDECOM and we have all seen how that has worked out for the average Jamaican.
Criminals have become super emboldened, they kill at will.
Criminals killed by police have dropped precipitously.
Innocent Jamaicans killed by Criminals have increased exponentially.

On the other hand, the Police have pulled back from going after the murderers because shooting a known murderer in a shoot out brings out Terrence Williams, and the British interloper Hamish Campbell, who framed black men in England before arriving in Jamaica to tell us how to do policing.
Clearly, Jamaicans still have a way to go in shedding the belief that whites are their intellectual superiors.
Fake witnesses are created and the officers are arrested and dragged before the anti-police (excuses for courts) like common criminals. (criminals judging the innocent)
But the Government will not admit that they were wrong. That the money used in the creation and maintenance of INDECOM should have been used to improve the JCF technologically. Providing better equipment, more non-lethal weapons, a better court system which moves cases along in a timely fashion. New Judges who understand that criminals belong in prison. And new legislation which sends criminals to prison.
Most importantly, pay the police a livable wage and beef up the existing oversight which was working fine, in fact, had produced far greater returns and with far less rancor and bad blood than INDECOM can ever imagine.


There is a voice memo floating out there on Social Media which many have said is the voice of Joel Hamilton.
We cannot determine its authenticity, additionally, we have no desire to elevate it. Subsequently, we have chosen not to post that audio clip to this site.
Nevertheless, if the clip is in fact, the voice of Hamilton, it demonstrates why this supposed former soldier does not belong in the JCF.
It demonstrates further that he has zero respect for the force, it’s members and shows that he considers members of the JCF his enemies.
There is no one speaking for the Police Department in Jamaica.
As a former serving member, I recognized long ago that the gazetted Ranks were a bunch of political hacks, boot-licking cowards, and a bunch of news carriers who would not stand for the officers under their command, instead, they would readily sacrifice them for a promotion and a pat on the back.
In the time since I left the department in the early ’90s much has changed but the Gazetted Ranks is still a bunch of pathetic cowards beholden to the Island’s dirty politicians.

The Government owes an explanation to the members of the JCF below the Rank of Assistant Superintendent and the Jamaican people why this civilian was given a Senior Police Rank without the appropriate and requisite training.
If this is not done, the members of the JCF must decide whether they will acknowledge any orders or directions from this fraudulent Assistant Superintendent.
I have omitted to mention the Police Federation which represents the Rank and file for a good reason.
It would be a waste of time to expect that the usurpers who populate the Federation at this time would actually stand up and do their damn job.

Since this article was first published, we have received word that the head of the JCF’s communication unit,  came out with the same tired old lines which makes the Department look more and more stupid every day.
Deputy Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, pushed back at the criticisms, saying the former JDF staff sergeant was never promoted to the rank of assistant superintendent.
Instead, she said that Hamilton, who has nearly two decades of security experience, resigned as district constable before he was appointed through the normal channels.
In other words, the appointment is not a promotion, even though the former bodyguard to Anderson is now an Assistant Superintendent of Police.
Not only is this explanation stupid Dahlia Garrick is stupid for trying to sell that nonsense to the public.
The guy is a glorified security guard. The Police are security professionals.
The fact that Anderson brought his driver/security to the JCF he heads because he does not trust the police to protect him, says all the nation need to know about this arrangement.


We Allowed A Small Group Uptown To Tell Us What To Do About Vicious Criminals….

“Come back and Invest in JAMAICA.”
That is the cry we hear repeatedly, almost daily.
Yet what has Jamaica done for its part? Is it supposed to be a one-way street, or is there a fee that Jamaicans in the diaspora owe to Jamaica for having left the Island?
An old Jamaica proverb, “one hand cannot clap.”
Jamaicans living in the Diaspora invest in Jamaica each and every day in a litany of different ways.
I own and operate a small business in New York State and daily I see people come in to send Digicel and Flow credits back home to their loved ones. Usually at great sacrifice to themselves and their families
I also see them send much money back during the years through Jamaica National when I operated as an agent for that company. They send money back through Western Union and Money Gram and others.
They send back barrels and boxes and container loads of goods in support of their friends and family back home.
If we eliminate from this equation the criminals who send back guns ammunition and other contraband, we cannot but agree that this is highly commendable.

Many of these Institutions thrive because of the diaspora’s money

Jamaicans send back hundreds of millions each year into savings accounts maintained in Banks and Credit Unions and other financial Institutions. Jamaicans send back all kinds of support to individuals and organizations as well.
I too have letters in my office thanking me for the small help I could personally give.
Jamaicans have returned and built homes, they purchase property and start businesses.
For those people, Jamaica has failed them, lawyers rip them off, they are robbed and even murdered.
What has Jamaica done in bringing criminals under control?
They stopped hanging the scumbags, then they refuse to let the police go after them, and on the rare occasion one of the pieces of garage gets convicted in the liberal criminal colluding court system the appellate courts get paid off to release them on concocted technicalities.

Supreme Court building , King street Kingston

Ask yourselves, why is there such a high attrition rate in the police department?
Ask yourselves, why the ones who stay do the bare minimum?
They know that the system is a fraudulent system which does nothing to stop criminals but sits with its hands out begging and asking people who work their asses off in hostile environments to keep giving more.
Well guess what people are beginning to wise up, they have one life and they are careful how they handle that one life.

Marching for peace as this one in August town, is an acknowledgment that we are at war and a sign of surrender to the criminals who hold the state to ransom.(file photo)

We may disagree with how some of us speak on this issue for sure. We all know that in our little Jamaica patriotism is reduced to anyone who never left the Island, or worse case anyone who left but returned to live.
Nowadays those who have given the least in service to nation building have the most talk about patriotism.
Patriotism is reduced to those who chat the most and the loudest on social media.
Many Jamaicans living abroad would like to return to their home to spend the rest of their lives in peace, maybe provide some employment to one or more people.
What they tell me is that they would rather stay put where they are despite the less than ideal weather sometimes and of course the toxic Racism which permeates the air you can sometimes cut it with a knife.
All in all, they would rather remain where they are than end up back in their homeland dead in some bushes with their throats slashed.
Generally, because they just happened to own a little house and have a couple of dollars with which to purchase food.

Both political parties, in conjunction with the dumb pretentious class(those with the most formal education), have embarked on a path emanating out of pretense, which says we should not kill vicious murderers.
You really bright educated Elitists will quickly volunteer ‘Oh that was the decision of the British Privy Council to place a moratorium on capital punishment.
Guess what, save me the bullshit. Jamaica has had more than enough time to write a new Constitution, or amend the one we have and fully depart from the British skirt-tails. It has been well over half a century since they unceremoniously dumped us in 1962.
Oh, you thought we had won Independence?

Kingston Jamaica during the 1900’s

England could easily bear to declare an end to capital punishment. Their society is not flooded with violent murderers who wantonly gun down innocent men women and children simply because they can.
Their society isn’t flooded with high powered weapons. Their society isn’t even flooded with handguns.
In 2018 England and Wales thought they were having a major event in their country of 49.5 million they experienced a murder rate which crept over 130 for the year.
If England had 300 murders annually they would return to capital punishment.
We have well over 1600 annually with a population of 2.8 million and we have stupidly followed a developed society’s policy by not putting down vicious killers.
In addition to that, England continues to purge from its society, any person of color who may have committed an infraction, much less serious crimes, in its latest iteration of ethnic cleansing.

Parts of downtown Kingston Jamaica today

How did we become such stupid people?
How could a people who rose up and took over the reins of education after 1962 and did such a damn good job of it suddenly lose focus in the ’70s and have now become the laughing stock of the CARICOM region and one of the most violent places on planet Earth?
There was a reason we were progressing before we changed course in 1972.
Criminals knew where they stood and we were building Schools and Hospitals at a record pace.
Our economy was flourishing through Bauxite, Agriculture, Tourism and new Investments as a result of high Investor confidence fueled by our then rather low crime rate.
Most importantly Hugh Lawson Shearer was Prime Minister and Criminals knew that they had no sanctuary.

A Cornered Critter….

Nothing gives me more delight than to see a Racist cringe and squirm when cornered with facts about their racism. Call me sadistic if you want, I have no regrets about the joy I feel at their discomfort.
Reason being, Racism is a malady easily cured with information, openness, and eschewing hatred.

On Wednesday I got to salivate at another example of that discomfort, this time it was in the hearing room in the US Capitol building, as the House Oversight Committee conducted hearings in the ongoing Trump Russia saga, with Michael Cohen Trump’s former personal lawyer testifying to the committee.
Quite predictably, with one minor exception, the entire Republican questions to Michael Cohen was about his character.
Not one Republican member cared to ask a single question regarding the crimes Cohen alleged that Donald Trump committed.
In a shocking yet predictable display of slavish fealty, the world watched as the Republican members of the committee demonstrated that they were nothing more than cheap water carriers for Donald Trump.

But it was Mark Meadows who squirmed under the spotlight as a freshman member of the Committee, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan’s 13th District trained her fire on the corruption and later on Mark Meadows the leader of the so-called Freedom caucus on the Republican side.
In a stirring address to the committee, Congresswoman Tlaib went straight to the corruption rampant in the Trump White House.

Rashida Tlaib addresses the committee

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman for centering this committee on our sole purpose: exposing the truth. Some of my colleagues can’t handle the truth and this unfortunate because it is at the center of protecting our country. “The people at home are frustrated and want the criminal schemes to stop, especially those from the Oval Office. “Mr. Cohen, I am upset, and know that my residents feel the same way, that the man you worked for the past 10 years, is using the most powerful position in the world, to hurt our country solely for personal gain. “We are upset that some of my colleagues here are so disconnected of what it means to have this President of the United States sending checks to cover bribe payments you made on his behalf. One in March 2017 and another one August 2017 after he was sworn in as President. “They (my residents) are all upset that while my colleagues are trying to discredit your testimony by some of your own unlawful acts and lies, that they are disconnected with the fact that you were the personal lawyer for this President of the United States. That this President chose YOU as his legal counsel. “My stance has always been the same based on the facts of what we know not of some future report that we are waiting on. My residents back home don’t need a collusion cause with a foreign government to know that the President, Individual 1, has disregarded the law of the land, the US Constitution, that he has even misused his pardon powers. “In the sentencing memo filed by federal prosecutors in New York in December of last year, they stated, quote: “’In particular, and as Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1.’
“Mr. Cohen, as you know President Donald Trump “brand” comes first, not the American people.  Based on what we know now is that individual 1 used his money, businesses, and platform to enrich himself, his brand, and in the process directed you, Mr. Cohen, to commit multiple felonies and cover it up. You called it “protecting his brand great,” correct?“Mr. Cohen, with this, do you think the President is making decisions in the best interests of Americans? Especially those that you said he used horrible words about? African Americans? Muslims Americans? Immigrants?

Lynne Patton, 

But then Congresswoman Tlaib directed her fire at Mark Meadows who in the most asinine way imaginable, brought an African-American woman to the committee as a prop to demonstrate to the world that Donald Trump could not be a racist as alleged by Michael Cohen, because she worked for Donald Trump.
The woman in question, a non-committee member Lynne Patton, was brought in by Meadows and made to stand on the GOP side of the dais while Meadows berated Michael Cohen in front of the entire world.
Patton, a former party planner for the Trump Organization and old friend of Cohen’s, who now oversees public housing in New York and New Jersey for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, stood silently as Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) pointed to her, a black woman:
“Lynne Patton says she would not work for a man who is racist,” the congressman said, after Cohen had referred to Trump in his prepared remarks as a racist. “She disagrees with you.”
Micahel Cohen recommended Patton to Donald Trump for employment. So to use Patton against Cohen was in a word, ‘stupid.”
And on that congresswoman Tlaib was merciless.

Just to make a note Mr. Chairman, just because someone has a person of color, a Black person working for them, does not mean that aren’t racist. And it’s insensitive, some would even say racist in itself, to use a Black woman as a prop to prove otherwise. “Donald Trump is setting a precedent that the highest office can be attained through intentional illegal activity, cover up, and to hold onto business assets to break campaign finance law and constitutional clauses. “What we have here is criminal conduct in the pursuit of the highest public office by Mr. Cohen and Individual 1. I hope that the gravity of this situation hits everyone in this body, in Congress, and across the country.”

Like a cornered Critter, Mark Meadows was livid at Tlaib, he lashed out claiming that Patton had come to the hearing of her own volition…………………………….. Right!
Meadows also pointed to the fact that members of his own family were people of color. It’s racist to suggest I asked her to come in for that reason,” Meadows said.
Meadows demanded that Congresswoman Tlaib’s exchange be “stricken from the record” and adamantly denied allegations of racism. 

Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows must have forgotten that he was videotaped in 2012 making racist comments against President Barack Obama.
2012 is the time we’re going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is,” Meadows said at a June 9, 2012, rally. “We’re going to do it!” Three days later, he made a similar remark at a Tea Party event.

Now I really don’t want to spend any more time talking about Mark Meadows, a backwater unenlightened tea-party racist. Already too much thought has been given to this two-bit ignoramus who cowered like a cornered dog begging the black chairman of the committee, Elijah Cummings to come to his defense.
Frankly, if you are not a racist there is no need for anyone to come to your defense to vouch for you. You would have a record of doing things which are not racists.
Unfortunately for Meadows, he is the tip of the spear when it comes to white entitlement and white racism in America.
The idea that he believed that bringing Patton in, and using her as a prop, would be something which would blunt charges of racism against Donald Trump is insanely preposterous on its face.
Not to mention Meadows’ insensitivity to the ignorant racism within himself and far too many white Americans who claim not to be racist, but whose actions are the personification of racism.

As for the prop, I won’t give her any more thought either. Any person of color, least of all an African-American who allows him/herself to be used in that degrading and transparent a racist manner, deserves to be used in that degrading and racist manner.
As the late, great James Baldwin said “I am not your negro.”

Breaking: R. Kelly Indicted On 10 Counts Of Aggravated Sexual Abuse, No-Bail Arrest Warrant Approved

Anne Branigin

Photo: Getty

There were decades of allegations. There was a criminal trial on charges of child pornography. There were hashtag campaigns and open letters. There was a high-profile series documenting the stories of his alleged victims. Now, there is a no-bail warrant out for Robert “R.” Kelly on 10 counts of aggravated child sexual abuse, approved by a Cook County judge on Friday. 
Multiple outlets, including the Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today, are reporting the new charges may have stemmed from a recently surfaced video provided by attorney Michael Avenatti, allegedly showing Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The prominent attorney’s comments on Twitter also point to this.

“It’s over,” tweeted Avenatti as news of the charges came in. “The day of reckoning for R Kelly has arrived.”

According to USA Today, a spokeswoman for the Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx confirmed to the Associated Press that charges had been filed against the embattled R&B singer. Foxx has scheduled a press conference for 3:00 pm E.T. to go over the new charges, with Avenatti holding one immediately after. Kelly’s first court date is slated for March 8, according to court records. Kelly was recently released by his record label, RCA, following a backlash against the singer spurred by the dream hampton-helmed docu-series Surviving R. Kelly. The documentary contained no new allegations against the singer but focused on sharing the stories of survivors who said Kelly had groomed, coerced, and abused them for years—with the aid of his inner circle.

Are We A Nation Of Majority Criminal/s/supporters?

Discussions of criminal acts on social media reveal a shocking truth. There are far more people supportive of murderous criminals than you may have imagined.
To be truthful, it depends on the country in which the crimes are committed.
As you may know, we Jamaicans have a real predictable response to this, “Well, crime is everywhere”. Or better yet, “krime de ebery weh“.
It’s hard to argue with that point of view. Fortunately, we aren’t talking about whether criminals are everywhere. We can all agree that wherever there are humans there will always be some moron willing to steal, kill, or otherwise act outside the bounds of decency.
What we are really talking about when we continue to harp on the issue of crime, is the actual levels of criminality and not whether it exists at all.

So two things come to mind when we read the comments on social media, when the question of a violent criminal is the subject under discussion.
(1) That there is a silent majority of Jamaicans, who even under the cover of anonymity, are too scared to speak out against crime and criminals.
(2) That the country has changed so drastically over the last three decades that the vast majority of the people are murderous criminals or related to them somehow.
Now I know that -that characterization may be a bit much but a peek at the comments on these issues is enough to drive dread into any regular person’s heart. I know it does mine.

We have a bi-polar nation which sometimes says all of the right things on crime then does all of the wrong things.
The two political parties which rule the country agree on one thing and one thing only. Crime serves their interest.
On the singular important question of how crime is to be handled, there is absolutely no daylight between the two parties.
They both agree that the zones of political exclusions they created to ensure state power is good for them.
Across Africa, the generation of freedom fighters who survived the wars against European colonization saw themselves as owners of their respective countries.
European colonization was replaced with tin-pan dictatorships which further enslaved and disenfranchized their people.
The generation which took over from the British colonizers in 62 in our country adopted the same posture and Garrison politics was born.
It is the very same system of disenfranchisement in which those living in the zones of political exclusions, trade fealty and a lifetime of enslavement for a few cheap favors doled out by their political masters.
Those living outside the zones of exclusions are no less victimized, because it comes down to which of the two competing political gangs have the most seats locked away, pretty much decided before a single vote is cast.

Sometimes politicians hide and do things which benefits themselves and sometimes they do those things in the open.
Donald Trump says what he does is done in the open so he is not obstructing justice.
It seems Jamaica’s politicians are reading from the same script as they tact in the same direction.
(1) They make laws which empower criminals and makes it harder for victims and law enforcement.
(2) They create agencies which lobby and ensures criminal rights, nothing for victims of crimes, not even a mention.
(3) They pay lip service to law enforcement but empowers gangsters and murderers.
(4) We sometimes tell ourselves that our political leaders are stupid because of the steps they take. But are they really stupid or are they really astute?

They are not dumb, they know that high numbers of violent crimes impoverishes the people. They know that a nation that is inundated with violent crime is never going to attract enough investments to make that country prosperous.
They know that when a country is inundated with crime, and when that country cannot generate enough revenue to pay for goods and services, that nation is forced to borrow.
They understand that a borrower is a slave to the lender. They know that when other nations fund a large slice of INDECOM’s budget and funds some of the so-called human rights lobby they have their own agendas for doing so.
Yet none of that knowledge is enough to make up for their ability to latch onto and hold state power as a result of the uneducated and dependent population and the crime which keeps investments away.

A lot of people saw this coming, police officers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and everyone in between. Those who could seek alternative residency arrangements did so.
Many would like to return to their country to now build their country.
Unfortunately, the metastasizing effect of the degenerative policies both political parties have pursued over the last five or so decades made it impossible to return and be guaranteed any degree of safety.
Though the primary role of government is to protect the people, neither political party has really stood with the silent majority of Jamaicans by enacting a strict and irrefutable slate of laws which sends a clear message to criminals and empowers law enforcement.
They are so decided on maintaining the garrisons which form their illicit bases of power that they are unwilling to stand with law enforcement against the criminal underworld.
As a consequence, the really hard-working police officers left the police department in droves. Many were demonized as killer cops and forced out through a series of draconian measures.
In their place now sits imposters and showboats who saw the police department’s promotions ladder as the perfect example of how to curry favor and acquire power without really doing the hard work.

Related image

The astronomical high attrition rate of young officers from the police department and the Government’s subversive methodologies employed to keep officers from leaving when they chose to, is a clear indication that officers no longer find the JCF a place of honor and integrity. They no longer believe that they can make a difference in an agency which is set up to fail.
Neither of the two main political parties is invested in a Jamaica free from high numbers of violent crimes.
As a consequence, criminals have no compunction about fighting and killing police officers.
Whichever party forms the government usually stays mum in the face of assaults on police officers and police facilities.
If cop killers are caught and placed before the courts they are immediately given bail, and if convicted there are no real penalties for their crimes.
If the officers manage to overcome the attacks and take out their attackers the state spares no resource in going after them with a view to putting them in jail.
If ever there was a request for a blueprint on how to make a country a paradise for criminals, Jamaica is a case study.
College courses may be taught on how to take a beautiful country and stupidly destroy it while deluding yourself that you are making progress.
Some of the most distressing aspects of this are that the arguments used by the Island’s decision makers. They borrow narratives from places like the United States which demonizes the concept of “para-military policing.”
Try firing off a gun, it doesn’t have to be aimed at anyone, in any State of the United States, you will have a pretty good education in para-military policing.
Otherwise called “Militarized policing.” Yet the Americans are like we are deporting everyone with whom we ever disagreed.
We love our militarized police. Even though you are getting the deportees back your police should all be Patsies.

Britain Dumps Deportees On Jamaica Hamish/Campbell Persecutes Police With Fake Affidavits

We have had some really nincompoop Ministers of National Security over the years, but Horace Chang seems to be in the hunt to be a Jackass extraordinaire.
Yes, I know it may seem like I’m just beating up on the guy, but the man is a literal walking contradiction.
It is like every time he opens his mouth the only thing he manages to do is to stuff his foot in it.
I mean the guy is a Doctor, so he cannot be that dense, but he is demonstrating what I have always believed that smarts in one field do not mean a lack of ignorance in everything else.
Lord knows I have met a bunch of educated dunces in my lifetime.

Chang started off by saying that the police force, his party inherited was nothing more than “a glorified security guard company.” Kudos to those poor low esteem stiffs putting their lives on the line to protect this piece of shit.
There are many people who actually hate the shit out of the PNP, I am one of those people, but with people like this guy making stupid statements about a group of people numbering over 8’000, it is no wonder that for decades people have said that the JLP is an elitist party of and for the rich.
Sure the previous Administration was a bunch of thieves and criminal supporting punks who gave government contracts to know criminals.
That is where the focus ought to be. Instead of speaking to those truths Chang opened his mouth and out flowed a torrent of shit.
As if the initial foul-up was not cringe-worthy enough, last week in the heat of a well-publicized assault on a police sergeant in Spalding Manchester, Chang spoke out of turn again demonstrating his utter ignorance on policing matters.
Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is a medical doctor, but that is exactly why he shouldn’t be speaking on the intricacies of policing without consulting with actual police officers.
Much the same way a police officer should not be speaking about internal medicine.
Speaking to a Lion’s Club of Kingston luncheon at the Jamaica Pegasus, Chang told his elitist friends. “Had he had any of the equipment of modern policing, he could have been easily trained that in the face of a hostile crowd of vendors and taxi drivers who can be quite aggressive to the police, to use one of the non-lethal weapons to intercept and control the crowd.” 
In reference to the police sergeant who was forced to use lethal force to repel a determined attack on his person.

Here again, Chang dove in head first giving a bunch of up-towners, (sipping champagne in the middle of the day), information on policing techniques.
The only problem is that Chang did not know what the hell he was talking about, but this seems to be a pattern with this Minister.
The police officer in question responded in a split second scenario, in which his very life was threatened.

(#1) Neither a taser, baton, or pepper spray would have come close to neutralizing the threat of that attack on that officer. Even if the officer was so equipped with those tools, the officer certainly would not have had enough time to pull and deploy either of those weapons and for all intents and purposes he would have been overpowered and potentially harmed or worse, had he not gone to his nuclear option in response to that threat.

(#2) Chang also told the gathering that quote,” guns would be for a killer crowd. Those (the absent tools) are basic equipment and we have not equipped our police force effectively.” 
The idea that a crowd which egged on a bus driver to physically attack a uniformed police officer, threaten the lives of the officers after the driver was shot, to the point they had to seek refuge in a supermarket, and damage a police service vehicle was not a “killer crowd” is nauseatingly stupid.
That was the crowd which the two officers should have used their baton or taser on, according to Horace Chang the expert[sic] (A taser is only partially useful against a single offender).
A Baton is not a useful weapon against an angry ginned-up crowd.

But this kind of talk is nothing new, it is part and parcel of the methodologies which are used to talk down the seriousness of attacks on police officers.
The leftist judges mete out admonishments for attacks on police officers, while police officers are persecuted and imprisoned for using force against criminals in the lawful execution of their duties.
This is a sick upside down concept of justice which has turned a once pristine place to live and raise a family into a veritable killing field.
The idea is to render the attacks less serious with a view toward making officers lethal response less credible.
This has been occurring for decades and as you have seen in the second video, there is never any shortage of lying supposed witnesses to incidents of police use of force but no one sees anything when criminals gun down citizens in broad daylight.

This seems to be the strategy of the Holness Administration. The idea it seems, is to handle violent individuals and groups of people with kid gloves, even when they attack police officers in uniform.
That explains their silence when there is incontrovertible evidence that these hooligans are attacking police officers and the force the officers are using are proportional to the attacks on them.
The lives of the police officers are disposable in this scenario as lethal force is never justified, no matter the level of threat to officers.
As I have said on countless other occasions, if the PNP and JLP were interested in solving this crime problem INDECOM would be disbanded or better it would not have been created in the first place.
The idea that hundreds of millions are wasted on INDECOM each year, and the humiliating fact that a white British overlord is brought in to help in the process of crime maintenance, a-la his administration at INDECOM is astounding.

Imagine what those hundreds of millions of dollars could do to improve crime-fighting capabilities on the Island?
Britain, is sending back plane-loads of Jamaican people to the Island. There is reporting that there are also substantial one-time payments to the government by the Brits for taking back each person returned to the country.
Some of these people are criminals, some have committed only minor infractions, others have never even been to Jamaica as adults.
Additionally, the Canadians and the Americans are deporting huge numbers of people in what can only be described as modern-day ethnic cleansings.
With the convergence of all of these criminals from these developed countries and the waste of money on INDECOM instead of putting that money to improving the Police department does anyone think that crime is about to decrease in Jamaica anytime soon?

Related image
Members of the wind rush generation went to build England.
The scapegoating of immigrants now resulting in their offsprings being kicked out.

The truth is that the country has a two-party political infrastructure which is heavily invested in the status quo. That is, they do not care to remove the building blocks of crime as long as the tourists are willing to keep coming.
They starve the police of resources and remuneration and set them up to fail, then put INDECOM in place to ensure that crime stays high. I’ve been doing some research, but I cannot find any country which is not a failed backwater hell-hole which brings in people from other countries to investigate their police officers.
Worse yet, from a hostile former colonizer which is strategically cleansing the offsprings of the generation who helped to rebuild that country. A country Hitler decimated it with his bombs.
Why is Hamish Campbell in our country encouraging liars to concoct false stories on which INDECOM is indicting and criminalizing our police officers?
I am demanding that Hamish Campbell and any other Brit in our country working against our police be returned on one of the flights taking Jamaicans home.

How The People Got Conned Into Being Dead/right…

Horace Chang

It is a tragedy that Jamaica’s leaders stick their noses into places where they ought not to, yet are totally clueless about how to fix the existential crises the Island faces at home.
The Prime Minister travelled all the way to apartheid Israel to hobnob with the racist, megalomaniac Benjamin Netanyahu last year. And of course the pathetic opposition (PNP) is dead set on it’s support for the Venezuelan wannabe strongman Nicolas Maduro.

While Jamaica sticks it’s nose into international affairs which it has no business doing, the unchecked killings continue unabated across the country as a result of policies enacted by both the governing (JLP) and the opposition(PNP).
Front and center of the debate is how to control the spate of killings across the Island, the vast majority of which never gets solved.

The thugs who take life when they feel like it, has long demonstrated that they are no longer afraid or concerned about the police.
Additionally, the supposed awe that they once harbored at the sight of the military in the streets has long faded.
On that score, the old adage ” familirity breeds contempt” is appropriate. Soldiers have been doing some policing duties for years. The shock and awe at the sight of the military on the streets are replaced with shrugs and yawns.

The nation’s laws are made by imperfect people, many of whom are heavily invested in the personal outcomes, country be damned.
Trial lawyers with no allegiance to the country double as legislators. They pass laws which further hamstrung the police and empower those who would be their future clients.
But it’s not just as simple as trial lawyers being legislators, it is as serious as actual legislators being active criminals.
The pathetic excuse for a national security minister (Horace Chang) stands before a crowd in St James and tells the police not to infringe on the rights of any of the people in the parish (
surrounded by his police detail).
Not that he needed the police detail, the real security are the goons in the garrisons whom their policies protect.
He had not one syllable of [charge] to the people to obey the laws, to be respectful of the police and to help the police in their fight against crime.

Of course, this should come as no surprise, Horace Chang is in charge of one of the toughest garrisons in the parish of St James if not the entire Island.
The people who head the national security apparatus are also in charge of the [favelas] in which the criminals have safe-haven with dangerous high powered weapons.
No, this is not about party politics, the Opposition leader also oversees a garrison in which the number of votes cast always exceed the number of electors living in the constituency.

It has never been that the police were incapable of dealing with the killings. What has transpired over the years is that the two political parties have embarked on a process which undermines the rule of law in the country while they pilfer from the scarce resources which ought to go toward running the country.
They relish in taking away choice from the population, which is largely illiterate and totally beholden to the political dogma they are fed.
In order to pull that scam on the masses they needed a scapegoat and so the police found itself caught between the two gangs which run the country and those which enforces the code on the streets.

Because we cannot afford to violate their human and civil rights.
By the 22nd of Janauary last year 100 homicides were reported to the police.
That number meant that just under 5 Jamaicans were killed each day.
This year has started off on a gallop as well but never mind people are dying everywhere right?
I wonder how those people feel about their human rights, or better yet, I wonder how they feel about losing the most precious gift ever given, the gift of life?
I guess we will never know.

Assessing Jamaica At The End Of 2018/ A Look At The Avoidable Failures:

June 2013, in a stunning and incomprehensible decision the US Supreme Court in a 5-4 ideological decision struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act in the case of Shelby vs Holder.
Holder being, Eric Holder the then sitting Attorney General of the United States.
The Ruling freed up nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval.
Our country has changed,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority. “While any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to current conditions..”
In layman’s language, [the law worked too well so it’s time for us to roll it back]. Never mind that there is an incessant assault against the voting rights of racial minorities today in different forms in different states.

December 2018 the People’s National Party announced it no longer supports the states of emergency in the Parish of Saint James because whatever the police are doing now they can proceed along the same path without the emergency powers which gives them the authority to lock up violent criminals for extended periods of time without charge.
Now here is the sobering reality. The state of emergency was declared in St James as a direct result of a violence level which was unprecedented.
The extent of the killings was such that it scared the rich hoteliers who were skittish about their bottom line.
Now, as I have said in a previous article there are only two or three reasons why violent crime would take a precipitous 72% drop in the parish of St James and those reasons are (a) the violence producers have taken flight (b) they are locked up by the police or (c) a combination of both (a&b).

We can have a debate about the constitutionality of locking up killers we have no evidence to charge criminally and I am prepared to debate the legitimacy of doing so.
Desperate time calls for desperate measures. If a state is to survive by taking drastic measures what better time to do so than send a message through how it treats its most violent criminals?
We may talk until we are blue in the face as the Nation’s Opposition party has done about not breaking the law to enforce the law. We may even pull out graphs and diagrams using graphs to make our point as to why we believe there is no need for a continuance of the measures.
Or we can talk to the people who are on the ground, the people who live in the communities and are terrified that if the powers are removed which gives the security forces the authority to hold violent criminals, their communities will in short order be awash in their blood and that of their loved ones.

What I find disgusting and indeed mind-numbingly ignorant is the argument being used by the PNP, that a drop in homicide in 2018 ought not be celebrated because on the Government’s watch last year 1616 homicides were reported to the police.
The contention being, since the JLP presided over the 1616 number in 2017, it should receive no credit for the fact that hundreds fewer have been murdered this year.
So if there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about the political nature of the PNP’s decision to pull its support, the latter contention ought to put those doubts to rest.

In the final analysis, the reduction in murders this year whatever the final count turns out to be should give no one comfort that the state had to flood the streets with the bodies of security personnel to realize fewer homicide numbers in specific geographical areas.
The takeaway from this is that sure, the criminals are running away from the security forces when they flood the streets in force, but as soon as they determine the movements of the security personnel they are right back at work killing and doing whatever else they do.

So clearly the solution is not in flooding the streets with bodies, even though that has an effect tantamount to that of cotton candy.
The problem is that a nation cannot survive on cotton candy but the country’s leaders are too heavily invested in the idea of fillers and fast food stopgap methods to take the time to prepare the right kind of diet which will give the nation sustenance for generations to come.
The problem here is that the nations uneducated are crying out for leadership and the educated which are supposed to give that leadership are self-centered moronic idiots who have their heads too far up their own asses to do anything about crime.
It behooves them to take a listen to Damion Crawford, but the self-important bourgeoisie are reluctant to pull their heads from their asses and listen to anyone but the sound of their own voices.
And so we get an echo chamber of nonsense from the very same dogs chasing their silly tails.

Jamaicans Unwittingly Give Thieving , Incompetent Politicians A Pass With (whataboutism)

You ever feel exasperated and just ready to throw up your hands in defeat at some of the things which happen in Jamaica?
I mean insofar as the responses from the authorities are concerned?
Okay, so it is not just me ranting and raving.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.
How on God’s green earth can people be pilfering oil from Petrojam without someone in authority knowing and is held accountable?
How is the public bus company for years able to lose money through pilfering and no one is ever held responsible?
How are politicians able to steal taxpayers money feather their nest and no one is held accountable?
Seriously, how can a gang of common punks terrorize a neighborhood without the authorities unleashing the security forces to exterminate them?
How come when they eventually pass a law to remedy a problem the problem-creators are already well ahead of the new law?
Why would a piece of legislation intended to fix a problem be stopped to get input from the perpetrators the law is initially intended to address?  

(Jamaica’s cockpit flyover country)

The sad reality is that Jamaica, like anywhere else in the world have interest groups with deep pockets and licky-licky politicians willing to do their bidding.
In many cases, the politicians are deeply conflicted as they are operating in dual roles as legislators and criminals.
And so regardless of what laws are passed, they end up being window dressing. They never quite seem to address the pressing issues they were intended to address.
The fact is that there are powerful interests which are quite comfortable with the status quo.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, the consequences are dire. What’s more shocking is that people have placed themselves in blocks from which they expend their energies defending the wrongs their party bosses do.
The strange irony is that though they defend these crocks in their party of choice they receive none of the benefits of the ill-gotten spoils.

Parts of the cockpit country

Jamaica is a mere 4’411 square miles and a population equal to that of Chicago Illinois.
Chicago is one of America’s most populous cities. Jamaica, on the other hand, has most of its population crammed into the Kingston and Saint Andrew area, Saint Catherine and in and around Montego Bay and the other metropolitian centers.
Jamaica’s mountainous terrain renders large swaths of the tiny country largely uninhabited or at best sparsely populated. (See the Island’s cockpit country)

It is a wonder these weapons do not explode when the punks attempt to fire them.

So let us do a little deductive reasoning.
But for the little band of criminals who would run into the Wareika Hills in the ’80s and early ’90s before we eliminated them, the average punk murdering people are lazy little bitches who do not want to get their hands dirty.
They are so lazy they don’t even bother to clean the expensive high powered weapons they have.
Many of you have seen the images of the weapons filled with rust recovered from these pitiful little punks.
Those doing the killings are not living in the mountains of Wareika Hills, they aren’t even willing to stay in the bushes like the Joel Andem gang once did.
So that means one thing, they are living among you.
How then can it be so difficult to find these bloodthirsty creatures and eradicate them from the equation?
Oh wait, I forgot about a fundamental fact, the security forces must never ever trample on the human rights of these demons.

Killed a security guard in broad daylight in Portmore, still not in custody.

As Jamaicans, we expend much energy on (whataboutism). “Whataboutism” is a phrase I coined to respond to the constant nonsensical attitude of many of our people.
“People get killed everyweh“.
“A nuh ungle jumeka people a ded“.
These statements are week attempts at demonstrating patriotism.
I never quite understood how deflecting from the gruesome murders and the shedding of innocent blood equates with patriotism.
The silly notion that people who talk about the killings are not patriotic is beyond inane. Any talk about killings in America when the killings in Jamaica is broached makes it appear that the average person in America is cool with the mass killings in their country.
So by that metric if the rest of the world walks off a cliff it is perfectly fine for Jamaica to walk off the cliff as well.
How absolutely asinine.

The fundamental essence of my argument is that Government can and must do a better job of dealing with these issues in this tiny country which is no more than the size and population of an American city.
Politicians cannot dip their grubby little sticky fingers into public funds and get away with agreeing to pay it back on the rare occasion that they are caught.
No one is above the laws, I do not give a rat’s ass whether you have a Dr. Ph.D.  PM. or MP before your stupid name, if you break the laws you must be treated the same way as everyone else.
Agreeing to pay back what was misappropriated is not enough if you take what is not yours or misappropriate resources under your control it is a crime.
If you participate in enjoying the proceeds of an improper use of public resources at best you are incompetent and should be shown the door.

“Whataboutism,” is the sorry simplistic capitulation to thievery and murder.
The other party did it, so its okay if our people do it.
How ridiculous is it to take that position, to surrender to graft and corruption because someone else did it.
It is the very same concept of accepting the over 1600 gruesome murders each year because of course “people gets killed everywhere.”[sic]

Help The Police Find This Murdering Scumbag

The mindless thug who summarily murdered a security officer 
Lincoln Graham is still out on the streets going about his business as if killing someone is no big deal.
Unfortunately, Jamaicans are so desensitized to these horrific murders that they split hairs about murders being committed in other countries rather than agree that one murder of our fellow countrymen is one too many.

This is the lowlife piece of garbage who murdered Lincoln Graham, hopefully the police will find him and bring justice to him for the family of that security officer who went out to earn a living the right way for himself and his family and had his life taken from him by a piece of useless garbage.

How The Tranquil Drug Of Gradualism Has Lulled African-Americans To Sleep

In the struggle to make America a better place for all of its citizens, there will have to be a reckoning among Black people along certain distinct lines.
(1) They cannot count on anyone else’s efforts in this existential fight.
(2) White women are equally as complicit in white supremacy as their male counterparts.
(3) Expecting a change of heart from the descendants of those who enslaved, murdered, raped and sodomized their fore-parents is fool’s gold.
The expectation that white women will fight for civil and gender rights because they too were victims of oppression ignores the fact that they have long done the math and have decided the benefits of white privilege far outweighs any benefits they would derive from gender equality. 
In fact, in 2018 white women have solidified themselves as the number one anti-black antagonists in the age of Trump.

The Rosewood Massacre, 1923
The burning of Rosewood

In 1923 Fanny Taylor’s lies caused the massacre of hundreds, if not thousands of black residents of Rosewood Florida.
 The massacre was instigated by the rumor that a white woman, Fanny Taylor, had been sexually assaulted by a black man in her home in a nearby community. 

In 1955 Emmet Till a 14-year old black child from Chicago was visiting relatives in Mississippi when he was murdered for allegedly [flirting] with a [white woman].
His killers, —the white woman’s husband and her brother—made Emmett carry a 75-pound cotton-gin fan to the bank of the Tallahatchie River and ordered him to take off his clothes. The two men then beat him nearly to death, gouged out his eye, shot him in the head and then threw his body, tied to the cotton-gin fan with barbed wire, into the river.

Emmet Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley’s, though ravaged by the trauma and grief of the inhuman savagery which went into the slaughter of her son decided to hold an open casket funeral on September 3, 1955.
She urged the world to look at her son’s beaten, swollen body. The body, was so disfigured that he was only identifiable by the initials on a ring on his finger, was viewed by thousands of people and photographed and published in newspapers and magazines.
Emmett Till’s old casket may be viewed at the Civil Rights exhibition at the African American History Museum, in Washington DC.

Emmett Till

In July of 1995 South Carolina native, Susan Smith decided to kill her two children. She drove her car into a lake and drowned the two children then told police they were kidnapped by a black man.
September 2018, after only three months on the job, Sherry Hall a recently hired Jackson Georgia cop shoots herself and told her bosses she was shot by …… you guessed it, a black man.
With blood in their eyes, they embarked on a two-week chase for the imaginary black man until her story fell apart and she was arrested.

The undeniable truth in the innumerable instances in which white women have used black men as foils to (a) cover up lies or (b) elicit rage from their male contemporaries, has demonstrated the devious calculation in the way they have opted to cash in on whiteness in America. 

This is America’s shame, it must be confronted and exorcised

Once there is a fundamental understanding that the three concepts outlined in paragraph one above are institutionalized impediments to change, the arduous task of self-determination, self-autonomy, and self-governance begins in a country within a country.
The idea of a gradual change has long been rubbished, even though many, even within the Black community will argue that there has been marked change in their lifetime.
The idea that a Black man was twice elected and Blacks occupying high places of power remain indelible markers of the progress of which they speak.

Dr King

The undeniable truth, however, is that despite those gains the systematic stain of racism is still deeply etched in the body politic, that if Blacks continue to accept what Dr. King once called “the tranquil drug of gradualism“, black Americans will be no further along three hundred years from today.
There is a sense of moral degeneration which permeates certain quarters which hold power in America.
This makes it almost impossible to dislodge the corrosive and cancerous consequences of racism which is literally destroying the country from within. 

Steve King  (R) Iowa

A sitting Congressman [Steve King] of Iowa who openly supports white supremacist causes across the Globe was re-elected in his district.
An appointed Mississippi US Senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Miss so enthused  with a supporter, remarked to a group of supporters,” 
“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row”
On the 27th Of November 2018, Cindy Hyde-Smith the Republican will square off in Mississippi against Democrat  Mike Espy who just happen to be black.

IMAGE: Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith
Cindy Hyde Smith

If you are reading this  and you do not know or understand the loaded back-story to Hyde-Smith’s statement, this article will be insufficient to educate you on lynchings, and the part the state of Mississippi played in that sordid part of America’s inglorious racial history.
But Hyde-Smith was not done, she publicly opined about how great it would be to prevent young people at liberal colleges from voting.
It’s needles to wonder or guess what the students of those liberal colleges look like.

It is as systemic as Florida’s new Governor-Elect at the start of his campaign telling voters not to “monkey up” the Gubernatorial race by voting for Andrew Gillum his Democratic opponent who just happened to be Black.
The people of the state of Florida did not find any of these incidents disqualifying. 
Come November 27th, Cindy Hyde-Smith will almost certainly beat Mike Espy for the Senate seat in Mississippi.
Like Ron Desantis, like Steve King, Cindy Hyde-Smith will take her place in the Government of the United States.
They will vote on issues which affect the daily lives of tens of millions of people who do not look like them and for whom they have scant, if any regard.

Chris Collins

But if you thought that these are the only ones you are deeply mistaken, In Western New York 27th Congressional District, Republican Chris Collins was re-elected despite being under Federal indictment for felony charges around insider trading.
In California’s 50th District, Republican Duncan Hunter was re-elected despite facing a federal indictment for allegedly misusing campaign funds.
You may argue that in the case of Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins nothing about their story is racial.
If you do that, you are missing the greater point about the deeper rot which permeates the politics.  So much so that even these egregious acts which are antithetical to good governance are ignored.
What chance then does deep-rooted white racism have of being uprooted by these miscreants?


Imagine breaking into a man’s house, raping his wife, stealing everything he owns, beating and humiliating him, selling his children that you haven’t killed, then forcing him to work for free.
Are you able to make that mental journey?
If so, then picture this, after he has done everything you have demanded of him, you are angry at him for fighting for his freedom.
Even if you were to give him everything you own it would not begin to compensate for the hundreds of years of dehumanizing and degrading rape, sodomy, murder, and the untold cruelty and barbarism you have subjected him to.
Now you are mad that he dares stand up to demand his right to human dignity.
You are mad because he dares to revisit his past in order to understand his present and to chart a course for his future.
How dare you?

If I said it once I’ll say it a thousand times.
The fight for Black autonomy and black respect will not be won by using other people’s soldiers.
Iowa’s Congressman  Steve King said, “You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies. You’ve got to keep your birth rate up, and that you need to teach your children your values.”
King was making the case for white supremacy and white Anglo Saxon dominance.
I’m a champion for Western civilization,” said Steve King, 
If you go down the road a few generations, or maybe centuries, with the inter-marriage, I’d like to see an America that is just so homogenous that we look a lot the same.” 

If African-Americans are going to survive against these imbeciles they better wise up to the fact that they will have to fight like hell on every front, in a fight which will require a full arsenal of wit and cunning.
This is an existential fight against annihilation and they have no compunction against removing us from the equation as if we never existed.

PM/Holness Slowly Grasping The Nexus Between Security And Prosperity

Andrew Holness Gleaner (PM)

Over the last 30-years, in particular, Jamaica has lost countless amounts of money to corrupt officials in both political parties.
The Peoples National Party (PNP) has been in power for longer periods at a time including a 141/2 year unbroken tenure leaving the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) literally in political oblivion.

(1) The furniture scandal in December 1990.
(2) The light-bulb scandal in November 2008.
(3) The chandeliers scandal.
(4) Operation PRIDE scandal.
(5) Trafigura affair.
(6) The ‘Fat Cat’ scandal.
(7) Iran sugar deal.
(8)Outameni scandal.
(10) JPS
(11) Sandals Whitehouse.
(12) Netserv.
(13) Zinc (1989)

The list of theft under this party is by far too much to mention. This list only scratches the surface of the scandals in which the PNP has been involved costing the poor Jamaican taxpayers untold billions if not trillions of dollars.
The list of scandals under the PNP in my estimation ought to disqualify the party from contesting elections, if not from a dissolution of the party, then a total voter blackout.
Notwithstanding, we all know that uninformed loyalist voters literally makes that impossible.>The JLP for its part has certainly had its own [sticky fingers] problem.(1) The Coke extradition/Manatt.
(2) The infamous Mabey and Johnson bridge-building bribery case.
(3) In August 2009, 50-million spent to upgrade the minister of transport and works home.
(4) Ministry of Tourism spent $8.4 million to retrofit the minister’s offices between May 2008.

The point of all this is to highlight the tremendous amounts of resources which has been pilfered, squandered, and misappropriated by the very people the Jamaican people entrusted to be stewards of those resources.
It is against that backdrop that I wish to speak briefly on news reports that Jamaica acquired a long-range surveillance aircraft, and two helicopters to patrol the Islands territorial waters.
Prime Minister, Andrew Holness told a gathering of dignitaries and officials involved with the developments that, “Jamaica has made an investment in both security and our economy. Greater security means a stronger economy”, Holness said. Imagine if all of the pilfered billions were invested in Education. Healthcare. Security. Infrastructure. Where would the Island be today in it’s slow plod to first world status?

The Prime Minister, however, has finally had a come to Jesus moment when he argued: “Greater security means a stronger economy”.
This writer has gone to great lengths to point out the fact that this Prime Minister seemingly has a particular disdain for police officers and a wider lack of understanding that the prosperity he has been promising the Jamaican people is a Unicorn, given the country’s unchecked lawlessness. Most importantly, however, Holness went on to say quote; “The government is committed to ensuring that criminals don’t take over Jamaica”.
My great Aunt always advised me to let people talk, soon enough she opined, they will reveal the truth about what’s going on in their heads. [tek time search yu wi find ants gut].
As a young investigator that concept served me well in my interactions with both criminal defendants and witnesses giving affidavits. I have consistently warned of the impending danger

Jamaica faces from a burgeoning confluences of militia groups which are becoming more and more emboldened because of Government’s inaction.
In the numerous articles I have written, I have sought to lay out the imminent creeping danger this inaction poses to the country’s solvency and security.
The link provided above is the latest article I wrote on this imminent danger.

[Warning/address These Militias Now Or Face The Consequences Tomorrow].

The path to ensuring that criminals do not take over the country requires much, much more than the purchase of an airplane and a couple of helicopters. Nevertheless, it does go some distance toward interdicting some of the illegal guns and ammunition entering the country, if applied correctly.
Unfortunately, despite the Prime Minister’s seeming new awareness, that criminals do have the intent if not the resources yet, to take over the country, he still hasn’t fully grasped the need for structural changes to how our nation is policed.
Those changes will have to be legislative. They must include a sea change in the way those in power understand the importance of the rule of law and how that understanding is communicated to the people.