All The Kings Horses And All The Kings Men


What’s really shocking is the cultlike loyalty which permeates the followers of Donald Trump.  Just imagine this, the personal lawyer of the president of the United States pleaded guilty to committing eight (8) felonies and named (the very same president as an unindicted co-conspirator).
Truth isn’t truth, crimes are no longer crimes and now well …. even if I did it cannot be a crime because I am not subject to the laws.

The president’s campaign chairman was convicted on eight (8) felonies on the very same day that his lawyer pleaded guilty. We are now learning that he would have been convicted on all 18 counts as charged, but for one female Trump supporting juror who would not let the evidence get in the way of partisan orthodoxy.
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GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter,

On the very same day Duncan Hunter Republican Congressman from California, the second member of the Congress to endorse Trump was indicted on charges that he and his wife, Margaret, routinely — and illegally — used campaign funds to pay personal bills …

Chris Collins….


All of that happened in one day …… it does not include the fact that the first member of the Congress to endorse Donald Trump, Chris Collins of western New York was indicted on Insider Trading Charges.
But the foregone does not even begin to tell the full story so here goes.

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  1. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigations and awaiting sentencing.
  2. Rick Gates, Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, and Manafort protégé, on one count of conspiracy against the United States and one count of making false statements to FBI agents.
  3. George Papadopoulos, a low-level Trump foreign policy adviser, for making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Russians during the campaign.
  4. Alex van der Zwaan, who worked with Gates and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort while he practiced law at a large international firm, admitted to lying and failing to turn over emails to Mueller’s team in February, sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $30,000 fine did his time and is reported to be already out of the country.

Amidst all of this and without even one scintilla of accountability about the torrent of criminal indictments and guilty pleas Donald Trump did what he has done every single time he feels the walls closing in on him.
No, I am not talking about just appealing to the wretched white racists’ crowd which blindly support him, he tweeted an old right-wing trope about white South African farmers been killed and their lands taken from them.

I have asked Secretary of State to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large-scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.”

There are so many things to be said about the expropriation of land, not the least of which is that it was not a problem when the murderous Booer Voortrekkers stole the land, But the very rare instance of righting a wrong as is being considered a-la fair market price as a remedial action, is a vicious alt right trope.

This is where Donald Trump wants to direct his attention at the exact time that he was named in a federal felony plea deal as an unindicted co-conspirator.
Whether we like or believe Amorosa Manigualt-Newman is not really important. She spent well over a decade with and around Donald Trump, as a consequence, when she said he wants to start a race war her comments cannot simply be brushed aside.

South Africa has a lot of crime, yet whites in South Africa are less likely to become victims of crime largely on the basis of their wealthier status in the society.
If Donald Trump needed to dip his beak into world affairs the least he could have done is read a few pages of a book instead of watching Orwellian talking points of  FOX misinformation otherwise knowns as state TV.

One of the enduring virtues of black people is that we generally are quick to forgive and forget, a virtue not found in other races to the extent it exists in us.
What he should have tweeted about this (shithole country)[sic] is the Magnanimity of the black people of South Africa(those who managed to survive), who did not kill and abuse the white minority who for decades upon decades made their lives a living hell.
Instead of trying to gin up racial animosity across the world Donald Trump should seriously worry about how to stay out of prison when Muller is finished with his investigation.

Crossing The Rubicon Of Totalitarianism


In a compelling Article on the website []titled [the rise of American authotarianism] Journalist, Amanda Taub wrote, Vanderbilt University,  professor  Marc Hetherington and University of North Carolina’s Jonathan Weiler, had essentially predicted Trump’s rise back in 2009, when they discovered something that would turn out to be far more significant than they then realized.

Hetherington and Weiler published a book about the effects of authoritarianism on American politics. Through a series of experiments and careful data analysis, they had come to a surprising conclusion: Much of the polarization dividing American politics was fueled not just by gerrymandering or money in politics or the other oft-cited variables, but by an unnoticed but surprisingly large electoral group — authoritarians.

Their book concluded that the GOP, by positioning itself as the party of traditional values and law and order, had unknowingly attracted what would turn out to be a vast and previously bipartisan population of Americans with authoritarian tendencies.

This trend had been accelerated in recent years by demographic and economic changes such as immigration, which “activated” authoritarian tendencies, leading many Americans to seek out a strongman leader who would preserve a status quo they feel is under threat and impose order on a world they perceive as increasingly alien.

The rise of Trump reflects what I have always believed to be a response to a deeper more severe and dangerous underlying problem in the American body-politic. As a consequence, Donald Trump is merely a symptom of that more severe condition which may actually be more cancerous than the sniffles of a passing cold.
[[ explains,  How do people come to adopt, in such large numbers and so rapidly, extreme political views that seem to coincide with fear of minorities and with the desire for a strongman leader? To answer that question, these theorists study what they call authoritarianism: not the dictators themselves, but rather the psychological profile of people who, under the right conditions, will desire certain kinds of extreme policies and will seek strongman leaders to implement them.

file photos show the 2016 Republican presidential candidates who had at the time officially declared their intention to run for the presidency.

Could Donald Trump have seen this as researchers including a Ph.D. student and a Professor named in the Vox article saw it as far back as 2009? During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, Donald Trump embarked on a systematic evisceration of his political opponents.
He used to his advantage, a simple yet highly effective strategy of utilizing names which pejoratively belittled his primary opponents, effectively making them seem smaller and weaker, vanquishing them in the process.
Labels like low energy Jeb, little Marco, Crazy Bernie,, Lying Ted,[irony be damned]Sleeping Ben, are just a few of the pejoratives he used on his primary opponents and he did not stop there. Whi;e competing for the nomination he had already carved out “crooked Hillary for the general elections. Later Lying James Comey, Pochantas,Liddle Bob Corker, sleepy eyes Chuck Todd Al Frankenstein, Lamb the sham, Crazy Joe Biden and a slew of other insulting and demeaning names were to follow.

Donald Trump for all of his shortcomings may very well be stupid as a Fox. After all how else would he have the gall to refuse to show his tax returns when previous presidential candidates dating back several decades had willingly complied with such request?
What did he see which prompted him in 2016 to predict he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he would not lose a single vote?  Or maybe wore consequentially why did he say he loves the uneducated, responding to polls which showed in 2016 that the bulk of his support was with white non-college educated older voters.


One of the narratives which came out of the 2016 elections was that there was a large chunk of voters who have not bothered to vote in previous elections. Some Democrats who would rather wish facts away simply brushed this possibility aside, I didn’t. Driving down to South Carolina using route 81 from upstate New York through the countryside of Pennsylvania, West Virginia I was stunned at the number of Trump billboards and yard-signs for the entirety of the Journey.
I pointed out to my wife that there was something going on that was not reflected in the various polls.

I expected the yard-signs in West Virginia, southern Virginia, Ohio, but upstate New York and Pennsylvania not so much. Say what you want about the unscientific nature of a yard sign poll but the erection and tolerance of yard signs in a neighborhood tell a story of its own.

On election day the lines I saw in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida Nevada and other states snaking for blocks around polling sites seemed eerily like something yet unseen.
Again I turned to my best friend, my wife and opined to her “these lines of people seem older, more determined, less diverse”, in short, not Hillary Clinton voters.
My yard sign poll was vindicated on election night. Yes, Pennsylvania went to Donald Trump.

Whether or not the Russian interference had any measurable impact on the elections of 2016  is a question which we may never get the answer to. Whether we believe that the Russians were able to change votes or not, or whether we believe that there is a large groundswell of baked in support for Trump which will silently come out and vote for him yet again in the 2018 elections is yet to be seen.
Or whether both scenarios are definite possibilities the prospect does not look good for those opposed to the rise of Trump. In the meantime, Trump speaks about his presidency in monarchistic terms, he coyly floats the idea of remaining president for life hoping to see how it will be received by the public.
Some say “ah he is just joking” I think not, he loves authoritarian figures, Kim Jung Un, he loves the way Kim’s people sit up and pay attention to him, he wants that for himself.
He jokes about being president for life as he praises China’s Xi Jinping.
He praises Turkeys, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, admires the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, glows in the dome of the orb of the brutal and callous Saudi Human rights abusers and loves Netanyahu a man who has his soldiers kill innocent unarmed civilians and aid workers in the occupied territories.

In essence, all of the actions he takes and the people he admires falls in line with his aspirations to fill the role for which he yearned and for which his support structure are prepared to see.
The sad state of affairs is that whether we acknowledge it or not the United States has already passed the Rubicon for what America had long chastised other countries.
The question for all is whether as humans who populate this planet we are prepared to accept that the United States under Donald Trump is very well on its way toward totalitarianism and becoming a fascist police state.

Adversity Sometimes The Fuel Of Personal And Collective Growth



The images of racist assaults, both physical and verbal taking over every nook and cranny of America are evident every day. Unfortunately more and more, those who are supposed to protect the people are indeed the worst transgressors against the very people they are sworn to protect and serve.

Economic Power The Fix To Racism In America

Yet my response to some of the instances where these incidents occur is not alarmist as some other folks might be. I certainly would not encourage anyone to approach me with any form of racism.
Nevertheless. in every tragedy there are opportunities. As I said in a recent article negative things forces us to adjust and adapt to changes and events for our own survival.
Those of all species which refuses to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of our planet eventually become extinct.

The disrespect of black folk continues. And it continues to be captured on video. A black woman in Oregon was allegedly called out of her name and assaulted by a food truck owner, all because she tried to pay for her food with change. According to Willamette Week, Carlotta Washington says she was called a “nigger” by Islam Elmasry after she tried to pay for her lunch with quarters (not pennies, mind you).

In a short video provided to the outlet by a bystander, Elmasry can be seen telling Washington to “get the fuck out from here” and calling her a “stupid bitch,” after throwing a Gatorade bottle at her for confronting him.

In a portion not captured on video, Washington says Elmasry sprayed her with sriracha chili sauce, which was confirmed to the news outlet by witness Rachel Good, who said she found Washington’s shirt, face, and shoulders covered with the Thai hot sauce. “It was in my eyes and all on my skin. It was burning terribly,” Washington says. After Washington asked that police be called, Elmasry was booked into Multnomah County jail on charges of misdemeanor harassment and assault. Bail is set at $4,000.


Adverse situations are supposed to force us to make changes in our lives. We are supposed to learn new ways of doing things, “when one door is closed many more is opened“[Robert Nesta Marley]
Those doors, however,  generally gets opened when we go knocking because you can bet your bottom dollar that the doors will not come looking for you.
The process of adaptation of which I speak requires a paradigm shift in the way we see ourselves deserving of respect and dignity.

Once we have arrived at the point where we recognize that we are the masters of our own destiny, we begin to recognize that if we are to survive we must take on the responsibilities which guarantee not just our wellbeing but our very survival.
We will not have full autonomy over all aspects of our lives, particularly in a country in which we are a minority but we darn sure can begin the educational process of self-preservation through self-empowerment, That self-empowerment begins with education for our children, saving our money, starting and supporting black businesses, and ensuring that we teach our youngsters the value and importance of good monetary stewardship.


The harsh treatment meted out to black people at Starbucks coffee shops, waffle-houses, food trucks and other places in which blacks struggle to be treated respectfully should be a motivating factor for all of us to get our house in order. What is stopping African Americans from having their own coffee shops and waffle houses?
In the video above the man in the food truck clearly came to this country and has learned not to respect blacks. From the sound of his accent, he clearly is not too long off the boat but he already has a business going. And what do you know blacks are there bleeding their money.

Look, it is your money spend it where you want to, but understand that when you do that what you are doing is handing over your power. Is it laziness, lack of ambition, or is it ignorance, Could it be all of the above? What would happen if Blacks retained some of the 1.2 trillion dollars we spent last year. Better yet where would we be if we spent a small portion of that money on new startups, or even sending our children to college.

Look around you Black America, in your closets, in your garage, around your necks, on your fingers, on your feet, on your backs and generally around that apartment you are renting did you really need that new pair of expensive over-priced sneakers?
Did you need all of that junk you spent your paychecks on, or do you think that maybe, just maybe you could have saved a few hundred of those dollars you squandered?


The few dollars blacks spend at black barbershops and at black hairdressing salons is mere peanuts compared to the over one trillion spent last year. The sad truth is that those monies are generally spent as part of the preparation so that black people may go out to clubs, restaurants, hotels, and other places which are generally not black-owned.
I love all people, nevertheless, we have to look after ourselves first, empower ourselves instead of begging others to accept us and treat us well.
Seventy-eight (78) years after they kicked Marcus Garvey out of this country for teaching this message the need is just as great, and the task just as urgent.
The question is whether or not this message will seep through to Black Americans and in a collective way they will begin to digest it?. Only time will tell.




Anti Police Delroy Chuck Talks Down To Judge Who Isn’t Backing Down



Jamaica’s Justice Minister Delroy Chuck refuses to pay Lawyers to defend Police officers charged with murder over four years ago. The accused officers are still in jail even though they too are entitled to the presumption of innocence under the law.
Despite commitments from the Government that officers charged with serious crimes during the execution of their duties would be assisted with the legal fees for their defense.

Delroy Chuck minister of Justice


Listen to commentary above.

According to local reporting, Justice Glen Brown delivered the warning after the murder trial of police Corporal Kevin Adams, who has been in custody for four years, was again stalled in the Home Circuit Court because of the stalemate over the legal fees.

Chuck sought to make it clear that the Government only offered to make a “contribution” to the cops’ legal defense.

For the judge to say that the case will be stopped because the Government has not paid is quite out of order and injudicious. A judge is speaking out of turn and out of order for making such comments,” Chuck said.

Justice Brown shot back after instructing that the three cases – involving six policemen be placed in his courtroom on Monday. “So they have the whole weekend to do what they have to do“. “Justice Brown said.
Now there we have it.
A member of an independent co-equal branch of government doing his job as Chuck said it should be done, the only difference is that the defendants are police officers and Delroy Chuck cannot have police officers benefitting from the very policy he has put in place.

Holness Pandered To Criminal Rights Lobby: Resulting In Over 1600 Murdered Last Year..





What is the number?
What is the number of dead people which will get the Jamaican Government and the full political opposition to realize that the status quo is untenable?
I pose this question to Prime Minister  Andrew Holness and his colleagues as well as to Dr.Peter Phillips and his colleagues on the opposition benches.
What is critical mass for you?

PM Andrew Holness

Our country’s population hovers somewhere around 2.7 million. Last year alone there was a reported 1600 plus killings. Many Jamaicans including some police officers believe that the numbers are much higher.

With a population of 2.7 million and over 1600 dead, the chances of getting killed on an average day in Jamaica is one in under 17,000.
Those are shocking numbers which are probably much worse when we remove the political class and the wealthy elites who have security details, live in gated communities with heavy security and have the option of arming themselves.

Peter Phillips opposition leader

When they are removed from the equation it leaves a much smaller pool of Jamaicans who are actually exposed to the will of the mindless murderers who kill at will.

ZOSO -So So ?

The crisis of violent crime facing the country is not a phenomenon unto itself, it is representative of a much larger rot of disrespect and disregard which took over the country in the early 90’s and has developed now into a society which can only be characterized as lawless.

I ask our country’s leaders this question with a heavy heart. It is difficult for me to envisage the bodies of one thousand six hundred once living breathing vivacious humans laid out side by side, dead.
I cannot mentally reconcile all that innocent dead in a situation in which there is no nation on nation conflict.


The way our leadership is looking at this issue is demonstrably not working. Personally speaking, I am tired of talking about this, I am tired of writing about it. I’m sure this is true of most Jamaicans as well, who knows what needs to be done but are not in positions to change it.

Whack-a-mole-crime Strategy

The not so distant passage of the (ZOSO) Zones Of Special Operations Act in the Island’s legislature gave many people hope that finally, the Government was doing something about crime.
The Act, the brainchild of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is tantamount to a drug fiend’s first high which dissipates rather quickly and can never be duplicated.

Many Jamaicans, including past and present police officers, were, and have been highly supportive of the Act, hopelessly clinging to anything which is being sold as a solution to the crime Monster.
This publication which is dedicated to justice and the rule of law and this writer chose to look at the long ball. As a result, I said ZOSO was a distraction which would have no real measurable effect on crime and in time would be proven to be a mere distraction by the nation’s leadership.

If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned ….


The Zones Of Special Operations Act. is simply a situation in which large amounts of police officers and members of the Military are placed in a certain geographic area. )usually, one determined to be a high crime area).
Naturally, the authorities which decide which area is to be designated a ZOSO say no one knows where the next ZOSO will be, except the Prime Minister and his tight group of national security advisers.

Unfortunately, that gives me no comfort. As a cop who spent a whole week in the hills of Westmoreland waiting for airplanes to land at an illegal strip in Montpelier, only to be approached in the bushes by one of the men we were supposed to be arresting as soon as the plane landed, and told we were wasting our time because his boss received word that we would be coming before we reached there.
That information given to politicians was leaked to criminals effectively placing our lives at risk and making a mockery of crime fighting.

ZOSO is the state of affair which ought to exist across the Island. It is the sense of freedom and security citizens should feel living and participating in their communities. However, in order to build that out, it would require an extraordinary amount of human resources which Jamaica simply does not have.

Want To Stop The Killings In Jamaica/Here’s How…

As it stands it is unsustainable because it uses up large amounts of resources in small geographic areas leaving other areas without.
Finally, criminals would be stupid to stay[they aren’t] in an area knowing it is highly likely their high crime area may be descended on by swarms of police and soldiers.
I argued that criminals would simply move to other areas and continue with their activities.
They have!
That is the reason you do not hear much talk about ZOSO anymore, mere months after it’s passage.

Recently killed


Since we can now acknowledge that ZOSO was a mere distraction which has no hope of transforming the crime landscape it behooves us to begin the process of looking at real solutions which will have positive effects.
I was hopeful when it was determined that Andrew Holness would be the next prime minister of our country.

After his loss to Portia Simpson Miller, I wrote an article challenging him to go out into the fields and talking to the people no matter where they lived. I challenged him to roll up his sleeves and sit with the people in every nook and cranny, eat with them and hear their concerns. Whether he read the article or not is neither here nor there, Andrew Holness did exactly that.

However, after winning the last national elections I was stunned to hear the elitist rhetoric coming from Holness.
I have zero expectation of anything positive from the leadership of the PNP, that is the reason I cast my lot with Holness.
I got a rude awakening when I heard the newly minted Prime Minister berating the JCF, telling his friends that there would be no return to the days when police would kick in doors and summarily kill people.

I was stunned at the sense of vitriol and the barefaced nature of the PrimeMinister’s defamation which was bereft of substance and was at its core a self-serving and gratuitous statement born out of malice and ignorance.
It was a statement designed to placate and quite the criminal rights lobby which has set up shop on the Island.
Ironically, the Prime Minister’s wife a newly minted member of the legislature did not seem to share those sentiments.
At least her public utterances seem to differ from those of her husband.


Andrew Holness did not need to create that chasm between himself and the police department, they voted en-masse for him allowing the labor party to sweep the elections gaining a one-seat majority in the legislature.
The Labor Party was able to keep its 21 incumbents intact and gained 11 former seats briefly held by the PNP in 2011.

The calculation to throw the security forces under the bus was an old one used by both political parties toward furthering their political agendas.
Sadly, far too many members of the Island’s police force are intrinsically tied to the two political parties, and for no good reason.

The PNP has never had any desire to deal with the nation’s crime crisis.
In fact, the previous unprecedented hold that the party had on power and the ensuing deterioration of our national culture is a direct result of the party’s hands-off approach to crime in some instances and it’s direct involvement in others.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo (file photo)

The Government’s decision to avoid taking real and practical steps against criminals coupled with its disrespectful posture toward the police has not only destroyed the morale of the police, it has emboldened criminals and placed the lives of citizens in peril.
The present brouhaha between Minister Montague and Commissioner Quallo in which the Commissioner, we are told has been told he has to go, is another attempt by the Government to deflect from the consequences of its own failures on its most important responsibility to secure the nation.

The longer the administration takes to stop playing politics with national security the harder it is for the security forces to reverse the outcome of this policy.
The more this government and the opposition play politics is the more Jamaicans will die.
It is a sad and shocking crisis, and lack of political leadership, the consequences of which are tens of thousands of dead Jamaicans over the years as the political class panders to foreign groups much to the demise of our people.






Judges Wreaking Havoc And Enhancing Murders By Releasing Murderers On Bail As Soon As Cops Arrest Them…….




As part of the sentence reduction program instituted by the Government of Jamaica killers of all stripes are being turned back onto the streets in alarming numbers.
One would think that with the tiny Island near the top of the list of countries with the dubious distinction of being called the world’s murder capitals Jamaica would be taking decided steps to ensure that criminals and in particular murderers are locked away and kept locked away.

Not so, the Government is actively giving away at zero cost to murderers, the ability to simply plead guilty to the murder they are charged with and receive a whopping 50% reduction in their sentences.
Naturally, some criminals who double as defense Lawyers have already found ways to further manipulate this atrocious system through the use of what is called social inquiries.
So naturally, everyone who ever commits a murder has a psychological problem. On that social inquiry report, murderers can pin their get out of jail hopes, and they do.



Just recently head of the St Ann Police Superintendent Wayne Cameron spoke about judges releasing criminals back onto the streets as soon as his officers arrest them under the guise that they are entitled to bail.
He pointed to the fact that for the most part most of the criminals who are arrested for burglary and housebreaking in his area of command are indeed out on bail after having being arrested for the very same crime.

I would like to inform Superintendent that it’s not just home invasions and break-ins, the vast majority of the murders being committed across the entire Island are being committed by people out on bail having committed ….. you guessed it, murders.

SP Wayne Cameron


Phillip Brown who killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend wrapped her body in a tarpaulin and was about to dump her in a gully before he was scared off was given a slap on the wrist. Fifteen years with the possibility of release after 10 years.
“Welcome to Jamaica where lives are good for nothing, kill at will, everything Irie mon”.

Meanwhile, 10 of the 14 people who had pleaded guilty in October during sentence reduction day were also sentenced yesterday. Among them, the laborer who admitted to killing a woman in December 2014 and hiding her body under his bed, after inviting her to his home for sex, was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment with psychiatric evaluation, treatment, and counseling.

Terrence Williams
Commissioner of INDECOM

Kino Gilzene of New Haven in St Andrew had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and not murder, as a psychiatric evaluation in October under the sentence reduction initiative showed that he suffers from schizophrenia. The deceased, Sudeen Jackson, a 22-year-old resident of Braeton Portmore, St Catherine was killed after she went to Gilzene’s home, allegedly for a sexual encounter in exchange for $3,000.

Following the sexual encounter, she asked to leave but Gilzene got angry and stabbed her in her chest and neck before using a stone to bash in her face.  Gilzene then hid the woman’s body under his bed and cleaned up the scene. When his sister Alicia came home, he told her a story about being held up by three men who raped and killed Jackson. The sibling buried Jackson’s body in a shallow grave the following morning but informed their mother of the incident, and she summoned the police. Both were arrested. His sister Alicia Gilzene was charged with misprision of a felony. Meanwhile, medical assistant Lorna Williamson, who pleaded guilty to snatching a day-old baby from the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew last December, escaped a prison sentence. Williamson, 47, was sentenced to three years’ probation with psychiatric counseling.

Harrison Henry

In handing down the sentence, Justice Martin Gayle said the 47-year-old woman needs treatment. The woman’s attorney had earlier requested a non-custodial sentence. Williamson was charged with child stealing last year after the baby was found in her possession in Rollington Town on the same day the newborn disappeared. The baby girl was taken from a cot that was adjacent to her mother’s bed on Ward 11 at the hospital. Sentencing for the man who admitted to killing the Moncrieffe’s Patio Shop owner earlier this year was postponed. Omar Graham, otherwise called “Brown Man” of Alexander Road in Kingston, pleaded guilty to the murder of 76-year-old Barbara Moncrieffe and the injuring of her husband and two others. His sentencing was postponed until January 30, 2018.

When the matter was called up, the court was told that the social inquiry report was not ready. The elderly woman died after receiving several blows to her body from a piece of iron, which was also used to inflict injuries on the other victims. Graham pleaded guilty in October as part of the sentence reduction initiative, which provides the platform for individuals to enter a guilty plea and benefit from up to a 50 percent reduction on their sentence, according to the provisions of the Criminal Justice Administration Amendment Act 2015.

Andrew Holness PM

This is an unmitigated travesty and an affront to the dignity of crime victims and their families all for political purposes.
The idea that a double murderer can get 10 years is a clarion call to all murderers and would be murderers to kill because first of all they will not be killed in return, in fact, worse case all they can expect is a slap on the wrist.
This is just one more of the bright criminal supporting ideas of Delroy Chuck which will continue to make Jamaica the murder capital of the world under the guise of cleaning up court dockets.

“If a person is to be detained, the police will have to convince the JPs that this person is suspected (of committing a crime), and if the JPs disagree, the man must be released. If the JPs agree, within 24 hours that person must be taken before a parish judge.”

It is now time for mandatory minimum sentences to be applied legislatively to ensure that this cavalcade of murder is stopped.
One way to do that is to remove from the hands of the Islands Judges the decision to sentence suspects who commit capital murder.
We simply have to be resolute about stopping the bleeding figuratively and literally.
The job of doing so cannot simply be left up to the overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, poorly trained police.
This requires all hands on deck.
At the moment Government is busy reorganizing the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic for better optics while the majority of the deckhands are busy drilling more holes into the hull of the sinking vessel.


Dan Rather On Trump: “It’s Never Been This Bad”

The journalism legend is fed up with Donald Trump and says the office of the presidency has zero nobility left

“We’re better than this,” journalist Dan Rather told Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir on “Salon Talks,” referring to President Donald Trump and the deep divisions in American politics today.

The legendary investigative journalist and anchor has interviewed every president since Eisenhower and covered nearly every major political event in recent U.S. history: Watergate, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the jailing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The list goes on.

Rather occupied the anchor chair at “CBS Evening News” for 24 years. Now 86, he is the author of the new book “What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism,” which is out this week.

What’s missing from the presidency today is “nobility,” Rather said. “Our great presidents, the best presidents,” he added, “Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Rosevelt, right on through, had a certain noble approach to the office, which we have zero of that now.”

Rather, who calls himself an “optimist by nature,” remains hopeful that America will get through these dark times. “While we’re in an extremely difficult period now, a perilous time for the country,” he said. “We need to remind ourselves, we’ve come through a lot worse before.”

But, Rather cautioned, change won’t happen magically. Read more @ :

The More Things Change



On  Sunday  February 21st 1965 Malcolm X, Nation of  Islam minister and civil rights leader was gunned down in the Washington Heights New York Audubon Ballroom as he addressed a gathering of Muslim followers.
According to historical recording of the death of the firebrand leader he was killed by members of his own Organization.

Malcolm-x-assassination(image courtesy of cbs news)

Sure there were people within the Nation of Islam who were upset by Malcolm’s response that his spiritual leader Elijah Muhammad was having affairs with young women within his organization.
Nevertheless, there were powerful forces who wanted Malcolm gone.
His message against white supremacy, police abuse and racial injustice  made him public enemy number one from many quarters opposed to black empowerment.



On Thursday April 4th 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, allegedly killed by a sniper’s bullet as he stood on a balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee.
On the occasion of the killing of Dr. King Time Magazine said this.

President Johnson’s announcement of a major peace offensive in Asia, coupled with his renunciation of another term, raised anticipation throughout the world that the long agony of VietNam might soon be ended.
Even as that hope blossomed, an older blight on the American conscience burst through with the capriciousness of a spring freeze. In Memphis, through the budding branches of trees surrounding a tawdry rooming house, a white sniper’s bullet cut down Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., pre-eminent voice of the just aspirations and long-suffering patience of black America.

Throughout America’s torrid and tortured history the list of black leaders who have been slaughtered for daring to speak out is long and in some cases unknowable.
Each and every life snuffed out had the same importance as that of King and Malcolm, we honor each and every life as we do their more well know contemporaries.

The journey to peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect and human dignity have, to this day remained an elusive dream 49 years after Martin Luther King’s light was extinguished and 52 years after the fire which was Malcolm X, was doused with cruel extinguishing bile of complicity and hatred.

Of Primates, Reptiles ,black And White In America….





It wasn’t so long ago that a Gorilla nicknamed Harambe was  out of necessity killed to save a little Ohio boy who slipped away from it’s mother and fell into the moat which formed part of the Gorilla’s sanctuary.
Media reporting on the incident said the child’s mother was contending with other children when the little boy went through partitions and eventually fell into the moat where he was snatched and dragged around violently by the Gorilla for almost 10 minutes before authorities were forced to take the necessary actions to save the young child’s life.
Out of that incident hundreds of thousands of people across the country signed petitions and rose up  in self righteous indignation , demanding that charges be proffered against the mother of the child. The general tone of their anger was that the endangered primate should not have been killed to save the child.
As a lover of animals I was stunned at the blatant hypocrisy . These primates are endangered because of  white people who believe they have a right to kill whatever and whomever without restraint now they have the nerve to decide when one may be killed to save human life.

th (8)
One of he problems I had with those calls was that the outrage did not seem to bear a single iota of concern for what the mother of the little boy must have gone through while her child was seconds from death in the custody of the wild beast.
As a parent who lost a child I can imagine the absolute horror of that mother, not knowing whether she would ever get to touch her son alive again.
The calls prompted police authorities to commence Investigations and forward their findings to  prosecutors who correctly said  he was frankly offended at the attempts to equate the life of an animal with that of a human being. The prosecutor found no evidence of wrongdoing or negligence on the part of the mother. No charges were filed against her .
Not a single one of the persons calling for her arrest empathized with her ordeal or how close she came to losing her child .

The Hypocrisy Of The Harambe Objectors…

Did I mention that the mother was black ?

Fast forward to Tuesday June 14th around 9.00 pm  a two-year-old baby (2) was wading in the shallow water close to theo edge f the Seven Seas lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spain Orland Florida.  when an Alligator estimated to be between 4-7 feet dragged the infant under water. The child has not been seen since. Authorities said that the child is part of a family of five which arrived there on Sunday from Nebraska.
Thus far we have heard not one single solitary word of condemnation for the mother of this child . Not a single comment about police investigations and potential jailing the mother for negligence.
We have heard no word on how many Alligators have been abused or possibly killed as they try to determine which gator may have dragged the child under.
Where are the cries and outrage from the phalanx of sanctimonious hypocrites ? What is the difference with this case.

Since no one is asking questions I will…..
Where was the mother, or whomever was supposed to be attending to the two-year-old baby?
Why was a baby wading in water out of arms reach of an adult and worse at 9.00 clock at night ?
If ever there was a case of negligence this seem to be it. The age of this infant is half that of the child which fell into the Gorilla enclave. Why is there a different standard for the black mother than the white caregivers of this child?
The younger the child the greater the level of hands on care is required.
So far there has been total radio silence , so while I am listening , I wish to bring to the fore that though there probably will never be any outcry. And though what we will most definitely see is a Over-dramatized outpouring of grief for that family’s loss we have already made our determination that those who cried for Harambe were fraudulent racist hypocrites.
We knew would be exposed in short order!


Since I wrote this story authorities have reported that the body of the child have been found in about 6 feet of water. They reported that this was made possible through the use of sonar technology.
They have also reported that at least 5 Alligators were pulled from the lagoon and they have taken steps to try to figure out which one was responsible for pulling the child underwater.
Your guess is as good as mine as to the methods used.

The Tangled Web They Wove…

My friend brought to my attention this morning the comments of Dr Carl Williams Commissioner of Police as  he addressed the 73rd Annual Joint Central Conferences of the Jamaica Police Federation at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa in St James on Wednesday.
Dr.-Carl-Williams Commissioner of Police
Commissioner of Police

Said Dr Williams : “People who have sat their exams and who have passed should be considered before we add more people to the pool“.
Isn’t he the Commissioner of Police?
Anyway !

The Commissioner of Police was responding to the candid assertions put forth by the Minister of National Security Robert Montague. Montague said “There must be a system where after you have passed your exams and you don’t get promoted after a period, the person must be called in and told what are their faults, or shortcomings,”.
Hmm ,oh well that’s a novel idea[sic].
It was then that the Commissioner revealed that of all persons who have requested to see him, about 95 per cent of the issues have to do with promotion.
No s**t , why is that such a “vexed issue“, in your opinion Commissioner ,to borrow your term?

Anyway the goodly Commissioner of Police went on to say ,“As the minister said, it is unfair for people who have done their exams to come back and do it again. And that is why no exams have taken place this year, because we have to ensure that no other bright stars come and get 98 per cent and eclipse all the good hard-working stalwarts who have been waiting for a long time,”.
Really Commissioner Williams, when did you receive this epiphany?
This has been an age old problem, a “vexed issue“, long before you joined the department, your observation would have been legitimate had you made them from the time you joined up to the rank of deputy commissioner but once you occupy the big office you have lost that right to criticize.
What have you done about it , the buck stops with you?

There has never been a better or purer system of promoting people to leadership positions than a merit-based-system.
Advancing people using any other metric is bound to end up with disastrous consequences.
Nepotism, who you know, political henchmen, brown-nosing, news carrying, sleeping with the boss and reducing themselves to yard-boys have been only a few of the qualities necessary for advancements in the JCF.
The hard working stalwarts and those with abilities to critical think were never endearing qualities within the JCF.

The JCF has an extraordinarily high attrition rate, there are several factors which are contributing that race for the door.  Top of the list are poor remunerations, lack of advancement which could potentially  compensate for poor remunerations, lack of support legislatively and political among others.
As a past member who actually exited the department after only ten years I understood quite well those challenges and still today have a serving member of my family who has been stuck at the rank of sergeant for over 15 years. Recently I asked him why do you stay in such an ungrateful agency , risking your life for such an ingrate population ?
He shrugged and smiled.

Over the years I argued that the Jamaican people deserved a bigger bang than that which they get for their buck. I believed then that the nation deserved to get more for the money it puts into training officers only to see them snapped up by other nations and their police departments where they shine with exemplary brilliance.
Today I do not make the same arguments , I believe the nation deserves what it gets. There is no respect for the rule of law. There is too much active support for criminals. There are too many people who are willing to side with criminals, including the judges whose jobs it is to put criminals in prison.
On that basis I actively support members of the JCF leaving as I did, so they may secure a future and live out their dreams as so many former officers of the department has done.
I am yet to determine whether there has been an audit done to determine the cost of training an officer only to see so many of them head for the door.
If some of the structural breaches are plugged maybe ,just maybe the attrition rate may be reduced.

The former Special Constabulary Force annual Commandant's Parade
The former Special Constabulary Force annual Commandant’s Parade


Some of the structural issues plaguing the department are of the department’s own creation. I broach this subject with the greatest of sensitivity and caution.
I know many of our comrades from the former Island special constabulary are some of the finest professionals, hard working and dedicated.
With that said it would be naive to assume that merely bringing the ISCF into the JCF purely for numerical reasons would not have negative consequences, particularly if the JCF was unprepared to retrain them.

Let me hasten to say that a large number of candidates who served and are still serving in the JCF who were never members of the ISCF were themselves sub-standard candidates.
I make this comment with the greatest of respect for the service of the members of the former ISCF.
Bringing over to the JCF the members of the ISCF without retraining, and furthermore allowing them to maintain the rank they had was another move which Stevie Wonder could have seen would have had disastrous consequences ,the least of which is the promotion log-jam which that ill-informed aspect of the merger exacerbated.

Regardless of one’s emotional leaning on this, the practical question remaining is whether it was a prudent move to bring officers of the Auxiliary and make them supervisors in the regular force?
Simply put it amounts to the tail wagging the dog. Every member of the ISCF who wished to join the JCF should have been offered the opportunity to go to the training academy and qualify to be a regular police officer, failing which they should have been given a severance pay and allowed to go their way.
It would not have been the first time that a set of workers were told their services as it exist were no longer needed.
Good business decisions should never hinge on loyalty to or emotional attachments.
At the time of the merger I remained silent because I did not want to be accused of advocating for people losing their jobs because of any number of dredged up reasons.
Regardless, I opined to close friends that doing a merger purely for the sake of numerical strength conflicted with the forces stated goal of modernization.
The chickens are simply coming home to roost.

Portia’s Talkative Politburo/

It’s  logical to conclude that if the People’s National party attached the same diligence, sense of focus and accountability to Governance it applies to agitating and criticizing the  Government the party would be the party which formed the Government.


Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has also found her tongue which should not come as a shocker to anyone who know the long-time member of parliament and former Prime Minister.
Mr’s Miller was never one to shy away from lashing her detractors with her tongue. In fact in one unhinged tirade on a campaign stage in Half-Way-Tree Saint Andrew she once warned opponents not to draw her tongue quote: ” cause this gurl nu trouble unuh”.
But in Mrs Miller’s defense she always cautioned those who would criticize her not to draw her tongue before she unleashes her verbal tirade on them.
Furthermore while she was Prime Minister she did say she wouldn’t “talk harself outa affice“.

Mr’s Miller was speaking to the novel idea the man who beat her had . Bruce Golding decided that he wanted to be a leader who actually speak to the people through his weekly Jamaica House radio call in show. Yea what the hell was he thinking?  look how he turned out.
Ha, so the goodly Mrs Miller decided never to talk herself out of office.
But for those pesky Reporters and citizens she would still be Prime Minister.

The 31-member council of spokespersons and a nine-deputy complement, have been pretty busy offering opinions and criticizing everything the 3-month-old Holness Government does.
The country does need a focused and vigilant opposition but it kinda seem hypocritical of the council of spokespersons that all of a sudden everyone is interested in advocating for the people and having better ideas about just how things ought to be done.
I mean if the ideas the Council have were so good why is the party on the outside looking in ?
It’s reasonable to say that the ideas of the PNP has not worked so well for the country over the last 32 years of PNP rule .
Maybe the party should step aside and go figure out a new path forward for itself and the country. I recently heard one autopsy report which suggested that the party moved away from it’s socialist values.
Practically speaking I believe the party has not moved far enough from it’s socialist roots.

The brand of socialism being espoused by the grassroots of the party has  already eviscerated the middle class and destroyed hope for those at the bottom of the ladder.
The redistributionist ideology  which decimated the economy and the productive sector since the 1970’s still is being felt today amidst the hoopla about where the Island’s economy is posited.
If the Post Mortem is that the party strayed from it’s core principles and that was the reason for it’s defeat, the island  must brace itself for more of the same from the party which seem incapable of understanding that failed socialists policies of the 70’s are not going to be saving grace for the 21st century.






Death Is A Business In Jamaica Maybe The People Do Not Want An End To Crime……

A person feeling ill generally seek medical attention. A medical professional (doctor)then diagnose what ails the person, then counsels the individual  on treatment methods.
It’s up to the party feeling ill to decide whether to trust the recommendations of the Doctor or get a second or even a third opinion. Generally there may be variations in the treatment methods but if the initial examination was done properly the diagnosis seldom change. Even though different doctors may have differing opinions on the prognosis.
Simply put, if you have cancer , you have cancer, you may decide whether you want Kemo- therapy, try a holistic natural approach or sit and wait to die.


The same is true for a country experiencing the ravages of crime. It may chose to pursue the same path it has always chosen for itself, which has not changed a single thing, engage in radical change , or simply sit and wait to be destroyed by it.
The problems which persisted twenty five years ago when I was a young Jamaican cop are the problems of today multiplied ten-fold.
The very same people who told people who called into their radio talk shows to complain about police to stone the police stations are the very same people offering up excuses and justifications for the Island’s inordinate crime numbers over two decades later.

According to some statistical estimates 30.1% of the country’s people were aged between 0 and 14. In addition, 62.3% were between 15 and 64 years of age while 7.6% of the population of Jamaica were aged 65 and over in 2011.
This generally means that the majority of the population are younger people who came of age in the post-independence era. This means a large segment of the population has no concept of a Jamaica of relative peace and tranquility.

It comes as little surprise then that the lesser educated people would not fully respect the societal norms and dictates of say the 1960’s when the country was a more cerebral and pleasant place.
Those  who could be considered educated are probably more indoctrinated than educated. The sources of their education having been institutions of indoctrination in how not to respect social order.

All things considered the political philosophies which have dominated the country’s political landscape for the greater part of the time since it’s supposed independence from Great Britain has been populist liberal dogma . Ironically even as the country’s stratagems prove ineffective in curtailing crime the brain-dead ideological puppet-masters double-down refusing to change.
They cling to failed ideologies which has brought nothing but ruination and chaos as they grasp desperately at ways to convince others that life is not so bad.
That other places have crime, that people from other nations have no right saying Jamaica is not a pleasant paradise but an extremely violent place.

The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches some of the few able to see through the haze of ganga-smoke , alcohol and decadence said in a statement.
Quote :  In recent weeks, Jamaica has witnessed the gruesome murders of businessman Trevor Meikle, Corporal Judith Williams and United States missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel. “The JUGC extends deepest sympathy and condolences to their families and friends, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the people of Albion Mountain, St Mary, and the people of the United States. The groups of churches pray that God’s presence and comfort will under-gird these loved ones in this difficult time.” The JUGC, in a release yesterday, said that it has taken note of how life has become very cheap to some people and that contract killing speaks to the depth of depravity and moral bankruptcy that are being experienced in the minds of people”.(Source jamaicaobserver)

Former Minister of National Security Peter Bunting also called for divine intervention as a means to fixing the Island’s crime problem during his sojourn as Minister. The present Minister of National Security Robert Montague too invoked divine intervention as a means to fixing the problem.
I won’t tell anyone what to believe but if praying is all you do it’s not enough.
Even as I personally welcome the Church’s input into the discourse I owe it to them to explain that praying to God to fix our problems is exactly not the way to go about seeking solutions for our problems.
In fact praying and seeing no result is destructive as it relates to bringing new converts to the faith.
God established this world on principles, cause-effect, action-consequence, negative-positive. As my Pastor succinctly puts it handle the things you can handle and the things you can’t  handle ask God to handle those.
When we can’t handle them God will. He simply won’t handle what we clearly can but refuses to.

Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt was caught between the red sea and Pharaoh’s army . Moses decided to kneel and pray, a silly strategy with an advancing army coming up in a hurry. God commanded Moses to get up and cast his rod across the red sea, according to the Bible the ocean opened up and the people passed through .
Whether one believe those accounts or not , metaphorically the message remain the same. We have to do for ourselves.
Literally every miracle (not magic) that Jesus wrought was inclusive of participation from the beneficiary of the miracle.
♦Go fill up the Jars with water.( before they were turned into wine).
♦Go show yourself to the Priest.
♦Go wash thyself in the Jordan River , (this one required much faith as the Jordan river was extremely dirty at the time).
♦Pick up thy bed and walk.
♦Stretch forth thy hand.
♦Go thy way and sin no more.
♦Bring me the loaves and the fish.
Jamaica has the means to eliminate most of the heinous crime plaguing the Island, the people choose to avoid doing anything about and so they must and will continue to pay the price.


LOADED: This man was loaded with liquor at the funeral service for the four family members killed in a motor vehicle accident, in Clarendon, in June 2006. - File ( photo)
LOADED: This man was loaded with liquor at the funeral service for the four family members killed in a motor vehicle accident, in Clarendon, in June 2006. – File
( photo)

Denial, faux-patriotism, rationalizing, nuancing, hair-splitting, lying, false-paralleling, justifying,equivocating, none of these actions will change the situation .
The fact is that there are too many people involved in eating a food from crime.
As such speaking out about it will always bring howls of condemnation from certain quarters .We don’t all want the same thing. Jamaicans have an ingrained love affair with criminal behavior. The culture has become increasingly tolerant and acquiescent to the criminal way of life as the population gets younger.


Politicians, police, clergy, judges Lawyers and everyone in between are heavily invested in crime , it has become an economic reality.
People depend on murder to send their children to school. An entire sub-culture has emerged out of the blood-drenched soil . Funerals are not somber occasions as they once were , they are opportunities to showcase the latest  hairstyles and fashion.
Bands make money at funeral celebration[sic]. Funeral parlors have sprung up in numbers , almost paralleling churches and rum-bars.
Carpenters, Masons, Sound-system, and the multitude of vendors who show up at funeral sites like vultures  feeding on a carcass.
Such are the realities ……

The website in an article said quote :In Jamaica we’ve noticed that funerals are increasingly becoming centres for entertainment and revelry. Dance-hall lyrics are recited in processions, and at some cemeteries the latest dancehall music is played from massive speakers. In some respects this is not dissimilar to the jazz funerals in New Orleans, where the band accompanies the mourners to the cemetery. But most of the lyrics in the Jamaican popular culture neither have relevance to the Bible nor pretend to manifest a theological dimension.

According to world population review Jamaica is a small island, but it makes up for its size with a high population density in comparison with much of the rest of the world. The total surface area here is just 10,991 square kilometres (4,244 square miles) and this makes Jamaica the 166th largest nation on earth, when it comes to geographical area.  For every square mile of Jamaican territory, however, there is an average of 252 people here, which converts to 656 per square mile and makes it the 49th most densely populated country in the world. 39% of Jamaica’s residents live in parish capitals, according to the 2011 census, and the population of the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) and all parish capitals was 1.04 million, which is a 5% increase since 2001. KMA alone has 88% of the parishes of St Andrew and Kingston.


The Elite in Jamaica cannot be unaware of these facts so as many including this writer wring our hands at the continued shedding of blood there may very well be a plan by the powerful elites in Jamaica to control population density by doing nothing about it as a way at solving population density.

Why Is The (jutc) Losing Money When It Can’t Meet The Demand For Seats/





The Jamaica Urban Transport Company (JUTC) in a release yesterday from it’s outgoing  managing director Colin Campbell said it had no problem with the management audit ordered by the minister of Transport Mike Henry.
Said Campbell : “Nothing is wrong with it. It’s a new team coming in and they would want to see the system that was employed by us, to see if we are doing things in the best way. A management audit is different from a financial audit — it’s just to examine the processes”.

Hum um , why not a financial audit?
If the company is bleeding money wouldn’t a financial audit be the way to go to determine the extent of the bleeding?
Why is there bleeding?
Then do a management audit to see whether the plans in place are effective (which they couldn’t be in light of the operational failures).
Then remedy that management failure?


It was just this week that the Minister Mike Henry said that the company was in urgent need of “government support”, and that the audit is aimed at identifying critical operational issues that are impacting efficiency.
No,no,no Mike Henry you go look at the money first not the people.
When you identify how much the company is losing ,then you look at the why.
After that trust me the “who” will fall into place.
Said Henry in his release, “the JUTC needs 305 new buses over the next two years to meet the demand for seats, but only 30 can be provided in this year’s budget”.

Jamaican Railway
Jamaican Railway …..

This makes me laugh !!!!
This is what happens when you have politicians running companies. The head of the board is the former Jamaica Labor Party Member of Parliament Gregory Mair. from North East Saint Catherine my neck of the woods.
The outgoing Managing Director is Colin Campbell a People’s National Party functionary.
You get the picture now ?
This is why Tax-payers money is always going down the tube, party political hacks running companies and heading boards.

Former Jamaica Omnibus Service, Buses
Former Jamaica Omnibus Service, Buses

Could this be the reason why the new Minister hasn’t ordered a financial audit which would be far more sensible ?
Could it be because they really don’t want to get to the truth as it is a cookie-jar for both parties much the same way Air Jamaica was which led to it’s demise?
If there is a demand for more seats which the company is incapable of filling why is the company losing money?
Secondly why are taxpayers expected to keep throwing good money at bad management ……………or worse?
If the company cannot meet the demand for seats how in heaven’s name is it loosing money?
The colossal mismanagement of the long defunct Jamaica OmniBus Service (JOS) should be a crash course in how to destroy a company . Yet it seem nothing has been learned from the failures of the (JOS) nor the Jamaica Railway Corporation.

Former Air-Jamaica airbus...
Former Air-Jamaica airbus…

As a small business owner I have to operate my business and make it profitable. I must meet operational expenses and turn a profit in order to stay in business .
If I am unable to do that I must fold the business as there is no Government bail-out > Why should taxpayers continue to fund these black holes which are private kitties for a lot of connected people?

Business is finding a need and filling that need, period..


Disregard every convoluted crap you ever heard and focus on that fact, it is demand which fuels supply, otherwise it’s the creation of goods and services which people are inclined to buy into.
If there is demand for bus service over and above what the company can provide yet the company is losing money the problem is incompetent leadership .
Or worse.
Part of management’s responsibility is to find funding source/s which allows the company to build out it’s service, of course with strategic growth and profit forecast which takes into account potential market hiccups.

Taking every single expenditure imaginable in operating an airline the bottom line result is thin profit margins even in the best of times. Airlines through the years, have earned a net profit between one and two percent according to (Airlineeconomics).
All things considered strict consideration must be given to how many persons are hired per airplane in the fleet, this  is critical. It is the difference between solvency and insolvency.
Can it be said that Air Jamaica was operated this way? I think not !
If the very same principle is applied to the former Railway corporation, the former Jamaica Omnibus Service and now the Jamaica Urban Transport Corporation, can the authorities see why these entities have been huge cauldrons of waste, loss and corruption?

Numbers do not lie, entities of this nature cannot be places where political patronage , nepotism and chicanery rule yet profit is expected.
The decision must be to operate as real business or let the people know that the JUTC will be just another  wasteful money pit like all of the other attempts at public transportation which preceded it.

How Did We Arrive At This Place/

The Jamaican Government has announced that through much consultations with it’s Trinidadian counterparts about the vexing issue of the alleged treatment of Jamaicans visiting Trinidad a solution of sorts have been arrived at.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, told the House Wednesday that there will now be a designated area retrofitted to provide dignified and private accommodation for persons required to stay overnight, who are going to be returned to Jamaica.

I really see how this could be a cause celebre consideration the depths to which our country has sunken. Economically , morally, but equally as important in how we are perceived as a people.
If I’m not mistaken I believe the quarrel started between the twin Island Republic and Jamaica over not just the treatment of Jamaicans when they visit that nation but the fact that they are not allowed free access according to the revised treaty-of-Chaguaramas which guarantees citizens free access throughout member states.
Notwithstanding the CARICOM treaty ,member states have a right to say no to citizens from member states who have not satisfied certain criteria , eg being able to support themselves while visiting, the likely-hood they will  engage in criminal conduct etc.

Myrie (adapted)
Myrie (adapted)

Increasingly Jamaicans have come under scrutiny while seeking to take advantage of the freedom to travel throughout the CARICOM region.  Jamaican nationals have filed grievances after alleged mal-treatment in Barbados as well as Trinidad and Tobago.
So far Barbados has been forced to pay compensatory damages to one Jamaican in relation to those treatments.
Shanique Myrie was awarded damages in the sum of US$38,000 by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) after she filed a lawsuit claiming she was subjected to a dehumanizing cavity search by a female immigration officer at Grantley Adams International Airport, locked in a filthy room overnight and deported to Jamaica in March 2011.
Myrie alleged that while she was being assaulted ,”I asked her who she was and she said ‘I am your worst nightmare’. She then said ‘All you (expletive) Jamaicans come here to do is either steal people’s man or bring drugs here,” Myrie recounted. Myrie told the Observer that the immigration officer removed her identification tag before committing the act.

“She said I hate these (expletive) Jamaicans,” Myrie said.

Trinidad has claimed that they have a right to turn back Jamaicans whom they believe are going to overstay their welcome or whom they believe will engage in illegal activities . It is incredibly difficult to argue against Trinidad’s assertions when there are approximately over 16,000 Jamaicans in that country who have overstayed their allotted time.

The former minister of national security of Trinidad and Tobago asserted that there was nothing in the CARICOM treaty which supersedes his country’s Constitution. On that basis he argued his country has the right to enforce their laws.
It is difficult to argue with that as well…Whether justifiable or  not the perception among CARICOM states is that Jamaicans are people who have a violent disposition and a predisposition to engage in criminal conduct.
I wonder how they arrived at those conclusions?

So as the new Administration pats itself on the back and the former shuffles up  to be in the photo-shoot, I remind Jamaicans that nothing has changed as it regards how they will be treated in the twin Island Republic. What they have basically agreed to is to provide toilets and a place to possibly sit while they wait to ship you out on the next available flight…
How the hell did we arrive at this place?

Conflating Crime In Jamaica With Crime In Any American State Is Grossly Ignorant…

Leading up to it’s  forced separation from Great Britain and a brief period  up to the early 1970’s Jamaica experienced it’s greatest period of peace and prosperity. Sure there were problems with racial and class inequality, poverty, and the raft of problems which plague most countries . As a matter of fact those problems still persist, no not  just in Jamaica but  in America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany , Japan, and most of the developed societies across the Globe, so Jamaica has no monopoly on social or societal ills.
To some degree those problems are transcendent in all societies and may have to be addressed by every generation into perpetuity.


What the Island did not have was rampant and wholesale murder of Jamaicans by Jamaicans. Jamaica has always been a society as long as I remember, wary of authority. A country with a supposed free spirit and a more than ordinary disregard for established laws and norms.
Flouting laws is not frowned on in Jamaica it is a practice which brings endearment and fame.
The Island’s people have always had a deep affection for figures who defy authority , infamous figures like Three-finger-Jack, Rigen, Natty Morgan, Coppa, Sandokan, Duddus, Zeeks, Dog-Paw, and the long litany of other immoral murdering scump-bags which have formed part of the Island’s pop culture.

There is a sick perverted desire to align with, or live vicariously through the most despicable of these life forms even when their ultimate objectives are antithetical to the good of the country, which is always.
What passes for Media on the Island gleefully engages in the glorification and promotion of those who do the most harm to the Island’s culture and well-being.
Much of what passes for music these days is nothing more than murder lyrics laced with praise and adoration for  depraved murderers.
The media actively cheer-leads the clown procession as the Island slides deeper and deeper into rot , much like the fictional  Hans Christian Andersen’s pied Piper led the children away never to be seen again.

It is in that environment that the reported 1000 to over 1600 homicides occur each year while pompous Jamaicans nuance and come up with laughable metrics to demonstrate to the world that the Island is not a dangerous place to live.
People who are dismayed are characterized as “having a shaky grasp” of the Island’s crime situation. Others obstinately and unintelligently talk about crime being in America as well, as if crime in America makes crime in Jamaica defensible.

These self appointed elitists have ran out of rationale in the defense of crime, one person remarked on social media that crime is quote ‘out of control” yet in the next line he proceeded to tell me that crime is only centered in small pockets of the Island.
That insanely silly and inane statement defines the mindset which has been Jamaican’s all along. Crime is only a Kingston thing, then it was Spanish Town thing, Then it was Montego Bay , Then it’s May Pen, …….
They make these absurd and ridiculous statements while holed up in homes which look more like prisons than places where people actually live. I can’t tell you how many homes I have been in over the years where the owners have grill fortifications separating room from room.
“Yea mon Jamaica  nice no raas”.

Oh while we are on that note, I have heard many Jamaicans complain that when they return home they are treated like foreigners . I have also seen a certain  degree of that creeping into the verbal discourse as well .
There is a misguided notion that one has to live on the Island to be a patriot.
I guess that teaching is the latest bit of gobbledygook to come out of the University Of the West Indies.
Where is Wilmott Mutty Perkins when he is needed?
Where on planet Earth is geography the defining characteristic in Patriotism? What an absurd concept? Who died and made these nit-wits God?

I recall when my granddad would invite people who had nothing to eat to come to our lands, they would leave with their donkey laden with breadfruits , avocado pears, Jack-fruits, oranges and other  goodies . Those produce would end up in the Linstead market where they were sold . My grandfather did not care about the protestations from friends who told him to sell the produce to the people because they were selling it and making money. My grand-dad did not care, he believed people should not go hungry.

My grandfather’s mentality was that which characterized our small towns and villages once upon a time. Our small Country was a Conservative Christian Nation which believed that it took a village to raise a child. That is the way I was raised, having to be respectful to everyone , because everyone had the right to discipline the children , including Mister Wilson’s wiry little grand-son.

Don’t recite to me statistics about killings in American cities or school shootings as if they justify the insane shedding of blood in Jamaica.
The United States is approximately 3,794,101 sq mi. This is equivalent to 9,826,675 km2. The population at present is around 308 million people.
Jamaica is approximately 4,411 square miles with a population of 2.7  million people.
When we consider crime comparison and seek to conflate the two countries and their crime situations we must first understand the geography , then we must consider the efficiency of law-enforcement response when they are needed.
The state of California alone , one of the largest states and one with higher crime statistics as of 2008 had 509 law enforcement agencies employing 79,431 sworn police officers, about 217 for each 100,000 residents.

I had one really smart person tell me this morning that crime in Clarendon for example is confined to the areas around May Pen. He went on to tell me that “if yu  jus passin thru di man dem nah gu jus shoot yu su”. Oh thank Jesus I am eternally grateful for that.
Any way I reminded him that over twenty five years ago I was actively engaged in being airlifted to places in Clarendon like Hayes, Savannah , Kraal, Lionel Town and environs to put down upsurges in crime. He responded that those areas are around May Pen. You really cannot make these things up.
My response to him was that I understood his point, as long as you burrow yourself in a hole away from civilization you are okay to a certain degree….

I write frequently about the affinity of Jamaicans to explain crime away or to make statements which could easily be construed as supportive of crime. The fact is that not always are they supportive of crime but they believe no one should criticize anything Jamaican .
That includes crime.
They steadfastly and unwittingly hold to the silly notion that criticizing Jamaica’s crime situation is criticizing Island Jamaica or brand Jamaica. There is no brand Jamaica if these crime numbers are not addressed as a matter of priority.
The parish of Clarendon Jamaica’s third largest parish is a mere 1,196 square km, not square miles mind you….
In real terms a healthy man can stand at one corner and piss over the entire parish[sic] ….There are no safe havens in an Island that infinitesimal much less a parish for that matter.
If no one was going to “kill yu su” why on earth are literally all the house grilled like prisons?
Why are tourists being largely confined to all inclusive destinations, literally cutting out average Jamaicans from the benefits of the tourists visiting our Island?
Lets dispense with the bloviating bull-s**t and face the stark reality that the Island has a serious and burgeoning crime problem.
Denying it only helps those engaged in or benefiting from crime, people are not fools. Putting beautiful wall-paper over a termite infested woodwork is not going to fix the termite infestation. Soon the whole damn structure will be coming down .
The only persons fooled by this consistent deniability and faux pro-Jamaican aggrandizement are those so engaged .

Suggesting that it’s okay to live in such a small space with the  attendant homicide numbers is insanely juvenile. Seeking to conflate those crime stats with crime stats from any American state is just highlights the lack of knowledge of the vastness of the American space and the effectiveness of her law enforcement responses.

Jamaicans Blame Banfield While Nuancing Murder :murder Is Murder Get A Grip…






American missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel, could have died anywhere in America under any circumstances and this writer most probably would not be writing about their deaths at all.
Nichols and Hentzel lives does not matter any more than anyone else’s lives in the greater scheme of things . What makes their demise different than most other deaths is that (1) they died doing good and (2) they died in Jamaica.
It’s like the pin-prick which results in death, a mere prick but there was so many other pricks that the trauma becomes way too much for the body to bear and it gives out.
It’s like placing one more shirt on the rack in your closet and the whole thing come tumbling down…..
You are left standing there , like but it was only a light dress shirt !!!
That was all it took … The rack was long overloaded a mere wind would have brought it down.

Harold Nichols,53 (L) and Randy Hentzel, 48 (R) missionaries with the Pennsylvania-based TEAMS for Medical Missions were brutally murdered on the Caribbean island of Jamaica on April 30, 2016.
Harold Nichols,53 (L) and Randy Hentzel, 48 (R) missionaries with the Pennsylvania-based TEAMS for Medical Missions were brutally murdered on April 30, 2016.

So too it seem with the killing of American missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel, who were in Jamaica helping to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to others and building homes for people in need.
Both men were senselessly murdered as so many others have on the tiny Island of 2.7 million people with one of the world’s highest homicide rate and other serious felonies.

According to the website   Nichols’ wife, Teri, who has been living on the island with her husband, told RJR News that he left to visit the work site for a house he planned to build for a woman in a week. Hentzel tagged along, she said, to check on a woman in his Bible college. “He’s building a house for a woman in a week. And he went to check to see if the foundation was finished and to check on the woman it was being built for,” said the grieving widow. “I believe Randy wanted to take care of somebody that was in his Bible college who was in dire need of a house. They were gonna go look at her situation yesterday (Saturday) morning. They went and they just never came back.”

Once upon a time foreigners, children and certainly foreign missionaries were safe in Jamaica, not anymore. The killings are no longer crimes they are intended to terrorize the population and they don’t care who they offend.
A recent media report alleged  that some of the killings are linked to the occult. Jamaicans have always had an affinity for and a relationship with the occult. That affinity may be tied to ignorance and illiteracy .
What we may be witnessing is Jamaicans engaging in ritualistic Obeah practices and Haitians dabbling in voodoo now that our country has become a home for many Haitians.
That is not to suggest that these killings are in any way tied to the occult,or are attributable to anyone else but Jamaica’s blood thirsty killers.

It is fair to assume these men were killed possibly for what they had on their persons pending a possible and miraculous breakthrough by my old friend Assistant Commissioner Elan Powell and his team of detectives.
Gone are the days when a potential robber would cover their faces and stick a gun in someone’s side and take their valuables. Taking the victim’s life is probably more important to their assailant than whatever valuables they may possess.
The insane and demonic practice of(“making duppy“) now forms part of the killer’s game-plan as it is to relieve the victim of their valuables. The victim’s life is like a scalp to be hung on the brave’s saddle, another notch on the gunfighter’s gun .

The continued killings in Jamaica are no longer acts which may be looked at in the narrow context of crime. Jamaica’s homicide numbers long surpassed that which could be characterized as just crime.
The killings are designed to strike fear and terror into the citizenry. To a certain degree Jamaicans have no one to blame but themselves for the present crisis they face. The tragedy is for those who unwittingly enter the Island under the misguided notion that Jamaicans are loving kind people who would do them no harm. Or blindsided by  rum and song, which tells them its “one love , one heart , lets get together and feel alright”.

These killings are particularly poignant as it was just weeks ago my brother returned home to Jamaica to do missionary work and stayed in Trewlany with friends.
As we spoke before he left I could not help going over a litany of do’s and don’ts with him. My brother a PhD has precious little street smarts . Despite the fact we were born raised and lived in our homeland for decades I found it necessary to remind him of the inherent dangers in going about doing what he set out to do in the land of our birth.

Mother’s covering for their sons who rob and murder for a living. Girlfriends who actively coerce and cajole their men to murder and steal so they can be decked out in fake hair and loads of stolen jewelry as they unconscionably spend the blood money. No one is guiltless.
As a young cop girls would openly tell me (“missa Beckles mi like yu , but yu nu have nu moni , yu a police , fi  mi man hafi gu teef an gi mi nuff moni”).
Decked out in the latest fashion and jewelry befitting the queen of Sheba they would make faces as they tell it, in that characteristic Kingston drawl known to us Jamaicans.

CNN Anchor Ashley Banfield
CNN Anchor Ashley Banfield

Responding to the killing of the two missionaries CNN’s Ashley Banfield said quote …”It’s astounding to think that a lot of people think that Jamaica is a paradise but it is an extraordinarily violent country with a remarkable murder rate,” said Banfield on her program ‘Legal View’.
It did not take long for the fake-ass Jamaicans to emerge with condemnations against Banfield with some claiming the anchor has a “shaky grasp” of the country’s crime reality and for sensationalizing the problem.
Wait just a minute , a shaky grasp ?
What is there to understand , Jamaica is a country of 2.7 million people some years the country record 1600 murders and those are just what are reported to police.
What is there to grasp?
So let me risk the verbal assault from the fake nationalistic patriots, let them tell me I have a shaky grasp of the Island’s crime reality.


I Mike Beckles believes It’s astounding to think that a lot of people think that Jamaica is a paradise but it is an extraordinarily violent country with a remarkable murder rate.
There ….
Bunch of pretenders you……The place is a damn kill-zone. What murder reality are you nuancing ?


Let’s Hope Used Vehicles Are Not Lemons…




Minister of National Security Robert Montague announced that the administration will be purchasing used cars for the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
According to JAMAICAN media, Montague said used cars will be purchased in an effort to capitalize on the limited financial resources available to purchase vehicles for the force.
He said instead of purchasing 100 new vehicles, the ministry will be able to buy 400 used cars for the same price.  The Security Minister also said the used vehicles should be able to serve the force for at least three years.

I hope there is a certification process in place before these vehicles are secured.  I wondered whether a better arrangement could’t be arrived at by having the cars made and retrofitted by General motors with a view to having access to more affordable spare parts . I understand that this process would require top level discussions , but it can be done on an annual basis .So instead of say 100 vehicles arriving each year there could be fifty well fitted vehicles arriving each year . This could be built into the budget. I think this would potentially be a better arrangement both financially and the department would have a fresher fleet of vehicles going forward.

The Jamaican terrain offers tremendous challenges as it relates to the longevity of the vehicles. On that basis I believe sourcing vehicles from an American company like General Motors would offer some benefits as it relates to the price of spare parts as well as ensuring a fresher newer fleet of vehicles.
I fundamentally believe that having the vehicles on an annual draw-down basis, properly retrofitted in lesser quantities offers a better way forward. In the same breadth it is refreshing to see that the actions of the Administration insofar as massive expenditures are concerned are done in a transparent and open way.
Even if the manufacturers are not responsible for properly retrofitting police department vehicles it is not out of Government’s reach to begin the process of retrofitting police vehicles professionally.

If the potential 400 used vehicles are not certified pre-owned the idea may amount to a nightmare rather than a potential bright idea. I trust this administration will have the good sense to ensure the Island is not acquiring 400 lemons, but certified used vehicles which will withstand the challenges of the Jamaican terrain.
Going forward I believe the idea I offer here represent the best path forward over a 5 -10 year period. The police department stand to  potentially be brought up to speed in terms of mobile strength, freshness of the fleet and a fleet which is representative of what a modern police force deserve.