Honored To Be Recognized

Thanks to the Beulah Baptist Church, My Pastor the Reverend Dr. Jesse Voyd Bottoms. The Social Action Committee mem­bers who work tire­less­ly to iden­ti­fy grass­roots indi­vid­u­als in our com­mu­ni­ty and across Counties who are work­ing to make life bet­ter for every­one.

Servant Leader, Deborah Reeves Duncan.
Vice ser­vant leader, C Dianne Ruffin.
Deaconess Marilyn Ashe, Secretary.
Michelle Tillery, Secretary.
Mark Baker.
Deaconess Doris Brown.
Veronica Groucher Campbell.
Gayle Cromartie.
Cheryl Pender.
Mary Spriggs.
Rosania Squire


Michael Beckles
Deirdra Jen Brown
Ronald G Greene
D’Andre Little
Elder William Richardson

Hebrew Israelites (no Need For The Word Black)

I am not exact­ly why some peo­ple feel the need to refer to “woke” black peo­ple who have come to the real­iza­tion that we are the true Israelites, God’s cho­sen peo­ple.

Black Hebrew Israelites are in the news after a January 18 video showed mem­bers of an uniden­ti­fied sect inter­act­ing with stu­dents from Covington Catholic.
 Win McNamee/​Getty Images

Follow this sto­ry here: https://​www​.vox​.com/​i​d​e​n​t​i​t​i​e​s​/​2​0​1​9​/​1​/​2​2​/​1​8​1​9​3​3​5​2​/​b​l​a​c​k​-​h​e​b​r​e​w​-​i​s​r​a​e​l​i​t​e​s​-​c​o​v​i​n​g​t​o​n​-​c​a​t​h​o​l​i​c​-​p​h​i​l​l​i​p​s​-​m​a​g​a​?​f​b​c​l​i​d​=​I​w​A​R​2​0​j​L​n​n​G​-​z​U​m​m​p​7​7​u​h​_​l​z​K​M​y​m​G​U​0​N​4​T​D​4​9​P​l​-​d​L​D​Z​S​Q​j​h​W​4​6​c​y​x​-​b​g​I​lR8