SOE’s And ZOSO’s Lacks Necessary Viscosity Needed In Crime Fight

The rollout of armored personnel carriers and the blanketing of communities like Grange Hill In Westmoreland with security personnel bodies are cool optics and all, It may even be spectacular to some people who have never seen a spectacle like that in those parts of the country. 
In fact, the massive rollout of governmental power as it is may even save some lives as local shottas are forced to lay low for a while until they figure out the logistics of moving around undetected to ply their macabre trade.

Ultimately though, I believe like everyone else the government knows that this strategy wears thing really fast.  The bodies of police officers and soldiers alike begin to grow tired and weary, and criminals eventually adapt to the security presence and figure out ways around them.
There is a precedent for this, despite the massive deployment in St James,  murders dissipated in some areas but flared up in others, and occurred even in the areas of the state of emergency(SOE).
I hate to say “I told you so” but Stevie Wonder could have seen that coming.

Sure the Administration has to do whatever it can to stem the bloodlettings. Failure to do so would amount to an abdication of its core function.
Unlike the Opposition PNP which criticizes the SOE’s and ZOSO’s initiated by the administration simply for the sake of political expediency, my response is about sustainability.

Many years ago I accompanied a friend to a place in the St Ann hills.  I drove my precious little VW Golf which was leaking engine oil from an engine which had long past its prime. Unmindful of the calamity we were placing ourselves in, we went anyway, despite the oil leak and the clatter and clunk from a dying engine.
We had a grand time and later that night we decided to head back to Kingston.
I started my old jalopy and the clanking sounded louder than it did earlier that day. We got out of the car and looked underneath where all of the oil made a meandering pattern in the red St Ann dust. The last guy who looked at the oil leak had forgotten to tighten the drain plug.
There was no service station around and we had no engine oil.

I thought about using cooking oil as a substitute after plugging the drain with cloth and other stuff but the only shop opened at that time of the night had no cooking oil. A grizzled old regular standing nearby suggested  we use “Syrup.”……….. >Syrup?
The lady at the shop had syrup, so strawberry syrup it was.
The syrup had enough viscosity to take us to Kingston. I can just imagine the party those engine parts had at the sweet treat, nevertheless, the sweet treat had to be purged from the engine and replaced with the actual stuff which is guaranteed to produce the desired results.
So back to the less tasty engine oil went my old Golf, sorry engine parts the party is over.

The initial sugar rush to the citizens who are delighted to see government forces, wears thin real quick when their movements are constrained, businesses are forced to close early and parties become a thing of the past.
I am not criticizing the administration for doing what it must, a-la these stop-gap measures.  The political opposition certainly has no moral authority and definitely no standing based on its precedent of failure.  When the PNP criticizes the government as it has been doing, it makes its motives rather suspect, as it has been complicit in the criminalizing and destruction of our culture.

So what is the solution?
The solution lies not in the show of force but in a resolute show of resolve beginning with new laws.
Let the bleeding heart frauds who opine on every issue from behind their grilled fortifications chat to their heart’s content, that’s what they do.
Let them pontificate about human rights and let them yap about policies and protocols befitting Scandinavia.
The Government has a responsibility to secure the nation, and Jamaica certainly isn’t Scandinavia.

The greatest threat to the nation’s security is not the little-disjointed gangs running around with Kalashnikov rifles, it is the pontificating frauds who shape public policy with data and direction they pull out of their collective asses.
There must be a strengthening of the nation’s gun laws, as the security forces battle to find the weapons those with the predisposition to bring guns into the country find new ways to avoid detection.
The guns the security forces recover must, therefore, be seen as a mere fraction of the weapons and ammunition flooding the country from the United States, Hatia and Colombia via the drug trade.

PM Andrew Holness

The fight must be a government to Government interaction.
As a young police officer, I spent countless hours in the bushes of Westmoreland and other parts of the country destroying Ganga fields because Ronald Reagan wanted then destroyed.
Jamaican Ganga was getting into the United States and many Jamaicans were getting rich from the weed.
Jamaican gangs across the United States had used their new found wealth to create mayhem on the streets of many  US cities, it was not enough to make money they embarked on a system of wanton violence never before experienced in cities like New York and as far away as Anchorage Alaska.
The United States took the necessary steps to correct the madness through the passage of laws like the RICO statute and the “three strikes you are out”, laws.
Many groups criticized those laws and they admittedly weren’t perfect, but they worked. Problems with those laws arose when law-enforcement and prosecutors chose to inject race and other considerations into their applications.
Nevertheless, the unavoidable consensus is that those laws worked to remove those threats from the equation. 

It is now time for Jamaica to demand that the United States work collaboratively with Jamaican law enforcement, not just to stop the guns coming in, but to trace the shipments from the US to their sources and bring the shippers to justice.
Jamaican law enforcement must also exercise better investigative techniques which are not confined just to the recovery of the shipment and the adrenaline derived from knowing those weapons will never reach the hands of murderous thugs. They must be focused more on techniques which follow shipments to those who receive them.

Even if the foregone is instituted, those who flout the nation’s laws and wreak havoc on the society can simply walk out on bail when arrested. Jamaican judges are mini-gods accountable to themselves.
Unless the Bail Act is redone it’s all for naught.
Subsequently, there must be legislative changes which take from the hands of conflicted judges the ability to grant bail for certain categories of violent crimes. 
Yea, yea, guilty until proven innocent balderdash, tell that to the victims of violent crimes and their families.
Tell that to those who had their loved ones snatched away from them because some punk has a gun and want to demonstrate his power.
Tell that to the mothers who see their daughters violated corpse lying in bushes because some moron decided that no meant yes.

Before a nation builds out its ideas of a modern society and embarks on the perfection of the rights and privileges its inhabitants desire and to which they are entitled, it has to do the hard work of first creating a nation in which the rule of law is sacrosanct.  
That hard work begins with a constitution and a set of laws which protects the innocent and punishes the guilty.
As long as Jamaica continues to allow the unpunished assault of the weak and innocent and simultaneously protects the rights of the guilty there will be no turn around from this dilemma the nation faces.   

Soldier Busted With Illegal Weapon/ammo

The police are reporting that a team of officers arrested and charged a JDF soldier, 26-year-old Orane Samuels and seized a  9MM Pistol S/N G23151 with a magazine and twelve (12) 9mm cartridges.


Officers reported that they were conducting routine enquires and patrol in the Crescent district area of St Catherine when Samuels was spotted acting suspiciously. 
He was stopped and searched and the weapon taken from his waistband.

According to the police, their investigations have revealed that the Soldier has been in possession of the weapon since the period between 2015 and 2016, as he claimed to have found it at Logan Lane in Linstead during that time.
The Military was informed.

Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke Guilty Of Murder In Laquan McDonald Shooting

A jury also found the officer guilty of 16 counts of aggravated battery in the teen’s killing.

By Andy Campbell

A Cook County jury delivered a verdict in the murder trial of Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke, charged in the 2014 on-duty sho

A Cook County jury delivered a verdict in the murder trial of Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke, charged in the 2014 on-duty shooting death of Laquan McDonald.

Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago police officer charged with murder in the 2014 shooting death of teenager Laquan McDonald while on duty, was found guilty on Friday.

A Cook County jury found Van Dyke guilty of second-degree murder, as well as 16 counts of aggravated battery. He was acquitted of official misconduct, and a charge of first-degree murder was vacated for the second-degree murder conviction. 

Judge Vincent Gaughan revoked bail and ordered Van Dyke taken into custody to await sentencing later this month.

The jury deliberated for less than eight hours over two days in the case, in which Van Dyke faced the possibility of life in prison for shooting 17-year-old McDonald 16 times on a Chicago street in October 2014.

Chicago police were on high alert as the city prepared for a verdict in the rare trial of an officer accused of murder for an on-duty killing. Hundreds of police were seen packing street corners and city parks. Jurors, who deliberated for five hours on Thursday and about 2 1/2 more on Friday, were sequestered by Judge Vincent Gaughan and kept at an unidentified hotel overnight.

Van Dyke testified in his own defense that he feared for his life and that McDonald was behaving erratically (an autopsy revealed PCP in his system). His defense team cited a state law that allows officers to use deadly force if it’s necessary to stop a fleeing suspect who has committed a felony while using a deadly weapon, according to Vice News. McDonald was carrying a knife at the time, but police dashboard camera footage refuted Van Dyke’s claim that the teen was aggressively swinging the blade at him.

Three other officers await trial on charges of trying to cover up the killing and obscure the investigation.

Assistant prosecutor Jody Gleason argued that Van Dyke had no right to fire even one shot, let alone 16, including several that struck the teen in the back, and while he was already on the ground. Subscribe to the Politics email.How will Trump’s administration impact you?

“It’s Jason Van Dyke firing bullets, ripping into the flesh of Laquan McDonald 16 times. That’s not justified, that’s not necessary — that’s first-degree murder,” prosecutor Joseph McMahon told jurors, according to NPR. He urged jurors to convict on first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

Van Dyke’s lawyer, Dan Herbert, compared the scene that night to a monster movie, telling jurors that McDonald had attacked a truck driver and slashed a police vehicle’s tires just before he was shot.

“When a monster turns and looks at the victim, that’s when the music starts to play,” the defense lawyer said.

Two alternative jurors who were dismissed from the trial on Thursday said they would have leaned toward finding the officer guilty of murder, according to the Chicago Tribune.

One of them, a white woman, noted that other officers on scene that night didn’t use deadly force. 

“Where was [McDonald] actually causing an issue that Jason Van Dyke thought that he needed to use deadly force? I just didn’t understand that,” the alternative juror told the newspaper.

Police: Major Gun And Ammo Find

In a successful coordinated operation between the police and Customs departments, Wednesday evening at Berth 7, a barrel with sender listed, (name withheld)  and receiver listed as (name withheld) was scanned and anomalies were observed.

A detailed check of the barrel which included grocery items revealed 9 Pistols, 1 Uzi Submachine Gun, 26 Magazines and Ammunition listed as follows 100- 5.56, 100- 7.62, 50- .45, 130- .40 and 243- 9mm rounds were found.

Two men were held in connection with the seizure (1) Desmond Matthieu o/c Bramwell age 43 years, Taxi Operator of #3 Barrett Avenue Kingston 13 and (2) Jevaughn Richards o/c J or Flintstone age 24 years-old,  unemployed of #88-100 Spanish Town Road Kinston 13.

The contraband along with the two detainees were handed over to C-TOC which will be conducting further investigations.

Despite slights and disparaging statements from the Minister of National Security Horace Chang, the Police continue to do good work for the people of Jamaica.
Sure there are bad actors among the police as there are bad actors in Gordon House and everyplace in between.

Nevertheless, finds of this nature bring home the stark realities of the effectiveness and importance of police work and how lives are saved as a result.
Yet no one bothers to stop and thank these brave and dedicated men and women who work tirelessly and without fanfare to keep the nation safe.

Police Corporal Busted In Gun Find

Corporal Miller

In a snap operation carried out by members of C-TOC  in the Myers Lane area of Newlands Saint Catherine a policeman, Cpl. Devon Miller, 52 years old, attached to the Operations section of the Saint Catherine South  Division was intercepted driving a blue Toyota Corolla motor car and signaled to stop.

The car was searched and an AK47 rifle with serial number tampered with a magazine containing 15 7.62rds and a Taurus 9mm pistol with serial number PT915 were found in the trunk of the car.

The licensed firearm in the possession of  Cpl. Miller, a Taurus 9mm  was also seized. A pair of license plates were found in Miller’s car as well. A second man 18-years-old Edward Forbes, was also arrested. A third suspect fled the scene and is being sought by the police.
Investigations continue…..
This article has been updated to include photograph of the suspect since publication.

Female Cop Visciously Murdered In Her Own Home

The Police are reporting the murder of District Constable Mellisa Edwards- White, 43 years old, attached to Crime Stop a resident of  Farmbroke Avenue, Patrick City, Kingston 20.

According to the reporting, the decedent was murdered between 7:30pm and 8:50pm Saturday, September 29, 2018.

Police reports indicate that the brother of  Mrs. Edwards left both the deceased and her husband, Mr. Barrington White, o/c “Barry” o/c ” Drops”53 years old, a Taxi operator of the said address and went to a nearby premise.

On his return, he discovered the house securely locked and his call to his sister’s cell phone went unanswered.
He then went to the back of the house and looked through a window and he discovered the mutilated body of his sister lying face down on the bedroom floor in blood and called the police.

On the entry of the police, the body of Mrs. Edwards was discovered to have multiple chop wounds to the head, face, and hands. A blood-stained machete believed to be the murder weapon was found on the bathroom floor.

Baltimore Residents Weren’t Lying About The City’s Corrupt Police Force


By Julia Craven

It’s a shame no one believed their truths about how law and order falls on the heads of black citizens

Baltimore told y’all.

They said it during West Wednesday rallies in memory of Tyrone West, a black man who died during a 2013 traffic stop in Northeast Baltimore. They said it when victims who had been paid to keep quiet still chose to speak out about police violence. They screamed it at the top of their lungs after unarmed Keith Davis Jr. was shot in the face by a city cop in June 2015. Maybe you heard when they burned police cars after Freddie Gray died in police custody in 2015. Or maybe when they talked about their certainty that no officer would be punished in Gray’s death.

On Monday, a federal jury actually found two former Baltimore police officers guilty in a major corruption case. Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, former members of the city’s now-disbanded Gun Trace Task Force, had been charged with racketeering and robbery.

Six other officers on that task force had already pleaded guilty on similar charges. Four of them had testified against Hersl and Taylor, proving once again what many black folks in Baltimore had known for decades: The Baltimore Police Department is a disgustingly corrupt example of how law and order falls on the heads of black citizens.

Testimony in the corruption case revealed that officers would drive their patrol cars toward groups of people, provoking them to flee, in order to justify unwarranted searches. They carried toy guns in case they killed an unarmed person and needed to plant something. They planted drugs. They tracked some of their targets with illegal GPS tracking devices. They robbed civilians. They sold drugs and guns. They put in for overtime hours even when they weren’t working and pocketed hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. They levied “taxes” on local drug dealers.

“Yes, cops take money from drug dealers. Cops rape. Cops lie in their reports,” University of Baltimore professor and Baltimore native D. Watkins wrote last month for Salon. “Cops beat people. Cops sell drugs. Cops threaten citizens. Cops intimidate other cops. Cops are gang-affiliated; they’ll snatch a blunt out of your hand and smoke it, hide extra guns in the dope house, aim their pistol at you for fun, plant drugs on you, make you sell drugs for them or with them, make you rob and steal, and then expect to be called ‘hero’ no matter what they’ve done. Politicians from every side — from those as progressive as Obama to those as racist as Trump — break their necks to co-sign their hero status.”

In light of the latest revelations, a Maryland state lawmaker has even called for disbanding the city’s police force, citing the dissolution of the Camden, New Jersey, police department in 2013. “The decision came in the wake of record high murder rates and an extremely inefficient police budget ― both of which are problems that Baltimore City currently faces. It was a bold, nearly unprecedented decision, but it worked,” said Del. Bilal Ali, who represents part of Baltimore.

A 2016 Justice Department report described how officers in the Baltimore Police Department routinely abused residents’ civil rights, targeted black individuals, performed unconstitutional searches, retaliated against individuals and failed to hold cops accountable for misconduct. The report said that the department was racist “at every stage of [its] enforcement actions” and that these practices “erode[d] the community trust that is critical to effective policing.”

In 2016, the No Boundaries Commission and the West Baltimore Commission on Police Misconduct, two local advocacy groups, released their own report detailing the abuse inflicted on residents of the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood by police. Fear of law enforcement’s retaliation was so great that only 39 of the 450 residents who spoke with researchers were willing to be quoted, even under a pseudonym.

“It used to be that if you did something illegal, they patted you down, they arrested you, and they locked you up,” one resident told researchers. “Now, they don’t even arrest you; they just take you in the alley and they beat you up. It doesn’t matter what you do.”

Another resident said that one “officer picked me up and slammed me on my face, took my backpack off, and threw all my books out, and when they didn’t find anything kicked me in my stomach. I was just happy they didn’t lock me up and bounced.” (If this sounds crazy, please note that according to testimony in the corruption case, Gun Trace Task Force supervisor Sgt. Wayne Jenkins thought men over the age of 18 with bookbags looked suspicious.)

The report also took statements from people had witnessed officers robbing drug dealers.

But it shouldn’t take a federal trial, a federal report, a new local report or really any institutional confirmation to convince people of the way that many police departments ― including those outside Baltimore ― take advantage of the most vulnerable citizens. The people of Baltimore have been saying this stuff for decades. Yet it required a Justice Department investigation and a trial involving almost cinematic incidents of corruption for other folks to believe them. That itself is part of the problem.

Maybe, Watkins suggested, Freddie Gray’s death might not have gone unpunished in a country that wholly accepted the premise that cops are not always heroes, but often damaged individuals who readily harm black (and Latino, LGBTQ and other marginalized) citizens.

“How might a case like this have changed public perception around Gray’s death?” Watkins wrote, referring to the corruption trial. “Even though they stopped Gray for no reason and then he died while in their custody, people still saw them, at worst, as heroes who made a mistake. Because if all cops are heroes, those cops couldn’t have done anything intentionally malicious to cause Freddie Gray’s death, right?”

They told y’all.

“Glorified Security Guards,” What?

Horace Chang Minister of National Security

Several years ago former Senior Superintendent of Police Renetto Adams called for the disbandment of the Jamaica Constabulary Force( JCF).
At the time I found the arguments of Adams curious given that he never called for its disbandment throughout his rather lengthy service.

I doubt there is a single Jamaican who has passed through the JCF who doesn’t believe that there are serious structural flaws within the Agency, as is the case with all of Jamaica’s public bodies.
Nevertheless, the work put in by police officers is second to none, the risks are exponentially greater than that to which other categories of workers are exposed and the hours are far more than required of other workers.

Over the years there have been far too many fuck-ups by some people wearing police uniforms, operating under the umbrella of police officers but are worse than those who never took an oath to protect and serve.
As a consequence, even the worst lowlives who should be locked away and the keys discarded have had negative things to say about the force.
Despite this, however, a larger majority have done tremendous work, sometimes separate and apart from the call of duty to ensure that we still have a place we can call a country.
No one else, no other category of workers have contributed more, bar none.

No real dedicated police officer gets up and goes to work believing they are security guards.
Despite poor pay, abject working conditions and the disgraceful lack of resources and support, they soldier on and produce the best results they can, given the circumstances.
They do so while exposing themselves and their families to retribution, something the Island’s politicians could never understand as they are in public service only to serve themselves and the interest of their families.

That is the reason that the comments of Minister of National Security Horace Chang have stuck in my throat like a chicken bone.
In seeking to make the case for the disbandment of the Police force as it is constituted, Chang stated that they inherited a glorified security guard company, speaking of the JCF. 

For the record, I do not care to hear any responses about context.
Sure the PNP has held office for longer periods of time than the governing JLP, but that does not excuse the JLP of any of the problems plaguing the country or the police force.
Both political parties are equally as guilty in advancing the breakdown of the rule of law.
Contrary to their twisted perceptions, disbanding the force or creating quote: Jamaica’s own police force” is a stupid idea bourne out of not knowing their asses from their heads.

Changing the designation of the police force to “police service” will certainly stop the killings in the country. (sarcasm dripping here).
As I have stated for many years, this peripheral stuff is not going to fix anything.
Jamaican police officers are going to have to come from Jamaica,  a country of imperfect people like everywhere else in the world.
Fix the Government, train equip and compensate the officers, hold them accountable, educate the public on the benefits of obeying the nation’s laws, create the necessary legislative framework and get the fuck out of the way.
It is not rocket science.

There is no redemptive context in which the Minister of National Security can refer to the JCF as a glorified security guard company in a non-pejorative way.
The sacrifices and the efforts made daily, their shed blood and the dedication of police officers ultimately disqualify politicians, least of all Horace Chang from speaking about them in the negative.

Any incompetence in the JCF must be laid at the feet of incompetent, criminal supporting politicians and their criminal supporters.
If Horace Chang wants to change the training regimen of the police force, “I say go ahead this is long overdue,” source modern policing techniques from countries which have good police departments.
Ridiculing the men and women of the force is not smart, it is imbecilic.

My spilled blood in 1988 was not as a security guard, glorified or otherwise.
I was a police officer working to uphold the laws and securing the peace and security of Jamaicans.
The men and women of the JCF deserve more respect from the population and they damn sure deserve more respect than they are receiving from piss -ass low-life politicians like Horace Chang.

Rapist Found Out The Hard Way These Women Were Not Going To Cower In Fear

At About 10:45pm Thursday the 27th of September 2018  two American women(names withheld) vacationing in Jamaica, were attacked by a lone assailant in their hotel room #1001 at the Riu Hotel Iron Shore Montego Bay Saint James.

The women were both in their room at the hotel when a man armed with a handgun entered the room through the balcony door. The man held them at gunpoint and forced them to have sexual intercourse with him.
He raped victim #1 and whilst raping victim#2 she managed to disarm him and fired two shots in his direction, hitting him to his upper body.
The suspect ran from the room onto the balcony then jumped to the ground and made his escape. The police were alerted and upon arrival, a 9 mm Glock 17 with serial # DTN201 with a magazine containing 16 cartridges was handed over to the police. The scene was processed by the scene of crime detectives.

Jamaican Man In Georgia USA Severs Wife’s Neck In Dispute

30-year-old Jermaine Jones o/c Jay and his wife 47 -year-old Opal Fern Christian Jones in happier times.

The husband of a woman found “brutally stabbed multiple times” Wednesday night in Clayton County was arrested in connection with her death, the sheriff’s office said.

Jermaine Jones, 30, called 911 and “allegedly said something to the effect that he had just committed a heinous crime,” according to the agency.

Sheriff’s deputies and police officers found Jones’ wife, who has not been identified, at a Springview Drive home in Forest Park with “her neck cut so severely that her head was nearly severed,” the sheriff’s office said Thursday in a statement.

A witness identified Jones as the suspect, officials said. He tried to stop Jones but ended up “fleeing for his life,” according to the statement.

Jones had allegedly fled as well to a location on Holiday Boulevard, where he made the 911 call. Authorities took him into custody at that location without incident. The sheriff’s office said his clothes were bloody.

According to Clayton County court records, Jones was booked on a charge of malice murder. He is expected to go before a judge on Friday for his first appearance.

Jay and Opal in happier times

Police: Son Of Gangster Joel Andem Busted In High-powered Weapons And Ammo Find

The Police have reportedly arrested and charged 16-year-old
 Pamayo Joseph Andem, o/c “Fefee”, o/c “Tommy”, 16 years old, Student of Land Lease, Papine, St. Andrew.
The arrested teen is rumored to be the son of imprisoned gangster Joel Gangster
Andem was allegedly taken into custody in relation to the seizure of One (1) AK47 rifle, fitted with a magazine containing twenty-seven (27) 5.56mm cartridges.

Disgusting Lies And Character Assassination Of Botham Shem Jean Starting To Make Sense…


So now the truth is coming out, that lying little murderer Amber Guyger cannot hide behind the lies any longer despite the Dallas police’ attempt to cover up her crime in conjunction with the fake FOX collaborators in the media.

Now information has leaked out that(a) at least two neighbors have confirmed that they heard Amber Guyger banging on the door of Botham Shem Jean, demanding that he open the door and then the gunshots. That was part of the initial testimony.
(b) That contrary to her initial lie that she went to the wrong apartment.
(c) His door was slightly ajar which has been debunked by demonstrations from neighbors doors.
(d) That his door was fully ajar(debunked).
(e) That his apartment was in darkness.
(f)She fired twice at a silhouette. (she had no legal right to fire at someone without being in fear of her life, threatened with a weapon.
(g) That it was only after she called 911 that she realized she was in the wrong apartment.


Even To A Casuual Observer This Story Is B******t

Now new information has surfaced that she had made several reports to the management of the complex that Mister Jean was playing his music too loud. You will recall that mister Jean’s apartment supposedly sits right above hers.
Now you will recall that the police co-conspirators in the media started off the initial reporting that she had just finished working a full shift?

Look at this meme Officer Amber Guyger recently posted online. Then consider that she reported Botham Jean for noise complaints several times. Then consider she went to his apartment to confront him about it. Neighbors say she banged on his door and yelled for him to open up.

We have not personally seen those reports in black and white but she allegedly posted this meme.
This does not yet add up to intent but now we begin to see why Dallas police have begun the character assassination of Botham Shem Jean.

“The only connection we have been able to make is that she was his immediate downstairs neighbor,” family attorney S. Lee Merritt told CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday.

“And there were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been Botham. In fact, there were noise complaints that very day about upstairs activity in Botham’s apartment. Botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor.”(

As the investigative agency seem to be determined to find a way to make Amber Guyger walk away from this manslaughter, I believe the case for premeditated murder is beginning to take shape.
This new evidence is moving mighty close to prove that Amber Guyger went to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment in uniform to intimidate him and eventually killed him.
This is starting to look not like a manslaughter case but a case of cold-blooded murder.

Ignore The Little Things ….modus Operandi Of Jamaican Police


There is an old Jamaican adage which says *nothing illegal thrives unless Politicians and Police are involved in it*.
I don’t think that any rational person would argue with the bottom line truthfulness of that statement.
Whether it is the erection of shanty communities, the mass expansion of robot taxis, lotto-scamming or whatever, politicians and police have, through commission or omission, either actively participated or allowed these things to happen.
Over the years I have written extensively that the Police could have done a far better job if its leadership understood the consequences turning a blind eye and or not staying focused on a task has for the breakdown of the rule of law.
I  have used every literary tool I have, to explain that a man selling weed on the corner can be an asset if cultivated properly, but the beginning of a serious problem if left alone.


That man must be used as a law enforcement tool to ensure that whatever more serious crimes are committed in that area he feeds information to trusted law-enforcement about them. No other should be allowed to sell weed there.
Left alone, not used as an asset, soon more arrive, then it’s more dangerous drugs, guns, robberies, shootings and before you know it that neighborhood is a slum from violence, drug dealing, and drug abuse.
Property value hits the dirt and families are captives in their own homes and in the larger community.
Had the police moved, or fully controlled that first guy selling stickweed all of the foregone would have been averted. Isn’t that what has happened across the entire country though?


Thousands of cops and an arguably compelling need for thousands more, yet the crime situation continue to deteriorate, but for the situations in which emergency proclamations has been instituted resulting in large amounts of police and soldiers to be concentrated in small geographical areas.
Thus far, for the month of September, there has been an uptick in murders to 4 persons killed per day from just over three per day.  Some argue that we cannot lay these murders at the feet of the police, they say politicians cannot be blamed for what people do.


If we do not blame the people who make the laws and those who enforce them, who are we to blame?
If the Police leadership used whatever assets it has to micro-target violence producers and remove them from the equation in what direction do you think the murder numbers would trend?
If the politicians created tough laws which send the right message, that crime will not be tolerated and stayed out of the way of law enforcement, would we have more crime or less?


None of these pointers mean anything, however, because the Jamaican police continue to act outside its role by making judgment calls on what laws it enforces or whether it even bothers to enforce them at all.
It is not up to police to make policy, their job is to execute whatever policy has been put in place by the civilian leadership. The police have no right to supplant enforcing the laws with their own biases. Contrary to what some will argue about *discretion*, the police have no discretion to allow the laws to be broken, because they feel they are doing some greater good by allowing said breaches of the law.


Deputy Superintendent Errol Adams

The police say, for now, they will not be pursuing motorcyclists who have been using their bikes as taxis to capitalize on the nightmarish traffic congestion in sections of the Corporate Area.

The traffic jams have been caused by the closure of Portia Simpson Miller Square, formerly Three Miles, due to an ongoing road improvement project. The closure is expected to last for eight months. Head of the Public Safety Division of the newly established Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, Deputy Superintendent Errol Adams, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that the police’s focus, at this time, is ensuring that commuters get to their destinations in a timely manner.

He was responding to yesterday’s front-page story, which reported that some bikers have been offering a shuttle service from Molynes Road to Half-Way-Tree in St Andrew, at a cost of $150. The cost of the ride could be more, depending on the destination of the commuter. “We are ignoring them for now,” Deputy Superintendent Adams told the Observer at the intersection of Hagley Park and Waltham Park roads yesterday. The DSP, who was seen observing the traffic flow, insisted that the greater issue is to alleviate the frustration and anxiety being experienced by commuters.

“I have heard the stories and I can say it is illegal, but we know the Jamaican environment. Where there are challenges people will find creative means to capitalize on it and, too, to get to where they want to go, and I think that is what is happening. I have heard the reports and I think that I might have seen a few of them, but the greater focus now is to get the motoring traffic and the motoring public to work,” Adams explained.

The policeman alluded to the fact that the mission is being accomplished, despite commuters’ complaints.

“We all know what happened Monday, but from Monday leading into this morning, we have seen gradual improvements. Let me establish though, that traffic congestion, I mean peak-hour traffic congestion, is a feature of any public space. What we aim to do is manage it, and to have traffic flow as freely as possible. We have been able to achieve that consistently since Monday, and this morning was no different.”


DCP Clifford Blake’s Talk To Cops Exposes Why Crime Has Taken Over Jamaica…

Despite what seems to be a reasoned and rational statement coming from this officer, *the problem is that it is not up to the police to make those decisions*. This officer clearly has confessed to having allowed lawbreaking.*
This from a squad of officers which was just recently formed and equipped to tackle traffic. These are the officers lectured by Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake on the virtues of turning a blind eye.
I  wrote about Blake’s lecture, I cautioned that what he was essentially creating was another set of window dressings from which the country will not reap any rewards.
Many pushed back on my comments then arguing discretion, over enforcing the laws was sometimes better, I argued then and now that it was exactly the exercise of discretion by the police which has led to this lawlessness in our country.


Now that the police which was supposed to fix the traffic problems have now opened this Pandora-box, creating another growth path to lawlessness, how do they propose to stop it after the roadworks are completed? Guaranteed they do not have an answer for that question.
Is the police high command that naive` that they believe these motorcyclists are simply going to disappear once they tasted the spoils of uninsured, unlicenced shuttling of passengers?

Not one of those bike taxis is going back after they were allowed to break the laws. Not the first street vendor displaying wares on the sidewalk, the first to display wares on the street, not the first shanty builder, not the first drug dealer, the first prostitute on the corner, neither will the police be able to stop these illegal bike taxis they just turned a blind eye to.
If the Jamaican police are not a part of the solution then they are a part of the problem. We were told that if we put in place University graduates at the top tier of the force we would see a transformation, a better force. If this is the type of leadership they are capable of the country is in for a whole lot more pain.

I’ll, now await the * man affi eat a food argument*

Poor Training, Indecisive Actions, Lack Of Esprit De Corps….prescription For Disaster



A picture speaks a thousand words.
Yet another example of poor training.Indecisive actions. no esprit de corps.
It is incredibly difficult to argue that there is modernization going on in the force when we are greeted with these images which demonstrate inexorably, that these officers clearly lack cohesion, lack direction(despite the presence of a senior sub-officer) and lack any attention to what they intend to accomplish.

Posted by Damion Bennett on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thuggie Thuggie East Kingston Gangster Gets Killed Community Lies …. (video)



It is disingenuous to any democratic society and dangerous, that media houses can concoct fake narratives they see as in their interest, lampooning and maligning law enforcement which generally doesn’t respond with their version of the facts

Unconfirmed reports indicate that this is the saint [sic] who was killed in a confrontation with Police which has precipitated the mass uprising in the lawful community of Swallowfield[sic].

Below is the choir-boy portrayed in the sickening Observer story.
You are the judge.


The burning of tires and other debris, the firing of automatic weapons and the throwing of molotov cocktail bombs at the Police and police facility has all come as a result of this choirboy[sic] getting his.

We have zero qualms about putting their videos (in their own words) online for the world to see and hear them. So when the lying dirty politicians and the criminal rights eat a food fraternity try to canonize these saints[sic] we will be right there to show the world that there is no difference between these idyllic members of society[sic] and those who support and enable them.

Police vehicles damaged.

According to the police, at approximately 8:15 pm on Monday 17-year-old Casey Lake was fatally shot during a confrontation with cops on Providence Lane.
The police reported that a home-made firearm and one round of ammunition were recovered from Lake.
True to form, the Jamaica Observer went about reporting the incident the way they and other media have always done, by padding the reporting with quotes from so-called witnesses who are always conveniently present during these encounters.

Here is the resultant carnage

It is that biased -brain dead imbecilic anti-police reporting which has given rise to and nurtured the rampant criminality on the Island.
The link above is their reporting as fact, the hearsay which is designed to make saints out of criminals.  I once again call on the Jamaican Government to scrap INDECOM and move with alacrity to dispense all funds earmarked for INDECOM to the police in the fight against lawlessness in this country.

A Worse Dilemma Awaits…


But for the period of Hugh Lawson Shearer’s leadership, Jamaica has been involved in a kind of law enforcement strategy which is equivalent to standing on the left leg only, left hand holding right leg from behind and right hand across the chest holding the left ear.
For those of you who ever made a major booboo in the good old days in a Jamaican classroom, you will recall just how tedious to near impossible that form of punishment can be. Unless of course, bad classroom behavior made you an expert.

Those who make policy on the Island have seldom been anything but self-aggrandizing pretenders, with overinflated impressions of themselves. As a consequence, they have pretentiously and gratuitously opted for policies which have not been fitting for our situation given our special proclivity for refusing to obey laws.

In many regards, the laws and policies they put in place are so blatantly ridiculous that they have the opposite effect of what the original intent was. These kinds of miscues have forced skeptics like me to question the motives of the policymakers, some of whom are known criminals.

Both political parties are guilty of pussyfooting with the rule of law, yet the infidels who run them make grand protestations about their love of country even as their legislative actions argue otherwise.
Protestations about human rights in an environment of murder and mayhem by criminals running roughshod over the population are incredibly fraudulent and misguided.
Shockingly, the polarized population, balkanized into two competing camps, is incapable of separating fact from fiction so the perpetuation of lies and deception is the norm and those who speak truth becomes the enemy.


The balancing act of which I speak is exemplified in the diabolical deception which both political parties have perpetrated on the country. This they have done through a series of sleight of hand which creates the illusion of doing the right thing through their mealy-mouthed support for the rule of law.
Yet a closer look reveals a direct attempt to maintain the status quo, a-la the retention and expansion of garrisons as a means to gaining and holding state power.


The maintenance of INDECOM and the Office of Public Defender at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars each year are two examples of that sleight of hand.
In the 70’s poorly armed militants attacked police stations and rescued criminals(the police were even more poorly armed) they suffered no consequence. In the 80’s, better armed, they attacked police stations and killed officers, there were no laws put in place as a deterrent.
In the 90’s incredibly well armed, they simply razed police stations with automatic gunfire then burned them to the ground.  (No laws were put in place as a deterrent).
In the 2000’s incredibly well armed, well supported, well-financed, well organized, they challenged the authority of the state to uphold the laws. We have the images of destruction.

Complicit, both the JLP and PNP colluded and conspired to blame the members of the security forces for doing exactly what they were sworn to do. Risking life and limb and in some cases making the ultimate sacrifice, members of the security forces did what society asked them to do.
Rather than honor their sacrifices, both the PNP and JLP through a series of actions, not the least of which was a poppy-show Kangaroo hearing headed by an elitist foreigner was instituted to tar and feather the security forces.
Rather than ensure that never again could ordinary punks pick up weapons in any fashion to challenge the authority of the state, apologies and restitution was the response.


The security forces were repaid with ridicule and lies, they were maligned and worse of all had their integrity and function called into question by a Bajan Colonialists who has his head so far up the Queen’s ass he still does not know slavery was abolished.
So as Swallowfield burns and molotov cocktail bombs are lobbed at the Stadium police station, and as urban terrorists lay down barrages of heavy automatic fire at the police, it is business as usual to those in Jamaica house.
Like the fire department which is never able to save a burning building, only capable of cooling down operations, so too are our security forces condemned to remove barricades and stay out of the way of the automatic fire.  After which the thugs go back to their homes as if nothing happened, with no fear they will be held to account.

The draconian measures instituted by the silly police high command as a means to holding officers in the department is having the exact opposite effect, as I warned when they embarked on that folly.
We are reliably informed that this year will be a banner year for attrition from the force. We will await the final numbers before making too much hay of that but I stand by my statements.
This situation is only going to get worse because as long as our country has more safeguards for criminal murderers than it does for the rule of law, the results are bound to skew the way Jamaica has been going.
Stay tuned.

Dallas Police Chief Speaks To The Press.

Amber Guyger, the Dallas Police officer who shot Botham Shem Jean in his own apartment, now claims Jean failed to follow her commands when she illegally entered his apartment prompting her to fire twice hitting him once in the torso killing him.


Guyger first claimed that she entered the apartment using her key, she now claims that the door to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment was ajar and so she entered believing it was her apartment.
She said the apartment was in darkness and she was only able to see the figure of Jean when she unholstered her weapon and ordered him to show his hands before firing twice.

However, a neighbor of Jean’s has challenged Amber Guyger’s story that mister Jean’s apartment door was slightly ajar.
She reportedly told police she heard Amber Guyger yelling for Botham Shem John to open the door upon which she opened fire killing him in the process.

Even To A Casuual Observer This Story Is B******t

Amber Guyger a 30-year-old white female Dallas Police officer, a five year veteran of the department who shot and wounded a Hispanic man in May of 2017, shot and killed a man in his own home on Thursday, September 6th.
Media reports indicate she was in full duty dress at the time but was off duty.

Botham Shem Jean 26 year old was murdered by white cop Amber Guyer in his own home Thursday night September 6th.

Dead is 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean, a St Lucian native and a 2016  graduate of a private Christian school Harding University, in Arkansas. He stayed in the United States to do an internship with a Dallas location of PricewaterhouseCoopers, NBC. News reported.


The story surrounding the shooting has been confusing at best. Some media houses have reported that Guyer had returned home to the apartment complex [after a full shift]where both her and Botham Shem Jean are tenants and mistook his apartment for hers, opened his door and upon seeing him she opened fire killing him, believing he was an intruder.


I am unsure what the inference of her working a[full shift] is supposed to convey? Is it that once a police officer has completed a full shift he or she is fully allowed to illegally enter someone else’s home and murder them?
Also, the media has co-opted the narrative that she entered his apartment, which we have learned is on another floor and entered his apartment believing it to be hers, this could only(a) come from her or (b) could only be speculative at best.


The absurdity of presumption(a) is too preposterous to be taken seriously. if she had a key or fob for her apartment how could she have entered another person’s apartment with her key/fob?
If the narrative being pushed is to be believed, and if she tried opening his door and he went to the door to see who was trying to enter his apartment wouldn’t she have seen that she made a mistake once she saw the interior of the apartment?


If she could not (a)differentiate what floor she was on, and if she could not (b) differentiate that the apartment she was trying to breach was not her own what was her state of mind?
Was the mention of her having done a full shift and being in full duty dress designed to place her in a policing role?


If she was not inebriated or under the influence of other mind-altering substances how could she have made such an egregious sequence of mistakes resulting in the loss of this precious life?
Why was she not arrested promptly as any other person who goes to someone’s home and murdered them would be?


Members of Jean’s family questioned Guyger’s explanation for the shooting and claimed that the fact she had remained free days after the shooting showed she was receiving favorable treatment. “If it was a white man, would it have been different?” Jean’s mother Allison asked Friday. “Would she have reacted differently?”

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall

Of course, she has been receiving favorable treatment. The shocking fact in all of this is that the Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall who is a black woman has argued that in the interest of transparency her department has turned over the investigations to the Texas Rangers.
Hall said police drew a blood sample from the officer to test for drugs and alcohol. She didn’t say why the officer entered the wrong apartment [as the story does]nor what happened once she and Jean came face-to-face.


Ya, the Texas Rangers are going to be judicious in doing an end-to-end investigation involving a white female cop who kills a black man.
As chief Hall speaks out of the side of her face I believe the decision to move the investigations out of the Dallas Area was made for her and not by her.


On Sunday, September 9th Amber Guyger was formally charged with manslaughter as a result of the killing of Botham Shem Jean and bonded out of jail immediately in the sum of $300,000
Somebody has to be crazy not to realize that they walked into the wrong apartment,” Jean’s mother told NBC News. “He’s a bachelor. Things are different inside.”
She did not realize that the apartment was not hers because the story is totally made up in my estimation. none of it makes sense.
The decedent mother has already talked about forgiveness.
Black mother, how can you talk about forgiveness when there has been no confession of guilt, no contrition, no request for forgiveness, the pre-requisites for forgiveness?

Maybe no one knows exactly what happened except for two people and one of them is lying on a slab in a mortuary.
If there is a shred of truth to the story that the police officer went to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment by accident and ended up killing him, that truth is probably known only to her.
Why then was she not treated like any other person by her colleagues? And if there is one iota of credibility to the idea that she thought he was an intruder why was her first option deadly force?


There is much more to this story than the Dallas Police chief and Department is letting on. This is a case in which the decedent is a college graduate with impeccable character, he was in his house so they cannot smear him as a criminal worthy of execution, deserving of what he got.
So it seems that the fix is in to make her an object of pity. That may not be all, it appears they do not want her to face trial in Dallas where she may receive a jury which includes black folks.
It is reprehensible that the family of this young man will have to bury him under these circumstances, particularly when we all know that had he been white he would absolutely be alive today.