The Killing Of Babies/women Of No Concern To Human Rights Frauds……

One of the most distressing issues plaguing Jamaica within the broader crime epidemic, is the sexual abuse and murder of little girls, young girls, and women overall.
The sexual abuse of women has always been a problem in our country, like in other countries.
Nevertheless, Jamaica has not kept pace as it relates to the behavior of far too many Jamaican men.
Grabbing, ogling, unwanted-touching, harassment, and general disrespect of women in public spaces is rampant. Some men seem to believe that women are theirs to own and abuse.

Over the years, despite the massive advancement women have made through education, which has propelled them to the highest offices in the country, the average woman on the street, and in our communities, are forced to endure demeaning behavior and sexual harassment and assault from men.
This writer has consistently spoken to what I saw as an inevitable backlash against women for their tacit and conspiratorial support for our criminal male.
Not just that, but I have argued that in many cases the women have been the catalyst in the illegal actions of their men.
I argued repeatedly, that the bloodlust of the men would eventually turn around on our women.
I take no pleasure today, in seeing those predictions become manifest on our women and girls.

Notwithstanding the foregone, the disappearance of our women and girls, and in some cases little babies, is indeed a tragedy.
From the police reporting, in many cases, before these young women are mercilessly slaughtered, they are mercilessly raped.
And so today I merely wanted to draw your attention to [the fraudulence of those who say they stand for Human Rights].
Day after day the news is the same, young girls disappear, found dead.
Sometimes we learn that these girls are not really killed but are reported missing by mothers and fathers who send them away from the so-called [DONS] who would sexually abuse them. Even so, the very instances where the disappearance is [concocted] for the protection of young ladies, it speaks to the very danger in which they find themselves, victims of men who are supposed to protect them.
Nevertheless, the incidents of sexual abuse and murder of our women and girls are astonishing, to say the least.

The body of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers was discovered in the Sterling Castle Heights area of Red Hills, St Andrew, yesterday.
This precious little girl was killed and discarded as if she was thrash, as if she was nothing.
This eight-year-old child is not by any stretch an isolated case. If we wish to be honest we have an epidemic on our hands.
The killing of women and children is in no way any less egregious than the killing of men and boys, but we are conditioned to believe that under no conditions would women and children become victims of war.
Yes, we are at war, if you believe we are not at war you are not paying attention.
The tragedy today is that women and children are no longer immune or protected from these marauding animals who take life. They care nothing about who they kill, life to them is disposable. Yet the Government and opposition Party goes overboard to design laws which protect, rather than punish these monsters.
There is no honor among thieves.

And so, as the society continues to degrade, the very same principles which set up that fraudulent system, continue on the path of those same principles.
Like a lone voice in the wilderness, I have tried to warn the nation that the most important right a person has is the right to life.
It follows, therefore, that if we present ourselves in defense of the rights of our fellow man, yet remain silent on the instances of the most egregious assaults on the life of our most vulnerable citizens, we are wolves in sheep clothing, charlatans, liars and most of all frauds.

Where is Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)? Where is Jamaica Council for Human Rights (JCHR))? Where are Families Against State Terrorism(FAST)? Where is Horace Levy? Where is the litany of other Parasitical Crustaceans which attach themselves to the body politic, pretending to be guardians of the people’s rights?
The sad reality is that they do not care about the death of our people.
They do not care about the killing of our children. What they care about is to carve out a place for themselves, where they can continue to build resentment against the rule of law for their own relevance, and for their foreign handlers.
But the Jamaican people are too far into the deception of idolatry, decadence, and depravity to realize that the foreign powers which fund these groups are only concerned with their continued mental and economic enslavement.

Court Ruling On NIDS Ultimately A Minor Setback


In a unanimous decision, Jamaica’s Supreme Court struck down the
National Identification and Registration Act (NIDS) , which has been a source of debate and much contention since it was first instituted.
In a suit brought by the People’s National Party’s  General Secretary Julian Robinson on behalf of himself, his constituents in St Andrew South East, and the members of the PNP, Robinson argued that the law was unconstitutional.

In explaining the decision of the court, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes said: “It is the court’s decision for the law to be struck down in its entirety because those aspects which did not infringe on the Constitutional rights of citizens were not enough to stand alone“. 
Justice Sykes went on: “The mandatory requirement of NIDS for persons to submit biometric information is indeed a violation of the right to privacy, which is stipulated by the Constitution“.

This issue should not be viewed as a win for any political party. Nevertheless, it is inconceivable that in light of Jamaican’s proclivity to see crucial issues through green or orange lenses, it will be viewed as a political victory by those who did not want it.
Never mind that many who do not want it can hardly articulate why they have a problem with the idea of a national identification database..
It is rather tempting to talk about the PNP’s constant populist stance which is seriously getting in the way of the nation’s advancement.
Likewise, it is just as tempting to delve into the JLP’s habit of creating legislation which tends to do more harm than good, even though the original intent of the legislation may have been righteous. (see the INDECOM Act.)

If we allow ourselves to avoid the default political fallback on these issues we can take a look at the reasons these methods are relevant today even though they may not have Constitutional cover.
The Jamaican Constitution was crafted at a time when none of the issues affecting the Island today were present, particularly on the crime front.
As such it is critical that there either be amendments to the Constitution which allows the country to keep up with the way the world is going or be left on the inconsequential garbage-heap where failed states go to die.
This writer has no problem with the decision of the court. The court is tasked with deciphering exactly what is in the constitution and how cases which come before it stand up to constitutional scrutiny.
I believe that is exactly what the learned Justice Byran Sykes and his colleagues did in arriving at this unanimous decision.
Neither do I have any quarrel with the petitioners of the court al -la Julian Robinson et al, outside of the cumulative pile of circumstantial evidence which has become the PNP’s [modus- operandi], as it relates to being obstructionist in the fight against dangerous criminals.
It follows that the Administration in office must forthwith brush this rebuke aside and proceed with a national education campaign to bring citizens up to speed on the ways a national Identification database is beneficial to and necessary for their protection.
At the same time, it must also seek to get a Constitutional amendment through the parliament where the Opposition PNP party has decidedly staked out a stance that it will be an impediment and a hindrance to any strategy aimed at dealing effectively with the nation’s crime problem.
It is also important that people yapping about their opposition to a National identification Database do understand the ramifications and consequences of not having one.

A National Identification system is a must for all Nations for all intents and purposes.
Here’s why.
If a nation does not know its citizens, it cannot give an accounting of their actions,, what crimes they have committed, if any.
As such, any accounting, vis-a-vis police records for visas and green card is useless and will not be viewed with any degree of deference. When a nation cannot be trusted to give an accurate accounting of its citizens, that country is deemed a failed state.
So now, everyone is unable to travel or engage in commerce outside the country. This is not where the world is coming from it is where the world is going. This setback is only a temporary block on the road. The PNP is an agent of opposition to progress in Jamaica and so the present administration should through the parliament pursue a constitutional amendment, if not a rewording of the present piece of legislation before the courts. Ultimately, the Parliament is constituted of the people’s representatives and that is where the power lies.
Frankly, I have called for a new constitution for years.
Now may be the time !!!!!!!!

This Time It’s Attempted Murder-suicide,

Residents of the Mountain View community of East Kingston were left stunned after a near similar event as the one on Waltham Park Road yesterday, in which a Corrections officer killed his estranged wife and then himself, played out in their community.

According to the police, a man known only as “Suddy” used a rock to bludgeon his common-law wife’s head, believing she was dead he then hung himself.
Neighbors told police the couple was quiet people who were not a bother to anyone. They expressed shock that the deceased could have carried out such an act.
On the arrival of the police, the elderly woman was found lying in a pool of blood but still alive.
She was rushed to the hospital where she is in serious to critical condition.

Neighbors told police the man did not hear or see very well and would sometimes walk into light-posts.
They allege that the woman moved out of a house they shared and he would visit her where she stayed occasionally to help with household chores and provide financial support to her. According to neighbors, he could be heard yelling before the incident,” after 19 years yu nuh want me”?
She reportedly had planned on leaving him.

Corrections Officer Murders Wife In Front Of Child Then Kills Self….

In the hustle and bustle of early morning Kingston, a corrections officer took the life of his estranged wife, 42-year-old Rouleene Clarke-Gowans, also a correctional officer, as she headed to work.
Patrick Gowans, this morning shot and killed his ex-wife in front of their 12-year-old daughter who has been left traumatized according to local media.

“For years now, she and the man have problems, problems in the sense that him keep on beating her, draw him gun on her,” said Horace Copeland, half-brother to Clarke Gowans, who sought to give comfort to grieving family and friends gathered at the house near Woodpecker Avenue, Kingston 11, mid-morning.
Copeland said he had long warned his sister to break off relations with Gowans, who he described as a serial abuser.
He said that he was so incensed that his sister had secretly got married to ​Gowans that he refused to speak with her for a few years.”Them hide and go married. Me did vex!” said Copeland. “I don’t go to their house, I don’t deal with her. ‘You a go make the man kill you!’” he said, recounting the multiple warnings he gave Clarke Gowans.

In the meantime, the family is also traumatized by the stark images being circulated of the crime scene before the arrival of police.
They are appealing to the sensibilities of those who post the gruesome images on social media sites not to continue doing so out of respect.
We have opted to honor those request by not including those images in our reporting.

Police Shootings Down/ Gangsters Control The Streets….

According to recent crowing from Errol Chattoo, the director of complaints for INDECOM’s Western Regional office, police fatal shootings are down this year compared to the corresponding period last year.
Responding to local media Chattoo remarked:
“We have seen a significant decrease in police fatal shootings across western Jamaica between 2017 and 2018,” said Chattoo, in providing the figures outlining the comparison. “When one looks at St James, where 28 civilians were fatally shot in 2017, we had 17 less in 2018, as the number dropped to 11.”
Inspired by the numbers, Chattoo said that INDECOM wants the police to be cognizant of how they use force, as the organization is committed to continuing their push to encourage professional behavior.

Even though the INDECOM mouthpiece did not directly take credit for the lower police shootings, I believe we all know that their aim is to see low, to non-existent police shootings, criminals killing citizens does not matter.
Set that aside for a minute and we can understand clearly that the fewer incidents in which police are forced into the use of lethal force may readily be attributable to the fact that during the time stipulated the ZOSO was in effect.
Lower across the board crime numbers support the foregone.
Those facts missed both the local Gleaner and the police watchdog group, or it wasn’t worth mentioning in their reporting.
See reporting here:

More recent reporting this month shows a continued drop in police shooting of civilians, according to the [Gleaner] Statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force show that 21 civilians were killed by police personnel between January 1 and April 6, 2019. This is 12 fewer cases when compared to the corresponding period last year. There has, however, been an increase in the number of people killed by licensed firearm holders. A total of six persons were fatally shot, five more when compared with the same period in 2018. And two persons were killed by security guards. Meanwhile, the figures indicate that there was a fall in the number of persons arrested by the police during the period. The statistics show that a total of 3350 arrests were made compared with the 3807 recorded in 2018. The majority of the arrests, 287 cases, were for breaches in the Firearms Act.

In that reporting, there is a direct cause for alarm if you are a law-abiding citizen.
(1) Police are engaging fewer armed criminals.
(2) Licensed Firearm holders seem to be pressed into defending themselves and others as there seems to be a drop off in police engagements.
(3) Police have arrested fewer people for the period this year against the corresponding period the previous year.
(4) Frighteningly, the majority of the arrests, 287 cases, were for breaches of the Firearms Act.
(5) At the same time, there has been no letup in the number of violent assaults and murders as well as sustained military-styled operations carried out by heavily armed thugs across the Island.
Just yesterday five people were shot, two fatally, on Tower Avenue in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew. Twelve hundred and eighty-seven (1,287) murders were recorded last year, this meansJamaica has a homicide rate of approximately 47 per 100,000.
The shocking reality of this is that Jamaicas murder rate is almost three times higher than the average for Latin America and the Caribbean, which has the highest homicide rate globally of 16 per 100,000 of the population.

The creator of this video added video to the audio which is unrelated.
Nevertheless the aduio is no less factual because the video may have created some confusion in the minds of some viewers who cannot figure things out without being spoon fed.

So in the excitement of winning elections to solidify power or to set an agenda to retake power when the green and orange colors are back in the closets the dark statistics remain the same and are getting worse.
At the same time, protracted gunbattles rage in Kingston 11 between what is reported to be gangsters from 35 Lane in what the street said is revenge for the shooting of Oney British.
In online audio of some of the shooting which went on for several minutes, the horrifying barrage of high-powered weapons-fire was almost surreal, as residents cowered in fear and angst.
These are the scenes all across the Island yet the focus is on lower police shooting data.

no shortage of guns heading into and in the Island.

Jamaica’s leaders continue to delude themselves and lie to others overseas that the Island is safe when the reverse is true. Crime is out of control but they will tell you that crime is trending down.
Not true!
Violent crimes are running rampant, heavily armed thugs attack and kill whomever they will, whenever they want.
They have an endless supply of weapons and ammunition while in some cases entire police stations do not have enough ammunition to arm officers going out on duty.

Police stations have no vehicle and in cases where a vehicle exist, the firepower of the gangsters are exponentially superior to anything the police could muster. Added to that officers are under immense stress and strain if they engage the marauding gangsters even after they have killed innocent citizens.
Such is the reality in Jamaica, and police officers are not allowed to speak out to the media and certainly, they are not allowed to speak out on social media.
It is shocking, what’s occurring on the island, as the focus which ought to be on enforcing the laws are concentrated on protecting the rights and interest of murderous thugs.
The faux-commissioner of police, who never did a minute policing in his life, dreams of the day when all police officers will be human rights agents.
Not having the benefit of ever being a police officer. Not having had the benefit of actually donning a police officer’s uniform, (not an unearned costume). Not ever having the conviction which draws a real police officer into service, Antony Anderson lacks the wisdom and the knowledge, that before officers took the oath to serve, they were already human rights activist.
That is what draws real officers to serve, the call to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves.
The desire to stand up to the bully. The desire to stand between those who are powerless and those who are powerful and arrogant.

When the chief law-enforcement officer is ignorant of these ideals, it is no wonder that criminals continue their murderous rampage.
When our police officers are reduced to window- dressing, de-authorized and demotivated from acting in defense of the nation’s laws, the situation is only going to get worse.
While the Nation’s leaders and elites focus on building a police force of patsies with pasted on smiles in the place of a real police force, criminals consolidated their power bases and build out their support structure and geographical spheres of influence using terror, fear, and cohersion.
They openly display high-powered weapons on social media without fear of prosecution because with INDECOM and the Governemnt on the back of the police who will stand in their way?
Welcom to Jamaica the land of Kartel and Buju, both convicted felons, both wildly popular role models.

Doctors Patching Up Gangsters For Large Sums Of Money, Thwarting Law Enforcement Efforts….

Horace Chang

“What’s going on in Montego Bay cannot be dealt with using normal Policing measures”.
“We need enhanced security measures.”
(Horace Chang, Minister of National Security)

Panicking much!
Let me just say that this guy should be nowhere close to National security, but since we are talking about Jamaica where its standard procedure for the Fox to guard the hen-house, it is also okay for the inmates to run the asylum.
Of course, what is happening in Montego Bay does not require normal policing measures.
It hasn’t been that way for many years, but isn’t just Montego Bay, it is all across the Island.
Imagine testimony coming to light in the Uchence Wilson Gang trial, that gangsters went to rob a home in sleepy and serene Guys Hill where I attended High school.
And that one gangster was shot by the police in the process, yet a Medical Doctor practicing medicine in the parish of Manchester asked for a quarter of a million dollars to remove the bullet without alerting the Police.
According to the reporting, the doctor received $90.000 to remove the bullet and the police was none the wiser.
When the major pontificators in Jamaica get on their high horses to talk about corruption, as if its a police only problem, we try to shine a light on these well-respected criminals in the society who are doing far worse than collecting lunch money because they are hungry.
These doctors know that the reason that gang members come to them instead of going to a hospital is that for all intents and purposes they have been involved in criminal activities.
They know full well that they likely killed one or more innocent persons in the process of committing other criminal acts.
Yet they patch them up and turn them loose on the society once again.
We can talk about the fear they have for their own lives if they do not comply with these gangsters demands.
I’m prepared to counter with the fact that (a) how do the gangsters know which doctor to go to across several parishes, unless they know these doctors are dirty and (b) if the gangsters wished to, they could simply force the doctor to perform the procedure without paying one dime, then kill him. They don’t have to pay if they chose not to.
It follows therefore that these doctors are wlling participants in the culture of crime which has been plaguing the country for decades.
They have been on the forefront.
As police officers, we knew that certain doctors were there ready and waiting unscrupulously, to patch up any murderer for a price.

Despite these unscrupulous acts, these sick bastards will tell you they have taken a Hippocratic oath to do no harm.
That they have taken an oath to adhere to medical confidentiality. What they won’t say is that those very same Hippocratic oaths bind them to also commit to non-maleficence.
This across the board corruption has been at the heart of the nations crime culture. It enables those who pull the trigger off-ramps when they would have been otherwise stuck on the freeway waiting for law enforcement to find them.
When Criminals are able to source underground hospital and life-saving medical service, after they themselves have just robbed and murdered innocent citizens, it makes the job of the police doubly difficult.
It is this lucrative underground economy which causes those in the highest offices to be vehemently opposed to the police.
It is this vehemence which makes police officers say “to hell with it why am I bothering myself“?

The proliferation and expansion of the culture of violence in our country will not be remedied with more laws. Certainly not the watered down types they have managed to pass to blow smoke up the collective ass of the nation to make it seem they are doing something about crime.
The two political parties have huge communities which are benefiting from crime. INDECOM and the proliferation of so-called human rights lobby is proof that neither political party wants an end to the status quo, it works just fine for their interest.
Change in Jamaica requires that there is [a come to Jesus recognition]. Jamaica is the only country which spends its energy worrying about the rights of murderers and Rapists over the plight of law-abiding citizens.
It requires that the Prime Minister and his party and Peter Phillips and his party, decide to stop shielding criminals and commit to the full support of the police as the departments is allowed to go after the gangs and pull them up from the root.
The comments of Chang are correct. Normal policing cannot apply, these thugs are bloodthirsty murderers who play by no one’s rules.
ZOSO and SOE’s are not the way to eradicate this scourge, more laws will do nothing as long as police going after these killers are criminalized for doing their jobs.
As long as the emphasis is on the rights of criminals and not on that of innocent citizens, expect this disaster to continue.
Andrew Holness’ attempt at social engineering followed the PNP’s attempt at social engineering.
Both have failed. We need to get back to allowing police to do their jobs without the specter of prison hanging over their heads, it is what successful countries do.

Two Killed On Barnett Street Tonight…(Graphic Imagery)

These two men were reportedly killed on Barnett Street in Montego Bay Saint James tonight.
The information is still sketchy, we will update this post as more information becomes available.

The latest update we have on this double murder is that the two men were walking along Barnett Street at about 5:00 pm when they were pounced upon by assailants who shot them and dissapeared.
Neither men have been identified so far.

Appellate Court Shamefully Fails To Recognize Inherent Violence In Rape….

The Court of Appeal came into being at the time of independence. The judges of this court exercise great care in reviewing the decisions of the lower courts and tribunals, against which complaints are made. We give reasons for all of our decisions, and invite the public at large to inform themselves of these reasons by accessing them on the website of the court. An informed public helps in the building of a strong nation.[]

The Jamaican Judiciary takes special pride in arguing for its independence and rightly so. An independent judiciary is one of the last bulwarks the average citizen has against tyranny from the Government and injustice across the board.
Just in case a lower court gets it wrong the founders in their wisdom created the Appellate court as a second chance for another look, this time generally comprising of a three-member panel or more in some countries.
And in case they get it wrong in the opinion of the petitioner their is a final court of adjudication, in Jamaica’s case the Privy counsel In England.

Even as we celebrate the ventilation the tiered system of justice provides the petitioner, more and more nowadays, we are left to wonder whether the idea of a Judiciary which really does not answer to the voters is the correct way to go?
Sure the court says it follows a strict code of conduct.
But does it?
Let’s face it, people run afoul of the law, and yes when we fall we deserve a chance at redemption.

Over the years we have had just cause to wonder at the actions of the Jamaican court system, as it relates, not just to its attitude to the people’s cases before it, but as it relates to convicted felons who must pay their debt to society.
More and more the courts have usurped the will of the people,through the handing down of ridiculously low sentences for violent crimes or have lowered the sentence imposed by lower courts or worse.

Rather than adjudicate the courts seemed to have taken on the role of Defense counsel to some defendants.
Defendants who commit violent assaults on other human beings, or even on animals deserve to feel the full brunt of the nation’s laws.
It goes without saying then, that defendants who rape and murder have willfully and premeditatedly decided to violate their victims in the most egregious ways imiginable.

It is incredibly difficult for police to identify and arrest perpetrators of violent criminals due to a litany of factors.
On the rare occasions that they do manage to identify suspects and amass enough evidence to go to trial, there are other issues which militate against a conviction, not the least of which is a court system which grants inordinate amounts of adjournments to defense lawyers which helps inexorably to clog up the system and delay justice.
When cases slowly weave their way through the system to a conclusion which ends in a guilty verdict, it helps to give a morale boost to police and prosecutors who work to bring these cases.
More importantly, it gives some measure of closure to victims and their families who have been violated by defendants.
Those verdicts and the accompanying fair sentences are pillars of the democratic and safer societies all of us crave.
We hope that stiff sentences act as a deterrent to future criminals and gives those sentenced time to think about the pain they have caused others and the harm they have brought onto society.


A man who raped a woman three times while holding her hostage inside her home for three terrifying hours has had his 40-year sentence slashed by 16 years.
The Court of Appeal, in a ruling handed down last Friday, ordered that Neville Barnes, 44, should instead serve 23 years and 10 months in prison for the June 2005 attack.
October 2, 2012 – the day the 40-year sentence was imposed – should be regarded as the date Barnes began serving his reduced prison term, the court also ordered.
The ruling provided disturbing details about the attack, during which the victim said Barnes told her: “I know what I am doing is wrong, but is just suh it guh in Jamaica.”
According to court documents, the woman testified during Barnes’ trial that she was awakened by a man entering her bedroom. She said that because her bedside lamp was turned on, she observed that the shirtless man was wearing a pair of navy-blue casual shorts and a pair of briefs drawn “half across his face”.
She gave evidence that her ordeal lasted for three hours and that the man, who she later pointed out to police investigators as Barnes, had sexual intercourse with her three times in different positions without her consent. He assaulted her and stole $3,000 before leaving, she said.

The court documents, which cited transcripts of the closed-door trial, revealed that at one point during her ordeal, the woman asked Barnes why he was raping her. “Because I choose you,” she said he responded.“The applicant (Barnes) commanded her to give him good loving like she gives her boyfriend. He also commanded her to say words to him in effect requesting him to have rough intercourse with her,” the ruling by the appeal court detailed.
“He demanded that she say the words louder when she did not do so loudly enough for him. He also asked her if she wanted him to impregnate her (using less forensic language),” it continued.
Further, the document revealed that Barnes asked the woman if anyone had ever performed oral sex on her and whether she wanted him to do it. “At some point, he also forced, or tried to force, his tongue into her mouth,” the document said.
He was charged with burglary, rape, and indecent assault arising from the attack and, by unanimous verdict, was found guilty of all three offenses following a trial in September 2012.
Barnes was sentenced by the High Court judge Marjorie Cole-Smith to 10 years in prison for burglary, 40 years for rape, and three years at hard labor for indecent assault.
However, Barnes, through his attorneys, challenged the convictions and sentences on the grounds that the presiding judge erred in her direction to the jury on the procedural fairness of the identification parade and that the 40-year term for rape was “manifestly excessive”.
The Court of Appeal, in explaining its decision, noted that the length of the victim’s ordeal and the fact that she was raped three times made the lowest starting point of 15 years in prison “inapplicable”. “We find a starting point of 18 years to be appropriate,” the court found.
The three-member panel added a further 15 years, citing the aggravating features of the case, including the trauma endured by the victim and the fact that Barnes had a previous conviction.“It is not unreasonable to infer that the whole experience must have caused the virtual complainant severe psychological trauma, although not much physical violence was used in this case,” the judges wrote, explaining the proposed sentence of 33 years in prison.
Barnes was credited with the seven years and two months he spent in custody awaiting trial and two years for the fact that there was no physical violence during the attack.[]

This writer has systematically called for mandatory minimum sentences for violent offenses against the person.
Mandatory minimum sentences for certain violent crimes removes from wobbly judges the discretion to supplant the laws with their own feelings.
The Appellate court is supposed to hear the cases before it but is not obligated or required to change verdicts particularly if there have been no breaches of conduct by police and prosecutors.
The sentence of the lower courts is supposed to stand if there are no improprieties or new evidence from the accused.
Barnes, through his attorneys, challenged the convictions and sentences on the grounds that the presiding judge erred in her direction to the jury on the procedural fairness of the identification parade and that the 40-year term for rape was “manifestly excessive.”
That was a subjective argument which the defense had every right to make, but it does not mean that the trial judge was wrong in the sentence she handed down.
Barnes was credited with the seven years and two months he spent in custody awaiting trial and two years for the fact that there was no physical violence during the attack.
The three-judge panel demonstrated some common sense when they credited the defendant with time served. They also demonstrated common sense when they concluded that the length of the victim’s ordeal and the fact that she was raped three times made the lowest starting point of 15 years in prison “inapplicable”. “We find a starting point of 18 years to be appropriate,” they argued.

Then their rationale fell apart.
Barnes was credited with two years for the fact that there was no physical violence during the attack.
I wonder how either of, or all three of those judges would like to have their homes invaded by assailants who rape them not once, not twice, but three times before leaving?
The idea that a judge, much less three judges, could all be so intensely dunce to the fact that the absence of other forms of violence on a rape victim does not negate the egregious violence rape does to the body and soul of victims.
It is incomprehensible to understand how any judge could utter those words, much less make that argument at the appellate level for reducing the sentence of a convicted serial rapist.
The physical harm rape does to its victims is only a small party of the other issues victims are left with psychologically, mentally, emotionally and yes the idea that they may be impregnated by their assailant or worse, given an incurable venereal disease.
The Appellate court could simply have left well enough alone. Instead, it chose to interfere with the verdict the learned trial judge imposed on a deserving serial rapist.
But that was nothing compared to the fact that the Appellate court does not believe rape in and of itself is intrinsically violent act.

Government Must Find Out Where (JFJ) Gets Its Funding From And Why…

Former SSP Delroy Hewitt

At the risk of wading too deep into the historically thorny and precipitous issue of police promotions, I want to observe a few points regarding the ruling of the United Kingdom’s Privy Council in the case involving now retired Senior Superintendent Delroy Hewitt.

Before I delve into the case argued by the anti-police JFJ, I will talk a little about the Delroy Hewitt I knew, and with whom I worked.
My comments are a result of having the privilege of working for years with a man whom many officers young and older, weren’t particularly keen on, because of his fidelity to discipline, honesty, and adherence to the letter of the JCF’s code of ethics.
It is sad that a bunch of anti-police trolls can garner such power in a country inundated with murders and other violent crimes, as to besmirch the character of a good man who does not have the same platform to clear his good name from the stain and stench created by these people with agendas.
The shocking reality in all of this is that Delroy Hewitt has not even been charged with a single crime or breach of operational protocol.

It was in the year 1983 that I was transferred to the Mobile Reserve from the then Beat-And-Foot patrol Division which was located at the bottom of West Street in Kingston.
Delroy Hewitt was a corporal of Police who had already taken it upon himself that he would work full time and pursue higher academic studies.
This was before the unavailability of jobs in the economy forced college graduates to decide that they wanted to become police officers.
It was also before people with degrees were given police Uniforms and command, without street policing creds.
And it was certainly before raw civilians were given the Uniform of Assistant Superintendents.

Corporal Hewitt was promoted to Sergeant while I was still attached to the Mobile Reserve.
As I said previously many officers weren’t too keen on working with Hewitt because he was seen as too strict.
I loved doing patrols with Hewitt exactly because of the fact that he was a strict no-nonsense cop who operated by the letter of the law. His quiet authority was exemplary and was a buffer to some of the things which befalls less focused police officers.
I felt a kinship with him because I was that same cop.
Hewitt was a cop of impeccable credentials who no one could point a finger to.
It is because of my knowledge of that Delroy Hewitt, which caused me to decide to write this Article.
Long after I left the Force, Delroy Hewitt continued to serve our country as an upstanding police officer of impeccable character and determination to the cause of law enforcement and justice.
The idea that a public servant can have is name besmirched and dragged through the mud even though he has not been charged with any wrongdoing is disgraceful and reprehensible.
Police officers in Jamaica who do not hide and wait until criminals are gone before attending to citizens calls are always going to feature in violent confrontations with the Island’s bloodthirsty thugs.
The fact that officers names feature into these incidents is cause for commendation, not condemnation.
And it certainly is not cause for the self-serving charlatans at JFJ to impugn their character for personal agendas.


Both lower courts rejected the assertion that the Police Services Commission has legal a duty to conduct, or to instruct another entity to conduct, independent, impartial and effective investigations into an officer’s misconduct when they are being considered for a promotion. 

The main issue arising in the appeal was in relation to what steps the PSC, as the entity tasked with deciding on the promotion and discipline of police officers, should take to inform itself about officers recommended for promotion. JFJ raised this challenge in response to a systemic problem of promoting police officers against whom there were/are allegations of misconduct to senior ranks within the Jamaica Constabulary Force, which undermines attempts at police reform and taints the promotion process within the police force. The legal challenge sought to establish in jurisprudence that the Police Services Commission is legally required to seek and consider reports of human rights violations against officers when considering an officer’s promotion – something the Police Service Commission argued it was not legally required to do. 

The arguments proffered by JFJ is that [if the PSC had done more Investigations it would likely have come up with a different result].
On that score, it is likely that it may not have, and on that alone, since JFJ cannot prove a negative the contention is moot.
Needless to say that Former SSP Delroy Hewitt is now retired and so as it is characterized this resolution is purely academic as far as he is concerned.
Surely, as it relates to promotions there is much work to be done. The high attrition rate from the Agency is one of the signs that people do not have confidence that their meritorious service will result in upward mobility.
What we cannot have is an outside lobby with its own anti-police agenda dictating who gets promoted in the police department and who doesn’t.
If that is allowed the country may as well hand over the running of the force to this partially foreign-funded group which has no concern about the murderous rampage criminals have been on over the last several decades.
Neither does it have any concerns about the tens of thousands of Jamaicans(police officers included) who have been murdered by the rampaging thugs.
That is of no concern for Jamaicans For Justice.
What concerns JFJ is the protection and enhancement of criminals and their conduct in Jamaica.
And so we are calling on the Government once again, to tell the country where JFJ is getting funding to mount these legal challenges from, and for what purpose?


Cpl. Jason Bennett attached to the St. Catherine North OST was shot and injured a short while ago and is presently undergoing emergency surgery.
Information received was that a team from the St. Catherine North OST to include Cpl. Jason Bennett was on patrol along Old Harbour Road, Spanish Town, St. Catherine when they came under gunfire.
Cpl. Jason Bennett was shot in the chest and was rushed to hospital where he is presently undergoing an emergency surgery.

Myself along with Sgt. Patrae Rowe and Sgt. Lloyd Duncan are at the facility ensuring that the member’s welfare is taken care of. Retired Commissioner George Quallo, DCP Clifford Blake, SP Clunis, DSP Andrew Edwards, Insp. Linroy Edwards, Insp. D. Linton, Insp. Hepburn and a host of rank and file members from St. Catherine North, DWTT and other Divisions are also on location.
Please pray earnestly for Cpl. Jason Bennett, his injuries are considered serious. Pray also for the other members who were on the operation.
Regards, Tameca Thomas Det/Cons.
Executive Member
Director of Welfare, Projects & Healthy Lifestyle
Jamaica Police Federation

How Can The JCF Legally Prevent Officers From Resigning The Force?

Those in power tell the Jamaican people that they want a better Police Department because the Police are corrupt. So corrupt that they have to bring in the Army’s head to take over.
Remember now, this was not done once, not twice, we are on the third iteration of this freak show in which the head of the 3’000-man army is brought in to head the 10’000 man police force.
As far as things look nothing has changed for the better.
Those who hate Police and want their beliefs to be validated will have their beliefs readily validated by the decision makers.
To the rest of us who understand that when we go to the supermarket we want groceries for our money, much like we expect gas when we go to the gas station, when we pay police we want security.
With that said when we look at the crime situation those who are willing to think, readily understand that nothing is being done to put the boot heels on the neck of the criminals.
Some will make the argument that criminals are being empowered more and more each day. I am among those people.

I do not care too much who leads the JCF as long as they do a good Job.
In fact, I believe we should have a civilian commissioner of Police and a police chief in the JCF and I have said so in numerous articles.
I also believe that the force has every right to source expertise wherever possible or necessary but that does not mean stupidly giving those civilian workers police rank. Doing so is counterproductive.
Rank is earned not something bestowed on someone because they have a skill you would like to exploit.
In the greatest Military in the world, the US military, rank is awarded on merit. Education and battle-tested command competence.
In police Departments across America, consultants give invaluable service to the thousands of departments nationwide, they are not given rank.
My problem with Antony Anderson, is that he paid lip service that he would eschew corruption but as soon as he took office he brought his boy with him.
Make no mistake about it that is corruption and it is wrong.
As far as the senior ranks of the JCF are concerned, (with the exception of a couple of them) I don’t care whether they are overlooked or not, or they never get another promotion.
They have been abysmal with the power they have had over the decades.
As a consequence, there has been an astronomically high attrition rate of talented people who would not tolerate their BS.
Because of nepotism, political leanings, gross incompetence, envy, ignorance, and a general sense of not wanting to see talented young people advance they brought the JCF to where it is today.

Both political parties have been all too willing to help push the wagon over the ledge, all while talking about crime as if they are doing something about it.
Because the senior corps of the JCF aligned itself to the two political parties in ways that make them subservient yard-boys to the party bosses, they gambled away the power of the JCF, rendering it ineffective and unable to impact crime positively.
Simply put, if the Commissioner of Police is a slavish tool to the ruling class, he is also a tool to their criminal henchmen, if they are tools to the henchmen they are tools to the shottas.
What authority then, does a constable have to do his job against these people?
Whether we acknowledge it or not, the fact remains that the Jamaica Constabulary Force is completely incapable of bringing charges against a politician regardless of his/her crimes.
This is a direct result of the feckless incompetence of the Gazetted Ranks from the commissioner of police on down, throughout the years
By that Metric the JCF is incapable of bringing charges against any major criminal player, (a-la Christopher duddus Coke), his father before him and that goes for the litany of PNP thugs who have been major producers of violent crimes which have taken untold amounts of lives.

It is for that reason why crime has taken hold and flourished in our country.
Pervasive ignorance, arrogance and the criminal proclivity of far too many of our people are only accelerants to that fire, not the cause of the fire.
In this medium, we have sought to shed some light on some of those shortcomings, because we understand the critical role police play in successful societies.
And so, for a large sub-section of the Jamaican population, others will inexorably have to advocate for a better Jamaica for them, despite them.

When the Commissioner of Police brings his driver and head of his security detail from the army with him, and that untrained person is made an Assistant Superintendent of Police under the guise that his pay in the JDF was commensurate with the pay he is now receiving as an ASP , they made it about the individual and not about the country and the JCF.
It is corruption, but the rank and file are like disgruntled children who once given a little talking to sulk away and continue with life as children.
Antony Anderson did that talking to recently and Joel Hamilton was instructed to write a letter of apology and all is well now.
In the meantime, the Federation which removed corporal McBeam as general secretary in a powerplay recently was seemingly rebuffed by the courts.
We were informed she will be reinstated, we have not been able to independently verify that reporting.
The Gazetted officers who should have objected to the promotion/appointment of Joel Hamilton on principle have uttered not a single word and have sulked away like little puppies as well.

What they are strong on is cases like the above letter in which a member of the department, who no longer wishes to be in the agency is being told that he cannot leave the force as he desires.
In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a lawyer, but these rules to which the JCF membership are subjected seem eerily unconstitutional. to me.
(1) Six months of advanced notice before resigning.
Rules were not in effect when most of the force joined.
(2) Must give statements to INDECOM immediately after an incident of force.
Rules were not in effect when probably half of the department joined.
(3) How can you constitutionally stop any person from leaving a job they no longer wish to serve in?

Ladies and gentlemen what kind of police officers do you expect to have come to your rescue if they are slaves unable to leave the police department on their own volition?
At the time the JCF decided to institute this 6-month preclearance rule before resignations I said it was a bad idea. This administration in cohorts with the opposition party is destroying the police department
Creating rules designed to stem attrition is not a solution for stopping attrition.
There is a reason that 50 people leave the Jamaica Constabulary Force each month.
Truthfully, a large percentage of the population does not deserve the sacrifices those young people make on their behalf.
The job is an ungrateful, dangerous, thankless and shitty one which pays peanuts.
Those leaving are making the decision to take their chances elsewhere.
The JCF hierarchy has done some really dumb things, trying to prevent officers wishing to leave from doing so , is right up there with the really dumb things they are doing.

Now Joel Hamilton Apologizes For Crass Remarks But Appointment Still An Issue..

We have been on this story before Jamaican media got wind of it. We reported on it factually and we said that the comments attributed to Joel Hamilton, (if the voice on the recording was in fact, his voice), demonstrated (1) that he does not belong in the JCF, (2) that he has scant regard for the JCF as an institution,(3) he has even less regard for the men and women of the JCF whom he just got promoted/appointed to join and lead.
We said that we would not elevate that disrespectful outburst on this site and we stand by that decision.
Nevertheless, the following letter released by Hamilton today is a clear and unequivocal confirmation that the voice note in which Hamilton berated the JCF and members of that Agency was repugnant and utterly disrespectful.
We believe that on that basis this man has no right to the rank and definitely should not be in the JCF.


Even worse, we listened to the Commissioner of Police as he addressed members of the JCF on the issue and the takeaway is that Anderson spoke a lot of words but essentially said very little.
He argued that he was not sure what the uproar was about, a clear indication that they expected this to simply slip by without any noise from members of the JCF.
After all, why would he not expect this to pass muster, the Police are not exactly known for standing up for themselves.
The disingenuous thing ultimately, is that Anderson’s assertion that everyone thought he would have brought along a whole group of soldiers to take over senior jobs from senior JCF commanders has no bearing on the events of the day.
Here’s the thing, Anderson made those arguments to justify his recommendation for an Assistant Superintendent, an untrained JDF soldier who is his driver to be accepted by the JCF, and to be a police officer of zero training.
The lie in all of this, is that Antony Anderson could only have brought over senior members of the JDF to replace senior members of the JCF on one condition.
That they fire the senior officers whose jobs the soldiers would have taken. How exactly would they have pulled that off without creating a major stink in the country?
The pyramid scale of the JCF allows only for so many Deputies, and Assistants to the Commissioner as well as others in the gazetted Ranks.
So the idea that he did not bring but two people with him, is an attempt to prove a negative. A totally fraudulent assertion.
There is absolutely no way they could have pulled it off so that argument is meritless.

Is the commissioner of Police entitled to an Assistant Superintendent of police to head his security detail?
That is the question for the country to contemplate.
If the present commissioner of police who came to the JCF without any policing experience does not trust the members of the JCF with his personal security and on that basis, he wants his longtime bodyguard, does that, therefore, mean that his security is more important that the nation’s chief executive?
Throughout my lifetime the JCF Protective Services Branch has done a stellar job of securing, not just Prime ministers and ministers of Government but other dignitaries as well.
To date, there has been no incident that I know of which has cast a negative light on the Protective Services Branch of the JCF.
Not even the US Secret Service has that good a record as, they have been accused of all kinds of misbehavior in the execution of their duties, including getting drunk on duty and acquiring the services of prostitutes.

This is a bad story for Anderson and the Administration. Unfortunately, people are segmented and brainwashed into complete fealty to the two political parties that they are unable to understand the harm these corrupt practices are having on the country.
So this too will blow over and the grumbling will stop among the cops because Anderson patted them on the back and everything is fine now.
But his disrespectful Assistant Superintendent bodyguard will still be in place and members of the JCF from the Rank of Inspector down will salute and say yes sir.
Such a pathetic sad affair, the kind which we read of in backwater banana republics.
Oh, wait just one minute……Banana Republic?

Dramatic Images Of Jarret Street Shooting….

Reports are that a man was murdered on Jarret Street In Montego Bay St. James this Morning at about 8-10 am.
Early reporting suggests that the slain man was the driver of a Chinese National and that two Hawkeye security officers who were sitting in their vehicle nearby were shot and are seriously injured.
We are also told that a substantial sum of money was taken from the victims. This account of events has been unconfirmed.
As more information becomes available we will update this reporting

Images of a violent Robbery allegedly committed this morning in which the driver of a Chinese resident was killed and two Hawkeye security officers seriously injuried.
Hawkeye unit with bullet-holes
from the pot-marked bullet-holes this assailant had one intention and that was to kill.
We are told this is one of the injured security officer, we pray for his swift recovery.

The Weapons Keep Pouring In

A joint operation today between the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Customs department at a container terminal resulted in the seizure of 20 firearms, including four(4) High powered Rifles, One sub machine gun, nine pistols six revolvers and 791 rounds of assorted ammunition.

Investigations are ongoing.
As we applaud the find, we are still left wondering, how come these massive finds are not resulting in further investigations and the arrest of the people at both the points of origin and entry.
Sure we want to remove the guns from the streets but I am convinced that whoever sent those weapons sent them to someone.
And whoever those weapons were sent to, that person or those persons wanted to get their hands on those weapons.
What then, is stopping the police from following through on these investigations and bringing them to the appropriate conclusion?

We are also left to wonder at the amounts of weapons and ammunition being discovered pouring into this tiny Island, what quantities are actually getting through undetected.
To what purpose are these weapons and ammunition being sent and received into the Island and who are the players behind it.
Is it political, or intended to enhance the lotto-scam?
We do not know because the police department seems incapable of mounting the appropriate sting operations and coordinating with their American counterparts for assisting on their end.
Where are the Police Investigators….isn’t that what all of the really smart people from the UWI now in the JCF loaded down with degrees were supposed to bring to the JCF?
Or are corruption and incompetence too rampant to allow for serious investigations to proceed which would ensure that these trans-national criminals behind bars for good?

INDECOM Is The Criminal Underworld’s Greatest Asset

In the ongoing back and forth about crime in Jamaica, the narrative seems to center inexorably on the 8’000 man police department for some reason.
Understandably the average Jamaican feel this is a good place to start because “they[the police] are supposed to be above it all, they are the guardians of the gate.”
I cannot disagree with the idea that our police officers are indeed the gatekeepers and as such our expectations that they are better stewards of our trust is not misplaced.
On the other hand, I look at the wider society which struggles with corruption and I find it hard to blame 8’000 people for the sins of 2.8 million.
The fact that I personally look at the wider societal problems does not mean absolution for the police, I just seek to understand the problems of the police in a larger context.

JLP mass crowd, despite all that’s going on the two political parties are still able to pull these massive crowds.

It is incredibly difficult to understand a scenario in which we have a department of well-rounded police officers who come from a department which is headed by some liars, thieves, and a bunch of policing neophytes at the top. The department itself comes from a society which is viewed as inherently corrupt by rating agencies. Some of the legislators are out and out criminals.
In an online thread this morning I pointed to the futility of the American war on drugs over the last several decades.
Sure, I am all for aggressive policing but in a country like the United States where racial prejudice is most egregiously manifested through the actions of law enforcement, it was a colossal disaster, particularly for people of color not valued by segments of law enforcement.

PNP mass crowd

Despite the massive incarceration rate, (largely of people of color). Despite the mass deportations for pot infringements(including of innocent people who never smoke or dealt pot but got caught up in frenzied pot raids. and despite the trillions spent in militarizing America’s police departments, mainly to fight the drug war, America’s drug epidemic is worse today that when the war was first started.
The fact of the matter is that the ingenious methods illicit drug suppliers have gone to,- to get supplies into the United States are driven by the insatiable appetite of the American public for narcotic drugs.
And despite the undeniable successes of law enforcement and prosecutors in racking up arrests and incarceration, the problem only seems to be getting worse.
To a large extent now, the problem can hardly be laid at the feet of pot, because to a large extent, pot is legal in some states and white men and women are getting incredibly rich, while blacks are still being incarcerated for the very same drug on technicalities.
The problem now is prescription drugs. Or better yet over prescription by white collar criminals, (or should I say white coated criminals) who overprescribe them?
The mortality rate among drug users is through the roof, yet the charade of fighting the drug wars remain. Instead of educating the public they continue on the mass over policing of the problem, feeding the prison industrial complex and making criminals out of addicts.

Crime continues with marginal decreases from time to time,attributable to no real or sustainable strategies, but may better be attributed to the whims of the killers and scammers who run the streets.

Years ago I stopped smoking cigarettes, I was not a pack a day smoker. I was more like a pack for three days kind of guy who smoked casually, that included giving away a couple here and there. They raised the price of cigarettes but that did not cause me to stop smoking. If anything it made me more defiant that I would pay the ten dollars per pack of cigarettes because I worked hard and could afford it.
I would not allow Government bureaucrats to tax me out of purchasing something perfectly legal, that I enjoyed having.
When I saw the imagery of dirty damaged lungs on television and saw people gasping and laboring to breathe however, that influenced me to stop smoking.

Andrew Holness PM

Despite the atrocious behavior of some members of the JCF, the antidote for fixing the police lies in building a better society one household at a time.
The police are asked to do way too much for the paltry sum they are paid. Nevertheless, even if they were well paid the many demands society places on the police are far too great.
Former Chief of the Dallas Police Department in the state of Texas argued in 2016, “every societal failure, we put it on the cops to solve,” Brown said, before lamenting that police are left to solve problems that government fails to address:

“Not enough mental health funding, let the cop handle it”. “Not enough drug addiction funding, let’s give it to the cops”. “Here in Dallas we have a loose dog problem, Let’s have the cops chase loose dogs”. “Schools fail, give it to the cops”. “70 percent of the African-American community is being raised by single women, let’s give it to the cops to solve as well”. “That’s too much to ask”. “Policing was never meant to solve all those problems”. “I just ask other parts of our democracy along with the free press to help us”.]

The actions of people on the streets are indicative of a society teetering on the brink of becoming a failed state.
The general lawlessness and unwillingness of the people to submit to the dictates of the laws are telling signs of a society in serious trouble.
Those charged with legislation are too heavily invested in the chaos to realize that their actions are directly tied to the chaos and lawlessness on the streets, because the people are experts at reading the messages they send, even when the message is wrapped in new legislation that seems intended to remedy the problems.
When a cop is attacked in the lawful execution of his duty and the government does not respond with legislation right away which tightens the screws on would be attackers of state agents, the message sent is, we don’t care.

Peter Phillips Opposition leader

When criminals burn police stations and the government responds by giving aid and comfort to the same community the government is saying we are with you against the security forces.
When crime escalates ad the Government’s response is to fill entire areas with law enforcement and military bodies, then chide the same members of the security forces about human rights, the criminal underworld knows it is all for show, (a shit-show).
And when both political parties make the conscious decision that the safety and security of the nation would be the barometer on which to lampoon each other, the opposition party always has an interest in higher crime statistics.
How they arrive at those higher crimes statistics are up to the Jamaican people to see for themselves.

Jamaica is receiving an inordinate amount of deportees from England The United States, and other parts of the world.
These people are [not all violent criminals] nevertheless, many of them are and they are generally hardened criminals who will stop at nothing to continue the lavish lifestyles they had before they were nabbed.
On the other hand, the schtick that the Government and opposition party has engaged in pulling over the eyes of law-abiding Jamaicans is having disastrous consequences for the average citizen.
Gruesome murders and mass killings are now the norms while the police are scared to go after the enlightened criminals, many of whom are deportees who brought their knowledge from the developed countries from which they were deported.
Instead of dropping the hammer on criminals the country’s political leaders gave the nation INDECOM.
That agency’s claim to relevance has been the gangs it has emboldened.
Violent criminals now celebrate INDECOM.
When the criminal underworld’s greatest friend is a government agency that country is in deep trouble.

Breaking: R. Kelly Indicted On 10 Counts Of Aggravated Sexual Abuse, No-Bail Arrest Warrant Approved

Anne Branigin

Photo: Getty

There were decades of allegations. There was a criminal trial on charges of child pornography. There were hashtag campaigns and open letters. There was a high-profile series documenting the stories of his alleged victims. Now, there is a no-bail warrant out for Robert “R.” Kelly on 10 counts of aggravated child sexual abuse, approved by a Cook County judge on Friday. 
Multiple outlets, including the Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today, are reporting the new charges may have stemmed from a recently surfaced video provided by attorney Michael Avenatti, allegedly showing Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The prominent attorney’s comments on Twitter also point to this.

“It’s over,” tweeted Avenatti as news of the charges came in. “The day of reckoning for R Kelly has arrived.”

According to USA Today, a spokeswoman for the Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx confirmed to the Associated Press that charges had been filed against the embattled R&B singer. Foxx has scheduled a press conference for 3:00 pm E.T. to go over the new charges, with Avenatti holding one immediately after. Kelly’s first court date is slated for March 8, according to court records. Kelly was recently released by his record label, RCA, following a backlash against the singer spurred by the dream hampton-helmed docu-series Surviving R. Kelly. The documentary contained no new allegations against the singer but focused on sharing the stories of survivors who said Kelly had groomed, coerced, and abused them for years—with the aid of his inner circle.