We Must Secure Our Country And See To The Rights Of Citizens At The Same Time

Arlene Harrison Henry(OPD)

There are roles within societies which strive for the rule of law and the principles of basic human rights to have genuine, balanced and vigilant oversight of Governmental activities.
Nevertheless, those oversights have to be executed against a fundamental understanding of the role and responsibility the government has in protecting the broader society from harm.
They must also be balanced against the limitations of government to adequately fulfill all best practices within the framework of its financial constraints.

It as against this background that I am unsure whether in Jamaica’s case, the Office of Public Defender and it’s principal officer, Arlene Harrison-Henry is fully conversant of those responsibilities to which the Government is obligated.
There is always room for improvement and in the Jamaican public sector, hardly anyone could reasonably argue that there is due diligence in the dispensation of all public functions.

Harrison-Henry was testifying before the Internal and External Affairs Committee of Parliament yesterday, on the effects of the State Of Emergency (SOE) in the parish of Saint James.
The (SOE) was initiated to stem the bloodshed and the massive loss of life in the parish as a result of what the police contend is gang violence.

The Public defender laid out a raft of issues which she tells the committee her office have found lacking and are in breach of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.[sic]
Among the issues, she laid out are the following…..

(1)Up to October 9th, 3,687 persons, primarily young men, have been detained, since the declaration of the SOE on January 18, 2018.

Typically, this is what happens in (SOE), security personnel operating in the dark (intelligence wise) are forced to scrape up large numbers of young men whom they believe may be involved in criminal activities.
Given the limitations technologically, the police have to embark on a slow deliberative process of sifting through latent fingerprints which may or may not exist, of those who may have previously passed through the system. 
This is a slow antiquated system which requires time. Admittedly, it is not the bests system but it is the system we have.
This is not the fault of the police.

(2) Only a fraction of the people detained are charged with actual crimes, according to Harrison-Henry.

It would be nice if the law of averages were more in favor of the good guys who are risking their lives, trying to produce a safer Jamaica.
If they did they wouldn’t be the law of averages now would they? 
Since they aren’t, the overworked, underpaid, police have to sort through the detainees the old-fashioned way.
The police would be glad to have real-time intelligence if Harrison Henry has it, this would go a long way in eliminating some of the inconveniences she complains about.

(3) Poor quality of food for people picked up and detained and unsanitary conditions around food.

There is no excuse for this and there will be none coming from me.

(4) Detentions are mainly men from communities such as Rose Heights, Norwood, Granville, Flanker. She pointed out that the bulk of the detainees are young men between the ages of 19 and 25.

That is police business, the so-called public -defender must concentrate on what it is that she and her staff are tasked with doing.
The security forces have a responsibility to take the fight to criminals regardless of where they are from, regardless of their age group.

(5)  Concern that police officers and soldiers sometimes take photographs of detainees on their mobile phone. This has implications for the fairness of an identification parade for example.

Members of the Security forces have a responsibility to act with professionalism, nevertheless, in the barren intelligence landscape in which they operate almost blindly, it is commendable that members of the force whose responsibility it is to contain criminals are acting proactively in this regard.

(6) Harsh conditions under which detainees are held at the Freeport Police Station lock-up, which is the hub of the SOE activities in St James.

This is a longstanding issue which spawns administration of both political parties across several decades.
It is important that government understand that if its agents are going to violate people’s basic rights by detaining them the least it [must] do is provide them with decent accommodations, food, and healthcare for the duration of their incarceration.

See story here. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/front-page/deplorable-public-defender-outlines-shabby-conditions-for-detainees-in-st-james-soe_150351?profile=1606

The testimony of the Public Defender is scheduled to resume sometime in the near future to complete the deliberations on its report.
In light of that, I will naturally withhold some of my comments.
Nevertheless, it is instructive to observe that nowhere in the reporting in [the link above] is there any acknowledgment of the fact that as a result of the actions of the security forces there has been a marked drop in the number of murdered St. James residents.

What I conclude from this is that there are two competing objectives at work, neither of which works for the greater good of the Jamaican people.
On the one hand, the security forces must find a way to balance dealing with the existential issue of violent crimes while taking care as best it can to protect the rights of the most vulnerable.
For its part, those who purport to protect the rights of the public must demonstrate that they understand the exigencies of the situations the nation faces and the constraints under which the government is forced to operate.
Neither of these two positions is mutually exclusive if the egos and personal agendas are discarded.

Juvenile Beaten Handed Over To Cops/along With Weapon

A 16-year-old student of the Spanish Town High School and a resident of Percy Bush, Lauriston Rojario Lynch was beaten by citizens and handed over to police last Friday.Residents claimed that the juvenile attempted to carry out an armed robbery and was overpowered.
An Intra Tech TEC-9 sub-machine gun, MOD99, with the serial number erased, a magazine and four rounds of ammunition was also handed over to the police.

The Spanish Town Police are investigating the incident.

Warning/address These Militias Now Or Face The Consequences Tomorrow


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will say this to the Jamaican Government again.
For years after leaving the JCF I have assiduously studied crime patterns and looked at data involving crime in developing countries.
As a consequence, I have written hundreds of blog posts and have produced countless pages of data in support of my theory that crime cannot be contained without a firm hand.


In the 27 years since I left the JCF after a brief ten years stint, I have seen the quality of service offered by the JCF deteriorate and distrust of the Department increase exponentially.
This two-fold event has created the perfect opportunity for crime to flourish resulting in the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Jamaicans and the entire nation now completely traumatized and desensitized to the horrors of the daily bloodshed.


The approach by both political parties combined, both in administration and in opposition, have left much to be desired and may logically be argued to be one of the reasons which have caused the continued explosion of violent crimes across the Island.
For years I have warned that the approach [must] be a two-fold approach which(a) delivers a heavy hand to violent criminals, but(b) uses a velvet glove to massage the rest of society.

This approach is exactly what other societies have used successfully and it is the approach safer societies (not totalitarian societies) uses today.
Crime cannot be solved unless the appropriate resources are appropriated and directed to the cause of law enforcement.
It is not a liability, it is an investment in our survival, literally and economically.
When we make the decision to ignore the needs of law enforcement we have by default given license to the creation and expansion of underground economies which only benefits a few criminals.
Those decisions frighten away legitimate investors and returning residents and embolden criminals to set up extortion rackets by creating more fear.


Administrations of both political parties have maintained a curious indifference to this burgeoning problem which is now threatening the very viability of the Jamaican state. (see the Tivoli incursion of 2010) and events thereafter.
The incompetence and corruption within the JCF is not an isolated case of simply people corrupted by power taking advantage of the system.
It is a much deeper across the board rot, not a stranger to other parts of the public sector. This rot has been made to fester from low wages, lack of resources, lack of respect, insufficient training, insufficient support legislatively and structurally and a host of other neglect.
The extremely high attrition rate within the department is proof that contrary to popular perception the lure of a gun and badge is not enough to offset the burning desire to leave for greener pastures.


Instead of looking aggressively at the problems in the JCF, if not out of love for the rule of law but out of a recognition that no society can grow and survive in crime, Government’s actions have been to take steps to exacerbate the problem.
Instead of creating a structure of support to address the problems of the police, administrations of both political parties have shown open disdain and disrespectful hostility to members of the force.
Instead of fixing what’s wrong with the force they went a full one hundred and eighty degrees by installing in place other agencies which have demonstrably created hostile relationships with the JCF.
See (INDECOM & Office of Public Defender).


The fact that the small Island of 2.8 Million people is losing well over 1600 of its people to violence annually though ghastly, does not tell the whole story.
The raw death total regardless of the numbers, will certainly not be the worst-case scenario for the country.
The existential threat to the nation’s solvency and sovereignty will be far more consequential.

For years we have seen the number of violent crimes rise and remain high with the exception of 2010 when the security forces were forced to use overwhelming force to put down what the country [refuses to accept] was a [militia uprising] against the authority of the state.
Immediately after that event criminals largely kept their heads down, unsure of the security forces next move and not wanting to draw their ire.
This was a clear indication that force absolutely is the only thing they understand and will bow to.
After the Government signaled to them that it would be the security forces which would be on trial for the Tivoli event, crime began a steady and determined climb and has continued to today.

I want to warn the Governing authority that the declaration of States of Emergency (SOE) and declaring Zones Of Special Operations (ZOSO) are not panaceas for the nations crime problem.
Let me be clear, you not only have a crime problem.
What you have is a metastasizing militia problem, which is completely different than gangs.
Criminal gangs do not operate together to challenge the authority of the state. Militias do.
We saw that this concept has been on the table since 2010 when hatred for the duly constituted state far outweighed political and other differences.
In 2010 loose actors from differing political persuasion found common cause around a singular figure(Christopher Duddus Coke).
Unperturbed by what the state may do they came together in Tivoli Gardens and stood up to the state.
Eight years later those actors are more closely aligned and more sophisticatedly armed.
It is no longer just guns, its grenades and silencers, scopes and other more devastating paraphernalia of warfare.
Notwithstanding, the Government has not coordinated a cohesive strategy around that reality, neither has it demonstrated that it understands fully the danger these well-armed criminals pose to the state despite the mass killings.

Right here in our hemisphere. Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua offers case studies on the danger of ignoring these trends.
Yet the Jamaican political class which has a responsibility first and foremost to protect the country from harm refuses to confront that existential threat.
Rather than seek the necessary expertise to once and for all end this problem, administrations of both political parties have embarked on a systematic head-in-the-sand approach which largely ignores the danger of the bullet in the body as long as they can hide the blood.
That fallacy included bringing British police who know nothing about our culture, environment or crime-fighting needs.
They sit in offices pushing paper, making press statements and fattening themselves at our expense. 
On the other hand, Government looks to their cronies at the University of the West Indies for solutions on how to resolve these critical issues, an institution which has a tenuous relationship with police and has liberal biases and ideas which have not been known to work anywhere.

These mass killings in Jamaica are different than the mass killings in the United States. In the US mass killers are usually mentally deranged individuals, or killers with deep racial or religious animus. Either way, when they rear their heads they either kill themselves, are captured if they surrender or are put down with overwhelming force by the state.
In Jamaica, the killings though tied to particular motives are designed to drive fear into the society. The actors intend to derive more control for themselves by paralyzing the population through fear.
It is working.
A cursory look at the Spanish-speaking countries I named above will give an idea why Jamaica’s Criminal [gangs/militias] are more in line with those countries than they are with mass killers in the US.

It behooves the administration in Kingston to address this issue today with a decisive military response.
That response must be a full-throated no holes barred response which leaves no question that their actions will not be tolerated.
Jamaica is only 4411 square miles.
Under no circumstances, should militias be terrorizing entire communities and wiping out entire families while there are soldiers at Up Park Camp playing dominoes.

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Violent Murderer Prekeh Done/warning (graphic Image)

News from Jamaica’s crime front; Delano ‘Prekeh’ Wilmot, the leader of the infamous Ratty gang, which has been terrorizing the communities of Cambridge and Retrieve, in St James, was reportedly shot and killed in a confrontation with members of the security forces in Cambridge this morning.
According to the security forces, the much-feared gangster was killed and an M16 assault rifle seized from his person.
His crony another much-feared gangster known only as ‘Cruz’, who was said to be in his company during the shooting, managed to slip away.
The security forces are reportedly still in pursuit with the aid of JDF helicopter.

Parekh was wanted for several murders,

he allegedly shot to infamy when he orchestrated an ambush of members of the security forces in which two soldiers were shot and injured.
He was reportedly elevated to the top spot after  Ryan ‘Ratty’ Peterkin the leader of the gang was neutralized by the security forces.
Bravo for the members of the security forces who continue to risk life and limb in support of this criminal supporting nation, without the recognition they deserve.

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Prisoners Working To Earn Their Keep/what A Novel Idea

A friend asked me a while back, “why do you write“? I was a little taken aback at the question but I intimated to her that writing was my chosen way of communicating my thoughts.
Some people rap, others sing, others write poetry, others play musical instruments, me, I love to write, I believe the written word is intrinsically important, it leaves an indelibly codified historic record of events of the time, and a window into the soul of the writer.

She told me she sometimes read my work, which I was thankful for, she didn’t have to.
She went on to say that I am my own worst enemy, as there was too much cussing in my writing, she cautioned.
My writing gave her a headache she said. I would be advised to tone it down.
My friend had no idea that what she told me was music to my ears, I never thought I would write so that people could feel comfortable, I do not write to validate what people already believe.
I write to communicate my thoughts in ways which jolt people to the realities of what I am trying to convey.

I did that little lead in to avoid a cussing rant because I am floored at the seeming state of backwardness in my country.
Wait, wait, please you, die-hard patriots, before you start cussing me out, hear me out first, thank you.
According to some recent reporting, the Jamaican Government is again talking about putting prisoners to work.
Geez, what a novel idea.


Here’s the shit which gets my blood boiling. On the rare occasion that a murderer gets convicted for a fraction of the crimes he has committed, the sentence is usually handed down with a hard labor caveat.
That the government is not carrying out the court’s orders, means that this administration and others prior, are in gross violation and abdication of their duties and are violating court orders which are antithetical to the concepts of a budding democracy.


The reporting alleges that; the government is considering using convicts to clean-up the nation’s streets and gullies that have littered with garbage. In fact, the state is now considering purchasing special clothing for prisoners to wear when they engage in clean-up activities.

Why are prisoners not in special prison clothes to begin with, and why would it only be when they are engaged in work?
Why are Jamaican Government officials so intent on half ass methods, rather than doing things the way they ought to be done?
In the event, a prisoner manages to escape custody one of the easiest ways to quickly identify and recapture that felon is the prison garb he is dressed in.
Given those facts, why have the government not done this simple due diligence?


I have always argued that Jamaican authorities are like a Jack ass with its ass where its head should be.
So it comes as no surprise,……. to me at least, that  Pearnel Charles Jr., the junior national security minister, told the media quote;  

Any person in the systems that have a non-custodial sentence or a custodial sentence, that is low risk, could be used in this category to clean the litters in gullies.” 
So the idea is to basically punish low-risk non-violent offenders, while [violent shottas sit]around chatting on their cell phones, eating, make music, and ordering hits.
Actually comparing these dweebs to jackasses is an insult to jackasses.
We need to reduce the number of persons within our custody. We have reclassification and we are also looking at electronically monitoring persons that are convicted for them to engage in clean-up activities that they might not be able to do before because of security issues.

This is the Jackasse’s ass where the head should have been.
If the administration wishes to finally carry out the orders of the court, it would make sense to do the exact opposite of what this twit is recommending.
(a) Here’s a clue, have low-risk offenders who have no motivation to escape without getting into more trouble, do the work that is being recommended and (b) Have high-risk offenders get up off their asses and do serious work wherever they are needed, to build the country.

How do you ask?
Glad you asked. 
I fully understand that simple things which many of my country folks do not understand are considered impossible to do.
Other countries have created ways to safely put violent offenders to work.
If of course we can eschew pretense and get our heads out of our own asses.
Look, China, Iran, Russia, the United States and almost all of the major countries across the globe execute murderers.

Since we Jamaicans are sanctimonious hypocrites who are too shit holier-than-though to kill these scumbags, maybe we can get around to putting them to work so they earn their keep and repay their debt to society.
Shackle two together by the angles and give them three feet of chain to separate them and put their criminal asses to work.
This is a net win for the country as they produce to feed themselves. Give them a tiny stipend, this results in less idle time for them to plan and scheme and order hits on innocent people from prison.

As simple and straightforward as the foregone is, I cannot wait to hear the sanctimonious bleeding hearts with their contrarian handwringing about how we cannot do this, we cannot do that.
Simple legislation which ought to be a given becomes a major thing. A major announcement is required at this grand piece of idea. Yup putting prisoners in uniform is groundbreaking[sic]

Since scarce state resources are being spent to feed, medicate, house and whatever other benefits they receive it is only fair that Prisoners are made to earn their keep.
It is unquestionably the right thing to do, yet the government is acting as if this is a monumental groundbreaking concept for which it must be congratulated.
On the other hand, if the government ever gets up off its ass and gets this done the right way look for the pathetic political opposition to find something wrong in its implementation on which to object and seek political mileage.

On that note, while we are on the subject, it is high time that the JLP tag the PNP with the title of “criminal supporting party” going forward.
If they want to support criminality let them own it.

Another Alleged Dirty Cop Busted By ……..the Police

A Police Corporal, Jermaine Merril Powell o/c Zigga of Rocky Settlement, Rockey Point, Clarendon, attached to the Hunts Bay PIU, was arrested for breaches of the dangerous drug Act yesterday.

On Friday, November 9, 2018, about 4:20pm during Anti-narcotics and Illegal Guns operations the Area 3 Narcotics Police along with the Porus Police stopped a White Toyota Probox along the Porus Main Road in the Vicinity of the Porus Police Station.
The vehicle was being driven by Corporal Jermaine Merril Powell o/c Zigga. 
In the vehicle with him was Steve Ray Moxam o/c Guga Wray,  Fisherman of Rockey Point Clarendon. 
During a search of the vehicle, approximately 1kg of white Powder Substance Resembling Cocaine and One Million Jamaican Dollars, ($1,000’000.00) were found wrapped in a Black Plastic Bag and concealed between the spare wheel and the bottom of the vehicle.

Powell and Moxam were arrested on reasonable suspicion of breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act. 
A Glock Pistol along with two magazines was seized from Corporal Powell.
Powell indicated that the pistol and the motor car are both government property.
Both accused, the vehicle and exhibits were taken to the Porus Police Station.
More Investigations are to follow.

Trafic Crash In Duncans Trelawny,(images Too Gruesome To View)

Duncans Trelawny area close to St Ann Border we are told is a place my friend said where the grim reaper has set up shop.
The truth of the matter is where the ridiculous stupidity of Jamaica’s drivers is playing out with consequences too gruesome and macabre to look at.
We could not publish most of the images.

Clearly this is untenable, there will need to be action taken to eradicate the scourge of reckless driving from our roadways.

Jamaica’s Criminal Justice System A Haven For Murderers And Terrorists

Kevin Tyndale o/c Richie Poo


The entire system is corrupt and shitty to the core. Despite the hard work of the Police to gather evidence and put mass murderers away the system does its’ level best to find ways to return them to the streets through the different loopholes in the system.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner; Gangster murderer Kevin Tyndale,(Richie Poo) a member of the Gideon Warriors gang based in August Town, St Andrew was released from Prison on parole without conditions  Tyndale
was sentenced to a total of 90 years in prison in 2005  after he was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm, robbery with aggravation, and wounding with intent.

See story here:http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20181101/has-release-reputed-gangster-triggered-review-jas-parole-system?fbclid=IwAR0NL4-43TOI0jXvGfLpy0BnNX5FHfCchkdkhxZf9CGijxGLO21gBCAn0xs


Despite Jamaica’s Affinity For Siding With Criminals The JCF Can Become The Envy Of The Region/our Officers Are

In October 1991 I dropped everything and walked away from the job I loved for two reasons.
(1) The pay was shitty,  the sum of money I was getting paid once per month was nowhere near close to what was required to live a median basic existence. (1a) I did not want my life to be a median basic existence.
(2) I looked at policing strategically and realized that the people who occupied the positions I would be striving to achieve were hardly any better off than I was.

Twenty-seven years later my decision is validated day after day and it seems to me that despite the fact that nearly three decades have passed since my own exit not only has police officers working conditions and remunerations hardly changed, the quality of the people they serve has deteriorated dramatically.
What we are left with today is a society which has denigrated exponentially, creating an ever-increasing dirty pool from which the nation is forced to draw it’s public sector workers. 
It is hard to imagine a situation in which water drawn from a toxic pool can be good for anyone’s consumption.
The spotlight in Jamaica is usually focused on two sets of public sector workers, Politicians, and Police.
The Jamaican politician is supposed to be the deliverer of goods to everyone and the police is supposed to be the savior of everyone.
In that blinkered myopic environment, it is hard to near impossible, to focus attention on the fact that the entire public sector is literally corrupt….. they all came from the same dirty pool.

Despite the foregone, I have always maintained that the Jamaican Police can easily do a better job despite the challenges if it chooses to.
It doesn’t require any effort outside just avoiding stupid mistakes for Christ’s sake.
The JCF is never going to be the darling of Jamaica in my lifetime lets face that reality but it can become an agency that fixes itself, critics be damned. 
It can make itself the envy of its hateful detractors, it can make itself feared by its enemies, not feared out of a violent tendency, feared because of its investigative and competency capabilities.
The shine and luster the JDF receives were always (a)because soldiers weren’t out arresting criminals, and (b) more soldiers were in fact products of the violent inner-city communities.
Police officers largely come from the Island’s rural communities. 
The luster and shine will soon wear away as soldiers are more and more thrust into the role of pseudo police officers.

Tesha Miller

One way for the JCF to become a better agency is to develop better investigative capabilities. 
Of course, we know that the public sector is corrupt, we know that contrary to the misguided perceptions that Judges are above it all many are in fact just as corrupt as the worst criminals, so too are the criminal lawyers. They all come from the same dirty pool.
But the JCF must on its own move into the 21st century and drag the country along if it is to survive.
Improving itself will absolutely [not] be accomplished by looking to the University of the West Indies, that incubator of anti-police –ism.

The police cannot continue to keep exposing its vulnerable underbelly by arresting people simply because they are known criminals without having hard evidence against them.
The arrest without charge of lifelong gangster Tesha Miller by detectives from the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime branch of the Constabulary, and the resultant order by a judge to release him if he is not charged by Friday, November 2nd is shameful.

Why arrest him if the evidence is not ready? Why arrest his girlfriend if there is no evidence against her?
If she was arrested for some breach of conduct as a result of the arrest of her boyfriend why not charge her and place her before the court?
In as much as I loathe many of the criminal loving hacks who substitute as judges, I cannot fault them for responding in like manner to writs of habeas corpus by defense counsel.

The much vaunted [CTOC] has striven to differentiate itself from other parts of the [JCF].
[CTOC’s] has done good work before it must continue to do good work going forward.
If the JCF and its different arms want to be taken seriously, not necessarily by the criminal loving Jamaican public but at least in the CARICOM region, it has to do a better job at the following.

Brainstorming sessions not only help participants to start talking about why evidence collection is important but also provides the facilitator with an opportunity to assess officers level of knowledge and competence.
According to @[reinventingtherules] these are some pointers which may help police agencies, particularly in developing countries deal with the rising tide of criminality.
a) investigate crime scenes;
b) collect and preserve evidence;
c) interview and examine victims and witnesses;
d) use technology and forensic science;
e) coordinate investigations across police precincts and divisions; 
f) coordinate among the various actors in the criminal justice system (police, investigators, prison officials, prosecutors, and judges).

 The inability of the police to investigate crime has very real consequences, the most obvious of which is the challenge of prosecuting and convicting criminals. 
Where serious crimes are often prevalent, the inability to address it can be immensely destabilizing for the country.
Jamaica is a case study in this regard.
A lack of police training in criminal investigation is often exacerbated by a lack of the basic resources required to undertake it. For example, police in developing countries may lack computers, pens and paper, storage containers for evidence, DNA kits, and so forth.
Inadequate laws, that are either outdated or do not provide sufficient operational guidance and more importantly enough punitive teeth to deter criminal conduct.
this further hinders efforts to ensure the effective investigation of crimes consistent with international human rights standards and best practices. 

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Black Navy Sailor Attempting To Help ‘Stranded Motorist’ Shot And Killed

Curtis Adams

Active duty Navy sailor Curtis Adams, 21, was driving in Mountain View, Calif., Saturday morning when he spotted a man near a vehicle Adams believed the man needed help with. Adams, who was with his girlfriend, pulled over to offer assistance. He didn’t know the man was attempting to steal the car.

The “stranded motorist” shot Adams. His girlfriend called 911. Adams was taken to UC San Diego Medical Center, where he died.

According to NBC San Diego, the suspect, who was caught Sunday, was also involved in another shooting minutes before he shot Adams. The accused shooter has been identified as 21-year-old Brandon Acuna.

Acuna, who has a long criminal history, “was booked into San Diego County Central Jail on charges of first-degree murder and second-degree burglary and held with no bail,” NBC San Diego reports. 

The police are still investigating the motive behind both shootings. 

Eliminating Crime Requires Much More Than An Equipped Police Department

Crime is societal, it is a product of the construct of the particular society in which it is occurring. 
Crime generally thrives in situations in which people are denied the basic amenities of everyday living.  Usually when they are unable to work or source jobs which pay a livable wage.
On the other hand, crime thrives when people have jobs, homes and are really not too badly off but society makes it easy for those with the predisposition to commit crimes to do so.

View of parts of downtown Chicago

With the most sophisticated policing techniques available to law enforcement officers, crimes, including violent crimes will persist and grow if certain components of the mix are left unaddressed.
The city of Chicago police department in the state of  Illinois is the second-largest municipal police department in the United States. It has about 12,244 officers behind only the New York City Police Department.  Chicago has a population of 2,716,450.

Despite having the largest police department in the mid-west and all of the sophisticated accouterments of the trade, the city of Chicago has one of the highest homicide rates and violent crime in the nation.
This is not unique to the city of Chicago, the same is true of Detroit Michigan, and many other cities the length and breadth of the United States

So you ask, “If the police departments across the country are so well equipped and staffed why are there so many killings in the United States each year”?
If you ask that question it means you are thinking so I will try to address two factors which I believe are contributing to the over 33,000 gun killings which occur in the US each and every year.

Poverty and the lack of opportunities and a strident refusal to accept that there are far too many guns in the hands of far too many people who should ‘t have them have seriously influenced the continuation of violent crimes in the United States.
During the 1970’s to early 1980’s New York City was allowed to slide into depression, violent crime was rampant.  Many businesses fled to other areas more conducive to their bottom line.

New York City

After Mayor David Dinkins took over, he initiated something called “safe cities, safe streets”, this was a multi-faceted approach aimed at increasing the number of cops on the streets while improving police-community relations.
The other was prosecuting minor offenses thereby limiting the process of smaller criminals graduating to larger more violent crimes.

A cleanup of the city began and businesses started to return. Rudolph Guliani succeeded David Dinkins, he not only continued Dinkins’ policy he put them on steroids.
Getting caught with a gun in New York City meant mandatory prison time, on the gun charge as well as for the ammunition.
Violent crimes plummetted in NYC, as businesses returned so did the jobs.
Today NYC is one of the world’s safest big city.

It seems that the takeaway, at least to me, is that when we tackle the issues of poverty by providing jobs to people, ensure that we keep unregistered guns out of the hands of people, and most of all ensure that offenders are duly penalized the outcomes are positive.

Kingston, Jamaica – Aerial view to Kingston’s uptown area, called New Kingston.

If we co-opt the foregone and apply them to Jamaica, a country with the population of Chicago Illinois, we may be able to garner the results which were accomplished in New York City.
Today Chicago Illinois remains one of America’s most dangerous and violent cities because those who run the city failed to learn from the principles applied in New York City.
In Jamaica’s case, there is an (a) seeming lack of understanding of what it takes to reduce and ultimately eliminate violent crimes, and (b) an absence of will to get the job started.
So, instead, they blame the police for something which is far outside the scope of what the police can accomplish without executive input.

Can you imagine how much better Jamaica would be if the country spent the requisite resources going after murderous criminals as it spends going after errant cops who may have stepped over the line?

No one should be comfortable with a cop who betrays his oath. But as I have written several times before, it is simplistic and rather hypocritical to pretend that shit flows upstream.
It begins with that cup of coffee, that offer of a drink on a really blistering 96-degree day and it culminates in sweeter and more substantial gifts and the resultant expectation of something in return.

Young officers know as soon as they leave the Academy what senior colleague is on the take and they damn sure know which Superintendent is getting an envelope to look the other way.
Duties are designed around those envelopes, young officers are transferred as a result, and people behave in a manner toward the junior officers on the street based on their relationships with senior officers

It is ridiculous to expect to pay off the superintendent then lambaste the constable who accepts a cold soda while on patrol.
I am not making the case for corruption, I am merely stating an inconvenient truth.


The sad reality is that the less influential the person who errs against the law the more likely he will be seriously punished.
It is safe to assume that Mohamed Ben  Mohammad bin Salman  is not ever going to face a court of law and be held responsible for the death of  Jamal  Jamal Khashoggi

In the same vein as the barely literate constable Collis [Chucky] Brown makes a spectacle of himself and the once noble organization he has brought ill repute to no one above him m will even be forced to defend Brown’s accusations in a court of law.

Rest assured that as Brown was spilling his guts to Hamish Campbell they never sought once to read his [Miranda rights]!
It is safe to conclude that if Hamish Campbell told the barely literate Brown that he “had a right to remain silent, that he had the right to an attorney, and that anything he said would be used against him in a court of law”, as dumb as Brown is we would not be talking about this today.

If Chucky Brown was driving around shooting and killing gunmen that would not cause me to lose any sleep let me be clear.
Nevertheless, we cannot become them in order to combat them.
The truth is that all of the forces which ought to line up against criminality on the Island are arrayed against the rule of law.

The truth of the matter is that the political class the judicial class the business class and everyone in between, the Island is awash in corruption and as a result, there is no real effort to squash this cancerous bug called violent crime once and for all.
Whether the pathetic Brown is telling the truth or not is immaterial at this point. What he told Hamish Campbell at INDECOM is exactly what Campbell, Terrence Williams and those who hate the police wanted to hear. So no one would have warned him of the grave danger he was placing himself in by spilling his guts without a lawyer or a guarantee of immunity.

Whatever Chuck Brown expected, be it that he was going to receive immunity without a guarantee, makes the case that the hapless Brown was way over his head the moment he met with INDECOM and was even further over his head when he allowed himself to be conned into giving a statement, essentially making a deal with the devil.

If Chucky Brown was driving around shooting other criminals he will get his just desert, no question the courts will throw the book at him, he will never see the light of day again.
And why not? Throwing Brown in prison and throwing away the keys will be a tremendous distraction from the fact that INDECOM is not only a failure and a drag on the Jamaican taxpayers, but it will also mask the fact that the much-revered courts get to continue enjoying the presumption that it is above board.

Between the lax laws, political interference and the courts at all levels running interference on behalf of criminals it is no wonder that some cops would think just shooting the motherfuckers would be an appropriate remedy.
But police officers cannot allow themselves to indulge in the same cesspool the criminals are mired in. When we do we become them and that helps no one.

The JCF has one of the highest attrition rates of any police department I know of. There is a reason for that, the sense of not accomplishing anything, and a recognition of the barriers to law enforcement becomes clear once you are in.
Hence the mad scramble for the door. Chucky Brown may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he was clearly not blunt enough that he didn’t know what he was doing and so he has to face the music.
He could have walked away!

Cesar Sayoc Identified As Mail Bomb Suspect: Reports


A suspect has reportedly been arrested in connection with more than 10 packages containing likely pipe bombs mailed in the past week to people critical of President Donald Trump.

The Department of Justice confirmed Friday that a man in Florida has been arrested in connection with the terrorism.

The suspect is reportedly Cesar Sayoc, 56, of South Florida, according to Reuters, NBC News and The Wall Street Journal, citing law enforcement officials.

DOJ officials are set to brief reporters this afternoon.

Read more about Sayoc here.

In remarks at the White House before a youth leadership summit, Trump congratulated local and national law enforcement agencies for apprehending the suspect. The president pledged to prosecute those responsible ― “them, him, her, whoever it may be,” he said ― to the fullest extent of the law.

“We must never allow political violence to take root in America,” Trump said.

“The bottom line is that Americans must unify,” he went on. His comments echoed those he has delivered at rallies and sent over Twitter in the wake of the bomb scares, calling for unity and a calmer discourse but refusing to tone down his own inflammatory rhetoric.

Minutes after addressing the threats to prominent Democrats, Trump claimed Republicans are often attacked for supporting him. “Come to think of it, does anyone get attacked more than me?” Trump said.

The development came hours after two additional packages were discovered, one addressed to Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and the other to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Authorities have heightened their search in Florida, as several of the packages may have passed through the state. The FBI said Friday that the package for Booker was found in a Florida mail facility.

Throughout the week, more than 10 packages containing potential explosive devices have been mailed to lawmakers and other public figures critical of Trump, including former President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Trump’s 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), actor Robert De Niro and former CIA Director John Brennan.

The package addressed Brennan was sent to CNN’s New York City bureau, sparking an evacuation Wednesday. Brennan is an MSNBC and NBC contributor. On Friday, postal officials intercepted the package for Clapper, a CNN contributor, before it could reach the CNN offices, where it was addressed, according to the network.

All of the packages listed the Florida office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, as the return address. Story originated here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mail-pipe-bomb-plot-suspect_us_5bd32b4de4b0d38b5882ca62

Police: Three Alleged Gangsters Killed In Trelawny (graphic Images)

The Police are reporting that three (3) men were shot and killed in a shootout with them in Friendship District in the Parish of Trelawny.

According to the cops, the three are members of the Bunker’s Hill Gang which have been operating in that Parish. The name Bunker’s Hill gang was allegedly derived from a District in the Parish bearing the same name.

Two of the decedents have been identified as Adrian Walker ( o/c Lippy and Macka).
The other is Robert Miller (o/c Ghost and Tiler).

According to the Police, the encountered occurred at about 5: pm Yesterday.
Two firearms and ammunition were recovered.

INDECOM A Den Of Deceptive Liars Aided By Complicit Media/ In Crime Expansion

Hamish Campbell and Terrence Williams running a con game on Jamaica with the aid and acquiescence of the political class

The old Jamaican saying, “one fool makes many,” is important to remember, particularly in this time of social media and instant messaging and everyone seeking a hype. 
This story I read in the Gleaner probably straddles the “one fool makes many” and the “I see some fools and I’m going to exploit their ignorance” fence.

Whatever Jamaica gets, Jamaica deserves, I say that with the greatest degree of indifference to those who come into our country and tell us how to govern ourselves.
Nevertheless, when the population and it’s pathetic leadership are either too stupid or too heavily invested in self-doubt to understand that the solutions to our nation’s problems do not lie in our former colonial masters, then the results are what we have here.

GLEANER HEADLINE (dated Sunday, October 21st.2018
INDECOM Urges Cops To Stop Tampering With Crime Scenes

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has repeated its warning to members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force not to tamper with shooting scenes. This followed the fatal shooting of Renardo Powell on Marescaux Road in central Kingston last Thursday evening.
The police say Powell had been riding around on a bicycle in the Marescaux Road area, robbing persons while brandishing what was later discovered to be an imitation gun made from board.

He was fatally shot when he was accosted by members of a police party. Details on what led the cops to shoot him are yet to be released by the police. But persons who have reported that they arrived on the scene shortly after the explosions were heard told The Sunday Gleaner that Powell was seen writhing in pain on the sidewalk as two policemen, one with a pistol, and another with an assault rifle stood over him.

“The collection of casings is still a frequent complaint from citizens who observe officers, post-shooting incidents, collecting them. The agreed JCF/INDECOM protocols are for the commission to be notified forthwith, and for the scene to be preserved until INDECOM arrives,” added Campbell.

He agreed that in some instances, the police will have no choice but to preserve and protect valuables from loss or theft, but argued that such actions must be recorded and reported to INDECOM investigators. So far this year, there have been 111 fatal police shootings, with 11 of those occurring last month. INDECOM has reported that at least 92 members of the security forces are before the courts in connection with shooting incidents.
They claimed it took minutes for the cops to load the injured man and the bicycle in the back of a service pickup and drove away. According to the alleged eyewitnesses, while the cops were leaving the scene, they were stopped by a second group of cops who took the bicycle from the pickup and placed it back on the bloody spot where Powell had been lying, while their colleagues drove to the Kingston Public Hospital with the injured man.

Late last week, INDECOM’s assistant commissioner, Hamish Campbell, declined to comment on its early investigation into Powell’s death, but he underscored that tampering with crime scenes directly affects its investigations. “Tampering with crime scenes will always be a problem and will impede effective investigations and the correct interpretation of events that occurred. This includes removal of the deceased, which is a common practice in Jamaica and not elsewhere,” said Campbell.
Credit: ://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20181021/indecom-urges-cops-stop-tampering-crime-scenes?fbclid=IwAR0Btv0uiZyijGMkYCCsM-zYmHDzh2Fa7X_1tvmrThGf6yPG-D9oHMsf0fo

So here’s some real perspective on this issue which is not driven by hype, hyperbole or the self-serving grandiosity we are used to seeing coming out of the crime enhancement Terrence Williams Circus.

(1) Whether the headline was defined by INDECOM or the Gleaner it makes no difference to me, ignorance is bliss and I have no obligation to suffer fools greatly when they are making more fools.
The criminal supporting, criminal breeding INDECOM does not have a mandate to investigate crime in Jamaica, that is within the remit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (or until such time the Chinese take over Jamaica and decides otherwise).
INDECOM is tasked with investigating fatal police shootings, as such when they are called to visit a scene where members of the security forces are forced to employ lethal force, INDECOM cannot designate the scene a (CRIME SCENE).
Let me be clear, INDECOM has NO right, NONE, to declare a scene to which it is called to investigate a police use of force a crime scene>
Scenes involving Police use of lethal force are not [crime scenes] until incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing emerges.
Any designation to the contrary is hyperbolic, sensational, and must be seen as direct attempts to prejudice the minds of members of the public against their law enforcement officers who risk life and limb to protect them.

(2)In the case outlined above the police were engaged in a use of force encounter with an offender who was armed with a fake gun. 
The police were called and responded to what they believed was a real weapon.
Case closed….
By eyewitness accounts, it took only minutes after the lethal encounter for the officers to load the offender and his bicycle into their vehicle and drive away.
(2a) Once officers use lethal force they must assess the casualty, they did that. Once they realized he was still alive (there are no ambulances) their next obligation is to get him to the hospital.
The reporting stated categorically that -that is exactly what they embarked on doing.
On the arrival of a second police unit, they handed over the bicycle to that unit to place it back on the scene, an attempt made with the greatest sincerity and intention of complying with the mandates of the INDECOM act and their own training, to preserve the scene in it’s most virgin state as best as is humanly possible.
(2b) As it relates to spent shells if the police are forced to leave the scene, to save lives and they collect the spent shells for the sake of accountability, where is the harm in that?

(3)  Persons have reported that when they arrived on the scene shortly after the explosions were heard told The Sunday Gleaner that Powell was seen writhing in pain on the sidewalk as two policemen, one with a pistol, and another with an assault rifle stood over him.

Is it a crime for police officers to stand over criminals whom they just shot?
Jamaica will have to make a decision whether it wants to continue as a haven for criminality or take the requisite steps to unshackles itself from the chains of colonialist dependency and deference.
It will have to pack up Hamish Campbell and send him home and cause Terrence Williams to seek employment chasing ambulances.

(4) The alleged removal of the deceased from the scene of shootings in which law enforcement is involved.
Police officers are not Doctors and neither are the bloodsucking parasites at INDECOM, as such the police have a duty, to make sure that all victims of lethal force get to a competent authority (hospital) with a view to saving lives.

INDECOM is focused on a couple of things, (a) the agency’s own survival, as evidence mounts that it is doing far more harm than good. 
(b) That the agenda of Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell is advanced, Saving lives is not a part of that agenda.

The mandate of the police is not based on anyone’s ego. Police officers go out to protect lives to preserve the peace and to protect property.
No officer goes out to take lives. 
Given Jamaica’s toxic anti-police environment it is a wonder that officers expose themselves in this cesspool of crime protection. 

Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell understand full well that as bottom-feeders, they can fully exploit the ignorance and culture of criminal support to fame and national honor.
Venomous anti-police trolling is Jamaica’s largest growth industry, Campbell and Williams are merely exploiting that to the fullest as so many before have and so many after them will. It is simply the nature of the beast, they are not there to help Jamaica. Just ask Caroline Gomez, Mark Shields, and the others.
What is sad is when those in the media collude with these lying leeches to deceive the people and march them back into servitude, which is exactly why Hamish Campbell is in Jamaica. 

You don’t have to like this Article but please share it, the men and women of the JCF needs all the support they can get.
Lets not allow politicians and their lackeys to destroy this beautiful little country we call yaad

SOE’s And ZOSO’s Lacks Necessary Viscosity Needed In Crime Fight

The rollout of armored personnel carriers and the blanketing of communities like Grange Hill In Westmoreland with security personnel bodies are cool optics and all, It may even be spectacular to some people who have never seen a spectacle like that in those parts of the country. 
In fact, the massive rollout of governmental power as it is may even save some lives as local shottas are forced to lay low for a while until they figure out the logistics of moving around undetected to ply their macabre trade.

Ultimately though, I believe like everyone else the government knows that this strategy wears thing really fast.  The bodies of police officers and soldiers alike begin to grow tired and weary, and criminals eventually adapt to the security presence and figure out ways around them.
There is a precedent for this, despite the massive deployment in St James,  murders dissipated in some areas but flared up in others, and occurred even in the areas of the state of emergency(SOE).
I hate to say “I told you so” but Stevie Wonder could have seen that coming.

Sure the Administration has to do whatever it can to stem the bloodlettings. Failure to do so would amount to an abdication of its core function.
Unlike the Opposition PNP which criticizes the SOE’s and ZOSO’s initiated by the administration simply for the sake of political expediency, my response is about sustainability.

Many years ago I accompanied a friend to a place in the St Ann hills.  I drove my precious little VW Golf which was leaking engine oil from an engine which had long past its prime. Unmindful of the calamity we were placing ourselves in, we went anyway, despite the oil leak and the clatter and clunk from a dying engine.
We had a grand time and later that night we decided to head back to Kingston.
I started my old jalopy and the clanking sounded louder than it did earlier that day. We got out of the car and looked underneath where all of the oil made a meandering pattern in the red St Ann dust. The last guy who looked at the oil leak had forgotten to tighten the drain plug.
There was no service station around and we had no engine oil.

I thought about using cooking oil as a substitute after plugging the drain with cloth and other stuff but the only shop opened at that time of the night had no cooking oil. A grizzled old regular standing nearby suggested  we use “Syrup.”……….. >Syrup?
The lady at the shop had syrup, so strawberry syrup it was.
The syrup had enough viscosity to take us to Kingston. I can just imagine the party those engine parts had at the sweet treat, nevertheless, the sweet treat had to be purged from the engine and replaced with the actual stuff which is guaranteed to produce the desired results.
So back to the less tasty engine oil went my old Golf, sorry engine parts the party is over.

The initial sugar rush to the citizens who are delighted to see government forces, wears thin real quick when their movements are constrained, businesses are forced to close early and parties become a thing of the past.
I am not criticizing the administration for doing what it must, a-la these stop-gap measures.  The political opposition certainly has no moral authority and definitely no standing based on its precedent of failure.  When the PNP criticizes the government as it has been doing, it makes its motives rather suspect, as it has been complicit in the criminalizing and destruction of our culture.

So what is the solution?
The solution lies not in the show of force but in a resolute show of resolve beginning with new laws.
Let the bleeding heart frauds who opine on every issue from behind their grilled fortifications chat to their heart’s content, that’s what they do.
Let them pontificate about human rights and let them yap about policies and protocols befitting Scandinavia.
The Government has a responsibility to secure the nation, and Jamaica certainly isn’t Scandinavia.

The greatest threat to the nation’s security is not the little-disjointed gangs running around with Kalashnikov rifles, it is the pontificating frauds who shape public policy with data and direction they pull out of their collective asses.
There must be a strengthening of the nation’s gun laws, as the security forces battle to find the weapons those with the predisposition to bring guns into the country find new ways to avoid detection.
The guns the security forces recover must, therefore, be seen as a mere fraction of the weapons and ammunition flooding the country from the United States, Hatia and Colombia via the drug trade.

PM Andrew Holness

The fight must be a government to Government interaction.
As a young police officer, I spent countless hours in the bushes of Westmoreland and other parts of the country destroying Ganga fields because Ronald Reagan wanted then destroyed.
Jamaican Ganga was getting into the United States and many Jamaicans were getting rich from the weed.
Jamaican gangs across the United States had used their new found wealth to create mayhem on the streets of many  US cities, it was not enough to make money they embarked on a system of wanton violence never before experienced in cities like New York and as far away as Anchorage Alaska.
The United States took the necessary steps to correct the madness through the passage of laws like the RICO statute and the “three strikes you are out”, laws.
Many groups criticized those laws and they admittedly weren’t perfect, but they worked. Problems with those laws arose when law-enforcement and prosecutors chose to inject race and other considerations into their applications.
Nevertheless, the unavoidable consensus is that those laws worked to remove those threats from the equation. 

It is now time for Jamaica to demand that the United States work collaboratively with Jamaican law enforcement, not just to stop the guns coming in, but to trace the shipments from the US to their sources and bring the shippers to justice.
Jamaican law enforcement must also exercise better investigative techniques which are not confined just to the recovery of the shipment and the adrenaline derived from knowing those weapons will never reach the hands of murderous thugs. They must be focused more on techniques which follow shipments to those who receive them.

Even if the foregone is instituted, those who flout the nation’s laws and wreak havoc on the society can simply walk out on bail when arrested. Jamaican judges are mini-gods accountable to themselves.
Unless the Bail Act is redone it’s all for naught.
Subsequently, there must be legislative changes which take from the hands of conflicted judges the ability to grant bail for certain categories of violent crimes. 
Yea, yea, guilty until proven innocent balderdash, tell that to the victims of violent crimes and their families.
Tell that to those who had their loved ones snatched away from them because some punk has a gun and want to demonstrate his power.
Tell that to the mothers who see their daughters violated corpse lying in bushes because some moron decided that no meant yes.

Before a nation builds out its ideas of a modern society and embarks on the perfection of the rights and privileges its inhabitants desire and to which they are entitled, it has to do the hard work of first creating a nation in which the rule of law is sacrosanct.  
That hard work begins with a constitution and a set of laws which protects the innocent and punishes the guilty.
As long as Jamaica continues to allow the unpunished assault of the weak and innocent and simultaneously protects the rights of the guilty there will be no turn around from this dilemma the nation faces.   

Soldier Busted With Illegal Weapon/ammo

The police are reporting that a team of officers arrested and charged a JDF soldier, 26-year-old Orane Samuels and seized a  9MM Pistol S/N G23151 with a magazine and twelve (12) 9mm cartridges.


Officers reported that they were conducting routine enquires and patrol in the Crescent district area of St Catherine when Samuels was spotted acting suspiciously. 
He was stopped and searched and the weapon taken from his waistband.

According to the police, their investigations have revealed that the Soldier has been in possession of the weapon since the period between 2015 and 2016, as he claimed to have found it at Logan Lane in Linstead during that time.
The Military was informed.