Comm. Anderson Unable To Address Issue So Minister Runs Interference And Blunders…

Minister Of National Security Horace Chang

Having heard the Minister of National Security addressing the pepper-spraying incident of former Deputy Superintendent of Police Altamont (Parro ) Campbell by the police, I was stunned that the Minister would publicly offer an opinion in his capacity as Minister of National Security while the incident was fresh and still under investigation.
More consequential to himself I thought, was the fact that the Minister would offer opinions without the requisite knowledge of the laws and the(RT, Act) Road Traffic Act in particular.
The Minister, a medical Doctor, is not a lawyer or police officer.
He isn’t a former police officer either, So the Minister for all intents and purposes, is no more, no less, than an average citizen on this issue. Chang says the Senior cop did not behave appropriately. He says it’s the type of behavior noted among politicians and others who feel they are above the law.
The National Security Minister says it’s the Senior cop’s aggressive behavior that caused the on-duty policeman to use the pepper spray.
I was with the minister on the need to obey the laws and particularly when he referenced politicians and others in the society who believe they are above the laws.
Nevertheless, his assessment on what transpired is a rapid departure from what I and countless others saw on the video and my understanding of the Road Traffic Act.

Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson

The minister has made some missteps including likening the police to glorified security guards, and not defending the cops when he needed to since he took office. I believe that the Minister’s attempt to defend the officer in this case, may be an attempt to ingratiate himself with the police after his previous missteps.
And so the Minister has found himself running protection for commissioner of police Antony Anderson who is himself not a police officer or lawyer and so he cannot respond to issues of this nature with any degree of authority either, without embarrassing himself.

Neither scenarios of the Minister running protection for Commissioner Anderson, nor Commissioner Anderson playing it safe so as not to embarrass himself, absolves the so-called Police high command, which has incompetently failed once again to be out front on this, as it has on so many other issues.
The Police has an information arm which is something which it never had during my brief stint in the late ’80s to early ’90s. Why was there no official statement from the inept police high command?
Why did the Commissioner of Police hide from the media when he could have stepped in front of the microphones and given a generic statement like the following.

[We take note of the incident involving one of our officers and a member of the public”. “We have protocols in place to ensure the safety of the public when they come in contact with our officers, at the same time, we fully appreciate the difficult circumstances under which our officers are asked to perform their duties. As a consequence, we ask the public to allow the process to play out and the investigation to come to a conclusion.
We promise that the process will be fair to all parties as we are bound to protect the public, while ensuring the safety and security of our officers.]

The foregone was a generic statement we drafted which the Commissioner of police could have made to the media or send his media person out to make.
It would indicate to a skeptical public that the lethargic police were not asleep at the wheel.
At the same time, Deputy Commissioner of Police Selvin Hay who was appointed Inspector General of the JCF told the media that he has not done an inventory to see whether solutions are available, after pepper spray has been employed, but he said the High Command will be rolling out a suite of less-lethal weapons to help police maintain law and order. This is likely to include more pepper spray, tasers, batons and handcuffs. “Everything is being looked at, so if there is not sufficient, then we will certainly look at where they are needed, because there is never ever any plan to put the officer out there, both for him to be at risk and for him to be at risk to the citizen,” he said.
Of course, being a part of the high command Hay could not avoid stuffing his foot all the way into his own mouth.
Quote; A lot of people just jump on the word ‘training’ as if we have this Police College that trains people to be disrespectful and unprofessional and unconscionable.”
Nobody trains anybody to shoot without justification or to spray somebody without justification; that is not what training does. It is a supervisory regime that needs to be improved and people being held accountable. That is what needs to be improved.

DCP Selvin Haye

I beg to differ, it is about training. Supervisory breakdowns are about training your own attitude indicates it is about training.
In every instance that there is a breakdown of established protocols training has to be re-evaluated to see what can be fine-tuned or done differently.
But Haye’ comment is typical of a [so-called high command] which has consistently seen itself as different and detached from the officers on the front line.
As I have said maybe a thousand times, get rid of some of the Selvin Hayes and give me a good constable determined to serve the public, and I feel a lot better any day.

Pepper Spraying Incident Shines Light On Shortcomings

By now every person and their mother have seen this unfortunate video. I was surprised at the escalation of this incident, but I will be constrained in what I say here as this incident is fresh and still under investigation. In the interest of full disclosure, I know Parro Campbell, I worked alongside Parro Campbell, he is my friend. I trusted him with my life.
With that said, I will try my best to be objective and treat Mister Campbell as every Jamaican citizen ought to be treated when they are stopped by the police.
It is also important to remember that we do not know what transpired before the young son of mister Campbell started rolling the camera. As such we should look at the demeanor of the officer and the motorist, mister Campbell.
There was no yelling going on by either actor and as we heard mister Campbell’s son conceded, his dad had overtaken a line of vehicles, not necessarily an infraction if it is done safely and in a place where he had a clear line of vision, and is allowed to overtake.
Nevertheless, it clearly was enough to get mister Campbell pulled over by the officer.

Now, I am a former police officer long removed from enforcing the laws, so where I may misinterpret the laws please do not be too harsh with the cussing.
If the officer asked the motorist for his driver’s license and the motorist says he does not have it on him. He should ask if the motorist has any other form of identification by which he may be identified.
If the motorist does not, then he must produce the registration and proof of insurance upon which the officer would enquire whether the motorist is the registered owner of the vehicle. If the motorist answers in the affirmative then the officer would then ask for his name and date of birth, and match it against the information on the insurance and registration documents. The officer then goes ahead and write the citation/s for which the motorist was initially pulled over.
It is important that as long as the motorist does not obstruct the officer, by not supplying the other documents, (a-la, insurance cert., registration, etc) then the motorist has (5) days to produce his driver’s license to a police station of his convenience. Those are the dictates of the Road Traffic Act.

So let’s go back to the video, the officer asked the motorist for his driver’s license and was told the motorist does not have one on him.
There are several things which went wrong as the incident escalated out of control, but I will not litigate the video because I believe there is one sticking point here which negates everything else.
The officer went from asking for the motorist drivers license to threatening…….Arrest.
It seems to me that the motorist, a former police officer, knew that the officer had erred and was humoring the uniformed officer because he knew that the officer really had no power of arrest on the issue.My personal knowledge of the motorist tells me that in typical fashion mister Campbell would have jokingly showed the officer the error of his ways given time.
This brings me to the point I want to make. An officer is most effective, not when he is the most determined, even though I respect a determined officer, he is most effective when he is right on the law he is enforcing.
Since this incident, I have read hundreds of comments and heard dozens of points of view from past and present members, I have come away even more convinced than before, that we are not training our police in a way that is commensurate with the complexities of the times.
If the other constable on the scene knew the traffic law he should have pulled his colleague aside and walk him back from his immediate demand that the motorist exit his vehicle.
Obviously, he wasn’t up to speed on his powers under the law either, or he did not have the esprit de corps to care about the proceedings. He was basically a disinterested party and that is equally as dangerous as the ignorance of the (RT Act) displayed in that unfortunate video recording.
As we get closer to robotic cops enforcing traffic laws in the powerful industrial nations, it is imperative that we equip our human officers so that they do not find themselves in situations like this one.
There will be a gazillion opinions on who did what, or what should have been done differently,(mine included), that’s okay, but at the end of it all, this matter rests on the (RT Act), not on our opinions.
An officer cannot go from requesting a motorist’s driver’s license to threatening arrest. More and more citizens are becoming more and more educated on the laws, they understand the protections they have under the laws, so the police officer*must* be fully conversant of his powers when he deals with the public.

Since this Article was first published, additional research have revealed that a new Road Traffic Act has been drafted to replace the old one.
The new Road Traffic Bill, which will repeal and replace the existing 1938 Act, was passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (February 6-2018).
Offenses under the Bill include: driving without required motor vehicle insurance coverage ($20,000); driving a motor vehicle without being the holder of a permit or driver’s licence ($40,000); failure of driver to obey traffic light ($24,000); loud noises within silence zones and failure to wear a protective helmet ($5,000); failure to comply with traffic signs ($10,000); and failure to stop at pedestrian crossings ($12,000).
It is not fully clear whether or not the new law is already in effect, although we have been informed that it isn’t.However we have been unable to independently confirm whether it is in fact in effect. If it is in effect, it does put the uniformed officer in a different and better light.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

It’s Not Just The Politicians, Jamaicans Have A Collective Soft Spot For Criminals…….


The list is endless.

If the Police are not allowed to go after the gangsters and get the guns wherever the hell they are, because remember, the Prime Minister said police are no longer allowed to kick in doors and arrest criminals. And when an accused murderer is finally brought to court he is given bail and turned loose right away. Worse yet, on the rare occasion that these vicious gangsters are found guilty, they are given a tap on the wrist. And if the government now wants to expunge their criminal records, then, what are the people supposed to do?

The citizens are going to take the law into their own hands, and that is something no one wants.
Government has a duty and a responsibility to protect the citizenry. In fact, it is the primary responsibility of any government from as far back as Medieval rulers who built walls and other fortifications to protect their people.
Unfortunately, this rather simple reality has not yet dawned on those on whose shoulders it falls to protect the Jamaican people.
It is not as simple as some police officers turning a blind to far too much, or selling their badges.
It transcends some prosecutors not aggressively prosecuting some crimes.
It’s more than just citizen-legislators not having the balls to write legislation which is clear and unequivocal in its resolve against crime, because of course, many of them are criminal defense lawyers. You know, the lawmakers are the lawbreakers?
It is not even just about judges who sully the Bench by taking bribes, or as products of their environments, refuses to sentence violent felons to long prison terms.
It is more than the prison officials who allow contraband into the system and creates through their corruption, another layer of criminal conduct in the penal system. Or even letting convicted felons out for days on end while they are supposed to be locked up.
It is about all of the foregone and then some.
But most of all it is about a collective culture which is highly tolerant and deferential to criminal and lawless behavior.
It is that backward thinking which caused the People’s National Party to send Anthony Brown and George Flash overseas after they had committed numerous murders in the ’70s including the killing of police officers.
Murder is not a statute, it is according to common law. And so there is no [statute of limitation], when you kill someone if you get caught a hundred years later you can be prosecuted.
The fact that Anthony Brown and George Flash were never prosecuted means that some police officers were complicit in destroying the files which should have been used to prosecute them on their return to Jamaica.
Somehow they knew that they would never be held accountable and so they returned with nary a care in the world.

It is a collective national disease of the mind which is unfortunately centered on demonstrating to criminals that we care more about them than looking after crime victims.
It is a twisted and warped psyche which defaults to empathy for criminals rather than their broken victims.
And so we have to face the reality from Jamaica House on down, that the way we have dealt with criminal conduct has been regressive and of itself a contributing factor to the growth of crime in our country.
There is not a single conscientious Jamaican who could logically argue that we have not as a nation, dedicated far too much of our energies worrying about how we treat dangerous murderers than we have spent caring about those killed and or those left behind to grieve and suffer.
It is kind of a scenario in which a kid spills red wine on the white shag carpet. He had no business touching and his parent’s wine and the more he tries to clean it up, the worse the carpet becomes.
He started out doing something which he shouldn’t have done, and rather than just stop…….. He continues to try to clean up what was started all wrong and does more and more damage.

As a country, we can come to the recognition that we are not having the intended results from our efforts. That’s usually a sign that we have been going about our approach to crime all wrong.
I understand how difficult that can be to accept. In fact, even some who have spent decades in law enforcement would rather question the messenger than look at the message. What we have developed in Jamaica is a far too nuanced approach to law enforcement.
We have become the man who with his son was taking their donkey to sell at the market. You know the story they listened to every person with an opinion until they lost the donkey.
There is one way to deal with criminals. The state must make it clear that those who decide on a life of crime must expect no quarter for their actions.
The greatest deterrent to crime is a no-nonsense punitive approach, those who are not deterred society ought to have a remedy for them as well.
We have become a criminal centered society and part of the reason for that is that the entire leadership of the country at every level have passed through the far left leaning doors of the University of the West Indies.
Politicians on both sides think as a monolith on everything outside their own rapacious desire to survive politically.
The lack of [alternative] critical-thinking, from the worldview derived from the UWI, has confined the nation to a bunch of autocrats at every level who are monolithic in their thinking.
They are preoccupied with arranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic, instead of readying the lifeboats.

The Ruling Against A Cop Accused Of A Horrific Body Cavity Search Is A Rare Victory For Police Accountability


Qualified immunity is a plague on the criminal justice system, a made-up rule that allows countless government officials to violate Americans’ constitutional rights with impunity. On Tuesday, however, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a rare decision denying qualified immunity to a law enforcement officer who allegedly engaged in horrific misconduct that, in other contexts, might constitute sexual assault. The case highlights just how appalling an official’s malfeasance must be for his victim to receive a semblance of justice in court. The ghastly chain of events in Campbell v. Mackwere set off when Kevin Campbell, a black man, drove past Daniel Mack, a white police officer in Allen Park, Michigan. Campbell was driving his wife’s new minivan, which had a temporary license plate clearly displayed on the back window in compliance with the law. But Mack pulled him over, ostensibly for driving without a license plate. Campbell revealed that he did not have a driver’s license, but handed Mack his state ID card, as well as the new vehicle’s paperwork. Mack ordered him out of the car.

As soon as Campbell exited the car, Mack handcuffed and frisked him, then put him in the back of his cruiser. Campbell complained that the handcuffs hurt his wrists; in response, the officer allegedly tightened them and said, “that’s the loosest they’re going to get.” He also accused Campbell of stealing the minivan. Mack put his police dog directly into Campbell’s car, then searched it himself—all without any apparent probable cause.
The officer then took Campbell to the police station, where he uncuffed him. Campbell noted that the handcuffs were too tight and showed Mack the bruises they had left. Mack told him that “handcuffs leave marks on everybody.” (Campbell later received treatment for his damaged wrists at a hospital.) Mack then said he believed Campbell was hiding drugs and needed to perform a strip search, though he did not attempt to obtain a warrant. The officer put Campbell in a cage and told him to take off his pants.

Campbell objected, but Mack allegedly directed him to “get naked” and “drop his draws,” telling him: “You’re in a holding facility. You’re getting naked.” Asserting that he detected “a narcotic odor,” Mack told Campbell: “We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty.” Campbell said that was “not possible” because he did not do drugs, but Mack insisted that he was hiding narcotics, declaring: “Your pants are unzipped. I’m gonna find it one way or another, all right. So we can do this the easy way or the hard way. What do you got in your drawers?” (Campbell denies that his pants were unzipped.)
Mack then pulled down Campbell’s pants and underwear, bent down, and examined Campbell’s genitals. Campbell repeatedly asked the officer to stop and told him, “Nah, you can’t do that, man,” but Mack responded, “Yes, I can, yes, I can,” and escalated the search. Mack allegedly felt underneath Campbell’s genitals, telling another officer he had drugs “tucked underneath his balls” or “tucked in his fucking ass crack.” Campbell claims that Mack also “grabbed” and “pulled” his testicles and “stuck his finger inside of my anus.” Eventually, the officer gave up and told Campbell: “You can keep it,” referring to these putative drugs. No narcotics were ever found.

Mack contests Campbell’s version of the events, contending that, among other things, he never inserted his finger into Campbell’s anus. A camera captured the incident, but the video quality is poor, and the officers positioned themselves in a way that blocked a clear image of the search. The video does, however, show Campbell saying, “Why are you putting your finger in my [anus]?” and the officer responding at one point, “Because you have it tucked in your [body].”At this stage, though, the factual dispute doesn’t much matter. Campbell simply wants the case to go to trial so he can prove his claims to a jury. He is suing Mack for violating his First and Fourth Amendment rights, accusing him of retaliating against his protected speech and performing an unreasonable search and seizure. But Mack raised qualified immunity, arguing that his actions, as alleged by Campbell, did not violate any “clearly established” constitutional right. If Mack had received qualified immunity, Campbell’s case would never go to trial; it would be dismissed, because Mack would be shielded from liability.

But in an opinion by Judge Eric Clay, the 6th Circuit refused to grant Mack qualified immunity. It is clearly established, Clay wrote, that an officer “needs either probable cause or reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop.” Mack had neither. It is also clearly established that an officer may not retaliate when a suspect contests “his or her allegedly unlawful treatment.” The First Amendment protects a suspect’s right to complain. Yet Mack did just that, allegedly tightening Campbell’s handcuffs and performing the body cavity search in an increasingly “aggressive, intimidating, and hostile manner” because Campbell protested. Under well-established 6th Circuit precedent, Mack’s actions, as recounted by Campbell, were obviously unlawful, so Mack must fight them at trial, and cannot hide behind qualified immunity.

This outcome is encouraging, though it’s unfortunate that the court issued the decision “unpublished,” meaning it will not serve as precedent in future cases. (Appeals courts can decide to keep their rulings unpublished, a controversial but common practice.) The ruling is also a reminder of the vagaries of qualified immunity: In the hands of a different court, it easily could’ve gone the other way. Judges have granted qualified immunity to one officer who shot an innocent man in his own home, another who let a police dog maul a homeless person, and even a social worker who strip-searched and photographed a 4-year-old girl without consent or a warrant. The doctrine has been invoked over and over again to insulate police from consequences when they shoot civilians. Justice Sonia Sotomayor has decried the Supreme Court’s “sanctioning” of this “ ‘shoot first, think later’ approach to policing.”

In recent years, a cross-ideological coalition of advocates—including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Cato Institute, Alliance Defending Freedom, Americans for Prosperity, the Institute for Justice, and Public Justice—have urged the Supreme Court to scale back or end qualified immunity. They argue that qualified immunity is itself unlawful, or at least extended far beyond what the law permits. It is, after all, a judge-made rule, untethered from any statute or constitutional command.
The Supreme Court has not yet agreed to reconsider its jurisprudence in this area. And until it does, only cases as egregious as Campbell’s—where the officer’s alleged actions would, in any other context, constitute criminal sexual assaultmight defeat qualified immunity. Courts, meanwhile, can almost always pretend that an officer’s abuses don’t run afoul of “clearly established” law; consider a recent decision from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals holding that the police did not violate clearly established law when they stole money from suspects. Until SCOTUS shrinks the scope of qualified immunity, rulings like Campbell v. Mack will remain the exception to the rule. 

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Two Gunned Down In Old Harbor Market/warning Graphic Images)

As the senseless bloodshed continue across Jamaica, a male vendor and a woman were murdered in the Old Harbor Market yesterday at about 2:10 pm.

According to supposed eyewitnesses, the two were gunned down by two men who then ran away.
They were both pronounced dead at the Spanish Town Hospital.
These kinds of brazen daylight murders have become the norm as gunmen kill whomever they chose and simply walk away without any seeming fear of the authorities.

We take no pleasure in showing these images but we are desperate for action on crime in Jamaica. We hope that our people’s sensibilities will be shocked and they will be forced into action.
We can no longer sweep these killings under the rug and pretend that they are not occurring.
We fully understand the concerns of those who say we should not show these images, but we also appreciate that we have been omitting to show these images and people are still dying. In fact, more and more people are dying, so not showing them have not worked to stop the bloodshed.
We need our leaders to be held accountable for their lack of consequential action on the nation’s crime front.

Six Shot In Manchester, Including Gang-leader(report)

Credible reports being relayed to us is that Six (6) people have been shot in Greenvale Manchester in a drive-by shooting.
We have been informed that the Greenvale Gang-leader Shane McDonald has also been shot.
We are told that McDonald is undergoing surgery at this time.
This is early reporting, we are awaiting confirmation and updates to this reporting, and as soon as more information becomes available we will pass it on to you.

Pattern Of Domestic Violence By Jamaican Men…

From Contributor:
Minister Joan Gumbs
You may respond to Minister Gumbs at or leave her a response in the comments section below.

I n what has become a pattern of Jamaican men killing their wives and sometimes taking their own, the latest news of a Detective Corporal who kills his wife for “tormenting” his life is particularly unsettling.  Not only because of the strangeness of the account, but also the insensitivity of the media and pundits forwarding and replaying the husband’s confession on social media. According to various news sources, the officer was having “issues” with his wife, and couldn’t tek it nuh more. But instead of walking away, he chose to shoot her at their Tower Isle home in the parish of St. Mary.

My grandmother always said there are three sides to every story, and dead man tells no tales. So, Jennifer Hardy Lawrence is not around to tell her side of the story. however, my take on the whole bizarre affair is not to place blame at the feet of this woman. She may not be innocent. She may have done all that the media is reporting she has done (based on the husband’s social media confession). But it saddens me to hear my own gender speaking ill of the dead–especially one of our own. “She had it coming” and  “mi nuh sorry fi har,”are not appropriate responses to this incident. In a male-dominated society where news of beheading and female mutilations are not uncommon, the last thing a woman needs is for her sisters to turn on her and defend her killer. The husband is not the victim here–regardless of what twist and turn the story takes. We don’t know what took place on that fateful Tuesday morning because we weren’t there. Mrs Lawrence is not around to tell us, and we certainly cannot take her husband’s account of events as gospel. What we do know is that Kirk Lawrence was a police officer who has to work every day under extreme pressure in high-volatile communities.  If the corporal kills his wife for tormenting his life, then we have to assume he, himself, was under severe stress.

PTSD is not a condition experienced only by our soldiers when they go to war. It is very real among our local police officers. One would have to be in the situation to truly understand what it feels like to go into a community where gunmen can hide out in the most innocent of places. You are going in blind. The “friendlies”, i.e. the shopkeeper, housewife, youth on the corner playing dominoes, et al, can either be gunmen and women, or are enablers for these criminals. Let’s not fool ourselves. These murderers, rapists, robbers, et al have mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and girlfriends. And the truth is, many times the police have no idea who is whom. They see a person reaching into his or her pocket, they don’t know if a gun or bubblegum will emerge. Do you have any idea how stressful that can be? I don’t know if regular mental checkups are done for the men in red. But if not, it is time that we start doing as much for them as the men in green.

Based on the voice note message he allegedly left behind, he did not plan to “face judgment” for his crime, suggesting a murder-suicide attempt. However, his colleagues got to the house before he could make his children orphans, and he is now in custody. In the USA and UK (from whom we adopt many policies and procedures) the police officers undergo periodic psych evaluations. After an incident, they are relieved of their duties until they have been cleared by a psychiatrist. This needs to be implemented in JA. There are too many accounts of killings by our police officers, who have sworn to protect our citizens, not kill them–even if they are married to them! Sincere prayers and condolences to the bereaved of this woman, especially the children who will have to spend the rest of their lives dealing with the knowledge that their father killed their mother. This is a time to show support, not play the blame game. HYLN? What is your take on this story? Do you believe the husband? Do you believe he could have walked away even if the wife was guilty of all the allegations? What about the children? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments box below.

Barber Who Videotaped May Pen Shooting Murdered > (report)

Early unconfirmed reports indicate that the Man who videotaped the Sunday morning incident In May Pen Clarendon (a barber) was just murdered.

Other unconfirmed reports have indicated that the decedent is not the person claimed in the initial reporting. We await the official report from the police as to the identity of the deceased man.

More to come.

Terrified Citizens Living In Nation JFJ And The Media Helped To Create…..



Long before former Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Adams famously predicted that Jamaica would pay dearly for the way it was acting toward the police, a baby doctor had gotten her clutches into Jamaica’s law enforcement infrastructure.
She managed to convince the ruling class that the way we police Jamaica was evil, too harsh on dangerous criminals and should be discarded.
Esprit de corps, that (band of brotherhood) which binds law enforcement into a fraternal order of love and caring for each other, a family away from home where officers depend on each other when the going gets tough.
This is something they do not teach at a pediatric school, but it was sold to the country as a [veil of complicity to cover up wrongs]. It was derided even though that baby doctor was never a part of any military or para-military force and was totally ignorant of what it means to those who serve.
The truth of the matter is that Carolyn Gomez knew nothing about policing, esprit de corps, or what it takes to police Jamaica’s unique environment any more than the police knew how to treat colicky babies.
In fact, the most vociferous detractors of the police in civil society have never served in anything greater than themselves.
They have given nothing in service to the country, yet they are the most opinionated and critical of the police department.

There is no denying that the police share some blame in the way they are treated. By far too many of the men and women of the JCF have betrayed their oaths. Nevertheless, I do believe that what Bruce Golding did will forever be the watershed, and a seminal moment in the history of our country.
But it wasn’t just Golding, Portia Simpson Miller and the PNP were all in on it. They all had a vested interest in the promulgation and proliferation of the Garrisons which are the foundations on which their political viability are built.
The PNP’s rapacious desire to gain and keep political power was rivaled only by Bruce Goldings desire to bring the police to heel and INDECOM was born.
Make no mistake about it, every police agency should have oversight. Police simply cannot be left to police themselves.
On the other hand, the police are asked to do a job that is dissimilar to every other discipline.

Jamaica takes its cue from the western powers. Our system of government is copied from the British Westminister model.
Additionally, many of the nation’s laws do have some similarity to laws in the United States.
In addition to those similarities, Jamaica is a signatory to several western world Treaties, thus rendering the way we do business not too dissimilar as it relates to implementing our laws.
As I have said before in other Articles, the designation of what constitutes a failed state by the western powers like the United States is the inability of the government of such states to give a credible accounting of its citizenry.
According to the Global Policy Forum:
Failed states can no longer perform basic functions such as education, security, or governance, usually due to fractious violence or extreme poverty. Within this power vacuum, people fall victim to competing factions and crime, and sometimes the United Nations or neighboring states intervene to prevent a humanitarian disaster.
Jamaica is not yet a failed state, but intelligent minds can clearly see that we are already deep into some of the characteristics of that definition.

Many of our practices are deferential to the American’s ways of doing things for better or for worse.
Ironically what the Jamaican leadership has conveniently forgotten or willfully left out of it’s plagiarizing, is the concept known as [qualified immunity].  
“Qualified immunity balances two important interests—the need to hold public officials accountable when they exercise power irresponsibly and the need to shield officials from harassment, distraction, and liability when they perform their duties reasonably.” Pearson v. Callahan.

In other words, Jamaican police officers are asked to risk their lives in a country with one of the highest kill rates in the world, a violent and abusive society, a largely illiterate population, poor remunerations, and horrific working conditions and no real backing from the legislature.
It is within that environment that police officers are asked to operate.
Every day could mean death on the job, or God forbid they challenge a man with a gun, off to jail they go.
Which brings to mind the question former Detective Chris Porter asks of young members still serving “why are you still serving in the JCF”?
The Jamaican Government has mortgaged the security of the country for the elusive and Utopian concept of [Human-Rights].
The present commissioner of Police, a police Commissioner who once headed the three thousand man defense force dreams of the day when all police officers are human rights activists.

Carolyn Gomes

Unfortunately for everyday Jamaicans who do not own high-powered weapons and large caches of ammunition, the force that the commissioner starry-eyed, dreams of having, will be of no use to the country.
There can be no guarantee of human rights where there is no peace. The most fundamental right each and every person has is their God-given right to life.
If the Jamaican state cannot guarantee the citizens of the country that they won’t be slaughtered just by leaving their homes, how can the government guarantee their other rights?
It is that backward theory which won national acclaim for Carolyn Gomez, a snake in the grass who wove her way into the body politic and distorted the national narrative in a way that a black Jamaican, never could.
This fraud was given a national honor, though she was later disgraced and is now gone from the spotlight.
What remains is the damage she was able to do to our country. Make no mistake about it, Jamaicans are living in Carolyn Gomez’s Jamaica.
Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell are derivates of Carolyn Gomez’s work. This is the Jamaica they created in which the powers of the police are taken away, and the people like Sheep are convinced that they will be guaranteed inalienable rights.
They never bothered to tell them that they would be dead right.
The Island’s political leaders have ceded the power, authority, and remit of the state to foreign-funded so-called rights lobbies, with agendas antithetical to the wellbeing of Jamaica. Jamaicans for justice chief among them.
They knew full well that Gomez’s race would give her the leverage to do what she was able to do.
Unfortunately, for the people and even the brain-dead politicians, they are yet to figure out that Gomes was a plant, specifically placed there as part of a strategy to keep Jamaica subjugated and beholden to foreign interests
Demonize the police and create an environment in which there is no rule of law and conditions are ripe for chaos. There can be no real growth and prosperity in a crime-ridden country. Jamaica is a crime-ridden country which will continue to depend on International Lending institutions.
Gomes would still be there doing damage had she not committed the cardinal sin of introducing wards of the state to homosexual material.
They forgot that Jamaicans do not like homosexuality!

Police Corporal Allegedly Killed His Wife In St Mary

Police corporal Kirk Lawrence reportedly killed his wife this morning at their matrimonial home situated at 34 Jamaica Beach ,Tower Isle Saint Mary.
Early reports indicate that the officer and his wife were engaged in an argument when gunshots were heard coming from the residence.
The Prospect Police were alerted, on the arrival of the police, it is alleged that Corporal Lawrence was seen at the entrance to the residence.

In happier times

Upon checking inside the residence, the body of Mrs. Lawrence was found with gunshot wounds.
A voice note attributed to the officer is already in circulation on social media, in it, a man can be heard giving a reason for killing his wife.

The murder house.
This is indeed a tragedy

This reporting is still developing and have been updated as more information becomes available.

Two Cops Battle For Their Lives/Govt. Dismantles JCF, Leaving The Country At The Mercy Of Armed Militias…

By now most Jamaicans would have heard about the military-style assault heavily armed criminals carried out in May Pen Clarendon.
According to early reporting, heavily armed gunmen on a robbery spree at around 9:15 am Sunday morning shot and injured two police officers.
Injured is Sergeant David Craddock and Constable Chase Carnegie. Both officers were allegedly shot when they encountered the armed militia who were traveling in two motorcars.
Early reporting indicates that constable Carnegie was shot in the face and right shoulder, and the Sergeant who was on foot was shot twice in the abdomen and buttocks.

Some accounting by witnesses to the hell this morning revealed that the men entered a Chinese Establishment and ordered everyone to lie face down on the floor ,they then they demanded money from the operators of the establishment.
The witnesses attested that while some of the men were inside trying to find the money, their cronies were outside laying down a barrage of covering fire at the two police offices. It is anyone’s guess whether it was that sheet of gunfire that almost took the lives of the two officers.
One of the most frightening things said by one eyewitness was that the gunmen were not panicked or seemed in any hurry.
After laying down fire for about 15 minutes the eyewitness who said he was laying on the floor with other patrons of the supermarket, tells of one gunman coming back into the supermarket and demanding more magazines from his compatriots. After receiving the extra clip he simply went back to laying down fire according to the eyewitness.

Whether this group of guys was 5 or 10 is immaterial. The fact of the matter is that they were heavily armed and according to that eyewitness they were in no hurry. The fact that they were in the middle of May Pen Town and there is a Police Station right there in Town, and they did not see the need to worry about the police should be reason enough for the police high command and the Political Directorate to wake the fuck up, but not until a group of these monsters visit a member of the Government or Political Opposition and exterminate their whole family will change come.
ZOSO’s and SOE’s are designed to keep the murder count down without fixing the problem. Elections have to be won on both sides, so the safety and security of law-abiding Jamaicans take a back seat to political expediency.
Funding has to be had and visas have to be secured, and so no one wants to upset the Americans by enforcing the laws and dealing with the terrorists as one friend lamented.

Well, the Americans can fuck off with their funding for all I care. They ensure that no one defies their laws. Their police kill whether assailants have guns or not. Why then would we keep our hands out to a power which secures it’s own, yet tells us we cannot because we are beggars?
INDECOM is partially funded by outside elements and I have repeatedly asked the Government to tell the JAMAICAN people why those sources are funding INDECOM and not the rule of law?

Under this Administration, the crime strategy is to put the bodies of police and soldiers between the Militias and their intended targets with a view to suppressing the kill rate.
Through the use of ZOSO’ s and SOE’s the government’s hope is to suppress the murder statistic without actually going after the murderers and killing them or putting them in jail where they belong.
This strategy is tantamount to spraying a flowery perfumed air freshener over shit and expecting the odor to go away.
But in fact the stench never goes away, it now becomes shit with an artificial flowery odor.
What the Government is doing is politics [101], much the same way that the political opposition recognizes what’s happening and is reluctant to support the ZOSO’s and SOE’s, but with the same political calculus in mind.

At the same time, the minions who support the two political parties are all over social media giving support to this nonsense and making excuses for this affront of an administration.
How do we change this paradigm when the people themselves are so heavily invested in politics to their own detriment?
This Administration, like the one before, has not done a damn thing after the debacle that Bruce Golding created by giving the nation the INDECOM Act.
The Opposition PNP is no friend of the rule of law, they have more political garrisons than the governing JLP. Their political strategy is rooted in the ignorance of the people and their continued dependence on state handouts.

The Andrew Holness Government through his justice Minister Delroy Chuck and National Security Minister Horace Chang have taken a scalpel to the national security apparatus of the country under the guise of modernizing it.
Chuck is working assiduously to toss murder cases from court Dockets, on the one hand, thereby removing the likelihood of murderers facing justice for their crimes and on the other, fighting to have the records of those violent murderers expunged.
No country expunges the records of violent offenders, much less those who have taken the lives of others.

While Delroy Chuck is taking a scalpel on the one end, Horace Chang is using a cudgel on the other by literally deboning the JCF rendering it totally useless.
How so, you ask?
By dismantling the Mobile Reserve which has been the veritable backbone of the nation’s security for decades.
Make no mistake about it, regardless of the intent of the Andrew Holness regime, this will have devastating consequences for the country.
For those paying attention, it is already paying dividends, the heavily armed militias on the Island are highly intelligent and they are way ahead of the game.
What this administration has done, as has the one before it, is to embark on a campaign against the police which is having disastrous consequences for the country.
Even as I struggle to be fair to Holness and his Government, I believe his administration is on par with that of PJ Patterson’s as the worst in our nation’s history as it relates to the rule of law.

Here is a word of caution to the Prime Minister, listen to me real good. If you believe that you and your cabinet are insulated and immune to the violence that regular Jamaicans are exposed to you are kidding yourself.
The only reason that they haven’t come for you is that they do not want you.
If they decide that they want you they will come for you and no amount of those poorly trained and supported police and soldiers that you have around you will save you.

Real leaders lead from in front, they do not watch polls and make decisions based on the next election.
The events of 2010 were warning enough, but as Robert Nesta Marley said quote’, “with the abundance of wata di fool ded fi thirst“.
The nation needs to know why this government has refused to unleash the police on the murderers and dangerous militias which are emboldened and killing at will?
What kind of strategy it is which targets the police and gives a thumbs up to criminals?
Is this administration acting in the best interest of the country?
This administration must explain to the nation why it hates the police and what it intends to do about the roving militias across the country.
In the meantime, these two officers may well die, paying the ultimate price, while their leaders pander to the criminals and their lobby, instead of supporting the rule of law.

How The JCF Could Learn To Do More With Less

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has long lamented the shortage or absence of resources to get the job done effectively.


Police Station ,Constant Spring:

Recently the Force announced it was operating with 50% of the resources it needs to get the job done. Having served in the JCF I understand the seriousness of not having even the most basic resource to do the job.
On the other hand, I was also a witness to the JCF’s lack of management, which resulted in exceptional waste and duplication of efforts, further complicating the resource issue.
These waste generally are clear, first in the quality of a portion of the Force, there have always been too many officers who should find alternative employment. This is attributable to their laziness, lack of focus, lack of integrity, lack of love for the job, lack of commitment to the cause. There are legitimate arguments to be made for a lack of commitment. I would simply argue that though those arguments are legitimate, they are not reason enough to be a slacker. Those opposed to working for the wages, or are offended by other situations are free to leave.
Then there is the treatment of the vehicles, which generally are not suited to Jamaica’s terrain, no fault of the Police and secondly the round the clock operation of the vehicles, again this is not something that should reasonably be pinned on the department, it is attributable to the shortage.

The way patrols are done is ineffective and counter-productive even. This needs a complete reassessment. On the general issue of waste, the same arguments may be made about many businesses and agencies in Jamaica and other countries. Jamaica simply cannot afford it. When both sides of the resource issue are considered, the truth lies somewhere in between the two sides, with a leaning toward not nearly enough of anything to do the job. With that said the true test of any manager or management company, is to do the best job possible with limited resources.

In the American civil war between North and  South, Union General, Westmoreland complained to President Abraham Lincoln about not having enough Troops to attack the Confederate South, Lincoln replaced Westmoreland with General Ulysses S  Grant. We all know that Grant won the war saving and cementing the Union and the United States as we know it today. My point is that Jamaica is a poor developing country, many people will challenge me even on the notion of Jamaica being a developing country. There will never be enough resource to go around. Neither political party is particularly fond of the rule of law, in fact, some of the people at the highest level of Government/Opposition are criminals, or at a bare minimum, maintain criminal contact. They do not want a professional competent and independent police department.

Late 1987 I was temporally transferred to Constant Spring along with three other men, Allen Gauntlet, Keith Skully and O Marston otherwise called (Fat-Ball), Marston was somewhat portly, hence the moniker. None of us was full transferred in Force Orders from The Mobile Reserve where we were officially stationed, we were simply sent to fill the vacuüm which was left from the transfer of then Detective Sargent Cornwall (bigga) Ford, a legend, who had just been transferred to the Flying Squad, based at the Kingston Central Police compound.

For the record, never let anyone tell you that name brand-cops do nothing to bend the crime curve south. Determined criminals have escalated crime, determined cops bend the curve south. 

Throughout our country’s history, there have been notoriously dangerous criminals, these men have largely gained their notoriety, through different means, brutality, callousness, aided and abetted by sympathetic members of the public, Politics, corrupt-cops, the terrain of our country, and other means. Conversely we have produced determined cops who knew how to remove criminals from the streets, Cops like Keith (trinity) Gardener, Joe Williams, Anthony Hewitt, Altimoth (parra) Campbell, Isiah Laing, are some of the more recognizable names, of course there are men, and yes Women, Like Hortense Brown, who in many cases were just as effective, Dick Hibbert, Ruddy Dwyer, Benjamin, O C Hare, and a long line of valiant soldiers of urban policing who understood our country’s terrorists and how to deal with them.

The men and women whom I did not mention need not doubt their contribution to our country’s stability, you know yourselves, the point was about the most celebrated, the most well known. I never wore , neither did I ever see a bullet-proof vest during my decade of service from 1982 to 1992, we did not have computers, we did not even have type-writers, at the Constant Spring CIB which serves some of the most depressed communities and some of the most upscale, we did not have a typewriter. I suggested to detective Sergeant McInnis that we use colored pins and a map of our geographical responsibility to assist us. Different color pins represented different types of crimes. Red for murder, blue for rapes, green for break-ins, yellow for shootings and so on. This very simple, unsophisticated method, allowed us to see, in real terms, what type of crimes were being committed where. Complainants supplied us with the when, it made it easier for us to find the who. I sought and gained permission to approach interested parties operating in our precinct, and asked for old discarded type-writers. Business-people were more than happy to give us usable type-writers and desks, this made the demand from the khaki-clad clowns for a torrent of paper-work more possible. At the time I was at the CIB office, they demanded 5 copies of all crimes committed in the Parish of St. Thomas, St. Catherine and St. Andrew North, which constituted Police Area 5.

It generally took hours to record the crimes from St Catherine, a single detective working the office on any given night would start writing as soon as he entered the office at 8: pm sometimes he would still be writing at 9: am when the morning shift arrived and sometimes, long after. All of those crimes in detail had to be recorded by hand and duplicated 5 times. I came up with the novel idea of carbon paper, they put the brakes on that complaining that carbon created smudges, which rendered the document illegible, so it was back to writing and writing and writing. One copy for the Commissioner’s Office, one for the Divisional Officer, one for the Area Officer, one for the crime chief. one for the Divisional Detective Inspector. A colossal waste of paper and manpower to largely satisfy the egos of lazy pompous overweight dead-woods.

My point in all of this is this. The Commissioner will never have all the resources he needs, what he does have is the infinite resource called the brain. Commissioner Ellington must develop strategies in conjunction with capable officers at his disposal, to stop the scourge of crime. That will not get done with most of the khaki-clad crew he has, most should be retired to save tax-payers money. Pushing paper, or sitting behind a desk is not policing. Most of these people, some I served with, are more concerned with the way a piece of fools-cap paper is folded, so they may write nonsense on it, than how to remove criminals from the streets. In fact, many of them never arrested anyone, never been to court, but they are career cops, and don’t ever let them hear an explosion, Usain Bolt would have to seriously struggle to keep his world record. No wonder the country is inundated with crime, the khaki-clad clowns are more corrupt, more corroded by politics than the young men. Money is the only thing which flows upstream.I would be happy to supply the Commissioner with a detailed plan, outlining how to reduce crime by 20 to 30% in the first year.  By the time the second year comes around, crime will begin to take a serious trend downwards.

The Full Truth Out, Now What For The Police-hating Trolls?

In no other country would the right of anyone supersede the rights of innocent minor children.
Except in Jamaica where a Rastafarian wannabe star’s lies, and assaults the police, destroys public property yet his position is supported by many in the public sphere.
In this cesspool of anti-police malignancy, despite the credible statements of the children’s aunt, the police hating trolls still berate the police for doing exactly what they are sworn to do.

Sean McDonald

The incident which occurred recently in which the aunt of two little boys asked the Gordon Town Police to accompany her to a residence to remove two boys she believed were not being taken care of, have once again highlighted some old fissures within the Jamaican society.
According to local reporting, Melesha Welsh aunt of the two boys and sister-in-law of Rastafarian Sean McDonald,  who goes by the moniker (JahDore) asked the police to accompany her to the house to attend and investigate reports the children were not being well cared for.
In synopsis, the children were removed from the residence by Ms. Welsh and taken to the Gordon Town Police station upon which Sean McDonald showed up and all hell broke out.

“I regret nothing. The kids are not Rastafarian, and they are not even his (biological) kids. I trimmed them, and fed them, not the police. This is a big publicity stunt by JahDore, my father is a rasta, I respect their traditions, I would not violate that. I made the complaint to the police because I love my nephews and they have not been going to school since October last year, and now is May, and it couldn’t continue, I don’t want them to grow up dunce and can’t contribute to society.”  Ms. Welsh told a local reporter.

It was a simple matter and we all were at the police station to discuss it when I saw JahDore kick the officer in his belly and the officer grabbed his foot and thump him in the face. When I saw Jahdore dip to his waist, I grabbed the children and ran out of the police station because I feared what would happen next. While outside, I saw a barber across the road. The kids had a fungus in their head, especially the younger one, so I took the opportunity to do it, I had to beg the barber to trim him,” said Welsh, who is the sister of JahDore’s spouse, Semela. According to Loopnews.


Since the incident occurred, every Tom, Harry, and police-hating Dick have crawled out of the woodwork to seek relevance by piling on the police for doing exactly what they are sworn to do.
If for instance, Ms. Welsh had gone to the Gordon Town Police and asked for help to secure the wellbeing of two minor children she believed to be in danger, and the police failed to assist her and harm came to the children, what would be the position of the anti-police village lawyers?
Literally every day, minor children face grave danger in Jamaica at the hands of relatives and others, who are supposed to give care and security to them. That fact is separate from the stark reality of the nation’s atrocious crime epidemic, which places innocent children smackdab in the crosshairs of the human vultures who prey on the defenseless.


The stepfather of the children a wannabe star is considered among the never-ending list of untouchables in the country which prides itself on its high crime statistics.
This low-life actually went to the police station and assaulted a police officer.
There is an old Jamaican saying (ashes cold dawg sleep in de).
From the mouth of the credible witness and aunt to the alleged abused children Ms. Welsh, quote” It was a simple matter and we all were at the police station to discuss it when I saw JahDore kick the officer in his belly.”
This police force has certainly gone soft and has become a pussy. I make no apology for making this observation. This illiterate fool should not be heading to the Half-Way-Tree courthouse this morning, he should be lying somewhere chilling.
This is the kind of atmosphere that the PNP and JLP have created in Jamaica. Not just in the sense that a law-breaker would attack and try to harm a police officer, that comes with the territory.
Nevertheless, the general across the board disrespect for the rule of law, from the lack of understanding that the police is duty bound to protect minors, to the condemnation and lies by the village lawyers in the society and the physical attack on the police officers in the station house is a searing indictment on the state of affairs in the country.


In most countries, securing the interest of children who may be in danger one way or the other, is of paramount interest.
This is true not just of all state agencies, but it is an unwritten understanding among the general population that we look after our most vulnerable.
The shocking reality is that counterintuitively, in JAMAICA, the greatest concern to the people who are supposed to care most about these very vulnerable children is for a fucking Rastafarian who was allegedly not taking care of the children in his care, and psychically attacked police officers.
God forbid that the hair of the children be cut and they are fed a meal.
Because for this country, having dirty dreadlocks with fungus in their head is far more important than personal hygiene and a good meal.
It is a sick and nonsensical Orwellian mentality which makes the wrong right, and right wrong which is feeding this massive murder rate on this once lovely Island.
It is a place where Convicted dope dealers are celebrated and given God-like reverence, where murdering scumbag community thugs are elevated and referred to as “DONS’.
A place where Rastafarians who with their colleagues destroyed personal property and murdered responding police officers are given apologies and tax-payers money to boot.
It is a country in which an entire community thumbed its collective nose at the rule of law for decades, opting instead for the leadership of a common murderer. When the security forces finally annexed that community to the country, those who survived were compensated for their decades-long support and indulgence in illegal activities against the country.
This is what JAMAICA has become……

Young Mobile Reserve Officer Murdered In Rollington Town…


Constable Allen

At about 12:15am Constable Toddmar Allen of the Mobile Reserve was shot and injured at a Bar in Rollington Town Saint Andrew. He was taken to The Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Constable Allen is reported to have driven to Ranny’s Bar in the community, went inside and ordered a drink. Whilst sitting down two (2) men armed with handguns entered the bar and ordered him not to move.

Shortly after, three explosions were heard.
Constable Allen reportedly ran to the Rollington Town Police Station where he fired one shot and collapsed at the gate. He was rushed to Hospital by the police, but was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds to the back and chest. His Glock pistol was retrieved by the police.


This young officer’s killing may be random or it may not be. There is no denying that the police have done tremendous harm to themselves by the activities they have involved themselves in.
Nevertheless, for the most part, these young men and women are innocent of any of the Force’s baggage.
They deserve the support of the citizenry and they damn sure deserve respect and support from the Government.
They stepped forward to serve when many their age are engaged in the destruction of the country. And for that alone I support them.
Unfortunately, the political infrastructure, comprising both political parties as well as some sections of civil society and the media, has done incalculable harm to not just the rule of law, but have set up these young people to die at the hands of the cowardly criminals in our country. Make no mistake about it, the disrespect and disdain showed the police by Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his lackey Horace Chang is contributing to this attack on our police officers.
No member of the PNP should take comfort in my statements, the PNP is equally complicit as the JLP in this consequential broadside against law enforcement in our country.

Fire On John’s Road/ Dismantle Mobile Reserve/Failed State/looming….

Mark my words, Jamaica will rue the day that this Administration decided to dismantle the Mobile Reserve over an incident which is still in the early stages of an investigation.
This clearly demonstrates that this Administration wanted to take this action before, knowing full well that the Mobile Reserve is the backbone of the force, the last bastion of a department which has stood firm against the tyranny of violent crimes political and otherwise.
This move must be seen as a clear and unequivocal capitulation of the people’s right to security and safety to Terrence Williams, Hamish Campbell and the criminal rights lobby and the complicit media in our country.
Every Jamaican must now be prepared to defend themselves, as this Government has clearly decided that that is not something it cares about.

The Jamaican Government under the leadership of Andrew Holness and National Security Minister Horace Chang with the full support of the Opposition PNP has done their level best to set up the police to fail.
As I said in a previous Article I was confident that there was a real back story to the Chedwin Park shooting last Sunday Morning involving some police officers who were supposedly on suspension.
Nevertheless, as it regards the dismantling of the Mobile Reserve this Administration is establishing an indelible set of footprints which clearly demonstrates that it has scant to zero regards for the Police Department.
This Political party and Government will rue the day it decided to embark on this process.
It will be a watershed moment in our nation’s history.
It will effectively mean that the Government with the Opposition party has taken the final steps to dismantle the JCF and render the Jamaican people defenseless against the Island’s criminal.

PM Andrew Holness

I made it quite clear that I thought that the incident on Sunday morning had a deeper back story and so now, it is becoming evident that there is much more to this story, than have been reported or probably will ever be reported.

Image may contain: one or more people and text
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The real story is being whispered in the streets. Front and center are the million dollar question:
(1) The types of spent shells allegedly recovered at the scene are inconsistent with the type of weapons that the alleged good-cop shooter would have.
(2) Was the so-called hero cop really there officially, or was he there as a bodyguard to the so-called “DON” who was killed that morning?
(3) Why has ACP Bent been sent on leave to facilitate the probe, if there isn’t something deeply sinister going on?
(4) Were the police officers involved, really on Suspension, and if not why?
(5) If they were supposed to be on suspension and they weren’t, what type of mission were they on which involved the killing of a “DON”, facilitated by JCF assets?
(6) Who is behind the hit as it has been rumored to be?
(7) Who paid for the hit on the so-called “Don”.

Fire on John’s Road St. Catherine in support of a murdered “DON”

It is now up to the Commissioner of Police and step forward and answer these questions, because if the officers were in service to their country through countermeasures they should not be demonized and their names dragged in the mud.
If they are the criminals some said they are, no effort should be spared to follow the evidence to the top and ensure that the full force of the law applies.
However, criminals play by no rules. Every successful country has been forced to develop strategies which give law-abiding citizens the upper hand.
As Jamaicans, we pretend to be bright but much of what we do is talk without a real understanding of what it takes to maintain a fully functional and stable society.
Simply put, as long as the country continues to proceed on the track it’s on with the present crop of leaders, the nation will inch ever so closer to becoming a fully fledged failed state.
If the officers were serving their country we need to know. If they were mercenaries carrying out hits we need to know under whose instructions and who is behind their actions.