Fats Domino, Legendary Singer And Pianist, Dead At 89

The rock ‘n’ roll pioneer was known for hits like “Ain’t That a Shame” and “I’m Walkin’.”

“My first impression was a lasting impression,” Bartholomew said of Domino in a 2010 interview with The Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He was a great singer. He was a great artist. And whatever he was doing, nobody could beat him.”

Fats Domino in 1973.

Domino’s musical style was inspired by the likes of pianist Meade Lux Lewis and singer Louis Jordan. However, he had created a sound all his own that no doubt contributed to his massive success.

As rock ‘n’ roll music gained popularity in the mid-’50s, Domino already had a number of R&B hits under his belt. His first album, “Carry On Rockin’” was officially released in November 1955 and reissued as “Rock and Rollin’ with Fats Domino” in 1956. That same year, Domino released a recording of “Blueberry Hill,” (a 1940 song written by Vincent Rose, Al Lewis and Larry Stock), which would go on to become his biggest hit. The single held the No. 1 spot on the R&B chart for 11 weeks and reached No. 2 on the Top 40 chart.

Over the years, his music was covered by countless artists, including John LennonNorah Jones and Cheap Trick.

Throughout the 1960s, Domino released music regularly, and according to Rolling Stone, he played six to eight months of the year through the mid-’70s.

He also received The National Medal of Arts at The White House in 1998 from President Bill Clinton.

As a native of New Orleans, Domino was one of the thousands affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The performer stayed in his home in the Lower Ninth Ward and was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Following the natural disaster, Domino released a benefit album in 2006, “Alive and Kickin’,” to raise money for the Tipitina’s Foundation. In 2009, a benefit concert meant to raise funds for rebuilding schools damaged by Katrina was organized in his name.

Domino was married to Rosemary Hall from 1948 until her death in 2008. Together, they had eight children.

His impact on music, especially rock ‘n’ roll and R&B, will continue to live on. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/fats-domino-dead-dies_us_59f09ac6e4b0e064db7e1af2?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

Bill O’Reilly Out At Fox News

Bill O’Reilly is done at Fox News, its parent company 21st Century Fox said Wednesday.

“After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel,” the company said in a statement.
More to come…..http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/19/media/bill-oreilly-out-fox-news/

Death Of Trailblazing Black Female Judge Is ‘Suspicious,’ Police Say

Police are treating the recent death of Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first African-American woman to serve on the highest court in New York, as “suspicious,” officials said this week.

Abdus-Salaam was found dead last week after her husband had reported her missing earlier in the day, according to CBS New York. Police said her body, which they found on the shore of the Hudson River near Harlem, had no obvious signs of trauma.

Police are treating her death as “suspicious” because there was no immediate indication of suicide or homicide, the NYPD said.

“We haven’t found any clear indications of criminality, but at this point we can’t say for sure. We’re hoping if anyone could shed any light into the hours before her disappearance, it would help us establish what happened,” NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis told the New York Post.

The NYPD 26th Precinct tweeted a public appeal for assistance on Tuesday, describing what Abdus-Salaam was last seen wearing and encouraging anyone with information to contact authorities.

The is seeking info on the death of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam. Anyone with info is asked to call our detectives at the numbers listed.

Police initially treated Abdus-Salaam’s death as a suicide, though a spokeswoman for the city’s medical examiner said the results of an autopsy conducted last week were inconclusive, The Associated Press reported. The investigation is ongoing.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) appointed Abdus-Salaam, a veteran judge and lawyer, to be an associate judge on the Court of Appeals in 2013. In a statement released last week, Cuomo called his colleague a “trailblazing jurist” who fought for a fair and just New York.

“As the first African-American woman to be appointed to the state’s Court of Appeals, she was a pioneer,” Cuomo said of the 65-year-old judge. “Through her writings, her wisdom, and her unshakable moral compass, she was a force for good whose legacy will be felt for years to come.”

Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam was a trailblazing jurist and a force for good.

On behalf of all New Yorkers, I extend my deepest sympathies. https://twitter.com/CapitalTonight/status/852295123283128320 

Abdus-Salaam grew up in a poor family of seven children in Washington, D.C., according to the New York State Bar. She went on to graduate from Barnard College in 1974 and received her law degree from Columbia University in 1977.

She started her impressive legal career as a staff attorney at East Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation, before going on to serve as an assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Bureau of New York State’s attorney general’s office and, later, as general counsel for the New York City Office of Labor Services.

As an assistant attorney general, Abdus-Salaam won an anti-discrimination lawsuit involving more than 30 female New York City bus drivers who were denied promotions, The New York Times reported.

In 1991, Abdus-Salaam was elected as a Civil Court Judge for New York City and served there until she was elected in 1993 to the Manhattan Supreme Court, where she served for 15 years.

She was appointed by Gov. David Paterson as associate justice of the appellate division in 2009. Cuomo appointed her four years later to serve as one of seven judges on the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.

“Throughout my legal career, I have sought to uphold the laws of our state and treat all those who appear before me fairly and with respect and dignity,” Abdus-Salaam said at the time.

Last August, Abdus-Salaam helped to expand the definition of parenthood and allow LGBTQ parents to seek the same parenting rights as biological parents, according to Lambda Legal, a New York-based nonprofit civil rights organization.

Judge Abdus-Salaam saw clearly how damaging it was to keep LGBT parents from their children,” Lambda Legal wrote in a blog post. “We owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude. She touched the lives of many New Yorkers; her legacy will live on.”

Judge Abdus-Salaam wrote the 2016 opinion in Brooke S.B. that finally recognized nonbiological parents in New York. https://twitter.com/mbbanyc/status/842795075058962432 

Carl Heastie, the first African-American to serve as the speaker of New York State Assembly, said in a statement last week that Abdus-Salaam was “highly respected” and an “inspiration to many.”

“Her passing leaves a void that will be difficult to fill,” Heastie said. “This is a sad day for all New Yorkers.”

Justice Abdus-Salaam served NY with honor and distinction as first African American woman to sit on Court of Appeals

CORRECTION: This article previously stated that Abdus-Salaam was Muslim. Her first husband was Muslim and she kept his surname after they divorced, but she herself had not converted, according to a court spokesman who spoke to The Huffington Post.

Carmelo Anthony Splits From Wife La La …..

Carmelo Anthony is checking out of La La Land.

Melo and La la in happier times..

New York Knicks superstar forward Carmelo Anthony, 32, has separated from his wife, La La, after seven years of marriage, TMZ reports. The high profile duo are currently living separately, and La La, 37, has moved out of their home into her own New York City apartment, sources told the gossip site. “They have been fighting for about a year,” says a source close to the couple. “The marriage has always been a rocky one, so this is no surprise.”

The split is reportedly amicable, and while there are no plans yet for a divorce, the pair recently showed a united front at a basketball game for their 10-year-old son Kiyan,The couple’s public romance began in 2004, and their wedding six years later was documented in the VH1 reality show “La La’s Full Court Wedding,” which chronicled the former MTV VJ’s journey as she prepared for her nuptials to the star athlete. The pair then parlayed the show’s success into a five-season VH1 series, “La La’s Full Court Life,” which tracked their wedded bliss and New York life.

Carmelo Anthony Receives New Corvette Stingray from Wife La La for His Birthday

The “Power” actress was a staple at Melo’s games at Madison Square Garden, often supporting her husband courtside.
The split is just the latest chapter in an already tumultuous stretch for Anthony, who has been the subject of trade rumors for months. The Knicks opted not to move the 10-time NBA All-Star this past February, but team president Phil Jackson said last week that Anthony “would be better off somewhere else,” where he’d be able to use his talent to win a championship.

La La

Though Anthony has been absent from his wife’s social media accounts for several weeks, the two paid tribute to their romance with separate Instagram posts on Valentine’s Day.

“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from us to you,” she captioned a photo of her with Anthony and their son. “Sending lots of love and kisses to whoever needs it today. Remember LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.”
Anthony, meanwhile, shared a smiling selfie of his wife, with the caption, “Happy Valentines Day

#StayMe7o.” http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/carmelo-anthony-splits-wife-la-la-article-1.3066086


Definitely Not Your Father’s Poetry A Great Read..




I ran across this today on the web , I almost forgot about this bit of work which my father is incredibly proud of . Our relationship is a strained and torturous one which I hope I could change .
I recognize however that he is who he is and I ?
Well I am who I am as well !

Book of Poetry .
Not your father’s poetry written by my father.
Our love for writing may be all we have in common.

Book of Poetry .
Not your father’s poetry written by my father.
Our love for writing may be all we have in common.

I know how proud he is of this work. I cannot deny him that pride I too am proud of it , I recommend it to anyone who love poetry .
It is a good read .

Sun. Sea, Great Food. Great Music And Culture, If Only We Appreciated The Value Of Our Country …



Over the years and straddling several Administrations of both political parties ,several Hotels  and roadways  have been built in Jamaica with much fanfare and hoopla about  the amount of jobs expected to be generated for Jamaicans.
In the end what we have gleaned is that hardly any top management jobs actual go to Jamaicans. What has been reported is that by and large only low level manual labor positions and a few mid level spots here and there have gone to Jamaicans when those projects are initiated.
In addition to that we hear many stories of indifference, disrespectful treatment, and poor salaries meted out to our nationals.
Now I do understand quite well that some of our people are not exactly the easiest to get along with but that’s a different conversation for a different time.

Chinese ambassador to Jamaica Dong Xiaojun shows Portia Simpson Miller work being done on the north south highway , in Jamaica…. Adapted..


The gist of the arguments surrounding this issue of  Jamaicans being shut out of the upper level jobs from these deals is that our Government simply do not demand those jobs as part of the negotiations when these deals are being negotiated.
Seemingly just getting a hotel property built on the Island is seen as a victory by the Governments of both political parties.
In the end those victories turn out to be  largely Pyrrhic victories because of the lack of jobs for Jamaicans and the fact that for the most part the proceeds from these hotel properties does not remain in Jamaica.

Case in point, when we borrow money from the Chinese ,we see  lots of Chinese  Nationals in supervisory positions doing much of the technical work, while Jamaicans  are hired to do manual low paying jobs on these sites. The same is true of the Spanish properties built on the western end of the Island. Spanish management and workers ,alleged bad treatment of our people on the lower end of the ladder.
There is a simple explanation for this.
The Chinese maintain that they have 1.3 billion people, if you want to borrow their money their workers go where their money goes.

PM Miller speaks to workers on a site. Adapted.


Conversely, our leaders fail to understand the value of our country as a destination, sun, sea, clean air, beautiful beaches, good food and music all of this is brand Jamaica . That’s what we have to create our wealth.
At the same time our people must show more civic pride in the country we claim to love so much.
How about we stop saying with our mouths how patriotic we are and show some respect for the environment?
How about when we drink from those plastic bottles we do not throw them in gullies and drains?
How about we stop defecating in the gullies, and while we are at it, lets stop defacing public buildings and monuments ?

Plastic bottles choke this Kingston gully leading from the city to the sea.

When  investors come to do business in our  Country we should demand the best deal for our people. They will acquiesce as long as our demands are not outlandish.
They expect us to.
Over the decades our leaders have sold us short because of a lack of basic understanding of what our brand is and how it is supposed to empower our people. So they negotiate deals from positions of weakness.
Here just build we are just happy to have you“.
No !!!!
Investors coming into our country have already done their homework .They already have the market surveys which lays out for them different scenarios given worst and best cases market conditions.
Having done the risk assessment they still decide to come.
That speaks to the quality of our country as an investment option, as such our leaders must do better to extract better concessions from potential investors, so that we don’t end up with a well furnished country while our people can only look on from the outside.
In fact that has been the contention of many Jamaicans for years.
We must change that.

Sandals, ATL Automotive and overseas partners break ground for hotel, BMW facility in Kingston.

But there is another component to this issue .
Over the years more and more Tourists have come to Jamaica, yet the average person has benefited less and less from tourism, commensurate with the number of visitor arrival.
Jamaica should be extracting as much as possible from each and every visitor who grace our shores.The reverse seem to be true.

Several years ago I invested in a Barber shop , I did a simple survey of the amount of people who were coming through the doors each week , from those numbers I extrapolated on average, how much each individual was spending.
I had much space, as I had gone into an under-served area  and was able to get rental dirt cheap on a 10 year lease.
My investment wasn’t happenstance , I had spoken to law enforcement, business people  and other stake holders  with a view to getting a feel for whether the area was on the down-swing or whether it was on the upswing?
I hired a staff at seven at the offset.

I found out from speaking to those stake holders that the area had bottomed out and that there were moves afoot to begin a revitalization effort with serious law enforcement as the tip of the spear.
Nevertheless landlords were quite happy to have tenants for however little they could get for commercial space at the time.
Having a desire to extract maximum returns on my investment for the life of my 10 year lease , I brainstormed on what else I  could add to the space which men would be drawn to, since they were already coming for haircuts?

This business spun off another business I invested in. Small businesses like larger investment opportunities require thinking how to maximize returns on investments



Then it hit me , men are largely into toys. we are also more impulsive buyers than our female counterparts.
The answer was easy .
Electronics !!!
My small Electronics business was born.
I was able to maximize on the amount of money I could extract from each person walking into my business place , using the same amount of space.
A great way to start a new business without much of the risks outside those parameters.

So getting back to maximizing our efforts from what we already have in existence we have to make our product more attractive.
I am sure I will be accused of not understanding just how attractive Jamaica is as a destination.
Some will cite reports indicating that Jamaica is among the top countries in which to invest.
That mindset takes us back to my initial observation that we do not extract enough concessions for our people so of course Investors are excited about coming to Jamaica to invest.
Imagine if we truly understood the value of Jamaica and took steps to keep it pristine?




Added to the fact that we do not demand fully what we should  for our workers, we have unwittingly reduced the leverage we have to bargain, because of the high crime numbers.
This is an issue I speak of like a broken record.
Over the years because of the burgeoning crime problem nations have issued travel advisory to their nationals who want to travel to Jamaica.
For too long we have scoffed at this fact, arguing that this happens to other countries and we need look no further than the increasing number of visitors gracing our shores each year.
You know the spiel “ crime de ebri weh.”

Craft items displayed for sale in Kingston

I humbly submit that for the most part that’s all many of the tourists are doing, they are merely gracing our shores.
When they do decide to stay they are shepherded into all inclusive resorts, funneling whatever monies they do spend into fewer and fewer hands.
Just ask the craft vendors or the people who have the quaint little restaurants across the Island just how much they are making from the tourist arrivals.
Even our own nationals returning to our country are turning more and more to all inclusive resorts for the duration of their stay out of concern for their safety.
Those are undeniable facts.

inside a Kingston craft market

People are afraid to tell their relatives when they are visiting, even when they do  trust their relatives , they are afraid their relatives will unwittingly tell others they are visiting the Island placing them in danger.
When they  return home they now devise a series of measures to protect themselves.
Not telling their relatives when they are coming to visit. Not telling where they are staying. Not telling when they are leaving . Not hanging out.
Dressing down as much as possible . Wearing shorts and exercise wear to show they have no money on their persons. Not wearing jewelry. Not flashing cash.Not renting cars. Hiding their expensive cell phones.

The long held belief that as long as you stay away from certain areas you are safe no longer hold true.
As Jamaicans we all know what those certain areas were. Rema .Tivoli. Jungle. Sufferers  Heights. Back-Bush. Flankers. Rivoli. Red Square. Thawes Pen. The list goes on and on.
As Police officers we fought to contain crime as best we could  . Cutting off the tentacles, but we knew that given time with the type of policies our leaders subscribed to and the size of our country , it was just a matter of time until we ran out of places where people could feel safe.
That time is here, one doesn’t have to stay away from the garrison the garrison has come to the every-man.
The tentacles of crime was destined to catch up with all of the country and given enough time will eventually suffocate the lifeblood from it.
Law enforcement continued to be reactive , a wack a mole type thing, orchestrated by the Island’s political leaders creating the present situation which obtains today

Imagine if the Island’s leadership fully understood how important it is to stamp out crime, or cared to, as against paying lip service to crime with the hope of holding on to political power?

Ahmed Kathrada: South Africa’s Anti-apartheid Veteran Dies

Veteran South African anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada has died aged 87, his foundation says. It says Mr Kathrada passed away peacefully in a Johannesburg hospital “after a short period of illness, following surgery to the brain”.

Along with Nelson Mandela, Mr Kathrada was among eight African National Congress activists sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. They were convicted of trying to topple the white minority government.

He is due to be buried on Wednesday at a private ceremony, but President Jacob Zuma has said that flags should fly at half mast in his honour and that public memorial service will also be held. Mr Kathrada, affectionately known as Kathy, was not only one of Mr Mandela’s closest friends, but also a human rights activist in his own right who had a long history in the struggle against discrimination and apartheid, says the BBC’s Milton Nkosi.

The death of Ahmed Kathrada emphasises that a golden generation of anti-apartheid heroes has nearly gone.

Along with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu, he was part of a group untainted by corruption, acting as a moral compass for the nation. His generation literally gave up most of their adult lives to fight to liberate black people from the yoke of white minority rule. “Uncle Kathy” stayed relevant to the struggle of the downtrodden till the end.

He was critical of the current administration, asking President Zuma to resign following a damning court judgement against the president. His significance in the anti-apartheid struggle was also to deracialise it.He proved that the fight was not just left for black Africans to wage on their own, and that is how I will remember him.

What was apartheid?

Apartheid was a legalised system of discrimination against non-white people introduced in South Africa in 1948. But laws that discriminated against non-whites existed prior to that. Born into a family of Indian origin in 1929, Mr Kathrada was affected by those laws.

Why was he jailed?

Mr Kathrada spent more than 26 years in prison, 18 of which were on the notorious Robben Island, where Mr Mandela was also jailed. He was arrested in 1963, along with several others, at a farm in the Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia. They had been meeting there in secret to plan the armed struggle against the apartheid government.

The following year Mr Kathrada was found guilty of conspiring to commit acts of violence. Seven other defendants, including Mr Mandela, were also convicted of conspiracy and three other charges.

They all received life sentences and most went on to spend the majority of their time in jail on Robben Island.

Under apartheid, even prisoners were treated differently depending on their racial origin: White prisoners got the most privileges, followed by those of Indian origin, while black people got the least.

Mr Kathadra refused to accept his privileges unless they were also extended to his black comrades.

Ahmed Kathrada and President ObamaImage copyrightEPA
Image captionAhmed Kathrada showed President Barack Obama around Robben Island in 2013

In 1982, he was moved to Pollsmoor prison on the mainland, from where he was freed in 1989.

After South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994, President Mandela persuaded Mr Kathrada to join him in government as his political adviser.

Mr Kathrada left parliament in 1999, but remained active in politics,

He went on to chair the Robben Island Museum Council, set up to preserve the prison as part of South Africa’s heritage.

A life of struggle

Ahmed Kathrada. Photo: December 2013Image copyrightEPA

He was the fourth of six children born in the North West Province, previously known as Western Transvaal.

Mr Kathrada was a campaigner from a young age and joined the Young Communist League at the age of 12.

He later became a member of the Transvaal Indian Congress, which spearheaded campaigns against laws that discriminated against Indians, and joined their protests at 17.

In 1952, he received a suspended sentence for helping to organise an anti-apartheid defiance campaign, with black activists including Mr Mandela and Walter Sisulu.

Four years later he was charged with high treason, but was acquitted after a long trial.

In 1962 he was placed under house arrest and then took his activities underground to work with the military wing of the African National Congress.

Pain ‘same as Mandela’

Fellow anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has been reflecting on the news of Mr Kathrada’s death. “I’m experiencing the same pain I was experiencing at the death of Madiba [ex-husband Nelson Mandela]. When Madiba passed on, part of his soul was left in Kathy, he was just an extension of our family.

“So, the pain is the same, and somehow it feels like a closure of a chapter in history.

“A very painful chapter, of men and women who dedicated themselves to this country, who fought for their values and principles they thought we’d instil in our society.”

South Africa’s Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu has also added his voice:

“Ahmed Kathrada was one of those leaders. A man of remarkable gentleness, modesty and steadfastness.

“He once wrote to the president to argue that he did not deem himself important enough to be awarded a high honour.”

What happened to the Rivionia defendants?

A composite showing all those found guilty at the Rivonia trialImage copyrightREUTERS
Image captionThe eight men found guilty at the Rivonia trial were (clockwise from the top left) Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, Denis Goldberg, Ahmed Kathrada, Andrew Mlangeni and Elias Motsoaledi

After Mr Kathrada’s death, there are only two surviving members of the group who were convicted at the Rivonia trial in 1964.

Denis Goldberg, 83, continues to speak out on South African politics. He told the BBC that “Kathy” was “much more than a friend. [He was] a comrade. We faced the prospect of the gallows together”.

Andrew Mlangeni, 91, is also still alive. He served as an MP in the country’s first democratically elected parliament from 1994 to 1999.

Nelson Mandela died in 2013 at the age of 95. He became South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994.

Walter Sisulu died in 2003 at the age of 90. He was deputy president of the ANC from 1991 to 1994.

Govan Mbeki died in 2001 at the age of 91. He served in the upper house of South Africa’s parliament from 1994 to 1999. His son Thabo succeeded Mr Mandela as president.

Raymond Mhlaba died in 2005 at the age of 85. He served as the national chairperson of the South African Communist Party, he also was the country’s high commissioner in Rwanda and Uganda.

Elias Motsoaledi died in 1994 at the age of 69 the day before Mr Mandela was inaugurated as president. Story originated here.

Look Again: The Day’s Most Compelling Images From Around The Globe…

Protesters prepare to evacuate the main opposition camp against the DAPL
Cannon Ball, North Dakota Terray Sylvester/Reuters
One of the saddest early progressive losses in the first month of Trump’s presidency was any hope that the protests at Standing Rock would be effective at stopping the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The fires that are breaking out as protesters are forced to leave the area are almost a too-perfect symbol of what is happening in North Dakota, as the hopes of preserving these environmentally sensitive and tribally significant lands do, sadly, appear to be going up in flames.
—Amanda Marcotte, politics writer

This Is Just The Beginning Experts Say…..


There is much angst in America across many Immigrant communities at the recent travel ban imposed by the tRUMP administration.
Even as as I use the term immigrant, to define the communities unnerved by  the executive action, it becomes less clear as to what actually constitutes immigrant within that context . This as people with valid visas and green cards and we are told even US citizens are being turned away from entering and re-entering  the country.

The roll-out of the executive order are at this moment for seven countries. They are Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan Yemen and Somalia.
However many expect that this roll-out is a trial balloon, floated by senior tRUMP adviser Steven Bannon the Alt right white Nationalist who now sits on the National security council, and is reported to be his most trusted advisor.

To support this claim that this is just the beginning the La Times reported that tRUMP’s top advisors and  chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior advisor Stephen Miller, see themselves as launching a radical experiment to fundamentally transform how the U.S. decides who is allowed into the country and to block a generation of people who, in their view, won’t assimilate into American society.

Finally finding it’s voice on things outside bullying small nations, Human Rights Group Amnesty International issued an urgent call for Britain to do more to fight the policy, which effectively bans citizens from three African and four Middle Eastern countries from entering the US. It was accompanied by a 120-day suspension of all US refugee programmes.

Euronews says tRUMPS travel ban has crushed lives but it’s just the beginning. http://www.euronews.com/2017/01/31/trumps-travel-ban-has-crushed-lives-but-it-is-just-the-beginning.
CNN.com says Donald Trump’s travel ban fundamentally changes American history.
Only time will tell if Trump’s travel ban comes to be regarded in the same light as the Alien and Sedition Acts signed into law by President John Adams in the late 18th century, which made it easier to deport foreigners and imposed restrictions on new immigrants.
Other historic parallels could include the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and the witch hunts by Senator Joseph McCarthy against alleged communists in politics and the arts in the 1950s. cnn said.

As the storm cloud gathers the main stream media engages in a circle of stupidity over whether the executive order constitutes a ban.
Sean Spicer the white house press secretary said the action is not a ban even though he himself said it was a Muslim ban previously.
But Spicer is not important , tRUMP himself said it was a travel ban .
So lets see whether it is a ban!
People from the 7 countries named will not be allowed to enter the United States for at least 90 days , even though they have green cards or valid visas .
If they cannot come in, is that a ban or not ? If the Syrians are stopped indefinitely ,is it or is it not a ban , you decide?

USA today said “The chilling effect is just enormous”, ‘World is going to start closing the door.
Despite the outrage , it must be acknowledged that dONALD tRUMP is doing exactly what he said he was going to do .
For almost two years he campaigned on these very same policies.
He promised to do exactly what he is doing if elected to the white house.
Interesting times are ahead, reports indicate that there are new executive orders in the draft stages being circulated in the white house which will target immigrants with green cards right here in the United States.

Those who sat on the sidelines and pretended that this was a joke must now agree that the joke is on them.
Those who for one moment believed that this presidency would be about anything but what tRUMP campaigned on is in for a rude awakening.
Sure today the Muslims feel what it feels like to be black.
We saw women turn up in numbers across the country after the inauguration to protest , but where were they before the elections?
The likelihood that more and more groups will be affected by this presidency in real ways is almost guaranteed.
Tragic though this is it may indeed be the turning point which finally once and for all turns this ugly putrid racism in this country on it’s head.
The more people who come together to say “no” the more likely it is that discrimination will finally be a thing of the past.






National Collegiate Championship Football :two Quarterbacks, Two African-Americans….

Alabama QB Jalen Hurts
Clemson’s , Deshaun Watson.


Its easy in the excitement of National collegiate football finals to miss a very important fact.
Both quarterbacks in this highly anticipated football game are African-American. Neither ESPN the sporting world’s medium , or any of the other networks will bother to highlight this little fact.

What you will hear much about is  the genius of Alabama’s coach Nick Saban (much deserved ) and Clemson”s Dabo Swinney.
We are not in the business of predicting winners and losers in college football .
Neither do we begrudge these two fantastic head-coaches.
But since they won’t bother to expand or expound on this little fact, even the black analysts, sheesh , particularly the black analysts >
So we just though we would bring this little nugget up.

We just thought that you will hear the names of these two outstanding young athletes a lot. But no no one will bother to tell you that in the big wide world of American collegiate football these two standouts just happen to be black.
Enjoy the game …….

R.I.P Craig Sager

Through popularity and sickness, Craig Sager was always humble, hard-working reporter …….

Craig Sager was always in on the joke. That’s what you liked about him. He was the guy that found the proper balance between taking his job seriously but never himself. The kind of person you wanted to be around.

That’s why Sager worked so well with Marv Albert and Charles Barkley, the resident wise guys at Turner Sports who made Sager and his colorful outfits the butt of the countless jokes for nearly two decades.

When Howard Cosell was at the height of his popularity, having him and ABC’s Monday Night Football in your city meant it was a big event. Sager and his wardrobe did the same for the NBA and TNT on Thursday’s.

Craig Sager always took his job seriously, earning respect of his peers and around the NBA.

We were seated next to each other in Boston nearly 10 years when an irate Knicks fan – is there any other kind? – threw his jersey onto the court once the Celtics extended their lead to 50. Sager looked at me, smiled, and said that it may be a while “before the Knicks are back on TNT again.”

Sports world reacts to the loss of TNT’s NBA reporter Craig Sager

“He understood that the job was about entertainment and presentation,” said his long-time colleague and friend Scooter Vertino. “Craig never lost sight of that.”

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NBA players show their appreciation for Sager at the ESPY awards earlier this year. (CHRIS PIZZELLO/CHRIS PIZZELLO/INVISION/AP)

Vertino was a field producer when he first met Sager 21 years ago, a kid trying to make a name in the business while learning from an established reporter. Read more here : http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/craig-sager-humble-hard-working-reporter-article-1.2912379






JetBlue Flight Attendant From Queens Who Fled Airport After Attempt To Smuggle Cocaine Pleads Guilty In Scheme

Her baggage now includes a felony conviction.

The JetBlue flight attendant from Queens who kicked off her designer heels and sprinted down an up escalator when caught with 60 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at LAX last March pleaded guilty to conspiracy Monday. Marsha Gay Reynolds, 32, appeared in Los Angeles federal court wearing a white jail uniform and entered her plea to one felony count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.She faces 10 years to life in prison at her sentencing set for March 13.

JetBlue employee charged with smuggling coke due in court

“She’s doing fine. She’s not a jailbird,” her lawyer Stuart Goldfarb told the Daily News after the hearing. “This is the first time she’s been charged with anything like this.” He declined to say how much his client knew about the multimillion-dollar cocaine trafficking scheme, but stressed Reynolds’ plea was not tied to any agreement with prosecutors to testify against possible co-conspirators. “If someone accepts responsibility, there’s a possibility of (her) getting less time,” he said. “(But) she’s not cooperating. She’s not doing that.”

Drug mule cuffed at Kennedy Airport in failed smuggling attempt

The Jamaica-born former beauty pageant contestant — a runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World pageant in 2008 — was paid thousands of dollars to smuggle carry-on bags through airport screening checkpoints and then hand them off to a co-conspirator on the other side before the individual boarded flights, prosecutors said.

As a JetBlue employee, Reynolds had access to the Known Crew Member (KCM) checkpoints that are generally exempt from TSA baggage screening except in rare cases of random searches.

Authorities say she left behind 60 pounds of cocaine after flinging off her heels and running from security at Los Angeles International Airport.

Authorities say she left behind 60 pounds of cocaine after flinging off her heels and running from security at Los Angeles International Airport.


Prosecutors said Reynolds and the co-conspirator — identified only by the initials G.B. in court records — traveled together between New York and Los Angeles on multiple flights between October 2015 and March 2016.

It was March 18 that Reynolds was attempting to get the 60 pounds of cocaine through a KCM checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport when she was flagged by the computer for a bag search.

JetBlue launches flights from Kennedy Airport to Havana

She became visibly agitated and spoke to someone on her cell phone in what sounded like a foreign language before she ditched her shoes and made her daring dash, leaving the bags behind, court documents said. Security officials opted to worry about the risk posed by the abandoned luggage rather than chase after her, and she disappeared from the terminal, the court paperwork said. Her co-conspirator boarded a flight and later tried to persuade Reynolds to flee to Jamaica, authorities said. Instead, Reynolds staffed a flight back to New York on March 19, then failed to show up for work the next day, according to court documents.

Turbulence on JetBlue flight sends 24 to Rapid City hospital

She was arrested March 23 after meeting with G.B. in New York and receiving a “burner phone” to communicate without government surveillance, court documents said. Already in the U.S. illegally and using stolen identities, G.B. boarded a flight from New York to Miami on March 23 and then fled to Jamaica, authorities said. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles said he couldn’t comment on any effort to find and charge G.B., calling the case an ongoing investigation.  http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/jetblue-flight-attendant-queens-guilty-cocaine-scheme-article-1.2908347

Fidel Castro, An Indelible Icon In My Eyes….




For all  that which has been attributed to Castro both negative and positive , nothing resonate more with me than his decision to send Cuban troops to fight to end apartheid and white hegemony on the continent of Africa. He did so while western nations threw their support behind the racist despotic apartheid regime which as a minority group terrorized the legitimate majority black population in their rightful homeland.


Recognizing the life and work of Fidel Castro is not a zero sum game .
It is perfectly okay to disagree with the communist ideology the former revolutionary so dearly embraced ,while acknowledging the positive contribution he made when supposed friends did not see fit to stand on principle.
He did !!!

A grateful Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro
A grateful Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro

Scratching the surface of the life and times of Fidel Castro does not give an adequate reveal of whether the formally trained lawyer started out as a communist sympathizer as some with whom he attended college seemed to believe .
Or whether he was forced into embracing the Soviets as a last resort after been rebuffed by the Americans.
The  much reported-on repeated attempts on his life , not the least of which was the bay of pigs debacle.  could certainly not have endeared him to America and capitalism.

As tributes pour in after his passing, those opposed to the Cuban leader  line up in unrighteous indignation to his very existence .
Like the true Pharisees they are , the say they are Christians, their lips dripping with the lies and deception of perdition.
No-ones worldview matters but theirs. Those who see things differently are ridiculed and demeaned.
True to form these blinkered   purists are focused on the singular issue which defines their outlook of this controversial leader, the exile Cuban community in Miami Florida.

His incredible accomplishments on education and health-care for the Cuban people are lost on his critics. Never mind that everything he accomplished has been done while facing half a century of stringent American economic blockade.
Standing on principle by putting Cuban troops in Angola to fight the oppressive racist interloping apartheid regime in South Africa was singularly momentous to this writer. He did so while western powers stood in stoic support of a racial regime which systematically tortured raped and murdered black Africans on their own soil.
For that Fidel Castro is an Indelible Icon in   my eyes.

One does not have to be a supporter of all of what has been attributed to Castro. One doesn’t even have to support or believe in communism to speak to the brave progressive stance President Fidel Castro took when others wouldn’t.
One doesn’t have to agree with everything someone ever did in order to credit them for that which was commendable. Unless the good they did is not what you would have wanted . If that be the case then we understand, but please step aside so that those who have been positively impacted may pay their respect.
Like President Barack Obama who began a thaw with Cuba , Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  issued the following statement on the death of his family’s friend.

justin trudeau
Justin Trudeau

“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President”. “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”. “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro during my recent visit to Cuba. “On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

 The ink on the Prime Minister’s statement wasn’t dry before two Hispanic US senators jumped on it to gain attention.
I found the indignation of these two particularly galling, in light of their support of Donald Trump a racist xenophobe who is infatuated with the like of Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Un despotic murderers.

Word Of Caution When Posting Social-media Images

The danger of posting intimate images.


-Errol McLeish –

A beautiful young Italian national , Tiziana Cantone , aged  31,    shared  a video  on the social media website Whatsapp with four friends of  her and her  boyfriend  having sex.  Unfortunately for Ms. Cantone, the video was somehow posted on several other social website, including Facebook, which went viral and attracted over a  million hits.

Ms. Canton tried to get the video removed from the internet but failed in her bid, attracting litigation cost of € 20,000. She was shunned and ridiculed in the process.
Driven by despair, Ms Canton committed suicide.

There are many lessons to be learned from Ms. Canton’s error in judgment. The need for caution for persons using social media to be careful when posting sensitive information cannot be overemphasized. The reality is, once posted in the public domain it cannot be retracted.

I have often said that the Internet world, with its  numerous social websites ,  attractive interactive mechanism which capture instant  images and information,  and divulging it  in real time, can be a dangerous place to explore.
One must trod with exceeding caution when using it . It is dangerous primarily because the information you share can easily be manipulated and circulated within seconds to millions of users.

There are many persons who are oblivious of the potential negative impact this can have on their lives. I would hope that with the many instances of documented misuse of person’s images,   users of the net would exercise prudence when divulging information of whatever form, to friends via the net, some of whom have ulterior motives.

Unfortunately in many instances this has not been the case, Ms. Canton’s case is one such instance.
If only those who engage repeatedly in these practices would stop and think that it’s better preserving one’s sanity than give it away in one moment of indiscretion.,
Were this warning to be heeded perhaps then we may see a reduction in these embarrassing incidents yet tragic incidents.

KING: A Former Marine Was Fired As A W.Va. Police Officer After Failing To Shoot Somebody

Shaun King


On July 24, 2015, the Weirton, W.Va., Police Department announced the hiring of three new officers for the force. All three men were celebrated for bringing some much needed youth to an aging department in the sleepy rural city 35 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Zach Springer was just 20. Adam Mortimer was 21. And the old head among them was Stephen Mader, who was 24.

Maybe they knew it. Maybe they didn’t. But Stephen Mader was a find, a gem, a blessing for that little department. Even though he was just 24 when they hired him, Stephen Mader was already a bonafide hero — one of the good guys. Mader had spent four years in the Marines. In the announcement that he was hired by the Weirton Police Department, I noticed that it said Mader was a Marine. I took a chance and Googled “Stephen Mader Marines” and immediately found several stories of a Marine named Stephen Mader who served in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. A special report was done on him and his amazing explosive-sniffing dog, Maxx. This Stephen Mader joined the Marines in 2009 and became an improvised explosive device dog handler with the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 6.

I couldn’t verify for sure if it was the same man. It definitely looked like him. Then I searched his name on Facebook and there he was — Stephen Mader from Weirton, West Virginia, a Marine, with his trusted dog Maxx. It was him — except now, Mader is no longer a police officer. He got fired. While his hiring made the local news there in Weirton, his termination has gone national.  Bad police officers are known for keeping their jobs in spite of brutality, corruption, harassment and even murder. The Chicago Police Department has hundreds of officers with 20 or more brutality complaints. Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who used a deadly chokehold on Eric Garner, not only avoided prosecution, but has kept job and received bonuses over the past two years. He’s somehow bringing in a salary two to three times the average schoolteacher in spite of his actions in Garner’s death, as well as costing New York City in several other lawsuits before that.

It’s a rare thing to see a police officer get fired. When it happens, it’s normally for two reasons — they’ve committed a crime that they will likely be found guilty of or they are bucking the system somehow and have seriously pissed off their bosses. Read more here :http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-ex-marine-fired-w-va-officer-failing-shoot-article-1.2790284

If Military Service Guarantees Freedom Of Speech How Does Speaking Out Dishonor Military Service…

A company can decide who it wants to represent it’s interest , as such  Air Academy Federal Credit Unionis well within its right to drop someone it believes does not represent its interest.
However , it opens itself up to criticisms that its actions are hypocritical and self serving if they are deemed to be so.
This is exactly the case where this company dropped a spokesperson for exercising his God given right, which is guaranteed in the first amendment to the United States Constitution.
There is no conflict between military service and freedom of speech .
Brandon Marshall standing in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick is now an issue for Air Academy Federal Credit Union. Obviously freedom of speech is at war with military service as far as this credit union is concerned.
Maybe they will now hire Ryan Lochte as their new spokesperson.
Obviously freedom of speech and freedom of expression stops with being black . It now appear military service is so sacrosanct that it trumps and supersede people’s right to be treated with dignity and to have their God given right to life and liberty respected as far as it relates to this credit Union.
Denver Broncos inside linebacker Brandon Marshall..
Where is the conflict between military service and people demanding human dignity and the right to life? What exactly is the connection?
Where is the Air Academy Federal Credit Union,during calls for justice of those murdered by police officers who swore an oath to protect life ?
Silent !!!
In their little world nothing matters outside the little enclaves they carved for themselves .
Little enclaves with rules they designed . Rules which ignores injustice and even murder as long as it not murder of those within their cliques.
After the Korean and Vietnam wars African American servicemen returned to a country as segregated as it was when they left . They were spat upon, lynched and murdered .
They had dogs unleashed on them, water-hoses and billy-clubs was their new existence . All for daring to expect the country for which they had shed their blood sacrificed and died for would afford them the dignity routinely experienced by others
They were denied work their white counterparts routinely got. There was no outcry from the sanctimonious hypocrites who worship military service over human dignity and the right of every human being to live with as human beings.
We may go as far back as the civil war, blacks fought and died for this land Africans occupied long before Europeans knew the earth wasn’t flat.
But why stop there , let’s go back to the Revolutionary war, and examine the roles Blacks played in that conflict.
A Black man was the very first casualty of that war .
So whats the fixation with military service over and above the rights of citizens to speak freely?
What is the connection between defending one’s first amendment right which conflicts with military service?
I would like to have that explained to me please.
Blacks have been fighting and dying before this land became a country?
What does it say about that much ballyhooed line that soldiers sacrifice for our freedoms ?
Does that freedom only extend to Caucasians to the exclusions of blacks who dare think they are included?
Here’s what it is, it is absurdity and nonsensical hypocrisy designed to stifle dissent of police abuse.
It’s a straw man designed to snuff out protest against injustice companies like Air Academy Federal Credit Union, are comfortable with.
Fortunately there are equal amounts of military veterans  and active duty members who understand that their service, their sacrifice is only validated when every American citizen can stand and demonstrate against injustice.
If every soldier who donned a uniform to fight for America returned to a country in which citizens are prevented from demonstrating  against their government, then their sacrifice would have been in vain.
Not when citizens do exactly what they say they fight to guarantee……That is validation for what they say they fought for.
Air Academy Federal Credit Union

Although we have enjoyed Brandon Marshall as our spokesperson over the past five months, Air Academy Federal Credit Union (AAFCU) has ended our partnership. AAFCU is a membership-based organization who has proudly served the military community for over 60 years. While we respect Brandon’s right of expression, his actions are not a representation of our organization and membership. We wish Brandon well on his future endeavors.

Glenn Strebe
Air Academy Federal Credit Union

Air Academy Federal Credit Union, which had been in a sponsorship deal with Marshall for the last five months, announced Friday it was ending its relationship with the Bronco. Marshall’s actions ― a protest against social injustice that followed San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the anthem ― were “not a representation of our organization and membership,” the credit union’s CEO, Glenn Strebb, said in a statement.

The Broncos said they respected Marshall’s decision to protest, though added they encourage members to stand during the anthem. After the game, a media relations staff member advised Marshall not to look at his Twitter mentions because “there’s gonna be a lot of hate,” MMQB reported.

“They said, ‘you might lose endorsements,’” Marshall told the publication. “I’m ready for that.”

The Gall Of These Cops : What Gives Them The Right To Demand The Curtailing Of Free Speech…..




What is it about America’s police Departments which makes them feel they have the right to stifle people’s God given rights to free speech and their constitutionally guaranteed right to demonstrate against their Government?
If police are opposed to people’s right to free speech and their constitutionally  guaranteed freedoms  to dissent, does the police serve the interest of the people, or do they serve their own narrow interests ?

Police in Santa Clara California who threatened to boycott working games for the San Francisco Fortyniners over the stance of Colin Kaepernick now appear to be backing away from that stance.

Kaepernick, a biracial man,  has taken the stance that he will sit during the singing of the national anthem. He argues that police are killing black men and are getting paid leave and are not held accountable.
The police Union demanded that the Niners discipline  Kaepernick. The  Forty niners organization has thus far stood by  Kaepernick’s right to free speech.

According to the New York Daily News, after a letter from Santa Clara mayor Lisa Gillmor, the Santa Clara Police Officer’s Association says they “will encourage and support officers to voluntarily work at 49er games and other stadium events.”.

The indications from the police union is that Kaepernick’s right to free speech should be curtailed and he should be also disciplined for speaking about factual occurrences which everyone knows to be true?
If that was done isn’t that the definition of a police state?
When does police get to demand the curtailment of the rights of individual citizens to demonstrate against their government?
Isn’t  Kaepernick and every other dissenter’s right to free speech guaranteed by God Almighty and by the first amendment to the United States Constitution?

Police must work where they are told to, or they may quit and go get jobs as carpenters , laborers, or whatever else they chose.
Working Football games is outside their obligations as police officers , when they do work those games, they do so as security guards. If they chose not to work, it’s their right not to.
In which case someone else will step in and earn that money. It’s that simple…
They simply do not get to dictate who say what, and when.



What makes these cops feel that they get to determine when and how people express themselves ? The stated values of America , enshrined in the Constitution are the very guarantees these cops and their unions seek to take from citizens. It goes exactly to the heart of what Colin Kaepernick is speaking out against.
Do they place themselves above the constitution ? Are they above being criticized? The answer is yes as demonstrated by their reactions whenever people react to their oppressive and brutish behavior!
The fact of the matter is that Kaepernick wasn’t even demonstrating against that particular police department. His actions are against broad injustice in the system which has nothing to do with  the Santa Clara Police Department.

As a former police officer I was obligated  to march alongside and offer protection to citizens even when they demonstrate against police. The Santa Clara Police and it’s so-called board of directors argue that the work it’s members do frequently requires personal and family sacrifices.
That little problem can can be fixed real easy . Stay home.
Private security guards will be happy to work for the money.
Their officers are quite free to stay home with their families.
I doubt they are doing any favors for the monies they receive.


Modern Day Judas’ Can Collect Their 30 Pieces Of Silver But They Cannot Claim They Did Not Know What They Were Doing…..


Everyone is absolutely free to support the candidate of their choice that is how things work in  a democracy.
Yet we are sometimes left scratching our heads when we hear the reasons some potential voters give for supporting a particular candidate.
When CNN asked an African American woman in a depressed section of north east Ohio who she believe will fix up her neighborhood she said Donald Trump.
Now neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will do a damn thing about that woman’s neighborhood , if it is going to be  fixed it will be fixed by private entities not some president or other bureaucrat .

Which brings me to my most recent fixation, the black pastors whom have thrown their support to the new york self-styled billionaire Donald J Trump .
Look the Democratic party hasn’t exactly been a bastion of support for it’s most loyal voting block.
In fact a lot of the policies which have enhanced racial oppression against black Americans have been policies which the democrats either instituted or signed onto with Republicans. We certainly do not see many Democratic elected officials out there on the front lines with Black-lives-matter activists.
Neither have we seen a legislative agenda which would rein in aggressive, overzealous  and abusive police tactics, which in many cases are escalated from insignificant issues which needed no policing.
So Yes Democrats have been weasels, undeserving of the black vote , but even so,  Blacks absolutely have to vote democratic as a means of survival.
Republicans have been openly hostile and downright dangerous to the well-being of blacks in America.

Republican support for aggressive policing , it’s policies which openly discriminates against the community on generally all issues including the right to vote are well known.
In fact the party doesn’t even bother to pretend that it doesn’t hate blacks. The party and It’s support base actively pursue everything that is antithetical to the black community.
Which is why it is so stunning to see the list of black pastors who have lined up in support of Trump.

Pastor Mark Burns
Pastor Mark Burns



James Davis pastor in Ohio, Another of the coons who would sell the black community back into slavery all for a chance to sit at a table with Donald Trump.
James Davis pastor in Ohio,







I could write an epistle on whether these so called pastors are really called of God, but as the scriptures command I am going to let the wheat and the tares grow together until the day of harvest. I will always remember that God is the ultimate judge.
When we look at the hostility of the Republican party to the African American community,one has to wonder what exactly did Donald Trump give, or promise to give to these Pharisees?
Though Mark Burns and James Davis are not the only slave traders who are willing to sacrifice their congregation and as many others who are stupid enough to be influenced by them, they certainly have been two of the most vocal, conspicuous, and even vitriolic against the nation’s first African American President. They openly lie about his and his Administration’s record without batting an eye, or be guided by the constraints which would normally influence other men of the cloth.
Again if you are a pastor and you allow yourself to perpetuate lies I have serious doubts about your legitimacy but once again I will not judge.


Sufficing to say I will allow another man of the cloth to characterize the pastors who visited Trump Tower in New York City and met with the developer turned republican nominee for president.
Reverend Jamal Bryant referred to them as prostitutes. Speaking to the media after the pastors summit with Trump, Bryant and James Davis had a heated back and forth on CNN.
Reverend Bryant labeled Davis  a “pawn“.
I concur, I did too.
He labeled them prostitutes . So did I .

Davis insisted they had their voice heard plenty, dismissing Bryant’s concerns as just one of the liberal “minions” telling African-Americans who are open to non-liberal points of view to “get back on the plantation.”He even said Bryant should “probably have his ministerial credentials revoked. according to cnn.com.
When Davis challenged Reverend Bryant on the prostitute characterization the goodly reverend Bryant apologised stating   “I want to apologize, because prostitutes get money. And the 100 that went in there walked away with nothing, they did it for free.”
Now the latter part of Davis’ statement really had me laughing, the bow-tied enslaver wants the man who speak truth to be punished . Yet he who is openly out there politicking and trying to sell the gullible back into servitude shouldn’t ?
As a matter of fact are their churches still tax-exempt?


He he, I couldn’t agree with Reverend Bryant more . My only concern is, did they actually allow themselves to be used as props for a man who has a history of racial animus, bigotry and  hostility toward African-Americans, including the nation’s first black president for free?
I mean even Judas Iscariot got himself 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus Christ .
Many Religious historians argue that Judas saw Jesus work many miracles . As such they theorize that Judas Iscariot expected Jesus to command legions of Angels to come to his defense against his captors.


They tell us when it became clear that that was not going to happen Judas took the decision to hang himself out of guilt..
Jesus had supernatural powers which he chose not to use according to his father’s will.
Black -America has no supernatural powers, in fact it could reasonably be argued that because of the community’s splintered state it has no power at all.
So it’s important that the modern day Judas’ who would sell their congregations and anyone stupid enough to be swayed by them understand that there are no legions of Angels to come to the rescue of the people they are about to betray with a potential president Trump.
Judas may not have known but these modern day betrayers cannot claim they did not know.
They know………….