Just In Case You Thought This Degeneracy Was A Thing Of The Past

Paul Congemi

A Florida mayoral candidate’s racist tirade went viral after he told a group of activists to “go back to Africa” during a mayoral forum in2017.
According to local reporting, Long-shot St. Petersburg mayoral candidate Paul Congemi made the comments while addressing rival Jesse Nevel, a white supporter of the socialist Uhuru Movement, which seeks slavery reparations for African-Americans.
“Mr. Nevel, you and your people, you talk about reparations,” Congemi said, according to video of the outburst. “The reparations that you talk about, Mr. Nevel, your people already got your reparations. Your reparations came in the form of a man named Barack Obama.”

This disgusting piece of germ-infested fecal matter epitomizes the fact that racism is a degeneracy of the mind. A sick and endemic level of low self-esteem which causes the victim to feel good about himself only by debasing others.
It is a disease which attacks the intellect, or should I say it is a disease which finds fertile ground in nonintellectual brain-space. That space is usually found in Caucasians, the last race to emerge into the light of civilization.
Someone ought to give this imbecile a few classes in real history, not the (his-story )they have concocted and perpetuated over the last several hundred years. One which once again is in and of itself a clear sign of their low self-esteem and lack of elevated intellectual maturity.
Lies, false statements, misinformation all intended to feel good about themselves, at the expense of others.
Their ascendancy into the light of civilization has been the bane of humanity. Their contribution has been death, theft, murder, and war across the globe. They have taken simple creations like gunpowder created by the Chinese, and weaponized it into a weapon of mass destruction.
They are the only ones to have used an atom bomb to kill millions of brown people despite the fact that both the first and second world wars were started by them, Caucasian Germans. 

Should I go on, or has this inbred been educated enough?
Oh, by the way when they came here our ancestors were long here, three hundred years before they arrived.
We had traveled to India, Australia, and places they never dreamed existed. They thought the Earth was flat, these imbeciles believed they would fall off the edge of the earth if they ventured too far away from their European caves.
[Christopher Come-Rob-us] wrote about it in his journal. He thought when he arrived in the Islands he had landed in India. The fool was lost, hence his naming it the [west indies].
Nevertheless, their criminal intent was immediately evident, they decidedly laid claim to places they arrived at, where they were greeted and welcomed with kindness.
Unfortunately, the hospitality and generosity of brown and Black people would be repaid with barbarism, inhumanity, deception, and savagery. From the Caribbean Islands to the tip of South America all the way to the shores of Africa
the ancestors of savages like the one above, demonstrated that they cannot be tamed and should never be trusted.
They have honored no hand of friendship, respected no outstretched hand of kindness. They have honored no treaty or agreement to which they have attacked their John Hancock.

There needs to be an education campaign for these inbred low IQ former cave dwellers. But before that happens we as a people must first know who the hell we are.

They Bitched About So-called Extra-judicial Killings, Notice Their Silence At The Gang-kilings?

Have you ever stopped to think about the crass hypocrisy of those serpents who decry the police for what they call ‘extra-judicial killings“? While they surreptitiously remain deathly silent about the “myriad killings in our country“.
Not that we can allow our police to kill whomever they want, that is totally unacceptable, but our police should never fear getting investigated and imprisoned for doing their job.
We expect and ask our police to go out and enforce our laws so that we can feel safe and secure in our homes and in public spaces. The truth of the matter is that the mechanics of that are not always pretty or palatable to digest, simply put it is not pretty to watch sometimes.
As a young CIB officer, I went to Maddens funeral home at the request of my Sub-officer in charge of Crime, Detective Sergeant Wallace to observe a post-mortem examination. I had done this several times before as a young investigator.
This time the victim was a young man who was stabbed in the neck area and had died. The killing happened in the White Hall Avenue area of Kingston 8. The victim had not bled much, so there was an expectation that when his corpse was cut open there would be a significant amount of blood inside.
Even armed with that expectation, I was totally unprepared for the ghastly sight of the semi-congealed blood which gushed out of that young man’s corpse when the porters opened it up.
A wave of nausea washed over me instantly and I dashed out of the building and vomited up everything that was inside me.

Dealing with the dirt and grime of law-enforcement can be gruesome and unsavory, we send soldiers to war and we expect them to win. In times past, losing meant being taken into slavery or killed, so everything rode on winning.
Corrections officers have to be tough as nails, because it is their job to deal with individuals we do not want to be roaming around in our communities.
It is that same mindset which must be attached to the process of law enforcement. Unfortunately for us, we remain stuck in the nonsensical belief that a person who has some medical training is capable of flying airplanes. We believe that college professors who are politicians will make great ministers of finance. In other words, having an undergraduate degree or even a graduate degree or two automatically qualifies the degree holder to do any and everything.
That is the reason that Peter Bunting a Banker was made National Security Minister. The earthy and unpredictable Robert Montaque an agronomist, was also given the same job, and today we have a medical doctor in that office.
Using that same logic I suggest that when Chang is done at National security he be given the job to fly airplanes.
It is that stupid and regressive thinking which has gotten us into this mess, but most of all it is our propensity for talking shit, when we have no idea what we are talking about.

Sure, we have had bad police shootings in our country, as have every other country in which there is poverty, drugs, lack of opportunities and lots of guns and ammunition. That is not to say we are okay with them, but we understand that they occur.
What is been done with the data on police-related shootings is a duplicitous conflation of the numbers in order to advance a certain point of view, to shape policy and to empower and legitimize outsiders who would interfere in our country’s affairs. It is instructive to consider that they do not put chains or restraints on their law enforcement officials and they damn sure do not tolerate violence in their own societies.
By virtue of them conflating every police-related shooting into a bad shooting, every police-related killing became an “extra-judicial killing.
Remember my initial point about people trained in one discipline being viewed as know it all? Well then, you have Carolyn Gomez a baby doctor, Susan Goffe [a know-nothing loudmouth], Horace Levy another loudmouth who argued criminal gangs, were [corner-crews]sic, in order to discredit the police’s version of events.
Now, these tools could have cried in their soup all they wanted without consequence, if there was strong leadership in Jamaica House. But we did not, we had Bruce Golding a weak power hungry tool who ran away from the labor party to form the National Democratic Movement only to fail and run back to the Labor party and Edward Seaga with his tail between his legs.
Yes, that same Bruce Golding who refused to extradite Christopher [Duddus] Coke to face justice in the United States for his crimes.
Rather than look at the data and stand up for the police department which had been decimated by the weak and feckless failure Percival Patterson, Golding gave over the country to Carolyn Gomez and Jamaicans for Justice.

Rather than commence a program of repairing the ramshackle police stations, providing computers to the police so that critical data can be uploaded in the fight against the Island’s equipped criminals , and rather than paying the police better and providing them with more of the tools they needed, including legislative tools, Bruce Golding was too busy defending Duddus Coke.
Bruce Golding admitted to hiring Manatt, Phelps & Phillips to lobby Washington for a favorable outcome in the contentious ‘Dudus’ extradition drama, according to the Observer.
Golding had previously lied to the nation’s parliament in 2010 when questioned by the Opposition’s Peter Phillips about the incident.
In the end, Bruce Golding was forced to fess up to hiring the law firm, but even then he managed to couch his dastardly actions by stating that the payment came from the JLP rather than the Government.
So for Bruce Golding, it was okay for the Jamaica Labor Party to pay a foreign law firm to lobby for a favorable outcome for a gun running drug lord, while the police had no tools to do their jobs.

Bruce Golding gave the nation INDECOM and all it’s side effects, as well as the Tivoli affair and God knows what else?

Said Bruce Golding…..


Today, Bruce Golding’s creation, INDECOM , has been proven a dismal failure. The agency lies and influences manufactured witnesses to give false affidavits and to lie under oath in order to convict police officers for crimes they did not commit, all to pad arrest and conviction numbers. Those numbers are not arrests of criminals, they are the false arrest of police officers who go out to protect the country for the most part.
INDECOM has not earned it keeps, but it has surely resulted in an increase in violent crimes as the Island’s murderers are no longer afraid of the police coming after them. Yet in 2018 the Jamaican taxpayers coughed up in excess of $353.35 million Jamaican dollars to fund that money sucking dark hole..
The rest of the funding comes from even darker corners of the International community, with interests which do not line up with a prosperous Jamaica.
As one of my friends wrote in response to one of our articles recently, well why not let him tell it?

Until the police are given a state mandate to fight and push back crime we are beating a dead horse here. A country with 2.8million people should never be so crime-prone with all the cultural and psychological amenities available for just about everybody. With so much oversight groups created to oversee such a small police force in fighting crime against some of the most vicious criminals on the planet is egregious,the millions of dollars allotted to finance unessential agencies like Indecom is a total waste of government funds, instead such monies would be wiser spent on health care, education and equipping the security forces better to deal with crime and violence. It has been costing the health care system in Jamaica an astronomical amount of money annually just to deal with everyday trauma cases at hospitals across the country just to treat people with gunshot wounds derived from criminal shootings which clearly underscores my plea to cut funding for Indecom drastically and reallocate the money to the hospitals around the country. The amount of wanton killings and shooting of innocent Jamaicans far outnumbers the number of questionable shootings alleged to have done by our security forces,the time is now to repeal or abandon the Indecom act and release the shackles from our men and women in uniform to go out and face the killing machine which is the crime monster. Hamish Campbell needs to be sent packing back to England where he belongs and to the country which started our social woes in the first place. As for big mouth Williams,he needs to go and set up shop for a law practice which he went to school for and get paid from the criminals and gunmen which he is so obsessed with for him to defend them in courts of law in the country and stop freeloading off a system which is struggling to finance it’s security forces efficiently to fight crime in a crime-ridden bastion in the Caribbean called Jamaica . (LS)

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Jamaica Could Be Experiencing Double-digit Growth If She Dealt Decisively With Crime….

We Jamaicans have always been known to be unconstrained by rules, boundaries or laws. We are wild and crazy people, who will push the boundaries of acceptability, until the rope line flings us backward.
It is that kind of wild abandon which makes us unconcerned about obeying laws and rules while simultaneously demanding peace and tranquility within the same space in which we created the disquiet and mayhem.
We demand that the police deal decisively with the issue of crime while we protest when they arrest the criminals. We expect the trappings and comforts of modern first-world societies, yet we are reluctant to deal with the inconveniences which must precede the laying of the modern infrastructure we crave.

It seems to me that we are in a dilemma about what it takes to bring Jamaica to the stage we all want her to be because we are a microwave people who must have what we want now and without any delay. That is the quagmire in which we find ourselves, as we seemingly are unaware of what it takes to build the kind of society we demand.
At the center of this quagmire are some political leaders whom I must conclude, knows what it takes to build our society the right way, but are more concerned with electability than speaking the truth to their constituents.
I do understand that dilemma, we are an opinionated people who will not allow facts or rational reasoning to get in the way of our emotions and preconceived perceptions.
Then there are others I think, like the PNP’s Damion Crawford who is smart, intelligent and is unafraid to tell it like it is.
That may explain why Crawford is finding it difficult to acquire or hold on to a seat in the lower chamber in Gordon House.
The majority of the people are still unprepared and unwilling to hear intelligent truth so they hold onto misplaced fantastical myths.

The question I continue to ask of the Jamaican people is this, ” how do we attain a society built on the rule of law, if the lawmakers are themselves, criminals’?
How do we build a society where everyone is able to live out their lives in security and peace if we are unwilling to submit to the laws of the country?
How do we compete in the world if we continue to create a [pretentious system] which is soft on criminals, while we demand an end to crime?
The simple answer is that we cannot. We have to make the hard choices that we do not want the level of criminality that presently exist in our country and at the same time, we must be prepared to accept that removing all of that garbage will not be pleasant to look at.
If we fail to make the hard choices we are merely delaying the inevitable. Given enough time we will not have the ability to turn back from this precipice we are heading toward.

After the second world war, the Russians built out and expanded Communism all across Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and even in satellites as close to us as Cuba and across Latin America. Jamaica may have been saved the destructive clutches of Communism by the late Edward Seaga, who pushed back against Michael Manley’s determined flirtations with authoritarianism and his desires to see Jamaica become a satellite of the then Soviet Union.
Today many Jamaicans are fixated with the notion of the CIA’s interference in our country, but they are blissfully unaware of what was about to beset our country, had Michael Manley had his way in turning Jamaica into a proxy of the Soviet Union.
Sure, the CIA’s interfered in our affairs, but the actions of the Americans were directly attributable to ensuring that the Soviet Union did not gain another foothold in their backyard, they were already in Cuba and Nicaragua, etc..

Michael Manley

Manley was determined to tether our country to a failing 20th-century military power. One which was operating on an unsustainable 19th-century economic model.
States of the former Soviet Union like Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, etc, were barely eking out a living through subsistence farming, done largely through the use of horse and ox-drawn plows. Yet the proceeds of their efforts had to go Russia, the center of the Empire to fund Russian militaristic exploits across the globe. In the end, the Soviet Empire crumbled because it was a mammoth iron beast with feet made out of clay.
The Soviet empire collapsed because it ran out of money, plain and simple. Hungry, angry, broke and disillusioned many of the former satellites of the Soviet Union hated the Russians.
They themselves wanted out of the Soviet vice and could not wait to break away and align themselves to the west as soon as the cracks became evident in the communist facade.

In the same way, the Soviet empire crumbled because it could not sustain itself, Jamaica, an Island which begged to become a satellite of that sinking ship, cannot build a prosperous society unless it faces up to the reality that the corruption in the society is a major hindrance to full growth and development let alone prosperity.
Sure the present administration has made some positive economic moves which have borne positive results. The results of which are evident in the growth indices. Nevertheless, those numbers are nowhere near where they need to be for anyone to begin celebrating.
In a March 18th, 2019, Editorial theDaily Gleaner said the following.

Despite minister of finance Nigel Clarke’s valiant attempt at playing up the growth numbers for last year during his Budget presentation, the reality is that the hope for an acceleration of gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the Jamaican economy has not occurred. The much-heralded Growth Council does not appear likely to realize its ‘5 in 4’ growth target. The last time the Jamaican economy grew anywhere near to three percent per annum was over a decade ago. The Jamaican economy seems stubbornly locked into a low growth equilibrium path, averaging only about one percent per annum over the last 30 years. Over the same period, the Chinese economy, for example, has had double-digit annual GDP growth rates, resulting in the complete transformation of the economy and society. For Jamaica to achieve the much sought-after transformation, it must grow for a sustained period at an annual rate of at least five percent per annum. Growth has eluded the country, despite tremendous efforts at reforms. Much more needs to be done to achieve faster growth.

Andrew Holness PM

(1) That [much more] entails, relaxing the massive bureaucratic burdensome restrictions which discourages people from starting new businesses. As a result, they resort to the underground economy which is thriving and growing.
(2) Eliminating corruption from public bodies engenders trust and gives potential investors and entrepreneurs the confidence they need to invest, thereby expanding the formal economy.
(3) Most consequential, is the need to arrest the freedom of the murderous gangs which have all but taken over the Island, and are operating with near impunity.
Without a doubt, the lethargic growth rate that has plagued the Island, is directly attributable to the fear investors, diaspora- residents and others feel of being murdered.
The freedom of criminals to summarily murder whomever they will and get away with it, stems directly from the lack of testicular fortitude coming from the leadership on what to do to the murderers.
Instead of ensuring that there is no safe haven for murderers in our country, the Island’s political leaders have created and maintained a false narrative that stridently and decisively enforcing the nation’s laws is the same as abusing the rights of citizens.
This nonsense has given immense cover to those who would engage in, harbor, and support criminal behavior.
And so like the Soviets the Jamaican people are being conned into a sense that prosperity is just around the corner. The prosperity which they will never see with the present conditions even if they manage to stay alive.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Govt. Pretends To Reorganize Police But Here Is What They Are Really Doing…

Jamaica’s murder statistics are not getting better, in fact, they are getting worse. This year the Island is on track to record an even greater number of murders than it did last year.
In an attempt to fool the public, and create for the International community, a sense that they are on top of the Island’s burgeoning crime epidemic, the government has embarked on a series of initiatives designed to placate and confuse.
Chief among the administration’s smoke and mirror charade is the (SOE) State Of Emergencies, and (ZOSO’s) Zones Of Special Operations, both of which includes the flooding of communities with the bodies of police and soldiers, spot-checks and other show of force band-aid approaches, which are highly ineffectual and simply laughable as crime prevention strategies in this day and age.

This is what Andrew Holness deserved when he disrespected the police officers at their own retreat

The Jamaican Prime Minister would rather hobnob with foreign leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu, of the apartheid state of Israel without acknowledging that those leaders do not tolerate the levels of criminality that he tolerates. Even though they may be totally corrupt shit-bags themselves.
The Prime minister’s horse and pony show were in full display at the police federation’s retreat in Ocho Rios recently. There he showed up and disrespected them, reeled off a laundry list of platitudes and promises, all while telling them that what he really wants is for them to be nice to the blood-thirsty murderers who are waging war on the Jamaican people.
For the record, if this former cop was a member of that group, as soon as he started with his bullshit I would have gotten up and walked out.
Wouldn’t it have been nice if everyone had gotten up and walked out leaving him standing there talking to Chang, Fitz Jackson and Antony Anderson?
Or better yet, take a tact from what the NYPD officers did to Mayor Deblasio, who was far less deserving of the cops action’s than Holness is.
Yea, but we are talking about Jamaican cops, they are too shit scared to stand up for themselves, so every Tom Harry and every Dick disrespects them.
Nothing like the NYPD officers, who to a man, turned their backs on Mayor Deblasio when they thought he had disrespected them.

The damage being done to our country’s security infrastructure by this administration will be incalculable. This is not to suggest that the People’s National Party is in any way more equipped to deal with the new crop of hardcore criminals who are now operating in the Jamaican space.
On the one hand, the Prime minister and his (non-police, -police commissioner Antony Anderson), (Horace Chang, the National Security Minister, who heads St James most intractable garrison) is pulling the wool over the nation’s collective eyes, Delroy Chuck the so-called (Justice Minister) is working assiduously to strengthen the hands of criminals, by trying to give them a new start after they have committed murder.
Or worse to ensure that they do not face trial for their crimes.

Delroy Chuck has orchestrated a slick scheme which takes full advantage of the country’s inability to bring cases to a resolution in a [timely manner].
As far as the Chuck and Holness show goes, violent criminals (including murderers), will have their cases tossed from court dockets if there is no resolution at the end of five years. As I have written exclusively before, this in and of itself is an invitation and an opportunity for high-priced influential criminal defense lawyers to get creative in bringing to a virtual stop, murder cases involving well-connected accused, with a view to having those cases tossed.
Every accused person charged with a crime does have a constitutional right to a speedy trial. Now, what constitutes a speedy trial is for the experts to decide.
Nevertheless what it should never be, is a gateway and or an excuse for corrupt politicians to prevent their cohorts from facing justice, or to sanitize their violent murderous criminal records as this administration is trying to do as we speak.
The issues which are being recycled by the government are knee-jerk proposals which are not well thought out by people in the know.
Under the leadership of Commissioner Carl Williams, the Government through the JCF embarked on what they called then, a get the guns campaign.
I was opposed to it then, and I specifically stated the following.
Essentially, this is just another Gun Amnesty which generally does precious little to reduce Crime but provides a stream of income to those already immersed in criminal conduct and more specifically those engaged in the gun trade. Generally, Criminals do not give up their guns, they will turn over unused or unusable old weapons to the police while holding onto their stash of real weapons.
Probably more consequential, a gun amnesty opens up new opportunities for gun traders to source weapons illegally then simply sell them to the Police/Government at a profit.
The new head of the Police Federation echoed this position on national radio days ago. It is good to see that they are beginning to learn something and push back against the insanity of the Government, even though he mealy-mouthed said he was not opposed to it.

I was opposed to gun buy-backs even then , I am opposed to it today

Ask yourselves this question, what kind of government refuses to lay down the laws to criminals in defense of the people?
What is the fear of going after criminals, first with laws so punitive that every person with an illegal gun would bury it and never look back at the spot where that gun is buried?
What it will take for the Jamaican people to wake up and smell the coffee is anyone’s guess. After all, we are not people particularly well known for critical thinking. Political loyalties are lifelong, breaking out of those confines are not something we are known for.
The across the board assault on the way we effectuate the rule of law in Jamaica at the present time, does not lend itself to a reduction in the crime statistics.
Conversely, it will result in new levels of criminality in Jamaica and eventually, across the region no one bargained for, as Jamaican criminals take their brand of murder and mayhem international.

It is not out of the ordinary for Jamaican criminals to create mammoth empires and build them out internationally, resulting in tremendous grief to tens of thousands of innocent people spread out over large geographical areas.
The Shower and Spangler’s posses were two of the more well known and infamous ones, but there has been a long litany of other violent Jamaican criminal gangs which were forced to leave Jamaica during the 80’s rule of now deceased former Prime Minister Edward Seaga.
Faced with long prison sentences or certain death those gangsters emigrated to the United States Canada and Britain and changed the way law enforcement dealt with gangs, particular;y in the United States of America.
The “Showa Possee,” a murderous gang which had its roots in Tivoli Gardens is easily the most renowned of those gangs.
To this day, law enforcement and media entities in the United States believe that the gang derived its name from showering its adversaries with bullets.
The truth of the matter is that the Gang derived its name from its association with the Jamaica Labor Party and it’s 80’s mantra “Showa”.
These groups, including the [Showa Posse] in particular, were keyto the Authorities decisions to draft tough laws like the “Rico statute” in the United States, which linked operatives of those gangs into criminal enterprises, and instituted serious punitive remedies for participation in such groups.
That was in the ’80s when those criminals ran away from Jamaica, this is 2019 and criminals are not running away from Jamaica they are being dumped onto Jamaica through the process of deportation from every country in which Jamaicans live and break their laws.
Juxtapose that with the technological advances of today, the smarts of today’s criminals the shackles which have been placed on the police in Jamaica, and it is easy to see where this is headed.

For those in the diaspora who wishes to pull their heads from their political asses, as well as the Island’s traditional partners, it is important that what this administration is doing is not allowed to go without a response.
The entire process is corrupt to the core. How do we get to a place where a court agrees with a double murderer that his constitutional rights are infringed by his being in jail for a few years without a trial?

Mervin Cameron and Christopher Wilson, were arrested and charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, illegal possession of a firearm, and robbery for the 2012 murder of Barrington Davis, then deputy chief of security at Jamaica Post, and his female friend, Patricia Lumont-Barnswell.
Cameron was awarded damages and requested a $30-million payout from the Government after he languished in jail for nearly six years while his case wound its way through the court system.
Yes, a Jamaican court agreed with a murderer that being locked up as he awaits trial was a breach of his constitutional rights.
The court, in a landmark two-to-one majority ruling handed down last year, found that his constitutional right had been violated and awarded him damage, but ordered prosecutors to proceed with his trial swiftly.
Davis and Lumont-Barnswell were kidnapped from his home in St John’s Heights, St Catherine, in August 2012. Their decomposed bodies were found with multiple gunshot wounds in a cane field in Innswood, also in St Catherine, according to local reporting.
Of Friday, May 31st the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston handed down a unanimous verdict of guilty in the case against Mervin Cameron and Christopher Wilson.

This is what Jamaica has become, a top-to-bottom criminal enhancement enterprise which pays lip service to the rule of law but behind the scenes is inherently corrupt.
When the Prime Minister speaks with his forked tongue about police associations, he knows fully well just how hypocritical and duplicitously he is as he makes those assertions.
Sure, some police officers are corrupt, but an arm of government being somewhat corrupt is a function of a complicit government.
What is happening to Jamaica is over much of the Jamaican population heads.
In the end, it is the ordinary man who ends up dead on the street corners daily. Their bullet-riddled bodies grotesquely sprawled encased in their own drying blood, or their heads chopped off.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Where Was The Security For Senator Harris?

What can we say about Karine Jean-Pierre, MoveOn’s chief public affairs officer who jumped up immediately to confront the man who invaded the stage and grabbed the Microphone from Senator Kamala Harri’s hand?

While Senator Kamala Harris was speaking on a MoveOn panel, an audience member came on stage and stole the microphone from the 2020 presidential candidate. Shortly after, the man was taken off the stage and the senator rejoined the panel.

The guy who took Kamala Harris’ mic, Aidan Cook, 24 of Oakland, said he’s trying to bring more attention to the mass extinction of animals. He is not being charged with a crime, he said, adding that the MoveOn security crew was “cool about it.”

Holness’ Appalling Address True JLP Elitism…

Anyone with a shred of decency, honesty, and fairness must be offended at Andrew Holness’s disgusting behavior as a guest of the Police at their retreat in Ocho Rios days ago.
Or better yet, maybe I should say that in another country that kind of behavior would have been met with a solid wall of condemnation and significant consequences to boot.
Unfortunately, Jamaica is not that kind of country, it is a country with a political class which is largely a bunch of criminals, a cheerleading media which also hates the police, a pseudo-intellectual class with its collective head so far up its own pretentious ass to be of use to the country, and an otherwise vastly illiterate masses.

To begin with, when you are an invited guest in another man’s house you act magnanimously to your host. It does not mean that you necessarily agree with everything that that person ever did or say, but it means that for that brief moment that you are an invited guest you show that man some damn respect. If you do not have it in you to have some class, stay away.
But what Andrew Holness did was even more classless, because while he was disrespecting the poor feckless police representatives at their own retreat, two police officers had just been shot a mere two days earlier and narrowly escaped death at the hands of the marauding thugs Andrew Holness wants the police to be deferential to.

No officer who gave his/her life in service to their country deserves disrespect from a weak feckless and disrespectful politician who gave nothing in service to country

And so even though Holness is within his rights to hate the Police, as a product of his unfortunate and blighted environment, it was highly inappropriate that he would continue to berate and disrespect the hard-working men and women of the police department who foolishly invited him to address them.
Sure some criminals have seeped into the police force, that is regrettable. Some have also seeped into the Parliament and into Jamaica House as well, and that is vastly more consequential.
I did not hear Holness berate Andrew Wheatley who was forced to resign over the Pertojam scandal. After all the Petrojam scandal has been a scandal of epic proportion which has cost the Jamaican people untold billions of dollars in lost revenue.
I did not hear Holness berate Ruel Reid over his scandal, lavish spending and reportedly alleged corrupt practices as Minister of Education.
I did not hear Holness Criticize Carl Samuda who was allegedly forced to repay the Jamaican people for the workers who were reportedly working on his farm on tax-payers dime.
Should I go on or have I made my point about the rampant corruption which has characterized the Holness Administration?
Because we can go on and detail point by point the incidences of corruption in this three-year Government.

The Prime Minister, as Minister of Defense, is well within his right to be critical of police corruption, as long as he is equally adamant and vociferousness about corruption across the board beginning with his own administration.
He is well allowed to lash out against Police associations with underworld figures, as long as he also looks behind him and in front of his seat in Gordon House at the well-dressed crooks parading as men of character.
What we have in this Prime Minister, is a man who is a product of and a mindset which was derived from the past, steeped in ignorance of what modern day police ought to look like to protect the people and the stubbornness and lack of humility to acknowledge that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.
In the end, Andrew Holness is a product of the garrison politics our country must eschew, he is a Socialist, schooled and educated in far left ideological thinking parading as a conservative Prime Minister.
He understands nothing about what the rule of law means fundamentally to the wellbeing and development of a people. His subsequent fixation with abusing and demonizing the police are bound to cause more harm than it will end the unmitigated bloodshed in our country.

And now it pains me to see that the Party of Bustamante and Hugh Lawson Shearer, has become the anti-police party. It is no surprise that as Edward Seaga the last leader who believed in the rule of law (somewhat), has passed, the Labor party my grandparents supported, have become the party of Bruce Golding and Andrew Holness, elitist frauds who hate the police.
Make no mistake about it when Andrew Holness stood in front of delegates of the Police Federation and the entire nation and talks about creating a police force for good, he is saying that the police which existed before was and have always been a force for evil.
That has been his argument all along. His disrespect and hatred of the police come directly from a dark place within his inner sanctum, as the Member of Parliament of one of the most entrenched garrisons on the Island.
The many police officers who paid the ultimate price in service to their country do not deserve a weak punk of a politician spitting on their grave in disrespect.
What has Andrew Holness sacrificed for Jamaica?
Absolutely nothing!

My squad-mate arrived for Police training with his Bible. He was the most innocent, gracious and God-fearing guy imaginable. He always had a smile on his face.
After graduation Seiveright took that same congeniality, civility, and Christianity to the streets. As a patrolman stationed at the Motorized Patrol, one night he approached a suspicious taxi-cab his driver pulled over on the Ferry main road.
Courteous as always, Seiverright approached the cab with the same degree of naivete’, which Andrew Holness, his minister of national security, and his [non-police] commissioner have toward actual policing.
Before Seiveright could greet the occupants of the cab, he was greeted with a bellyful of 9mm bullets, he had no ballistic vest.
At the time we had no ballistic vests.

When I was shot in 88 ballistic vests wasn’t a consideration, we simply did not have any.
Constable Seiveright was not a part of any force for evil, he was not an evil man. I was not a part of any force for evil, every day that I put on my uniform and strapped on my utility belt, or buttoned up my shirt and laced up my shoes, as an investigator, I stepped out to help people, and make a safer country for each and every law-abiding Jamaican.
The very idea of a tagline which now speaks about “a force for good,” is a disgrace and a disrespectful affront to the tens of thousands of officers who gave of themselves to their country throughout the 151 years of the JCF ‘s history. Despite the Yeomans sacrifice the police has given to nation building the Jamaica Labor Party and this Prime Minister has demonstrated that he has zero regards or respect for that service and sacrifice.
Which brings me to thinking about those officers putting their lives on the line to protect him.

This behavior is not about party politics. This is about an elitist Prime Minister, from a party which has had problems in the past with perceptions of elitism.
But this transcends the elitism which normally characterizes the JLP and has kept the party out of Jamaica house for almost two decades, because the average man did not believe their goals and aspirations were represented in the party.
It is about a Politician who is blatantly ignorant about a subject and has, in an overbearing way, injected himself into the mechanics of policing and policing policies without the commensurate knowledge, or the sense to know that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.
In addition to that, he fundamentally believes that the police are so backward and stupid that despite their many years of experience and education a suitable commissioner of police could not have come from the gazetted ranks of the force.
And to remedy that, he appoints a sycophant who has zero law-enforcement experience to run a 12,000 man police force in one of the most volatile Islands in the Caribbean and one of the more crime-ridden places on planet earth.
Not to mention the fact that this military General is the former head of a 3’000 man defense force.
Now insofar as that is concerned, I have no sympathy for the police brass. Many of them have been pretty much lapdogs for the likes of Holness, crabs in a barrel, news carrying, pathetic excuses for leaders, so they deserve the slap in the face. It is the hard-working rank-and-file that I care about.

This requires no cliche, but make no mistake about it, messing with the Mobile Reserve and turning the JCF into a courtesy corps instead of a force, competent and able to deal with the challenges and emerging threats of the 21st century, will have sustained and significant challenges and consequences for Jamaica.
INDECOM was the brainchild of Bruce Golding, Andrew Holness’ mentor.
That has not worked so well for Jamaica, but there is far too much pretense and denial within the Jamaican intellectual space to walk that back. On this issue, the idea of an intellectual space is [oxymoronic].
Sure the police aren’t shooting the criminals as they are used to doing, so the criminals are shooting more innocent people than they were used to doing.
But INDECOM, the Albatros, will be around the collective necks of Jamaicans, and the killers will continue to find solace in the fact that the police have no incentive to come after them.
In the meantime, the government will continue to blow smoke up the nation’s ass, about the effectiveness of INDECOM without ever mentioning the fact that the end does not justify the means. Fewer bad guys are getting shot as more good guys are being murdered.
This is the twilight zone that Jamaica has become.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Holness’ Utopian Force For Good, Will Not Protect You From The Killers, It’s A Load Of Crock….

Jamaica Police Federation 76th Annual Joint Central Conference

Happening Now: The Jamaica Police Federation 76th Annual Joint Central Conferences under the theme "Overcoming Challenges, Rebuilding Bridges for a Sustainable Future" at the Moon Palace, Jamaica Grande Hotel in St. Ann.

Posted by Jamaica Constabulary Force on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

There are several different conversations going on at the same time about the Robbery In May Pen Clarendon last Sunday morning, most of which makes sense.
Some are sympathetic to the officers who were wounded, none more than this writer who has been shot in the line of duty as well.
Others are concerned about the response time which seemed from my vantage point to have been pretty darn good.
Then there are those who believe that these events are a precursor to bigger things to come.
But one of the salient points I have heard raised is that officers are not exposing themselves to the criminal justice system as they did before, no matter what the Prime Minister and or the Minister of National Security says it appears that the damage has already been done.

One former colleague has been adamant that as things get closer to critical mass we will be seeing a singing of a different tune by the political leadership. The Minister Of National Security seems to be adopting a different tack from his previous tone and tenor but the Prime Minister seems stuck in a one-track mind which has nothing to do with the nation’s security.
Addressing the Police Federation In Ocho Rios Holness said that the JCF was changing and that it was changing to a [force for good]. That by default, means that the force has always been a force for bad.
Holness said that the force over the last decade has changed from a brutal force to one that members may not even see, even though those changes are happening right before their very eyes(not exactly a ringing endorsement of their intellect). The Prime Minister said that his Commissioner is implementing changes and they are bearing fruits.
In other words, the changes being implemented are being made without the input of the members of the police department whom the changes will affect the most.
I watch a video “Holness said,”an a man seh but dem ya police ya a joke“. the inference being that the police did not take action as they are duty bound to do in the face of criminal conduct being committed in front of them.
The inference being that taking lawful action as commensurate with the laws is tantamount to being brutal. That is the intelligence level of the Jamaican Prime Minister.
Remember that it was just a few days prior that that incident in May Pen occurred in which heavily armed Militia-men sent the police scurrying for cover and two officers nearly paid with their lives.
And here was the nation’s chief executive addressing police officers mere days later.

Jamaica murder rate 1972 – 2016

Posted on January 3, 2017 by jay


Year# of Murders

‘Ten years ago yu coulnd’t turn on yu television and not see negative accounts of police pertaining to police killings, a brutal force” Holness said. ” The perception is now changing, “the perception of the brutal force is now changing I think it is a good thing.”
Holness told members that for the 151 years the JCF has been used as an instrument of brutality which has never served us well and that Jamaica has never recorded a sustainable reduction in crime and violence.
The reality is that Holness’ claim is not supported by the facts. Up to and around until around the late 80’s to early 90’s crime increased in Jamaica as it did in even industrialized nations.
What Holness [did not mention], was the fact that despite the lack of resources, despite the lack of Governmental-support, and in his view, the general idea that the sacrifices, of many members paying the ultimate price, and the [force is a force for bad](sic) officers have done a terrific job.
The Prime Minister then went on to lay out a laundry list of political platitudes and promises, safety vests, new police stations, gyms and other basic amenities and accouterments which ought to be standard fare for the police officers.

In the end, I tuned out Andrew Holness, and came to the conclusion that when Andrew Holness tells us that he came from a two-bedroom board house in Cumberland Spanish Town, we should accept that he is a product of his environment.
Not the two Bedroom house part(most of us came from even more humble beginnings), but the geography of his origin, and how it has shaped his [misunderstanding] of what actual policing is all about.
Holness’ Utopian concept of the new Jamaica Constabulary Force did not include a single recognition that, not only is crime increasing, the incidents of violence have become more egregious, but the methodology and organization of the criminals have changed exponentially.
The country has had a whole lot of people deported back, who have spent many many years in developed countries and have lived lives in crime and have learned how to evade police in those developed countries.
I wrote about this years ago that this would inevitably pose a serious challenge to Jamaica and to local law enforcement as the level of sophistication these criminals would be employing would require a different kind of policing.
Unfortunately, as I see it, the police are being watered down instead of being reinforced.
Jamaica is in for a torrid time, I’m afraid. 

In the end, Holness’ lengthy speech was greeted at best with less than a luke-warm smattering of applause. For the most part, members sat there in bored silence.
At one stage after talking about the Mobile reserve Holness tried to force applause” well if you don’t clap for that I am happy for it,” officers obliged with about five people clapping dejectedly.

There are several videos circulating on social media and what was clear is that the Robbers were prepared to fight regardless of who intercepted them.
On one particular video, several police vehicles were seen backing away from the scene. Whether this was a tactical maneuver to establish a wider perimeter is unclear.
What was obvious is that not a single member of the group of an estimated eight gunmen was killed or intercepted. So it becomes a little clearer to decipher that maybe the marked police vehicles seen leaving the scene were not leaving to form a wider perimeter.
If the theory is that the officers retreated and did not engage the robbers then this is a seminal moment whether Horace Chang, Andrew Holness or Antony Anderson acknowledges it or not.

Every person is free to look at the multiple videos on YouTube and form their own conclusion as to whether this is something that is getting better as the Prime Minister would have you believe.
Is this the [new Force for good] that the Prime Minister is misleading the nation about?
Every Jamaican has a decision to make because the choices are clear. The critical question must be this.
Do you feel safer with this level of security the Prime Minister is offering you in his newly transforming police force for good?
Here is my challenge to you, listen to the Prime Minister’s speech then determine for yourself whether he made mention of the numerous murders each and every day, not to mention the other acts of violence which do not readily result in death.
What he is concerned about is an image, unfortunately, image cannot keep people safe.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Cops Should Remember Tivoli Gardens, Not Be Fooled Twice By Platitudes…

This was the disgraceful Kangaroo inquiry which greeted the security forces after they annexed Tivoli Gardens to Jamaica. Some members paid the ultimate price.
Police officers should never forget how they were treated by the Jamaican Government for restoring sanity to Jamaica.

There is never any doubt about the valor, bravery, and determination of some of the men and women who have served their nation, as members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force(JCF).
Sure there are some who would readily run away as soon as they hear a firecracker go off.
God knows, I experienced that one night in 88 on Blackwood terrace. Nevertheless, I was blessed to work with some real warriors in whose hands I would never hesitate to place my life.
I believe they also knew that come what may, I would never leave them in a firefight, it was death before dishonor.

It is because of that why my heart swelled up in my throat, as my eyes filled with tears when I read the words of Sergeant David Craddock. (The star dishrag)could not bother naming the two brave officers.
We have!
As the tears welled up in my eyes a sense of duty washed over me. At no time since I departed the Force did I ever feel like I needed to have the comforting feel of my M16 rifle with the retractable stock in my hands. I wanted to be there, I really wanted to be there.

Said Sergeant Craddock:
I told my colleagues to gwaan leave me, but they said they not leaving.”  “Another police officer brave it now, and turn on the M-16.” “And while the shot a fire, enuh, them (policemen) brave it and hold me and draw me behind a wall.” 
I never experience anything like this in all my years as a police officer. It was very terrible. I did not know I would live, to be honest. My colleagues, they never leave me in spite of what happened. They said they would die with me.”
Sergeant Craddock detailed that even though he was struck in the abdomen twice his vital organs were spared. Nevertheless, the bullet which hit him in leg almost severed his leg.
The foot was dangling, it almost come off,” he said.
No other category of workers has given even close to the sacrifice of police officers.
No category of public sector workers contributes more to nation-building and the greater good than police officers.
These men and women deserve love and respect. The nation should hang its collective head in shame.

Then Police Commissioner Owen Ellington listens to members of the military after events were brought under control

Despite the egregious injuries to the two officers, the publication never once named the two officers. It was like they were an abstraction. Though they did a full reporting on the officer’s words it was not important enough for them to bother putting a name to the individuals.
I thought the reporting encapsulated precisely how the Jamaican Nation treats it’s police officers.
From Jamaica House through the court and media houses all the way to the last house in the ghetto.
The harshest sentences are reserved for police officers who err in judgment while in the execution of their duties.
Mass murderers are summarily let out on bail to kill repeatedly until there are no witnesses willing to step forward to testify against them and they walk free.
Police officers who make alleged errors in situations in which they have to make life and death decisions in fractions of a second, [while on duty] get no qualified immunity.
Not just that but they are forced to spend the duration of time in prison sometimes more than seven years before they are tried without bail.
Violent thugs have their cases tossed from court dockets if their case manages to stay on the docket in excess of five years.
And never mind if they are convicted. The Government is actively engaged in having their murder conviction expunged from their record.

It is also common knowledge that Judges are on the payroll of some criminal entities. This writer has made no bones about exposing these patterns of sentencing disparities which have emerged, not just in the western parts of the country but in other courtrooms across the country.
We are also not shy about exposing the veneer of lies which shields the truth of the danger to the Jamaican criminal justice system overall.
When the Judges are corrupted it is checkmate for the system. Unfortunately, many people still reside in a bubble as it relates to Jamaican judges, and maybe that’s for the good because regardless of the severity of the situation, faith in the system can be a net positive. It would be an effort in futility for me to even begin a process of detailing the raw and blatant disparity in sentencing between Criminals who intentionally set out to kill and police officers, who in the lawful execution of their duties make errors in judgment.

Example #1

A St Catherine man, who chopped his common-law wife to death two years ago, was sentenced to four years in prison when he appeared in the St Catherine Circuit Court last Friday.
Errol Morrison of Pointhill St Catherine, was charged with the murder of Hermalin Bell 42-year-old laborer also of Point hill. The court was told that the two had a disagreement when Morrison attacked her with a machete and chopped her all over her body. She collapsed and died on the spot. Morrison fled the community but later turned himself over to the police who charged him with murder. He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.


The three cops found guilty of manslaughter in relation to the death of 16-year-old schoolgirl Vanessa Kirkland in March 2012 have each been sentenced to 14 years and six months imprisonment. 
Constables Ardewain Smith, 35, Durvin Hayles, 33, and Anna-Kay Bailey, 27, were on February 8 found guilty of manslaughter by a seven-member jury in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston. During the trial, the court heard that Constables Bailey, Hayles, and Smith drove on to Norman Lane in Kingston sometime after 9 o’ clock on March 20, 2012, and opened fire on a blue Suzuki Swift motorcar which was parked along the left side of the road.  Kirkland and six other occupants inside the car were shot. She subsequently died from her injuries.

The killings in Jamaica may be attributed to failures in Government, but we are not facing reality if we fail to recognize how the very agencies of Government as well as what ought to be an independent media have failed our country.
The cop-hating criminal -cheer-leading which has taken over Jamaican pop culture runs the full spectrum from top to bottom side to side.
Every stratum of the society is inherently corrupt, which by default renders the police public enemy number one.
It is within this Transparency Internationally rated 84% corruption, those police officers are asked to operate with white gloves.
It is important that when we talk about crime and decide to point fingers, we never lose sight of the full facts.
My friend argues succinctly that as the raw images of where we are as a nation emerges and begin to be seared into the psyches of the powerbrokers, they will become scared of what we have been warning about.
Their rhetoric will begin to sound like they support the police but officers should never be fooled into thinking that these wolves in sheep clothing are for real.
They should never forget how the security forces were treated after they had annexed Tivoli Gardens to Jamaica.
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

Jamaica’s New Reality We Warned About For Years Armed Militias In Charge..

Gone are the days when Police will be kicking in people’s doors to go after criminals”, under my administration that’s a thing of the past.”

Andrew Holness

What I took over in the Police Force was little more than a glorified security guard company.
The JCF was largely designed to protect the interest of property owners “where we trained them for six months in military drill, gave them some discipline, gave them a big pine baton and a Lee Enfield rifle and then we complain that they shoot or beat up somebody.”

Horace Chang

If you are abandoning the police you can’t implement a state of emergency”.”Minister, retract. Be strong and retract because what you say can have a negative impact on all of us.”
It is wrong. It is ridiculous.” 

I look forward to the day when every police officer is a human rights activist.”

Antony Anderson CP

When I write truth the hyper-partisan trolls come out in droves to condemn me for speaking the truth out of love for my country.
But I was never one to care about political lackeys even when I was a constable, they were forced to follow the law wherever I was doing police work and that goes to the very top.
Portia Simpson and her band of brigands were forced to respect the rule of law because myself and two others decided that no one was going to steal any ballot boxes from the school on White Hall Avenue in 88.

Carl Samuda orchestrated a transfer for me along with Deputy Commissioner Ebanks because I demanded that he leave the polling station immediately in the same year.
That backfired badly as the people rose up and all hell broke loose, they wanted their police officer back.
Ed Bartlett and Ryan Peralto in two separate incidents were not happy when I stepped in to enforce the law, but when I remained firm they stood down.
Trevor Monroe did not like the fact that I was firm that anyone who tried to breach the fence of Jamaica House, with Prime Minister Edward Seaga in office would be shot.
He labeled me a [terrorist cop], in his communist publication [the struggle].
He later apologized to me and we settled our differences.

I was never threatened by politicians at the top so I damn sure will never be bothered by their underlings.
Who or what party I ultimately decided to vote for had nothing to do with my criticisms of the way my country is being run. My vote
and my comments are two different issues.
My love of country needs no validation from anyone regardless of their station. I bled for my country, and even if I didn’t I still would not give a rat’s ass about what some political lackey has to say about my views.

It is not just my view that this administration has abandoned the Police. Others have seen it too. KD Knight an Opposition Senator alluded to it. I never subscribed to KD Knight’ politics but he made a correct observation in response to Chang’s disrespectful comments about the police.
Andrew Holness made no attempts to hide his disdain for the police.
In his first Zones Of Special Operation designation in St James, he made it clear that he did not rate the police, he placed the military in charge. Unfortunately, soldiers are not police so they cannot stop criminals. Holness’ ignorance was becoming palpable.
When it came time to select the Nation’s first National Security Adviser, he chose (Antony Anderson a soldier).
When it came time for him to chose a new Police Commissioner, he chose his friend Antony Anderson a soldier who has never been in battle. A soldier who had zero experience in Law-Enforcement.
When allegations arose that a couple of cops had transgressed the law and they were from the Mobile Reserve, even though the case is still under investigation he ordered Chang to dismantle the backbone of the nation’s security, the Mobile Reserve.

There is no question that for whatever reason, this man has decided to destroy the police force by his own policies.
Now his supporters can call me a PNP all they want, it is their loss that they can only process information in the narrow confines of political affiliations.
What Holness will be saddled with are the consequences of his actions.
He will not destroy the JCF and walk away unblemished. He will carry the scars of all of the killings which occurred on his watch and all that will be forthcoming in the future.

Jamaica has become Ciudad Juarez , Culiacán, La Paz, Tijuana,

For years I have warned that our country is on a precipitous slope, I write daily begging the government to pay attention, that Jamaica is sliding into anarchy and ultimately will be declared a failed state if we do not get our act together.
Rather than pay attention the two political parties have ignored warnings and have continued with business as usual.
I implored this Prime Minister to use the benefit of his youth to think differently. Notwithstanding, it is clear that he too is a product of his environment.
I have warned for years that this is not just crime these are now Militias operating in this tiny space of 4411 square miles.
I have warned that this was untenable even before the events of 2010.

The country is awash in high-powered weapons. The young men are empowered, having seen the respect they are given and that they can take whatever they want through the barrel of those weapons.
So here is the stark reality, this will not be handled by community policing, I long told you those days are over.
This will not be handled by asking them to turn in their weapons.
This will not be handled by intervention or social programs.
Fuck all of that, these guys are not interested in any of that.
Those weapons will have to be plucked from their lifeless fingers.
Every day that this government continues to send INDECOM Terrence Williams to investigate when police terminate these scum is another day that this Government is [COMPLICIT] in the destruction of Jamaica.

These are not ordinary criminals, fighting them requires extra-ordinary tactics.
As a beggar nation, Jamaica allowed the United States to manipulate it through the Lehi Act into surrendering to criminals.
The desire to obtain an American visa and be able to travel to America have [trumped], the urgency of getting the murderers.
America does not play with its criminals and terrorists.
In the end, Jamaicans will still lose the ability to travel to America when the state Department designates our country a failed state.
Neither political party is willing to do what is necessary to stop this and we are now getting to critical mass.
Every Police officer with a visa should now lay down arms and walk away.
This is the Jamaica they wanted all along. It is safe to say that the two political parties are filled with a bunch of criminals.

Here’s How Expunging The Records Of Murderers Will Impact You…

Delroy Chuck

The Jamaican Justice Minister told the Nation’s Parliament that he is asking the Parliament to amend laws to allow convicts who have abandoned criminality [for an extended period of time](sic) to have their records expunged.
In seeking to make his case, Chuck told Parliament of a man who was charged with murder, convicted of manslaughter, but turned his life around and has been preaching for the last 25 years.

Now I do get the need to clean up the backlog of cases on the court’s dockets, another issue Delroy Chuck spoke to in his address to the Parliament last Tuesday. What I find offensive is Chuck’s strategy, which is to toss cases which have been on the dockets for five(5) years or longer.
Even Murder cases.
I do understand that persons charged under the penal code have a constitutional right to a speedy trial. Notwithstanding, it is important to acknowledge that in some cases the reasons cases are delayed inordinately are based on (a)some suspects inability to pay their lawyers, (b) Deliberate stalling-tactics by defense lawyers, (c) defense witnesses cannot be found, etc.
In fairness, it is also true that for every reason those cases are delayed by the defense’s side, there is a prosecution delay as well.

Nevertheless, as I have pointed out in previous articles on this subject, allowing Chuck to attach an artificial timeline to the disposition of cases thereafter creating an excuse to toss cases and allowing violent criminals to walk free, spits in the faces of crime victims and does a grave injustice to the system of justice in our country.
It is antithetical to the rule of law and is by nature another accelerant to the culture of crime which has infected the country.
Simply put, this practice is an encouragement for criminals and their criminal/lawyers to usurp the system of justice even further without consequences.

In making his case, Delroy Chuck referenced a man who committed murder but got convicted on manslaughter. He argued that the man is now a Minister who wants his record expunged.
But the arguments he raised in support of expunging that murderer’s violent past, quote; “This pastor, however, cannot get his records expunged because the act does not currently allow for it, “and that is the sort of person we’d want to be expunged.
Seems to me this man is doing just fine. He has found God, he is a Minister, his victim is gone and has no second chance.
In what is a multi-pronged approach by the JLP Administration, Jamaicans not engaged in criminal conduct must be awake to these facts.

On the front end, the Administration has all but rendered the police ineffective based on its disrespect and regressive policies and postures.
In the middle, it is engaged in tossing cases that have been stalled in the system, sometimes through no fault of the state as I have shown above, while opening up a broad channel for more abuses of the right to adjournments all aimed at running out the clock by way of Chucks artificial five-year timeline.
And on the back end, despite the myriad difficulties in securing convictions for violent felons, they are actively creating the impression that these murders never happened by wiping clean the criminal records of violent murders, all on another Delroy Chuck created Timeline.

It is important that every Jamaican who cheer for this, do understand that I am not opposed to people with non-violent infractions having a fresh start. For example with the loosening of the marijuana laws, there is no reason that one could reasonably oppose someone who was arrested on a marijuana offense receiving a second chance.
However, violent offenses, up to, but not confined to, murder cannot simply be swept under the carpet as if they never occurred.


These are the kinds of half-ass measures which are designed by politicians to curry favor and secure votes.
They are bad policies which seem reasonable at face value. In a country like Jamaica which has such high tolerance for criminal conduct, these policies are bound to find favor.
The fact is that the Island’s political leaders do not care about the inordinately outrageous murder statistics as long as they hold onto state power and retain the ability to feed at the slop trough.
But to the Jamaican people who are not out killing, raping, shooting and stabbing others, these policies will have devastating consequences for them.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, or to say ‘I told you so.”Nevertheless, far too many of the things I warn about are happening in front of our eyes.
Law-abiding Jamaicans must be prepared for the following.
As soon as word gets out, (and get out it will), because we will continue to report on this, other countries, a-la the US Canada and the United Kingdom will pull up the welcome mat.
These countries are purging themselves of people for minor drug infractions and illegal entry.
I am dead certain they will not be looking to import convicted murderers from Jamaica who has had their criminal records expunged politically.
Every potential employer has a right to know the history of a potential employee.
Every person who works in a company deserves to know that his or her co-workers are not murderers who have had the past cleaned up by corrupt politicians.
Every family with children has a right to know that the person who moved in next door is a sex offender. When Delroy Chuck, a criminal enhancement tool, pushes those policies, he is endangering your children.
Why would we create policies which further puts innocent children in harms way?
The Delroy Chuck JLP plan takes away all of those (right-to-know) from every decent law abiding Jamaican.
One of the reasons that the United States, for example, have declared some nation states, failed states, is exactly because their governments cannot be trusted to account for their citizen’s past behavior. I wonder how these western powers will react to Jamaica wiping away murder and other violent felony convictions?
If these nations cannot determine the history of Jamaican citizens will they really trust that man or woman, those visa applicants, aren’t sanitized, murderers?
You decide!!!


Blinkered Political Allegiances Blinds To The Dangers Crime Poses….

Yesterday I wrote about the failure of the Jamaican Prime Minister mister Andrew Holness on the issue of crime.
In the article, I went to great pains to outline that (a) I supported Holness’ candidacy and (b) gave the Prime Minister credit for his handling of the economy thus far.
I did not make mention of the Infrastructure developments being carried out across the Island, as [some] of those projects were in the pipeline before he took office and speaking to those would mean I would have to spend valuable time giving credit to the previous administration on an issue I believe cancels itself out politically.
I did not feel I was compelled to say I supported Holness’ candidacy, but I felt that in the interest of fairness I had to give credit to the Prime Minister were and if credit was warranted.
I nevertheless credited the PM for the good that was obvious from my vantage point while speaking to the bad from the same perch.
Having done so, I hoped that the quality of the discourse on the important topic of the nations crime epidemic would have been elevated over and above the traditional parochial (kas-kas).

I hoped that since we pride ourselves in our ability to critical-think, we would be able to begin a substantive conversation on this most pressing issue with a view to at least recognizing that the path we are presently on will not solve the present dilemma.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that the balkanization of our politics after 1962 to the present day has moved from imaginary geographical lines of demarcation to mental and psychological lines.
The hardening of our political views has become a hindrance to our growth and development. It has so infested our psyches, that even though we are no longer murdering our brothers of another political persuasion, we are unable to engage in substantive reasoning because of the confining walls of political allegiances.

When the response by Labourites to the crime epidemic is ‘crime did not begin three years ago( alluding to when Holness took office), you can no longer claim credibility on the topic, as you have demonstrated that you are unable to see through your political blinkers.
That kind of thinking allows for the next party to make the same arguments when it becomes their turn to lead once again.
Putting this existential issue on the table does not mean solving it today. Crime did not become an issue in Jamaica at the time Holness took office.
What the nation voted for was a different approach and that is not happening. So the bird-brained idea that pointing out where we are going wrong is somehow political, exposes the level of individual ignorance in that perception, and the degree to which the corrosive influence of politics has clouded our ability to think.

Over the years I have presented a raft of proposals which are to be found on this very medium. The fact that Jamaican authorities, of both political parties, have failed to adopt tried-and-proven methods, opting instead for crime-fighting techniques developed by baby doctors and police haters is their own fault.
The fact that successive administrations of both political parties lack the testicular fortitude to exact the pound of flesh necessary from criminals, thereby sending a clear and unequivocal message that their actions will not be tolerated is not my fault.
The idea that a call to arms ends up becoming an inquisition into my personal bona fides tells the damning truths that maybe many of us are not as remotely smart as we would like to portray.
When we fail to see the killing of babies, and little girls as a bridge too far, we are by default giving license to the killers to push the envelope even further.
When we quibble and squabble among ourselves about who started what and who presided over what, we basically give criminals the room they need to continue the mayhem they sow in our societies.
My characterization of the Jamaican PM yesterday has not changed today. Our country needs leadership on crime. Leadership that mobilizes and galvanizes the people into a common cause. A cause which is greater than themselves. A cause which educates them on the way crime reduces their quality of life until it eventually takes it away from them.
We need leadership which empowers its police to go get the criminals, while ensuring that those officers who overstep their authority are held to the strictest standards of accountability.
Then and only then will we begin to see a reduction, not just in the statistical number of violent and other crimes but in the brazenness and the proclivity to commit those crimes.
It is difficult to get Jamaicans to mobilize against a monster so large and entrenched. Our country is inherently corrupt, most detractors of tough anti-crime measures are direct beneficiaries of criminal conduct.
It is to those same people/voters that the two political parties pander. It is that which informs the decisions on this epidemic.
Harriet Tubman famously said quote” I freed a thousand slaves, and I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves“.

Andrew Holness Is A Lightweight And An Abysmal Failure On Crime, Like The PNP Leaders Before Him…

PM Andrew Holness

There is a large number of merciless killers walking around on the streets of Jamaica. For all intents and purposes, they are no longer worried about the police.
Technically speaking, this Administration has all but neutered the police. In one of the most shameful and disrespectful displays ever, as it relates to a Governing body and one of its Agencies, this administration all but made it clear it did not like the police.
I sincerely doubt whether that level of disrespect could fly anywhere in the world except Jamaica, without a shutdown of the country and a massive exodus from the service.
Unfortunately, before the Prime Minister and his cabal decided to be outright disdainful of the police, through their words and deeds, a-la (glorified security guards) they knew full well that the police would do nothing, no matter the disrespect meted out to them.

The nation’s police service is the institution which has the responsibility to enforce the laws. The Military is for war. The idea that members of the Military are disciplined and therefore better suited to do policing is the epitome’ of ignorance.
And so it follows therefore that the very rationale for the Militarization of the public service is an endeavor built on a farcical premise.
The notion that somehow, Jamaica’s military is more disciplined than the cops plainly chooses to ignore a few really important facts.
(1) Soldiers (previously) had far fewer interactions with members of the public as police officers do.
(2) Disciplinary issues between the members of the Military are handled internally.
(3) There are (4) four times as many cops as there are soldiers, so complaints against the police are going to be exponentially higher based on those numbers alone.
(4) Most soldiers live(d) in underserved communities with the criminals, and are not seen as a threat to their activities.
(5) Many soldiers are actively engaged in the criminal conduct that civilian criminals are engaged in.
(6) Police officers previously were reluctant to arrest members of the JDF even when they were caught breaking the laws.
(7) Even when caught, they were generally turned over to the JDF and things are kept under wraps.
(8) Jamaica is a lawless country deemed to be 84% corrupt, cops are not ever going to be popular in a country with that degree of corruption.
(9) Taken wholly, with other characteristics, it is understandable that they would have more street creds than the cops.

But the issue is not really about street cred, who is more respected or even who is feared. This is about how the Holness Administration has summarily decided to militarize the Island’s public services and openly humiliating and disrespecting career police officers.
This has drawn strong condemnation from certain sections of the political opposition. One overzealous person likened the Prime Minister to Adolph Hitler, a characterization I am sure she regrets, but probably lacks the character and humility to withdraw, and issue a full-throated apology.
Some people are harshly critical of my views on this subject of the Prime, even though my views on the Jamaican Prime Minister are far less caustic than those of Crystal Tomlinson of the PNPYO.
Not all of the criticisms of me as it relates to the Prime Minister come from partisan Laborites. So it would be foolish of me to simply brush aside those concerns and criticisms without addressing them head-on.
The Pm is doing a pretty good job on the economy, not so good on the corruption front.
That does not mean that he himself is involved in malfeasance. Nevertheless, he promised in his inauguration speech, that there would be zero tolerance for corruption in his administration. His promises have not kept pace with reality.
As someone who supported his candidacy, no one is more disappointed at the approach Andrew Holness brought to the Prime Minister’s office on the issue of crime.
Holness’ tone and tenor toward the police and the rule of law have been dismissive and downright disrespectful. His world-view could only have been shaped at the nation’s largest Institution of higher learning, a smoldering cauldron of socialist antipathy toward Conservative values and the rule of law.
So even though Andrew Holness now heads the party of the late greats, Sir Alexander Bustamante’, Sir Donald Burns Sangster, the Honorable Hugh Lawson Shearer, and even Edward Phillip George Seaga, He is a [carbon cut-out of Bruce Golding], rather than a continuation of the Labor Party greats on the rule of law.
Andrew Holness has some ideas of the Labor Party’s past Conservative values, the last of which was evident under Edward Seaga, but he lacks the fundamental understanding of what it takes to fully activate those values for the betterment of the country and a lasting period of prosperity for the Jamaican people.

Simply put, when it comes to dealing with crime, Andrew Holness is a lightweight and an abysmal failure like the PNP Prime Ministers before who walked the very same corridors the late (Wilmott Perkins labeled the Intellectual ghetto).
” We will all soon be dead, unless someone finally ensures that those who kill buck upon something that says no more” a local School Principal laments the death of one of his students, killed and dumped in bushes like a piece of garbage.
Instead of fighting the murderers in Jamaica Holness has decided he wants to fight the police.
He started off by spreading the narrative that if we want to fix crime we must first fix the police.
Then they empower antagonist INDECOM’s boss the hyper-partisan Terrence Williams to persecute. This started a both-ends leak in the JCF. (1) they can no longer meet recruitment targets, and (2) people are racing to the exits to find greener pastures in the CARICOM region and beyond.
There is not much they can do to force people into the JCF but they have darn sure tried to stop them from leaving by creating new unconstitutional policies which criminalize cops who leave without giving (6) months advance notice that they intend to leave.
Not only are the better people not willing to stick around for the nonsense, but they are also now attracting candidates who are criminals.
So the idea of fixing the force becomes an abstraction and so they can blame the crime epidemic on the police. Checkmate …. right?

None of this was necessary, what was required was a respectful approach, beginning with paying the officers a living wage. Creating retentive strategies which incentivize education, valor, service, honest and productivity.
By creating a merit-based system which rewards good work and the right attitude you begin the process of weeding out the deadwood. Right away you plug the attrition dike on the back end, while on the front end having to hold the gate from assault as the best qualified, most suitable candidates would be beating down the doors to enter.
The approach taken by this administration has increased the challenges to the police, created more lawlessness and ultimately increased crime.
No amount of SOE’s and ZOSO’s can cure this for the government.
This wrong-headed approach influenced by Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) and the long line of anti-police hate groups roaming around on the Island, [some paid with taxpayers funds] will continue to increase murders and other violent crimes.
The criminal underworld is watching and they are loving what is happening, the police no longer present a credible threat to their operations.
The Government may just come out and say it supports the criminals because whether it knows it or not it does.

Black Women Adopting A Dangerous Posture That Is Antithetical To The Family…

Yesterday the entire Western world was in a frenzied Tizzy, it was mothers day. Sure mothers deserve all of the accolades they can get, after all, us men have no idea what it feels like to have another human being growing inside us for the better part of nine months and sometimes beyond.
Of course, Father’s day is not too far off, it is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June in America.
Fathers need not anticipate much, in general, there is fathers day designation just for the sake of parity.
To the people who had loving caring moms and mommy figures, it is a wonderful feeling to just lay and put your head in her lap and just feel the troubles of the world dissolve away for a while.
Me, I did not have a mother in my life but I sure had a mother figure in the form of my great aunt who was better than a lot of real moms, including mine of course.
And so as we reflect on the day that the western world has set aside to recognize mothers, I cannot help but make a few observations.

Oprah Winfrey’s school for girls, is supposed to address gender inequality but it is a school only for girls.

Why is there a need to have a war between the genders? I mean it may be neanderthal of me to suggest that God created the sexes with roles which are clearly defined right? No one is denying that if the mother dies or is otherwise out of the picture the father cannot fill both roles to the best of his abilities? Nevertheless, he can be the best father he can be, and he can fill the role of a mother as well, but he cannot be a mother. So too is it true when fathers are absent from the equation, mothers are pressed into double duty. And regardless of the heroic work mothers do, they cannot be fathers, so could we please put that theory to rest.
The constant feminist battering of the drums of separation between the sexes does nothing to engender loving relationships in our homes and communities. When we create those divisions we are by default tearing down our societies.

The idea that love is best encapsulated in a feminine wrapper, manifested in the wiping of snooty drool and changing diapers over the masculine go-getter who risks life and limb to provide for his family is the most absurd and simplistic interpretation of love.

Inherent in that contradiction, is man’s refusal to stand up and defend the male gender choosing instead to go along to get along.
And so we find that even those who profess to care about gender inequality are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to their actions on gender issues.
Everywhere you turn these days in the black community there is no shortage of bitter-butch self-proclaimed life coaches offering to give advice on how to live without men(for a fee of course).

This subject is far deeper than the obvious war of the sexes
The scriptures say; for we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. The power of darkness, (Satan) has convinced humans that Gods ways are silly, remember God placed the man over the household to lead in love and with discipline.
So the western world elevates and places women in charge and places a counter-culture upon us which is designed to further the cause of homosexuality /Lesbianism while degrading the family structure designed by God.
At the forefront of this toxic gender war, there seem to be black women acting as vanguards. ‘We don’t need no man, we can do for ourselves“.
The sad reality is that black women are forced to do for themselves as a result of (a)powerful forces bigger than themselves,(b) their own poor decision making.
The systemic breaking up of the black family from slavery, through chattel like treatment of our people, a-la selling members of one family to far off estates, rapes, and sodomy, etc.
Also the re-enslavement of black males in the period called reconstruction, the systemic re-enslavement of black males by way of laws and ordinances which strategically targets them, the prison industrial complex today and laws which make it impossible for black men to get their lives together after the system has criminalized them.
These are only a few of the issues which have made it difficult for black men to be in their children’s lives in America.
In all of that, black women have to own their own personal failings when it comes to their choices of mates.
The birds require certain standards from the males of their species before mating, what say you?

That black women would be blind to this, or even subscribe to this theory is remarkable, considering that every study shows that where there are no fathers in the home children do poorly and are at greater risk of failing in life and ending up in prison.
That is checkmate for the white power structure.
White women may be having children out of wedlock to some degree, as other ethnic groups are, but their choices are hardly the result of any deep anti-male resentment. They want children, they may just not be ready to commit to marriage, but you best believe that their children have fathers in their lives.
If you can remove the black male, render him inconsequential to his woman, the battle to degrade the race is all but over.

This Article could very well be the prologue to a book. I feel strongly enough about this subject that I could literally produce a book on this subject.
Nevertheless, I will be mindful that my readers may not be interested in an elongated essay on this topic in this particular forum, so self-control is in order.

Rashida Tlaib Recognizes Trump Must Be Held To Account By Beginning The Impeachment Process

The Michigan representative just accepted petitions signed by 10 million Americans who say it is time to act.

By John Nichols

Rashida Tlaib calls for impeachment

Rashida Tlaib announces that advocacy groups will deliver over 10 million pro-impeachment petition signatures to Congress on May 9, 2019. (AP / Bill Clark)

“Can we please start the impeachment process now?” Rashida Tlaib asked a month before she was sworn in as the representative from Michigan’s 13th congressional district. It was the right question at the right time—a moment in December when President Trump was casually announcing: “I will shut down the government.” And Tlaib was the right person to ask it: a lawyer with a firm grasp of the Constitution and deep regard for the oath she was about to swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

Yet, Tlaib got only a little notice when she spoke up in December. She got more attention in January when, after being sworn in, she employed some salty language in an enthusiastic declaration. of her determination to hold the president to account. Trump labeled her “disgraceful” and “highly disrespectful to the United States of America.” But Tlaib was undeterred. She consulted with experts on the system of checks and balances and advanced a proposal rooted in a savvy recognition of the fact that impeachment is a process.
Now, as political and media figures who once eschewed discussions of the “I” word are suddenly talking about nothing else, it is time to recognize the wisdom of Tlaib’s proposal.

Trump is rejecting the system of checks and balances. He is abusing his executive authority in an effort to thwart congressional review of the full Mueller report, and his attorney general has refused to cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee.  The Democratic majority on the committee has taken necessary and appropriate action, voting last Wednesday to recommend that the full House hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to share the unredacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller III with the committee. Yet, Barr is still refusing to cooperate. And what of Trump? Committee chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) says, “the President is disobeying the law, is refusing all information to Congress.” “The phrase constitutional crisis has been overused…” says Nadler, “but, certainly, it’s a constitutional crisis, although I don’t like to use that phrase because it’s been used for far less dangerous situations.”

This is a dangerous situation and its should be addressed with the response that the founders of the American experiment identified. “If we do not engage in the impeachment process, we set a dangerous precedent for all future presidents—that they can defy the law and trample on our constitution, taking us on the road to autocracy,” saysFree Speech for People’s John Bonifaz, a lawyer who has working with Tlaib on accountability issues.
The key word is “process.”
Before formal articles of impeachment are written and voted on by the House, information must be gathered, hearings must be held, efforts must be made to provide the American people with a full sense of why accountability is necessary, and outreach must be made to those constitutionally-inclined Republicans who might recognize the danger of allowing a president—even a president with an “R” after his name—to dismiss checks and balances and disregard the rule of law. This process of applying the cure for a constitutional crisis, as established by the founders of the American experiment, moves the discussion of accountability toward concrete reality.Tlaib is proposing to begin the process with legislation resolving that:

(1) the Committee on the Judiciary shall inquire whether the House of Representatives should impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America;

(2) the Committee on the Judiciary or any subcommittee or task force designated by the Committee may, in connection with the inquiry under this resolution, take affidavits and depositions by a member, counsel, or consultant of the Committee, pursuant to notice or subpoena; and

(3) there shall be paid out of the applicable accounts of the House of Representatives such sums as may be necessary to assist the Committee on the Judiciary in conducting the inquiry under this resolution, any of which may be used for the procurement of staff or consultant services.

Tlaib’s proposal is on point. Her resolution does not outline specific articles of impeachment. It simply signals that the time has come to begin the necessary process. It is this process that will identify the offenses that might form the basis for articles the Judiciary Committee and the House could consider.While many in Congress remain cautious, the American people understand the wisdom of Tlaib’s proposal. Last week, she and Congressman Al Green, the Texas Democrat who has been a stalwart champion of presidential accountability, accepted a flash drive containing 10 million signatures on digital petitions calling for an impeachment inquiry. MoveOn, CREDO Mobile, Need to Impeach, Women’s March, By the People, Change.org, Democracy for America, and Free Speech for People have supported the call, which will be amplified this week by activists in DC and nationwide. “Ten million people said that we need to hold this president accountable. I think that speaks volumes,” says Rashida Tlaib. “Ten million people want us to uphold the United States Constitution.”

ohn Nichols wrote the foreword for the book The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump (Melville House) by Ron Fein, John Bonifaz, and Ben Clements.


This Government Cannot Punt Crime To (PNP), It Owns This Epidemic …..

Peter Bunting , No credibility on crime. Once said crime demanded divine .intervention

The PNP was pathetic on crime, former minister of National Security Peter Bunting in exasperation and totally clueless, infamously stated, that the Island’s crime situation needed divine intervention.
That comment was not only stupid, it demonstrated that they were out of their league.
Nevertheless, the Andrew Holness Administration has been in office for three years.
He and his Government owns this mess, there can no longer be the narrative that they inherited this. Regardless of what the JLP inherited, it is in Government. It was elected to fix the problem, this is not the Opposition party’s problem, it is the Administration’s problem, and it is going the opposite direction of where it needs to be.

One can easily understand the condemnation which came down on the head of Ackaisha Green who was inside the ATM at Central Police Station on East Queen Street in downtown Kingston when she found a bag filled with money and turned it over to the police.
After all, even financially well to do people could hardly be expected to do what Ackaisha did.
According to reports the young mother had every reason to take the money, being of very modest means herself, but she chose to do the right thing.
The most difficult thing for Ms. Green must have come from her own mother who berated her for returning the millions having earlier asked her for $200.
Thankfully a flood of pledges of support has been coming in for Ms. Green both locally and overseas.
There is still something to celebrate in Jamaica, even more, consequential in my opinion, the honest 24-year-old is from the rugged inner city and not from uptown. Read the story here;

In the Book of Matthew Chapter 13 vs 1-9 Jesus narrated the parable of the sower who went out to sow seeds. According to the story  “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

I always marveled at the alacrity and effectiveness with which Jamaica’s teachers picked up the pace after independence, effectively doing a terrific job of educating the Island’s children making our people who wanted to learn, second to none across the globe.
Accordingly, we have excelled in the areas of Athletics and culture, even though it could be argued that culturally we are on the wane.
In all of the good things which we have accomplished, we have made some horrible mistakes even as we claim to make them for the good of the nation.
It is stunning that we continue to place the cart before the horse. Even when people with the power of perception say, “hey you got it all wrong’, collectively, rather than turn the thing around we double down on stupid.

I always marveled at the sower in Matthew 13, why didn’t he wait until he found good soil? Why did he flail away hoping for the best with the precious seeds he had? Could it be that he too did not understand that in order to reap a harvest, certain things had to be done right, beginning with finding good fertile soil on which to scatter his seeds?
As the sower carelessly scattered the precious seeds, so too have Jamaica’s political leaders squandered scarce resources supposedly in the quest to end violent crimes across the nation.
Whether it be (SOE’s) State Of Emergency, (ZOSO) Zones Of Special Operations, the Creation of (INDECOM) The Supposed Independent Commission Of Investigations, (OPD) Office Of Public Defender, and the long litany of other catchy Acronym’s we have become so enamored with, the cart has been counterintuitively placed before the horse.

As we have seen in the parable, the sower wasted precious resources by not following any meaningful process. So too has Jamaica decide to demolish the police department’s ability to effectively deal with the terror threat on the Island.
Before you sow seeds the land must be cleared, plowed, fertilized and watered. After that, the seeds should be covered, because make no mistake about it, the birds will eat the seeds if they are left uncovered, regardless of where they are sown.
Only then can there be a reasonable expectation of a good harvest commensurate with the investment.
Both the past PNP and present JLP administration have in some case unwittingly, and in other cases arbitrarily, gone about dealing with the nations crime problem as the sower did.
They did so carelessly, naively and in the case of the Andrew Holness Administration, maliciously, recklessly and surreptitiously gone after the police department under the guise of creating a new police force.
Without doubt, this half-ass strategy has emboldened criminals to step up their activities with the full knowledge that the Government will not tolerate the police going after the nations killers.

Horace Chang

The strategy of using ZOSO’s and SOE’s are half-ass strategies designed to flood communities with the bodies of security forces personnel, creating a faux-peace with the sole intent of using whatever benefits are derived from it as political fodder.
ZOSO’s and SOE’s do nothing to stop the killings in general, they do nothing to lower crime across the board. At best they are unsustainable geographical band-aid which lessen the massive bleeding in that Geographical area temporarily, while increasing it in other areas.
How can a Prime Minister tell law enforcement officers that the days of kicking in doors are over? That kind of rhetoric is a governmental license to criminals to rest assured they are protected.
Yet, that has been Andrew Holness’ mantra and the criminals are watching in glee. The criminal underworld cheers their legal arm INDECOM, which works overtime for their protection.
In a shocking departure from past protocol, Andrew Holness has created in our country, a perception that a hard-nosed approach to enforcement is tantamount and similar to abuse of citizens rights.
It is ignorant, it is hyperbolic, and it is dangerous coming from that office.
Not only has Holness compromised the ability of the police to do their jobs, but he has also enhanced the ability of the mongrel attack dogs like Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell to further frustrate the efforts of the police to do their jobs.
And now we are seeing that through that strategy criminals are more emboldened to attack and murder police officers.
This Government must take responsibility for this and there is no hiding from what they created.

You The People Get What You Allow Them To Do…

The year was 1983 and I waited with bated breath with my colleagues that afternoon. We were young constables, who were to be transferred from the Beat & Foot Patrol Division to stations across the country.
We were told that for the very first time in our Nation’s history, officers not trained specifically for the Mobile Reserve, would be transferred to that Division.
I wanted no part of the Mobile Reserve, not because there was anything wrong with the Mobile Reserve as it were, but my dream of becoming a detective would be severely sidetracked, were I among those sent to the Division.
At that time the Police Force Orders was a confidential document between command structure and personnel.
Criminals and their support structures did not know unit strength, they had no idea where officers were to be transferred to, and they damn sure did not have private and confidential information of police officers which should be confidential, available only by court order.
It was the latter-day, new age crowd-pleasing, Owen Ellington who made that document public for absolutely no good reason.
And so that fateful day as the Force Orders arrived and we all crowded around a single copy of the document, I learned that what I had always construed to be shitty luck, was not about to change in that Force Order. Not on that day.
Mobile Reserve it would be for me. My tears flowed freely. I did not want to go to a unit which was best known for breaking up riots and doing static duties. I did not want to be a part of a unit which was rumored to be where careers went to die. I joined the force because I wanted to investigate crimes and put criminals away.
After spending the better part of four years there including on the crack super effective Rangers Squad, I grew into becoming a proud member of that famous Division.
My time spent at the Mobile Reserve will forever be memorialized in my life’s history, as one of the most consequential and invaluable periods of my personal growth and development.
It was what I learned and lived at the Mobile Reserve which saved my life in a dark alleyway on Blackwood Terrace in 88 when at point-blank range, a would-be murderer opened fire on me, two other cops and a civilian member of the community.

The community member was shot twice and the two cops ran away leaving me to fight off the shooter.
It was that tactical awareness which allowed me to disarm the assailant even after I was shot, thereby saving the injured man’s life as well as my own.
There was no call from the Commissioner of Police nor any of his minions. There was no statement of outrage that something like that could happen in his constituency by the member of Parliament.

He was probably ecstatic, because he had no love for me based on my no-nonsense approach to the low-life scumbags who operated out of his constituency.
There was no national honor, I was back to my beloved CIB office the next day.
Back then that is what we did, that is who we were. We were made that way.

It is rather difficult to break through the self-assured ignorance and the incessant gibberish of a plurality of our people.
It is near impossible to convince our people to seek facts, then insert their opinions, rather than to harden their own preconceived notions and opinions, ignoring facts which surface later.
As a Jamaican, I too had to come to grips with the reality that we are extraordinarily opinionated, even when we have no access to facts, we create our own narratives then fend off the truth of whatever topic is under discussion.
I also learned that truth in our country is processed depending on the teller.
Our political, religious, societal and other beliefs structures, largely inform how we process information.
They determine whether factual information find fertile space in our sub-conscious or are discarded and replaced with our preconceived notions and opinions.

And so even though information technology has made it possible to radically transform dark spaces of ignorance into bright hemispheres of light, there are some who will ignore the reality of available credible information, choosing instead the default option of stale and rancid opinion-based nonsense.
I had one such conversation yesterday with a man who tells me that his girlfriend is a cop back home. He proceeded to lambaste the police even though he had just told me that his girlfriend is a police officer with over twenty years of service.
I quickly realized he was one of the programmed opinionated facts-be-damned types, so I limited what I said and allowed him enough leverage to hang himself.

He proceeded to tell me that Jamaican police are lazy and that they need to work more hours. This gentleman knows I am a former law enforcement officer, and he was standing in my business-place telling me this.
I asked him whether he thought his girlfriend was lazy he said ‘no,” she works hard.
I asked him, “do you consider me lazy, “whenever you come here, I am here working, I led”? he replied in the negative.
He then went into the canned narrative about police stations being closed at nights in Jamaica.
I asked whether he had ever gone to a police station for help and not received assistance, whether night or day, he responded no.
I then asked him whether the two precinct houses within a three miles radius of where we were standing were opened at nights, or does one have to enter and speak to an officer through an intercom, he responded they are closed.
I ended my conversation with him there.

As a young officer, I worked so hard sometimes my hands shook for lack of sleep. Nevertheless, we have a country which has come of age on an incessant anti-police drumbeat.
One made possible by the likes of Wilmott Perkins, Ronald Thwaites, Barbara Gloudon, Garnett Roper, Cliff Hughes, and others.

A demagogic cliche of self-serving traitors to our country, who like termites ate away at the foundations of the rule of law, and now the very foundations of our embryonic democracy are at the peril of crumbling.

Jamaica wants to become a developed country but it woefully lacks critical thinking among those who lead to ever be a serious contender for that designation.
Jamaicans like to point to the Singaporean model as a model which copied strains of our system, yet what the Singaporeans did to arrive at where they are, have completely eluded Jamaicans.
There is no reason that Jamaica’s Tourism, Bauxite, reggae, Ganja, Coffee, our rich fertile soil in which everything thrives and the dynamism of our people should not make us the Dubai of the Caribbean and the envy of the world.
Unfortunately, the Island can never be that, because at best we are a people who rather like to hear ourselves talk.
We are giant pontificators and prognosticators, never mind that when we do both we sometimes have no idea what we are talking about.

The idea to dismantle the Mobile Reserve has been one of their goals all along.
The elevation of Carolyn Gomes to relevance in the way our laws are structured to go after murderers and gangsters, the creation of INDECOM and the appointment of rabid anti-police demagogue Terrence Williams and the British Imposter Hamish Campbell.

A man who did nothing to investigate his corrupt former colleagues who planted evidence on black people in England, is proof that they wanted to dismantle the force.
So when Horace Chang referred to the Police Department as a glorified security guard company, don’t believe for one moment that was a slip of the tongue.
Don’t believe for one moment that Andrew Holness’ constant statements, that, “no longer would police be kicking in doors”, were made in the abstract.
He knew all along that he wanted to carry out the mandate of Bruce Golding before him. He wanted to finish what Golding started with INDECOM, and the acquiescence of the PNP, tells its own story of corruption and deceit.
Throughout its history, the Mobile Reserve has stood as a bastion of solace to freedom loving law abiding Jamaicans.
True to form, those who would murder and maim had it out for that unit, none more so than the filthy scumbags who pass for politicians but are suit-wearing gangsters.
Imagine a country in which the member of parliament with the most violent garrison in his constituency is the Minister with the responsibility to quell the nation’s crime epidemic.
And so they devise a plan to destroy the force while telling the nation that they intend to rebrand it, what they do not say is that the people who will staff the new and improved force will not be coming from China or Mars, they will come from the very same 84% corrupt Jamaica, so clearly that methodology is a fake and a fraud.
The clear and unequivocal intent of Andrew Holness and his Administration is to dismantle the JCF and replace it with a [courtesy corp of degreed]stooges who talk a good game, but have no clue how to handle the Nation’s rapidly growing murderous gangs.

At the end of the day dismantling bastions of certitude only to create the illusory effect that you are making changes is a solace to fools. How can you purify water by moving the same dirty water to a different vessel? The bright young officers they are talking about are people steeped in UWI philosophy of human rights. They have zero strategies, skills or will to stamp out crime and so they intend to perfume the shit while the people are being slaughtered daily.
It cannot continue that people are being slaughtered every day while the PM and his Government with the full acquiescence of the Opposition party tears down the police department and make it out to be the bad guys. The police have been set up to fail from the get-go, first, they promote fools and lackeys and political lapdogs, then they promote slavish yes-people, effectively forcing out dedicate good career people and now they have people with more degrees that they have guns at up park camp but none of it has helped. The Prime minister and Chang who runs the most killer garrison (laughable) tell Antony Anderson to reduce the force to nothing, that is the reason he was hired. Anderson in his ignorance said he hopes to see the day when all police officers are human rights officers. What absurd ignorance? Every real person who stepped forward to be a cop was already a human rights activists, they place their lives on the line for people they do not know. Which of the so-called human rights activists in the country can claim that they have ever been shot at, much less shot, defending anyone’s right to life (their most sacred right)? But Anderson would never understand it because he is a fake cop, and the people above him are police haters.

The only thing that the PNP and the JLP agree on, is something that is antithetical to the good of the country.
That thing is the total destruction of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
Through the Starving of the Department of resources, Support to gangsters in the Garrisons, Interference in law enforcement, setting up other government agencies to be antagonistic toward the police, and a raft of other subversive methods, both criminal gangs have effectively destroyed the once proud agency.
This they did with the gleeful assistance of some in civil society and the media.
Make no mistake about it, a competent non-aligned police force is a dangerous force to the criminals who sit in the people’s house.
As my friend said to me today, the law-makers are the lawbreakers, but for the most part, the people are too stupid and brainwashed to see it.

That is why there is no longer any hollering from the PNP about Petrojam.
If a thorough and professional investigation was to be done many in both political gangs would die in prison.
So someone high up in the PNP hierarchy told them to lay off the issue.
A total and compete bunch of scum, but then again why would either of these sets of gangsters stop with their criminality?
Where there is no wisdom the people perish.

Those of you who think that this new courtesy corp that Andrew Holness and Horace Chang with the consent of the PNP is creating, will stop the bloodshed in your communities think again.
Neither of these sets of gangsters cares about the close to 1700, who are murdered each year.
Neither do they care about your daughters being raped and discarded like thrash by the animals who pose as human men.
But then again you get what you deserve.

John Singleton Dead At 51

Director John Singleton speaks about his experiences directing actor Samuel L. Jackson at the American Cinematheque tribute honoring Jackson in Beverly Hills, California, December 1, 2008.   REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Director John Singleton speaks at the American Cinematheque tribute honoring Samuel L. Jackson in Beverly HIlls

 John Singleton, who made his directorial debut with the acclaimed film “Boyz n the Hood” about young men struggling in a gang-ridden Los Angeles neighborhood, died on Monday at the age of 51, his family said, days after he suffered a stroke.

“We are sad to relay that John Singleton has died,” the family said in a statement. “John passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends.”Earlier on Monday, the family said it had made the “agonizing decision” to withdraw life support from Singleton, who was being cared for at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles since having a stroke on April 17.

Singleton was a native of South Central Los Angeles, the community that was the setting for “Boyz n the Hood,” a drama about friendship amid the peril of gang violence.He became the first African-American and the youngest person to be nominated for an Academy award for best director, at age 24, for the movie, which he also wrote.

Singleton later directed films such as action film “2 Fast 2 Furious” and historical drama “Rosewood.” He also directed episodes of TV shows including “Empire” and “Billions.”Most recently, Singleton was the co-creator and executive producer of FX network TV series “Snowfall” about the start of the cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles.

His family said Singleton was “a prolific, ground-breaking director who changed the game and opened doors in Hollywood, a world that was just a few miles away, yet worlds away, from the neighborhood in which he grew up.”He also “loved nothing more than giving opportunities to new talent” including Tupac Shakur, Regina King, Ice Cube and Taraji P. Henson, the family said.

Hollywood celebrities paid tribute to Singleton on Monday.”John was a brave artist and a true inspiration. His vision changed everything,” filmmaker Jordan Peele wrote on Twitter.

(Reporting by Lisa Richwine;