Jamaica’s Ruling Class Complicit In Crime Culture

Yesterday we talked about the blatant hypocrisy of the Jamaica Observer’s Bill Johnson poll, which focuses on supposed police corruption.
We are not oblivious to police corruption and would do anything in our power to end that practice.
Nevertheless, unlike the myopic and misguided cabal and the lower deck peanut-gallery in our country, we are conversant that there is no country without the rule of law. So we support our police officers who enforce our laws. We embrace our officers who run to the danger when we are too chicken shit to stand up for ourselves.
And we reject the notion that the perception of corruption in our police forces citizens to embrace criminal [DONS].
Bull, people embrace the so-called [Dons] because Government reneges on its responsibility to deliver basic goods and services.
As a consequence, even though we are opposed to corruptions of all kinds, including in our beloved (JCF), we are also mindful that what the politicians and their surrogates are doing is scapegoating the police by projecting onto the police their crimes, to cover up their own dark deeds.
In 2017 Former Contractor General Greg Christie in an Oped in the very same [OBSERVER] wrote:
“Corruption in Jamaica is “entrenched and widespread”. “Jamaica must give serious consideration to what lies ahead should the Government and the country’s lawmakers fail to decisively and aggressively confront its corruption problem”.
Less than two years later, the very same dishrag commissioned and promoted a poll talking about police corruption, as if that is the source of our problem.

One of the things I talked about yesterday, was the need to understand any corruption in the police department, (real or perceived), against the unusually high levels of corruption across the wider society.
Having said that, and at the risk of re-litigating what I wrote yesterday, I will get to the task of today, which is to attempt to bring a wider perspective on police corruption so that we may better understand police corruption in our own country.
Additionally, possibly to gain a better perspective so that we may relate in a less hyperbolic sense to the problem and develop strategies toward ending it without the rancor and lies which has characterized it thus far.

Is it true that some unsavory characters have infiltrated the JCF over the years? Absolutely, they have always been there, much like some unsavory characters have found their way onto the supreme court and into Jamaica House and God forbid let us not even bother mentioning Gordon House.
In fact, the unsavory nature of some of the characters who have graced our public institutions, has had some impact on the size of the diaspora community.
By virtue of that, it becomes a scenario which feeds itself, the more that good people leave, the worse the institutions become.
Let us put an end to the constant abuse of our hardworking police officers. For too long the two criminal gangs which run our country, have successfully channeled the nation’s anger at their corruption and criminal associations onto the hapless and defensless police.

According to the United States Institute of Peace(USIP) , Police corruption is a universal challenge in peacebuilding.  On November 16, 2011, USIP hosted a panel of distinguished experts who discussed the root causes and potential remedies.
Some experts argue that efforts to curb police corruption are hopeless, or at best secondary.  Others maintain that attacking oppressive, unfair abuses is where reform efforts must start. 
The fact that these discussions are occurring around policing in the world’s most powerful, wealthy and sophisticated nation proves that this is a universal problem.
The question of police corruption may be viewed in several ways and is not confined to the general knee-jerk perceptions of some who would write or talk about this subject.

Tim Dees
, A Retired cop and criminal justice professor, Reno Police Department, Reno Municipal Court, and Pyramid Lake argues that most researchers classified corrupt cops into two major groups: The “grass eaters” who didn’t actively seek out opportunities to make illegitimate money, but took advantage of what came their way, and the “meat eaters,” cops who actively solicited bribes and payoffs, engaged in thefts and robberies (usually of criminals with drugs or large sums of money), and generally used their official position as a platform for criminal enterprise. 
Nevertheless, Dees argues that these practices are relatively rare these days.
Unfortunately, the aforementioned types of corruption reflect only the top layer of veneer which gets progressively worse the more you peel from the Onion.
Police corruption in most developed countries goes far deeper than accepting a cup of coffee like the “grass eaters.”
It transcends the taking of bribes or ripping off drug dealers like the ” meat eaters.

One of the most stubborn types of police corruption is the ignoble practice of manufacturing evidence to frame and convict innocent citizens.
Hold on there, I am not talking about Jamaica…….I am talking about the country most Jamaicans line up in 100-degree heat, hand over their borrowed cash, in the hopes of getting a visa to.
This is one of the most reprehensible forms of corruption, yet it is probably one of the most pervasive types of corruption which has haunted American policing since the beginning of time particularly for African-Americans.
Yes, you know darn well that it is the very same America which all of you are lining up to enter.
As a trainee at the Jamaica Police Academy, we were taught that it is better for the guilty to go free than for an innocent person to be prosecuted and jailed.
As a result of this pervasive problem across America, many police departments have been forced to enter into consent decrees with the US Justice Department to work on ending those practices.
Nowhere in the world are so many people arrested, tried and imprisoned on evidence which is manufactured by corrupt law enforcement and criminally complicit prosecutors.

Domestic challenges related to the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, is Transparency International’s definition of corruption.
According to Transparency International close to a third of African-Americans surveyed see the police as highly corrupt.
Whites generally are less suspicious of the police, white supremacy is enforced by the police which benefits them.
In cities all across America, from New York to Baltimore, from Camden to Washington DC, all across Kansas City, to Los Angeles California, real corrupt practices in police departments dwarfs anything the poorly trained Jamaican police could ever dream up.

As long as there is collusion between politicians and their cronies in civil society, who are willing to lie to the Jamaican people about the police to distract from their crimes, we will continue to educate those not too far gone.
When I write I don’t really want to “cuss,” but I believe that the people I sometimes refer to as shitheads, have now graduated to shithouses.
They continue to beat the same old drums about the police, to the same old misinformed people, about how the police are the cause of their problems, while they rip off every buck they can, and get away with it.
We need a revolution in our country, you decide what kind you need.

Latest Bill Johnson Poll A Pathetic Distraction

Before I even begin to address some of the underlying issues which I find silly and grossly spurious about the recent Bill Johnson Poll conducted for the Jamaica Obsever, I will lay out a framework which disqualifies those who commissioned the poll and the results of the poll.
Under the banner”, Corruption haunts police force,” another incompetent excuse for a media house has gone out and slavish embarrassed itself in promoting a poll it commissioned to discredit the men and women of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who risk life and limb for pittances against some of the most blood-thirsty murderers in the world.
I will not dignify the specifics of the so-called findings of the polls, sufficing to say that I will lay out a couple of reasons why this poll must be viewed as spurious at best and the findings discarded for the trash it is.

(1) Jamaica struggles mightily with corruption across the entire spectrum of national life. The entire public sector is a cesspool of corruption in which graft, favors, payoffs, theft, nepotism and other forms of corruption have so infected the infrastructure it has become the rule rather than the exception.
In fact, according to Transparency International, the Country recently slipped in the corruption perception Index and is somewhere around 84% corrupt, 100% being the most corrupt.
With a country burdened with that kind of corruption perception, how does anyone justify singling out a group of powerless, disenfranchised people, who risk everything for everyone else, for continued ridicule and criticism?
Who do you ask about corruption in the police department when the average person has a son or daughter killing and robbing people?
Who do you ask when illicit gains from lotto-scamming spread across several industries and are putting food on the tables of so many?
Who do you poll when there are so many murderers and other lawbreakers walking around, knowing that the police is the only thing which stands between them and what they want to accomplish?

(2) For years I have personally written about the connection between the political parties and gun-toting gangs in the nation’s inner cities.
I conceded this point to no one, as a young police officer, I was on the receiving end of one of those illicit guns in 88.
Through these writings, I have consistently, through factual pointers, demonstrated how both political parties have used the police department as a scapegoat to deflect from their criminality corruption, and incompetence.
That is why I am convinced that with the ongoing Petrojam Scandal, the administration is more than happy to have attention shifted to something else.
Why not the traditional point of hate?
And what passes for media, the dishonest, intellectually lazy bunch of elitist, (fake accents and all) are quite willing to continue this strawman narrative.

(3) There are roughly 126 representatives between both political parties at the Constituency level.
Add those appointed to the Senate and toss in Parish Councillors and at best you get a couple hundred people.
If Jamaicans really took stock of the level of corruption within this small group of a couple hundred, they would be in the streets with pitchforks, machetes, and torches which would make the Morant Bay rebellion seem like a walk in the park.
More importantly, the corruption cost to the country carried out by this very small group, not just through blatant theft, but through the procurement process, fake contracts and other clever acts of thievery, the cost per year runs into billions of dollars.
The loss of confidence which keeps out investors and potential returnees is incalcuable.

(4) Juxtapose that with roughly 8’000 police officers, an exponentially larger group of people within the larger community of 2.8 million. Whatever the corruption perception index involving the police force, it pales drastically when compared to the corruption of the political class. In terms of Dollars and cents, there is no comparison.
But saying that does not begin to uncover the levels of corruption which runs in this little country of 2.8 million.
From Jamaica House to Gordon House, from The highest court to the boardrooms, Jamaica’s corruption is legendary.
Whether it is the hoodlums who are set free on minor technicalities by the court of appeals, or the deep corruption which drains the Island of billions which ought to go to building infrastructure and improving the lives of citizens.
Or it is the massive theft of public funds which doesn’t even get investigated.
Except, of course, if you are a misguided cop who decided to incriminate himself and allow himself to be used by an agency which hates the police.
Then there is accountability. That accountability is life in prison and the stipulation that you have to spend an unprecedented 51 years in prison before being eligible for parole.
Never mind that the heads of the well-armed gangs are sitting right there in the parliament passing laws which furthers the protection of gangs and ties the hands of the police.

Sure there are far too many corrupt police officers, that is not a Jamaica problem, it is a worldwide problem, because people make police officers.
The high levels of corruption within the legal community is far greater than anything in the JCF based on their numbers in the larger population.
So too are the corrupt judges worse than the police based on their numbers as well.
Would I like to see zero police corruption? You bet your ass. But I am a pragmatist who understands that when you source water from a dirty pool, the water you get will be dirty too.

All in all, the continued beating of the drums and the incessant return to demonizing the poor defenseless police must be seen for what it is.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Claps Back At The Bigot In Chief: ‘You Have Trafficked In Hate Your Whole Life’

Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images)

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) had time Wednesday morning when she clapped back at President Trump’s call for her to resign, noting that the president has trafficked in hate his whole life.
In a tweet, the president’s preferred mode of communication because he’s basically a 13-year-old 7th grader, Omar tweeted:

Hi @realDonaldTrumpYou have trafficked in hate your whole life—against Jews, Muslims, Indigenous, immigrants, black people and more. I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?

You know that Omar’s initial tweet ended with “When will you, bitch?” Fine, she didn’t say “bitch,” but I feel like there is an implied bitch at the end of the statement. OK, fine, maybe I just want it say bitch.The Hill notes that Omar’s tweet comes after the president called for her resignation, or at the very least her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee “over her tweet questioning the influence of the Israel lobby, namely the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in Washington D.C.”
Omar apologized for the tweet noting, “Anti-Semitism is real and I am grateful for Jewish allies and colleagues who are educating me on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes,” Omar wrote. “My intention is never to offend my constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole. We have to always be willing to step back and think through criticism, just as I expect people to hear me when others attack me for my identity. This is why I unequivocally apologize.”

Trump told reporters Tuesday that Omar’s apology was “lame” and reiterated his demand for her resignation.“Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress,” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting. “And I think she should either resign from Congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”
Trump failed to mention that he’s a racist-filed whoopee-cushion who lives off a diet of baby goat’s blood and fast food, who would be fine if we went back to Jim Crow laws and only has one black friend: Ben Carson.


Republican/Democratic Attack On Ilhan Omar Fraudulent/here’s Why..

The firestorm of protest coming from both Republicans and the disgusting Democrats with regard to the rather factual and tame comments made by freshman Democratic Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar has demonstrated just how deep into the pockets of the Jewish Lobby (AIPAC) both political parties are.
The freshman Minnesota Democrat is facing backlash after implying in a tweet that politicians pushed for policies beneficial to Israel because they are financially beholden to pro-Israel lobbying groups like AIPAC
Since then, representative Omar, one of the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Congress has been facing a withering backlash, including from the leadership of her own party.
Even more shocking is the attack on her by the disgustingly racist Donald Trump, who has had no problem offending every group of people, not white and male.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D) Minnesota

Since the backlash, Representative Omar has apologized, which she absolutely should not have done.
Omar said she unequivocally” apologized for the remarks, but insisted that she would remain firm in her opposition to the outsize role that she said lobbying money plays in Washington politics.
Before we even begin to address the pathetically disgusting Democrats and the predictable servile Republicans, I must at least offer a parting mention of the gall of the inherently corrupt and insanely incompetent, and amoral Donald Trump. How dare Donald Trump call for anyone’s resignation, or even having an opinion on someone else’s conduct?

Sen’s. Ben Cardin, D-Md and Marco Rubio, R-FL both sponsored a bill which would make it a crime for any American or American Company which boycotts the state of Israel. The Rubio Bill seeks to counter the global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel over its treatment of Palestinians and the settlements. The country’s first Palestinian American woman in Congress, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who has spoken about the rights of Americans to support the BDS issue.“This is the U.S. Where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality,” Tlaib said in a weekend tweet. “Maybe a refresher on our U.S. The constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away.”
If the bill becomes law, any American found in breach of that law could face 25-years in prison for joining in a boycott of the Zionist State.

According to the Associated Press, Rubio’s measure infringes on free speech. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., tweeted, “It’s absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity. 
J Street’s President Jeremy Ben-Ami said in a statement: “While millions of Americans suffer from the effects of the ongoing government shutdown, it’s outrageous that Senate Republican leaders are prioritizing legislation that tramples on the First Amendment and advances the interests of the Israeli settlement movement. Not a single Democrat should vote to enable this farce.”

The forgone is intended simply to lay the framework for establishing the utter stupidity of the pushback against Representative Omar’s views, when there are so much more consequential power moves being pushed on the American people by the Jewish lobby AIPAC, and the amoral politicians who would take away the rights of Americans free speech, over their support for a foreign country.
Any disagreement with the tactics and policies of the Zionist apartheid state are met with swift and concentrated onslaught spearheaded with the label “anti-Semitic.”
Fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic effectively silences anyone who would dare speak out, even in the face of Israel’s raw aggression and crimes against humanity committed against unarmed Palestinians.

The faux outrage is disgusting, even if we could force ourselves to ignore the atrocities committed by the Zionist state. Atrocities against unarmed Palestinian men, women, and children and even aid workers and journalists doing their jobs.
There would still be the silence of Republicans and Democrats as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to the issue of African asylum seekers to Israel commented.
We will return south Tel Aviv to the citizens of Israel, they are not refugees, but infiltrators looking for work.”
The Zionist state is now completely different in size from what it was in 1947 when it was formed. In fact, it is dramatically different than when it defeated the hapless Arab assault in the so-called six-day war of 1967.
Since that war, not only has Israel taken control of the Golan Heights and other parts of the Palestinian territory it continues to this day to illegally missappropriate the property of the Palestinian people.

In January of 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu ordered African refugees out of the apartheid state. Israel receives Billions of dollars in American aid each year, a large part of that money is taxes collected from African-Americans and other ethnic minorities.
Describing African refugees numbering about 40 000 as “infiltrators”, Netanyahu said they had two choices. They could either accept a once-off payment of $3500 (R42300) and relocate to another African country or spend the rest of their life in jail in Israel. They have until March to decide.
The announcement drew immediate outrage. But for those following the daily travails and humiliation endured by African refugees in Israel, it was the brazenness of Netanyahu’s crass plan that has appalled us. [Said www.iol.co.za]

One resident described Africans as “rapists and murderers”. Others confirmed that something had to be done to reclaim their city and country. “There used to be space for our children, but now it’s like Africa here – like we are not in Israel anymore. They are taking all the space and the Israeli families have no space left,” one man said.
But there really isn’t anything to be surprised about. The decision to push Africans out is part of a story of preservation of the Jewish state from “infiltrators”. This is a country obsessed with “ethnic purity”. Take the events around its founding in 1948 when about 700 000 Palestinians were booted out of their homes and made permanent refugees. [www.iol.co.za]
These Israelis who labeled Africans rapists and murderers had no trouble supporting the IDF gunning down innocent demonstrators, including women and children and even innocent babies.

The hypocrisy of the American politicians who have surrendered their souls to the devil would be laughable if it weren’t so consequential.
This little introduction to Israel’s racist and Xenophobic attitudes does not even begin to scratch the surface. American lawmakers know all about the atrocities, but have zero problems with them.
Their disgusting attack on a Muslim woman who shares a different faith than theirs is appalling.
Republican politicians right here in America run campaigns which are viscerally racist and they occur without anyone batting an eye against them.
Duncan Hunter an indicted criminal, ran one of the most shocking ads against a Palestinian-American candidate. Republicans, including Kevin McCarthy, the Republican House minority leader, and Californian, who now wants sanctions against Ilhan Omar said nothing.

This is a farce, conscientious Jewish people right here in America see through it. So too are others, not of the ilk of those condemning Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her rather tame and absolutely true comments.
Yes, it is absolutely about money, they have sold their souls and dignity for money.

Politicians Created This Violence, They Should Have No Security Detail….

I had no idea that the Government had embarked on a process of cutting and in some cases eliminating security detail for past ministers of Government.
In fact, to be honest, I had totally forgotten that a struggling Jamaica, a poor developing country, was engaged in the practice of giving security detail to past ministers. All this while the poor citizens of the country, not so lucky or rich enough to live behind high walls are left to the mercy of the criminals those very same politicians created.
Now that the issue is once again front and center I do recall a former minister of National Security Dwight Nelson(now deceased) complaining, that the then PNP administration had pulled his security detail at one point.


“It is particularly troubling that while we are experiencing vicious attacks on our elected or former elected officials, and heightened the level of threats, the government has proposed to withdraw or minimize the security details of the former ministers of government,” PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson said in a media release

Image result for the pnp julian robinson
Julian Robinson

Robinson was speaking to the killing of Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, a member of parliament for East Portland, who was murdered over a week ago at his home, as well as the recent killing of former councilor for the White Horses Division in St Thomas, Madge Morris.
Also addressing the issue of the two killings, which directly impacted the PNP, opposition leader Peter Phillips said “It is particularly shocking as the party continues in mourning over the tragic death of our [comrade] and colleague, Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, a member of parliament for East Portland, who was murdered over a week ago at his home.” 

Image result for pnp's peter phillips
Peter Phillips Opposition Leader in parliament and (role model to the nation’s children)

Can I say just how stupid and totally 1970’s the continued use of the term [“Comrade“] is in 2019?
That they continue to Harken to and refuse to let go of a term used by failed Communists and reactionary socialists in reference to each other, speaks volumes about where the PNP continues to be.
Communism and the brand of Socialism to which the PNP subscribers have been an abject failure with no representative success story to which the PNP can point to for validation.

Now to the griping about security details.
To begin with, there should be zero police protection afforded any past politicians in Jamaica (of either party).
If I had my way there would be none afforded even serving ministers of government.
My reasoning behind that position is simple. Jamaica’s politicians are a bunch of egotistical losers.
They created the environment of division and envy. They created the garrisons which became incubators of criminality.
They created the animosity between the police and the citizens by using the JCF as a scapegoat distraction for their failures to take the appropriate steps to secure the country.
They continue to maintain contact with criminals who secure their elections in those zones of political exclusions.
Jamaica is a small developing country which can ill afford the extravagance of security for past failed politicians.
Let them be exposed to the stench of the morass they created.

I don’t want to hear a single word of bitching about politicians killed. No life is more important than another, it is time that Jamaica’s half baked idiotic politicians learn this lesson.
Actions have consequences.
The atmosphere of envy, mistrust, division, and lawlessness created by the two political gangs which passes for political parties is now producing the whirlwind which is threatening to engulf them all.
It is about time and none too soon.

Violent Crimes Linked To Political Parties Ties To The Criminal Underworld

What would happen to Jamaica if both the PNP and JLP decided to cut ties with the criminal gangs to which they are tied and throw their support to the law enforcement agencies?
I’ll tell you what would happen, we would have Jamaicans living abroad, returning to invest in their country, creating untold employment opportunities and wealth in our country.
None of this can happen, however, because a small cadre of politicians placed themselves above country and have created a system which is dedicated to their own interest country be damned.

Beautiful Jamaica

We Jamaicans are quick to talk about “Jamaica nice,” and yes, of course, God has blessed us with a beautiful country with some of the most pristine beaches anywhere.
The Carribean Sea, which caresses our shores, oh so gently, is as clear and beautiful as the blue mountain peak is imposing in its majesty.
The rivers, streams, and tributaries, meanders endlessly until they disappear beneath a soil so fertile our farmers produced more than we could ever eat.
For the most part, our people have been the kindest, most loving and neighborly.
The farther inland you travel the better your experience becomes. But now all of that is in jeopardy of being lost.
The country is still beautiful, but people are losing their souls.
Greed and envy replaced compassion and kindness.
The joy of sharing with our neighbors is replaced with the greed of lotto cheat-sheets and high-powered weapons.

Our people were not always bloodthirsty hooligans tearing at the carcass of each other’s corpses. We were loving people, who looked after each other and each other’s children.
No one group of people is responsible for our slide into the abyss of the morass. But none is more culpable than those who have been given more power to act on our behalf.
Once the ’70s stepped in Jamaicans began to witness a shift in the way politics was retailed.
Gone was the harmless banter come election time, replaced with a more sinister and ominous narrative that whatever wealth the wealthy had was arrived at illicitly and everyone poor was entitled to half of it.

Michael Manley introduced Democratic Socialism to Jamaica , social engineering which ruined the once thriving Island. Today Manleys followers trumpet his achievements which are largely feel-good platitudes. To his detractors he ruined a beautiful country.

We all know the continuous narrative around that central theme. A massive flight of capital and skilled professionals resulted.
Political strongmen moved into people’s homes and our country was changed forever.
The next crop of politicians learned also that if they devised a way to keep the people fighting amongst themselves, on their behalf, they could rape and pillage the nation’s resources without consequence as long as they tossed a few strongmen a few bones to divide up amongst the peasantry.
No matter how gullible the Lumpenproletariat was, the newly minted political class which governed as a pseudo Plutocracy needed a scapegoat when the [Lumpen] becomes agitated.
When public funds are misappropriated, there are bound to be shortages in the dispensation of public services.
When the Lumpen rises up the Plutocracy needs a diversion.
The JCF which was born out of the Morant Bay rebellion was the perfect diversion.

Edward Seaga..

The police are empowered no further than to be revenue collectors, the plutocracy has no fear that a peasant uprising will end up affecting them negatively. They feel insulated from it all. After all their real power bases are in the depressed crime-ridden garrisons in which the police is public enemy number one.
In 2010 the security forces were forced to act in Tivoli gardens in what was a veritable war between the state and mercenaries loyal to a drug lord. Heavily armed, they dared the state to touch them.
In the end, wars have casualties and there is usually collateral damage.
Tivoli Gardens was no exception.

Who remembered the Hannah Town police station ?

Not wanting a shift in the political paradigm, the ruling JLP and the Opposition PNP which generally does not agree on anything, agreed to a kangaroo commission to investigate what happened in Tivoli Gardens.
Again the security forces were the scapegoat and restitution and an apology given the rogue community which had thumbed its nose at the rule of law. Killing police officers and burning police stations in the process.
The Security forces were roundly condemned and individual officers singled out for particular ridicule and derision.
What stuck in my throat to this day is that they brought in a foreigner David Simmons to head the commission which heaped scorn on our police and military.
David Simmons is a retired judge from Barbados, a former colony of England, which has its collective head so far up her Majesty’s rear end she can feel them breathe.

The Former Darling Street Police Station, a concrete structure destroyed.

For the PNP condemning and reining in the police offered the perfect diversion. That party maintains control of many more garrison communities than the JLP.
In those communities, people vote as a monolith and the number of votes cast in elections generally outnumber the number of qualified electors exponentially.
The PNP was not about to see its base of support messed with.
As for the JLP, it too controls Garrison communities, albeit fewer, but the party understood fundamentally what a paradigm shift in the way the security forces are allowed to operate would shift the balance of power ultimately to the working class and away from the small bunch of governing plutocrats.
INDECOM was born.

Carolyn Gomes

I would be remiss if I did not mention the burgeoning and thriving list of lobby groups which sprung up all claiming to be human rights organizations.
FAST. JFJ. IACHR. And a plethora of disjointed individuals also latched onto the anti-police growth industry which has taken over the country.
None were more caustic and dangerous than the Carolyn Gomes led JFJ.
And of course, anyone who buys into the narrative that the police is evil and deserving of shackles gets rewarded.
Carolyn Gomes was given a national honor by the government. In the end, the lie of JFJ caught up with Gomes and she was exposed for making pornographic material available to minors.
She was forced to step aside in disgrace and one of her minions rewarded with the top spot.
Out of that whole lobbying effort, Bruce Golding in cahoots with the PNP gave the nation INDECOM to oversee the security forces.
INDECOM brings brought ego and harassment to the security force members. Members of the security forces stepped back from sticking their necks out and violent crimes skyrocketed.

Terrence Williams INDECOM

Such is the character of JAMAICA, despite the noise about prosperity by the JLP and the supposed virtues of Socialism, a failed political construct championed by the corrupt PNP.
One of the most visible components of the strategy to scapegoat the Police is the frequency with which Commissioners of police are appointed and fired.
This sleight of hand gives the impression that a commissioner of police has the means to magically make crime go away.
The truth of the matter is that though several of the top cops have been inept political hacks, the truth is that all have been given the proverbial basket to carry water.
The lack of resources the police are forced to contend with is never about the material inadequacies only, but more importantly, the agency is not allowed to fully enforce the laws.
And so commissioners of police come and go and some try their best while failing to speak out at the blatant power play and micro handling the plutocrats engage in with the police department while speaking out of the two sides of their filthy mouths.
On the one side, they talk about the need to lower or curb crime, even though their political enclaves are veritable crime factories.
On the other hand, they make it impossible for the police to enforce the laws through the myriad tactics I have outlined.

Owen Ellington former commissioner of police

I believe no Commissioner of police has done more to acquiesce to the dictates of the corrupt plutocracy than the compromised Owen Ellington who stepped down under spurious circumstances.
In a series of moves intended to placate the public, rather than speaking out against the plutocracy Ellington gave away the store through a series of strategies he developed.
In some instances what he gave up the public had no right to. That included making the (police force orders)public.
The Force orders is a weekly publication which communicates dictates from the Commissioner and his staff to the departments and officers. It includes personnel movement along with other personnel matters.
Nothing in the force orders is information which the public has a reasonable interest in having.
Additionally, Ellington introduced measures which all but made the police a laughing stock.
One such directive is as follows.

Tactical Retreat.  Our police officers are cultured to pay the ultimate price rather than retreat from an armed criminal attack.
We are working on a set of procedures which could accommodate “tactical retreat” as an option to preserve human life without undermining the sense of pride and honor of front-line officers. We will begin the conversation with the idea that a tactical retreat does not signal an abandonment of the cause. 

Owen Ellington knew nothing about dealing with or confronting criminals. He was reared in one office or another within the department.
There is nothing wrong with a tactical retreat as it relates to policing. That can be (a) so that a hostage negotiator may talk to a person who has taken hostages.
(b) So that an armed suspect may be allowed room to move away from innocent civilians.
(c) So that officers may set up a wider, more effective and comprehensive perimeter around a hot zone.
In none of these cases does it mean surrendering to criminals or allowing criminals to leave unpunished.
The hapless Owen Ellington naively believed that for Frontline officers, it was all about a sense of pride and honor, not to retreat, or about ” abandonment of the cause.”
For frontline officers, it has nothing to do with any of what Owen Ellington placed into his policy positions. It is about protecting life and enforcing laws.
That is what it has always been about but an office cop would have no idea about that now would he?
Today Officers are running away from criminals and crowds alike, made to be a laughing stock.
Police officers hiding in supermarkets and offices for doing their jobs.
Tactical retreat Own Ellington style?
Or cowardice and a lack of testicular fortitude, you decide.

Mongrel Minister Of Nat/security Puts Foot In His Stupid Mouth Once Again

As a former police officer, I am particularly incensed when a police officer is attacked and hurt or worse just for doing his or her job.
This is not about whether or not we agree with everything the police does, but about that officer’s expectation that he or she will return home safely after their shift as they ought to.
That is not too much to ask. Even soldiers on a battlefield do their level best to return from wars, police officers do too.

And so over the years, one of the things that I have personally hammered home to readers and to the JCF leadership,(assuming that they do read) is the need for more and better training which reflects the seriousness of the times.
To that end, many of my friends and even some of my most dedicated readers have disagreed with me on the level of training being afforded new recruits to the JCF.
I contend that not only is the training archaic and useless, but training should be ongoing for officers, especially as it relates to firearms, tactics, and threat assessments.
Police officers should have a well laid out Gymnasium with all of the modern amenities at the academy. Strength and fitness training should be a part of the recruit training.
More than anything else, the archaic and useless drills ought to be a thing of the past.

While we talk about police training it also makes sense to expand on the difficulty which lies in policing Jamaica.
As I said in a previous article, even within the CARICOM region, police officials are critical of Jamaicans and their lack of respect for the rule of law.
And so it is not out of the ordinary to hear tall tales (many unfounded) of the way Jamaicans are treated by law enforcement officials whether it’s in the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago or wherever?
That is not to say that the stigma attached to us Jamaicans does not negatively affect folks who may be innocent, or at best, not as guilty.

A slum in Kingston Jamaica

The difficulties of which I speak are varied and many, but I will list a few here which may in some cases be unique to Jamaica.

Rio Slum

Jamaica is a particularly hilly country This is in many respects unrivaled in our region. The challenges which come with the hilly terrain are many, but it makes the task of apprehending dangerous criminals that much more difficult.
Like the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the terrain makes enforcement a nightmare to varying degrees.

Over the years the corrosive influence and control Politics has had over law enforcement in our country have probably had the most disastrous consequences to date.
Sadly, those who are at the top of the security apparatus are in many cases the most suspect when it comes to how national security secrets are handled (see how Christopher Duddus Coke learned that the Americans wanted him extradited).

The present Minister of National Security Horace Chang, who said he inherited a glorified security company (speaking of the police department). He certainly could not wait to place his foot in his stupid mouth on the Spaldings shooting.
Speaking to a Lion’s Club of Kingston luncheon at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel Chang dived into the matter which is fresh and still under investigations
Had he had any of the equipment of modern policing, he could have been easily trained that in the face of a hostile crowd of vendors and taxi drivers who can be quite aggressive to the police, to use one of the non-lethal weapons to intercept and control the crowd. .

(a) The fucking idiot is the Minister responsible for the police, so if they are lacking equipment he is responsible.
(b) Secondly, this was not about crowd control, it was a case where a uniformed police officer was violently attacked.
Chang’s assessment is rubbish, it has no bearing on what we have seen on that video.
The guns would be for a killer crowd. Those (the absent tools) are basic equipment and we have not equipped our police force effectively.
In the estimation of this Minister of National Security, the crowd which destroyed a police service vehicle, and forced two officers to seek refuge in a supermarket before they were rescued, was not a killer crowd.
This could be handled with a canister of pepper spray and a baton.[sic]
These are the abject fools who are running our country. These are the lawmakers. Now do you need to ask why Jamaica is so fucked up?

Black Voters Must Assert Themselves By Taking Over The Party…

Not too long ago I wrote about the fact that the Democratic party and the moderates who run it, still cling to the misguided idea that they can continue to be Republican-lite and still hold together the varied mosaic coalition which now defines the party.
For a long time, the Democratic party straddled the fence on social issues, by avoiding the liberal label, managing to win national office, but losing badly to Republicans at the state and local levels.
Not standing up for social justice as the party should, even as the Republican party has made clear that it stands opposed to any kind of social justice and consolidates itself into a white people’s political party.
The rise of Donald Trump to take over what was left of the party transformed by Newt Gingrich, and the silent acquiescence of the whipped into shape remainder of the elected Republicans, made it clear that the Republican party is now a white power party.


The truth is that many Democratic strategists and talking heads have missed the signs just as badly as the politicians have.
The old coalition of so-called blue-collar workers, code for (uneducated whites), which formed the core of the old Democratic party, has been shattered by the power of targeted strategies bankrolled by billionaires like Charles and David Koch.
In States like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan assaults against Unions by bought and paid for Republican politicians like Scott Walker, who was recently defeated in Wisconsin, and Rick Snyder in Michigan, all but rendered the unions powerless as states under Republican leadership adopt right to work laws which eviscerated the unions.

As the political landscape continues to shift, many of those so-called blue-collar workers have moved on to the Republican party which has sold them a bill of goods based on the color of their skin.
For the most part identity politics have taken over for those voters, even though their interest is more aligned with the policies of the Democratic party.
White identity politics present a stronger pull than the pocketbook needs these voters had which were better addressed by Democratic policies.


If I said it once, I must have said it a thousand times, the Republican party has clearly defined lines of demarcation. The Democratic party bleeds voters to Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and every other fly-by-night who comes along because progressives who once supported the Democratic party no longer wants a tepid party which is still searching for its own identity.
Yet the party still struggles with its messaging, even after Ralph Nader gave us George Bush and Bernie Sanders gave us Donald Trump, the Democratic party and its boneheaded strategists still cling to the idea that the party needs to stick with centrist wishy-washy policy positions.
Television talking heads who are unable to read the tea leaves yap about the need for the party to maintain a centrist position, despite the clear and decisive upset win in New York by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the rise of Stacy Abrams in Georgia, Andrew Gillum’s and Beto Orourke’s near win in Florida and Texas respectively, but most of all the repudiation of Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

The Democratic party today has as its most loyal base African-Americans, who continue to vote in overwhelming numbers in support of Democratic candidates wherever they are. Including in the ruby red state of Alabama.
Yet the party has failed to address the needs of its most loyal base. Something no one could ever accuse Republicans of doing.
Despite the societal and social ills which confront the African-American community, police violence and abuse, poverty, housing, and lending discrimination and the long list of maladies associated with being black in America, the party has remained silent as “Black lives matter” has been cast in the media as a pseudo-terrorist organization.
Still, the party fail to understand why the likes of former Starbucks CEO, billionaire, Howard Schultz would see an opening which gives him the idea he could be the next billionaire President(assuming that Trump is).
Democrats are complaining that Schultz would inexorably siphon off votes from them ostensibly handing a second term to Donald Trump.
How about positioning the party in a clear direction, so that the likes of Schultz see no opening to run for president and more importantly support your base.
How about not having to beg people not to run?

In a recent article, the New York Times contended that the Democratic candidates have all expressed sorrow for positions they took in the past as the diverse coalition which makes up the party is far less forgiving of candidates who do not understand their complex needs.
Despite the clear lurch to the right the Republican party has taken, the Democratic party still meanders along as the party which isn’t the Republican party. Devoid of character, devoid of a clear identity.
Recent reports indicate that because of the clear progressive stance many new house members and state representatives have taken, former vice president Joe Biden is still weighing whether he can mount a viable candidacy for the nomination of his party.
Real Democratic voters do not want a wishy-washy Republican-lite party. They need a political party which represents their interest.

Kamina Johnson-Smith Ignores Data To Push Feminist Agenda…

Kamina Johnson-Smith

In an address to the University of the West Indies Leaders Engaged, Activated, and Dedicated Annual Breakfast held at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston on January 27th, Government Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith sought to allay the growing concerns that women are being employed at twice the rate of men.

Johnson Smith insisted that space has to be made for women who have been shackled by cultural norms.
I don’t think to promote women in a situation where women have not been promoted before in a space that has been predominantly male, that it means male marginalization.
“I am always quite surprised at how easy it is for conversations to change nowadays to male marginalization when you are speaking about male empowerment.

One of the reasons we cannot solve problems for our people is that we refuse to accept facts as facts and work from those baselines.
Former President Barack Obama lamented the very same thing after leaving office.
Speaking to Republican intransigence and the reasons nothing gets done Obama argued,”When we cannot agree on a baseline of facts, it is literally impossible to accomplish anything.”
In Jamaica, like in the US, politicians are willing to ignore data, facts which do not support their narrative are discarded as opinions and left to die on the workroom floor and policies are developed which end up having the opposite effect of what they were intended.
All because policy-makers have their own agendas which generally does not line up with the will of the majority.

It is important to consider that while Johnson-Smith was heaping scorn on the data which had been released by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, showing that female workers are being employed at twice the rate of men.
And while addressing a group of people from the University of the West Indies, that very institution is having severe problems fielding a balanced slate of freshman students each year.
Someone in that group could have directed the Senator to the ghastly freshman numbers at the UWI each year in which females are up to 85% of the freshman class, year after year.


There are exponentially more all-girls schools in Jamaica than boy schools.
There are also myriad agencies dedicated to the support and upliftment of girls and women. I have listed a few here for the benefit of the Senator’s education and fidelity to truth.
(1) The Bureau of Women’s Affairs (gender affairs)Act as a catalyst to ensure that the Government addresses the problems that confront women, given the impact of patriarchy and sexism. 
(2) Woman Incorporated (Crisis Centre) Offering crisis counseling, referral services, and a 24-hour hotline. The issues addressed by Woman Inc. include rape, incest, domestic violence, domestic crisis, and sexual harassment.
(3) Sistren Theatre Collective  Brings pressure to bear on society to change negative stereotypes of women.
(4) Women’s Centre Of Jamaica Foundation  Objective is to motivate young mothers to choose education instead of continuous motherhood. 
(5) Women’s Media Watch The organization works to improve the images of women in the media.
(6) Women’s Resource And Outreach Centre Provides a place for women and youth in the Lyndhurst and Greenwich community to learn the route self-empowerment.

This list does not begin to scratch the surface but it gives clear and unequivocal examples of the disparity in support services and to whom they are dedicated.
It would be interesting to have the good Senator or one of her lackeys furnish me with a list of equivalent service organizations dedicated to the upliftment and support of boys and men.

Image result for ghetto youths with sagging pants
These are American youth, but wherever the youth is ignored the consequences are dire.

(1) The Bureau of Women’s Affairs 
The bureau’s mandate to act as a catalyst to ensure that the Government addresses the problems that confront women, given the impact of patriarchy and sexism
(2) Woman Incorporated (Crisis Centre)
Offering crisis counseling, referral services, and a 24-hour hotline. The issues addressed by Woman Inc. Includes rape, incest, domestic violence, domestic crisis, and sexual harassment. 
(3) Sistren Theatre Collective
Brings pressure to bear on society to change negative stereotypes of women.
(4) Women’s Centre Of Jamaica Foundation 
Established in response to the high level of teenage pregnancy 
(5) Women’s Media Watch 
Works to improve the images of women in the media as one way of reducing violence.
(6) Women’s Resource And Outreach Centre (WROC)
Provides a place for women and youth in the Lyndhurst and Greenwich community to learn the route to self-empowerment.

In a typical family in which resources are scarce, the boy is left to fend for himself while the single mother, or both parents dedicated themselves to sending the girls to school.
Jamaica’s youth is in crisis, but nowhere is it more evident than in the male population.
The sad reality is that the women are getting an education and the boys are seeking commensurate power and respect through the barrel of a gun.
How will the nation move forward when a Government Senator ignores empirical data in order to push a feminist agenda which is exacting incredible costs on the country in blood and treasure?
In the push to level the playing field and establish equity, the feminist movement does not care about any outcome except the outcomes which justify quotas in women’s favor, regardless of the consequences.
A rising tide raises all boats. If we are to have a better and just society we work for a society in which all are treated equally.
While the women take on jobs clearly some are not cut out for in the quest for political correctness the men stand on the corners crushing weed in the middle of their hands.
Later on, society pays dearly when they decide to take out their anger for their lack of relevance and the perception that the game is rigged against them.
Guess what it is.

The young Jamaican male has become the caricature of what the feminist movement casts him to be.
Pants sagging off his ass, Guinness stout under one arm, while he crushes dried Ganga in his palm.
A good for nothing male product of the patriarchy who sires multiple children, none of whom he supports.
He is violent and spontaneous and is predisposed to using violence as a means of conflict resolution.
Sounds about right -right? Well, if you think the murder statistics are frightening now, swallow the nonsense of Kamina Johnson-Smith and ignore the data.
I’ll hope to see you on the other side of the revolution.

Lindsay Graham Makes An Ass Of Himself By Berating The FBI…

Is there anyone else as annoyed as I am at the US Senator from South Carolina, no, not the Black one, the one who called himself a friend of John McCain but has become Donald Trump’s water boy, (speaking of Lindsay Graham).
What the hell happened to this guy? Was he always this full of it while John McCain was alive or has something sinister happened to Lindsay Graham?

Every year thousands and thousands of raids are carried out in neighborhoods across the country by the thousands of militarized police departments. These militarized raids are generally carried out in black and brown neighborhoods, sometimes with devastating consequences for residents of the properties on which these raids are executed.
Far too often the information which precipitated the raids are faulty, and even fraudulent, resulting ostensibly in devastating consequences for innocent victims who are left to pick up the pieces.

I have never ever heard Lindsay Graham condemn the police for acting inappropriately or abusing their powers.
In 2014 Cops in Georgia acting as if they were soldiers on a battlefield critically injured 19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavanh — known as “Baby Bou Bou.”
Serving a late-night “no-knock” warrant on May 28, 2014, at a home where they believed Bou Bou’s father’s nephew, a suspected meth dealer, was staying when they lobbed a flash-bang grenade inside. The nephew wasn’t home, and the grenade — designed to disorient its target — landed in Bou Bou’s crib.
The cops lied to the court but were nevertheless found not guilty for almost killing the innocent child.
Lindsay Graham did not have a word of condemnation for the overzealous wannabe soldiers who almost killed an innocent baby.
But the South Carolina Senator has written to the FBI demanding answers on why the agency did not simply ask Roger Stone the Trump associate to turn himself in.

Lindsay Graham

The FBI turned up in force and arrested Roger Stone early in the morning as they do in most other cases when they need to arrest criminal suspects.
That includes Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.
I believe anyone not living under a rock already knows who Roger Stone is.
I mean the guy is as old as a rock and has prided himself as a political dirty trickster of sorts from as far back as the Reagan years, maybe as far back as Nixon’s days.
Finally, Stone’s luck has run out and he has been indicted by Special Counsel Robert Muller’s team for his part in the ongoing investigations into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 General elections.
Why is Lindsay Graham sticking his nose into an active investigation over which he has no control?
To begin with, the FBI has evidence that Graham does not have.
Lindsay Graham, though a US Senator, has no jurisdiction, authority or control over either the FBI, or the Muller Investigations and as such the agency do not have to even respond to Senator Grahams posturing.

If we set aside those raids in which law enforcement break down doors only to realize that the information on which they acted was false or misleading.
And if we set aside the cases in which they break down doors and arrest real suspects in the all too familiar military-style raids, we would still be left with the hundreds and hundreds of people of color, generally young black men who are murdered by police across the country each year and Lindsay Graham has never found his voice to speak out against those atrocities.
What Lindsay Graham is doing as a result of his grandstanding is demanding a separate set of rules for white men with power.
No knock raids and raids like that carried out at Roger Stone’s house, you know where the FBI agents knocked and demanded that Stone open the door should only happen to “those people”, people of color and poor people who do not matter.
The FBI, I am sure, have several reasons why they did not ask Roger Stone to report to be arraigned.
Not the least of which could be that he may potentially destroy evidence germane to their investigations.
Roger Stone has dared the agency to come and arrest him. He had T-shirts made up daring the Muller team and have told everyone who would listen that he expected that he would be indicted.
Guess what, they may have done just that.
Roger Stone may also have posed a flight risk, we do not know and neither does the Senator from South Carolina.
All in all Roger Stone deserved no more deference that the guy on the street. Yet he was quick to tell the truth that the FBI Agents were really quite courteous to him.
Lindsay Graham in seeking to be Trump’s water boy, is making a royal jackass of himself.
John McCain would not recognize Lindsay Graham as a result of just how low he has sunken.

Kamala Harris Deserves Better Than Sexist Criticism About Her Personal Life

The 2020 presidential candidate has faced down creepy gossip about a past relationship for 20 years. It should stop—now.
By Joan Walsh

Democratic women had a lot to celebrate this weekend. With the formal entrance of California Senator Kamala Harris to the 2020 presidential race, it was official: Three of the top prospects are women. Although Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand have merely said they’re exploring a run, both women drew big crowds on their first trip to Iowa, which holds its first-in-the-nation caucuses next February 3. (Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard has also announced, but she has yet to hold a campaign event or confirm hiring staff.) Warren’s strong start led The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs to anoint her as the Iowa “frontrunner,” even as national polls show former vice president Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the lead.

Kamala Harris, at least temporarily, blew by Warren on Sunday, drawing a crowd of more than 20,000 to her hometown of Oakland, California, for her official announcement. To be fair, since neither Gillibrand nor Warren has declared, they have not yet invested the money or advance work into staging this kind of super-event. It wasn’t just the adoring crowds, though: I’ve been covering Harris for 16 years, since her first race for San Francisco district attorney in 2003, and I’ve never seen her so inspiring, quoting Frederick Douglass and Bobby Kennedy.

“When we have children in cages crying for their mothers and fathers, don’t you dare call it border security,” she declared mid-speech. “That’s a human-rights abuse and that’s not our America.” I don’t have a candidate; I hope to stay neutral in this thrilling and historic 2020 race at least until 2020—but Sunday was a great day for Democratic women, whoever you support.
Except when it wasn’t: The day began with the right wing buzzing over a supposed bombshell from former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, “confirming” what has never been a secret, in his gadfly weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle: that he dated Harris in the mid-1990s, when he was running for mayor. “Extramarital affair with Kamala Harris?” Fox News blared. “Former San Francisco Mayor, 84, admits it happened.” TownhallRedStateWorldNetDailyAmerican Thinker and a host of other wingnut sites piled on, some more pervy than others (I won’t give them the traffic by linking). But mainstream outlets picked up the news, too. “Willie Brown on Kamala Harris: ‘We dated. I influenced her career,’” USA Today told us. NBC political reporter Jonathan Allen confessed on Twitter that “both Republicans & Democrats have whispered ‘Willie Brown’ to me in recent weeks when the subject of Harris’ run has come up. That’ll hurt her, they say.” Allen, correctly, went on to predict the whispers will “backfire” on Harris’s opponents. But the whispering—and shouting—is appalling, on so many levels.

For one thing, it shows the short memories and/or disturbing laziness of many political reporters: Brown can’t “admit” to anything that’s been well known in San Francisco political circles since it was going on, in the mid-1990s. Harris’s relationship with Brown came up frequently when she ran for DA in 2003. In fact, it was an enormous issue: She faced down charges that he’d helped her career—and he probably did; what successful pol hasn’t had help from someone powerful?—and given her two plum state-commission assignments. Worse than that were the lurid rumors about their relationship I heard “on background”—from other Democrats. It was sexist and appalling—the sex lives of California Democrats like Brown himself, and many of his contemporaries, burnished their legends. Harris’s romantic past was supposed to shame and sideline her. It sickened me, and I wrote that at the time. In the end, it was her own work in the San Francisco and Alameda County DA’s offices, not Brown’s “help,” that convinced voters to take a chance on Harris, and reject the aging progressive incumbent Terence Hallinan (who was himself accused of sexual harassment by several women while he served on the Board of Supervisors; he settled with one out of court).
Now, some are claiming that Harris is hiding her past with Brown; apparently, she didn’t mention him in her new book, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey. Newsflash: This happened almost a quarter-century ago. She was around 30. No one has an obligation to discuss the men they dated that long ago. Early in her career, she was open about it: She had to be. The night Brown was elected as mayor she shared the stage, and famously presented him with a baseball cap emblazoned “Da Mayor.” (You can easily find the photo on the Google.)

Others are taking a moralizing approach: Brown was “married,” so she conducted an extramarital affair. Newsflash: While living in the San Francisco Bay Area and even working under Speaker Willie Brown in the California State Assembly, it took me years to learn that the Democratic leader was still married. That’s because he was a notorious womanizer, who used to joke that his age, combined with his girlfriend’s, could never break 100 (at 84, he better have relaxed those rules, lest he breaks the law). He nonetheless remained close to his wife; he reportedly promised he would never divorce her. Still, the late, legendary columnist San Francisco columnist Herb Caen even predicted Brown and Harris would marry.
Read more here: https://www.thenation.com/article/kamala-harris-willie-brown/

Why Now, Why Is America Interfering In Venezuela?

The crisis in Venezuela should be worked out by the Venezuelan people and should under no circumstances be engineered by any foreign power.
At the moment the United States is conducting an aggressive investigation into alleged Russian interference into its 2016 elections.
As such, the US has no authority to tip the scales in Venezuela one way or the other and neither does any other nation.

Nicolas Maduro

What is right for the United States must also be right for the rest of the world.
But you wouldn’t know it from listening to uber -war-hawk John Bolton, Donald Trump’s national security adviser.
Bolton, a well-known warmonger who would never allow an opportunity to go to war to go unexploited, wormed his way into the Trump administration and got the job he wanted, that of national security adviser.
Donald Trump campaigned on pulling America out of what he called “stupid wars,” in his unique incoherent gibberish, Trump managed to articulate a policy which indicated that he did not believe in an America in which the country is the policeman of the world.

Juan Guaidó

Despite those self-serving protestations by Trump, his administration has moved to recognize Juan Guido’s decision to declare himself interim president of Venezuela.
The Trump administration has also taken steps to hand to Juan Guido the accounts that Venezuela has outside the country.
Those moves are designed to topple the presidency of Nicolas Maduro.
Regardless of what one thinks of Nicolas Maduro’s presidency or the way he acquired it, it is inconceivable to imagine a scenario in which the United States would allow a foreign power to actively decide who is president of the United States.
Or is it?
Without foreign currency, Venezuela cannot conduct business and the Venezuelan economy will ostensibly collapse.

John Bolton

Donald Trump preaches America First, he rarely invokes democracy and human rights and has expressed glowing admiration for dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.
Siding with Juan Guido supposedly to restore democracy in Venezuela rings hollow.
The Atlantic argued: Asked to explain the president’s anomalous stance on Maduro during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, a senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, noted that both Venezuela and the United States are bound to a multinational charter they adopted in 2001 that enshrines representative democracy as the prevailing political system in the Western hemisphere. But the rationale rang hollow. If we’ve learned one thing from Trump’s presidency, it’s that he doesn’t feel the least bit tethered to international agreements when he believes they aren’t in the national interest.

Asked about the potential of a military incursion into Venezuela, John Bolton remarked to the press that the President has maintained that all options are on the table.
Bolton tried to make the case that such actions would be to protect Americans in Venezuela.
All options should not be on the table if America simply brings its diplomats home. Countries kick diplomats out all the time. This time should be no different.
As the crisis in Trump’s presidency heightens it seems like yet another wag-the-dog military exercise could be in the works to distract attention away from a floundering presidency.
America has a chief executive who has been named as a co-conspirator in a felony. There is a productive and ever threatening Special Counsel investigation which seems set to engulf Donald Trump.
His border wall inspired Government shutdown ended after 35 days with the Democrats holding fast under the leadership of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s leadership.
With little to no legislative accomplishments to point to and another presidential campaign beginning to take shape on the horizon.
The sad yet dangerous irony in all of this is that a presidency which came into existence on the promise to extricate America from stupid wars,[sic] may very well be contemplating starting another stupid war, with the express intent of building public support for a presidency many deem illegitimate.

PNP Wrong On Venezuela As It Is Wrong On So Much More..

Nicolas Maduro

It is hard to imagine a case in which the People’s National Party has made a greater ass of itself than getting involved in the events in Venezuela on the side of illegitimate President Nicolas Maduro.
It is remarkable, yet totally predictable that the (PNP) would mistake a man who rigged the vote and made himself President to be a [duly elected] president.

As is to be expected the local media houses also jumped onto the bandwagon in support of Maduro under the same guise.
The fact that the United States to a large extent have supported and may have been instrumental in Mr Juan Guaido declaring himself interim president, may be playing a part in the PNP’s decision to support Maduro.
However it is not just the US which has supported the move by Guaido, so too has Canada, and quite a few Latin American and European countries.

Arguing for support of Maduro The Observer Editorial page headlined (A plea for Venezuela).
Simply put, nations that subscribe to the ideal of democracy cannot, on one hand — and rightly so we believe — dismiss Mr Nicolas Maduro’s claim to the presidency, then turn around and embrace Mr Guaido’s announcement. For Mr Guaido, in making that claim, is acting in like manner to his political foe.

In an Editorial which literally supports the decision not to support Maduro’s presidency, but for the paragraph saying Jamaica should, the Editors made plausible and convincing arguments as to why Maduro should not be president, including the following.
Readers will recall that in 2014 after a fall in oil prices sparked a major economic crisis for Venezuela, Mr Maduro’s Government greeted anti-government protests with force, resulting in the deaths of 43 people. In 2017, when protesters, in four months of demonstrations, called for Mr Maduro to step down, 125 people were killed. Also, 18 months after the Opposition won control of the National Assembly by a landslide in December 2015, Mr Maduro, in a blatant display of his disregard for democracy, created a Constituent Assembly tasked with rewriting Venezuela’s constitution. That move was regarded as designed to supersede the National Assembly in order to legitimize his grip on power.

The Editorial laid out a case by case basis for exactly why Nicolas Maduro should not be president, while claiming that quote:Nations that subscribe to the ideal of democracy cannot, on one hand — and rightly so we believe — dismiss Mr. Nicolas Maduro’s claim to the presidency.
It is exactly that kind of regressive thinking which caused the PNP to criticize the Government’s stance against the Maduro regime.
It is for those reasons that the PNP’s Lisa Hanna was out making statements to the media in support of Nicolas Maduro.
And it is that kind of lack of critical thinking by the PNP which has kept the country immersed in poverty over the years and got the country into the morass it did in the 70’s.
It is that kind of unintelligent thought process which causes the PNP to withdraw it’s support from the Government’s application of the limited states of emergency.
If the steps Nicolas Maduro took to acquire and maintain control of the government in Venezuela are illegal then his claim to the presidency are no more legitimate than that of Juan Guaido.

Without going into too much details, here is an ultra brief synopsis of Nicolas Maduro’s political life.
After entering a constitutional crisis when the Supreme Tribunal removed power from the National Assembly, months of protests occurred in 2017, leading Maduro to call for a rewrite of the constitution and resulting in at least 153 deaths. The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela was elected into office 30 July 2017, with the majority of its elected members being pro-Maduro.[24][25] On 20 May 2018, Maduro was reelected into the presidency in what the Atlantic Council and Financial Times described as a show election[26][27] which had the lowest voter turnout in Venezuela’s modern history.[28] Like Chávez, Maduro has been accused of authoritarian leadership,[29] with mainstream media describing him as a dictator, especially following the suspension of the recall movement that was directed towards him.(Wikipedia).

The People’s National Party has consistently hitched it’s wagon to despotic illegitimate governments and ideologies in the same way it has made decisions which has had demonstrably catastrophic consequences for Jamaica since 1962.
In some cases the PNP could simply have remained silent, as it should have in the Nicolas Maduro’s case.
But the PNP has never been known to exercise good judgement. Not when Michael Manley hitched his wagon to Fidel Castro,who had hitched his wagon to a dying Soviet empire.
Not even in exercising good judgement in eschewing and discarding the clenched fists, stupid berets and using the moniker “comrade“.

Republicans Stripping Steve King Of Comm/assingments Cost Them Nothing..

Finding themselves in the unenviable position if the minority party in the House, Republicans now have a chance to lick their wounds over the monumental loss they suffered in the last elections. Maybe now its time for some introspection about where they went wrong.

The stalemate in which the country finds itself with no plausible end in sight to a manufactured crisis is only one of the many issues which are plaguing the GOP and hurting the country.
It has become evident that Republicans cannot be trusted with power.
When in opposition they engineer strategies which at best are reactionary and subversive.
When voted into office they demonstrate that the actions they take are not in the interest of the wider society, but are tailored toward a rather tiny sliver of the society.
That tiny sliver is usually the whitest and richest people at the top.

The inability of the Congress to get anything done was not created by the hapless Democrats. Truth is, the Democrats are too beholden, to too many different interests to stick to any policy position as a matter of principle for long and Republicans have always cashed in on that.
Traditionally Democrats generally end up folding like a cheap tent at the slightest pushback by Republicans.
Newt Gingrich was able to work with Bill Clinton, despite the reactionary nature of his so-called “contract with America”  insurgency .
Democrats for their part, basically gave away the house to George W Bush after 9/11 out of fear he would label them against America.
You will recall Bush’s mantra, “either you are with us or you are against us”?
That scared the hell out of the Democrats, so they gave him more than he demanded and the Patriot Act was born.
The consequences of the Bush Presidency and the damage done to individual freedoms is incalculable.

The logjam in the Congress came about because Barack Obama a (black man) ascended to the Presidency.
Republicans at the Congressional and Gubernatorial levels decided they would do everything in their power to make sure that the policies the newly elected president ran on did not become law.
The T-Party was born, not as some generic grassroots opposition to Obama’s so-called Socialists Policies as some would have you believe. But as a consequence of a strategic well-funded campaign by uber-billionaires the likes of the Koch brothers, gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson, the Mercers, and others.

Now there is a sorta-kind Republican in the white house and of course, Congressional Republicans are more than willing to have you believe that Democrats have a responsibility and indeed a duty to engage in bipartisanship.
Of course, why not? The Democrats have always been like a filler party which takes office when people are tired of Republican betrayal and the destruction of the economy.
Republican contributions are to start some wars, decimate the economy and back goes the electorate to the Democrats. Yup, even a black Democrat, something which never happened before.
And what do you know, it worked.
Then, it’s back to anything which calls itself Republican, and the cycle continues.
The problem this time for the treasonous Republicans, is that the Democratic majority is made up of some not so old people, some not so white people, and some not so timid people.
Many of them ran on exactly not conforming to previous Democratic orthodoxy.
As an Opinion writer, I have for the last couple of years written that Democratic voters want a decisive Democratic party, not a Republican-lite Democratic party. I pointed to the rise of Vermont Socialist, Bernie Sanders as proof that Democratic voters want clear lines of demarcation between their party and the Republicans.
Like the cleansing which went on in the Republican party which removed the so-called (Republicans in name only)[RINO’s]sic, progressive Democratic voters are tired of electing Democrats who are Republican-lite.
This time they voted for Democratic candidates who are Democrats, candidates who are Black, Hispanic, Muslims, Native-Americans- Gays, Transgenders and others, and all of those groups are tired of the Democratic party taking their votes and pushing a white male agenda afterwards.

Congressman Steve King

So now that Paul Ryan, the fake golden boy genius, has taken his marbles and gone home leaving Kevin McCarthy to be minority leader, yes the same Kevin McCarthy who should have been the speaker before Ryan, he’s now settling into the minority spot, one of a dying breed of California Republicans.
And what do you know, unlike Mitch McConnell and his band of Putin supporters in the Senate Kevin McCarthy and his now chastened House Republicans have decided to blow some smoke up the nations rear end by throwing their racist point man Steven King overboard.
Paul Ryan pretended to care but stuck it to the average Joe while enacting the agenda of the 1%. He is now gone, a distant memory and a bad taste in the nations collective pallet.
He left without doing anything positive for the nation for which he will be remembered.
It’s not like Steve King hasn’t been a vile rancid racist scumbag all his political life, everyone knows King and many, many others in the Republican Party are not just racist but dumb nationalists.
There are so many more vile creatures like Steve King in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Some worse than others.
So I gotta ask why now, why have Republicans, at least those in the house finally decided to strip Steve King of his committee assignments?
I mean the voters in Iowa’s 4th District knew who Steve King was all along and despite the outcry against him they again sent him to Washington?
If Steve King is an ignoble racist what does it make them?
If Republicans had control of the house would they have done anything about their colleague from Iowa’s 4th district?
Absolutely not, they have now done this so that they can change the conversation. So the next time Republicans are accused of racism they can point to Steve King and say here is how we treat Racists in our party when we see it.

Paul Ryan

Now here is the thing I cannot wrap my mind around, King has always been this way, so it seems to me that lamenting in a New York Times interview as to the reason “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” have become offensive may have been the straw which broke the Camel’s back.
McCarthy said King’s remarks were “beneath the dignity of the Party of Lincoln and the United States of America” and “call into question whether he will treat all Americans equally, without regard for race and ethnicity”.”House Republicans are clear: We are all in this together, as fellow citizens equal before God and the law,” McCarthy said according to [Huffpost.com].
What baloney, this idea of a Trump wall is exactly because America is becoming a multicultural, multi-ethnic county. Steve King knew and said it, and so does all who support the Republican party.
The immigration fights are about the browning of America and so is all of the voter suppression laws and strategies Republicans have initiated.

Barack Obama mused after winning a second term that maybe the fever would break, in reference to the Republican unitary opposition to him on every issue.
That did not happen, Republicans maintained their abnormal opposition to him even as it regarded his constitutional right and responsibility to appoint a justice to the Supreme court, upon which the Senate is then required to advise and consent.
Republicans did neither!
Mitch McConnell ensured that not only would Judge Merrick Garland not get a hearing to be an associate justice, but Republicans would not even meet with him, and so they didn’t.
Through that process of blatant political obstructionism, Neil M. Gorsuch now sits in the seat which should have been Merrick Garland’s.
The Republican attempt to jettison Steve King so as to save face when accused of racism will fool no one.
The Party of Lincoln was never an anti-racist party as some would have you believe. Racism in America was never a party issue, it has always been a people issue and it still is.
The mythology about Lincoln and his party is just that, a myth and so too is the nonsense that Steve King’s racism flies in the face of the party of Lincoln.
Furthermore, this Republican party is now the party of Trump and it’s primary characteristic is Racism.

In The Age Of #metoo, Tradition Under Assault


At the risk of oversimplification, it seems to me that men will simply have to have what they say to women looked over by their lawyers before saying them.
Let me hasten to say that women have been on the wrong end of sexual deviancy by some men who simply do not know how to act and some who don’t care about acting right.
Even as we contemplate how to be better examples of ourselves it is important to ensure that we do not throw out the baby with the bath water.
It is nevertheless important that even with the glee of (#metoo) innocent lives are not destroyed by false accusations and fake equivalences to make up for past transgressions.
We have a real proclivity to tilting too far to the other side to compensate for past errors that we overturn the whole thing.

Over the last couple of years, many powerful men have been brought down on allegations of sexual abuse, sexual assaults, and even sexual harassment.
Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, are only a few to have been reduced to negative caricatures of their former selves.
Bill Cosby is serving a lengthy prison sentence for sexual assaults allegedly committed many years ago outside the statute of limitations.
The man who prosecuted him ran for the office solely on his desire to bring Bill Cosby down. So much for blind justice.
Now Cosby may very well be a monster who is deserving of where he finds himself but it is important to remember that the phalanx of over 50 women who made allegations about incidents of abuse spanned a wide swath of Cosby’s career, from Kristina Ruehli (1965) to Chloe Goins (2008).

Whether we are talking about allegations of improper conduct between grownups, or the sordid indefensible allegations against R Kelly the R&b artiste who is alleged to have had a decades-long affinity for sexually assaulting underage girls, or even a man making improper sexual comments to a co-worker, it is all viewed in the same light.
And therein lies the problem because what is happening now it seems, is an escalating fight and a growing chasm between the sexes, made worse daily by individual occurrences of misconduct which are processed as part of a larger conspiracy by the evil male[sic].

In the days since the lifetime docuseries “surviving R Kelly” aired in which music Journalist “Toure” appeared and condemned R Kelly for the allegations against him by a long list of teenage girls including one to which he was married, Toure is himself facing allegations of sexual harassment.
In the allegations, a woman identified only as “Dani” a makeup artist accused Touré of sexually harassing her when she worked with him on a Time Inc. show.
He couldn’t stop asking me to do anal, how I looked naked, if I had sex over the weekend, what it would be like to fuck me …” Dani wrote in the comments. “I had to have the crew stay in the room with me while I got him ready.”

Nothing in these allegations can be condoned or supported. Simply put, men have to be better stewards of their sexual urges.
As men, we have to reassess how we respond to women and not do to them what we would not want anyone doing to our daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends.
As men, we also know that sexual harassment is hardly a male problem, but men look at sexual harassment and even sexual assaults in a purely different light.
For the most part, even when a man is a victim of unwanted sexual attention/assault, he generally wears it as a badge of honor. And so we do not have a correct representative sampling of data in which men are the victims.

Far too often we fail to process information properly. We have a predisposition to always having to compartmentalize the information to which we are exposed and place it into neat little boxes.
This type of desire to always label and tuck away information neatly in the recesses of our minds does not always lend itself to understanding the context in which things happen and the way we receive information today versus just two decades ago.
The loads of data to which we are now exposed as a result of social media and 24/7 cable news can sometimes make it seem like the sky is falling.
We get overwhelmed into thinking that everything we once held dear, has been uprooted and we are sliding into an abyss.
But is this kind of thinking really true?

I don’t think so. Fewer people are dying from wars, diseases, and crime overall, than say 50 years ago.
Many issues which were once dirty little secrets, pedophilia, sex-trafficking, sexual assaults, and sexual harassment are now out in the open.
Technology has brought everything into sharper focus and as a consequence what we may be dealing with is a little bit of information overload.
Excessive Internet and social media use can impact your mental health?  While it’s a helpful tool for education, work, social interaction, and entertainment, overuse can take a toll on your health, says Saju Mathew, M.D., a primary care physician at Piedmont. 
Reading too much negative news and too much computer time can increase your anxiety.
Is that causing this anxiety between the sexes?
Are the anxiety and anger justified at a time when women are appearing in larger numbers in the workforce and once covered up secrets are now out in the open?
Or is there a larger push to drive a wedge between the genders and our former way of life?

We are now being told that we should not refer to young children as girls and boys because they are too young to decide what they want to be.
Businesses are being required to provide separate ablution areas for trans people and marriage between same-sex couples is now the law of the land.
Does that play into the sense of anger around how the issues of sexual harassment and sexual assaults are viewed?
In the world of hyper-political correctness and gender equality, there are seemingly no longer any clearly defined boundaries.
Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of newly minted California Governor Gavin Newsom has decided that in the name of gender equality she will not take on the title of “first lady” of California but instead will go with “first-partner.
“The work I do really parallels and complements Gavin’s work because it’s about awakening people’s consciousness, shifting hearts and minds, attitudes and behaviors,” Siebel Newsom said in a Los Angeles Times profile published in November. 
The governor has been an advocate for gender issues, including women’s and LGBTQ rights.”https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jennifer-siebel-newsom-gavin-newson_us_5c375286e4b0c469d76b99a7

There should be zero tolerance for sexual assaults, sexual harassment or even sexual discrimination. Yet I wonder whether we are doing ourselves any favors when we lump sexual assaults and or harassment into the same category as a man telling a co-worker she looks great?
Because if we are, I sense that the workplace will become a place where neither gender will want to be.
A while back I wrote an article speaking to faith and the LGBT, (Queer and Trans community ). I argued then that as far as those communities are concerned, it was not just a matter of getting the straight community to see their community as equals.
There is a far more sinister motive behind their push . The idea seems to be designed to bend the straight community’s way of thinking and yes it’s about awakening people’s consciousness, shifting hearts and minds, attitudes and behaviors.
Not in the way you are thinking. Not toward equality and justice but toward subjugation and total fealty to their way of thinking.

Much of the #metoo movement is justifiable comeuppance for too many men who believe/d that women are disposable creatures created only for their pleasure and convenience.
Nevertheless, there is much lumping of individual cases designed to create the impression that men are on a sexual tear against women.
It is a strategy which is resulting in even more devastating consequences for men, many of whom are innocent.
People will use whatever weapons they have to inflict harm. Allegations of sexual misconduct have real and far-reaching consequences against those they are leveled against.
Unfortunately, some women are no more less inclined to using sexual allegations as a weapon against men than some men are inclined to abuse women.
The question then becomes ,who benefits from a discordant divide between the sexes?

If you ever raised your voice in objection to homosexuality, understand that you may very well be the potential target of an evil smear campaign.
If they cannot find something on which to discredit you they will find a way to dredge up something that sounds believable.
Over the years as the debate raged about the need for greater societal acceptance of homosexuality I argued that there was no societal refusal to accepting homosexuality/Lesbianism.
Potential employers were not in the business of asking whether one was gay or straight.
People lived their lives the way they chose to. It was the gay community which insisted that the way we looked at marriage across the globe was outdated, discriminatory and was like lava which needed to undergo a metamorphosis.


The way they see it is that we are living in a horrible patriarchal world which needs dismantling.
For some reason or other, some black women seem to think that feminism is their fight to wage, their hill to die on.
My question to them, including the black intellectuals who subscribe to the feminist ideology, is this, where is the feminist community as you struggle to understand why police just shot and killed your black son?
Lesbian black women seem to go to exceptional lengths to demonstrate that they have larger testicles than men.
They dress and try to look harder than the toughest thug on the streets and their hatred of men seem to take on a particularly insidious tinge.
The website ( everydayfeminism.com) while begging for money to stay on the internet , argues for 5 Reasons Our ‘Sons’ Need Feminism, Too.
*Boys can seem insulated from the harm done by the patriarchy, and that makes it easier to neglect sharing our feminism with our sons. After all, they have an advantage in this crappy patriarchal system. It seems like they’ll, more or less, be okay.
I’m a working-class mom struggling to make ends meet while bringing up a toddler, so I get how hard this stuff is.

I beg your pardon, I would wager that you were not a feminist before you had that toddler.
I would also wager that feminism was not a thought when you were deciding on the man with whom you made that toddler.
Now all of a sudden you are a rabid feminist because you are left to raise a kid on your own, most likely because of your crappy decision making?
The writer went on.
*The truth is, you don’t and can’t know the gender of a baby, or even most young toddlers. No matter how we parents feel about it, there is always a chance that our kids won’t turn out to identify with the genders assigned to them at birth.
I’m cisgender (meaning that I identify with the gender that was assigned to me at birth) but not everyone is, and there is no guarantee that any one particular child will be.
Any child born could turn out to be transgender, and you (and the kid) might not know right away! It’s also a reality that some children are born intersex and doctors may or may not notice this upon birth.

The fact is that when we say a newborn baby is a boy or a girl, what we’re really doing is predicting their gender, and while sometimes our predictions are right, they’re also sometimes very wrong.
And if your child turns out to be transgender, you also have no way of knowing when your child will know that about themselves and feel ready to talk to you about it.

Although you may find the foregone laughable, it is certainly not a parody. This is the kind of information which is dominating the internet and cable television, eventually shaping how people see themselves and others.
They are literally questioning even biological facts, by that standard, a baby boy is not a baby boy until the boy decides it wants to be a boy.
And oh by the way, an apple is not an apple unless the apple decides it is an apple.
If you sometimes wonder how come so many people in the Evangelical movement could move so far afield that they would support a candidate like Donald Trump a serial philanderer for President, you may have just happened upon some of those answers here.
That is not to say that Trump was a moral alternative to the dystopian realities we are being asked to embrace, but at least he believes fundamentally in the same things in which they believe.
He shares some of the broader ideas they share.
Even though he is inherently flawed, in their eyes he is not a revolutionary departure from the values they have held all their lives.

My college sophomore son jokingly used the term “Toxic masculinity” in a light family conversation recently.
We all laughed and jokingly chided him that college was turning him against men as the characterization (“toxic”) used in any context to define men was a pejorative label designed to create anger, mistrust, and even hatred of all things male.(https://femmagazine.com) explains “toxic masculinity”) this way.
Toxic masculinity enforces the societal ideology that males must attain control in relationships, the household, and in most public situations. This attitude promotes aversion towards expressing emotions that would be deemed as feminine for fear of emasculation. This is directly linked to the misogynistic mentality that male qualities are superior to feminine qualities.

So if a man ever believed in a social order in which he is the head of the household. And if he is supposed to lead in love, and provide for , and protect his family as God commands him to ,he is indulging in poisonous male behavior.
It is important to note that this philosophical position is a 180 degree divergence from the structures on which Christian societies are built.
If the new principles are antithetical and diametrically opposed to our foundational Christian principles, whose philosophical perspectives do they advance?

Govt/ Opposition Bull-shitting The Nation On Crime

The Government has a duty and a responsibility to secure the nation. It has zero duty or responsibility to acquiesce to any demands made by the political opposition as long as it is carrying out its mandate within the confines of the constitution.
Elections have consequences, the (PNP) failed at securing the nation and that explains why the party is on the outside looking in and screaming for relevance on every issue.

There is nothing wrong with an opposition party voicing its concern on an issue.
What I do not understand is the reason behind the administration having to fight with the political opposition about the way it wants to implement strategies to secure the nation.
Why does the Government need to have meetings with the political opposition and others to forge consensus on national security and crime?
Why is there a need for the government and opposition to have respective legal teams meet to discuss and agree on crime-control powers?
What good can come out of trial lawyers (literally all with the same leftist world view, from the same schools, with the same anti-lawenfrcement biases) decide on a way forward on crime?

According to a release issued from the meeting last Monday between Andrew Holness and Peter Phillips a range of issues were discussed.
Heading this raft of issues on dealing with crime was … human rights.
How the fuck can a country devise strategies for dealing with a raging murder epidemic with the central theme being human rights?
Every strategy dealing with crime should be discussed, formulated and executed with human rights as a foregone conclusion.
Human rights cannot be a discussion in crime strategies.
It is already built in
that the duty of law enforcement is to protect and serve and in that is a built-in understanding that one should not and cannot abuse the people they are sworn to protect.
With that understood, planners must get on with the business of securing the country without the incessant bullshit about human rights.

The reality is that the trial lawyers, the political opposition, some in the government and their many proxies in the broader society are all making a killing[no pun intended] from the crime and murder epidemic in the country.
Security Companies, Mortuaries, Bands, wholesale liquor establishments, bars, and a wide array of other parasite industries have sprung up and are flourishing around the murders to the point there is no real interest in stamping out the monster.
Why fix the problem if there is the possibility of making tons of cash from it?
What better way to tie the hands of law-enforcement than to constantly bring up the question of human rights?
What cop or well thinking member of the society is going to be opposed to human rights being a central theme without risking the wrath of the intelligentsia and even the hangers-on who do not understand shit about anything?

What’s really happening is that there is a delicate balance being maintained between keeping the killings under wraps so that the tourists are not scared away and appearing to fight crime without doing too much to seriously disrupt the networks which are doing the killings.
Far too many people are making real money from the status quo.
As long as they can keep convincing the gullible population that looking after their human rights is preserving and ensuring their safety they will get away with the scam.
Unfortunately for those Jamaicans who cannot afford gated communities with 24/7 security, those who cannot have licensed firearms [usually the same group] they will just have to continue to live the existence of potential statistics every single day they wake up.

Those who readily accept the canard that ensuring their human rights and their security are mutually exclusive endeavors will eventually, given enough time, be dead right.
In securing a community, a state or a country you do one thing.
You go after the bad guys!
There is no conflict, contrary to the bullshit that Jamaica’s opposition Party, (the PNP) is selling, between getting the bad guys and observing human rights.
In fact, where the fuck is the opposition party’s loyalty?
Is it to the criminal networks or is it to the Jamaican people?

The average cop who does not have his head up the ass of one of the two political parties, is so browbeaten into observing human rights he is incapable of making an arrest.
In some cases, he is not even sure if he should make an arrest even when the offenses are occurring right in front of him.
The rules are too vague, the lines too blurred for them to do their jobs without risking prison and financial ruin.
Such is the environment in which law -enforcement operate and murderers thrive.
It is time that the people wake up to the reality that they are being taken for a ride, the country is far too small, the solutions far too simple for our country to have such an intransigent and entrenched crime problem.
Someone wants it that way…………………..


New Year, Same Bull-s**t From The Same Old Bigshots

As a new year begins to take shape the very same issues which dominated the news last year largely remain unsolved still.
And true to form in my native Jamaica the big fish are all jockeying to get their names in the local newspapers to continue their relevance as big fish in a tiny ticky-ticky pool.


Peter Phillips opposition leader

Now there is a raft of issues on the front burner, not the least of which is the Opposition leader, Peter Phillips grandstanding about not being able to meet with the country’s Prime minister until January 7th to discuss his party’s disquiet with the continuation of the states of emergencies(SOE), and then quietly meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the issue.
As I wrote yesterday Peter Phillips seems to think that he is the Prime Minister based on the way he has been behaving in exerting leverage he clearly does not have.
Now it appears someone told him “take the damn meeting” and so he did.


Bert Samuels (gleaner photo)

Then there are other issues of import in the country, like the rule of law.
This brings into focus the regular pigs who eat constantly at the slop trough of deception and lies.
Speaking to local media one such pig, well known criminal lawyer Bert Samuels opined:
That lawmakers enact special sanctions for law-enforcement personnel proven to have “planted” evidence on an accused person to secure a conviction. For Bert Samuels, the maximum penalty for such action should be twice the sentence prescribed for the criminal charge against the accused person.
As a further deterrent, Samuels wants law-enforcement personnel found to have planted evidence to secure a conviction to share the financial burden where their actions result in a successful lawsuit against the State.
“In any successful civil suit arising from an acquittal where evidence was planted, the officer should be compelled to pay one-half of the damages awarded,” he suggested in a letter to The Gleaner.

Here’s the thing, in principle I do not disagree with anything that Bert Samuels said in his statements.
As a staunch supporter of the rule of law, I categorically support these ideas without equivocation.
We cannot have a democratic society if our laws are not applied fairly across the board.
What I take issue with is the messenger Bert Samuels.

Bert Samuels is a product of the ghetto.
He is from the other side of the Cassava Piece gully which is Glen Drive in Kingston 8.
Bert Samuels has represented criminals from all spectrums of the society as is his right and duty.
What I never heard, is Bert Samuels speaking out on the wanton bloodshed that those he has represented have visited on our country.
The fact that one is a criminal defense lawyer does not strip one of his responsibility to be a good citizen.
Criminal defense lawyers, are officers of the courts. They have a moral responsibility to speak out against criminal conduct.
The fact that one defends criminals should not preclude one from speaking out against crime and criminals.
Yet on these moral perspectives Bert Samuels, the well-known defense lawyer has been eerily silent.
When it comes to doing the right thing Bert Samuels is unable to walk and chew gum at the same time and that renders his opinions inconsequential.


Three officers who were on trial in the case dubbed the death squad trial” (by the dirty media houses) were freed yesterday without having to defend themselves against the charges of murder leveled against them by INDECOM.
Detective Corporal Kevin Adams, District Constable Howard Brown, and Constable Carl Bucknor had the case against them tossed for want of prosecution by the judge.
The officers were charged with the murder of Andrew Bisson who was killed on September 5, 2011, during a police operation.
Why do I even bother to mention this?
Well to begin with, contrary to the Gleaner’s reporting these officers were not acquitted.
An acquittal means you face trial and is found not guilty.
In this case, the judge moved to end the trial because the prosecution could not meet its own prosecutorial threshold.

Why is this important?
This is important because, in the very same case, former cop Chucky Brown implicated himself to INDECOM investigators who were hell-bent on criminalizing the death of Bisson and these officers were going to be made to pay one way or the other.
Brown was led astray by INDECOM, not only was Brown not offered immunity to lie to convict his colleagues, he will most likely be spending the greater part of the remainder of his life in prison.
And for what?
To satisfy the blood-lust of Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell.
I hope these officers get to the business of suing the Government for every penny to which they are entitled.