Babsy Grange, Inartful But Absolutely Right

Minister Olivia Babsy Grange

We solve problems when all parties are willing to take introspective looks and see where they can be better.
We will never solve pressing issues if parties go to their individual corners convinced about their own self-righteousness.
Nowadays we can scarcely have substantive conversations about an issue if there is popular opinion supporting that particular issue.
Popular support for an issue now make that issue right,right is a numbers game, and in Jamaica’s case, that posture becomes amplified a thousand-fold to the insane.

The comments by Minister Babsy Grange that [women should not provoke their men], speaking to the serious issue of Domestic violence, has drawn righteous indignation from the hyped up pseudo-intellectuals, who always seem to have their [drawers] in a bunch about everything. 
The Jamaican tradition is steeped in the [ad hominem] if the other guy does not agree with your point of view then naturally him [a ediat].
Because of course, they and they alone have a monopoly on what’s right.

Could minister Grange have been less inartful?
Of course, she could have been!
But that is hardly the point, the idea that everyone in the family needs to do their part is a net positive, not a negative.
Challenging bullying abusive men not to beat the women in their lives does not negate the fact that women must also be challenged to lower the temperature as well.

Why is everything a zero-sum game, with only winners and losers?
Some of the greatest and most indelible opinions are dissenting opinions which challenges conventional wisdom.
I do not assume to speak for Minister Grange, nevertheless, speaking from my past professional perspective, and I say this without equivocation or fear of contradiction, that in many cases where there is domestic violence in a relationship women are the instigators.
They become the victims because more often than not they come out the worse for it.

Even if we set aside the scenarios in which women start what they cannot finish, we would still be forced to deal with the unmitigated truth of women who are inherently violent.
How many people have women, stabbed with ice-picks and knives, shot, disfigured with acid, and bludgeoned with whatever weapon they can get their hands on?
The fact that we are outraged about weak, pathetic men who assault women should not blind our eyes to the abusive and dangerous women in our midst.
Violence committed by women are less reported to authorities because men are generally ashamed to talk about domestic violence for fear of societal ridicule.
Even in court their cases are not taken seriously and in many cases becomes the subject of ridicule and laughter by female judges.

I had a conversation with a woman who was in the United States on a temporary work visa. She bragged to me just how dangerous she is.
She detailed how she used a rock to hit a man in his head almost killing him.
She talked about how she lied to him that she would help him with his hospital bills until he was well enough to leave the hospital.
She laughed that once she was convinced he would not go to the police she told him she was sorry he hadn’t died.
His transgression?
Constantly trying to seduce her!
Let us talk about violence in all its forms, including child abuse and verbal abuse. Let us stop pretending that only our point of view matters and that those with opposing views are stupid.
Let us hear the other sides of the conversation and save everyone the self-righteous indignation.

New Congress Better Make Pelosi Speaker Or Be Prepared To Be Outside Looking In Come 2020

Obama delivers speech 

The year was 2008, there was an electric dynamism in the air.
For many Americans, particularly those of African heritage, it was like Christmas in July.
No, African-Americans did not get the promised forty acres and a mule their ancestors had been duplicitously promised and denied.
No, there would be no reparations paid to them for the 373 years of slavery their ancestors endured between 1492 and 1865.
It was something less transactional but a lot more motivational.
Contrary to the thinking of most of those Americans, a black man was elected President of the United States, breaking what many believed was a shatter-proof ceiling that would outlast them all.

On Obama’s coat-tails rode a new Congress and a new Senate, all Democratic.
The new President entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a free hand to enact his agenda, or so he and many of the people who voted for the new president and Congress thought.
The Republicans had other ideas for the first African-American president, in fact, Mitch McConnell said his primary goal was to make Obama a one-term president.
I have tried to play McConnel’s statement over and over in my head, I imagined I was a Democrat in McConnell’s shoes and interestingly I do not find it so hateful a statement for the senior Republican in the Senate to have made.
Of course, I would have wanted a Republican President to be a one-term president.
While the new president was being sworn into office, however, a band of Republicans with nefarious intent was having a  secret dinner at a private restaurant in DC with one goal in mind.
[How to stop everything Obama attempt to do].
I labeled them [nefarious] because to those involved elections had no consequence.
To them, the will of the American people meant nothing when compared to their own agenda.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell

In a then newly published book, Robert Draper wrote that as President Obama was celebrating his inauguration at various balls, top Republican lawmakers and strategists were plotting how to derail his infant presidency.
Present at the dinner were Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.).
The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz was conjuring up ways to submarine Obama’s presidency.


In two short years, the Democratic majority in the house was gone and the majority in the Senate reduced to a razor-thin majority for the Democrats.
A well-funded insurgency cloaked under the disguise of grassroots concerns would emerge in American politics as a pushback to Obama’s rise.
The Tea-Party was born, neither the Republican party nor America would be the same again.
A resurgent racism would be unleashed on the nation. We are yet to understand what it will all mean in the end.
The inevitable question then was what the hell just happened?
The reason given for the 2010 loss has been head spinning in number and variations, none of which I subscribe to.
Obama Continued pointless wars some argued.

Others claimed Democrats were outflanked by competing philosophies.  Still, others say the Democrats lost support from major corporate lobbies and financiers.
Yadda, yadda, yadda.
The truth of the matter is that Democrats did exactly what they are doing this cycle. They spent time bickering among themselves about who were blue dog democrats as against who were liberal democrats and much of what the new President could have accomplished was shelved.

Fast forward to 2018, the Democrats are powerless in the dog-house, literally shut out of Government at every level and has just been restored to some power after winning the house.
The very first thing which comes out of the new caucus which hasn’t even been sworn into office yet is infighting about jettisoning the leader who just led them back to the majority.

I don’t want to talk about Charles Schumer’s lackluster uninspiring leadership in the Senate which actually cost Democrats seats in that body.
No need to talk about Schumer giving away the store to Mitch McConnell, allowing him to place more judges on the federal bench just so he and other Democratic senators could go home to campaign.

What I want to talk about is the utter stupidity of this Democratic party and the newly elected ones in particular.
Former RNC chairman Michael Steele admitted on national television that the reason his party launched its attack on congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was her effectiveness.

Former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi (Democrat California)

Now, I did not need to hear that out of Michael Steele’s mouth.
If Republicans go after a Democrat it always is because of that Democrat’s effectiveness. Ask Maxine Walters, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and others.
If this lowly opinion writer can conclude that Nancy Pelosi is a thorn in the paw of the Republican Lion, why would these newly-minted elected officials not be able to understand it?
Why would these newly minted elected officials volunteer to be the [Androclus] who removes that thorn? [see Aesop fables]

Donald Trump

There is much work to be done in this 116th Congress, much more than any in a very long time. At issue is the need to work on legislation to strengthen the Affordable Care Act.
Voters chose health care as the number one issue they voted on in the recently concluded midterm elections.  
There is also the issue of the rule of law and the dire need to instill some oversight of the executive branch. 
If the Democrats are stupid enough to squander this opportunity to get to work doing what they were elected to do and decide to spend time-fighting among themselves they should be prepared to be back in the minority come 2020.
In addition to that, it is not a  stretch to imagine that a frustrated, fed up and exasperated electorate will re-elect Donald Trump to the presidency, leaving the Democrats crying in their milk once again. 

PM/Holness Slowly Grasping The Nexus Between Security And Prosperity

Andrew Holness Gleaner (PM)

Over the last 30-years, in particular, Jamaica has lost countless amounts of money to corrupt officials in both political parties.
The Peoples National Party (PNP) has been in power for longer periods at a time including a 141/2 year unbroken tenure leaving the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) literally in political oblivion.

(1) The furniture scandal in December 1990.
(2) The light-bulb scandal in November 2008.
(3) The chandeliers scandal.
(4) Operation PRIDE scandal.
(5) Trafigura affair.
(6) The ‘Fat Cat’ scandal.
(7) Iran sugar deal.
(8)Outameni scandal.
(10) JPS
(11) Sandals Whitehouse.
(12) Netserv.
(13) Zinc (1989)

The list of theft under this party is by far too much to mention. This list only scratches the surface of the scandals in which the PNP has been involved costing the poor Jamaican taxpayers untold billions if not trillions of dollars.
The list of scandals under the PNP in my estimation ought to disqualify the party from contesting elections, if not from a dissolution of the party, then a total voter blackout.
Notwithstanding, we all know that uninformed loyalist voters literally makes that impossible.>The JLP for its part has certainly had its own [sticky fingers] problem.(1) The Coke extradition/Manatt.
(2) The infamous Mabey and Johnson bridge-building bribery case.
(3) In August 2009, 50-million spent to upgrade the minister of transport and works home.
(4) Ministry of Tourism spent $8.4 million to retrofit the minister’s offices between May 2008.

The point of all this is to highlight the tremendous amounts of resources which has been pilfered, squandered, and misappropriated by the very people the Jamaican people entrusted to be stewards of those resources.
It is against that backdrop that I wish to speak briefly on news reports that Jamaica acquired a long-range surveillance aircraft, and two helicopters to patrol the Islands territorial waters.
Prime Minister, Andrew Holness told a gathering of dignitaries and officials involved with the developments that, “Jamaica has made an investment in both security and our economy. Greater security means a stronger economy”, Holness said. Imagine if all of the pilfered billions were invested in Education. Healthcare. Security. Infrastructure. Where would the Island be today in it’s slow plod to first world status?

The Prime Minister, however, has finally had a come to Jesus moment when he argued: “Greater security means a stronger economy”.
This writer has gone to great lengths to point out the fact that this Prime Minister seemingly has a particular disdain for police officers and a wider lack of understanding that the prosperity he has been promising the Jamaican people is a Unicorn, given the country’s unchecked lawlessness. Most importantly, however, Holness went on to say quote; “The government is committed to ensuring that criminals don’t take over Jamaica”.
My great Aunt always advised me to let people talk, soon enough she opined, they will reveal the truth about what’s going on in their heads. [tek time search yu wi find ants gut].
As a young investigator that concept served me well in my interactions with both criminal defendants and witnesses giving affidavits. I have consistently warned of the impending danger

Jamaica faces from a burgeoning confluences of militia groups which are becoming more and more emboldened because of Government’s inaction.
In the numerous articles I have written, I have sought to lay out the imminent creeping danger this inaction poses to the country’s solvency and security.
The link provided above is the latest article I wrote on this imminent danger.

[Warning/address These Militias Now Or Face The Consequences Tomorrow].

The path to ensuring that criminals do not take over the country requires much, much more than the purchase of an airplane and a couple of helicopters. Nevertheless, it does go some distance toward interdicting some of the illegal guns and ammunition entering the country, if applied correctly.
Unfortunately, despite the Prime Minister’s seeming new awareness, that criminals do have the intent if not the resources yet, to take over the country, he still hasn’t fully grasped the need for structural changes to how our nation is policed.
Those changes will have to be legislative. They must include a sea change in the way those in power understand the importance of the rule of law and how that understanding is communicated to the people.

President Obama Never Allowed The Rain To Stop Him


World War I began in 1914, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and lasted until 1918. During the conflict, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central Powers) fought against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States (the Allied Powers). Thanks to new military technologies and the horrors of trench warfare, World War I saw unprecedented levels of carnage and destruction. By the time the war was over and the Allied Powers claimed victory, more than 16 million people—soldiers and civilians alike—were dead.

Donald Trump the American President yesterday left for France to commemorate the end of  world war one along with other world leaders, including the French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others.

However,   Donald Trump on Saturday called off a trip to a World War I US military cemetery in France because of supposed bad weather, the White House said. After talks with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Trump canceled his visit to Belleau Wood battlefield and cemetery 80 kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Paris because of “scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather,” his administration said.
So we have interpreted that to mean that Trump did not want his hair to get wet,  he would rather spend his time with Vladimir Putin, or both.
So we took it unto ourselves to show you what a real president does when he has important duties to perform and there is a little rain.

Nicholas Soames British MP and grandson of  Winston Churchill blasted Donald Trump

In the meantime, Nicholas Soames, a British politician, and grandson of Winston Churchill ripped Donald Trump on Saturday for canceling a cemetery visit in France due to bad weather.
“They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate @realDonaldTrump couldn’t even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen,” Soames tweeted.
Trump and many members of his administration are in France this weekend to commemorate Armistice Day. Nov. 11 marks 100 years since the end of World War I.
Former top Obama aide Ben Rhodes also called out Trump for not visiting the cemetery, saying that under the previous White House there was “always a rain option. Always.”

Soames, who is a member of Parliament for Mid Sussex, included a hashtag saying Trump is “not fit to represent his great country.”

Little Marco Throws Hat In The Ring, Lets Not Count The Votes.

Marco Rubio

Yesterday the cowardly little Cuban US Senator Marco Rubio stood up in front of his intellectually challenged deplorable supporters and declared that Democrats are trying to steal the elections in Broward County.
In addition to the baseless claims he also fired off a torrent of baseless tweets making the same accusations without providing any evidence.  I guess he learning the Trump tactics.
In one tweet Rubio claimed #Broward election supervisors ongoing violation of #florida law requiring timely reporting isn’t just annoying incompetence. It has opened the door for lawyers to come here & try to steal a senate seat in the US Senate% Florida cabinet.

Now it does not matter that the little twit did not bother to offer one scintilla of evidence to back up his claims, he did it anyway and at the same time, Rick Scott who stands to benefit from being given the contested Senate seat was on state TY @fox misinformation complaining about Democrats trying to steal the Senate seat.
And of course, as you might have expected the Lying dishonest criminal tweeter in chief fired off tweets about the need to end the count and move on even though the absentee and mail-in ballots are yet to be counted. 

Senator Bill Nelson , Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

As the Governor of the state, Rick Scott also ordered a law enforcement investigation into the counting of the vote in Broward country.
As you ponder that it is important to understand that the thing which is causing these incredibly corrupt politicians to be complaining and asking for investigations is that county officials are counting the votes.

There is precious little secret to the fact that I find Marco Rubio and Raphael Cruz the two Cuban frauds in the Senate rather offensive and disgusting.
Both of those weaseling little self-hating Latinos have tried their level best to dishonor the process of immigration even though both these frauds are first-generation Americans of parents who left Cuba in search of better lives.

As despicable as Raphael Cruz is I find Rubio no less revolting from the time the little dweeb remarked that President Obama had no class for having black rappers at the white house.
The hypocritical little weasel has nonetheless been deathly silent in the face of Trump’s assault on the very foundations of the democratic principles of this country.
The levels of graft and corruption are unprecedented yet the despicable little Rubio whom Trump derided and berated in 2016 has no smart ass comment now.

Those old enough to recall the 2000 presidential elections will recall that Republicans had no problem with the fact that their goons stormed the venue in the very same Broward county in which the votes were still being counted and tabulated and shut down the vote and declared George Bush the winner even though Al Gore was ahead in the count.
George Bush’s younger brother was governor at the time.
You all remember low energy Jeb right[sic ]? 

What Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump want is to [end the vote count] and hand a Democratic Senate seat held by Senator Bill Nelson to Scott and the Governorship of the state to the clueless mini-Trump Ron Desantis by ending the vote count.
The (daily beast) Sam Stein tweeted. Marco Rubio could be working behind the scenes and even in public to try to bring some order and trust to Florida recount, instead, he’s chosen to tweet. The usually brilliant Sam Stein must have forgotten that corruption and deception are all Republicans have left.

Trump Is Scared Don’t Be Fooled, Firing Sessions Is Proof Of It

The midterms are now over and contrary to what Trump and his acolytes tell you there was a blue wave against his regime.
When you take gerrymandering, blatant voter suppression tactics and God knows what else Democratic voters are forced to go through to cast a vote, it was a terrific win for the Democratic party and a chance for the nation to pull back from this two-year nightmare that is making us all sick.

As those of us who care about the country, the rights of others, and the rule of law let out a sigh of relief that the impediments placed in the way of the democratic process did not win out, Democrats still managed to win in excess of the 23 seats they needed to take back control of the Congress even as the votes are still being tabulated in places like California.
According to experts, by the time the counting is done Democrats are expected to have raked in somewhere between 30 and 36 seats in the house.

Democrats lost a few seats they already had. In  Missouri, Claire Mccaskill went down to defeat. So too did Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota and before its all done so too may  Bill Nelson in Florida.
In the meantime, the race in Arizona to fill Jeff Flakes Senate seat is locked, too close to call between  Sinema and Republican Martha McSally.
But Democrats also had some near misses as well In Florida, the race between Andrew Gillum and Desantis is still too close to call although Gillum sorta conceded.
That race is probably going to result in a recount.

In Georgia the race is so close there may very well be a runoff between Stacy Abrams, the woman vying to be the nation’s first African-American Governor and the secretary of state Brian Kemp. Per Georgia’s law, if neither candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes a runoff is forced between the candidates.
In Texas, Beto O’rourke fell short of defeating incumbent Raphael Cruz.  Nevertheless, O’rourke may be poised for even bigger and better things in the future if some in the punditry class have their way.

Overall, Democrats still stand to gain more seats in the house and it should not go unnoticed that Nevada’s Dean Heller who tied himself to Trump went down in defeat to Democrat Jacky Rosen.
Additionally, seven new governorships were added to the Dems total and well over 300 seats in state legislatures across the country.
The legislative wins in the state houses sound significant but in essence under President Obama Republicans took over almost two-thirds of the seats in state legislatures across the country.

According to (the 
Red-to-blue flips may be most significant in states such as North Carolina and Texas, where Republican legislators have redrawn congressional districts into Rorschach-test shapes that are often specifically designed to limit the electoral influence of racial minorities. They have also pushed voter-roll purges, voter-ID laws, and other voting restrictions that make it difficult for people to vote, or for their ballot to be counted. These measures also often target racial minorities, thus suppressing Democratic turnout.

So what does all of this mean for the Democrats chances going forward?
Before we answer that question it is critical that we consider the impact the Trump senate will have on the Federal judiciary for the future.
With Mitch McConnell as the leader in the SenateDemocrats lost the opportunity to appoint Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to fill the seat vacated by the deceased Antonin Scalia.
Judge Garland languished under appointment for over a year as Mitch McConnell thwarted President Obama’s right to appoint and fill the seat. Garland wasn’t even granted a meeting with Republican senators. Those are the people who were largely rewarded with another six-year term in the Senate yesterday. 
Such is the state of logical reasoning in the American electorate.

In the end, Trump rammed through Neil Gorsuch and of course Brett (I like beer) Kavanaugh. Two Supreme court appointments in two years.
But that does not tell the full story about the forty-something judges he is stacking on the federal bench at the lower levels, numbers of judges unprecedented by any other president.
These white men will be making the call on justice for the next forty to fifty years.

While you are scratching your head trying to find the cords which bind Trump to his cult of [deplorables] look no further than the things he is doing.
Trump is only a symptom of a deeper rot which exists in the country.
Remember his “I could shoot someone on 5th avenue and I wouldn’t lose any support”?
Ya, he may not be the brightest bulb in the room but that much he understood.
Contrary to what the punditry class tell you about wages and other crap, the fact of the matter is that Trump hates the same people they hate, so essentially when you stand with mouth agape at the things he says and does, wonder no more, he is merely a bullhorn for the racist xenophobes which are in larger numbers than many are wont to admit.

There is a stubborn racism that persists in America,  particularly in older whites who have lived insular lives, they are generally uneducated and in many cases have not ventured outside the counties and states in which they were born much less venturing to the country.
Contrary to the starry-eyed stories politicians tell when they are seeking their votes, many of these people are incredibly small-minded and xenophobic.
It is shocking to hear them talk about other human beings who do not look like them.
And guess what, the problem isn’t going away, the young ones are equally as venomous, just more dangerous.

Which brings me to what we may expect to see going forward.

(1) The 2020 Race for president will begin in earnest, rest assured the various candidates on the left and maybe on the right are already making phone calls to line up donors, as well as to test the waters to test their feasibility for the 2020 race.

(2) let us get this straight, this economy will certainly not be clicking on all cylinders as it is now (thanks Obama) come 2020.
CNBC reported on July of this year that Investors are so nervous about a potential recession that they are preparing for one.
A late-cycle represents an economy that has been growing, but is poised to fall into a recession, amid tighter credit availability, lower profit margins, and tighter monetary policy.”We are no longer long, we are increasingly nervous about this,” Roelof Salomons, chief strategist at Kempen Capital Management, said.

(3) With no great economy to run on because Trump will have damaged the economy with his misguided tariffs and an economy which has run its course, Trump will be forced to run on what he did in 2018, fear.
Trump knows quite well that there is still that constituency I alluded to which is quite willing to overlook his flaws as long as he is willing to reinforce white supremacy.
He will subsequently be forced to depend more and more on that segment of the population, a diminished base it will be but what Trump has nonetheless.

(4) If Trump finishes his first term with this new Democratic house and decides to run for reelection, it will come down to who the Democrats nominate to be their standard bearer. A wounded Donald Trump,  a Trump who quite possibly will be under impeachment proceedings will not win re-election.   

This post has been updated

What Does Sessions Firing Mean For The Muller Investigations

Just a day after losing the house of representatives to the Democrats Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jefferson B Sessions.

Former Attorney General Jefferson Sessions

Dear Mr. President,

At your request, I am submitting my resignation.

Since the day I was honored to be sworn in as Attorney General of the United States, I came to work at the Department of Justice every day determined to do my duty and serve my country. I have done so to the best of my ability, working to support the fundamental legal processes that are the foundation of justice.

The team we assembled embraced your directive to be a law and order Department of Justice. We prosecuted the largest number of violent offenders and firearm defendants in our country’s history. We took transnational gangs that are bringing violence and death across our borders and protected national security. We did our part to restore immigration enforcement. We targeted the opioid epidemic by prosecuting doctors, pharmacists, and anyone else who contributes to this crisis with new law enforcement tools and determination. And we have seen results. After two years of rising violent crime and homicides prior to this administration, those trends have reversed–thanks to the hard work of our prosecutors and law enforcement around the country. 

I am particularly grateful to the fabulous men and women in law enforcement all over this country with whom I have served. I have had no greater honor than to serve along them. As I have said many times, they have my thanks and I will always have their backs.

More importantly, in my time as Attorney General we have restored and upheld the rule of law–a glorious tradition that each of us has a responsibility to safeguard. We have operated with integrity and have lawfully and aggressively advanced the policy agenda of this administration. 

I have been honored to serve as Attorney General and have worked to implement the law enforcement agenda based on the rule of law that formed a central part of your campaign for the Presidency.

Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. President.


Jefferson B. Sessions III

Attorney General

For the record, if you say ” At your request, I am submitting my resignation”.you were terminated, fired.
We wait like everyone else to see what this means for this [democracy].

The Myth Of American Exceptionalism

How tired are you of hearing the phrase American-exceptionalism thrown around to deride other nations?
What is this exceptionalism you ask? After all, this term has been thrown around by Liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Conservatives like lying Ted Cruz and everyone in between.

So what is it?
The website [] a highly ranked site on Google seem to be the go-to authority on this question.
The site argues quote; “One doesn’t have to use the term to believe in the underlying concept. But the phrase has a history that helps us to understand the current hyperbolic use“.
Okay, I get that, but I never latch onto anything except when I am convinced of its authenticity, so I’m going to need more meat on these bones.

Well the site did give more and for those of you who are interested I will provide a link to that site right here
I needed a precise explanation something I can sink my teeth into and sure enough, here it is.

American exceptionalism the site argues; is not the same as saying the United States is “different” from other countries. It doesn’t just mean that the U.S. is “unique.” Countries, like people, are all different and unique, even if many share some underlying characteristics. Exceptionalism requires something far more: a belief that the U.S. follows a path of history different from the laws or norms that govern other countries.

That’s the essence of American exceptionalism: The U.S. is not just a bigger and more powerful country — but an exception. It is the bearer of freedom and liberty, and morally superior to something called “Europe.” Never mind the differences within Europe or the fact that “the world” is bigger than the U.S. and Europe. The “Europe” versus “America” dichotomy is the crucible in which American exceptionalist thinking formed.

Yup exceptionally horrific, this is what early voting looked like in LA county, the center of Democratic support in the state of California

Okay, so let me dissect this a little, starting with, “the exceptionalism of America is not a scenario in which America is compared to the rest of the world, just Europe”.
Strange, considering that America only has about five percent of the world’s population at about 325,000.000 and Europe hovers at  742,848,889.
Funny that Asia the worlds most populous continent weren’t even considered in this contest of exceptionalism.

Early voting lines in Miami Dade County, these excptional people do not seem to be waiting to cast a vote for Ron Desantis

What’s more, the identifying characteristics of this concept as far as the [] sees it is that it [America], is the bearer of freedom and liberty, and is morally superior to something called “Europe.”
I don’t know where to begin with this, the Europeans, for the most part, were largely also involved in the pogrom visited on the African peoples,
In fact, most European powers at the time carved out pieces of the African Continent for their own exploitation.
But Europe had its come to Jesus moment and realized that owning other human beings was not such a good idea long before America ever did.
In fact, it may be argued that many in America today are still unconvinced about the despicable inhumanity of that specter.
There is your exceptionalism, there is your moral superiority.

Exceptionally long lines in north Miami largely black and brown people waiting patiently to vote as polling sites run out of voting forms and machines break down. Exceptional indeed.

Any system which enslaves parts of its population, all while murdering, raping, beating and demoralizing them and appropriating their history, for hundreds of years designing laws which take their humanity and their dignity has some gall bragging about moral superiority.
The idea that even as there are still entrenched forces hell-bent on preventing others from voting,  and as long as they are hell-bent on dehumanizing them by having their [race soldiers] pose as police officers, and as long as they gun down the innocent and are not held accountable then any claim of moral superiority is  meritless braggadocio.

These people of color in Florida, forced to stand in long lines do not feel exceptional. There is nothing exceptional about this.

Exceptionalism is doing, not claiming that you are. If you have to say how exceptional you are, maybe you aren’t.
America is anything but exceptional, not just on the ridiculous claim of moral superiority, but on how it treats its own citizens, (mass incarceration Prison Industrial complex. Voter suppression. State-sanctioned killings. Persecuting immigrants, while Americans walk into any country and are treated with love and respect). 
There is no exceptionalism in any of that, no moral superiority.
Ask the people in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa who have been colonized but are still unable to vote in American Presidential elections.
Colonization without representation.
Moral superiority?  
And don’t forget that all of the people living in these places are black and brown people.
Wonder why they aren’t allowed to vote?

Democracy Under Assault Worldwide/has It Ever Existed

The Definition of [DEMOCRACY] according to @Merriam Webster is this; A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. 
overnment by the people especially: rule of the majority, Ha, we will talk about this particular caveat later.

Democracy a concept where a small minority control the masses through force of arms

Democracy, as a concept has faced challenges by some who view it as a zero-sum game. They see it’s unsteady and irregular progress as a sign that its failings are a testament to it impracticality if not it’s lack of existence.
In fact, many in parts of the world ruled by autocratic regimes have argued that Democracy does not and cannot work.

Writing for [] in an Article titled; Why do so many people say that democracy won’t work for China, or that it only works for Western countries, Christian Kober writes.
Democracy requires sound institutions and some fundamental shared beliefs. If, for example, the military sees itself as ‘above the law’, democracy will stand on very feeble feet.”

Whose concept is this where the voices of the less powerful are drowned out by the power of money?

n an opinion piece titled [Columbia, proof that democracy doesn’t work] written for the New York Times  Martín Caparrós wrote;

The mechanism of representation doesn’t work. Democracy is in trouble. And not only in Colombia, of course. Voting, to which so many aspired for so long, has become a burden or has been forgotten by so many. There are reasons for this, but there’s a factor that confounds all of them: Those who elect not to elect,  do so because they don’t think they are actually electing anything.
Then they wash their hands of the matter and accept, for a while, being left out. But inevitably, little by little, they will start looking for ways in which they can exert influence. From what we see, democracy is not one of those ways”.

If the concept, as explained by @Merriam Webster is the pure explanation of the very concept to which we ought to subscribe when we think of democracy the question then becomes, have we ever had democracy?

A spectacle which was the norm after slavery was abolished up throughout the 1960’s.

If the concept of Democracy is a  Government by the people especially: rule of the majority, then it leaves precious little to the imagination.
Ask Al Gore and Hillary Clinton whether they agree with the concept of a Democracy in which they both got exponentially more votes than their opponents and ended up being the loser.
Ask the African-Americans who have struggled for the right to vote, being lynched, shot and seen their property burned to the ground simply because they dared to want to exercise their right to vote

Native-American Protesters were hit with rubber bullets and smoke grenades for standing up to protect their drinking water.

It is 2018 and all across the world’s oldest democracy[sic] in state after state, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota and places in between forces opposed to the pure concept of a democratic nation have erected barriers in the path of some voters who would vote against the candidates they support.
In North Dakota, entire Indian Tribes living on reservations are being prevented from voting as a result of onerous and uncalled for state laws imposed by Republicans as a means of preventing native tribes from voting.

Police unleashed military  style assault at standing rock

A major voting hurdle for Native Americans in North Dakota used to be thought of as a kind of force of nature, sort of like gravity or sunshine: Indian reservations didn’t have named, numbered streets. And without these designations on the tribal IDs that Natives carry, they couldn’t vote in the state.
If you are a dyed in the wool believer in the concept of good over evil, right over might, and democracy over dictatorship then you are imagining that the State Appellate court upheld the lower court’s ruling which sided with the tribes.
You would also imagine that the United States Supreme Courts would side with the disenfranchised native tribes.
If you did any of that you would be wrong.

Peaceful protest  to protect their land evoked this response

According to [] 
There was no way around the problem. No residential address on tribal IDs meant no ballot box access for Native people—unless they were willing to undertake prohibitively long and costly drives and other hurdles to get an alternate ID. “It is a voter-suppression technique North Dakota targets at its Native population,” accuses OJ Semans, the Rosebud Sioux co-director of Four Directions civil rights group.

If you took the path of precedent and considered what has happened to both the Native and African-American people in America and decided that neither the Appellate court nor the Supreme Court sided with the aggrieved parties you would be right.
There is the democracy for you.

A picture speaks a thousand words

So a purist concept of Democracy may be best defined as a work in progress, maybe best defined by the Nation’s 44th President Barack Obama ” We waged a Civil War. We overcame depression. We’ve lurched from eras of great progressive change to periods of retrenchment“.

We are in one of those terrible periods of retrenchment, a dismal dark place when compared to Ronald Reagan’s mythical “shining city on a hill”.
If we have not arrived at the place envisioned by the founding fathers where all people are treated equally, is there such a thing as democracy yet?

John Adams

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men.” 
― John Adams

A Fascist Won Brazil’s Presidential Election, And The Media’s Tweets Were Very Bad

By Travis Waldron

The elite media still can’t figure out how to call right-wing authoritarians what they are.

These are confusing times for the establishment media. Fascism is on the hoof, and the liberal order and its various shibboleths are under threat, among them the very notion of a free press. But how to get a handle on such a phenomenon? How does one report objectively on the cannon being pointed at one’s head?

One way would be to pretend that the cannon isn’t a cannon. That’s what we saw on Twitter Sunday night after Brazil, the world’s fourth-largest democracy, elected a neo-fascist as its new president.

Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right congressman, is by any reasonable definition an authoritarian, a fascist and a potential dictator. He praises dictatorships and says the only problem with previous dictators is that they didn’t kill enough. He has called for killing his political opponents and said last week that he would “cleanse” Brazil of leftists, who would have no choice but to “leave or go to jail.” He calls immigrants “scum” and said members of Afro-Brazilian communities aren’t suitable for pro-creation, wants police to kill alleged criminals on sight and chose a running mate who refuses to rule out a return of military rule. His entire political career is built on violent rhetoric aimed at Brazil’s most marginalized peoples.

These are all objectively fascist, authoritarian, autocratic things to say, and Bolsonaro’s long history of espousing such sentiment suggests they are a good bet to become the fascist, authoritarian, autocratic things he will do.

And yet after the returns were in, the elite press, which we’re told is very committed to objectivity, started hemming and hawing its way around the election of a president who would gladly shutter their operations and throw them all in prison if he could.

Bolsonaro is a “divisive populist,” The New York Times said, jamming a euphemism and a category error together, the latter premised on the idea that populism is nothing more than a matter of coarse rhetoric. (As with Donald Trump, Bolsonaro’s “populist” gestures served mainly to distract from the support he was consolidating among the reactionary fancy classes.) Read more here:

Trevor Noah Urges Black People To Register As Republicans

Trevor Noah offered a hilarious scheme to fight voter suppression on “The Daily Show” Thursday. Sure, it might sound mad, but just hear him out.

 “Every black person in America needs to register as a Republican,” he said.

Noah used the gubernatorial race in Georgia between Democrat Stacey Abrams, attempting to become the first black woman elected governor, and Republican Brian Kemp as his jumping-off point.

Kemp happens to be Georgia’s secretary of state in charge of the election. He reportedly has tens of thousands of voter registrations on hold ― mostly for black voters.

So, Noah figured a little trickery might be in order

Trump Administration Plans Crackdown On Protests Outside White House

The administration has suggested it could charge ‘event management’ costs for protests and close 80% of the sidewalks

The White House

Donald Trump has frequently and falsely crowed about the idea of so-called paid protesters, including most recently the sexual assault survivors who confronted senators in the lead up to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. Now his administration may be trying to turn that concept on its head, by requiring citizens to pay to be able to protest, among other affronts to the first amendment.

Under the proposal introduced by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in August, the administration is looking to close 80% of the sidewalks surrounding the White House, and has suggested that it could charge “event management” costs, for demonstrations.

Currently the National Park Service is able to recoup costs for special events, but not spontaneous protests like the ones that typically take place in Lafayette Park across from the White House. These charges could include the cost of erecting barriers, cleaning fees, repairs to grass, permit fees and the salaries of official personnel on hand to monitor such demonstrations, all tallied at the discretion of the police.

Naturally, civil liberties groups consider the proposals an affront to the rights guaranteed under the first amendment. As the ACLU notes, such fees “could make mass protests like Martin Luther King Jr’s historic 1963 March on Washington and its ‘I have a dream’ speech too expensive to happen”.

During the Vietnam War the federal government attempted to impose similar barriers to citizens freely assembling in protest and were sued by the ACLU. In their ruling the courts reasserted the fact that “the use of parks for public assembly and airing of opinions is historic in our democratic society, and one of its cardinal values”.

The White House sidewalk, Lafayette Park, and the Ellipse were unique sites for the exercise of those rights, they ruled, and therefore they could not “accord deference to an executive approach to the use of the White House sidewalk that is rooted in a bias against expressive conduct…”

The National Park Service has attempted to justify the proposal by pointing out that large protests, like the Women’s March, overtax their abilities, and place a heavy cost on the government. One might argue when it comes to preserving our right to protest no cost is too high.

The public has until 15 October to comment on the plans.

Ye Loon

You simply cannot make this up.

Kanye West, with his bizarre White House meeting Thursday with  Donald Trump, gave fresh proof that the line between celebrity and politician is truly no longer a thing.

West, sitting across from the Trump at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, went into a nearly 10-minute speech, wearing Yeezy boots and his famous “Make America Great Again” hat.

Here are some of the wildest comments West made during his soliloquy:

1. “This is our president, he has to be the freshest, the flyest, the flyest planes, the best factories and we have to make our core be in power.”

2. Trump “might not have expected to have a crazy motherfucker like Kanye West supporting him.”

3. West said he would potentially run for president “only after 2024.”

4. “I love this guy.” [Followed up with a hug.]

5. “The problem is illegal guns, illegal guns is the problem. Not legal guns. We have the right to bear arms.”

6. “Let’s stop worrying about the future, all we have is today. … Trump is on his hero’s journey right now.”

7. “There was something about when I put this hat on it made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman, that’s my favorite superhero, you made a Superman cape for me.”

8. “One of the moves I love that liberals try to do ― a liberal would try to control a black person with the concept of racism because they know we are a very proud, emotional people.”

9. Talking about the Constitution’s 13th Amendment, which forbids slavery: “Why would you keep something around that’s a trap door? If you’re building a floor, the Constitution is the base of our industry, of our country, of our company. Would you build a trap door that if you mess up and accidentally something happens, you fall and you end up next to the Unabomber? You got to remove all that trap door out of the relationship.”

10. “I think the way the universe works is perfect. We don’t have 13 floors, do we?”

11. “Time is a myth.”

12. “You are tasting a fine wine. It has complex notes to it.”

13. “My dad and my mom separated, so there was not a lot of male energy in my home, and also I’m married to a family where, you know, there’s not a lot of male energy. It’s beautiful though.”

14. “I love Hillary. I love everyone, but the campaign ‘I’m with her’ just didn’t make me feel — as a guy.”

Trump said at one point that West “can speak for me any time he wants. He’s a smart cookie. He gets it.”

When West was finished speaking, Trump told the reporters around them: “I tell you what ― that was pretty impressive. That was quite something.”

West responded: “It was from the soul. I just channeled it.”

Another wild thing that happened is that the entire world learned that West’s iPhone password is 000000. He typed it into his phone in front of live TV cameras.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the meeting earlier this week, saying that “West is coming to the White House to have lunch with President Trump and he will also meet with Jared Kushner. Topics of discussions will include manufacturing resurgence in America, prison reform, how to prevent gang violence, and what can be done to reduce violence in Chicago.” 

Last month, West appeared on “Saturday Night Live” wearing the red MAGA hat and promoting Trump. After the show ended, he treated the studio audience to a pro-Trump, anti-Democrat rant that was booed and later slammed by cast member Pete Davidson as“one of the worse things I’ve ever seen working here.”

West, husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has been extremely vocal about his enthusiasm for the president, frequently posting about Trump on social media.


Jenna Amatulli

Republicans Perpetuated A Monumental Fraud The Consequences Will Be Everlasting

Fifty-one forty-eight, (51-48 ) the final vote of the United States Senate led by Republicans.
The vote to elevate  Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was straight Party line with the exception of West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin voting [Yea] with the Republicans and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski voting no.
Pivotal to the process of Kavanaugh’s ascendancy was the hope that Maine’s wishy-washy, hand-wringing  Republican Senator Susan Collins would be a potential no.

From the offset, those opposed to Kavanaugh hung their hats on two male senators. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona.
Both men are staunch Conservatives who vote lockstep with their party on issue after issue, both have had a lukewarm to a frigid relationship with Donald Trump and both are not seeking re-election to the Senate.

The hopefuls were of the opinion that both men were free to stand out and stand for something, that something being with Democrats in opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination. 
Being unconstrained from not having to face the radical right-wing voters in their respective states, many were hopeful that at least one of the two men,  Jeff Flake would be a savior in what they construed to be an existential fight for the soul of the supreme court and for America.

But more than Flake and Corker, women across the nation, uneasy about the prospect of Roe V Wade with a potential Justice Kavanaugh on the highest court, looked to Murkowski and Collins, two female US Senators whom they believed were amiable or open to reason.

Throughout the tumultuous process, Susan Collins played Susan Collins to a “T” taking both sides of the issue, saying that Dr. Ford deserves to be heard while at the time saying that Brett Kavanaugh gave her certain assurances that Roe V Wade is settled law. 
The wishy-washy Maine US Senator was in her element, pretending to care about women’s issues while reveling in the idea that the eyes of the nation were on her.

Susan Collins

Senator Murkowski kept how she would vote to herself, many of her constituents flew down from Alaska to lobby their senator to vote against Brett Kavanaugh, as did many Maine voters to lobby Susan Collins.
Jeff Flake, seeming conflicted as to how to vote, voted to move the Kavanaugh nomination out of committee, on condition that there was one final one-week of investigations by the FBI regarding the allegations made by  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Brett Kavanaugh

But anyone with the slightest idea of the way investigations are conducted knew right away that that was a hoax.
There can be wide parameters placed around how long an investigation [may] take,  but to suggest that any meaningful followup investigation must begin and be concluded within a week is essentially perpetuating a fraud on the country.

Chris Coons, Delaware’s Democratic US Senator and friend of Jeff Flake believed every word of his friends charade when he asked for a week more so that the FBI could check out the claims of Doctor Christine Blasey Ford.
Little did Coons know that Flake’s play was nothing more than a ploy to give cover to Republicans to cut off debate and force the vote to put Kavanaugh on the court.

Jeff Flake

Flake played right into Trump and Mitch McConnell’s hands. Trump would ultimately limit the scope and reach of the Investigations while a truncated report would give leverage to Republicans who would then argue that the FBI had cleared Kavanaugh because there was nothing to Dr. Ford’s claims.
It was a terrific sleigh of hand which gave the Democrats temporary respite but a terrible heartburn in the end.

Jeff Flake may or may not have presidential ambitions but his part in that plot was masterful. He came off as a statesman who believed in process and protocol but a closer look reveals his move was a cynical ploy which ultimately gave Republicans the cover they needed to close out debate on the Kavanaugh nomination.

More women came out and accused Brett Kavanaugh of improper sexual behavior, more corroborating witnesses emerged begging the  FBI to contact them. We have a story to tell they claimed.
Unfortunately, the FBI had no interest in their truths, no interest in what they had to say.
Kavanaugh, cried, lied, and threatened Democratic senators and the nation. His temperament was a classic example of a belligerent drunk, but none of that gave Republicans pause. Instead, they doubled down on their nominee.
When the battles are being waged around a woman’s right to chose, as they surely will be, let it be remembered that Lisa Murkowski stood tall, the Republican men acted as Republican men do, Joe Manchin protected his ass over his country, Jeff Flake was true to his name and Susan Collins gave the middle finger to women.

In the end, the FBI concluded a sham investigation which did not include an interview of neither the accused or the accuser. We are told only nine people were interviewed and true to the principles of a state run by a strongman the results of the sham investigations were not made public.
In fact, Senators had very limited time to browse through the single copy of the report which was placed in a secure room in the bowels of the Senate building.

Mitch McConnell had pulled off a perfect trifecta. (1) He had blocked most of President Obama’s Federal appointments for the federal judiciary. (2) In an unprecedented move, he had blocked the ascent of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. President Obama a twice-elected President had every right to appoint a replacement for the deceased partisan Antonin Scalia and (3) McConnell had stolen the seat in which sits Neil Gorsuch, a staunch right-wing functionary appointed by Donald Trump a president who has been named as an unindicted criminal co-conspirator.

Today Saturday, October 6th is the day the United States Senate ignored the allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh and voted to advance the nomination to make Brett Kavanaugh an associate justice of the Supreme Court.
Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th justice in the history of the court.
This day may be the day historians look back on and say this was the day we lost America.
Or not.


The consequences of this vote today will be lasting on the American society.
In the end, the FBI director, Christopher Wray will raise his hand and he will tell the Congress that a fair investigation was done by his agents, and it will be a lie.
Donald Trump has corroded literally every public body in the country.
One thing is certain, however, is the blatant dishonesty and lack of process with which the Republicans handled this nomination.
Scared of potentially losing the House and possibly the Senate they perpetuated a monumental fraud on the nation all in the name of politics and the perpetuation of white supremacy.
Country be damned.
And that may very well be the end result of this fraud.

Killings:/killing Of Women And Children Not An Abstract Phenom

Graphic images Emancipation park

My dearly departed grandfather and great aunt always said: “what cost nothing gives good measure“.
It is a parable which sounds complicated but has a very simple meaning.
If you did not pay for something, or if you do not place any value on something you most likely will be careless and reckless with its handling and care.

The malignant cancer of violence and murder in our country and in particular the murder of our women may very well have their Genesis in that parable.
My son uses my wife’s car to deliver piazza when he is home from college, no problem. As soon as he got his own car and his mom borrowed it, he went to great pains to lecture her about not getting a scratch on it.
When we pay for something ourselves or place real value on the things we have access to, or own, we tend to be far more judicious with their care.

Most actions we take lead to consequences down the road. The cheapening of life through our everyday discourse, the music we listen to the movies we watch, violent video games and in Jamaica’s case the wanton degradation some women subject themselves to are only a few of the characteristics which form the perfect conditions for the whirlwind of murder the nation is experiencing today.
At this point, I can hear in my head the fallacious arguments quote: “people get killed everywhere not just in Jamaica. 
I can just imagine the Google searches to find mass killings in other parts of the world, ready to copy and paste in the rebuttal to the legitimate angst we feel at the unnecessary and wanton shedding of blood.
Defending killings is now a noble way to spend time for many.

For those concerned, not just about the run-away murders and the resultant consequences of the trauma on the nation’s children, I ask, no I beseech you, take a stand against this lunacy.
For far too long this perverse and macabre way of life have dominated our popular culture while we go on living as if nothing is wrong, or that nothing can be done about it.

If the politicians seem unable or unwilling then the people must stand up for the country we were blessed with and demand that this madness stop.
But before we do that, we need to make some changes in our own lives.
We must eschew violence and the glorification of it.
We must stop speaking it to our children. We must stop listening to the murder music and We must anchor our beliefs to something more lasting, more enduring than material things.

Women must stop cheating on their spouses and significant others, out of greed for material possessions or sexual lust.
Men must stop believing that the women in their lives are a disposable commodity which can be replaced with another.
Many of you claim to love your children yet you kill their mothers and leave the very same children, your children, traumatized for life. 
Others kill Both the women who bore their children and the children of their loins.  You are sub-human, you are beneath the animals, you are monsters.

There is no escaping the stark realities of the(“materialistic bun culture,”) women who want more than the men in their lives can afford, who cheat to get material things they cannot afford.
Women who insist that the men in their lives have to steal to-be with them.
This is something I have written about for years. 
Oh for the times whilst I was an officer looking real spiffy in my uniform, and the women who openly flirted with me. ” Bway yu neet an cleeen an hansum eeh, but yu a police , my man haffi teef , police nu mek nu money”.
All this while decked out in Jewellery from ear to toes.
Where do-you think the jewelry came from?

I am not laying this solely at the feet of women as  I am almost certain some will argue.  Far from it,  all I am saying is that much of what men do begins with what women demand, what women teach, and what women allow.
Why have sex with a man who has made no commitment to you? Why have a child with a man who has another woman or worse, several other women?
Why have children with a man who cannot stay out of jail? Why complain when you gave up your power several children ago when you had the power to say “NO”? 
Many female birds will not mate with the male of their kind unless he first builds a suitable nest and decorates it inside and out, upon which she inspects it and decides whether it is good enough.
If she doesn’t like what she sees, she Flies away and its all for naught.

On the other hand, when women make demands that men cannot meet they tend to push the envelope to get what their women want. Children in the relationships observe the power dynamics playing out live what they learn.
The men who strive for material trappings through whatever means,  largely tend to do so to attract women as one of their primary motivations.
This places us in the same category as the male peacock which shows off its awesome plumage to attract the female.

We have a twisted value system which glorifies and lust for material extravagance rather than places the appropriate value on life. The insatiable and rapacious desire to have the best of everything have cheapened life and turned humans into monsters.
A woman visiting the United States walked into my business-place with her elderly father, the father wanted to purchase a cell phone for her to use while she is visiting. He also needed a phone she could use when she returned to Jamaica.
She was embarrassingly ungrateful, berating her father for not having wi-fi at home in front of other customers and myself.
The gentleman explained he did not need wi-fi as he was gone all day, on his return home at nights [he explains], he watches a little television and that was that.

That did not appease her but she went on to demand that her elderly father purchase the newest i-phone.  He balked at spending that much money which he seemingly did not have, or wanted to spend.[he had a flip phone]
She insisted she wanted unlimited data, so I asked her if she had unlimited data back home , she responded in the negative.
She cannot afford unlimited data in Jamaica but she berated and embarrassed her elderly father because she wanted the most expensive phone with unlimited data, which neither her nor her elderly dad could afford.

The Christian values we were raised on have long become a topic of scorn and derision, it is fairy tales, nonsense, we are now too intellectually forward-leaning to believe in a God we cannot see.[sic]
How dare anyone place any restrictions on our lascivious and materialist pursuits?
How dare anyone expect that we respect elders, our teachers, the laws, how dare anyone tell us Jamaicans what we can and cannot do?
When we sow the wind we reap the whirlwind, it is that simple.

The Racism Of White Evangelicals Unmasked





My *friend* [*used loosely] stopped by to see me yesterday, I had not seen him in quite a while.
He has had some health issues, in fact, that was largely what we talked about. He told me his Doctors are suggesting a pacemaker to augment the performance of his heart.
He lamented the fact that even if he was placed on a donor list he would likely die before he could receive a new heart.


He had been living a long time with a bad heart, it had been bad enough for his employers to allow him to retire long before he was of the age to do so.
Additionally, he has been having marital problems, and to compound his woes, his only child a boy who just turned sixteen years old does not listen to anything he says. These things he argues brings on an additional layer of stress.

Wanting to take his mind off his problems I asked so how do you think your president is doing?
It was small talk, just a feeble attempt to get his mind off what he is going through, at least for a minute or two.
My friend over the last several years had also given his life to Christ, [or so he says] and is now a devoted Seventh Day Adventist, * more to appease and change the attitude of his wife toward him, than any burning religious conviction he harbors*.

My comment was expected to at least elicit a snarl, a contemptuous laugh at the prospect that he a black man born in England to Jamaican parents and a long-time immigrant to the United States, would claim the present occupant of the White House as his president.
He quickly responded, ” (mi vote fi him because mi wah him fi check de gay dem“!) my mouth fell open, this was news to me.


People are free to vote for whomever they chose, but wow! I was dumbfounded by his response.
And so my mind began to race. Ok, I get the idea that as a Christian he is opposed to homosexuality, but what about the people themselves, you know hate the sin but love the sinner? I guess not, “mi neva like di way dem a gi di gay dem status“, he doubled down.
It seems that as far as contemporary Christian orthodoxy goes these days there are some sins which are far more egregious than others, but that is way above my pay grade to decide.


(1)Donald Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy.
(2) Donald Trump bragged about walking in on young women while they were in a state of undress.
(3) Donald Trump bragged about just kissing beautiful women, he talks about his inability to restrain himself but tells Billy Bush that whey you are a star they let you do get away with it.
(4) Donald Trump spent hundreds of thousands of dollars smearing the central park five and never apologized.

(5) Donald Trump refused to rent to people of color and lied about it.
(6) Donald Trump had unprotected sex with a porn star while his wife was at home with their four-month-old baby.
(7) Donald Trump lied in order to dodge the draft.
(8) Donald Trump said that there were decent people on both sides in response to the racist tiki-torch march in Chorletsville.
(9) Donald Trump has been accused of laundering Russian dirty money.

(10) Donald Trump and his campaign have been accused of conspiring with a hostile foreign power to rig the American elections.
(11) Donald Trump went to Puerto Rico and threw paper towels at the people after the ordeal of the hurricane.
(12) Donald Trump rips children from their parents, deport the parents and keep the babies locked in cages, defying court orders in the process.
(13) Donald Trump led a birther smear campaign against the nations first African-American President, only stating that Obam was an American citizen just before the elections of 2016.
(14) Donald Trump hates Blacks, Mexicans. other Hispanics, Muslims, and everyone not a white male.

This list just begins to scratch the surface of the degenerative character of Donald Trump, but my friend’s animus against “the gays” [sic] far outweighed all of them.
This is the mental rot which has taken over the mind of people through the vehicle of religious indoctrination.
Let me be clear, I will not purport to know what God wants except my reading and understanding of what the Bible says.
If that is our guidebook which it is, then its rather difficult to justify such animus on one hand, while showing such tolerance for a long litany of transgressions on the other.
Remarkably, the views expressed by my friend has been the dominant view which has come out of Trump’s base of support.

Many experts more qualified to speak on this subject, than I ever could be, have labeled this kind of thinking a”cult following.”
The arguments of Trump’s cultists hardly makes sense, willful ignorance maybe, I have no idea? Yet it seems strange to hear them say “yes I know he did these things but the economy is good.” (never mind that the economy has been on an upward trend since 2009 under President Obama and has seen higher growth numbers than anything which has happened under Trump so far}.

white evangelical hypocrisy

For others, it’s “yes but he is putting judges on the courts” “yes but we don’t like abortion” “yes but he is sending home those illegals.
It’s an insane sense of blind ignorance and allegiance to a deviant narcissistic liar, shrouded in a cloak of religious apostasy.
It is a new order which redefines and changes traditional ideas of Christian principles, replacing them with a more elastic interpretation, which sanitizes whatever Trump does as long as he fights against the people they hate.

The cult following is probably less about Donald Trump and more about power. Who has the power to take on the things they want to fight against?
The browning of America has initiated a freak out among the white political right. They see the forecasts, people of color will become a majority of the American working class by 2032. This estimate, based on long-term labor force projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and trends in college completion by race and ethnicity, is 11 years sooner than the Census Bureau projection for the overall U.S. population, which becomes “majority-minority” in 2043. According to the Economic Policy Institute.

So it is no accident that even though Republican darling, Ronald Reagan, granted Amnesty to undocumented immigrants, the word “Amnesty” is now tantamount to treason in Republican circles. In fact, based on their recent love fest with Russia treason is no longer a problem for them.
Trump is not the problem as Obama rightly said,  he is merely a symptom of a deeper problem. Trump understood that there was a disaffected portion of the population which feels itself under-represented in today’s politics.

The media’s characterization of them over the years has evolved substantially. During the Reagan years, they were called  “Reagan Democrats“, since then they have been known as  “white working class blue collar workers“, “The tea party,” and now they are “Trumper’s“.
The single thread which runs through these so-called disaffected people is victimhood. Experts say they are forgotten people who have found it hard to fit into the economic boom of the last several decades.
I call [BS], the vast majority of them are Racist underachievers who want to blame others for their own personal failings.


They are older  and less educated(Trump famously said I love the poorly educated). These people have become his base, their disaffection,  sense of victimhood and hatred, is the fuel to his ascendency to the presidency.
By appealing to their Racism and fear, Trump has used demagogic rhetoric to stir up the hatred which was already within them. The kind of racial hatred only a few still alive has seen in their lifetime.
These Trump supporters may not all be racist loafers, but they damn sure aren’t demonstrating the vaunted can-do American spirit we’ve heard so much about.


To suggest that one is from a long line of Miners and as such Government has a responsibility to ensure that coalmines stay open to facilitate this generation of miners is asinine.
If the world is evolving from burning dirty fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas, to nuclear, wind and solar why would any intelligent person refuse to adapt to the changing times?

That is the essence of victimhood. Their attitude is that the times should stay still for them and if it doesn’t, those who have evolved through skills training and academic education are either elitist if they are white, worthy of deportation if they are people of color.
That is the rancid disaffection which runs through the entire Republican South, the Midwest and other parts of the country.
In many instances, a look at the electoral map, [Republican in red], depicts where this mindset is centered.
In these parts of the country, there is more poverty despite the fact that they are heavily white and vote overwhelmingly Republican.


As a consequence these people are generally a drain on the Federal Government for goods and services, their states send less money to Washington than they receive.
Yet listening to them the people living in Democratic states are somehow dependent on the largess of the Government despite the facts, facts do not matter to them.
Their sense of being left behind is not based on facts but on their own refusal to adapt to the changing times.
And so they hitch their wagons to Donald Trump and here we are. A pathological lying narcissist is their savior but wait he is better than “the gays”.[sic]





Bakari’s Miscalculation May Not Cost Him, JLP’s Will Be Costly


People are asked to speak at events for any number of reasons. Usually, because they may have something important to say or that they may represent the organization in a good light, based on who they are and what they are likely to say.
From Presidents to recovering drug addicts, speakers of all kinds grace stages to deliver their message. Some are paid handsomely, others not so much and even others nothing at all.
Shoot, even I have been asked a time or two to speak to a couple of people, though I never knew if anyone bothered listening to anything I said.

Sellers on the set of CNN with fellow analyst Ana Navaro

And so I will never question the motivation of the People’s National Party ‘s decision to have  Mr. Bakari Sellers as keynote speaker on opening night at their 80th annual party conference.
No one should doubt the bona fides of the 33-year-old Mister Sellers. He is an accomplished attorney, former state legislator, a CNN analyst and sits on the boards of several companies and organizations.


Naturally, a young up-and-comer like mister Sellers is an incredible draw for Organizations looking to deliver a message from someone young influential and even good looking who can potentially attract young people to their cause.
It behooves those who would summarily dismiss Mr. Sellers as a know-nothing foreigner, to rethink that strategy, particularly when one considers the resonance the words of foreigners generally have with our ordinary folks.
A well-delivered speech from someone like Bakari Sellers, a young educated, accomplished and personable foreigner is hard to countenance with a lazy dismissal.


Members of the JLP and followers of the party can ill-afford to make the mistake of simply dismissing, as an absurdity, someone like Mister Sellers can have on local politics.
I read today, Fabian Lewis’ brilliant article in the local Observer in which he did a point by point rebuttal on why Bakari Sellers would do better sticking to American politics.
In his article, Fabian Lewis did a  masterful articulation of the reasons he feels that Mister Sellers was either misled or bamboozled by the PNP (my words).

Peter Phillips leader of the opposition PNP

1. Furniture scandal 2. Shell waiver scandal 3. Sandals Whitehouse scandal 4. Operations PRIDE scandal 5. Motor vehicle scandal 6. Finsac 7. Foreign exchange scandal 8. Trafigura scandal 9. Cuban light bulb scandal 10. National Housing Development Corporation scandal 11. Rollins land deal scandal 12. Sand mining 1 scandal 13. Sand mining 2 scandals 14. Montego Bay street people scandal 15. Zinc scandal 16. Telecoms scandal 17. Net-Serv scandal 18. Outameni scandal 19. Bad gas scandal 20. EWI Scandal.


There is really no need to yell at Bakari Sellers, except to say that if the young mister Sellers intends to have credibility going forward, he must pay keener attention to the causes to which he lends his voice. Not only will he be embarrassed by failing to do so, but his speeches will undoubtedly come back to haunt his career.
Mister Sellers whom I’m sure is right back here in the United States, having collected his speaking fees, did not do due diligence in ensuring that the history of the political party to which he was lending his voice was not antithetical to his own worldview.


As a Democrat who supported President Barack Obama, the only President in our lifetime who has had two terms in office without a scandal, I do understand how Sellers would have ” corruption”  at the top his concerns in delivering a speech in a developing Jamaica.
The only problem is that Sellers delivered that speech in front of the wrong audience. Clearly, Mister Sellers had not done the preparation necessary. Had he scratched the surface, it is less likely he would have gone to a PNP rally to speak out against corruption against the still relatively new JLP Administration.


The PNP has been a cesspool of corruption since it’s inception.  It is stunning that the Dinasours who have illicitly fattened themselves at the expense of the poor Jamaican people, still sit in waiting, to once again hold state power. That they would have the temerity to talk about corruption is absolutely Trumpian.

Andrew Holness PM

Let me be clear, however, Prime Minister Holness is doing a terrific job as Prime Minister, nevertheless, the incremental gains he’s managed will be swept away in a Tsunami of disaffection if he does not ensure that the Government he heads exercises full fidelity to the inaugural address he gave upon being sworn in as PM on the second occasion.



There can be no mistake about what the Jamaican people expect when it comes to the judicious execution of policies and the effective and transparent process which ought to exist as it pertains to state funds.
The Prime Minister as head of the Government and leader of his party has a responsibility and indeed a duty to act with utmost alacrity and dispatch to head off any negative press which would emerge as it pertains to corruption in his government.
As a consequence, where there is any sliver of evidence that there may be untoward behavior by any of his subordinates they must immediately be removed until an exhaustive investigation is done to ascertain the facts.
No member of Parliament or Minister has a right to be in any position of power. Public service is an honor, no one is entitled to it.


In the same way that mister Sellers did not fully acquaint himself with the facts before addressing the PNP’s 80 annual conferences, so too have many Jamaicans, [many within the JLP],  hitched their wagons to the American Republican Party. They do so without the benefit of a full appreciation of the ways in which the two major Political parties have crossed ideological paths after the 1964 civil rights act was signed by President Lyndon Johnson.[]


The signing of the civil rights act was followed by a mass exodus of white male Americans from the Democratic party, the party of Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to the Republican party.
 It was Nixon who devised and pursued what came to be called the Southern strategy. This was, in the admirably concise wording of Wikipedia, an appeal “to racism against African-Americans.” Nixon was hardly the first Republican to notice that Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights legislation had alienated whites both in the South and elsewhere — Johnson himself had forecast that Southern whites would desert the Democratic Party[]


The evolution and juxtaposition of the two major parties and how the Democrats, the party of the Dixiecrats and the Klan, came to be the party of black Americans as a result of the civil rights and voting rights acts is a good case study.
Sufficing to say that whatever affinity blacks both in the United States and across the Globe may have had with the GOP, it must now be reexamined against the backdrop of what that party has become.
A far right-wing party which peddles Racism, Xenophobia, Misogyny, Religous intolerance, and hatred.


The romantic ideas some shared about the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves must be tempered with the slave-owning Lincoln stating ” If I could save the union without freeing a single damn slave I would do it“.
The romantic idealism about Ronald Reagan’s having Seaga as his first head of state visitor to the White House and later signing an amnesty bill which gave legal status to undocumented immigrants must be carefully scrutinized against Reagan’s advancement of Nixon’s southern strategy.
Sometimes the romantic notions and idealism we have about a person or a country is just that, romantic idealism. Before we hitch our wagons to some horses we better make damns sure we know where they will drag us.

Now Is The Time To Hold Real Hearings On The Kavanaugh Nomination



Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley have repeatedly signaled that they are more interested in seating President Trump’s nominee on the Supreme Court than in performing their sworn duty to provide advice and consent as part of a system of checks and balances. But, as the confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault and profound questions about whether this nominee has been properly vetted, McConnell and Grassley can no longer be allowed to reject the basic standards for Senate consideration of Supreme Court picks.

It is now abundantly clear that, in their rush to confirm an exceptionally controversial nominee, McConnell and Grassley disregarded their oaths of office and the mandates of the Constitution. They shamed themselves and the chamber they have occupied for most of their adult lives—McConnell since 1985, Grassley since 1981.

With just days to go before Thursday’s scheduled vote by the Judiciary Committee on the Kavanaugh nomination, McConnell and Grassley have been tripped up in their rush to position Trump’s man on the bench in time for the October term of the high court—and, of far more consequence in McConnell’s fiercely partisan calculus, before November elections that might upset dominance of the Senate by corporate-aligned Republicans.

California college professor Christine Blasey Ford has alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than three decades ago, when they were high-school students. She has told her story in a letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein and a compelling interview with The Washington Post. She has provided details of a polygraph test and therapist notes that corroborate her account.

Key Republican senators, including Maine’s Susan Collins, who is considered an essential swing vote on court picks, and Arizona’s Jeff Flake, a member of the Judiciary Committee, say further action on the Kavanaugh nomination should be delayed until Ford is given a hearing. “If they push forward without any attempt with hearing what she’s had to say, I’m not comfortable voting yes,” Flake said Sunday. “We need to hear from her. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.” Even White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says, “This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored.”

“Let me make very clear: I’ve spoken with the president, I’ve spoken with [South Carolina Senator Lindsey] Graham and others,” says Conway. “This woman will be heard. She’s going to… I think the Senate Judiciary Committee will decide how and through which forum.”

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have asked that Thursday’s planned vote on the nomination be put off until “serious questions about Judge Kavanaugh’s record, truthfulness and character” can be “thoroughly evaluated and answered.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) explains that this is about much more than a simple time-out. “I admire the courage Ms. Ford has shown in coming forward with her story. This requires a pause, at a minimum, in the unseemly, special-interest-funded rush to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Court,” says Whitehouse, a veteran prosecutor and former state attorney general. “Kavanaugh’s blanket denial cannot be reconciled with her specific recollections, and the FBI needs time to take proper witness statements. Lying to an FBI agent in a formal interview is a crime, and an impeachable offense.”

If the Republicans insist on advancing the nomination without a proper review by the FBI, the Judiciary Committee has to temper the excesses of partisanship that have so far been on display in the approach of McConnell and Grassley to this process.

Ford must be afforded an opportunity to testify to the full committee in a formal session that is organized with an eye toward providing her with a fair and responsible hearing. Kavanaugh should also be called to testify. Witnesses who can provide additional information and insight should be heard.

Fatima Goss Graves, the president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, outlines some basic standards for how the Judiciary Committee, and the Senate, can proceed: “Christine Blasey Ford never asked to come forward and share her story about the sexual violence she says she experienced at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh. She was dragged into the spotlight against her will. But now that Ford’s story is public, the Senate is obligated to take these allegations seriously and give them the careful consideration they deserve—while protecting the private citizen who many will now target for personal destruction because she has named her experience. The Senate has an opportunity to get it right this time and not repeat the wrongs that were done to Anita Hill in 1991. Anita Hill’s testimony and the witnessing of all who have come after her—especially over the past year—have made it indisputable: sexual harassment and sexual violence are behaviors that must never be excused or explained away. If the charges are true, Kavanaugh’s behavior makes clear that he is not fit for a seat on the Supreme Court, or any court.”

This must be seen as the point at which the Judiciary Committee begins the serious consideration of the Kavanaugh nomination that McConnell and Grassley thwarted with their hyper-politicized attempt to hasten the process. Revelations regarding Kavanaugh that have emerged since the initial Judiciary Committee sessions with the nominee must be reviewed. Christine Blasey Ford is prepared to testify, and senators have a duty to consider that testimony. Emerging evidence that Kavanaugh has repeatedly lied to the committee must also be considered—in order to provide context for his response to Ford’s account and, more broadly, to give senators perspective when considering a nomination that demands the oversight McConnell and Grassley have tried to avoid. (Story originated here)