Jamaican Govt Agencies More Concerned About Rights Of Criminals Than The Rule Of Law.

More Sane Voices Against Prosecutorial Powers For INDECOM (audio)



As I have said repeatedly INDECOM should not have the right to prosecute its own investigations.
In a letter to one of the daily publications, Attorney at law Valerie Neita Robertson said the following:


 INDECOM must not arrest, charge, and prosecute its own investigations but must be subject to the constitutional buffer of the Office of the DPP if we are to ensure that justice in Jamaica is not an illusion. Let us all be guided by the oft-used phrase that “there can be no peace without justice.”

(Listen to the audio commentary).

Miss Neita’s words are timely on this matter even as this issue has been of burning import over the last eight years since the Act came into being.
When there is no constitutional buffer see the (DPP)INDECOM gets to run roughshod over our law enforcement officers even when they are acting in conformity with the letter of the law.

In case after case, we see INDECOM overstepping the bounds of its mandate and the bounds of common sense in its gleeful zeal to embarrass police officers using the faulty justice system as a tool of persecution.
I spoke about one such case in an article in November of 2017.

INDECOM’s Abuse Of Power Clear As Day In This Case

Supporters of the law know full well that the law is bad. Aspects of the law may even be unconstitutional but they would rather keep a bad law in place which injuries police officers than do the work to change it.
One of the talking points used by proponents of the law is that if officers act appropriately they have nothing to fear from having INDECOM there.
Many people outside  the circle of power of politics and law  enforcement who simply want checks and balances in the system fall victim to this lie because they do not understand the minutia of how a bad law like INDECOM may have devastating consequences for officers who do exactly what they are supposed to do and are criminalized by a law which should never have been authorized in its present state.

Rresidents vs Police

Police vs Residents in St. Mary

Posted by Pinkwall on Friday, January 12, 2018

Dealing with lawbreakers at scenes of this nature are not easy for police officers. In these scenes, the most docile person is empowered and emboldened to be aggressive and unlawful based solely on the numerical strength of the group.
Police officers are still expected to clear thoroughfares and restore order. When they attempt to do their jobs there are no shortage of assaults on their persons.
If they act to protect themselves they are indicted.
This nonsense must stop.

The instances of the abuse of INDECOM are many the latest being the case of assault INDECOM brought against Corporal Delroy McDuffus and Constable Adrian Beckford, who was attached to the Morant Bay Police Station six years ago. McDuffus and Beckford were arrested and charged by INDECOM for allegedly assaulting a man during a roadblock that was mounted by residents in the Whitehorse community in the parish.The complainant was arrested by the police after he was reportedly seen blocking the roadway and was ordered to move away from the scene but refused and resisted the police’s attempt to remove him.

Terence Williams

This case should never have been brought in the first place, there was no evidence outside the complainant’s words to go by.
Point number one is that he was arrested for refusing to move away from the scene after he was caught blocking a public thoroughfare.
If he refused the police command to do as he was told why would we not believe he had to be forcibly subdued by the police in order to effect the arrest?

It is exactly because of abuses of this nature that I am alluding to when I criticize the INDECOM law as a flawed law entrusted to a demagogue to execute.
Additionally, the police cannot sue INDECOM for wrongful arrest even when they act with haste, without due-care, a lack of caution and maybe malice as is seemingly the case here.
Police officers are sued for doing exactly what they are tasked with doing and are being arrested and treated as criminals for doing so. INDECOM faces no legal jeopardy for abusing its powers.

(This post has been updated since it was first published.)


From Us To You At Christmas

The Eagle builds her nest high at the top of a mountain or in a very tall tree she does so using sticks then she cushions it with straw so it can be comfortable but she places it up and away so that her young can be protected from predators.
She lays her eggs then sits on them until they hatch.
She goes out and she brings back food, she feeds the young hatchlings until they are all grown up.
Then one morning she sits on the side of the nest and flaps her giant wings until all the straw is gone.
She effectively removes the comfort that the straw provides, then she flies a little way off and watches.
One by one the young Eagles try to emulate their mom, sometimes they fall, when they do she swoops down to pick up the young one and places it back into the nest.
The young Eagle repeats the process until the art of flying becomes natural and they fly off into the skies on their own.

My wish this Christmas is that mothers, particularly Black mothers, stop hurting young black men by enabling them.
Sure you love them.
If you love them, teach them how to be men and let them fly away.
Stop referring to them as your baby.
Do you see why they refer to your home as their Crib?
Teach them how to be men and let them go so they can be good fathers to their children and good husbands to their wives.
That is my wish, it’s a good place to start if we want to fix us.
Merry Christmas to all….

Terrence Williams Not About Investigating Dirty Cops But About Self Promotion, Grandstanding, And Smear….

INDECOM came into existence because of the bad behavior of some police officers that cannot be ignored or denied.Since it’s creation under the Bruce Golding Administration however this writer has consistently made the point that it was a necessary law , poorly thought out and implemented  in a knee-jerk fashion with  devastating consequences so far for law abiding Jamaicans.


I warned that INDECOM would  increase crime understanding Jamaican culture of course, crime increased as I predicted. I said it would  embolden criminals, it has. I said it would do precious little to root out criminal cops, it hasn’t..
Simply put, the resources placed into the creation and operation of INDECOM should have been placed into improving the capabilities of the police department, paying officers better, having better supervision and accountability , better background checks, better training and a COMPSTAT type policing model.
Instead the Golding Administration allowed Elitist Jamaicans like the Bar Association the group of criminal lawyers who make a living from crime, the phalanx of human rights lobby groups which gained relevance as a function of the Island’s inordinately high murder rate and others who benefit from crime to dictate the agenda..


Williams who came to the job after been rejected in his bid to get the job as Director of public prosecution, once served as a Judge in a neighboring Island. Since then he has picked fights with the DPP Paula Llewelyn , the person who got the job he craved , Greg Christie the former Contractor General , and the police high Command . It now appears that the reason Williams wanted the job of DPP was to persecute Police officers, not to go after criminals of all stripes.
Since then Terrence Williams’ mission may be best characterized as a crusade against the police , while stating he has no vendetta against the police.
If you have to say you have no vendetta , you have a vendetta . This medium is once again calling for the removal of Terrence Williams as head of INDECOM.
His tenure has been acrimonious, unduly confrontational and in effect by his own words the vast majority of investigations his agency has undertaken has resulted in no evidence of impropriety against police officers.

Terrence Williams (right) commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, (centre) IDECOM's assistant commissioner and Dave Lewis, INDECOM's director of complaints central region at a Gleaner Editors' Forum last Friday. (Source: jamaicagleaner.com)
Terrence Williams (right) commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, (centre) IDECOM’s assistant commissioner and Dave Lewis, INDECOM’s .

Nevertheless despite those protestations Williams continue to use the agency as a position to grandstand and make frivolous arguments not borne out by facts . Terrence Williams does not allow the truth to get in the way of his grandstanding and posturing even as crime goes through the roof as a result  of the chilling demagoguery and witch-hunt he has waged  on the ability of police to do their jobs.
Jamaica is now a place many view as a paradise for criminals , this guy must go.

Crime Trial Lawyers And Human Rights Lobby….

Listen To Mike’s Rant Regarding The Bail Act…

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said on Tuesday:
“It is not the intention of the Government to, in any way, diminish human rights,” the prime minister told the Jamaica Observer in a one-on-one interview at Jamaica House on Tuesday. “But the Government has to weigh the balance of human rights on a whole, and the human rights of those persons who are being murdered by persons who get bail and laugh in the face of justice and law enforcement, and go out and commit more crimes.

I have personally been hammering home this point for years right here in this medium.