As the rhetoric gets ratcheted up on a possible war with North Korea it is important that the mistakes of the past inform the decisions of the future.
According to ( In 1950, the Bomb was only five years old, It was just assumed that atomic weapons would be part of any future conflict—like the Korean War, for example.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered the employment of the atomic bomb against China if it sent troops or bombers into Korea. China ignored the threat. Likewise, there were plans to drop the Bomb on the Soviet Union if it got involved, but European leaders objected to such an escalation, fearing the Soviets would use it as a justification for the conquest of Europe. Accordingly, the United States promised to use atomic weapons in Korea only to prevent a “major military disaster.”

It is important never to forget that the United States is the only country in the history of the technology, ever to use a nuclear/atomic device against an enemy.
The Korean War never officially ended an (armistice), cease fire, was agreed upon.

North Korea invaded the south in 1950 in what it called the “Fatherland Liberation War“, a clear indication that at the center of the North’s contention is a desire to reunify Korea under the rulership of the North. It is not out of the realm of common sense to assume that the removal of American servicemen from the Peninsula would advance that agenda.
In China, the war was officially called the “War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea“.
Both China and the then Soviet Union fought alongside the Nork Koreans resulting in a stalemate at the line of demarcation known as the 38th parallel.

In the almost seven decades since the Korean War America Presidents have lived with a bellicose North Korea.
This begs the question, “what has changed in the six months since Barack Obama demitted office”?

This hyped up rhetoric is serving someone’s interest and may have precious little to do with any weapon in the arsenal of the North Koreans.
Before the United States gets involved in another war that could easily and quite rapidly escalate into a third world war it may serve some people well to stick their stupid head into a paper bag and take a few deep breaths.

Bellicose rhetoric based on bravado and machismo serves no useful purpose particularly when there is such ignorance surrounding the history of this region by those ratcheting up the war of words.


Today we learned that if North Korea launched an unprovoked attack on the south or anyone they will remain neutral but if the Americans attack North Korea they will enter the war in defense of the North.
This should give every living human being on this planet pause. China is a nuclear power with a massive military and a 1.3 billion people.

Russia is right on the border with China, so it’s logical to think that any conflict with North Korea would likely involve Russia and not on the side of the United States.
This is a situation which requires level heads, not bloviating bravado.