You have seen me criticize Jamaican politicians PNP and JLP alike where warranted and to be frank, it’s generally always warranted.
Some of the Island’s Politicians do mean well [ a small and shrinking minority if you will].
It’s difficult to imagine that Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett does not mean well for Tourism even though he is a longtime politician who has to bear some responsibility for the condition of the country to some minute degree.
The same may be said of Christopher Tufton the Health Minister who has not been dirtied by the stains of Garrison Politics.

On both sides of the political divide, there may only be a few good men and women who are not sullied, one way or the other by graft, corruption, and deceit of some kind.
Even those who may not have committed criminal acts [or rather have not been held accountable], deceit and complicity even by their very silence are omnipresent. This, when they should have spoken up and out against the wrongdoings of their colleagues in a non-political way.
Deceit  and complicity endure in others when they do speak up and out when they should have remained silent.`



In no other Politician practicing today have I seen more deceit and complicity than in the Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck.
In him I see a hypocrite extraordinaire who speaks with forked tongue, as native Americans once characterized the white men who never signed a treaty they did not break.

Chuck’s disdain for officers of the law and his proclivity to appease the local aristocratic rabble which dwells in the enclaves of upper Saint Andrew rivals only his forked tongue on issues of relevance.
I have written expansively on Delroy Chucks harmful imprint on the rule of law in our country but by and large in the Orwellian universe in which our country operates Chuck will inevitably go down as a hero who has advanced Jamaica’s justice system.


Just days ago police released a report they compiled in which they outlined extraordinarily light sentences being meted out by the courts in the westerly parts of the country.
The law-enforcement report detailed a comprehensive case by case analysis of individual cases in which Judges in the same circuit have inexplicably given felons what could only be characterized as tiny slaps on the wrist.

Court Management Services Response Weak And Demonstrative Of Deeper Scars.

Delroy Chuck, experiencing what could easily pass for a pang of decency and dare I say reality and duty to country, if not honesty, declared that he has concerns about the disparity in the sentences being imposed by judges. “There needs to be greater consistency by judges,” he said, adding that sentences should send a strong signal to society about the repugnance of criminal activities.

I was stunned at that statement from Chuck so much so that I wrote the above article on the CVM’s response but did not mention Chuck’s response.
I thought his statement was self-serving, and could only have been given because he thought there was leverage there for himself.
It did not take long for my suspicions to be confirmed Sunday Gleaner of January 21st.
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has hit back at the police and other critics who have taken issue with perceived light sentences being imposed by judges for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

It was not just this writer who found Chuck’s about-face duplicitous and self-serving, the gleaner admitted as much stating.
Days after publicly admitting that he also has concerns about the disparity between some of the sentences being imposed, Mr. Chuck says critics should understand that sentencing is not a science and that every case can be explained.

But this is vintage Delroy Chuck, the very man who paid homage to a deceased criminal area” don” on the occasion of his demise but has nothing positive to say about valiant police officers who give their lives for their country.
Chuck stupidly criticised the police, for what he characterizes as a singling out of cases with light sentences, to make the argument that the justice system should be blamed for the escalation in crime.
When factually what passes as a justice system in the country is objectively and demonstrably partly to be blamed for the escalation in serious crimes.
The catch and release of murderers back onto the streets on a daily basis only so that they may kill again is a good place to start if Chuck in an education on basic indisputable facts.

The very same Delroy Chuck who just last week agreed with the sober assessment of the police documentary reporting flips and makes the scurrilous claim that empirical data should not be used to form objective conclusions.
The shocking travesty in Delroy Chuck’s shameless about-face may only be attributed to a weak yet transparent attempt to curry favor and run defensive coverage for his criminal loving cohorts on the bench who are subverting the rule of law.

A shameless display of collusion by the ruling class as it closes ranks even as the peasantry eats itself alive and the streets run red with the blood shed by the very demons they release back onto them.

One thought on “Chuck’s About Face Attempt To Deride Empirical Data….

  1. Delroy Chuck is an enemy of the Jamaican people, especially the law abiding citizens and he has shown us that he supports the murderer who killed a police woman by demonizing the Jamaican Constabulary Force members for killing the cop killer.

    What Delroy Chuck have been peddling in Jamaica for decades is seen as a heroic efforts to vilify the Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s members. In other jurisdictions, his political career would be over. But this is Jamaica where criminals are the chosen ONES and are treated as victims by the Jamaican government irrespective of the party that’s in Power.

    The end of Jamaica is on the horizon and we are seeing it in the international arena by the various countries warning its citizens to avoid Jamaica.

    Jamaica is a criminals paradise in the Caribbean Sea and the Somalia in the making. It’s the best place to start your career as a criminal to get the experience to go onto bigger things in the international arena.

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