Αs Jamaica struggles to bring crime under control, some residents are finally realizing that their safety and security are ultimately their responsibility and as such they have to be proactive in ensuring same. If the Authorities are serious about reducing crime to a minimum, they must launch a media campaign educating citizens on what their responsibilities are. There is no shortage of people who purport to know their rights, but what of their responsibilities as citizens? Usually knowing their rights means a misguided belief that they are somehow immune from law enforcement action. As Jamaica reluctantly move toward becoming a country of laws , it is imperative that citizens are made aware of their responsibilities so they may not only obey the laws, but are less likely to be ensnared by them.


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Recently pockets of people in some crime-ravaged communities have taken the bold steps to march against criminal elements within their communities. This was evident in east and west Kingston recently. This is not new, from time to time various organizations have marched for peace and freedom from crime. What is ultimately needed though, is a sustained coalescence of actions between all stake-holders, including law enforcement agencies  that will invariably send a strong message to the criminal underworld that citizens will not tolerate their activities any longer. Over the years community Over-Lords have used demonstration against the police as a potent weapon, as they solidify their control of communities. It is time citizens turn the tables using the very same methods. What is needed from the police now, is less bravado, less empty rhetoric and more leadership. The Police department is top heavy with people who do not earn their pay, it has always been that way, it is time for these people to get up off their lazy asses and go into the communities and stay there. It cannot be that people are scared to report matters to the police anymore because they are afraid of police corruption and being labeled informers. It is time for the stupid dance-hall jargon “informa fi ded” to become a thing of the past.


  1. well said Mike. would share a few thoughts on the subject myself, but not too sure how secure webpage is! There are those who think my views are radical, so i got to be caeful.

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