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I promised I would keep my mouth shut despite having to place one hand over it and use the other to hold it in place to keep me from breaking my promise not to ask Antony Anderson what his plans are?
I made the promise not to talk about major general Antony Anderson’s appointment and tenure as police commissioner, largely for two reasons, (1) to allow time to the members of the public, including police officers past and present, who say give him time and (2) because he needed to get into office and acclimate himself to the job before speaking out on what he intends to do differently.

Jamaica’s New Police Commissioner

Nevertheless, I am finding it hard to contain myself a month after Anderson assumed office and all we hear out of 103 Old Hope is an eerie silence. It really is insignificant what I think or says.  What is interesting is that the major opinion makers in the country are beginning to question Anderson’s silence since he took office.

The Gleaner’s editorial board one of the most strident anti-police entities in the country lashed out in Friday’s online publication claiming :
Indeed, it has been almost a month since he took over as Jamaica’s commissioner of police from the light-footed and unremarkable tenure of the career police officer, George Quallo. Yet, the public doesn’t know what General Anderson’s priorities on the job are and, assuming that he has some, what his strategies are for getting them done. Nor are people aware what specific contributions General Anderson wants from them towards his success.

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Rather interesting to read, considering that the elitists on that board would rather see a dog in the commissioner’s chair than a police officer who came up through the ranks. That aside, others are also criticizing the government on what they see as a lack of alacrity and dispatch in mounting an effective strategy to suppress the country’s murder rate.
Well- known criminal rights campaigner Horace Levy lashed out at the administration as well:

Isn’t it obvious that two ZOSOs, or even four, as currently constructed to each require 300 to 400 soldiers and police, is not cutting it? Why? Because, to begin with, the human resources are limited. But face it: We are on a path to another 1,600-1,800 murders in 2018. Another route has to be chosen and chosen now. Which brings up the second crazy notion – that it is the advice of the security forces that decides what to do about our violence and murder. The police and the army only knows one kind of solution that is more of only, or chiefly, the tried-and-failed repression.

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Well there you have it, where have I heard that logic before?


Why would anyone depend on security officials for security advise, what lunacy? Maybe Mister Horace Levy would be kind enough to explain to the Jamaican people who require a country free from violent crime and the specter of imminent death daily, why they should trust him over trained officials.
In the meantime, I’ll call my plumber to see what he can do about my blood pressure which is getting a little high from this lunacy.

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In addition to Anderson’s silence and what some are beginning to say is a lack of credible crime-strategy, members of the political opposition have begun to assert that they are considering embarking on street protest as a means to register dissent to what they claim is the lack of a credible strategy to combat crime.


The stark reality surrounding the silence of the newly installed commissioner of police is that Anderson who left the JDF and was appointed as the nation’s first national security adviser is using the time to claw his way around the rules and responsibilities of what the job entails. More importantly, what a chief constable does.
The stupid idea that because someone has training in a certain field, or may have a degree or two in a particular discipline it qualifies that person as an authority on all other disciplines. It is a remarkably daft millstone around the collective necks of Jamaicans.
Anthony Anderson is part of the mentality which fundamentally believes that we must tread carefully around dangerous murderers rather than extinguish them like bugs.

So as Anderson brings himself up to speed on what it is that police do, the bloodletting continues unabated and with no end in sight? I do believe that Major General Anthony Anderson would like to do a good job. After all, it isn’t his fault that he has this momentous responsibility thrust upon him even though he does not have any idea about law enforcement and now needs the time to learn.
Fault the system of men which allows it.

Even if Anderson was to fully acclimate himself to his new duties today and was ready to go, nothing would change because the crime rate in our country is hardly a function of who sits in the police commissioner’s chair but a function of the nation’s lax laws and support for criminal conduct.
In this very medium, I have personally published several crime plans which I believe given the ideal legislative framework would begin to have a significant impact on crime. Nevertheless, it is almost insane to believe that with the present laws and the mentality in the country, any police commissioner, (much less one who does not even understand what he is supposed to do) will be able to positively change the trajectory of violent crimes.

In all of that, it is remarkable that this Jamaican nation of people who are supposed to be so smart actually believe that it is a good idea to put someone with no training or experience to do a job over career professionals who are imminently qualified. A paradox no different than that which propelled Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.


2 thoughts on “Clock Ticking On Antony Anderson’s Efficacy (audio)

  1. Getting a baker to do a plumber’s job is a recipe for grave disaster and flooding the house because it the baker use his dough to stop the leaking, eventually, the drip will start as soon as the dough loses its strength and the problem return.

    I want Mr. Anderson to fail miserably because he’s not a police officer and he has zero law enforcement experience. No support for him!

  2. Well Chris, he is bound to fail if the tools he has at his disposal are not improved.
    Nevertheless, at the end of the day, he will walk away eventually without making a damn difference ,while people continue to die and rank and file officers plod along in the discpicable working conditions they are forced to operate in.
    Never forget that the loss of life is the price Jamaica pays for its love affair with criminals.

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