Romney ,my dad gave my mom a rose every day of his life and when she ran for the Senate he was there for her every step of the way, a direct pander to women.

He spoke about his tenure as Governor , harkening to his putting women in his cabinet, he spoke about the Republican women Martinez, Ayatt, Haley, Secretary Rice, again pandering to women.further.

Romney talks about his wife raising their boys again making a pitch for women voters, Quote : “As you all have seen Anne could have succeeded at anything she wanted to do”.

He touched on faith, never mentioning that he was Mormon,  he touched on his father being in Mexico an attempt to pander to Latinos.

He touched on creating Bain Capital, arguing that Bain is now a success story.

Romney argued that Obama cannot reasonably tell Americans that they are better off than when he was elected.

He cynically argued that presidents Carter and Obama are the only two presidents who cannot say that. Obviously the push going forward will be an attempt to link those two presidents together.

Jobs , jobs, jobs he utterd that word over and over and over again, the truth is American presidents do not creat jobs. It is a misnomer, a downright lie, president’s policies may allow jobs to be created , particularly if they are willing to hand over our delicate eco-system to rich industrialists like the Koch brothers to do with it whatever they please.

President Obama promised to slow the rise of the Oceans, he has promised to heal the planet, Romney said , “I promise I will help you and your families”. TO RACOUS APLAUSE.

Obviously the Republicans in  the room does not understand that a president may slow the rise of the Ocean and heal the planet, simply by protecting our wet-lands, slowing the melting of the polar ice-caps which when melted releases humungous amounts of fresh water into our oceans disrupting the delicate eco-system.

It forces people further inland, destroying fresh water supplies, food supplies, and scarce living spaces, and is a self perpetuating catastrophe which if not arrested by presidential intervention will have catrosphic consequences for our planet.

Yes Mitt Romney and Republican flat earth believers within that room, a president can do big things , Obama has done big things despite republican obstructionism, a president can do much more than provide a job for people.

Actually presidents really do not creat jobs.

On this speech you failed big time.