Once peaceful Parishes which hardly recorded a single case of murder in a month are now transformed into veritable killing fields as gangsters with high powered weapons roam kill and burn with impunity.

In Hanover for example , a once sleepy ,safe place where  violent crimes seemed worlds away , last year 17 murders were reported to Police for the entire year.
Thus far this year already there have been 38 homicides reported , an over 125% increase over the preceding year.


Among those statistics is 71 -year-old butcher Joel Malcolm,who was murdered in his own home as he and family members watched Television.
Mister Malcolm’s house was reportedly razed with bullets killing him and injuring a 63 year old family friend  who is fighting for his life in hospital.
Mister Malcolm’s wife Eugene Malcolm and her grandchildren were spared instant death only because they hid in a corner of the family’s kitchen.



As the carnage continue bureaucrats in Kingston dither on whether to unleash the full force of the law on the marauding terrorists.
In the meantime there is a certain entrenched element in the society which must be rooted out and discarded if the country is to be saved.

That element does not pull the trigger or may not even pay for the guns and ammunition.
It is a certain element in Kingston which hide behind television and radio walls , behind newsprint and in NGO’s .
They hide in Academia, and in boardrooms. They can be found in the pulpits and yes , they are certainly in the parliament.
They are an elitist cabal of new age niggers who adopt a posture of anti-law enforcement .

This is not new in our country .
For decades this cabal of niggers have used the education they acquired at the intellectual ghetto (to channel the late Wilmott (Mutty)Perkins), to aid and support criminals and lawlessness in the country.
The liberal teachings they acquire have been used to destroy our once conservative and prospering Island , turning it into a Serengeti of murder  and mayhem.

Through the airwaves , print media and other means they have subverted the rule of law , like termites in a structure made of wood they have eaten away at the foundation of our  democracy, .Intending to demonstrate they are the newly minted intellectuals, liberated from the shackles of their colonialist past.

Their control of the narrative has not been good for our country.
They hide behind grilled fortresses in gated compounds  in upper St, Andrew, safe for now, or so they think.  They convince themselves that they are immune , safe from the calamity which is happening and will certainly metastasize.

In order to fix this little Island we must first deal with removing from the equation the impediments to progress.
They are not losing sons and daughters , mother and fathers . It is the poor and rural folks who are dying while they sit in ivory towers and pontificate.
This must stop !
As I have said repeatedly,when the Colombian state faced extinction , faced being over-run and relegated to a Narco-state ,elements of the Colombian people rose up and took their country back.

Fort Charlotte Hanover

If ever there was a time for righteous conscious Jamaicans to rise up and overthrow this entrenched culture of support for criminals it is now.
The Jamaican people know who they are , they hear them on the radio , the see them on television, they hear them in the pulpits, they see them in the parliament, and they see them in the colleges.
We must take our country back from this destructive path it is on.
Before we do that however we must remove the impediments to change.
The new niggers in charge.